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File: 1525440271110.jpeg (182.18 KB, 735x709, F2471BBA-A905-4EA5-AC07-A527EB…)

No. 573537

Fatass wannarexic.

No. 573541


she's not fat though.

No. 573545

Hey nice post Ana-chan, how's that vendetta going for you?

No. 573628

Hi eleri!

No. 573653

I think she’s fat. I would literally kill myself if I were her size and I’m not even Ana Chan.

No. 573667

File: 1525452717687.jpeg (16.75 KB, 256x256, B282E957-7630-4EAE-8D09-892DA1…)



No. 573672

File: 1525453165814.jpg (43.12 KB, 560x551, rukiddin.jpg)

No. 573687

Then what are you waiting for anon? Do it.

No. 573733

You are a terrible, disgusting person. I’m giving this link to my support system (including my attorney, yes I have an attorney) and you’ll be in prison for telling me to kill myself once I do. So thanks, I’ll do that soon and let everyone know about your IP address and disgusting comment. Have fun in hell, anon.

No. 573735

She legit looks like she has Down syndrome. I knew her in real life (she goes to bellarmine university) and she forces her “ed” on everyone expecting them to feel sorry for her.

No. 573737

Wtf is wrong with you

No. 573738

Get help, get friends, get a hobby, I don't fucking care.
What I do care about tho is that you get off this fucking website.

No. 573739

File: 1525459278823.jpeg (65.73 KB, 512x512, FBE6C091-65E8-4028-8A61-FBC98B…)

You’d kill yourself instead if just spending a month or two getting off your ass and losing the extra weight? Sounds like you’ve got a serious problem, ana-chan. You might want to see a therapist.

No. 573740

Did you know that’s illegal?? Punishable by a 25000 fine and years and years in prison if anon actually does it??

No. 573743

Jokes on you, I weigh 80 lbs lol

No. 573744


No. 573745

Um I care about anon. She is obviously struggling. Ps: I got your IP address.

No. 573746

Jokes on you, I already see a therapist and unlike you, I am not a sociopath.

No. 573747

you're literally replying to yourself since it's obviously you who started this thread

Also jokes on you since I'm not the one who wrote the comment to kys

No. 573749

Cool. But you should kill yourself anyway, you sound like a mentally ill retard and we need less of those on this planet.

No. 573752

Unless you are like, 4'9", that is absolutely thoroughly disgusting. If you haven't noticed, skin and bones is out. Curves are in. And I do not mean FAT when I say curves, I meant hips and a real ass that's fat. 80 pounds? So you're built like a little boy? Congrats that's hot anon.

No. 573753


it's so obvious this is all coming from the same nutcase
just give up already jfc

No. 573754

Lol sure you do fatty.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 573757

You can change your ip but we will still know it's you

10/10 gave me a chuckle anachan

No. 573758

Looked up this chick’s Instagram. She has barely over 1k followers and doesn’t seem like a cow at all. There’s nothing to signify she’s wannarexic either.

Take your petty vendetta elsewhere, ana-chan.

No. 573760

I do, and jokes on you, you've been put to pasture. Jealous bitch.

No. 573762

you're seriously just jealous. 80 pounds is my actual weight and you call me a fatty? Go rot in hell LOL. Oh wait, you already are.

No. 573764

K, u done now?

No. 573765

hahahaha nope you're such an idiot. I traced your ip.(Sweety you're embarrassing yourself)

No. 573768

Expose the ana-chan's posts kek

No. 573769

FOUND YOUR FB!!!! Guess who's going to be posting your profile unless you apologize??? Or just contact your friends and/or post screenshots.

No. 573770

okay then, congratulations. Whatever you wanna do with that

No. 573772

okay? What's there to expose to anybody on facebook? As if I'd care?

No. 573773

File: 1525460555940.jpg (60.52 KB, 960x746, 27867761_10213858438871102_730…)

No. 573774

Contact your family and friends and post your profile here(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 573775

And tell them what? That I post on lolcow? lmao. I'm shaking in fear.

No. 573776

No. 573778

Go ahead. should I tell you the names of my closest friends so you can contact them first?
(since they already know I'm posting on lolcow, they will surely be surprised)

No. 573802

best post on this whole website

no but seriously what is the point of this thread
>>573769 sounds like a vendetta-chan

No. 573909

this should be a banner

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