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File: 1519410569921.jpg (Spoiler Image, 165.12 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_oufwuiZvHT1wxhoiao1_128…)

No. 512646

-Got Dylann Roof tattooed on the middle of her chest because she loves him and wants to be with him but isnt racist

- Runs a Tumblr where she constantly posts about wanting to sleep with Mass Murderers and School Shooters

-Did a Unilad Interview (link below) where she talks about her obsession and how she would write to a killer even if they killed someone she loved.

- Has a child

- Was pretending to be the girlfriend of a killer named Allen Ivanov but it turned out he wasn't even talking to her he gave her information to another inmate who was calling her

-Is now "in love" with Nikolas Cruz (the florida school shooter) and calls herself a "Cruzer" she was previous a "Roofie" for Dylann Roof

-Already wrote a letter for him proclaiming herself as his

-Has been in several youtuber videos and brags about it even though it was them trashing her

-HEAVILY SHOOPS all the pictures she sends to killers but showed how ugly she was in the interview then blamed a bad angle

-Plans to get more killer tattoos on her body

See Links



No. 512651

I understand that there is no non-edgy way to say this, but i hope this girl dies a horrid death

No. 512663

File: 1519411612654.jpg (62.84 KB, 778x427, tumblr_p4fpfaN6Ss1qlvdkio6_128…)

No. 512664

File: 1519411635164.jpg (36.89 KB, 500x500, tumblr_inline_p4l0krkqUH1v5nd3…)

this is the kind of shit she makes and likes about the killer nikolas cruz

No. 512665

File: 1519411656467.jpg (188.85 KB, 837x1280, tumblr_p4klffHUu61wxhoiao1_128…)


No. 512667

File: 1519411771233.jpg (465.1 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_p4k8ioyv9V1ua9ad4o2_128…)

No. 512670

File: 1519412036825.png (189.81 KB, 319x436, t4.PNG)

No. 512671

File: 1519412051058.png (170.78 KB, 347x448, t2.PNG)

No. 512672

File: 1519412062732.png (6.37 KB, 368x140, t1.PNG)

No. 512674

Who would give someone those tattoos?

No. 512681

she has both the mentality and handwriting of edgy 12 yr old girl.

No. 512696

File: 1519414009699.jpg (231.01 KB, 1416x1144, Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 11.2…)

This hag is fucking hideous. No wonder she developed a fetish for unavailable men.. I really doubt anyone wants to wake up to this fucking bruja right next to them

No. 512697

Hahaha I commented on the UniLad article calling her an edge lord, she answered me and started arguing with me. Even tagged her friends in to defend her. Pathetic.

No. 512701

>here is a peom

…those are cupcakke lyrics

No. 512710

dat bulbous nose tho wow lads

No. 512716

Holy shit if you’re trying to be edgy at least attempt to be tasteful about it. Those tattoos look like stamps put on cattles.

No. 512729

Op pic should've been spoilered, and this thread would be better if it was just a true crime general. There are so many cows in that community, they're really active right now because of that recent school shooting.

No. 512767

She is also a truck driver who had a baby when she like sixteen and her kid got taken away from her

No. 512771

File: 1519417829405.png (314.48 KB, 370x429, t5.PNG)

this is what she does in her spare time when she isnt writing murderers

No. 512773

truck driver, murder fetishist, vapid tumblr girl.. one step away from doing some meth tbh

No. 512779

File: 1519417958200.png (18.11 KB, 371x443, t1.PNG)

she is kind of famous though.

No. 512781

famous? because an online media source decided to write about her disgusting fetish? lol ok

No. 512790

sorry meant that as sarcasm

No. 512830

File: 1519421630137.jpg (22.65 KB, 278x282, 1511065637658.jpg)


Absolutely the best word to describe her.

She's the type of ugly, desperate girl that prisoners take advantage of because they know she'll send them money. I wonder how much, if any, she's sent or if she just sends them nasty ass letters with Cupcakke lyrics.

No. 512840

File: 1519422563182.png (30.83 KB, 359x514, t6.PNG)

She is really gross

No. 512841

She is honestly one of the worst ones that I have seen and she doesn't try to hide it. There are tons of these sad girls on Tumblr but they are like 15 years old. This bitch is like in her twenties and has a kid and travels around to murder houses to take pictures there

I puke thinking about this shit

No. 512845

some desperate apprentice

No. 512919

This warthog is so unattractive to men and gets no attention. She can't even get attention for being a massive slut. So the way to fix that, and get some of that attention she desperately needs, is to think of the most heinous our society has to offer and claim she wants to fuck them. To people like her ANY attention= good attention.

No. 512936

Hopefully at the hands of a serial killer.

No. 512959

exactly my thoughts

can't get attention any other way, might as well stoop to the lowest of the low, because at least someone will pay attention to me (for being a complete fucking abomination!)

No. 513034

File: 1519438256411.jpeg (290.85 KB, 713x1921, 5604350A-D014-436B-AB02-6BAD52…)

Top kek at the first ask
Lmao thank you anon wherever you are for that.

No. 513065

File: 1519441315852.jpg (40.73 KB, 480x480, CjOohABW0AAEgPB.jpg)

wew that fucking last ask
>I want to know who he is as a human, not the monster the media talks about

No. 513066

Is this what is happening in 2018. We failed as a species but this cow needs to be euthanized

No. 513072

She thinks Ted Bundy was innocent

No. 513073

File: 1519442005737.png (414.37 KB, 1440x2066, 20180223_211213.png)

No. 513074

File: 1519442027391.png (544.04 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180223-211129.png)


No. 513075

File: 1519442046236.png (386.08 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180223-211045.png)

No. 513076

File: 1519442064812.png (1.55 MB, 1440x2228, 20180223_211248.png)

No. 513078

File: 1519442093652.png (1.89 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180223-210717.png)

She hides that big ass nose

No. 513083

Do you think she sends herself asks like no way all these people actually think she's beautiful

No. 513150

I can't see anyone calling bruja mcbulbous shnoz beautiful in earnest. Its probably other serial killer obsessed uglies who call each other beautiful and send positive anon asks for that sweet sweet internet self esteem.

No. 513180

So what texas trailer park did this bitch crawl out of and how many teen pregnancies has she had?

No. 513658

She's excited because she just found a nikolas Cruz fabric. Her Tumblr is literally the nastiest thing I've ever read

No. 513686

Damn, I never realized there was a market for that shit, that's so weird.

Isn't this chick more suited to the hybristophilia thread though?

No. 514197

File: 1519579310785.png (380.94 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180225-111535.png)

No. 514198

I feel like she has enough drama to be in her own but maybe? She's not some 15 year old though this bitch has a kid

No. 514230

File: 1519582141174.jpg (187.11 KB, 1598x1160, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 10.0…)

No, you look like a mom of 3 kids who went back to community college to get their associates degree.

No. 514902

This bitch and her friends are batshit insane, she's right up there together with this 30+ year old woman who dresses up as Dylan Klebold and speculates how loud he would moan.

Most people in that community absolutely hate her guts but some actually like her blog.

No. 514998

sage for my post but do you have a link to the 30 year old or another thread she is in?

No. 515097

…is there something wrong with getting education lol?

I know ladies in my life who have definitely moved up after going back and finishing college (both associates and bachelors) .. It's definitely a good thing.

This girl is definitely trash though fuck her

No. 515206

Did I trigger you, anon? What I meant is she doesn't look cute/whatever the fuck in this picture. More like a mom who's had a rough life and never got to finished highschool.

No. 515490

in what fucking universe is this the face of a 22-year-old

No. 515515

serial killer breaks into her home and leave when he see the nose and she starts blabbering on about how she loves them

No. 515521

sorry I put sage in the wrong field

No. 520442

File: 1520181891875.png (1 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180219-233704.png)

How did I not know this is a thing. Her interview is insane

No. 521123

>One of the most famous hybristophiliacs is Myra Hindley, the accomplice to Ian Brady and together they sexually assaulted and murdered five children.

>"I wish people would take more time to learn about Hybristophilia and actually look into it and not just think that: because it ends in philia that it's along the same lines as the other bad ones and it's not a mental disorder either, it just happens to be sexually taboo."

It's an interesting read for sure,

No. 569903

She deleted her tumblr I think early April, name got taken over, anyone know if she remade under a new handle? She's like a 2nd coming of Lynn

No. 570831

shes zachsbbymama.tumblr.com now

No. 666627

She didn't write the letter. I did. It was a joke I was trolling on Tumblr.

She is a thief. She has stolen nemerous screenshots of mine. Especially the photos publications have been posting about Nikolas Cruz and his letters.

These were letters and cards I have sent and recieved that she has posted on her social media.

No. 666712

Big if true. Post some evidence or screenshots.

No. 666778

>serial killer killers your family
>that's hot uwu
Just fucking kill me

No. 814508

She died over the weekend from heart problems

No. 814550

No. 814565

Do you have any proof of this?

No. 814583

Proof? Source?

No. 814668

File: 1559107729870.png (1.86 MB, 1242x2208, BE5413D4-063E-45B6-AB16-2B5F6F…)

Nta but I’m pretty positive this is her. She’s the creator of an eyebrow shaming group on fb. She’s confirmed by multiple other mods to have died over the weekend

No. 814676

and nothing of value was lost

No. 814680

I hope they will put his on her tombstone
>creator of an eyebrow shaming group on fb

No. 814686

File: 1559115372065.jpeg (60.69 KB, 800x450, 38C00D8B-C7BB-4DD3-AA7C-9477E8…)

No. 814786

wow, what a satisfying read! i wanted the bitch to die and then she did! and what an amazing legacy she left behind for her child.

No. 815165


No. 855470

chad bundy strikes again!

No. 855531

I Googled her and can't find proof. Anyone?(Necro)

No. 855565

Did'nt get murdered, must've felt disappointed. Does anyone have receipts on her death tho?

No. 855878

i know the thread is old but since others necro'd it: now i'm just waiting on Lynn Ann to pass on lol. i'll never forget her even after all these years

No. 867750

I was a good friend of Mari, I can confirm that she did indeed pass away around the end of May 2019.

No. 867751

Also, Mari died from heart complications; she had some underlying condition for several years.

No. 867789

Does anyone have the link to marizale's video interview? The link on unilad isn't working!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 879068

Y'all really out here saying shit about Mariya, but is no one gonna talk about Jamie? The 36 year old pedo on Tumblr who sent hate to everyone who corresponded with Allen Ivanov, both via her fake blogs and through anon? Who pretended to be engaged to TJ Lane while being married to an Egyptian man? Who got arrested 8 times? Who gave blowjobs behind garbage containers to get meth/other narcotics? Who at the age of 35 was being a predator, flirting with UNDERAGE boys in tcc? Who doesn't even care about good hygiene? Who lied about her parents abusing her? Who harasses women just to feel as if she's powerful? Who claimed her own MUGSHOT was of her "long lost step-sister"? Who now says she's besties with Dylann Roof? Who lies about her age constantly? Who acts like a 16 year old? Who doxxed Mariya's DAUGHTER?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 879086

Spill it anon!
Next time don't fill out the name/subject/email field(s) tho

No. 879236

Her obituaries can be found under Mariya Zalen Stewart, May 2019 in Massachusetts.

No. 879545

Imagine the funeral home getting her body and they peel off the sheet to find the signatures of a bunch of school shooters tattooed on her breasts kek

No. 949603

You think she’s bad. Look at her brother, Jastin Jewell. He creeps on underage girls on Facebook using his cousins pictures. And goes after little kids.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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