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Tengu_dono/Dhamaphorn is a sjw girl from Twitter/Instagram who has a very unhealthy obsession with the anime Gatchaman Crowds and shipping Hajime & Berg Katze.
And it's not a 'regular' obsession.She's pretty much insanely crazed with the show.
To the point where she keeps spamming the entire website with theories about the show or about how Hajime and Katze are meant to be together.Despite the fact that Gatchaman Crowds is not even a great anime (more like mediocre to decent).
She also got really angry when Sunny Company (or whatever the fuck that company who makes nendoroids is called) didn't release a Berg Katze nendoroid to go with her Hajime nendoroid so they can be together..This has gotten to the point where she would end up editing/photoshopping Katze's face on a random nendoroid in order to please her autistic nature.
And it's not like this is just something recent.She's been doin that since 2015.(shit thread)

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Good Smile makes nendoroids

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