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File: 1447266306166.jpg (45.81 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1447265962083.jpg)

No. 56797

Wig shop owner, ex model, lolita
I used to think she was pretty okay, but she constantly bitches about her customers on FB, calling them morons, and she has a long history of tripping on /cgl/ and stirring the drama pot.


No. 56798


No. 56810

She's also an aspie.

No. 56814

I know she's internet buddybuddy with Charms. That's kind of it though.

No. 56816

File: 1447272632383.png (352.28 KB, 640x1172, nina.png)

Some caps from the Kate thread

No. 56817

File: 1447272642274.png (25.5 KB, 492x310, nina2.png)

No. 56818

File: 1447272878054.png (101.25 KB, 631x533, lol.png)

And the referred post

No. 56821

What's up Ash, forgot to remove your >Sage lmao

No. 56822


She's not, Charms approaches everybody who retains any form of e-fame be it mild or major in order to piggyback off of the attention.
She's done it to so many people now I can't possibly begin to count but some include Shmegeh, Austin White, Lomeli, Miss Alice, see <any popular cam model or Tumblr famuz person>.

No. 56823


Oh and ofc, the big one, Dakota, lel

No. 56826

I thought Choke and Lor were going to be models for Charms' alleged line of clothing that she claims she's going to put out? I read that somewhere on the farm before, so I'm not certain of the validity of it… But I know Lor and Choke both follow Charms on IG and Tumblr. At least Lor seems to genuinely like Charms. Not sure about Choke.

No. 56827


>Charms' alleged line of clothing

lolwut, when was this? I have never heard of this before in my life. Links plox.

No. 56829

In the charms thread, or possibly the previous one there are caps.

No. 56830

Iirc she was involved in the whole Anime Matsuri mess too. Didn't she start that mess by posting about John Leigh?

No. 56845


What was this about, it was mentioned in kate's thread but it was never explained.

No. 56847

nah, buttcape started it off to my knowledge & then choke chimed in with her knowledge.
the main scandal in her case was that she was apparently asked to make colorful dyed extensions for the AP show by John, and the AP crew never knew this was part of the plan. so she spent a fair bit of effort making/shipping them and then they never got used. If I remember properly, they were also part of the stock that got 'lost'/was stolen by AM?
Looking back on it, it's kind of miraculous…or just fucking stupid… that she agreed to go back this year
Did AP ever recover any of their shit, btw?

No. 56866


Was she compensated for any of the work? Or was it a "exposure" type compensation?

No. 56881


this was the blog post I read, not sure of more beyond that.
…Anime Matsuri should have a fucking lolcow thread by this point, imo.

No. 56902


Haha yeah that John Leigh guy seems like he has a lot of milk tucked away. I think i read another blog post from another lolita about him and his shenanigans. What was his response to all this?

No. 56934

Can someone please post any caps of her on her personal Facebook from her big apology? Has she said anything new?

Does she have any response to being now on /snow/, too?

No. 57006


Are you such a newfag that you don't know what sage is?

No. 57016

Ash always uses "Sage" with a capital S. I've never seen her post without it. Ergo, whenever I see an 'anon' with Sage instead of sage, it's Ash.

Get the sand out of your #assholegap.

No. 57028

Nevermind, obviously I'm ~~completely retarded~~ for thinking this may in any way be true. There is obviously no correlation at all, and I'm just stupid as shit for being neurotic and noticing something that no one else was looking at.

Carry on, I'll go sit in the corner with the dunce cap on now.

No. 57029

Anon are you okay?

No. 57032


When people are posting from mobile the first letter they type is almost always capitalised. I doubt they care enough to go back an make it lowercase if it's going to have same effect. At least that's what happens to me when I sage from mobile.

No. 57100

I read a statement he had released about everything. I think that his behaviour was innapropriate, but when you take his reccolection against Chokelates….It seems like she is definitely obscuring some details to make herself look better.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find his statement. I wish I had saved it.

No. 57103

No. 57206


This guy needs his own thread. I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg of all the weird creepy shit he does.

No. 57209

I always see her Lolita pictures posted around fetlife with sissy fetish text on them. Kek

No. 57286

So why does Choke hate Kate so much? She was samefagging the hell out of Kate's thread when she was exposed. I don't buy the whole "Kate sent me a mean message that made me do bad things." until she actually shows it.

No. 57295

personally, I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt until the actual message is revealed. Kate's been way more of a tried-and-tested cow before Nina ever got a thread of her own.

No. 58321

Choke, actually and post your message already.

No. 58396

>"Yes, I started drama and talked shit about someone first."
>"BUT she clearly should have just accepted my apology and not have been upset bc I mean like…I'm CHOKEAFUCK!!!"

Lol, is she fucking serious? Is she really whining about an immature response in retaliation to her immature behavior? Lots of people were hurt and angry at Kate, MANY chose to let it go and not stir drama by posting caps bitching about it on their facebook.

Her narcissism and ego are as big as Kate's.

No. 58400

Choke's not a model anymore? Why'd she drop living the dream?

No. 58407

Yeah she posted about it like a few months ago? But charms hasnt said anything since so I doubt it will happen.

Modeling isnt a long lasting career. Choke is naturally skinny and you can see how thin she was in her modeling photos (search under her real name) but they kept wanting her to be thinner and she found that being at the weight she had to be for modeling fucked with her health. She has gained weight since she has stopped for sure, and ignoring her PR issues making a business like lockshop is a good move in that sense.

No. 58493

She was constantly asked to lose more weight, in the end her hip bones were just too wide. She also used to post complaints about model apartments, people being bitchy etc

No. 58496

I just checked out her public fb for the first time and she refers to herself as a 'prospective kawaii leader' … not only is that full of herself but I feel like she's referencing the kawaii ambassador title? and she directly tried to take over lace + bashed kate in public over being a 'waste' and then privately tried to further sabotage this person that wouldn't let her have her way? I've never be a fan of kate but damn i'm surprised to find someone even less subtle about their thirst for recognition.

No. 58510

I agree. You don't argue and throw a hissy fit if someone doesn't accept your apology.

>inb4 it's bc of her controlling assburgers personality

No. 58523

Prospective kawaii leader is something Kawaii.i asks you to put up if you're working with them. It's different from the kawaii ambassador title and they're unaffiliated with Misako Aoki and the JLA.

No. 58551

lots of people were hurt and angry at Kate's behavior and chose to come here and vent about her, too. the only difference is that choke got caught.

No. 58558

She said it was because they some jobs werent paid and she had to shar flat with other girls with ED and it mas a mess

No. 58561

she also to pay everything, even polaroids, and she felt she was being scammed

No. 58821

It's also because she had "personality issues and minor disagreements" with the modeling gigs she got, like people are going to believe that. Is that a real reason to quit a dream career of modeling and take up crappy wig making? What really happened was she didn't get along with other models and especially staff, since she incites drama a lot.

Ever notice it's always her that's innocent in any situation, yet she's always at the center of the chaos? She acts so innocent with AM but she was involved in the BtSSB packaging going missing (refused to give details on /cgl/) and a lot of the core drama with John. She just paints it like she's always a pure innocent girl who got involved with mean people.
She's doing the same thing with Kate. I hate all these e-fame girls shitting up lolita, but she's trying to paint Kate as immature when she should be happy Kate gave her such a response period. I wouldn't have even answered Choke's immaturity and fake olive branch of peace. Hell, to show you how mature Choke is, she named the filename she fucked up on "girlytoot". She was probably behind the original story. She's like stuck in high school with insults and her mental capacity.

No. 58836

And demanded Kate accept her "I'm sorry" and proceeded to run her through the mud again when she didn't.

The least I can say about farmers is that they wouldn't try to kiss a lolcow's ass to save their public face, and then do something retarded like throw a tantrum if their apologies weren't welcomed. We're at least consistent and not phony.

No. 58865

>she named the filename she fucked up on "girlytoot"

Oh lawd, I didn't even notice.

No. 58886

>She was probably behind the original story.
How is naming the file a joke that people been using for months now a sign that she posted the story herself? Lots of people called kate girlytoot, there were even secrets about it.

Choke loves drama but all that proves is that she went on cgl and we know that since she tripped.

No. 58889

It really doesn't change the fact that she named a file girlytoot and tried to act like she had some mature moral high ground. I love seeing her get dragged. I think that's what I hate most about her. She always acts like she's got good PR.

No. 59178

What made Choke think she could handle taking over Lace when she has had failing customer service with her online wig shop, despite having someone else help her run and organize it?

She's terrible.

No. 59281

>dream 'career'

please tell me you're fucking 14 or something, nobody can really be this naive.

No. 59294

If you think modeling and making actual money from it is not a desirable career then lol. This isn't amateur modeling you pleb. Anyone can see that peddling poorly made wigs is not what she wanted to achieve in life.

No. 59295

The only people that believe modelling is a dream career are generally those who either know nothing about the industry or don't aesthetically make the grade and so believe it's all fun, games and $$$ when the reality is that it's starvation, drugs and debt.

Pretty much every ex-model has come out to say how much the industry fucks you up. No ty.

No. 59296

It's definitely a career most people want, however. I agree with everything you mentioned about it's downsides. However, Chokelate sucks at wigs too. It's like everything she touches turns to drama or a failure.

No. 59340

Modelling is only a good career for the super models (the ones who are paid millions to walk down the catwalks) because they actually get paid decently. Most "models" are no names, dime-a-dozens, who are probably underage, exploited sexually and mentally, are fucked up on drugs and have eating disorders to meet the profession's extreme standards. How is that appealing? You may be revered as being an attractive person but that's probably the only positive thing about it.

No. 59365

>it's definitely a career most vapid, insecure teenage girls want

fixed that for you.

No. 59428

i can tell you're fat from the way you write

No. 59432

i've modeled before and attended meetings with the national model alliance. i can tell you're jealous and stupid from the way you write

No. 59435

so much fucking debt

talk to any model that is smart enough/ has the connections to get out and still have a successful life. everyone admits this shit. Cara even discussed it.

only fucking delusional weebs like himezawa and 14 year olds think its some sort of luxurious life. you dont need to be a fat ass to admit that

you're forced to wear sample sizes that 9/10 don't fit and fucking hurt like hell. your hair and skin is murdered. people in other languages constantly bitching you out. the competition from girls who are actually from poor families…they'll burn your portfolio and ruin your reputation just to get rid of one more person.

No. 59449

All these modeling posts feel like Choke being angry we called her modeling a failure. I guess it makes sense she'd do modeling for lolita instead. An ugly big fish in a small pond is still a big fish in a small pond.

No. 59450


Well I've made at least one of these posts so you're wrong on one count.
I don't know why people continue to believe that modelling is all sunshine, roses and a fat heavy purse.

Don't models frequently get paid in clothes and shit in lieu of actual currency?

No. 59460

yes. Lots of times it's a "trade" for "experience/being put out there" or clothes/whatever item was shot"

No. 60172

Are her items any good?

No. 60241


From what I gather he wigs are shit. Not sure about her other stuff.

No. 60245

I made the mistake of wasting my money on one. I was ridiculously over priced and shipping was crazy. She only shipped out like once a month so I had to wait forever for the wig.
I got it in the mail and it was crap. Hair falling out, visible inside cap…It was identical to some of the cheap lace fronts you can get from ebay. Those weren't being made/specially dyed..there is no way.
I could have bought the same thing off of ebay for less than 60 dollars + free shipping instead of 200 dollars.
I didn't even realise she was the shop owner. They made it seem like she "won a modelling contest" and was their sponsor model

No. 60315

I don't really have a way to prove this because I've searched in the archives and they don't go back this far, but I was on /cgl/ years ago when she was tripping and first started talking about getting wigs made and I remember her mentioning Chinese based manufacturers.

I am like always shocked that people pay so much for her wigs

Whaaaat, for $200 you could have got a human hair wig, that price is crazy

No. 60323

kek there are no 200$ wigs and shipping has been 10$ since years

No. 60335

American money plus shipping it was almost 200 dollars. It was a lace front when she first released them and shipping to the states was more than 10.
I just was an idiot and saw the wig thinking " oh how beautiful lets get it" and then I paid for my foolish mistakes by wasting my money kek.

No. 60336

samefagging. I just checked her site and the lace fronts are WAY cheaper than when I purchased mine. My wig was purchased early 2014
I purchased the wig on the first of march 2014, it shipped 12 april 2014. And took three weeks from then to arrive.
I contacted them twice because it took so long to ship/arrive. I thought I'd been scammed.

No. 60469

Why do you think she ships out only once a month? jfc what a spoiled entitled brat. Something pisses me off knowing you're giving her all her time and money so she can buy a bunch of lolita and trash talk on lolcow and /cgl/.

I don't get how you can run a business like that. Whenever I've sold something on eBay, I get it out usually the next day. You literally just drive down to the post office and ship out a fucking package. It won't even take 40 minutes of your day. Waiting three weeks for shipping, then you have to wait for it to get to you overseas as well? That's just insane.

No. 60474

I wouldn't expect a store owner to be able to run to the post office every time they had an order, but even once a week would be a huge improvement and it'd be a good middle ground for her, instead of either running individual packages once a day and running a car load of packages once a month.
I'm assuming the stock is already there waiting to be sold, in which case I agree that 3-4 weeks just to get the box put in the mail on her end is ridiculous.

No. 60595

The store I work at gets online orders daily and we have a postman come and pick orders up. The ones that don't get dropped off at the post office. It's ridiculous that it takes so long for her to ship.

No. 60684

Still laughing at how John called Nina "Choke" to her face at Matsuri, laughing and saying he "forgot her name". What a fuckass.

No. 63798

a month or so back she did a complete overhaul on her tublr, completely removed all traces of jfash and just called it a photography page yet there were asks re: abusive relationships and tellling her to fuck everything and leave before it got worse… anyone know what the hell happened? im curious

No. 68238

Lol Choke is a confirmed stoner

No. 68712

Yeah laughed when I saw that as well

No. 68756

considering she's from the Netherlands where it's legal, not a huge surprise.

No. 68841

File: 1449530563183.png (9.29 KB, 476x59, chokeweed.png)

What? Trouble sleeping? That's such a fucking excuse to smoke. I've personally dealt with insomnia for years and pills are the only thing that has really helped me.

"I never do it in lolita". Yeah, that's always the excuse. Has she ever smelled weed? It gets into everything anyway. I guess I won't be buying any of her sales now.

No. 68852

your point?

No. 68858

Um. Because no one wants to buy weed brand? I was going to buy some gothic lolita from her since we kind of have similar tastes, but then reconsidered.

No. 68870

Holy shit, please calm down.

Indica marijuana gives you a 'body' high; its the kind that cancer patients use because it makes you hungry and sleepy, and reduces nausea. So yes, smoking weed to help insomnia is incredibly legitimate; medical marijuana is prescribed to help that. I am a person who has insomnia, so please don't try to tell me 'you don't know nothin!!!1' People's bodies react to treatments differently; just because something works for you, doesn't mean it works for everyone else.

I'm sure she doesn't do it in Lolita, and she probably doesn't smoke around her clothes. However, if you have an allergy to weed smoke or something, you can always not buy from her. But please don't pretend that THC cannot help people medically.

Sage for autism.

No. 68872

Kek. More like sage for sperging.

No. 68883

At least I saged. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 68889

I knew Spoony would show up.

No. 68897

You're overreacting. She said she doesn't do it while wearing lolita. Plus it's vaping, which is much less odorous and won't stick to things as much. And even if it wasn't vaping, it's not like it would affect her other clothes unless she's smoking right by her closet or something.

Many people do rely on weed to help with sleep, pain, and anxiety. Most sleep medications have worse side effects than weed if taken long term. Even melatonin shouldn't be taken long term.

No. 68900

Are you fucking kidding me? How does living in a state where pot is legal and understanding its benefits to certain individuals make me spoony?

Get the fuck out.

No. 68906

How is it overreacting? I had a cousin who I roomed with that vaped and did weed all the time. I had some cloth items that smelled like it long after it happened.

I think what she takes it for isn't really what matters. The important thing is to specify in your sales you smoke weed. Does she say that in any of her sales? She only mentions her cat, but like the other anon said, some people have allergies related to weed specifically.

No. 68931

I spent a lot of time on cgl and people were constantly ragging on choke there, I never really understood the hate though. I like laughing at her aspie ragefests and think she's cute and the most perfect lolita :^)

No. 68956

I've never met a single person with allergies to weed. Come on. that's grasping now

No. 68982

Why is it that no one believes this? I have one and everyone thinks its a lie, it's caused me a lot of grief at house parties and shit. People can be allergic to anything, dude! It happens. (I found mine out at a young age via my older brother - mine doesn't require ingestion/inhalation, just contact in general)

No. 68983

>some people have allergies related to weed specifically.
you do realise this board is 18+ right?

No. 68992

No. 68993

Well, its true, Some people are allergic to weed. I worked in a grow house as a trimmer And there were a few people who had to wear masks with the filters. Some of them didn't even know they were allergic until they started working there.

No. 79268

File: 1452411100237.png (250.19 KB, 967x560, lockshop.png)

She's still scamming people. What is wrong with her lately? Can anyone see what she's up to on her personal Facebook and post caps? She acts like she's doing things more important but we'd all like to see what she's doing normally.

No. 79337

Most recent thing she did was a photoshoot for Hanueli. Before that I know she is dealing with some legal issues with her landlord and where she has her warehouse. But she seems to just not care about items after they are shipped.

No. 80542

a friend bought a wig before she changed the manufacturer and the wig hasn't arrived yet :/

No. 80690


isn't it considered bad business to store things where weed is grown?

No. 89198

If you've been scammed by Choke, some lolitas in /cgl/ general have been assembling to make an official complaint against her business.

Another anon said she's having "personal problems" and this is why she cannot ship out. Does anyone have any more details on either this?

No. 89738

No further details but I've also been scammed by her, have been waiting for my package for almost 6 months now, but it was a private sale on FB. She doesn't even read my messages anymore wtf

No. 89748

Too lazy to screen cap fb but she has mentioned being sick the last few weeks. But what I think the anon was referring to is that she was having issues with her landlord of her warehouse.

No excuse for her being mia but if this was going on for months I can see why it went bad.

No. 94653

She keeps saying she has a warehouse custom make her wigs and she goes to check it and stuff… but the prices she's selling her wigs at? No fucking way is there a warehouse custom making her wigs specifically for her. Most factories would not do such small quantities, and if they did it would cost an arm and a leg.

No. 94703

Sorry to respond to an old post, but I almost bought a wig from her. What made me not go through with it was the fact that the shipping (for USD) cost the same as the wig itself. It seemed too odd, and yes it was up there in price. $200 for a wig and shipping? Better be virgin Indian or Malaysian 30 inch lace front.

No. 103937

File: 1457624488683.png (20.86 KB, 489x215, Screenshot_5.png)

what I want to know is, if she's only now back at work, then why didn't she close her shop while she was unable to do her job? she clearly doesn't have the staff she claims to have or things would run more smoothly. you can't blame months of missing orders on you being sick and claim you have other people responsible for actually shipping the items.

No. 104194

Yes, sure, she was "sick". What is Nina's illness that didn't allow her to ship out wigs, talk to customers, yet post here and cause drama in the Kate thread? I'd love to know.

No. 104539

I remember several years ago, Charm chose an artist to design shot glasses for her but nothing ever came of it. She's just blowing smoke.

No. 104564

No. 104847

So has she addressed those missing Lockshop orders yet? From what I've heard she's leaving a lot of people hanging.

No. 104993

File: 1457902191639.png (126.93 KB, 479x549, Screenshot_16.png)

pretty embarrassing if you admit you have a bunch of neglected customers in the same post you're announcing a sale in

No. 105068

Terrible. I hate scammers.

No. 105538

Fuck off, Choke. Why is she doing a sale on these low quality wigs anyway? Shouldn't she scrap them as a loss? She should just get a new batch, prove how high quality they are in detail shots, and actually
It's not so hard is it?

No. 106352

Ugh and still deleting comments from the FB. Nice. I don't know why people don't get more incensed about this.

No. 114040

u're retarded u fuccing FAS fatty-chan xD

No. 114200

such an obvious boob job

No. 114201

wow so so cute!!!!

No. 114311

so so adorable!!

No. 114357

fukkin giantic fkking slut tho OAO

No. 114716

Isn't Choke supposed to attend UtS in Amsterdam next month?

No. 115058

File: 1459811579164.jpg (91.45 KB, 986x592, nHBbZur.jpg)

she posted about having commissioned an outfit for UtS and other prep like pic related.

No. 117187

How is she getting away with this Lockshop bullshit? Are people too afraid to stand up to her because she's ~efamoose~?

No. 117189

What ever happened to those competitions she was doing for spokesman/models

No. 117272

what do you mean?
I remember there was a girl, Naomi maybe? Nao or whatever she's called. She joined the competition and received a lot of likes, but Choke didn't include her. She complained and Choke didn't do anything about it lol

No. 117319

I mean that she's suffering no repercussions for ripping people off whatsoever. Lockshop continues to run and people continue to fawn unknowingly over their products. Anyone who has posted to their social media has had their comments deleted, and they've taken very little in the way of an official stance on the situation.

I'm just wondering how long more people will be left waiting, or how many customers from here will be ripped off.

No. 122167

I bought a wig on her store website and it came tangled into a woolly mess, sticky from styling products the lace already cut way too short. It wasn't one of the B choice wigs either, it was straight from the "premium line"

No. 122247

Have you gotten in touch? If they're no help to you, post pics on social media and shame

No. 122254

Chokelate is like the Lime Crime of lolita fashion now. Just like Doe Deere, she's a failure who had to fall back on a shitty business peddling snake oil.

No. 122255

Chokelate is like the Lime Crime of lolita fashion now. Just like Doe Deere, she's a failure who had to fall back on a shitty business peddling snake oil.

No. 122437

No. 122460

I tried, no response. I considered posting on her page, but it'd be too easy to claim I did that to the wig myself

No. 123055

could you send the story, pictures, caps and ideally proof of purchase (remove any personal details, but leaving a name would be good) to email above? if you can't be fucked to do all of it it's no problem, but anything would be fantastic.

so, some of you might've seen me out and about, but I've been collecting stories and caps on facebook and /cgl/ about lockshop's abysmal quality wigs and nonexistent customer support. with this I am planning to first confront her/the company, and if nothing changes, the German authorities (consumer protection organisations). since the cgl mods/jans have been touchy shits about this and have been deleting posts despite nobody attacking choke, this, along with a tumblr (that I haven't yet made) will be the place I will be posting updates about how far I am in the process. I'm probably going to be creating an Instagram as well to help spread the word about it.
if anyone here has been burned by lockshop, please send screencaps and any other helping information to the email above. if you see someone complaining about them, please send them to me or send me a link. (I'll try to have the tumblr up asap so it'd be an easy way to contact me)
the current situation is that I'm still trying to gather stories and links. I've got caps of the complaints removed from facebook that I've spotted, and a few anons have contacted me directly, but it's still nearly not enough. right now, we need to get word out about lockshop being unreliable/a scam. I'll be setting up the tumblr this week hopefully, and the instagram should follow soon.

No. 124247

can you post the link here?

No. 124258

How long does it take the packages to arrive?

No. 124356

mine took me about 3-4 months (just to send to fl) , it was a personal experience and it was so damn fustrating in the end the wig shed like crazy and was itchy as fuck. shinny too.

No. 125676

A close friend of mine told me she suspected Chokeafuck was a janitor (possibly mod) on cgl and that could be why a lot of the posts about her scamming have been deleted.

Does anyone else think that might be true?
Come to think of it, I haven't seen her spergy self jump in to defend her shitty shop like she used to when she couldn't do anything about it…

No. 125714

http://lockshopscams.tumblr.com/, but I haven't set it up completely yet so it's currently password protected. instagram will happen soon as well.

going to be using a trip in this thread so the email, tumblr etc would be linked. (guess the reference)

No. 125741

I don't think she's a mod, but it is obvious she's on /cgl/ 24/7 and here as well. I'm not surprised she took up a janitor job because she's absolutely addicted to these boards and prides herself a lot on her "seagull queen" status in real life, embarrassingly enough.

I really hope she isn't, though, and it's just /cgl/'s typical "no singling out" rule that makes the posts deleted. Although, the board is fucking hypocritical because things about the Leigh's stay just fine, but stuff like Kate and Choke mysteriously vanish. That scammer needs to be outed on a board where lolitas are the most.

Can't wait to follow the tumblr! I think Instagram will hit her the hardest.

No. 125747

I doubt she's a janitor. She and I had an argument that I know she holds a grudge about years ago and posts about me are often deleted by the janitor.

No. 125773

Pretty sure there is more than one janitor, anon. Could just mean one that isn't her is deleting them.

No. 128686

please open the blog, based anon

No. 128689

I don't think she's a janitor but I think someone she knows is. That old trip group has at least two of them in their midst, that's why anything involving any of them gets deleted pretty quickly and they magically re-appear whenever they're mentioned, the trip tells them about it.

No. 128697

>mother gothel

you're beautiful, anon. never change.

No. 133639

is this still happening? pls deliver

No. 133895

yes but I would also like to graduate school first so it's not exactly #1 on my priority list right now, sorry
I'll try to get something up soon but don't expect much until a week into June or so

No. 133896

Might have to generate some new hype. I think a lot of people forgot about it.

No. 133899

that's the purpose of the instagram and posting it a lot in different comms (which is where y'all could help me out)

No. 134063

Just out of curiosity, wasn't Chokelate popular among people on /cgl? I remember being quite baffled at how everyone seemed to gush over her on there, but guys here don't seem to like her at all and I thought people here were from /cgl around about the time I used to browse there.

What happened that changed people's minds?

No. 134437

so i read something from her blog about choke having PTSD issues from an incident in germany. do we know what she's referring to? i tried to google a bit but i didn't find anything conclusive.

No. 134441

She was self posting.

No. 135153

File: 1464456734858.png (27.16 KB, 642x306, 1464275134970.png)

No. 135312

kek she needs therapy for being a sociopath if you ask me

No. 135341

cgl is like… mad deluded by the halo effect.

No. 135471

She has a bf in Germany. Maybe he was being abusive to her?

No. 135481

I don't speak for all seagulls but I used to really admire her outfits and still find her very beautiful. However her personality is a a total turnoff. I think before she made a complete 1000% ass of herself a few people were in the same boat as me.

No. 135542

She used to occasionally show up and be a bit sassy, which was funny, but cgl started licking her ass for it with that SLAYYYYY QUEEN YASSS bullshit. Now she shows up at any slight mention of her or lockshop to 'tell her side' a-la-Spoony and constantly goes on about her Assburgers being an excuse for anything and everything.

No. 135607

I wondered about that too, but they're still friends on FB (both of her accounts actually)

No. 135609

File: 1464566362416.png (643.37 KB, 676x493, 2b6b5039e4344df595664f405eb410…)

Wig related. Not my customer photo, but I also have this wig and it looks just like that tangled mess on the right. The part is pretty bulky, but the sides of the hairline (down the side of my face, idk how to describe it) look pretty good. Any tips on how to make this wig work and what hairdos would be nice without sacrificing the length? Sage for OT

No. 135618

She only posts unfunny drag queen reaction gifs. It's really cringe.

No. 135749

silicone lubricant spray. great for detangling n taming wigs.

No. 157645

Any news on that truth blog on her? I found a supplier's label in one of the wigs from a luckypack way back…

No. 157651

spill anon.

No. 163373

Does Choke actually have autism?

No. 163629

Who's the supplier? Any pics would be great too if you have them.

No. 561606

File: 1524339856982.png (39.17 KB, 493x209, nina.png)

Sorry for necro but she's been making a lot of excuses for her bad customer service again. Did anything ever come out of the plans for a lawsuit?

No. 576145

what lawsuit? were people not getting their wigs?

No. 576191

what 'software'? is she talking about a payment API? her web host? there's so many things that 'software' could refer to, non of which are likely preventing her from doing customer service, which is just answering emails/calls.

No. 576667

>Im so sick

She uses this excuse every time waves of people complain about not getting their items

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