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File: 1517174906754.jpg (96.54 KB, 768x960, 26992181_983833895098607_26788…)

No. 484263


Just your typical cosplay drama girl.
She acts like she cares what people have to say, when in reality just acts "grateful" so she can garner more compliments and donations on her ko-fi page.

Constantly talks about how her cosplays arent sexual, but posts pictures like these.

No. 484272

File: 1517175057254.png (1.33 MB, 1220x848, k1.png)

Here she is talking about a lewd cosplay she doesnt want to do because of the panties, then the next day she sets a donation goal to do it.


No. 484283

File: 1517175449277.png (76.11 KB, 635x658, Untitled.png)

Says she has wanted to get plastic surgery since she was 12. But doesnt have the money.
Go's on to say she doesnt want people telling her she is pretty or not to be jealous.

Why bring it up at all? Why does the respect of others even matter to this girl when she just uses her fans and followers?



No. 484298

File: 1517175904826.png (194.35 KB, 609x1260, Untitled.png)

Here she is complaining about judgmental people, then goes on to admit that she is a judgmental person, not even realizing the irony of the situation is lost on her.


No. 484308

File: 1517176344320.png (119.74 KB, 624x782, Untitled.png)

>I dont do sexy cosplays or fanservice
It seems like she has changed her opinion since then. >>484272


No. 484313

File: 1517176546696.jpg (383.97 KB, 1466x1024, 26230555_975455682603095_63198…)

Nothing sexy about pictures where you wear a dress and have your legs spread enough to just barely show off your crotch and panties or push up your breasts to put your cleavage on display


No. 484317

File: 1517176774195.jpg (112.21 KB, 1080x1351, 22344730_132137660770759_78564…)

These were before she started taking donations. I expect her non sexy cosplays to become even more non sexy now.


No. 484319

File: 1517176819244.png (501.6 KB, 483x598, Screenshot_1.png)

This girl bothers me so much. She mentioned that her parents are "conservative" and that they aren't bother with her cosplays. Yeah they are super conservative

No. 484320

Honestly I don't see any milk, she's just like every coswhore out there.

No. 484327

File: 1517177112005.jpg (90.87 KB, 631x633, 22344730_132137660770759_78564…)

I would normally agree, but because she started a ko-fi and made a huge deal about it, she has only shown how fake she is and how much she tried to hide it before.

>I am just a student doing cosplay for fun

>I dont do fanservice
>I am struggling and having a hard time

Ever since she made a ko-fi her twitter is full of "Someone just bought me a coffee on Ko-fi!" tweets and she was boasting about how fast and successful hers was


No. 484338

I don't think this thread will survive, but I may have some milk. She requested her fans to donate her money and got over 4000 euro. She never bought or commissioned a single costume from it.


No. 484341

File: 1517177732193.jpg (105.92 KB, 604x669, 22344730_132137660770759_78564…)

This is a very simple manipulation tactic to do something you want to do, but still look like you are "humble"

You tell all your fans you are thinking about setting up donations, to help you, even though you have said in the past you dont like the idea. Of course you know your fans will tell you to do it, because all cosplay fans give you support, cosplayers ignore anyone with criticism. Then you ask for reasons not to do it, making it look like you are really thinking hard about it.

She was going to make the site regardless, she was just looking for a way to make the fans feel like they justify her to do it. Like you do to children

>Well if you insist I will take the last piece of cake, thank you for offering.


I always thought she was strange, because for so long she called herself "legal loli" and even has fans that talk about her being a sexy loli, like she is using fetishes to get attention. But now that money is involved it seems more obvious she is faker than she lets on.

No. 484345

File: 1517177951017.png (620.24 KB, 686x371, Screenshot_3.png)

No. 484349

I had forgotten about this.
>High Quality Photoshoot with Rendom Fotografu in Austria

This part is what is most strange to me, why does it matter doing the photoshoot in Austria? Could she not find a different photographer close by?

She only released a few pictures of those cosplays, I would have thought she would have shared thousands of pictures since it was a project created by fans donating

That is a lot of photoshop

No. 484355

Er, the OP pic is supposed to be sexual?

Sexy, sure, but I don't think it's sexual.

No. 484393

File: 1517179245499.png (428 KB, 597x309, kaddi cosplay.png)

More of her glorious photoshop

No. 484395

that cant be the same person or not taken the same day

No. 484398

Watch it, it's the same person

No. 486741

No one find anything more interesting about her?

No. 486751

The left picture is so blatantly blurred around the face, boob and thigh area from warping. Who does she think she's fooling?

No. 486771

I dont think so. I think it is just because she is standing on one leg and couldnt take a focused picture

No. 486831

File: 1517326939936.png (72.86 KB, 627x861, sdfsfds.png)

She seems like a really angry person that tries to hide it. very immature.


No. 486868

File: 1517329895841.png (345.66 KB, 631x676, Screenshot_2018-01-30-11-28-59…)

She was def talking about Saya, she should ask her which which Korean clinic she went to

No. 486877

Saya is the one with the weird nostrils?

No. 486879

You really think these pictures aren't photoshopped? Look at her unphotoshopped face in the thread earlier. The other details on the photo like the fishnets or some of the wig are perfectly focused and clear.

No. 486888

She obviously photoshops all her pictures
OP said >>486751 >The left picture is so blatantly blurred
I am saying the left picture is blurred because it isnt in focus

No. 486938

No. 486991

I did a shoot with him once at a Con but he didn't have an Austrian accent I think? Didn't know he was from there.
A reason might be because the scenery over there is different than Germany (yes it is)
Also idk how much she paid for it but you can drive to Austria with Flixbus which normally cost up to 19€ but doesn't have to you can get it for cheaper too.

Tbh rendom fotografu is pretty nice and he is a good photographer. I can see people wanting to shoot with him.

No. 487047

File: 1517339954708.png (15.36 KB, 518x228, Screenshot_1 (2).png)

B-But she doesn't photoshop :')

No. 487059

File: 1517340504094.png (88.53 KB, 623x797, gfg.png)


No. 488414

File: 1517427906176.png (93.31 KB, 633x756, gfg.png)

No. 488512

But she denied it on her personal fb >>487047

No. 489207

File: 1517491229866.jpg (160.17 KB, 475x815, DU8qxD4XcAAcR9W.jpg)

No. 489227

File: 1517494968316.png (17.23 KB, 590x144, kaddi.png)

No. 489230


shows how self absorbed and shallow these people are when they look for threads about themselves

No. 489235

She calls herself ugly to get more sympathy points form her followers. Typical attentionhoe behavior

No. 489260


Completely true! She has hundreds of people calling her pretty or cute every day and knows it is true. She cosplays pretty characters too so she knows she looks like them. What is the term? Humble Bragging? She is just acting like she is ugly to seem more relatable and nice.

Cosplayers that think they are ugly and have no confidence dont cosplay! I cant stand how fake she comes off as.

No. 489264

File: 1517498775994.png (945.86 KB, 957x517, 0102.png)

She isn't even that pretty whiteout all the filters and photoshop. She looks normal but not like a loli

No. 489276

that picture is at least 3 years old

No. 489340

File: 1517502780081.png (48.94 KB, 623x361, jpn1433.png)

isn't this saya chick a cow too?

No. 489343

She got surgery done in South Korea, claimed she had cancer, came back with a new face and bigger boobs.

There are some pictures showing off how bad her nose job is. Crooked and uneven nostrils

No. 489349

Pretty much. It's interesting, because the German cosplay scene is chill and doesn't invite this kind of behaviour. These two are completely out of the loop. Pretty much every cosplayer I know among the most popular ones are disgusted by the fact that Kaddi calls herself a "legal loli".

No. 489351

arent neither of them actually german?
they both talked about their parents moving there>>486831
>they didnt want to come here
she victimizes herself a lot

No. 489376

Kaddi is from Kazakhstan or Russia (not quit sure)
I saw her at a german con and nobody really gave a fuck about her. I don't think both of them are popular amongst the german scene

No. 489395

She has a real moon face in this picture, nothing like the slender anime face she pretends to have now.

No. 489418

File: 1517508577712.png (1.33 MB, 891x650, Qpp8.png)

Her faces looks like a potato

No. 489522

ok, the thread is mildly amusing at best, but this one actually made me chuckle. Oh honey, none of this is what anyone would call "veeeery conservative"…

No. 489588

File: 1517516244820.png (307.37 KB, 411x404, veeeery.png)

No. 489597

File: 1517516726776.jpg (111.75 KB, 1060x1325, 20687270_257953971389512_52231…)

No. 489628

File: 1517517397397.jpg (69.04 KB, 600x843, Ccaa5_RXEAA6ykm.jpg)

No. 489638

File: 1517517816339.jpg (374.33 KB, 776x1035, shimakazeandrensouhouchankaddi…)

This is supposed to be her, but I can barely tell it is so heavily edited.

No. 489650

The funny thing is that is one of her first cosplays…when were her parents ever conservative?

No. 489671

File: 1517519179690.jpg (312.52 KB, 776x1035, shimakazeandrensouhouchankaddi…)

Is it possible her butt is photoshopped. It does not look real, like her skirt goes much lower

No. 489712

File: 1517520844972.png (12.77 KB, 585x80, ghhadkhv.png)

Maybe make it less obvious that you lurk here and that you don't like it that people call you out for your shit.

Looks really weird

No. 490373

What does she need so much money for? Most of her cosplays are from bhiner or ali and they aren't quite exprenssive. It's not like she commission stuff.

No. 490382

She probably has not worked much in live and thus is unable to understand the value of money.

No. 490385

Not to defend, but it's supposed to look like this. It's impressive that she actually didn't shoop herself an ass though. This looks so weird, like she her thighs go right into her torso

No. 490388

She studies chinese and japanese and is always complainig that it's so much work. Isn't weird that her parents let her study such useless stuff?

No. 490396

oh she advertises herself on 9gag by uploading photos of herself

No. 490397

Please post links

No. 490422

Looool I love it when weebs do this tactic "I'm not a weeb! Look I study Chinese!!"
Cosplay attention whores see how popular Tsuruko got and they want to be like that too, that's why Kaddi and Sayafuckednose posts their pics there

No. 490425

She probably couldn't get into any other class anyways.
Chinese and Japanese normally don't have a Numerus Clausus (for non Germans look it up) so it's easy to get into.
While basically everything else is with a NC. And since she said that she is an idiot I doubt her Abitur is very good so it was probably the easiest choice for her.

No. 490430

Japanese actually has a very high NC depending on the uni. If she studies in Hamburg or DD the NC for Japanese is around 2,2

No. 490431

She is from Bavaria but I have no idea where she studies

No. 490433

Not sure where to check the NC for Munich but I expect it to be just as high. Also both are fairly popular classes, because not only the weebs are interested in them, but also more serious people.

No. 490722

I realised it took her 12 months to give a signal of the existance of those two cosplays. Why did it took so much

No. 491895

School stress? She also took a shit ton of pics and posted like 3 pics

No. 491909

Yea she really lives such a stressful life

No. 494031

This bitch is so fucking stupid and vapid.
I cannot believe people follow her.
Reading through her tweets and the amount of nothingness she spews in them makes me depressed.

No. 494326

File: 1517869963530.jpg (79.49 KB, 638x524, screenshot_012.jpg)

>I hope Karma will punish those people
>i dont wish bad upon them
She really struggles with hiding what a two faced person she is.


No. 494988

She can't stand that people call her out for her bullshit. She needs to pretend that she is so pure and naive but she is just a mean bitch.

No. 494998

It's not like she posted herself on it

No. 497784

Nah there's no milk, she's just incredibly cringy (e.g. talking about herself in 3rd person thinking it's cute)

No. 497787

File: 1518117445457.png (81.4 KB, 630x821, Untitled.png)

This is borderline disgusting.
She knows she is catering to pedophiles.


No. 497932

File: 1518125485748.png (12.7 KB, 448x118, 45123452.PNG)


She sounds like a total dumbass

No. 497939

This is stupid and looks like a vendetta.

She's literally a no-name kawaii uguu attention whore and they come at a dime a dozen.

No. 497989

This girl doesn't seem to warrant her own thread. If you want to keep posting about her, please use the irrelevant cosplayers general thread: >>>/snow/354019

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