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No. 492959

>transgender woman who recently went to a #metoo meeting and got into an argument with rose mcgowen
>goes to many women sexual abuse meetings to scream "im a woman too"
>claims transgender women are harmless and should be allowed in female spaces but has been exposed for molesting girls as young as 11
>is a pedophile
>has a sissy fetish
>claims he has been raped or molested almost daily

No. 492964

File: 1517778711550.jpg (74.33 KB, 497x475, IMG_2459.JPG)

No. 492965

File: 1517778756854.jpg (43.64 KB, 489x301, IMG_2460.JPG)

>I don't care pussy is pussy

No. 492967

File: 1517778830814.jpg (Spoiler Image, 377.91 KB, 1893x1445, IMG_2461.JPG)

No. 492985

File: 1517779702538.gif (497.24 KB, 500x289, latest.gif)


No. 492990

The confrontation between Rose and Andi

No. 492992

File: 1517780335240.png (14.09 KB, 399x69, Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 4.35…)

No. 493000

File: 1517780620183.jpg (66.24 KB, 455x810, tumblr_inline_p3l1xehiGG1sodnt…)

No. 493001

File: 1517780643257.jpg (76.54 KB, 480x499, andi-dier-4-copy.jpg)

No. 493003

File: 1517780660908.jpg (57.71 KB, 480x371, andi-dier-5-copy.jpg)

No. 493004

File: 1517780672339.jpg (24.31 KB, 480x121, andi-dier-8-copy.jpg)

No. 493005

File: 1517780685755.jpg (23.72 KB, 480x129, andi-dier-7-copy.jpg)

No. 493007

File: 1517780698655.jpg (21.52 KB, 500x214, tumblr_inline_p3kx7vkOTD1sodnt…)

No. 493009

File: 1517780757896.jpg (33.47 KB, 540x478, tumblr_p3luxlpAWo1uzay04o1_540…)

No. 493017

File: 1517781014516.jpg (86.42 KB, 792x625, 9b9905aa-8fba-4cca-a98c-12b1a9…)

Glad we have one here. Like I said in the gender critical thread, the kiwi thread got locked immediately.

No. 493019

File: 1517781064460.jpg (48.36 KB, 1198x453, nothing new.jpg)

No. 493023

File: 1517781149706.png (61.44 KB, 1329x398, Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 4.51…)

No. 493024

File: 1517781171848.jpg (43.6 KB, 540x562, bd16caab-07c2-4401-84c1-e2e201…)

He had a meltdown on twitter yesterday, his manipulation, lies, and victim complex are intense. (1/5)

No. 493025

File: 1517781205583.png (1.31 MB, 1440x2066, Screenshot_2018-02-04-15-46-11…)

No. 493026

File: 1517781212981.png (26.46 KB, 451x196, Screenshot 6.png)

No. 493028

File: 1517781237315.png (1.21 MB, 1440x1922, Screenshot_2018-02-04-15-46-16…)

No. 493029

File: 1517781269742.png (1.24 MB, 1440x1827, Screenshot_2018-02-04-15-46-20…)

No. 493030

No. 493031

File: 1517781300744.png (1000.76 KB, 1440x1426, Screenshot_2018-02-04-15-46-25…)

No. 493033

oh, good. I guess that's the one he was bitching about on twitter.

No. 493037

File: 1517781541563.jpg (63.41 KB, 600x480, free_candy_is_never_free_by_ko…)

No. 493038

She says "really raped", "actually raped" a lot, almost like she sees her rape as worse/more serious than anyone else's.

No. 493042

File: 1517782012704.png (23.77 KB, 487x341, 42eec32f-6678-43e3-948e-a9bd8b…)

Don't even start with that. I don't believe in that "true trans" bullshit, but even if you do, Andi is clearly not one. He is nothing but a disgusting man with a sissification fetish. Don't pander to this rapist's fetish.

No. 493047

I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to start anything, I just wasn't thinking. Andi is repugnant and a pedophile.

No. 493054

Absolutely insane how many people are backing up this actual rapist yelling over a rape victim who was speaking about what happened to her. Just because they want maximum virtue signaling points and "trans" automatically means more oppressed than "female" to them.

No. 493063

Almost all the people (at least that I've seen) giving him support are other MtF transgenders (who are most likely autogynephiles from looking at some of the other shit they post).

No. 493068

File: 1517784435854.png (140.55 KB, 1242x1809, IMG_2464.PNG)

This guy is for sure an autogynephile

No. 493099

It's weird I've never seen this person before and my first thought scrolling past was they're ugly. Which I generally never think about people (and I'm pretty tumblr in terms of my views on trans)
Read the OP and, yes they are very much an ugly person.

No. 493100

File: 1517785620927.jpg (234.04 KB, 1600x1066, 2.jpg)

An interview from March 2014.

>It’s difficult to pinpoint when I started transitioning. I’ve only started dressing 24/7 a week after I lost my job in the beginning of September. That’s when things started snowballing for me. But I’ve been on hormones for 19 months now. And I’ve been femme long before that.


No. 493104

File: 1517785917761.png (966.08 KB, 767x1103, Screenshot_2018-02-04-15-09-16…)


The accusations of assault against teen girls makes the caption of this photo all the more chilling.

No. 493105


Please embed Youtube videos.

No. 493106

No. 493107

No. 493116

File: 1517786682710.png (84.49 KB, 800x252, Screenshot_2018-02-04-15-23-03…)

No. 493119

File: 1517786803112.png (61.85 KB, 800x222, Screenshot_2018-02-04-15-25-46…)

No. 493128

File: 1517787294442.png (354.5 KB, 543x1155, Screenshot_2018-02-04-15-33-11…)

No. 493134

File: 1517787652335.png (44.7 KB, 800x207, Screenshot_2018-02-04-15-39-26…)

No. 493139

No. 493145

Disgusting. Last I heard, NiteFlirt didn't allow the PUBLIC PROFILES to have pictures of things like uncensored genitals (balls should fall into this category wtf) as well as stuff like nipples. But people still do it. They should be reported though if that is still in their policy.
(And by they I mean people who do that, I'm not dignifying this scumbag man with a gender-neutral pronoun)

No. 493146

File: 1517788329242.png (63.08 KB, 441x386, tumblr_inline_p3lmiynTsB1ubi2u…)

No. 493148

File: 1517788647786.png (15.49 KB, 639x77, Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 6.51…)

No. 493158

File: 1517788992310.png (60.96 KB, 579x377, Untitled.png)

No. 493180

No. 493190

Aaaand it's auto-gynephilia. Who would've thunk it.

God I hate guys who wank to women so much they start skinwalking. No need for women to help someone live out their fetish.

No. 493213

File: 1517791582912.jpg (144.56 KB, 1126x811, literally dying.jpg)

Fact of the day: white MTTs are a lot less likely to be murdered, raped, or assaulted than white women, but don't tell Andi that or he'll chimp out again.

No. 493220

File: 1517791697197.jpg (Spoiler Image, 130.73 KB, 1637x1092, 2bYVv4a.jpg)

No. 493226

File: 1517791936900.jpg (233.25 KB, 1126x1280, he broke his phone guise.jpg)

Archive of his ask.fm: https://web.archive.org/web/20180203022004/https://ask.fm/deercr0ssing
Archive of a bunch of posts from his blog and some sexual assault allegations from as far back as 2011: https://pastebin.com/XHhGtnTD

No. 493227

Oh, and the website he was talking about is kiwi farms lmao

No. 493240

6’ 1”
And they’re crying on twitter that it was the girls who intimidated and sexually assaulted him, not the other way around…Glad to see everyone dogpiling this sicko.

No. 493258

File: 1517793387746.png (60.3 KB, 777x182, Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 8.15…)

No. 493340

File: 1517797237639.png (13.48 KB, 433x113, 24ca3582-f4f3-470f-aacf-b75566…)

Nvm guys he's cool, he's too much of a bottom to rape! Clearly just a bunch of transphobic propaganda from the Terves™

Ah, I love it when men blame women for all their problems.

No. 493343


Great logic, obviously conflating your consensual sexual activity with your theoretical rape/molest activity makes perfect sense and is how innocent people think

No. 493368

kick ALL rapists out of the trans community. no more defending these people just because they claim trans status.

No. 493370

File: 1517799107348.jpg (32.8 KB, 778x426, DVEIYE9WsAAiua2.jpg)

"Age is just a fucking number"

No. 493373

File: 1517799234549.jpg (8.54 KB, 488x160, DVEvsn5UQAAnd39.jpg)

Yes, because young girls/boys being pressured into sex by older people preying upon them isn't real rape.

Saging for double post

No. 493378

but anon, that's like half of the trans community. andi is far from the first trans activist to be outed as a rapist.

how about we separate the trans community from the lgb community, because it's full of sick fucks with agp/aap.

No. 493409


lmao, why do they need money to be fucking annoying?

No. 493428

File: 1517801824590.png (165.73 KB, 731x460, Underagescenegirls.png)

No. 493593

File: 1517811866023.jpg (133.45 KB, 1017x1017, DVFh-hOU0AA1cTe.jpg)

This just reads as, "Those dang dirty dykes won't touch my girldick!!! They're all transphobes and TERFs!"

Some info I got through his deviantart account-

He apparently was an admin for some forum called van buren skits:



Had an AIM with the user name "chronosofankoku" so there might be other accounts of his with this name or ones similar to it.

Use to have a website, but nothing is really there on the wayback machine:


Andi also has some bad poetry and literature on his deviantart if anyone wants a good laugh.

No. 493634

i know, i can name like a dozen before dier. housecleaning is in order in all vaguely social justicey and "marginalized groups at this point. i could go on but itd be pretty offtopic then. so polite sage.

No. 493701

File: 1517824670823.png (41.07 KB, 487x193, Bv0aU_9CMAAW0Ag.png)

lmao half is conservative tbh

but youre so right. look at cherno biko. he raped a 'transman' and they still fucking stan his ass and had him speak on behalf of women at the DC women's march. AS A RAPIST.

this shit is a free pass for LITERAL murderers that specifically targeted and raped female hookers, or just females in general ('donna perry', 'synthia china blast', etc). male rapist and murderer feefees come before the integrity of females and incarcerated female safety to these whackjobs

No. 493703

File: 1517824736924.jpg (76.14 KB, 585x480, hypocrite.jpg)

so surprisingly potental rapist riley has deleted his tweet supporting andi in favour of this one, i imagine hoping people woud forget how scummy he is and deflect rightfu hate thrown his way.

This dogpiling of Rose is disgusting, it seems like they are trying to change tactic because they know people are seeing this for what they really are, narcissists defending a pedo.

on an OT note if any farmer could tell me where andi got that stag pendant from, been searching the net but cant find it, would really appreciate it thanks!

No. 493706

File: 1517826302062.png (271.95 KB, 422x750, 1.png)

I remember Eli Elrick and one other TIM also raped FTMs. Funny how these men like to deny sex based oppression while they continue to rape females. Allison Woolbert, Ruby Markwell, Ben Hopkins, and countless others… No wonder they all hate "TERFs," the women who depose male violence the most.

No. 493708

File: 1517826414892.png (234.32 KB, 422x750, 2.png)

*detest, not depose fuck

No. 493711

Drive by comment but they're all over eBay.

No. 493715

File: 1517827901688.png (314.64 KB, 403x263, dier.PNG)

ofc they hate radfems and 'terfs', they're the only ones with any sense who won't flour their balls and praise them while these skirt-donning dudes assault females

No. 493742

TY for replying but thats the first place i looked, they dont have that one on there

Yeah I noticed now andi has been outed they are changing tactics and screaming white feminism on twitter but as someone said up thread this is gonna be a peak trans moment for a lot of people, im sad that rose had to endure that but i hope it will end in this creep getting locked up.


No. 493991

"Why do I get down voted so much???"
"Because you sound whiny"

*some guy says something at a bar that might be rude
"I was attacked by the Irish!!!"

two other threads where he shills his shitty callout twitter. ironic he's the one getting called out now.

"You're the hottest Native American ever/the only hot Native American I've ever seen. Holy fuck, marry me. And all I want to see is your presumably beautiful face. <3"
(can't get this computer to screenshot it)

There's a lot of bitching and acting above others on his reddit, as you can see.

No. 494020

forgot to mention he was upset someone down voted his shill thread on r/Feminism

No. 494030

File: 1517857596221.jpg (71.59 KB, 540x960, tinfoil.jpg)

Why is he convinced that TERFs and alt-righters are the only ones calling him out or "trolling" him? Does he not think anyone else is against rape?

No. 494032

File: 1517857657442.jpg (128.41 KB, 540x960, 47d8f1d5-4c6d-4f35-bf10-e829a6…)

here's this too

No. 494033

File: 1517857670316.jpg (104.33 KB, 540x960, b126cc38-86a6-45b7-b006-c6e9c4…)

No. 494042

File: 1517857982191.png (13.02 KB, 427x126, 393b2cc6-92d8-429a-b605-8f6927…)

He's just denying everything and making himself out to be the victim. I can't believe people are falling for this, there are allegations against him going back over half a decade. Not to mention the cp, scat porn, irl beastiality, and rape porn on his tumblr smh.

No. 494055

a few posters (usually women) on Celebitchy are saying that he ("she") sexually harassed "women," not actual children. Makes me sick how feminists are defending this trash. Once again, male-born trannies are given more protection and preference over cis women who have been sexually assaulted, raped and harassed by men.

No. 494056

this is a very common fixation for sjw twitter. those two terms are used as boogeymen to keep people from asking too many questions and to boost sympathy.

No. 494068

File: 1517859086219.jpg (160.74 KB, 881x1280, terf rhetoric.jpg)

I guess fucking so…

So they think 13 a thirteen year old girl is a woman? Love the implications behind that btw, "pedophilia is fucked up, but it's not that bad if you rape a woman."

No. 494092

There were a few people, if you can call those enablers that, on twitter trying to say Andi was younger than people were claiming in an attempt to delegitimize the accusations against him. They are scrambling to find excuses for him. It's absolutely disgusting how quick they are to defend this pos and dismiss his victim's claims as nothing but "terf rhetoric".

No. 494107

Woof, so this is the trans who yelled at Rose McGowan? I have a friend who talked about it on twitter and she made it sound like McGowan was this "transphobic cunt" when actually I think she was right? She was speaking of her experience and this troon had to sperg out and yell "WHAT DID YOU DO FOR TRANSWOMEEEN". (without taking their whole sexual predator degeneracy into account of course)
I wouldn't define myself a terf, but I can totally understand their views on this. Many trans people just shove themselves into bio women spaces and try to make it all about themselves

No. 494112

and most radfems arent even radical enough about these dudes, tbh. they're nice to them, respectful, etc, when tbh, they shouldnt even have to be. tbqh the entire concept of transgenderism is PURE misogyny. the concept cannot exist without misogyny and sexist tropes. radfems are more than accomodating and kind in treating these obvious sexists with any respect, whatsoever. this is sheer chauvinism. even worse is when they turn out to be rapists and paedos like this dude, and want females to bend over backwards for them.

No. 494168

It's super illogical to side with someone just because they're trans, when in this instance he's a rreeaaally bad example of a trans person. Blindly supporting someone who is making you look bad is quite the own-goal.

No. 494183

Andi's twitter went private.

No. 494210

that whole thing with McGowan seemed really weird, not surprised this asshole turned out to be so exceptional.

this is some really odd rambling tbqh

No. 494244


Or the implication that woman-on-woman assault and rape is not really assault and rape.

No. 494249

it's not odd rambling. if you can't see that the concept of 'ladybrain' and the sexist tropes (that are also usually sexualized) they try to advance aren't just rehashed 19th century neurosexism, you're oblivious. this case isn't actually exceptional, bc as other anons have pointed out, there are actually countless trans offenders that are considered 'activists' and legitimately propped up by LGBT orgs and lefty + liberal orgs. it's no shock that men that engage in this kind of blatant chauvinism, that also get demand that females accommodate their fantastical 'real woman' nonsense, also target females.

is it also somehow exceptional when chauvinist incels are violent toward women despite making their misogyny known? there are plenty of others like andi.

No. 494253

Very odd rambling

No. 494267

Yes, so very odd to call men who live their lives as sexist, hypersexualized stereotypes of females misogynists. Fuck off, handmaiden.

No. 494348

nta but you're showing your colors, tranny and/or handmaiden. if you don't want to be gender critical then lol be mad and fuck off.

No. 494409


It's really fucking obvious you're here from Kiwifarms (using words like exceptional and troons) and because I know this post was linked there. Why don't you just stay over there instead of coming over here to insult the posts?


Don't waste your time replying to this person, every thing you're saying is just going to go over their head.

No. 494412

File: 1517874286470.png (28.11 KB, 866x112, Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 6.41…)

No. 494506

File: 1517877962768.png (506.41 KB, 800x993, Screenshot_2018-02-05-16-43-37…)

This thread contains many more receipts and archive links.


No. 494510

This was posted earlier.

No. 494537

Here's a tumblr post made by an FTM he suicide baited. It has more links and stuff:

Here's part of her post adressing the idiots who doubt Dier actually did anything:
"Addressing Common Statements: 

1. “This is all so convenient. Of course after she draws attention while calling out a survivor people accuse her of being a predator.” 

These allegations actually go back all the way to as far as 2010. They have largely been ignored. I myself attempted to call her out at one point and it got almost no attention. [Link]

2. “Andi’s a victim herself. She wouldn’t do that.”

It’s pretty much common knowledge many abusers and rapists themselves were abused.Even more interesting, some will use this to their advantage to gain sympathy and try to avoid taking responsibility. Right now she’s using emotional manipulation and suggesting it’s a terf smear campaign to get people to ignore the evidence entirely, not even validate it, and get people to believe her. Andi is an abuser, she knows what she’s doing.

3. The proof is only on TERF websites. This is a TERF smear campaign. 

This is not a smear campaign. Again, these accusations go way back. They’re done by several, unconnected women who do not seem to have any history with radical feminism or overt transphobia, and there’s plenty of trans people calling her out and sharing this evidence they gathered on their own as well. You not seeing it prior and Radfems taking part does not make this not true. 

This is about the community holding her accountable. There’s more than enough evidence to show she’s an abuser, she s attracted to minors, she does not find it immoral to have sex with minors, and she has unsupervised contact with minors. Even if we can’t prove sexual assault, we have more than enough reason to call her out for being an abuser and pedophile who’s putting others at risk.

Please don’t fall for her bullshit. Hold her accountable."

is lc a "terf" website now?? uwu

No. 494568


The accusations of assaults date back to 2010.

Andi didn't start hormones until mid-2012 and didn't start presenting until September 2013 >>493100.

No. 494595

File: 1517882811958.png (221.58 KB, 609x1382, Just a few things.png)

andi’s myspace

his vimeo.

So many of the people defending him seem insane and/or willfully ignorant. Especially the guy at the bottom of the pic. There’s all this evidence of Andi’s behavior and yet they put their head in the sand just because they don’t like who found the proof. He could even search twitter and see all the victims of Andi’s, which includes transgendered individuals, calling him out for abuse. Those sites could say the Earth is round and he’ll say it’s flat because there is no way these sites could ever have anything factually right on them.

No. 494696

I'm finding it a bit hard to see your point. Do you mean that it doesn't matter because Andi was still presenting as male?
If I start binding my chest and wearing baggy clothes, do I get absolved of all my sins?
This is the same person. Whether he has breasts or not does not matter in the slightest when it comes to past transgressions.

No. 494698

>Intentionally missgendering a trans person is an act of violence.
Because calling a biological male a "he" is on the same level as spitting in someone's face.

No. 494705

File: 1517888510741.png (132.77 KB, 1440x1140, yikes.png)

it's far worse than that anon, misgendering a rapist means you're just as bad as him!

No. 494714

File: 1517888840505.png (Spoiler Image, 410.79 KB, 518x678, Andi sucks.png)

No. 494716

File: 1517888909703.png (854.75 KB, 519x1512, misc ebegging callouts and fli…)

some misc things

No. 494733

Fuck this ugly retarded man pedo cunt. Hey andi I know youre reading this. Youre not a woman LOL youre a sick fetishist creep and no one accepts you besides others like you

No. 494738

Hilarious that all the trannies and Handmaidens defending him have the audacity to call Rose and anyone on Rose's side not Feminists and also Anti women while actively defending a mysoginistic rapist. Him and all his defenders can honestly die.

No. 494740

He is so goddamn ugly and masculine looking.

No. 494749

And he thinks he has any authority to call others ugly and to kill themselves for being such. Bitch needs to invest in a mirror.

No. 494750


No point, just presenting the timeline with information from both posts.

The timeline shows that any attempts to excuse his behavior based on his transition status will not hold.

No. 494754

HOLY SHIT. I knew Eli Erlick. She gave me the creeps and really tried to encourage me with my disordered eating? She would tell me I was too fat and to eat 500 cals a day and complain if she ate too much. I also struggled with self harm and she told me people only did that for attention. She would like try to make me watch like shock-horror films (ok not a big deal but I was a couple years younger than her.) I was closer friends with a FTM she dated. She invited me to have sex with them when they were 18 and I was underage. He was kind of creepy to me too. Any other info on this?

This is some real deep trauma shit sorry. Saged for being a bit too much.

No. 494767

Like this fuckface cares, his paraphilias are all about rape. He's not defending himself here, he's being all fetishy with his ladeebrain feelz.

No. 494771


so he's a violent autogynephiliac fetishist pedophile with a long list of child victims who doesn't think statutory rape is a thing, and actual real women are stanning him? and all because wearing his sisters clothing gave him a boner when he was young?

wew lad
if believing his many, many victims makes me a terf and a bigot, so be it. this repulsive degenerate is not welcome to claim my sex. BTFO, pedo scum.

No. 494772

So sorry that happened to you anon, he was outed as a manipulative creep and a rapist a while ago.

>Any other info on this?

Do you mean the SA? Here are a few posts on that if so:

You can probably find more by just searching his name on tumblr. I think he confessed to all of it, I could look for that post later if you want.

No. 494774

They are all MRA trolls in dresses with dicks and hate cis women, period.

No. 494879

Trannies aren't capable of being trolls. They are categorical failures. In every possible way.

No. 494994

File: 1517923078197.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 93.18 KB, 750x533, 6E16231A-98DA-488D-B6B2-0497DA…)

hes into scat and beastiality as well

No. 495544

File: 1517955786788.jpg (26.46 KB, 600x449, full.jpg)


He dressed up in his friend's bikini at a party and one thing just led to another.

From his Myspace page.

No. 496064

File: 1517982479809.jpg (120.2 KB, 421x518, junoir_id_by_korgone.jpg)

More proof of his birthdate. From his DeviantArt.

No. 496101

File: 1517983543393.png (208.46 KB, 800x591, Screenshot_2018-02-06-21-55-15…)

No. 496105

File: 1517983588185.png (159.13 KB, 800x668, Screenshot_2018-02-06-21-55-02…)

No. 496145

No. 496172

The writer spoke to five women who have accused Andi of assault. She also asked Andi for comments, and Andi gave her a written statement which The Stranger declined to print.


No. 496606

>When asked about these allegations, Dier denied claims of nonconsenusal sexual contact. She also provided The Stranger with a lengthy statement and stipulated that we could only quote her if we published it in full. The Stranger declined to publish her full statement as it included allegations against her then-underage accusers and others by name.

So he wanted the underaged victims to be named? I wonder how much bullshit and justification was in that statement though?

No. 496893

File: 1518042865917.png (31 KB, 527x148, Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 4.57…)

No. 496894

File: 1518042885613.png (18.61 KB, 379x135, Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 5.04…)

No. 496897

File: 1518043039522.png (57.4 KB, 527x208, Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 4.58…)

No. 496995


>my attraction goes beyond that

Why does this sound so ominous.

No. 497176

Probably because it sounds like the same kind of excuse other pedos use to defend themselves. They try and deflect by saying that it's everyone else that is wrong and closed minded in order to defend their disgusting behavior towards young children.

He said that when he was 19 or 20 y/o, too (thinking 20 because of that 2 yr age difference comment).

No. 497364

File: 1518070079788.png (199.45 KB, 1022x238, Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 12.5…)

Of course he would downvote a story where a pedo got caught.

No. 497691

File: 1518112039260.png (160.28 KB, 644x937, Polargirl.png)



There is no fucking way this Polargirl account is not Andi. The account was made recently, only commented on the Rose article, is saying that it can’t be real unless they publish the accusers names, and the only people this account replied to were 2 other comments saying Dier is a piece of shit.


No. 497913

The writing style seems exactly like his as well, especially the second comment

good spot

No. 498395

other youtube channel

One of his deviant art favorites. Kinda creepy when you know he has a scat fetish.

his newgrounds account

he made an urban dictionary definition for his username

Can't access his profile, but I believe all the posts he made on his profile for this site are all in this one thread. He states he failed 7th grade english.

His site linked in that thread, but you have to be a member to see most of the site’s features, like the forums and arcade, and member’s profiles

His game intro is embedded. I can’t find the game anywhere unfortunately. It’s apparently made in rpg maker xp and called “korgone rpg,” with a main character called wolf slayer from what I've found.

No. 498424

Sorry for double posting, missed a few things concerning that one forum.

Some other posts

He came back to that forum to tell everyone he’s a girl now. Apparently was a mod there at one point.

No. 498532

File: 1518161128265.gif (3.59 MB, 300x226, giphy (2).gif)

>MFW reading this thread and having no fucking idea whats going on
>thinking a lesbian girl assaulted pre teens
>slowly realizing that person is transgender and assaulted them pre-trans
>and even telling trans people to die

No. 498571

sage for blogging, but I had a full on nightmare about the stuff I saw in this freak's tumblr likes last night. There are very few cows I actually hate, but this human scrotum is one of them.

No. 498577

File: 1518168960353.png (133.54 KB, 800x897, Screenshot_2018-02-09-01-33-06…)

No. 498588

File: 1518170297368.png (1.09 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180209-095638.png)

Funny, I literally just in the past few minutes read this thread and got caught up on it and then went back to pinterest and was greeted with this.

As sick as this guy makes Me, the fact there are people, multiple people, vehemently backing him up, depresses me

No. 498746

The derth of coverage of this story in liberal and liberal feminist media is very telling. Not even Jezebel covered it when they have extensively covered Rose's every move even before #metoo. When it was brought up in the comments of a general news column, the discussion was very heated; the readership is no longer so overwhelmingly blindly supportive of transactivism.


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