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File: 1427683887908.jpg (56.39 KB, 500x667, large.jpg)

No. 58652

I'm really surprised no one has started a topic on this girl already.

She's a 28 year old model weeaboo who is the personification of a 15 year old girls tumblr blog


No. 58653

damn, she looks 15 herself.

No. 58654


Watch her room tour video, she's still mentally 15 by the looks of it.

No. 58655

well shit… I refrained from using too much pink/hearts/plushies in my own room because I'm 20 and that ..wasn't right/made me uncomfortable.

That castle sticker she has on her wall must have been sold for a nursery or toddler's room.

No. 58656

I literally bought that Hello kitty logo decal for my niece last week. She is turning 6 years old. I got her a whole 40 decal set for her new bedroom. She is 6.

This girl is my age. Holy shit.

No. 58657

Although aesthetically the room looks like it's designed for a toddler – her organization is pretty age appropriate and at least the editing is nice and some of the ideas are actually useful to real people (the necklace thing is actually pretty clever imho).

I don't find her to be really lolcow worthy tbh. I mean she's dorky, but not what I would consider a weaboo. From this video alone at least. But that's just my two cents.

No. 58658

Anon, I don't know how many threads you've read here but saying someone "isn't a lolcow in your opinion" is not a bright idea.

No. 58659


while I do consider her organization skills to good, there's something almost… TOO organised about it if it makes sense?

Idk I was slightly unsettled by how organized she is, but hey… some people are like that.

I don't know much about her, but it seems she only got into the 'kawaii' phase in recent years, and her voice is 100% fake and forced mannerisms are very 'anime girl'

No. 58660

She's totally my guilty pleasure … I love watching her youtube videos. I do agree that she is pretty cringe-worthy and the way she talks is annoying and fake. I had no idea she was 28 as well. There's something really weird about people dressing/acting like this into their later 20s and older.

No. 58661

hello kitty is for kawaii basic bitches. you can tell she's a weaboo noob. this is why you're supposed to go through the cringey weaboo/scene phase in middle school and get it over with. and that hot pink hair and purple lips combo is horrid.

No. 58662

eh. at least for once it's someone who actually pays for their own hobby by working. (i just assumed that because she's 28 & said she's renting a house)

i wonder why some people don't grow out of their weebiness. could it be she couldn't afford to buy tons of cute shit when it was age appropriate? then you get PT who seems to have stopped developing mentally around 17… armchair psychologists, come out!

No. 58663

idk but i went through this same shitty hello kitty kawaii phase when i was a tween weirdo and grew and learned from it. now i hate the sight of that bitch. hk is just fucking tacky to me now.

No. 58664

Yeah, shes in her mid to late 20's

I'm not to sure what job she actually has, she says she's a full time model… but idk, she gives off the vibe that her parents still pay for her.

No. 58665

Wow, I mean … I'm not of fan of pink, Hello Kitty, cute stuff in general, but people judging girls / women that actually like and can afford these things just seems so wrong… Why till these days people judge others for their style,liking and personality and not if they do horrible things?

No. 58666

a fan*

No. 58667

If she's doing a video it makes sense she organize beyond normalcy I have to think.

I think PT is a case of her being stuck in a certain phase (being a weirdo kid) and never quite growing out of it to be a responsible adult. I don't know about the OP girl and her financial situation but if she is paying for it all it might be a last kind of hurrah before adulthood (which now seems to be 30, at least for styling and looking it and all that these days). Her being able to finally afford whatever she wants makes sense too, maybe she wasn't allowed to do it before.

Also, it may be that she just wasn't confident enough to dress strangely or buy cute shit before. Some people grow up weirdly repressed like that until they come into themselves. Plus if she's new to kawaii shit it may explain why the stuff she is so childish, I think older and more mature people can have elements of cute/playful stuff without it being too weird looking.

I think a comparable thing happens for loud Japanese fashions, it is supposed to be their last chance to be loud and expressive before they have to dress like "boring" adults (which obviously in Japan happens earlier).

No. 58668

I feel the same way, to be honest.

No. 58669

Her overly exaggerated mannerisms make me want to punch her.

No. 58670

you are on lolcow, you do realize.

No. 58671

how cluttered is your room, anon? lol

No. 58672

I agree. I feel a bit hypocritical because I'm also hard on Taylor about her choice to be kawaii. But I really don't have an issue with older women(they aren't old at all but they're a lot older than what you'd expect for someone who dresses kawaii) being kawaii, I have an issue with they way people go about it. To me, she's going about it pretty well, at least compared to Taylor and pt. Although I will say I personally don't find her kawaii style and the way she acts appealing.

No. 58673

not even same anon, but her room is serial killer OCD organized. But like someone else said, she probably overly organized it just for the room tour.

No. 58674

I agree that she seems to do it pretty well. Can't say much about her actual life as compared to PT since we know PT is a mess, but in this case everything seems to be clean, neat and taken care of. She doesn't appear to be sloppy or ill suited to things either (she doesn't look bad and actually looks pretty young, I think, from the room video). Her trying to be cute is annoying and some of her decorations like the castle are tacky but she had some cute stuff going too.

Really? It looks like a standard room set up to me, and if she is OCD I guess I'm worse because I was bothered by some things randomly being on the floor. The only weirder thing was everything in her closet being labeled but some people do do that for whatever reason.

No. 58675

I mean, she has a huge room. I've been various friend's rooms and no one is that organized. Usually clothing on the floor or in a hamper in the corner of books all over the dresser. I dunno. When a room is too tidy, I get weirded out.

Also I live in an apt, not a huge, so my room is half that size. :(

No. 58676

not a house^ I meant up there

No. 58677

I actually thought the closet labels were pretty cool. I might try it and see how long that lasts in my room.

No. 58678

True, it's a bit unnatural to be that totally organized but this was clearly staged.

I think labels look nice too but I also think people do them for the look and to play with a label maker. Her closet was so organized she didn't really need them, it was her stuff so likely knew where everything was to begin with without needing a label.

I will say it was good that she didn't change up her wall and carpet color. She likely isn't able to if she's renting but some idiots try anyway and it ends up being too much. I like the pastels and pinks contrasted to the neutral wall/carpet even if I don't care for that shade of beige. It keeps it from being too heavy.

No. 58679

I agree, I was shocked to find out she's 28, I just assumed she was like 22-24. I also do think she can pull off the kawaii look pretty well. I also like that she doesn't feel the need to make herself into a sexy baby alien like every other kawaii girl.

No. 58680

Yes, but I like to lurk here because we unveil lies that girls say to manipulate their followers and get something in return such as fame, money , gifts, lying about their appearance , etc … It bothers me when people attack someone for their personality when they have done nothing wrong :)

No. 58681

Even if she is "older" I think like with any fashion it's more about how well it's done. Kawaii shit will always look better on someone put together (as in, they have the means and ability to put things together) over some sloppy teenager that can't afford to dress well and ends up looking like shit.

No. 58682

YASSS, even though she dresses herself extremely kawaii, it's better than those who dress casually kawaii and photoshops their goddamn uterus and puts pounds of makeup on.

No. 58683

> casually kawaii and photoshops their goddamn uterus
wait… what?

No. 58684

She is gorgeous. Holy fuck.

No. 58685

She's kinda cute I guess. Like, she's pretty, but nothing mind-blowing…

No. 58686

she looks and sounds retarded
i blame the circle lenses they do nothing for her she needs to get more natural ones imo

No. 58687

are you okay?

No. 58688

Honestly. These.



She's cute and pretty young looking but these were cringey.

No. 58689

File: 1427780965478.jpg (19.97 KB, 320x320, Screenshot_2015-03-30-22-43-55…)

Personally, I think this girl looks better at the beginning of her tutorials. That being said, it surprised me that she's in her late 20's. Grow up, girl.

Here's an off-topic question (sorry!): how old is TOO old to be doing tutorials like hers?

No. 58690

IMO It depends on how youthful the person looks. This girl looks pretty young still so it works, but someone who appears to be a solid 28 would look weird. I feel like most people in their late 20s and beyond (should?) grow out of this phase already.

No. 58691

If the anons within the community are anything to go by, society would dictate that you're too old for kawaii shit by like 25…but a loooot of those people who feel that way are teenagers for whom their 20s seems like a long way away. I was like that too, then I became 25. It's not like you just suddenly grow out of it and stop liking it. It's no different with any other subculture–goth, punk, etc. Like, it's considered kind of dorky or lame to be into stuff like that as an older person but eh, I think that's mostly societal. It's also important that you remain aware of the fact that you are older and sort of grow with it and be realistic about what you should and shouldn't do/wear which, tbh, this girl seems to get.

Among older kawaii lolcow girls, she seems to be fully aware that she is older and she acts like it. Whereas Taylor R dressing like a schoolgirl or PT dressing like a toddler seems sad, she kinda retains the kawaii blogger aesthetic but still seems like an adult…you know? So even though her videos are about her kawaii lifestyle, it's tailored to her personally rather than some kinda sad desire to be forever 13 or whatever.

To me personally and what seems to be the case with a few other anons, the dividing line is whether you mooch off your parents or the government to support your kawaii livestyle vs working and functioning in society. No shame in living how you want if you're funding it, especially if you can pull it off, but I judge the hell out of people who just bum around Japan with their parents' money. I'm sure that's why people have less of an issue with Kota vs Kiki. Didn't mean to get all white knighty, sorry.

No. 58692

I agree with every single thing you said here, anon.

No. 58693

I agree.

No. 58694


I agree, anon

No. 58695

Oh hey, this girl is from my town and I know her, her identical twin sister, and her older sister. Good for Alexa being the face of contact and wig companies and whatnot. I admit I'd love that, all the free cute shit. She pulls it off well and I'm pretty sure she moved a while ago, so I don't know if she dresses like this in person. The videos are awkward as shit, though, and for her sake I really do hope she contains her power level in public. This kawaii crap is three or four years old max. Her sisters are artistic in their own ways as well (acrobatic yoga, aerial silks, etc for one and I think the other does photography, her twin has full sleeves too) but aren't weebs.

No. 58696

Sorry that was jumbled, it's super late and I'm running on little sleep. What I meant to say is I haven't seen her in public in a long time bc she moved, so I'm not sure if she's as embarrassingly weeby on a daily basis.

No. 58697

This. So much of this and all of it. Not to mention, what is growing into an adult? As long as you got your own source of income and pay your bills/arent living with your parents, arent you an adult?

I feel so many people here are 20 and under to say this, but trust me. Your teens are gone fast and your early 20s will speed by too. As long as you don't act like a total spazzy weeb irl, why not love cute shit and pastels and creepy cute style whatever.

So much I could never afford until I got to 22/23 because I didn't have a good paying job for a while.

No. 58698

This is really true. You don't just become 25 and decide you don't like whatever style you liked before and descend into wearing nothing but neutral office wear.

There's a time and a place for everything and as long as people are dressing in ways that flatter them and they can afford it I think there's no reason why "older" (and 28 is hardly old) people can't have fun with their fashion sometimes. Or their living spaces, which is even more harmless.

No. 58699

bc her style is shit and her hello kitty shit isn't even expensive just walmart crap. gtfo.

No. 58700


No. 58701

Does she have an IG or tumblr?

No. 58702

No. 58703

File: 1427834277705.jpg (126.88 KB, 1042x621, what.jpg)

How does building stuff make you a tomboy? this bitch

No. 58704

anon said she had expensive stuff, which she doesn't. also doesn't matter how expensive something is if it's fugly as hell. i dunno if you're offended bc you also have shitty walmart hello kitty walldecals in your kawaii toddler room or what.

No. 58705

dumb bitch.

No. 58706

never trust adults who say daddy

No. 58707

this confirms she does not only look retarded, she is retarded

No. 58708

i thought tomboy meant any girl who doesn't do stereotypical girly things?

No. 58709

Agreed. If you aren't saying dad or father by the time you're 18, you're fucking creepy.

No. 58710

Maybe the definition has become moot since just being able to care for yourself doesnt make you a tomboy. helping to build a deck =/= being a tomboy. Just doesnt seem to make sense for her to say that. Like a girl has to sit around all day and do nothing to not be a tomboy. please.

No. 58711

I always read "tomboy" as a girl who liked to do masculine things. I guess building a deck could be included? It's a bit odd but not completely nonsensical.

Also as far as I saw she just had one Hello Kitty wall decal that wasn't that showy (that castle was worse), it's not like it was an entire Hello Kitty room.

No. 58712

Being a tomboy is more about the look and attitude and doesn't mostly revolve around stereotypical masculine hobbies. A good example would be if you're a tomboy, you're more often mistaken as an actual boy in general; moreso than you're identified as a girl.

Usually the "tomboy" label is given to you by others, rather than self-identifying as one.

Same as having a "cute" hobby like buying pastel colored shit and sweet lolita cosplays doesn't make you a kowai princess.

Instead she has the look and attitude of someone who has an infantilism disorder.

No. 58713

This. usually people are called tomboys. they dont self identify as one or label themselves. And we're in at an age now where building a deck or helping to build one does not make you a tomboy. especially when your room is full of pastel vomit.

No. 58714

The castle decal genuinely creeped me out.

No. 58715

You guys take everything so serious, who the hell cares?

No. 58716

P. much.

Learning a valuable life-skill such as DIY, basic plumbing and electrician skills isn't gender-exclusive. It means when you get your own place, you know what the fuck to do if a problem arises.

No. 58717

Whenever she does the fake pigeon toed poses it's so cringeworthy, like she's pissed herself or something.

No. 58718

Exactly. My father taught himself how to sew and mend his own jeans, as well as cook for himself because once he started living on his own, he didn't want to be a useless fuck and not know how to do basic cooking and sewing in case a button fell off his shirt.

No. 58719

I work in a hardware store and women used to come in all the time (mostly rich white women who are used to doing nothing) and actually tell me "For a girl, you know so much" or "I wish my husband would go himself. this place isnt meant for women" and it would make me roll my eyes so hard. Like, are you serious?

One women wanted me to show her how to use a plunger. She had to be in her 40s.

No. 58720

File: 1430615235341.png (24.8 KB, 489x101, Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 6.01…)

nyaaaan :3

No. 58721

she has the maturity of a 13 years old.
so fucking embarassing.

No. 58722

Yeah, I thinks that's it too. I'm just getting into Japanese fashion now at 20, which is significantly older than a lot of the popular jfash girls started. I'm just finally able to afford it and I'm not as shy as I used to be. I just found myself, and it's frustrating because I'll never be young ultra kawaii teen desu but I'm still not going to stop wearing it for a long time.

No. 58723

lol no.


a girl who enjoys rough, noisy activities traditionally associated with boys.

it has nothing to do with how they look or dress. a tomboy can be wearing a frilly pink tutu but and still be considered a tomboy because she's running around screaming and rough housing and playing pirate/cowboy.

No. 58724

I have no problem with her, I like some of her videos and she does show some cute stuff and its nice to learn where it comes from. Sure some of it is tacky as shit but not all of it.
The problem I have with her is it always feels like the products she talks about are sponsored, like the wigs are always GLW or RSW or the cosplay branch and like I get she works for them but that's not an honest review and some young viewers might get suckered in.

No. 58725

bitch is ugly

No. 58726


OP here.
I have to agree, she is most defs sponsored by the companies she talks about in her videos. In her newest video,the pokemon favourites she talks about these charmander shoes from etsy. I clicked on the link and for custom painted $100+ they are thee ugliest hand painted shoes I have ever seen. They are poorly painted and look to be painted on generic store brand white canvas shoes. For paying $100+ the quality should be so much better.

My opinion on Alexa is.. I find her personality forced. She can buy as much kawaii shit as she likes, hell I do it too but I don't do forced 'anime girl' poses or fake my fucking voice to be 'kawaii'. She can dress however she likes, but she would be liked much more if she stopped with the fake as fuck poses and voice, her older videos show what she really sounds like. You can't deny a lot of what she does it forced for the camera in a bid to seem 'young' and 'fun'

No. 58727

most, if not all, people who have been following her for years know how old she is. imo she should tone it down and accept that she's aging.

No. 58728

Those shoes are hideous! Like the pokemon look terrible haha its really sad she would encourage people to buy them.

I understand her advertising a lot of GLW wigs because she models for them and stuff but surely she could show some others, like there are lots of good wig stores out there.

She does usually have good discount codes though.

No. 58729

but 10% off something thats like $80+ isn't really much value

No. 58730

I meant her bigger ones, like that spin for perfect skin thing and the acrylic nail starter set both had some decent discounts.

The discounts on her blog are crap. However, her having all these discounts makes me wonder how much she makes from these companies, like she must get something for endorsing them. When she used to do contact lenses reviews they were usually from the same company too.

No. 58731

her fake voice is really annoying.

No. 58732

she was on one tree hill lol

No. 58733

So was I, and just about everyone else in Wilmington, NC. She's a weeb who got into it late and happens to be sort of pretty, so now she's using it to get free shit and exposure. She is annoying as crap, though.

No. 58734


yeh the nails were a good discount.
She is definitely getting all that shit for free, or perhaps shes flirting with lots of older men and leading them on only to say 'no im not that kind of girl, but thank you for all the free things tee hee'

No. 58735

God she is annoying

No. 58736

There isn't anything wrong with having a room like that. Make fun of her for things that are, well, about her, not about her room.

No. 58737

Her room is a toddler's room. get over it.

No. 58738

I just watched it expecting that and. . I feel kind of weird. I'm a 20 year old college student, I go to work and get good grades etc but I also like cute things and now I'm embarrassed about my room. If a person behaves like an adult and takes care of their responsibilities does anyone really give a shit how they decorate their room like. Idk.

No. 58739

i'm 28 and love cute things. You can have a cute room without it being over whelmed in pink things. That castle beside her door is literally a thing you buy for a child's room. There are cute things and then there are children's things which seems urk when you're a certain age.

No. 58740

Not my cup of tea any means, but eh. She seems harmless. Long as she's not going around farting in people's cornflakes or some shit, I don't really see what the big deal about her is. (Unless there's some drammu I happened to skip over in this thread.)

No. 58741

Why are her videos so awkward as hell? She laughs every five seconds and can't make a coherent non-awkward sentence come out of her mouth

No. 58742

I couldn't watch more than a few seconds, her style is a bunch of cheap garbage that will end in the trash in a year or two, and the fake personality is inappropriate for her age.

No. 58743

she has a boyfriend apparently? And a twin? I want to know how messed up they are

No. 58744

I've followed her for years (since I was a young weeb, stayed for the dramu) and I think she only posted one time about her ex who was some dude with gauges and tatts. I can't remember anything about her current bf.

Her twin on the other hand is an identical twin who's normal. Iirc in the pic she posted, her twin did her makeup but no wigs or fancy shit. She was wearing sportswear.

No. 58745

No. 58746

they actually look really good in the first picture of them at the end of the video

No. 58747

File: 1431459599337.png (2.82 MB, 1600x1478, purikura3.png)

at least they arent creepily identical like emixlea

No. 58748

File: 1431459800404.png (616.24 KB, 586x518, Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 3.40…)

theres a line between cute and childish.
i think this is a pretty good balance of cute and childish in her room.

as long as you're not forcing pastel vomit decor onto your family or SO, then… i dont see a problem.

as for the castle thing, maybe she always wanted it as a kid and couldnt have it.

No. 58749

Their eyebrows are so ugly

No. 58750

File: 1447412583970.jpg (31.94 KB, 480x720, FB_IMG_1443235325489.jpg)

No. 58751

File: 1447413283827.jpg (28.86 KB, 480x720, FB_IMG_1443234581943.jpg)

Play time

No. 58752

File: 1447413465360.jpg (23.63 KB, 480x720, FB_IMG_1443235288141.jpg)

No. 58753

File: 1447413521529.jpg (25.58 KB, 480x508, FB_IMG_1443235267256.jpg)

Look at that ass!

No. 58754

File: 1447413571770.jpg (28 KB, 480x720, FB_IMG_1443234591374.jpg)

No. 58755

File: 1447414524935.jpg (22 KB, 480x360, FB_IMG_1443234514798.jpg)

No. 58756

File: 1447414647026.jpg (15.08 KB, 479x320, FB_IMG_1443234424994.jpg)

If you look hard and blow up this pic you can see her lips coming out her shorts

No. 58757

File: 1447415048768.jpg (23.55 KB, 480x719, FB_IMG_1443235203212.jpg)

Her boyfriend's name is Brandon?Henna her twin dated some guy on homeland

No. 58758

This thread smells like self posting…

No. 58759

I agree anon, I was hoping someone else would say it.

Why do so many bitches think anything pastel and babyish is automatically "kawaii". No, you just look like a weird, ageplaying clown with a room full of cheap, claires accessories-tier garbage.

No. 58760

SO much samefag in this thread holyshit. Can admin please confirm?

No. 58761


Seriously, it's pretty obvious this girl is posting in this thread.

Admin can't confirm unless she breaks the rules though. :/

No. 58762

No. 58763

Samefagging is allowed, self posting isn't. If she's found to be self posting then she'll be exposed. This thread was dug up after the recent exposure of a few other self posters, so it's possible it just hasn't been noticed yet. And given that the very first response is "damn, she looks 15 herself" (when she very clearly doesn't) it wouldn't surprise me at all if it was Alexa that started the thread.

It could also be someone trying to make her look stupid. A sixth month old thread being necro'd by someone called "a" who makes a load of weird comments about her ass, her vagina and some guy her sister dated? Pretty odd, tbh.

No. 58764

Not really seeing how she's a lolcow at all. She's annoying, but less so than most weeaboo. Anon was just looking to start a thread.

No. 140563

File: 1466096338668.jpg (50.45 KB, 640x480, vlc.009.jpg)

holy shit anyone else remember her camshows on tinychat? she was called LExxELectric or something similar to that. she'd would refuse to use a hairbrush and would always bate with both hands and she'd use her thumbs alot cause she had big rings on her fingers so people started calling her dyslexic then DisLexa. she also had a dirty cat litter box in her bedroom that the trolls loved to rag on her about. she ended up getting really pissed one night and started crying during a show, stopped the cam and never came back to the room again. I was pissed! cause her shows were really fun even tho there was maybe something a little off about her generally speaking.

No. 561683

wish i could have seen that haha(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 561704

did you narc a 1 year old thread just to say that jfc

No. 1960592

File: 1706527975500.jpeg (295.24 KB, 1072x772, IMG_2833.jpeg)

Update: she married a neckbeard, had an intensely ugly baby, and got fat as fuck

No. 1960595

In what world is she fat? She's even skinnier than average. Do you think having a baby inside your belly makes you fat or something?

No. 1960602

It's a boring update of a woman living a normie life in an eight year old boring thread, nona had to struggle to make it look like milk.

No. 1960620

she looks happy. good for her honestly

No. 1960640

That Animal Crossing theme in the babys room is so cute. She looks really happy

No. 1960658

Why are you seething so bad anon?

No. 1961885

she actaully well known on youtube and does cut fashion videos now anon(sage your shit)

No. 1962034

Awh, happy for her tbh. Also, she doesn't look fat at all.

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