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No. 436233

Anyone following this crazy drama?

Maddox is known for The Best Page in The Universe http://maddox.xmission.com/ and he also launched his youtube channel and his podcast "The Biggest Problem in the Universe" together with a comedian Dick Matterson (aka Dax Herrera) , owner of the satirical site menarebetterthanwomen.com

So here is a summary of the drama (courtesy to some dude on reddit)

-Dick leaves a friend's wedding with Maddox's ex-girlfriend, who he broke up with three years previous to this event. Maddox at this time has a live-in girlfriend. He proceeds to blow up his Ex's phone with numerous messages confronting her for leaving with Dick.

-A significant amount of time passes, Maddox ends the Podcast. He does the final episode on his own with a previously recurring guest (Asterios). He goes out of his way to thank everyone but Dick. We later find out this is when he finds out Dick was dating his ex and he called the show staff minus Dick into a meeting where he tearily said Dick was dead to him for dating his ex.

-Maddox claimed he owed his fans no explanation for the show ending and that his fans should be "thankful" for all the free content he provided and that he owes his fans nothing.

-They each start their own podcast. Many fans flock to Dick requesting information on why the show ended, having been told to fuck off by Maddox. Dick thanks Maddox for the partnership and attributes the end of the podcast to "artistic differences."

-Randomly throughout some of the next few episodes Dick talks a bit about Maddox, making fun of him with his friend Sean who at this point also works with Maddox.

-Maddox releases a YouTube video to his personal Facebook account wherein he accuses Dick of owing him money (by "withholding w9" which if you know what they are, is ridiculous), being a rape apologist and "maintaining a rape list." His evidence of this maintenance is a Reddit thread, downvoted to zero with seven comments telling the OP to fuck off, to an 8chan board that contained a post by an anonymous user entitled "The Dick Show Rape List" containing picture of hillary clinton and some of the old show's guests. This release gets Dick kicked out of UCB.

-Dick releases the accounting books, Dickheads quickly find out Maddox still owes Dick money. The quotation Maddox used to call Dick a rape apologist was Dick stating that everyone should always anticipate the worst and that women should protect themselves accordingly (regarding date rape).

-Maddox tells frequent guests of the old podcast (most notably Asterios) that if they appear on Dick's show they cannot appear on his show. Dick makes no such demand, and he acquires the community's least and most favorite guest, Asterios who then also dumps goss showing the insane logic of Maddox.

-Dick utilizes the attention from Maddox's hit-piece for his Patreon to climb from $8,000 to $20,000. He dishes out all the "goss" he can think of in response and we just get loads of stories about absolutely insane things Maddox did over the course of the old show.

-In response to Dick's frequent goss releases, the final straw being an alleged breakup letter from Maddox to his ex that Dick has located, Maddox's girlfriend calls the school that Dick's girlfriend works at and tries to get her fired because of who she is dating.

-Dick's GF is granted a restraining order against Maddox's GF by the state of California. Maddox prepared an 80 page document of Dick's tweets claiming that his girlfriend's actions, harassing a third party, are justified, because Dick refers to his girlfriend as a cunt on Twitter.

-Maddox tries to file a solo claim at the trademark for the Podcast he and Dick hosted. He is slapped down in court, because once again, he has no idea how these things work.

-Maddox is now suing Dick, Dicks company, his business partners, Asterios (former friend), Asterios’ employer, the general counsel of the employer, Patreon, and someone from Patreon for 20 million dollars

No. 436234

File: 1512211834525.jpg (107.83 KB, 576x768, 6qTkQcFNy_4GudZ2ZQ1Rw0EHze-E7j…)

No. 436244

was hoping this would come up here, was following it on kiwifarms but there was too much sperging for me. i remember back in the late 2000s maddox was seen as one of the coolest guys on the internet, and now he's turned into this wreck. the best part of has been watching his patreon plummet throughout (he's now at $230 a month compared to dick's $22k lol), and seeing how awful his new book has sold.

No. 436246

File: 1512214996006.png (19.61 KB, 674x167, dick.png)

pic related, from an amazon review of Fuck Whales, his new book, which according to this (https://www.novelrank.com/asin/1476794979) has sold less than 300 copies through amazon since release

No. 436292

So….all this started over a woman even though they hate women? Ok.

This reminds me a bit of the post-firing Opie and Anthony breakup except financially messier.

No. 437312

if i find the vid someone went into detail about the split it partly about the girl and mostly about the podcast and sponsership money owed to maddox

No. 438012

What a shitshow, nice job anon doing the resumé. I'm glad those misogynistic "comedians" are turning against each others, no matter how much they try to put down """le womanly attitudes"""" they end doing exactly the same what they criticise so much: bitching around, fighting over a ex and attentionwhoring.

No. 439206

one of many law vids on it i also recomend you check out youtube law videos on it this is just a condesend ver of the situation

No. 439238

Man it's a shame seeing Maddox's career flop like this. He was a pretty funny guy. He already dug a hole for himself after admitting to be anti-Trump to his right-wing followers, but now I don't see him coming out of it at all.

That being said, it's surprising either of them have girlfriends, especially Dick, given his whole schtick is based on misogyny.

No. 439264

Yeah I can't imagine dating a dude knowing he literally hates me and thinks I'm useless and pathetic. I wonder what kind of mindset women who date men like that have? And I wonder if they are truly happy or they feel like shit all the time?

No. 439544

This was my take too. They're both assholes, though I thought Maddox was funny sometimes when I was a kid. I can't believe they can be this petty and hysterical with each other, obviously mostly from Maddox himself. It's actually so pathetic though that I feel bad for him. He was kind of screwed from the start of all this though, as much as he whined about things on his site he was clearly never an alt-right type (he was never racist for example), but unfortunately the alt-right types are kind of his target audience. What Maddox said about rape was actually reasonable, he's far too moderate for the audience he's trying to attract and/or maintain.

Their girlfriends are probably the types that like to think of themselves as "the cool girls" who have no female friends because girls are too much "drama" and crap like that so they attach themselves to assholes like Dick and Maddox for attention (and, as it turns out, drama). They're usually happy for a while until something goes wrong, their asshole boyfriends behave like assholes, and then they're actually shocked that the bf would turn on them like that.

No. 439596


Maddox's gf is a sjw from I understand. Dick's gf has a restraining order against her bc she was stalking her and calling her work. Whole saga has been amazing.

No. 439702

The new one is, supposedly, but is that actually true? Can't think the old one was, especially if she's dating Dick now.

No. 439711

what does his ex look like if she caused all this trouble?

No. 439721

Does Dick really hate women? I thought it was an act and that he's trying to portray a parody of a woman-hater, but not be an actual woman-hater himself.

No. 439751

I mean I always thought the over the top woman-hater that appeared on Dr. Phil and things like that was an act, but just an over exaggerated version of what he actually thinks. A very extreme character based on actual views he has.

No. 440450

It's still an extremely dull and uncreative type of "humor" that only appeals to incels and MRAs on the internet, and he probably knows that.

No. 440720

The comments and likes on this video makes me want to end it all. Even if he doesn't actually believe it, most men do.

No. 1782681


No. 1782888

Femcels literally want Dick(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1939346

Some very new milk about Maddox and a couple of ex-fans who have become his stalkers (a man and a woman)

No. 1939522

least petty and bitchy moid

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