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File: 1520017569105.jpg (36.36 KB, 400x400, tiger_boy.jpg)

No. 518861

18 year old furry with an extreme victim complex

Ruined his ex-boyfriend's online reputation by claiming he was a pedophile using limited US and UK legal knowledge.

Extremely heterophobic

Constantly tries to start drama with other people.

current twitter
older, more interesting twitter

I'd love to dig up photos, but most are buried under throwaway accounts

No. 518863

https://twitter.com/KaiIsVeryGay/status/961053989436579840 this is the post where he called his ex out on. honestly, the both of them deserve threads.

No. 518867

File: 1520018345588.jpeg (839.91 KB, 1125x1534, 275B73D8-C823-42AE-9A15-A65E2A…)

This is an image board.
Cap things in case they get deleted

No. 518870

no milk

No. 518878

This is rather tame, considering the cess pole of drama that furries produce. Though I agree Kai is dumb. They were a part of that poly relationship. They can't complain.

No. 518995

op, i think you're the true cow. this person has 27 followers, fuck off with your vendetta.

and are you sure this is a "he"? everything you've posted about "him" makes me think "he" is a troon.

No. 521941

File: 1520340016667.jpg (77.97 KB, 480x571, IMG_-z5ibq7.jpg)

I observed this go down and have followed it ever since. While relatively small, his "callout post" was disruptive enough to catch the attention of the community it targetted.

Anyway, can actually post screenshots now.

After discovering his ex returned to twitter, he chose to respond to warm welcomes with variations of "he's a pedo". He really likes to hammer that point home.

No. 521949

File: 1520340772414.png (79.59 KB, 480x456, Screenshot_2018-03-05-14-09-30…)

Apparently you can be a pedophile while also being a victim of pedophilia according to Kai.

Kai was upset with @supaskulled because supas kicked an eleven-year-old out of a discord server for DMing girls uncomfortable content.

No. 521971

How is any of this milk?

No. 522014

>30 Twitter followers
Sure smells like bullshit in here

No. 890578

Wtf, are you kidding me? What a horrible human being he is. Explode 1 didn't even want to continue it because it was pedophilic, and he still pushed him on and further. And even told him not to tell anyone, and then he does so for drama, entertainment and to see what would happen. Poor explode1.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 890583

learn to sage, Bittervoidz@gmail.com

especially on a thread that's been dead for a year

No. 890598

File: 1573212706114.jpg (290.08 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191108-133103_Chr…)

>>890578 a masculine gay scrote st that kek

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