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File: 1444503736610.jpg (Spoiler Image, 65.93 KB, 960x960, 12140700_10207718060060350_232…)

No. 41001

The girl who begs for money, and when she gets it. Blocks people.

No. 41002

No links nigga?

No. 41003

who dis bitch???

No. 41004

No. 41005


> I am an advocate of many things, including chronic illness awareness and mental illness awareness.

My diseases are invisible (interstitial cystitis, fibromyalgia, pelvic floor dysfunction). I also have bipolar disorder and autism.

nothing but a joke, right.

No. 41598

File: 1444599349399.png (737.43 KB, 1080x1920, 1444433079382.png)

I'm glad there was finally a thread on her.

For starters, she isn't known all that much because…Well, you just don't see her around a lot. Plus, she's also not mentioned a lot on either 4chan or lolcow. But she's attended Wakuwaku, Rufflecon, and soon to be Ikkicon in Austin, Texas. All of this by…Well, what the OP said. Begging for money via GoFundMe and then blocking the person right after the money is received. Which is not only scamming but also selfish as fucking hell. Example screenshot taken from /cgl/.

She also seems to use her chronic illness as an excuse to go off to conventions. Which if you ask me a pretty fucking stupid.

She also said this not too long ago today:
>"Jokes on you BTB, I am not even a lolita. I can't afford it because I am disabled and poor. Duh."

So yeah, there's all the obvious shit there.
Anyone else have information they want to share?

No. 42821

File: 1444815581334.jpg (33.36 KB, 491x156, image.jpg)

A hard-core beggar.

No. 42826

…Is the OP pic a spoiler image of the spoiler image?…

No. 43099


No. 46678

I just thought her obvious want to be a famus idoru and song about having "lobster hands" was stupid as fuck, but now seeing all this shit about her begging for money reallyyy makes me not like her

No. 46693

She kind of looks like Kooter in a weird way. Also what is the whole lobster hands thing about, is it related to one of her illnesses? Idgi

No. 46696

If it's not related to one of her illnesses, wonder why she hasn't been called out by the SJWs yet for appropriating ectrodactyly.

No. 46699

File: 1445229225364.jpg (3.51 MB, 2000x1334, JimmyDarling.jpg)

She does not have ectrodactyly. However, I really wanna see something done with this song and Jimmy from AHS

No. 46700

Ikr! The first time I saw her in person at Waku Waku I had to do a doubletake because I thought she was Dakota!

No. 46759

Lonbon Lonlon goes to NYC! Part 2

In that video the hair near her face wiggles a lot… Is she kooting herself? I first thought it was a fan blowing, but it's only those two strands of hair that dance around like crazy.

No. 55952

she's always asking for money.

a while ago she had some issues with her home and she asked for money for that. She said she's disabled and can't work, yet she can fly around to conventions and walk around there all day. It's such bullshit and she needs mental help.

No. 76794

Stop cyber-bullying her!!! She's severely disabled!! You guys don't understanddddd!!


No. 91605

No. 91689

File: 1455217646285.jpeg (154.08 KB, 750x1103, image.jpeg)

She posted a status calling out a girl for posting about her and other people on here and 4chan. I think she's deleted it now though

No. 91694

Bitch no one was talking about you here for like a month lmao

No. 91695

Well I don't know about her but when I went to NYCC 1. I was so hot it was exhausting, and 2. I was in so much damn pain the next day. Then again, that was the one time I went to a con and I probably won't do it ever again because it's not worth the pain and aggravation.

No. 91846

Isn't that the girl who was in wish sisters?

No. 91881

Yeah that's Amelia
She's a soloist now on YouTube
Her channel is Emianox

No. 91887

Ugh. I want to slap her smirk so bad.

No. 102506

lol don't bully me i'm disabled!!!!! u cant bully me im autistic u ableist assholes!!!!! cry me a river attention whore

No. 113446

omg but her website is so fucking annoying
goiz I have bipolar and autism and chronic illness WAHHHHH
i cant work but i can model & go to conventions all the timeeeeee <3 <3 <3

No. 114224

omg what a revolting two faced fag.

jewish hook nosed goddamn lolcow

No. 114679

she's the biggest two faced cunt ever. she's ableist and racist fucking trash. fuck you London. stupid whore

No. 114694

One if the most annoying things about her is that on every single website she goes on she lists EVERY FUCKING illness she apparently has.
She flashes them around like medals
Wooo, we get it, your a lazy "so called disabled" narcissistic weeb
And that fucking song sounds like a teenage boys voice breaking more than anything

No. 115122

explain? I would like to know how she racist. She is ablist despite being against ablisim but what makes her rasist?

No. 115965

File: 1459956665598.jpg (35.4 KB, 522x553, 20arvk3.jpg)

I'm convinced she's legit retarded at this point.

No. 115967

She so blind. Peachie also talks about her chronic illness and we don't hate on her.

No. 115973

Because Peachie is actually a decent unlike Lon who just sits in front of the computer all day

No. 115974

* a decent person

No. 115990

I'm still confused after reading this thread. This idiot claims she can't have a "job" because she has a mental illness and supposedly has pain (which is clearly non existent). But is literally WORKING by dancing, singing, walking around cons (which is basically MORE work than sitting in an office somewhere working a 9-5) to literally GET A JOB DOING A JOB THAT REQUIRES MORE WORK THAN A NORMAL SKILLED JOB. WTF are her fans this stupid?

No. 115993

Wait an then ask her fans to pay for her to travel around in luxury just to fulfill her dreams of working as a model/singer/idol/princess/wannabe. "Oh, but, I'm too sick to work". She is a ridiculously somewhat successful Con artist. She could have done the humble route and just went on welfare, but she has the balls to lie and pretend she is sick just so she can fulfill her weaboo dreams. And people are stupid enough to throw money at this scammer??

No. 115996

Sociopaths,psychopaths, and delusional people definitely come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and creeds. I would label these as her mental disorders.

No. 117961

>>114694 Just because she's 'listing' them doesn't mean she doesn't have them. People are allowed to talk about their illnesses. Get over yourself. I'm not sticking up for the little bitch, but I and other people have chronic/invisible illnesses and we're ALLOWED to talk about them. Get your head out of your ass.

No. 118225

The thing is (i have a chronic illness as well) she uses this as her selling point as her "idol Career" that is her whole selling point. I get it if you want to talk about your illness then talk about it but if you are basing yourself of being a "abassidor of chronic illness while being a super uugu kawaii idoru in Japan" or even in america people will call you out on your shit expically when it tend not to add up 99.9 % of the time. I can honesly say i don't believe she has fibromyalgia but she maybe has some mental disorder

No. 118500

>>118225 I understand that but people in this thread are acting like if you talk about your chronic illnesses, you are automatically lying or just begging for attention. London is a professional con artist.

No. 123597

File: 1461464456043.png (143.8 KB, 281x500, image.thumb.png.debfd44d826843…)

"Precious cinnamon rolls too good for this world"

Someone thinks too highly of themselves

No. 123648

Why do all these cows gravitate toward each other? Is it because these famewhore bitches know that outside their circlejerk, everyone hates them?

No. 123721

lol that cinnamon rolls logic sounds so stupid in my opinion.

No. 123742

I find it really funny every time these bitches accuse "haters" of being jealous. No, I'm not jealous of people with rotten personalities. I don't even have the same taste in brand as them (military-ish lolita, if anyone cares). In fact, I wouldn't have a problem with either of them if they were actually nice people. It's a shame that the vast majority of efamous lolitas are like them. I wish the tumblr lemmings would follow someone nice for once because they don't realize Kate and Lonlon-bonbon-whatever are leading them off cliffs.

No. 123786

Uh, if Kate actually believes this, she should just talk about her illness regardless. People try to squeeze milk out of that boring lolita cow and I'm sure some will think that's somehow entertaining. For the rest of us, I think we'd just see it as a medical condition. I only hate people going on about medical things if it's a snowflake status (Lonlon and constantly using the words spoon) or if it's something they won't shut up about.

No. 124096

Lonlon you are not a precious cinnamon roll and neither is Kate. You two gravitate towards each other because you're just as selfish and rotten as each other.

No. 125636

Petition to anonymously report London Edwards to social secutity?(not your personal army)

No. 125672


Yes, please let's report her. Who knows how to do that?(not your personal army)

No. 125751

What for?
Post instructions please.(not your personal army)

No. 137401

Has she recovered? She's way more active physically nowadays

No. 138447

No but she is more active on FB being way to demading and of course having defenders to a T
It ok for her to dox people but you can't do it to her because "that makes you a cyber bully"

No. 139680

all i know of her recenty 1) she kicked a girl out of a group after she paid $50 and she got a shitty looking heating pad she never explain to the person what she really wanted but hey it did look like shit 2) she kicked a few more people out for posting on PULL and 1 for commenting on a fb post about her(some shit like that) and 3 she is going to AX

No. 139681

i think her and Finn aren't friends anymore

No. 153112

This tumblertard gave me a good laugh recently. She was cyberbegging to get some cash for the AX convention. She was crying about her illness, and even self diagnosing issues the whole way there and back. Totally trying to get sympathy for needing her wheelchair while traveling… And all she posts are photos of her running around and having a very abled-bodied time, never once mentioning she was disabled at the convention.

For a broke, helpless, average girl she sure acted like I wasn't worth her time when I met her. Since seeing her plight on Facebook, I was open to offering her a modeling gig for my brand, but meeting her totally turned me off to having a self righteous snot like that have any connection to my work.

No. 153113

whatever happened with this girl anyways?

No. 153116

She became an annoying social justice warrior and blocked everyone who didn't praise her for her efforts. If you didn't 100% agree with her, she would scream that she was venting and you were not suppose to respond or you were triggering her.

She is still hunting for pity points over her "illness", wanting someone to feel bad that she needs a wheelchair to play Pokemon go.

I think she sold some art recently to, if it's as bad as the stuff she sent me in private messages, the person totally bought it as pity. She won't post her art online, and it's because it a really amateur level.

No. 153118

SHe posted vids and pic on her fb about it i thought she wasn't gonna go seeing how she bitched about not being in the btssb fashion show

No. 153119

which is fucking dumb and she was selling art to 1) go to AX and 2) get money to be in this fashion show which she didn't get into
if she wants to be a SJW that her but don't try to sell your art on FB they have sites for that

No. 153407

She just made a post on how she doesn't want any Pity and how she just "talks' about how disable she is or how it just magically "comes up" in convo.

No. 156999

What really piss me off about her is her white knights mostly this one that dress like a retarted Juggalo
claims to be a "professioal makeup artist" yet every pic of her is her is in her fucking clown make up
plus eats Lobster chan pus so much you would think they were lesbian irl

No. 157470

So tired of this girl, she made a goddamn wall post on her facebook bawwing about how she is disabled and how everything hurts and how bad it is u guise :(((
It's like she constantlmy needs to remind people about how bad she has it.
She really need to stop being such a little bitch lol. I'm badly disabled myself but you don't hear me whining about it all the time.
At least she doesn't seem to be begging like some hobo anymore.

Also how come she has so many opportunities like modelling and stuff? Does she have links with nihonese people or what?

No. 157471

File: 1469023144610.jpg (26.02 KB, 700x392, shinoa-smirk.jpg)

kek she is so entitled and such a whiny SJW who gets butthurt so easily.
She blocked a friend of mine because she learned she went on Behind The Bows and how DARE she go to such a HORRIBLE site and she will NOT have anyone SO NEGATIVE in her friends!1! wahh wahh

But she has nice hair though, i'm gonna have to say that.

No. 158003

Yet her make up can be shit sometimes im not the best when it comes to the stuff me self but fuck sakes! What style are you going for?! Larme, Ott sweet, Harajuku Uchuu kei PICK ONE! Plus that a petty reason to block someone out of all the reason to block someone that is what she block someone for?

No. 162663

I'm starting to believe what's being said about her.

No. 163232

what change your mind?

No. 164770

some one knows if she was abused? i seen a post before she either deleted it or privated it

No. 165160

File: 1471031046832.jpg (63.04 KB, 424x755, unnamed.jpg)

No. 165262

File: 1471057037958.jpeg (86.16 KB, 631x492, image.jpeg)

Cap from her Facebook bitching about how people called her "body goals". Can't she just take a damn compliment without making it about her ~chronic illnesses~? And how poor can she really be when she just bought her Harley cosplay and went to a con? I just can't believe her followers and Facebook friends buy her shit. She constantly rattles on about how poor and chronically ill she is but her traipsing around cons say otherwise

No. 165306

I'm on her Facebook and she trusts me but she annoys the shit out of me. I can have SJW-ish views at times but she's way too deluded. People like her with victim complexes don't get anywhere in life ugh!

No. 165472

Lol that aside is she asking for money again? or is the heat fucking with my brain

No. 167691

File: 1471902855624.png (233.13 KB, 415x500, lobster_chan_bullsht_3.thumb.p…)

No. 167722


No. 167741

File: 1471917232867.png (28.28 KB, 376x409, lobon_bullshit_5.png.6fe7c7e05…)

No. 172876

File: 1473533920559.png (40.2 KB, 396x430, one of many.png)

person she blocked called her on her bullshit

No. 172877

File: 1473533967873.png (222.93 KB, 657x597, lobster chan bullsht.png)

No. 178254

File: 1475258515099.jpg (22.08 KB, 401x109, the dumblobster.jpg)

she must not like doctors

No. 179402

Because all doctors are ableists and they hate autistics with a laundry list of imaginary diseases.

No. 180735

I love how her Facebook isn't on private. Gives me good reading/lurking material.

No. 180800

and she going to Fucking RUfflecon!! how?! WHy!?

No. 181881

if shes going to RuffleCon i wonder if she'll see Finn there and get confronted with all her bs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 182223

$5 says Lonbon will be on BTB again this time two post

No. 182224

Shit i wish i was going id pay to see that

No. 182292

I mean Finn is always desperate for attention and pity so I wouldn't be surprised if she stirred shit/got one of her ass-licker followers to bother Lon. Though Lon has a ton of beef in the kawaii community so if it isn't Finn it'll be someone else.
I ran into her at AX, she was hanging out with a girl I met at least year's Rufflecon. For someone who's always whining about MUH INVISIBLE ILLNESS she sure seems super normal energy wise - does she not realize that EVERYONE gets tired after a con?

No. 182714

Not Lonbon she special plus the Alcohol keep her going

No. 183129

It's only been one day and Lonbons shit talking Finn to everyone and their mother… It's super hypocritical but I'm not surprised. I haven't run into Finn yet but I'll update here

No. 183182

im just waiting for BTB to come out cuz i know she going to be on there again. DAMN can she not like you havent been there all three days and you already shit talking yet she get mad when someone shit talk about her

No. 183319

Didn't Get that big POP you wanted did you lon? Omg her entrance was so depressing im starting to wonder if she paid those girls to yell 'I love you" to her. nobody cheered when she entered.

No. 183443

I didn't see Finn outside of the fashion show… Maybe she's to scared to walk around with lobster on the prowl. She only modeled for simplicity and some other pink corset look

No. 183628

File: 1476635015843.png (Spoiler Image, 56.45 KB, 486x385, lobsterchan.PNG)

No. 183629

it gets uglier

No. 183771

How the fuck does it get uglyer than that?

No. 184045

She model 2-3 fashion show i think but i higly doubt it if she was busy with that many show and lobon was only in one.

No. 185524

Wait so Finn is "okay" in 2-3 fashion shows not being flown out… but Lobster only needs to be in 1 and she's flown out? Did the con pay for her to go as a guest or something ?

No. 185684

Bunny and black (i think that the name of the fashion brand she model for) Flew her out as for finn she drove there cuz as far as i can remember she lives In NJ

No. 185686

File: 1476911319882.jpg (60.9 KB, 512x223, The truth about lobster 3.jpg)

Taken from PULL

No. 187117

What is the deal with her name? Lonlon can't be her real name. Was she playing Ocarina of Time one day and was like "yes I shall go by Lonlon that is my new name"

No. 187178

lol, her name is London

No. 187179

says her mom used to call her "lonlon", so now it's her internet name

No. 187341

I fully believe that Lonlon is a scam artist, but Reba is a lolcow herself. She's really unstable and has been ostracized by a lot of the Los Angeles lolita community because of it.

No. 187354

Reba? the one who called lonbon out on her shit or someone else?

No. 187356

File: 1477283633924.png (16.11 KB, 369x273, 2.png)

No. 187412

>"Most men are rapists"
jfc, no one needs this misguided bullshit. Yes it's dismissive, but that doesn't mean that every man is a violent racist.

No. 187425

No, but a violent rapist.

No. 187583

File: 1477340358675.jpg (39.64 KB, 379x209, 1.jpg)

This was right after the "ALL MEN ARE RAPIST"

No. 190336

File: 1477771954399.jpg (146.27 KB, 371x598, iff.jpg)

anybody has deets on this situation?

No. 191713

I hung out with both of them a few times when they were together. I know her ex well. She's lying. She's gone off the deep end since the break up. She goes out partying all the time now. Drives herself around. Shit she was incapable of when they were together. He was practically her caretaker

No. 191733

Man, I honestly want to know more drama from the LA comm. I'm on the other side of the country so all I get exposed to is ATL

No. 191803

Does he want to leak her nudes or medical records like she is claming?

No. 191889

I don't think he wants to, it would have been done already.

No. 191904

Who wants to see her nudes though? Does he even know all this? Does he know the Lobster put his picture out there?

No. 191915

From the whole story it sounds more like she has been the abuser tbh. I guess this guy found out how scary she presents herself online and what a freak she is, or maybe he knew it for a long time, but couldn't deal with it anymore. And he might've been too scared to break up for a long while because he knew that this would happen

No. 192096

And yet she was "abused"

No. 193620

File: 1478292556959.jpg (91.4 KB, 373x395, again.jpg)

No. 193621

It is written in the snowflake handbook, "The flake is never an abuser, for an abuser is in the wrong, and flakes can never be wrong. Therefor, they are the ones abused by society."

No. 201961

File: 1479694892452.jpg (40.21 KB, 369x426, fuck sakes.jpg)

Another Lolcow who entered the Kawaii-i contest

No. 202623

>zero editing
Sure thing, amigo.

No. 202738

you think she acutally had the engery to edit?

No. 202814

That was great one m8

No. 203081

Wow what a fucking crazy bitch,I'm the anon who had a friend blocked by her because "u go on muh hatesites".
can't wait to see her fall

No. 203202

I don't think she really going to win though cuz kate/girlyhoot entered too.

No. 206989

6013236729 ask her yourself

No. 206993

Did you see her saying how she's abusive?

No. 206999

File: 1480569589081.jpg (91.58 KB, 351x486, the fucking best 2.jpg)

No. 213427

File: 1481665803219.jpg (68.79 KB, 381x441, cat.jpg)

She got dump again so she's off the rails

No. 217026

File: 1482120044480.jpg (50.1 KB, 366x310, camera.jpg)

Ebegging again

No. 220833

SPoiler ALERT she didn't win the Kawaii-i contest Nether did Kate

No. 237351

File: 1484875722396.jpg (56.57 KB, 378x499, 5.1.jpg)

No. 237800

This is so stupid. Polaroid film is not a necessity. gtfo.

No. 244204

File: 1486160023825.jpg (28.71 KB, 381x158, 6.3.jpg)

>made a long ass post about asking a boy to be offical with her
>he said he no and would stay fwb with her
> is upset made abunch of whiney emo post about how she "heartbroken" she was

No. 244206

File: 1486160087561.jpg (45.45 KB, 379x178, 6.4.jpg)

Did she just admit she dyed her hair blue for a guy?

No. 244214

File: 1486161276615.png (122.41 KB, 506x577, ohboy.png)

How ironic, I just took these the other day and was debating on posting them but since this got bumped here we go!


No. 244217

File: 1486161455631.png (56.87 KB, 515x250, herewego.png)


This is about that anti-rape underwear.

Don't get me wrong, the Dean guy sounds inbred, but the "ACCEPT MY OPINION SINCE I AM A RAPE VICTIM" was a bit much.

Also it sounds like she really just should not date.

No. 244219

If you have just $50 to your name why would you spend it on film? God she is stupid. (And if anyone gives her money they are even stupider.)

No. 248255

I love that she completely ignores the feelings of the guy she 'loves' and is just angry she doesn't have an official bf before valentine's day.
If she really loved him and their relationship was what she wanted anyway, who cares if he officially calls her his girlfriend or not?
Also gotta love that she posted like 2 months ago about how she's 'naturally polyamorous' yet has a heart attack when this guy says she can date other people if she wants… XD

No. 277844

>dyes hair This time not for a guy
>Wants to start a Lingerie Instagram account
>Shaves the back of her hair
>Still on her SWJ bullshit
>Is going to Sakura Con

No. 277845

File: 1490560802164.jpg (39.07 KB, 402x262, 9.1.jpg)

No. 290747

File: 1492133315561.jpg (18.04 KB, 398x113, 13.1.jpg)

>Plans for sakura con
>Complains about Delta airlines and climes over a child and Father
>Compains about how she had to pee "like 5 times"
>arives but friend car break down
>got scammed out of a hotel room
>ask people to send $500-$2500 to her paypal

No. 291391

File: 1492144496893.png (75.99 KB, 522x351, Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 9.31…)

Her posts about the saga are all public but I screencapped them anyway. They reek of bullshit. She's claiming that she didn't bring ANY spending money to seattle, only enough to cover her air bnb (how was she supposed to eat?) and that her friend's car broke down and they needed money for a tow. Then posts again saying that they got "scammed" by air bnb (pretty clearly bullshit once again) and have nowhere to stay. Both times she asks for money to be sent to her paypal.

Sounds to me like she decided to go to a con she couldn't afford and made up a "scam" to get someone to buy her a hotel room and pay for her stay.

No. 291392

File: 1492144576303.png (82.67 KB, 517x379, Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 9.30…)

This is incredibly unlikely given the way that air bnb works, but if they did cancel the reservation then at the very least she would get her money back and be able to pay for a hotel.

No. 291496

She's definitely lying. If this did happen she would have easily been refunded. I'm sure she didn't even actually book the Airbnb. Also not surprised she's hanging with another cow that also likes begging for money on the internet.

No. 291518

It's not unlikely, it's straight up bullshit. If a host cancels your reservation, airbnb either refunds you or lets you transfer your payment to a new booking. Also, as a penalty, airbnb doesn't allow hosts to accept another reservation for the same dates they cancelled.

I can't believe someone was retarded enough to book her a hotel room. Her followers are fucking idiots.

No. 291538

Word travels you dumb cunt
Now she's posting in Sak groups
Sorry I haven't posted here before but I heard about her when she scammed my friend out of money and then thought her name familiar

No. 291551

Damn Joanne the Scammer's got nothing on this bitch. Honestly, truly.

No. 291624

File: 1492197548303.jpg (49.76 KB, 401x345, 13.1.jpg)

She a fucking lying cunt how you got "scammed" yet mangaged to find a room

No. 292677

File: 1492368520212.png (385.61 KB, 1440x1540, Screenshot_2017-04-16-14-44-40…)

Shes definitely fucking lied.. So apparently she had 800 dollars to shell out but was also supposedly broke. This is an account of what happened from Artemis viewpoint. Also what happened to the friend with the broke down car??

No. 292920

File: 1492398700121.jpg (61.57 KB, 352x450, shut the fuck up lon pt 4.jpg)

She threw a bitch fit on FB cuz someone called her out on her vid she posted of her fucking dancing at the fashion show

No. 292921

File: 1492398718038.jpg (66.43 KB, 341x468, shut the fuck up lon pt 5.jpg)

No. 292922

File: 1492398748911.jpg (59.64 KB, 335x443, shut the fuck up lon pt 6.jpg)

of course that bitch had to jump in

No. 292923

File: 1492398765104.jpg (69.67 KB, 337x466, shut the fuck up lon pt 7.jpg)

No. 292925

If she didn't have the $800 in the first place where she get the money? Bullshit and stop asking your fans to donate more money to you

No. 294937

File: 1492657643321.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.52 KB, 424x478, raving lobster 2.jpg)

>says she was going to make a lingeire only instagrame account
>doesn't make account
>wears lingere to Sakura con Rave

No. 295004

I don't know, even though I guess that is technically lingerie, it hardly looks all that revealing, especially for a rave outfit.

No. 295057

I really hate this lying slut she's such a scammer who uses her fans for her own gain. She lies about her needs an once she gets the money she spends on kawaii overpriced garbage

No. 295296

She was blocking people who called her out after the con
Thats lingerie because she posted photos of her wearing it and contemplaing making a lewd instagram even though she can't stand the word rape or porn and hates being sexualized

Now she used $40 that was supposed to go to fix her "broken glasses" to buy starbucks and probably new shit

No. 295630

File: 1492745038412.jpg (301.17 KB, 505x705, lon.jpg)

Apparently her dad paid for the hotel. In her first few posts she just said "someone" paid for it but she eventually revealed that it was her dad.

She was claiming that she lost her contacts or something and her glases broke and had to be glued together, but she's posted tons of photos of her wearing them with no apparent damage. The $40 someone gave her was so she could buy contacts from Uniqso but contacts there cost $20 max and shipping is cheap even for express because they're so small, so I guess she used the extra for starbucks.

No. 295720

Since when do models get to keep their dresses?

No. 295730

That's not the dress she wore in the show. She says the designer gave all of the models gifts (since models for these shows aren't paid) and that dress was her gift. But i haven't seen any of the other models post about getting a gift so it's possible that she bought it and is trying to hide the fact.

No. 297765

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