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File: 1444503736610.jpg (Spoiler Image, 65.93 KB, 960x960, 12140700_10207718060060350_232…)

No. 41001

The girl who begs for money, and when she gets it. Blocks people.

No. 41002

No links nigga?

No. 41003

who dis bitch???

No. 41004

No. 41005


> I am an advocate of many things, including chronic illness awareness and mental illness awareness.

My diseases are invisible (interstitial cystitis, fibromyalgia, pelvic floor dysfunction). I also have bipolar disorder and autism.

nothing but a joke, right.

No. 41598

File: 1444599349399.png (737.43 KB, 1080x1920, 1444433079382.png)

I'm glad there was finally a thread on her.

For starters, she isn't known all that much because…Well, you just don't see her around a lot. Plus, she's also not mentioned a lot on either 4chan or lolcow. But she's attended Wakuwaku, Rufflecon, and soon to be Ikkicon in Austin, Texas. All of this by…Well, what the OP said. Begging for money via GoFundMe and then blocking the person right after the money is received. Which is not only scamming but also selfish as fucking hell. Example screenshot taken from /cgl/.

She also seems to use her chronic illness as an excuse to go off to conventions. Which if you ask me a pretty fucking stupid.

She also said this not too long ago today:
>"Jokes on you BTB, I am not even a lolita. I can't afford it because I am disabled and poor. Duh."

So yeah, there's all the obvious shit there.
Anyone else have information they want to share?

No. 42821

File: 1444815581334.jpg (33.36 KB, 491x156, image.jpg)

A hard-core beggar.

No. 42826

…Is the OP pic a spoiler image of the spoiler image?…

No. 43099


No. 46678

I just thought her obvious want to be a famus idoru and song about having "lobster hands" was stupid as fuck, but now seeing all this shit about her begging for money reallyyy makes me not like her

No. 46693

She kind of looks like Kooter in a weird way. Also what is the whole lobster hands thing about, is it related to one of her illnesses? Idgi

No. 46696

If it's not related to one of her illnesses, wonder why she hasn't been called out by the SJWs yet for appropriating ectrodactyly.

No. 46699

File: 1445229225364.jpg (3.51 MB, 2000x1334, JimmyDarling.jpg)

She does not have ectrodactyly. However, I really wanna see something done with this song and Jimmy from AHS

No. 46700

Ikr! The first time I saw her in person at Waku Waku I had to do a doubletake because I thought she was Dakota!

No. 46759

Lonbon Lonlon goes to NYC! Part 2

In that video the hair near her face wiggles a lot… Is she kooting herself? I first thought it was a fan blowing, but it's only those two strands of hair that dance around like crazy.

No. 55952

she's always asking for money.

a while ago she had some issues with her home and she asked for money for that. She said she's disabled and can't work, yet she can fly around to conventions and walk around there all day. It's such bullshit and she needs mental help.

No. 76794

Stop cyber-bullying her!!! She's severely disabled!! You guys don't understanddddd!!


No. 91605

No. 91689

File: 1455217646285.jpeg (154.08 KB, 750x1103, image.jpeg)

She posted a status calling out a girl for posting about her and other people on here and 4chan. I think she's deleted it now though

No. 91694

Bitch no one was talking about you here for like a month lmao

No. 91695

Well I don't know about her but when I went to NYCC 1. I was so hot it was exhausting, and 2. I was in so much damn pain the next day. Then again, that was the one time I went to a con and I probably won't do it ever again because it's not worth the pain and aggravation.

No. 91846

Isn't that the girl who was in wish sisters?

No. 91881

Yeah that's Amelia
She's a soloist now on YouTube
Her channel is Emianox

No. 91887

Ugh. I want to slap her smirk so bad.

No. 102506

lol don't bully me i'm disabled!!!!! u cant bully me im autistic u ableist assholes!!!!! cry me a river attention whore

No. 113446

omg but her website is so fucking annoying
goiz I have bipolar and autism and chronic illness WAHHHHH
i cant work but i can model & go to conventions all the timeeeeee <3 <3 <3

No. 114224

omg what a revolting two faced fag.

jewish hook nosed goddamn lolcow

No. 114679

she's the biggest two faced cunt ever. she's ableist and racist fucking trash. fuck you London. stupid whore

No. 114694

One if the most annoying things about her is that on every single website she goes on she lists EVERY FUCKING illness she apparently has.
She flashes them around like medals
Wooo, we get it, your a lazy "so called disabled" narcissistic weeb
And that fucking song sounds like a teenage boys voice breaking more than anything

No. 115122

explain? I would like to know how she racist. She is ablist despite being against ablisim but what makes her rasist?

No. 115965

File: 1459956665598.jpg (35.4 KB, 522x553, 20arvk3.jpg)

I'm convinced she's legit retarded at this point.

No. 115967

She so blind. Peachie also talks about her chronic illness and we don't hate on her.

No. 115973

Because Peachie is actually a decent unlike Lon who just sits in front of the computer all day

No. 115974

* a decent person

No. 115990

I'm still confused after reading this thread. This idiot claims she can't have a "job" because she has a mental illness and supposedly has pain (which is clearly non existent). But is literally WORKING by dancing, singing, walking around cons (which is basically MORE work than sitting in an office somewhere working a 9-5) to literally GET A JOB DOING A JOB THAT REQUIRES MORE WORK THAN A NORMAL SKILLED JOB. WTF are her fans this stupid?

No. 115993

Wait an then ask her fans to pay for her to travel around in luxury just to fulfill her dreams of working as a model/singer/idol/princess/wannabe. "Oh, but, I'm too sick to work". She is a ridiculously somewhat successful Con artist. She could have done the humble route and just went on welfare, but she has the balls to lie and pretend she is sick just so she can fulfill her weaboo dreams. And people are stupid enough to throw money at this scammer??

No. 115996

Sociopaths,psychopaths, and delusional people definitely come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and creeds. I would label these as her mental disorders.

No. 117961

>>114694 Just because she's 'listing' them doesn't mean she doesn't have them. People are allowed to talk about their illnesses. Get over yourself. I'm not sticking up for the little bitch, but I and other people have chronic/invisible illnesses and we're ALLOWED to talk about them. Get your head out of your ass.

No. 118225

The thing is (i have a chronic illness as well) she uses this as her selling point as her "idol Career" that is her whole selling point. I get it if you want to talk about your illness then talk about it but if you are basing yourself of being a "abassidor of chronic illness while being a super uugu kawaii idoru in Japan" or even in america people will call you out on your shit expically when it tend not to add up 99.9 % of the time. I can honesly say i don't believe she has fibromyalgia but she maybe has some mental disorder

No. 118500

>>118225 I understand that but people in this thread are acting like if you talk about your chronic illnesses, you are automatically lying or just begging for attention. London is a professional con artist.

No. 123597

File: 1461464456043.png (143.8 KB, 281x500, image.thumb.png.debfd44d826843…)

"Precious cinnamon rolls too good for this world"

Someone thinks too highly of themselves

No. 123648

Why do all these cows gravitate toward each other? Is it because these famewhore bitches know that outside their circlejerk, everyone hates them?

No. 123721

lol that cinnamon rolls logic sounds so stupid in my opinion.

No. 123742

I find it really funny every time these bitches accuse "haters" of being jealous. No, I'm not jealous of people with rotten personalities. I don't even have the same taste in brand as them (military-ish lolita, if anyone cares). In fact, I wouldn't have a problem with either of them if they were actually nice people. It's a shame that the vast majority of efamous lolitas are like them. I wish the tumblr lemmings would follow someone nice for once because they don't realize Kate and Lonlon-bonbon-whatever are leading them off cliffs.

No. 123786

Uh, if Kate actually believes this, she should just talk about her illness regardless. People try to squeeze milk out of that boring lolita cow and I'm sure some will think that's somehow entertaining. For the rest of us, I think we'd just see it as a medical condition. I only hate people going on about medical things if it's a snowflake status (Lonlon and constantly using the words spoon) or if it's something they won't shut up about.

No. 124096

Lonlon you are not a precious cinnamon roll and neither is Kate. You two gravitate towards each other because you're just as selfish and rotten as each other.

No. 125636

Petition to anonymously report London Edwards to social secutity?(not your personal army)

No. 125672


Yes, please let's report her. Who knows how to do that?(not your personal army)

No. 125751

What for?
Post instructions please.(not your personal army)

No. 137401

Has she recovered? She's way more active physically nowadays

No. 138447

No but she is more active on FB being way to demading and of course having defenders to a T
It ok for her to dox people but you can't do it to her because "that makes you a cyber bully"

No. 139680

all i know of her recenty 1) she kicked a girl out of a group after she paid $50 and she got a shitty looking heating pad she never explain to the person what she really wanted but hey it did look like shit 2) she kicked a few more people out for posting on PULL and 1 for commenting on a fb post about her(some shit like that) and 3 she is going to AX

No. 139681

i think her and Finn aren't friends anymore

No. 153112

This tumblertard gave me a good laugh recently. She was cyberbegging to get some cash for the AX convention. She was crying about her illness, and even self diagnosing issues the whole way there and back. Totally trying to get sympathy for needing her wheelchair while traveling… And all she posts are photos of her running around and having a very abled-bodied time, never once mentioning she was disabled at the convention.

For a broke, helpless, average girl she sure acted like I wasn't worth her time when I met her. Since seeing her plight on Facebook, I was open to offering her a modeling gig for my brand, but meeting her totally turned me off to having a self righteous snot like that have any connection to my work.

No. 153113

whatever happened with this girl anyways?

No. 153116

She became an annoying social justice warrior and blocked everyone who didn't praise her for her efforts. If you didn't 100% agree with her, she would scream that she was venting and you were not suppose to respond or you were triggering her.

She is still hunting for pity points over her "illness", wanting someone to feel bad that she needs a wheelchair to play Pokemon go.

I think she sold some art recently to, if it's as bad as the stuff she sent me in private messages, the person totally bought it as pity. She won't post her art online, and it's because it a really amateur level.

No. 153118

SHe posted vids and pic on her fb about it i thought she wasn't gonna go seeing how she bitched about not being in the btssb fashion show

No. 153119

which is fucking dumb and she was selling art to 1) go to AX and 2) get money to be in this fashion show which she didn't get into
if she wants to be a SJW that her but don't try to sell your art on FB they have sites for that

No. 153407

She just made a post on how she doesn't want any Pity and how she just "talks' about how disable she is or how it just magically "comes up" in convo.

No. 156999

What really piss me off about her is her white knights mostly this one that dress like a retarted Juggalo
claims to be a "professioal makeup artist" yet every pic of her is her is in her fucking clown make up
plus eats Lobster chan pus so much you would think they were lesbian irl

No. 157470

So tired of this girl, she made a goddamn wall post on her facebook bawwing about how she is disabled and how everything hurts and how bad it is u guise :(((
It's like she constantlmy needs to remind people about how bad she has it.
She really need to stop being such a little bitch lol. I'm badly disabled myself but you don't hear me whining about it all the time.
At least she doesn't seem to be begging like some hobo anymore.

Also how come she has so many opportunities like modelling and stuff? Does she have links with nihonese people or what?

No. 157471

File: 1469023144610.jpg (26.02 KB, 700x392, shinoa-smirk.jpg)

kek she is so entitled and such a whiny SJW who gets butthurt so easily.
She blocked a friend of mine because she learned she went on Behind The Bows and how DARE she go to such a HORRIBLE site and she will NOT have anyone SO NEGATIVE in her friends!1! wahh wahh

But she has nice hair though, i'm gonna have to say that.

No. 158003

Yet her make up can be shit sometimes im not the best when it comes to the stuff me self but fuck sakes! What style are you going for?! Larme, Ott sweet, Harajuku Uchuu kei PICK ONE! Plus that a petty reason to block someone out of all the reason to block someone that is what she block someone for?

No. 162663

I'm starting to believe what's being said about her.

No. 163232

what change your mind?

No. 164770

some one knows if she was abused? i seen a post before she either deleted it or privated it

No. 165160

File: 1471031046832.jpg (63.04 KB, 424x755, unnamed.jpg)

No. 165262

File: 1471057037958.jpeg (86.16 KB, 631x492, image.jpeg)

Cap from her Facebook bitching about how people called her "body goals". Can't she just take a damn compliment without making it about her ~chronic illnesses~? And how poor can she really be when she just bought her Harley cosplay and went to a con? I just can't believe her followers and Facebook friends buy her shit. She constantly rattles on about how poor and chronically ill she is but her traipsing around cons say otherwise

No. 165306

I'm on her Facebook and she trusts me but she annoys the shit out of me. I can have SJW-ish views at times but she's way too deluded. People like her with victim complexes don't get anywhere in life ugh!

No. 165472

Lol that aside is she asking for money again? or is the heat fucking with my brain

No. 167691

File: 1471902855624.png (233.13 KB, 415x500, lobster_chan_bullsht_3.thumb.p…)

No. 167722


No. 167741

File: 1471917232867.png (28.28 KB, 376x409, lobon_bullshit_5.png.6fe7c7e05…)

No. 172876

File: 1473533920559.png (40.2 KB, 396x430, one of many.png)

person she blocked called her on her bullshit

No. 172877

File: 1473533967873.png (222.93 KB, 657x597, lobster chan bullsht.png)

No. 178254

File: 1475258515099.jpg (22.08 KB, 401x109, the dumblobster.jpg)

she must not like doctors

No. 179402

Because all doctors are ableists and they hate autistics with a laundry list of imaginary diseases.

No. 180735

I love how her Facebook isn't on private. Gives me good reading/lurking material.

No. 180800

and she going to Fucking RUfflecon!! how?! WHy!?

No. 181881

if shes going to RuffleCon i wonder if she'll see Finn there and get confronted with all her bs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 182223

$5 says Lonbon will be on BTB again this time two post

No. 182224

Shit i wish i was going id pay to see that

No. 182292

I mean Finn is always desperate for attention and pity so I wouldn't be surprised if she stirred shit/got one of her ass-licker followers to bother Lon. Though Lon has a ton of beef in the kawaii community so if it isn't Finn it'll be someone else.
I ran into her at AX, she was hanging out with a girl I met at least year's Rufflecon. For someone who's always whining about MUH INVISIBLE ILLNESS she sure seems super normal energy wise - does she not realize that EVERYONE gets tired after a con?

No. 182714

Not Lonbon she special plus the Alcohol keep her going

No. 183129

It's only been one day and Lonbons shit talking Finn to everyone and their mother… It's super hypocritical but I'm not surprised. I haven't run into Finn yet but I'll update here

No. 183182

im just waiting for BTB to come out cuz i know she going to be on there again. DAMN can she not like you havent been there all three days and you already shit talking yet she get mad when someone shit talk about her

No. 183319

Didn't Get that big POP you wanted did you lon? Omg her entrance was so depressing im starting to wonder if she paid those girls to yell 'I love you" to her. nobody cheered when she entered.

No. 183443

I didn't see Finn outside of the fashion show… Maybe she's to scared to walk around with lobster on the prowl. She only modeled for simplicity and some other pink corset look

No. 183628

File: 1476635015843.png (Spoiler Image, 56.45 KB, 486x385, lobsterchan.PNG)

No. 183629

it gets uglier

No. 183771

How the fuck does it get uglyer than that?

No. 184045

She model 2-3 fashion show i think but i higly doubt it if she was busy with that many show and lobon was only in one.

No. 185524

Wait so Finn is "okay" in 2-3 fashion shows not being flown out… but Lobster only needs to be in 1 and she's flown out? Did the con pay for her to go as a guest or something ?

No. 185684

Bunny and black (i think that the name of the fashion brand she model for) Flew her out as for finn she drove there cuz as far as i can remember she lives In NJ

No. 185686

File: 1476911319882.jpg (60.9 KB, 512x223, The truth about lobster 3.jpg)

Taken from PULL

No. 187117

What is the deal with her name? Lonlon can't be her real name. Was she playing Ocarina of Time one day and was like "yes I shall go by Lonlon that is my new name"

No. 187178

lol, her name is London

No. 187179

says her mom used to call her "lonlon", so now it's her internet name

No. 187341

I fully believe that Lonlon is a scam artist, but Reba is a lolcow herself. She's really unstable and has been ostracized by a lot of the Los Angeles lolita community because of it.

No. 187354

Reba? the one who called lonbon out on her shit or someone else?

No. 187356

File: 1477283633924.png (16.11 KB, 369x273, 2.png)

No. 187412

>"Most men are rapists"
jfc, no one needs this misguided bullshit. Yes it's dismissive, but that doesn't mean that every man is a violent racist.

No. 187425

No, but a violent rapist.

No. 187583

File: 1477340358675.jpg (39.64 KB, 379x209, 1.jpg)

This was right after the "ALL MEN ARE RAPIST"

No. 190336

File: 1477771954399.jpg (146.27 KB, 371x598, iff.jpg)

anybody has deets on this situation?

No. 191713

I hung out with both of them a few times when they were together. I know her ex well. She's lying. She's gone off the deep end since the break up. She goes out partying all the time now. Drives herself around. Shit she was incapable of when they were together. He was practically her caretaker

No. 191733

Man, I honestly want to know more drama from the LA comm. I'm on the other side of the country so all I get exposed to is ATL

No. 191803

Does he want to leak her nudes or medical records like she is claming?

No. 191889

I don't think he wants to, it would have been done already.

No. 191904

Who wants to see her nudes though? Does he even know all this? Does he know the Lobster put his picture out there?

No. 191915

From the whole story it sounds more like she has been the abuser tbh. I guess this guy found out how scary she presents herself online and what a freak she is, or maybe he knew it for a long time, but couldn't deal with it anymore. And he might've been too scared to break up for a long while because he knew that this would happen

No. 192096

And yet she was "abused"

No. 193620

File: 1478292556959.jpg (91.4 KB, 373x395, again.jpg)

No. 193621

It is written in the snowflake handbook, "The flake is never an abuser, for an abuser is in the wrong, and flakes can never be wrong. Therefor, they are the ones abused by society."

No. 201961

File: 1479694892452.jpg (40.21 KB, 369x426, fuck sakes.jpg)

Another Lolcow who entered the Kawaii-i contest

No. 202623

>zero editing
Sure thing, amigo.

No. 202738

you think she acutally had the engery to edit?

No. 202814

That was great one m8

No. 203081

Wow what a fucking crazy bitch,I'm the anon who had a friend blocked by her because "u go on muh hatesites".
can't wait to see her fall

No. 203202

I don't think she really going to win though cuz kate/girlyhoot entered too.

No. 206989

6013236729 ask her yourself

No. 206993

Did you see her saying how she's abusive?

No. 206999

File: 1480569589081.jpg (91.58 KB, 351x486, the fucking best 2.jpg)

No. 213427

File: 1481665803219.jpg (68.79 KB, 381x441, cat.jpg)

She got dump again so she's off the rails

No. 217026

File: 1482120044480.jpg (50.1 KB, 366x310, camera.jpg)

Ebegging again

No. 220833

SPoiler ALERT she didn't win the Kawaii-i contest Nether did Kate

No. 237351

File: 1484875722396.jpg (56.57 KB, 378x499, 5.1.jpg)

No. 237800

This is so stupid. Polaroid film is not a necessity. gtfo.

No. 244204

File: 1486160023825.jpg (28.71 KB, 381x158, 6.3.jpg)

>made a long ass post about asking a boy to be offical with her
>he said he no and would stay fwb with her
> is upset made abunch of whiney emo post about how she "heartbroken" she was

No. 244206

File: 1486160087561.jpg (45.45 KB, 379x178, 6.4.jpg)

Did she just admit she dyed her hair blue for a guy?

No. 244214

File: 1486161276615.png (122.41 KB, 506x577, ohboy.png)

How ironic, I just took these the other day and was debating on posting them but since this got bumped here we go!


No. 244217

File: 1486161455631.png (56.87 KB, 515x250, herewego.png)


This is about that anti-rape underwear.

Don't get me wrong, the Dean guy sounds inbred, but the "ACCEPT MY OPINION SINCE I AM A RAPE VICTIM" was a bit much.

Also it sounds like she really just should not date.

No. 244219

If you have just $50 to your name why would you spend it on film? God she is stupid. (And if anyone gives her money they are even stupider.)

No. 248255

I love that she completely ignores the feelings of the guy she 'loves' and is just angry she doesn't have an official bf before valentine's day.
If she really loved him and their relationship was what she wanted anyway, who cares if he officially calls her his girlfriend or not?
Also gotta love that she posted like 2 months ago about how she's 'naturally polyamorous' yet has a heart attack when this guy says she can date other people if she wants… XD

No. 277844

>dyes hair This time not for a guy
>Wants to start a Lingerie Instagram account
>Shaves the back of her hair
>Still on her SWJ bullshit
>Is going to Sakura Con

No. 277845

File: 1490560802164.jpg (39.07 KB, 402x262, 9.1.jpg)

No. 290747

File: 1492133315561.jpg (18.04 KB, 398x113, 13.1.jpg)

>Plans for sakura con
>Complains about Delta airlines and climes over a child and Father
>Compains about how she had to pee "like 5 times"
>arives but friend car break down
>got scammed out of a hotel room
>ask people to send $500-$2500 to her paypal

No. 291391

File: 1492144496893.png (75.99 KB, 522x351, Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 9.31…)

Her posts about the saga are all public but I screencapped them anyway. They reek of bullshit. She's claiming that she didn't bring ANY spending money to seattle, only enough to cover her air bnb (how was she supposed to eat?) and that her friend's car broke down and they needed money for a tow. Then posts again saying that they got "scammed" by air bnb (pretty clearly bullshit once again) and have nowhere to stay. Both times she asks for money to be sent to her paypal.

Sounds to me like she decided to go to a con she couldn't afford and made up a "scam" to get someone to buy her a hotel room and pay for her stay.

No. 291392

File: 1492144576303.png (82.67 KB, 517x379, Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 9.30…)

This is incredibly unlikely given the way that air bnb works, but if they did cancel the reservation then at the very least she would get her money back and be able to pay for a hotel.

No. 291496

She's definitely lying. If this did happen she would have easily been refunded. I'm sure she didn't even actually book the Airbnb. Also not surprised she's hanging with another cow that also likes begging for money on the internet.

No. 291518

It's not unlikely, it's straight up bullshit. If a host cancels your reservation, airbnb either refunds you or lets you transfer your payment to a new booking. Also, as a penalty, airbnb doesn't allow hosts to accept another reservation for the same dates they cancelled.

I can't believe someone was retarded enough to book her a hotel room. Her followers are fucking idiots.

No. 291538

Word travels you dumb cunt
Now she's posting in Sak groups
Sorry I haven't posted here before but I heard about her when she scammed my friend out of money and then thought her name familiar

No. 291551

Damn Joanne the Scammer's got nothing on this bitch. Honestly, truly.

No. 291624

File: 1492197548303.jpg (49.76 KB, 401x345, 13.1.jpg)

She a fucking lying cunt how you got "scammed" yet mangaged to find a room

No. 292677

File: 1492368520212.png (385.61 KB, 1440x1540, Screenshot_2017-04-16-14-44-40…)

Shes definitely fucking lied.. So apparently she had 800 dollars to shell out but was also supposedly broke. This is an account of what happened from Artemis viewpoint. Also what happened to the friend with the broke down car??

No. 292920

File: 1492398700121.jpg (61.57 KB, 352x450, shut the fuck up lon pt 4.jpg)

She threw a bitch fit on FB cuz someone called her out on her vid she posted of her fucking dancing at the fashion show

No. 292921

File: 1492398718038.jpg (66.43 KB, 341x468, shut the fuck up lon pt 5.jpg)

No. 292922

File: 1492398748911.jpg (59.64 KB, 335x443, shut the fuck up lon pt 6.jpg)

of course that bitch had to jump in

No. 292923

File: 1492398765104.jpg (69.67 KB, 337x466, shut the fuck up lon pt 7.jpg)

No. 292925

If she didn't have the $800 in the first place where she get the money? Bullshit and stop asking your fans to donate more money to you

No. 294937

File: 1492657643321.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.52 KB, 424x478, raving lobster 2.jpg)

>says she was going to make a lingeire only instagrame account
>doesn't make account
>wears lingere to Sakura con Rave

No. 295004

I don't know, even though I guess that is technically lingerie, it hardly looks all that revealing, especially for a rave outfit.

No. 295057

I really hate this lying slut she's such a scammer who uses her fans for her own gain. She lies about her needs an once she gets the money she spends on kawaii overpriced garbage

No. 295296

She was blocking people who called her out after the con
Thats lingerie because she posted photos of her wearing it and contemplaing making a lewd instagram even though she can't stand the word rape or porn and hates being sexualized

Now she used $40 that was supposed to go to fix her "broken glasses" to buy starbucks and probably new shit

No. 295630

File: 1492745038412.jpg (301.17 KB, 505x705, lon.jpg)

Apparently her dad paid for the hotel. In her first few posts she just said "someone" paid for it but she eventually revealed that it was her dad.

She was claiming that she lost her contacts or something and her glases broke and had to be glued together, but she's posted tons of photos of her wearing them with no apparent damage. The $40 someone gave her was so she could buy contacts from Uniqso but contacts there cost $20 max and shipping is cheap even for express because they're so small, so I guess she used the extra for starbucks.

No. 295720

Since when do models get to keep their dresses?

No. 295730

That's not the dress she wore in the show. She says the designer gave all of the models gifts (since models for these shows aren't paid) and that dress was her gift. But i haven't seen any of the other models post about getting a gift so it's possible that she bought it and is trying to hide the fact.

No. 297765

No. 302560

File: 1493696529298.jpg (125.49 KB, 363x467, 15.7.jpg)

>Has Patreon
>Has twitchl
>Puts person who she split the Room AirBNB cost with on blast

No. 302561

File: 1493696553015.jpg (57.08 KB, 444x612, 15.7-1.jpg)

No. 302584

His entire "portfolio" is shitty lewds and nudes of trashy weebs at anime cons, nice company you keep there lonlon.

No. 303029

File: 1493763145583.jpg (66.25 KB, 366x468, 14.8.jpg)

But are we suprise this is the same person who wore lingerie to a fucking con and takes pics of her self half naked and puts it on fb of all places. I mean
Im more suprised it took her this long to get a fucking pateron

No. 303077


>borderline personality problems

Bitch, it's called changing your mind. Everyone does it.

No. 303775

i remember she flipped the fuck out when someone left her a comment on a slutty pic that said "body goals" and whined about how her body is the result of stress/illness/being poor. Lol bitch please you work out. You are faking your illness.

No. 309719

File: 1494463599973.jpg (Spoiler Image, 131.33 KB, 362x470, lawsuit 1.jpg)

Does anybody know the ACTUALL details about this? If any of her IRL friends know can you guys explain wtf happen here

No. 309722

File: 1494463626569.jpg (Spoiler Image, 85.22 KB, 359x498, lawsuit 2.jpg)

No. 313559

Even if what she say is real and that guy is disgusting, damn she's so fucking annoying. No wonder she can't keep a boy, I would run away from that bitch. She's a walnut.

No. 313561

And wait,she was dressed like that to go to a COURTROOM? Does she have no sense of awareness at all? At least "they" liked it but wew.
Love how she keeps saying how they are black and stuff in attempt to show how "accepting" she is

No. 314882

The thing is i was reading her forum on pull and yes that court case actully happen but it looked like she was the abuser in the relationship plus it not as big of a deal as this bitch made it out to be because she fucked him over in a way. He had to pay $300 and has to have 2 months no contact and is gagged from talking about it online for a while.
Yes that dumbass wore that to the court im suprise they didn't make her go home and change but its mississippi

No. 319766

I really fucking hate people like her and Artemis who talk about their illnesses 24/7 and cry woe is me. They're people with one arm working checkouts at groceries and mentally retarded people working jobs. The fact that this trend of Internet dumbasses is cringe worthy

No. 319946

File: 1495567992852.jpg (20.95 KB, 379x152, 18.2.jpg)

Artemis is a whole speical kind of stuoid in herself but Lobster here, we are talking bout someone who bitches about her illness complains when someone try to help and calls out "cis Males" for exsisting. ALso we are talking bout a girl who has a patreon but don't know how to use it.

No. 324351

Oh my god this bitch is punchable
>fukkin white cis males!1!
>i was surrounded by WOMEN of COLOR, did I tell you they were women of color btw?

Also as someone who have a chronic illness I fucking hate people like her.

No. 324648

File: 1496089536003.jpg (17.14 KB, 374x94, 18.8.jpg.dbf77ccdff761226faf00…)

>I'm so broke

>I can't afford food
>I owe my dad so much money :((((
>I'm so disabled and Ill I need a wheelchair and can't wear pants

Several hours later

>Someone let me mooch off of you

No. 324779

kek. She's such a leech.
She's ~oh so broke/owe money to her dad/can't get food~ but off course going to a con is totes ok uwuwu.
I believe she really is ill, but she's exaggerating it so bad. It's ridiculous. What an attention whore.

No. 325813

File: 1496204459562.png (124.92 KB, 758x761, 19.1-1.PNG)

It get so fucking worst

No. 325815

she's so god damn entitled. You don't NEED to go to a con for your MENTAL HEALTH.

No. 326052

I don't think she understands how Patreon works- you need to be regularly putting out content in order for people to give a fuck about you and donate money. is she even doing anything…?

No. 326054

Hahahaha what a stupid, spoiled bitch. Nothing grinds my gears more than people who act like they have it so bad and constantly whine about being poor on FB, yet still go to cons.

No. 326065

Why doesn't she host people over for the local con? Her online friends might be interested.

Yes I know I am applying social skills to her.

No. 326085

Can someone report this bitch to social security already? She's a moocher.

No. 326087

File: 1496231546416.jpg (90.31 KB, 492x472, wow.jpg)

>people will roll their eyes and think i'm being a brat
Because that's what you are??

>wahh i barely have a following

>muh followers are racist and ableist they don't agree with muh radical dumblrina views!!
>what's the point in doing something if people don't compliment meee!!!
>I NEEDED this trip waaaaa i'm in so much paaaain it's not faaaaair
God I hate this bitch, I hope someone punch her back to her senses.

No. 326631

File: 1496286117862.png (70.88 KB, 776x420, 1.PNG)

>Abelist Mississippi doesn't have sidewalks and public transport

No. 326632

File: 1496286149885.png (69.64 KB, 778x450, 2.PNG)

>I'm better than you

No. 326633

File: 1496286159044.png (27.73 KB, 665x150, cgvhjkl.PNG)

No. 326800

Kek she's getting more and more of a cow. She's just so so butthurt.
Everybody thinks you'a pathetic crybaby SJW, fuck off already. She's so pathetic she DEMANDS attention and tries to get some desperately. I have a chronic illness and i believe her on having one but she's exaggerating it so so badly forpity points. And even if it's all real she's a HUGE attention whore for talking so much about it every change she gets to mention it. At this point she's almost as bad as those people from the Munchausen Syndrom thread

Yeah sure we are all mad we didn't get kaweewee shoes for cheap. Keep telling yourself that to sleep at night

No. 327130

File: 1496351108236.jpeg (17.71 KB, 400x400, i3eTxXhf.jpeg)

>they just mad they didn't get little twin stars YRUs when they were 40$ like me!!!
Is this bitch for real lmao?

No. 327135

File: 1496351896168.jpg (23.02 KB, 381x139, 19.2.jpg.08d0684e6f4c4defbcecf…)

No. 327136

File: 1496351939798.jpg (64.6 KB, 374x464, 19.3.jpg.cd0eca6b56181025a2b00…)

She's on a roll today. Gotta get that weed and booze money and then make pity me posts

No. 327145

every time someone makes up bipolar please take a shot. Why the hell would you ever want that in your life?

No. 327146

taking a shot from Lon's claims of bipolar alone would land me in the ER mate

No. 327230

Oh my god this bitch is the definition of whiny. No wonder she doesn't have much following all she does is cry about how life is hard, act like a spoiled brat,whine some more and then go "i'm better than u h8rz!!" before wallowing in self pity again

No. 327241

>"I can sit at a computer and type for hours on end but but but there's not a single type of job out there like that you ableist scum!"

Call centers?
Office jobs?
Literally any company that offers home based work?
Of course she'll pretend she's never heard of these, or has none hiring because it's easier to take the SSI and donations.
Bitch everyone loves free money for no work! Stop acting like that when you clearly are making up every excuse to not work.

No. 327275

File: 1496364370104.jpeg (83.56 KB, 750x597, image.jpeg.325540c5617d333f67d…)

Don't be ableist anon lobsterchan is obviously too ill to do anything but do her makeup and take selfies all day

Also I don't think this beauty has been posted yet.

No. 327491

Lobster Chan really has lost it. Cons are not the meaning of life your twat

No. 327513

Damn she's losing her marbles. Girl is damn crazy.

No. 327569

as a SJW myself i didn't understand why people were so miffed by the tumblr crowd, but now i get it.

this piece of shit uses rhetoric in such an intentionally wrong, manipulative and uninformed way. she actually had the guts to tell someone "you are not opressed by the patriarch, I am," unironically. half ignorant people are always more dangerous than fully ignorant people and she's no exception. she thinks asking for unconditional love and special treatment for "muh illnesses" is "calling out ableism/sexism" and her pwetty pwincess complex is "radical political views". each time she doesn't get to have her way she's "abused", "opressed" or "discriminated against". bitch, girls as young as 10 get married off by millions and women get killed for frivolous shit all over the world, what's your damage?

and when someone offers an actual informed opinion or does not want to spend time to argue with her bullshit, she has the gall to trash their opinion for not being snowflake enough or say that she's there to "educate" them on complex social topics with a million nuances. even academicians that work on them for years hesitate to declare anything too decisive, how are you qualified to "educate" people with the half-assed, overblown, subjective shit you read on tumblr? if you're really soooo concerned about the inequality in society, put down your fucking phone for a moment and read a book FFS. stupid fucks like lonlon are taking away the legitimacy of social movements in the eyes of normalfags and that makes me want to REEE so hard.

sage for SJW rage.

No. 327648

File: 1496416547312.png (27.16 KB, 768x202, lkjhgfd.PNG)


No. 327649

File: 1496416564973.png (78.58 KB, 732x568, kljhgfds.PNG)


No. 327650

File: 1496416580669.png (210.23 KB, 691x509, lkjhgf.PNG)


No. 327651

File: 1496416623763.png (39.5 KB, 747x289, 23456.PNG)


No. 327653

This is so fucking shitty. She very clearly is fine with someone else paying for her to go to a CON, not even for food or other necessities.

I'm dead lmao this bitch wants to preach about people not knowing about everything else going on in the world but confuses Manchester with Mass holy shit

No. 327678

Top kek, most likely she was going anyway and was just posting for omg pity points!!
I'm an LA anon and actually saw her at AX, bitch was running around all day, drinking at the con center, and still managing to be a bitch to everyone who came up to her who wasn't in her circle of pandering friends. I also have a mutual with her who was with her at AX as well (who never shuts up about "muh autism" and shit), so it's not surprising that the only people who will actually hang out with her IRL are complete flakes themselves.
Lon and Finn should just move in together already and just have mutual breakdowns together all day

No. 328107

Finn is going to AX. do you think they will meet?if they do it will be akward as fuck cuz i know they had a falling out.

No. 328341

How does one become so salty and entitled?

No. 328511

Easy. They are so use to getting their way from their fans, BF, friends aand family that the world owes them. They are willing to sue ex, out friends and throw people under the bus who DON'T kiss her ass and #triggers her. I would blame her parents but i think this is Just how she is. Grade A boneafide Bitch.

No. 328521

fucking weeb moocher. Knowing my tax dollars go to bitches like that makes me angery.

What even? What a thundercunt

I don't say that often but I genuinely hope bad things happen to her. She's a shit person.

No. 328544

I saw her multiple times at a recent con too because she is now in one of my friend's circles. I was aware of her prior but now her whiny posts are showing up on my feed… holy shit. She is so full of herself. Also she was dancing for hours and running around all day on top of doing the fashion show so it's funny how her health is only an issue when it's convenient.

She comes across as a major brat irl, but her online self is insufferable. It's disgusting how many people give her asspats for her entitlement. (Although it's mostly neckbeards who just want to fuck her.) Does she think everyone else who actually works never has physical ailments? Most people don't even get enough sleep or have plenty of aches and pains from their jobs and feel like shit most of the time while having their paychecks fly away as soon as they get them.

Fuck this piece of shit.

No. 328612

Fuck her. I really hope everyone leaves her and call her out on her shit.
She's with no exaggeration the most whiny and unpleasant girl i've ever had the displeasure to meet.

No. 328691

She has a pateron and a twitch
If she not making any money she need to do more to make more content for her backers. But that too much hard work for her.
AND STILL she is able to make money by just asking for it and her fan just up and give to her no question asked.
Idk who stupider her? or her fans?

No. 328698

If you're talking about Sakuracon then holy fuck am I glad I wasn't the only one who noticed this/her.

No. 329135

She like that at any cons she go to. When the local news in her state filmed her she was bouning on stage singing that shitty song she made. its no suprised she would act like that at Sakura con.

No. 329564

File: 1496678712739.png (43.68 KB, 750x396, IMG_4144.PNG.793a91c7e857c67a5…)

>Begs for food money a few days ago
>Kawaii Desu Shopping Spree today

No. 329776

I wish someone would call her out on that shit.

No. 329819

any that do will just be blocked and be called a "abelist" and then be outed for her fans to hate on them. Trust me people have and they were just bumbarded with her fan hate after she made a long post on how THEY were in the wrong.

No. 329907

usually threads make me laugh, but this made me actually angry

i don't want to blog post, but i have chronic fatigue immune deficiency syndrome or me. adolescent onset, it was devastating. i worked so hard and through treatment and natural recovery (it usually lessens in severity with adolescent onset) and working so hard i now work as a barista (i have for four years, it is so incredible to be able to work) part time (20-30hrs a week) and take care of my bf and i's two dog's and home. i got my ged, i am returning to school next year. i do my very best to be a functioning member of society, i put everything into it. it's still hard but i do my best with it and accept it and work hard and get treatment and LISTEN TO MY DOCTORS. exercise, mild gentle exercise, is so good for you. maybe she should try it rather than mock it

and this fucking cunt whines about how sick she is and cant work but e-begs to go to cons ?!and says how broken her heart is that she's sick because it means she can't go to japan?!

fuck this cunt

and that's not even touching her awful sjw shit

sorry to rage and blogpost but fuck her she's a mockery and insult to anyone who truly struggles with chronic illness, all because her weeb dreams are somehow crushed

disgusting, ppl need to stop giving he r,ones and tell her to put her energy into a realistic life and not be a leech though disability

sage for ridiculous blog post sorry

No. 330165

I got chronic fatigue too ay. But yeah, completely agree. Fuck this bitch. Good luck on that anon! You inspire me to live a better life someday

No. 330227

Anon people like you give me hope when i read the shit lonlon posts or reading the munchie thread. Congrats & keep at it. Im permanently disabled (I have an auto-immune that causes organ infections/failure, right leg paralyzed) and I don't get free moneys from taxpayers and worked my ass off in a gas station to be in medical school now. What the fuck is her excuse?

No. 330519

File: 1496804921132.png (48.92 KB, 695x308, fdghj.PNG)

>It can be hard asking for help uwu
Not for you aparently

No. 330520

File: 1496805067777.png (77.32 KB, 689x486, fdghjkhgfggh.PNG)

>chronic vomiting

No. 330577

So… she just has to pee a lot? Like people with a small bladder? And that keeps her from getting a job? Wow.

No. 330578

"But I'll be perfectly fine for modelling and dancing at my next convention obvi! "

No. 330630

Kek this.
She keeps going on and on about how miserable she is and how painful everything is guyyys :(( but modelling and dancing around is a-ok desu uwuwu
Fuck this lazy bitch.

No. 331027

ikr, she always magically can get to a con. Whenever she goes she claims shes in pain the whole time but is having too much fun to realize it lmao

No. 331405

File: 1496947235117.jpg (70.68 KB, 364x488, 19.4.jpg)

No. 331407

so, her hair gets tangled if she doesnt brush it? the struggle is real

No. 331435

So she's so depressed and ill she can't brush her hair but she can dance and go to cons. Alright London.
Her life is so so hard.

No. 331448

i know this is 2 weeks old but fuckin chris chan figured out how to use patreon. chris chan. what's this bitch's excuse? she mentally disabled too?

No. 331498

kek. She doesn't seem very clever to begin with but if even chris chan did it she must be downright stupid

No. 331518

Pls pls pls someone call her out…. I know at least one of you is on her friends list…. I'll love you forever

No. 331558

Does anyone else think she could've just put on a matted wig for pity points? This shit looks like the synthetic shiny wigs you can buy at a party store

No. 331747

File: 1496982853325.png (1.04 MB, 688x790, wh y.PNG)

This bitch

No. 331748

File: 1496982880198.jpg (73.75 KB, 720x960, 18951368_10213092030126243_536…)

Also I spy a 'ciscum male' in the background

No. 331766

sorry for being retarded but is that her real hair?

No. 331780

Yep. And she wonders why her hair is so thin and is falling out when she dyes it every damn week.

No. 331787

If you call her out she'll out you publicly for all her "fans" to harass saying you're an ableist meanie

God it looks bad. Her hair is so thin.

No. 331796

I refuse to believe that's her real hair. It looks like tape in extensions lol

Lord her hair is messssed up.

No. 331972

File: 1497036048794.png (29.79 KB, 693x190, dfghj.PNG)

How many times can a girl cry wolf

No. 331977

God her whole identity revolves around being a "chronically sick person". There are a shit ton of other people in the same boat who just DEAL with life. Sage for personal stuff but I have a chronic illness and still push myself to go work my 9-5 each day so I can be a functioning member of society. I have no sympathy for this bitch at all.

No. 331999

"emergency rations"?! holy shit lmao

No. 332013

How much you want to bet those emergency rations are booze and junkfood

No. 332067

Yea cuz lobster is ww2 vet and she gotta make sure she has those rations cuz god only knows when her mind would return from war.
shit lobster wtf are you talking about you aren't in a zombie apocalypse

No. 333620

File: 1497142783298.png (615.91 KB, 662x675, Capture.PNG)

Called it

No. 333801

It's because she constantly bleaches the shit out of it. Using money she somehow doesn't have…

No. 333827

File: 1497197971820.gif (3.13 MB, 400x300, small-violin.gif)

Her life is full of pain and suffering, she's so fragile, her skin is made of paper and her bones are made of glass. She's so weak and a pure cinnamon roll too good for this world as she put it. Poor child. Poor baby.

No. 333837

You guys are savage. I love it.

No. 334556

File: 1497301345916.png (30.12 KB, 672x192, fdghj.PNG)

No. 334557

File: 1497301381149.gif (1.38 MB, 498x278, tenor.gif)

No. 334723

I wonder if her parents complain about their disablities because in a post she mention they have them but they are working, thus begs the question do they bitch about it like lon does with hers?

No. 334845

File: 1497335199072.png (808.33 KB, 633x789, fghjkjhgfghj.PNG)

how tf did she get 100 likes on that. her hair is so thin and frail. and she wonders why its falling out

No. 334869

That ugly orange color. I wish people would stop doing botched hair colors at home alone if they don't know what they're doing.

No. 334945

She is hideous w/o makeup

No. 334969

If they do then bloody hell, that must be one seriously unbearable family. At least they're not mooching anyone and work for themselves.

That color is so botched it makes me uncomfortable to look at. I used to think she was cute but the more i read about her and see how self pitying and bitchy she is, the more ugly i find her.

No. 335055

How does she dye it when she is bedridden? Sigh.

No. 335202

where the fuck are her pupils, though? circle lenses?

No. 335210

Sooo she bitches about not being able to brush her hair for days because "depression", but bleaches her roots, then whine more about being too depressed then dyes it?
Well no wonder her hair is thinning like crazy

No. 335346

File: 1497409685402.jpg (76.32 KB, 382x293, 20.2.jpg)

No. 335376

Just a day in the life of lobster-chan

No. 335393

Yes, she was somehow able to afford circle lenses even though she was bitching about her glasses being broken and not having money for contacts a little while ago

No. 335416

I don't know this cow, but that's totally plauisble. Glasses can be really expensive. My glasses cost like 40 times the price of a pair of circle lenses. Circle lenses are pretty cheap so even if you don't have a lot of money you could still splash out on them as a poor person.

No. 335419

You're a dumbass.
This, my glasses are like +1.0 and they still cost ~150euros, while long wear contacts I wear cost 36-48euros for 6 months.
Long wear circle lenses can cost 30euros.
My friends glasses cost 500euros lol. His contacts would be around 100euros minimum for three months. So yes, it's very plausible what she's claiming.

sage for blogpost.

No. 335495

File: 1497453903181.jpg (65.13 KB, 500x343, 588159fe3580320f71fb751ffa1ea5…)

So many unanswered questions.
How did she buy medicine if she has no money?
How did she drive when she can't move?
How can she own a car with no money?
Why doesn't her family take her super serious illness seriously and understand going to something as a family dinner literally kills her?
The world may never know.

No. 335586

someone shoop Lonlon head on this

No. 335808

Sorry anons, I should have clarified. She had to "Borrow" $20 from a friend a little while ago because she said she was too poor to even afford circle lenses, and apparently the pair she got was damaged.

No. 335966

File: 1497553110885.png (226.84 KB, 750x965, IMG_0912.PNG)

… seriously?

No. 335972

File: 1497553594964.png (148.83 KB, 750x1029, IMG_0911.PNG)

Lobster lewds. Git em while they're hot

No. 335977

What type of job do you think she got that requires her to "doll-up"? Doesn't sound like a job working sephora or ulta or she could just do her makeup there. Is she stripping or something?

No. 335981

Valet parking, being dolled up, yeah, I wonder? Kek.
Doesn't Sephora do trials and even offer make up application? Could she not go to Sephora before work and do her make up with testers if she were so absolutely desperate?

Sage for non contribution speculations.

No. 335984

I bet any one of her coworkers would help her out.

No. 335987

So much second hand embarrassment.

No. 336003

What a stupid bitch. There are plenty of dupes she could buy at a drugstore if she's so desperate now. Having makeup "stolen" (why a valet would steal makeup is beside me, she probably lost it) is bad, but I am sure she could borrow more money from some schmuck to go get a few things at Walgreens or Target or wherever.

No. 336606

File: 1497642702194.jpg (27.42 KB, 379x192, 20.5.jpg)

No. 336609

File: 1497642733449.jpg (41.63 KB, 366x174, 20.3.jpg)

No. 336716

How can one person be this fucking entitled?????

No. 336735

File: 1497654342268.jpg (84.96 KB, 361x293, 20.6.jpg)

It get even better(worst)

No. 336739

That's disgusting anon.
I've seen literal hookers do that shit.

No. 336740

While it's very possible that she is sick and suffers from illnesses or disorders, the fact she hypes them up so aggressively and quite obviously for sympathy makes her seem like she's completely faking it. I mean, cone on, you're not in shock or you wouldn't be posting so coherently or at all on social media. Let alone to be talking about "serving looks", girl you literally beg and scam for a living, be humble.

No. 336748

>I've seen literal hookers do this
I see you get what I was implying.

No. 336765

Funny how her and another kawaii personality had their makeup stolen recently with the same exact value, except there is proof of the other's makeup being stolen because it was taken in a stolen car.

No. 336766

Then it would suit Lobster to do so all the more.

No. 336771

Also funny considering how she owns many expensive Japanese brand clothing pieces she could resell in a heartbeat for major $$$ but she sticks with selling "lewds" first.

Also if her illness was so real, wouldn't she qualify for disability and not have to work? Bloo bloo have to get a real job and feel like shit just like everyone else. :)))))

Bonus: $500 worth of makeup gone. Well that's a nice, round number. Also if the job hired her she can just buy some mascara and blush and be fine, "dolled up" doesn't mean you need a $500 lot of makeup. However since she looks ugly as fuck plainfaced, maybe she really does.

No. 336774

File: 1497663209749.png (63.61 KB, 611x464, 1.PNG)

already giving up on her job it seems

No. 336777

You'd also think with how poor she is / has been she'd learn to spend less money on expensive sephora makeup and go for dupes or less pricy shit? Like some of the things were "gifts" but not most. This is yet another example of how shitty she is with money and how she expects people to pick up after her when things like this conveniently happen.

No. 336799

she's nuts, how could anyone be friends with her? God damn. She never shuts up about her """"""""sickness""""""""""""" or whatever new catastrophe has happened… she lies out of her ass even worse than Luna, and Tunas a heroin addict kek.

No. 336826

The girls you mention or lon?
If anybody knows her irl what is she actual doing at her "job" or was doing.

No. 336835

File: 1497674853890.png (105.41 KB, 582x689, vhj.PNG)


No. 336869

Soooo she goes to the hospital and then eats shitty food like ice cream after? No wonder she feels like shit all the time.

It seriously baffles me how thick she is. And how anyone wants to listen to this shit.

>is she friends with minty frills? Because if so LOL

No. 336870

Yep. She has so much entitlement. There are tons of good cosmetics you can get at the drug store. E.L.F cosmetics are great quality and around $1-4 for most products.

The way she expects everyone to always pay for her shows what a spoiled brat she really is. Using her wishy-washy illness as a shield is so beyond pathetic.

No. 336874

Potential newfag question and polite sage but who is minty frills and what has she done

No. 336886

She's the European lon.

>ah, I'm too sick to work

>too depressive to work
>I'm autistic I can't work
>I don't have enough money for food
>I'm so happy I got this new print

Also selling her used brand for scalper prices.

No. 336893

If she doesn't or can't work how does she have the brand closet she does? Sex work?

No. 336911

Swedish system pays well and her parents have a decent income.

No. 336922

God, I met her in real life and she was annoying as hell. She needs a snowflake page for sure. Her facebook is a goldmine.

No. 336923

It really is a goldmine. I always wondered why she not already has a thread on here.

Though, I think her depression is real, but she triggers herself too hard into it. I'm also depressive, but I can still work and do stuff it's just more exhausting for me

No. 336936

Minty frills is also a fakeboi who complains about being misgendered but only ever dresses/presents as super kawaii and girly.

She has multiple haul videos on her yt of hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of brand clothing, and she's clearly milking the swissbux for all that she can.

No. 336938

lonlon's stolen makeup story just doesn't add up. First of all, she claims she parked her car in valet. valet is supposed to be a safer place to park, since there are always attendants on duty, they keep your keys, etc. Since she didn't mention any evidence of a break-in (broken windows or locks, which she certainly would have taken photos of for pity points if they happened), the only way her things would have been stolen is by a valet worker who had the keys. That narrows it down to maybe two people working that night, and why would a valet (who is usually male) steal her makeup? Makeup isn't a resellable product if it's used. She has also never said what this job is that requires her to have her makeup done, and has ignored everyone who has suggested that she go into a sephora or ulta and use the samples to do her makeup before work.

No. 336957

This girl recently added me on facebook and I'm so fucking confused. Like, the more shit she posts, the less it adds up and now that I've found this thread I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Why do I never see any of her "IRL" friends posting? Why is there never anyone that can actually confirm she has these issues? "Sitting at the ER with my best friend" but no one is tagged, and who the fuck is her boyfriend because I don't think I've ever seen his name anywhere either?

It's like she creates people so she can make her shit seem more believable. Not only that, he obviously has no idea how bipolar disorder ACTUALLY fucking works. A person with bipolar doesn't experience weekly swings. A "lot" of ups and downs for a person with bipolar is 7 a year.

No. 336970

Lonlon fucking disgusts me. Ugly bullshit liar and scammer. As someone with horrible chronic illnesses, I actually WORK remotely for a software company so I can take care of myself. It is horrible and shameful how she begs for money, does nothing to better herself, and goes to cons like she does. If she is so sick how the FUCK does she go to these cons and get on a plane. BIG FUCKING LIAR. When I am sick I'm in the hospital. Why is she never hospitalized for these problems if they are that bad? Is she even medicated? Probably not because it's likely her conditions are entirely fabricated

Lonlon get a fucking job you lying piece of shit you give disabled people like me a bad name.

No. 336986

This. I don't doubt her suffering from illnesses and disorder and being "just lazy". I really do. But she never shut up about it and constantly whines and whines again and again. And she's so aggressive and rude.

No. 337003

File: 1497710776547.png (36.34 KB, 591x241, fgh.PNG)

Lazy lazy lazy

No. 337036

Isn't she also into ageplay and doesn't she have a history of being a bitch? I remember there was some more drama about her.

She is also incredibly hideous. Sage because ot.

No. 337037

This. Makeup is rarely, RARELY stolen. It's typically electronics or wallets. Makeup is usually only stolen if someone's entire purse or car gets hijacked.

She is most likely lying to raise money quick for something she wants to buy, just like always.

Also, isn't it funny how for EVERY con she goes to year after year, it is the exact same sob story to get her "followers" to pay for it? Why people in her life don't notice this, I'll never understand.

No. 337090

It depend if the valet wasn't located in a shit part of town. she can drop bank all she wants on valet but if its in a shit part of town and the valet don't really give a shit about the cars only a paycheck her imaginary make up could have gotten stolen but again who steal used make up? nobody that who.

No. 337091

She outed one of her IRL friends and sued her ex i wouldn't be surpised if most of her irl friends are hesitant to post or like post that are calling her out.

No. 337222

File: 1497739970415.jpg (62 KB, 356x578, 20.7.jpg)

>Lost $500 of make up
>wears make up

No. 337246

didn't she say she was in the hospital yesterday? wth is she doing?

No. 337329

Nothing and she is going out of her way to lowkey tell people how "genderfluid" she is
haircut looks a bit shit on her

No. 337420

So, me a working person, won't even think about buying eyeshadow palettes that expnsive, but she, someone who never works needs one (and probably magically gets one? Wait if she's shoplifting?).

No. 337423

she's just fucking entitled. It's gross. Between her ridiculous whining and bullshitting and lying and her fetishistic obsession with black women, she's fucking gross

No. 337495

I really wouldn't put it past her to shoplift from Sephora. If she was caught she would write a long blog post about how she's entitled to expensive makeup because she's sewwww poor and underprivileged! Disabled people have the right to expensive makeup!!!111

No. 337526

jfc she is always "dying" or getting to eat out. I really wish she would just fuck off with all this entitled complaining. Plus she does NOT need to look like this. Guess what, if you don't have a job/income you don't have the right to buy super fancy makeup, wear expensive jfash, and dye your hair pretty colors all the time. It's disgusting how she uses a made up illness to try to fool most people.

Tbh I think what she is doing is just as terrible as shoplifting. She tries to fool people into feeling bad for her and giving her $. She is literally a lying scammer.

No. 337567

Someone on PULL said there was a snapchat of her driving to the hospital having a breakdown. Anyone able to upload that?

No. 337576

Literally everyone and their mothers seem to be claiming gastroparesis these days, what's up with that?

No. 337780

File: 1497845572753.jpg (74.42 KB, 370x378, 20.9-1.jpg)

No. 337781

girl you're white as hell please stop trying to speak for POC. even if you mean well, it's not your place. ugh

No. 337812

This white person most likely got their dreads done at a black salon.

Tbh here, hairstyles like braids and dreads have been used by other cultures as well, just not in recent centuries as it was more common among white people to go completely bold and wear a wig. But before that, especially for the poor there has been no other ways of keeping care of their hair as to braid them into sth more permanent. Americans are just so uneducated, sorry.

No. 337823

It's try hard but I don't see what she's doing as wrong. She's speaking out to white people as a white person rather than trying to pretend the struggle is hers, I think that's a good thing

No. 337853

That's exactly what non-white people dislike. It's not her struggle at all so she shouldn't be trying to speak for anyone but herself.

No. 337945

File: 1497893126959.jpg (31.01 KB, 373x135, 20.10.jpg)

No. 338006

File: 1497903687201.gif (856.94 KB, 450x254, anigif_enhanced-6732-142255142…)


>be obnoxious and uppity to people about political shit you only skimmed the surface of

>"i have aspergers you're misunderstanding me i'm actually explaining it to you calmly nothing is my fault boo hoo"

No. 338109

She IS being rude and that's not because of her assburger. She's extremely passive aggressive. I'm asperger myself and I had cases of people thinking i was cold because i can be distant and stuff like that but this is bullshit. She's being very rude, entitled, and overall unpleasant.
You can't just keep hiding yourself behind your illnesses London, grow up. The day she'll realize SHE is the problem and not "oh it's the whole world against me, poor poor me :(" will be a huge step forward

No. 338136

File: 1497920498104.jpg (109.74 KB, 374x562, 21-1.jpg)

Well today isn't the day

No. 338142

You know, I could have maybe felt bad for her a little bit, up until "my body is really something to behold". All her "woe is me" rants always end with some weird masturbatory ego-stroking.

No. 338147

threatening suicide for attention. Way to go Lon.

No. 338184

Godddddd just shut up and go away. No one likes you so delete your social media and stop ebegging and asking for asspats. It's embarrassing how much she piles on, so many fake conditions for sympathy, while simultaneously saying she is hot shit. Just. Wow.

No. 338343

File: 1497968532366.png (1.12 MB, 605x798, 987.PNG)


No. 338345

File: 1497968551696.png (574.09 KB, 614x812, 45678.PNG)

Someone should fix this for her

No. 338361

Didn't she just confirm that she has a boyfriend?

No. 338393

Yeah she just gay on the inside plus just because you seen kate make one doesn't mean you had to lobster

No. 338571

I don't understand how someone who is so ~depressed~ has the energy or desire to get ready and put on makeup and pose for a picture.

No. 338578

its a three week old pic she just added a shitty deco pic filter to it

No. 338793

File: 1498023665277.png (496.08 KB, 615x635, 142345678.PNG)

Today Lon decided to go to the park and be edgy

No. 338819

I think I'll lose my mind if lonlon starts claiming gastroparesis. It's not like "my tummy huwtss! Gastroparesis!" Even though I think 90% of her illness is exaggerations and lazyness, confusing her shit life, never doing anything, tiredness (her "body pain") depression symptoms ("bedbound") and a shitty diet as several "sooper serious medical illnesses". (Most munchies are convinced they have multiple serious illnesses, when it's usually just 1 or 2 very minor ones, if that). Along w/ the audacity to beg for $ from strangers to go to cons, and be like "I'm starving need $ for food" in the same breath. I was in the first group of patients who were in the medical trials for gastroparesis botox treatment and eventually surgery to permantly fix it. It was hell, I & others were throwing up so much, most of our teeth had rotted and were literally starving to death, & the worst had very severe diabetes on top of that. It ruined people's entire lives, best believe those patients weren't able to "take bomb selfies" and moan on SMS. And just knowing lonlon is constantly posting "starving to death send money on cash app need fuckin junk food!" Holy shit.
And this shit? >>336735
It's like she is totally aware what she's doing.
She's not even like ever actively bettering herself, just totally entitled & a professional victim. Sorry for rage, I usually just sit back, lul, & contribute. But seeing this got me. Saged for 4 day old response.

No. 338932

Holy fuck. That's something serious.
But Lonlon would claim she had cancer if she could, she wants sweet oppreshun points

No. 338946

Didn't she say her doctor suggested she started doing light exercise and she freaked out saying she was too sick how dare they even suggest it? Or am I getting her confused with another cow?

Of fucking course if you sit around all day doing nothing you are going to feel like shit. The human brain and body are not designed to live that way. But she is so far up her own ass she thinks whining to people and ebegging is something she deserves to do.

Also, newsflash Lonlon, since you lurk here: She is telling us about you and thinks you are pathetic. :) Might wanna rethink who you vent to.

No. 338953

So she's talking about suicide but still manages to fit in there bragging that her body is super hot?

No. 339557

her doctor is a mean ableist cis scum

No. 339598

Yep cuz back in November she bitch about how they wouldn't let her keep her pills

No. 339601

File: 1498164313092.jpg (13.65 KB, 376x107, 21.2.jpg)

No. 340185

File: 1498245718684.jpg (35.38 KB, 375x189, 21.3.jpg.6671d3633bf3aa86408d0…)

Someone finally got a job and it sounds super questionable

No. 340380

File: 1498271573190.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.89 MB, 320x240, strip 2.gif)

Gotta be uber shady if she asking for suggestion for protection app

No. 340426

How much do you wanna bet she's a stripper lol
How does she work in a bar without being a bartender and doing something that would be painful
Between all the hints and needing to be dolled up then I wouldn't be surprised

No. 340455


She's a POC?! She's whiter than sour cream!

No. 340470

Sorry for off topic but what's this gif from?

No. 340526

She used to be on my friends list until she deleted me during her drama with Finnyan, she'd constantly complain how sick she was and in need of money and food yet could magically afford to go to cons and buy expensive shit, she really makes disabled people look terrible, and if she was disabled she'd get a pension from the government or at least get some help, she's full of shit

No. 340533

She would actually do well as a stripper, she has a good body and already dresses like one, and has plenty of stripper heels

No. 340651

this is a joke right

No. 340667

Story of little monica

No. 340669

and yet she ebeggs like a mother fucker. She always going to have problems with people who have a bit more efame than her give a few more months and her and Faye will be on the outs

No. 340700


i think she's manning a cigarette stall or doing promotion work for an alcoholic drink company and being the fragile kawaii uguu disabled neuroatypical princess she is, she's acting like the bar is unsafe for attention and oppression points (poor disabled weeb girl has to tolerate normie cishet scum that doesn't understand her boohoo)

No. 340919

No, she's just speaking for all black people by telling her white friends why they shouldn't have dreadlocks. Because of course Lonlon is the voice of the black community.

No. 340923

Most likely stripper or cocktail waitress, but i'd go with cocktail waitress because stripping is incredibly physically demanding
She also has to wear a wig for work and stripping wouldn't require that

No. 341154

File: 1498413303593.jpg (51.31 KB, 370x235, 21.4.jpg)

No. 341203


No. 341205

File: 1498418838853.png (104.49 KB, 601x736, 2222.PNG)


No. 341206

File: 1498418860614.png (42.19 KB, 661x374, 11.PNG)

No. 341218

I got a question if she is getting ssi how is she working? don't they check on things like that? like dont she has to report that? Also bitch this is such a "woe is me my life is soooo hard" post

No. 341219

Daddy kink? You have a Bf ask him to do it

No. 341229

If she's supposedly so disabled, why doesn't she try to get on disability? Is her "autism" even diagnosed? It's so hard to take anything she says seriously because it all does sound like bs. While, yes, autism is a spectrum, as a person who has worked with people with autism, she absolutesly doesn't come off like she has it. 2-3 shifts a month is absolutely absurd, I've seen people with both extreme physical and mental disabilities hold at least part time jobs.

No. 341272

She is on disablity Anon but i think she is self diganosing he "autism"

No. 341315

>i feel like everything about me is unlikeable
Is she becoming lucid?
No but more seriously I want to believe she's not a complete cunt and there's some goodness in her but she's managing to make me roll my eyes everytime i see a post of hers popping in this thread

No. 341433

not really. it's not as if every stripper has to be amazing at polework but you have to be in decent physical shape unless you're working at a place that has low hiring standards. even just walking around in pleasers for a few hours works your calves and legs out like CRAZY.

I could totally see her trying to hustle guys out of money by bringing up her sob stories about being a poor little sick girl who lives in poverty…

No. 341439

Yeah but she walks around and bounces around in platforms in fashions shows and irl. Knowing you have a fucking long wait time backstage im pretty sure her walking around the club in platforms wouldnt be a problem.

No. 341478

She apparently posts shit like this ever. single. AX. and anime convention.

If you go back, it's the same year after year. Woe is me, this con would make everything better, do things for me, give me money, enable my shit behavior, etc.

No. 341480

You are exactly right Anon cuz she did it during sakura Con.

No. 341498

File: 1498451144632.jpg (50.8 KB, 380x202, 21.5.jpg)

No. 341525

soooo….i'm getting older and the pity induced cash flow is drying up so better make myself extra sad sack looking so then i don't have to actually be a almost 30 year old with a job and life thats not cons, drugs, alcohol an shopping?

No. 341545

Why not get a job lmao

No. 341575

>When I'm no longer young and beautiful

Why do these posts constantly end with her stroking her own ego?
Plus lon I hate to break it to you but you're a rotten person inside and out.

No. 341594

This post is like everything that is exactly wrong with her and people like her. Just so much entitlement the world isn't falling into place. She wails she's not young anymore all while being narcissistic and having a self-inflated ego. I can't imagine what it'd be like to actually have to know her. Has she been apart of any local lolita communities ever?

No. 341600

I don't think so but shit, if she ever attended a meet I wouldn't go at all.
If I ever met her I probably couldn't bear her whining all day even if I try my hardest to be nice. Being a naturally "brutally honest" person, she would probably end up crying on her FB about how mean I was and create drama.

No. 341606

You can work a minimum number of hours and still be on SSI. That's probably why she says she "can't" work more than 2-3 shifts per month.

No. 341607

She's really not a lolita, she's into the vaguely "kawaii" j-fashion but outside of fashion shows she doesn't wear actual lolita

No. 341614

>"I have discovered working worsens my health"
>"realistically I only work 3-4 shifts A MONTH"
>"most jobs don't want to keep me after I'm hired"
>"I want to go to film school though!"

Is she fucking retarded? She can only work 3-4 shifts PER MONTH?? Is that a joke? But she thinks she can attend film school, surejan.gif
How fucking lazy can one person be? She attends cons every month, dance and can walk for hours and spend everyday taking hours to do hair/makeup/clothes and another 3 hours taking selfies, while bitching on the internet the rest of the time. And she can only work 3-4 SHIFTS per month?? What a lazy piece of shit, even people with cancer can still work 50x more than Lon. Is she that vapid? "It's not my fault, it's muh autisim!!1"~

No. 341621

"The more I try to live my life like an abled bodied person, the more I physically (and therefore mentally) suffer."

That's not how medical illnesses work, you are 100% able bodied.

"I will never be financially stable. Ill never be independent. I'm always going to be like this."

Nice excuses for future e-begging, sounds like your problem is all in your head, not physically. Entitled trash.

No. 341665


Eh, technically, with some disabilities, especially where fatigue is a significant constituent part, pushing yourself to live a consistently demanding life can make you sicker. At the same time, the reverse is not true. If doing a normal person's workload makes you sick or tired you may just be fucking unfit. Which she is, judging by her absolute lack of adequate self care for someone with her alleged condition. She also does not seem to be under a sane pain management regimen. Pain can drain all your energy, true, but she seems to be so haphazardly medicated for it, no wonder she feels like shit. The same goes for her depression. No person w/a chronic illness should conclude they're depressed unless their health is currently well managed.

Ps. Since someone mentioned it: I worked full time during chemotherapy for leukemia. It's totally doable. But you've got to know how to go about it, slowly increasing load. She just tries to do it all and poops out and then concludes she'll forever live off her Patreon pity bucks. Sage for personal blog.

No. 341966

She probably only works that much cause she's off doing other bullshit the rest of the time.

No. 341976

No but she was on btb before. Thank fuck she isn't in the commm she would bitch like kate did about how "mean lolitas are" and how "there are too many rules"

No. 342290

Oh my fucking Christ who is following this cringe drama right now? Any tea on Finnyan??? Reba???

No. 342295

File: 1498591783688.jpg (125.52 KB, 372x510, 21.6.jpg)

not on Reba because idk who that is. Lobster however
GOd she a special brand of stupid.

No. 342296

Same fag here i don't follow finnyan so i don't have her rebudle

No. 342333

I believe she is talking about Reba Y. She's another Lolita but is friends with the catty Kate Davis.

No. 342341

yeah she is. Long story short she called her fat for making a post hinting at lobster "disablity"

No. 342366

File: 1498598471860.png (146.86 KB, 507x318, Untitled.png)

Sage since unrelated to LonLon really, but apparently a lot of people thought Reba was talking about them. People are such idiots when it comes to victimizing themselves and thinking every little thing is about them. Some caps from R and F. Also Kate jumped in on R's status to insult Lobster.

No. 342370

Funny cuz i thought Her and Kate were besties that shocking

No. 342371

File: 1498598762264.jpg (13.45 KB, 487x58, Capture.JPG)

Kate's comment

No. 342392

It's one thing to think "oh, they're talking about me because I have an 'invisible illness' and have asked for money", it's another thing to go "Oh, they're talking about me because I've used money I've begged for to fly out to cons".

No. 342418

File: 1498603738331.png (296.75 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_6949.PNG)

Here's finns side

No. 342420

File: 1498603788364.png (537.22 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_6950.PNG)

No. 342421

File: 1498603858693.jpg (140.39 KB, 960x502, IMG_6951.JPG)

No. 342446

>Just keep it between us if you don't want to respond

Hypocritical much lon?

No. 342464

Can they all please shut the HELL up saying "gaslight". God I hate SJWs lol. Also I've had my suspsiciouns. I've donated to London's gofundme in the past and finally realized nothing was being done. She's a complete scam artist.

No. 342478

You should do a chargeback.

No. 342483

File: 1498612444527.jpg (114.74 KB, 367x455, 21.7.thumb.jpg.c44d5014598e5d2…)

She's cured you guyz!!11!1

No. 342484

File: 1498612470886.jpg (63.63 KB, 360x479, 21.7-2.thumb.jpg.a8498f67c0a02…)

and the selfy from that post

No. 342495

Ok she looking to cause drama cuz finn is goin to be in little tokyo(she having a meet and greet) and lon is just looking to start shit.
Also i feel bad for her fan/friends to keep kissing her ass like that just to make her feel better.

No. 342496

File: 1498614680719.png (204.42 KB, 1242x1261, IMG_6952.PNG)

Another gem from her FB
>posts about how she's omg dying u guys every other day
>but I'm a strong stoic survivor

No. 342497

>A normal muggle would collapse and crumple into a ball if they felt my pain. Not me.

Wow, Lon, you're so brave for flying out to LA and visiting friends and going out to eat and dancing and going to conventions! Never mind finding a job or doing something that actually helps ACTUAL disabled people.

No. 342514

>serving looks
>looks like any basic ~kawaii~ tumblr girl from the past 10 years

No. 342515

While we're on the topic of her Facebook drama starting, I'm curious. Any deets on how that liam dude handled lonlons accusations? I never saw a rebutle posted.

No. 342537

He just ignored it. Even some of his friends called him out on both his accounts and he never responded.

No. 342556

What accusations did she have against him?

No. 342618

This is great. If she keeps going at this rate, she just might graduate to /pt/ status in the near future

No. 342638

Ahah. Kinda expected it from that weird dickhead since I've heard some sketch shit about him and seen it on my own fb a long time ago but dropping it now and saging since this isint a liam thread.
She accused him of stealing around $800 worth of airbnb refunds+half for a room they rented together for some con its higher up the thread.

No. 342641

Wasn't it sakuracon? She was bitching about it at con (heard through a friend). But it seems like she actually owed him the money, said she would pay him back, she never did, so he got it back this way. Not honest, but being honest with this bitch seems it will always backfire.

No. 342644

Who is Liam by the way??

No. 342787

A photographer from sakura con who didn't produce photos for her and her flakey friends when they wanted because he still was making edits to them and they just ended requesting raws but never getting them

No. 342788

File: 1498677117736.jpg (Spoiler Image, 90.18 KB, 367x489, 18.5-2.jpg)

No. 342792

File: 1498677535204.jpg (13.7 KB, 375x98, 21.8.jpg)

No. 342972

Scam artist + Muh Feminism + Muh invisible illnesses + Die cis white men + Muh Idol Career + Muh abusive ex-bf =
She's the ultimate /pt/ material

No. 343078

File: 1498708041551.png (85.69 KB, 602x634, 22.PNG)

No. 343079

File: 1498708089173.jpg (53.58 KB, 362x246, 21.9-1.jpg)

She apprently made a attept at a apology to one of the people she cursed out

No. 343080

File: 1498708109129.jpg (17.62 KB, 365x85, 21.9-2.jpg)

No. 343104

Someone once made a good point that if you have to constantly talk about what a good person you are despite evidence otherwise you probably aren't so good as you claim.

She wants it to be left alone when she made the post and she instigated this witch Hunt against Finn for absolutely no real reason. Delete the original post, play the victim who "just wants to be left alone", repeat. Seen it happen with people who are manipulative over and over.

No. 343106

Why apologize privately when you can make a half assed attempt while also pointing out several times that she "agreed with hate posts"? Are you fucking kidding me, Lon?

No. 343111

Sage for samefag but good Lord

One, people aren't tired of your shit because you advocate for the oppressed. It's because of your needless victim complex, dishonesty and the fact that you try to wring as much pity from the poor saps who buy into your shit as much as you can.
Second, again with an ego stroking tangent? We already know there's nothing to be jealous of.

No. 343297

Why does she keep saying y'all? It's so cringe.
She's becoming a complete lolcow bt

No. 343302

I can't believe this isn't in pt

No. 343303

This girl is absolutely nuts. She doesn't understand that her thinking she's some advocate for all that is "unjust" is what it catapulting her into almost /pt/ at this point. Who is she even talking to in all these posts? I feel like she's yelling into an empty room or at Facebook friends that simply want to keep their head down.

Just the fact she also has to say "Don't be jealous of me" as if her mental health is anything to envy.

No. 343305

God she's complete trash. She's the jfashion equivalent of those rachet hoes that go on jerry springer and scream "YOU DONT KNOW MY LIFE" when the audience boos them for being a train wreck

No. 343309


With all due respect, this screams like somatisation disorder: nonspecific GI symptoms that are easily explained by her somatising her inner anxieties. She has an incredibly unstable sense of self and identity, which is par for the course in BPD. She wants to be special but she's nothing special, so she has to be super sick. Part of me thinks she's not even a Munchiechan, just someone in need, desperately so, of psychiatric treatment.

No. 343310


She has a favorite Ensure. Let that go through your mind.

(For non-Gastroenterofags: Ensure is a commercially available clinical liquid nutrition formula that's expensive as fuck and tastes like it, too)

No. 343329

A lot of people I know, including myself, have her as a friend on Facebook because her meltdowns and crises are so cringe and entertaining. She's an absolute train wreck and I cannot look away.

No. 343331

I want some receipts for her illnesses, stolen makeup, and a lot of other things. Where is the proof? I see none. She lies about everything.

No. 343430

File: 1498755653702.png (202.57 KB, 750x1334, 3.PNG)

Here we go again. It's a long one so sorry for spam

No. 343432

File: 1498755664455.png (160.37 KB, 281x500, 4.PNG)

No. 343433

File: 1498755675159.png (157.66 KB, 281x500, 5.PNG)

No. 343434

File: 1498755686647.png (159.17 KB, 281x500, 6.PNG)

No. 343435

File: 1498755745729.png (138.38 KB, 281x500, 7.PNG)

last one
>heart react if you read most of it
>rainbow if you read all of it

No. 343441

Yeah no im not reading all that bullshit.

No. 343483

Sage, but you really think the anafags on this site don't know what Ensure is?

No. 343497

Read that and take a shot for every time she says "y'all".

No. 343503

Idk why but Finnian seems pretty shady to me. She acts like she's famous but I have no idea what she does. Looks kinda trans.

As for Lonlon all she does is make excuse after excuse. POOR people don't spend thousands on ugly Jfashion bullshit. Sick people don't go to cons all day. Get off of welfare and get a fucking job.

No. 343521

How much you wanna bet she's actually using her SSI money on going to AX and other B's? I seriously doubt she lives on her own or has to pay for her oen necessities

No. 343525

She can work a job. Even if it's a Walmart store greater, an online cam girl, making people websites for $10 idk but there's absolutely no excuse for her not to be working. Especially when there's actual retards who do it daily

No. 343534

Oh for fucks sake. Even giving you the benefit of the doubt as to the existence of your illnesses, you're not disabled. You're sick, but there is no big ableist conspiracy to make your life miserable. You and whatever illnesses you have (I maintain it's mostly a somatisation disorder atop BPD) are making your life miserable, and you are doing a fantastic job at making your life utter shite by sperging out and being a massive drama magnet. Gah.

No. 343611

I thought she was working cuz she was bitching about finding a app for protection reason

No. 343752

Finn is milky AF, there was a thread on her but it died. Thinking about reviving it when my job slows down because she's as crazy+attention-whoring as Lon just in a different way.

It cracks me up whenever she says shes ~defending~ people!! bitch you're not helping anyone by making whiny ass facebook statuses or 'calling out' random people. you know what owuld really help fight perceptions that invisible illness people are lazy? getting a fucking job. LOL.

No. 344110

File: 1498848284786.jpg (38.5 KB, 372x174, 22.3.jpg)

No. 344111

this week on "things that absolutely did not happen"

No. 344130

if it did i would have given the guy a gold metal

No. 344133


Puh-leeeeze. Her autism claim is perhaps the weirdest I've ever heard. She has literally zero of the symptoms and does shit no one with Aspergers could even hope to accomplish. Going to a con? Being full of emotions all the time and expressing them? Interacting with people with no issues? No evidence of perseverative behaviors or lacking ToM? Fuck off. Just because you talked a third rate shrink into signing some shit paperwork for you by convincing them you're more awkward than you actually are doesn't make you disabled. Least of all should you ever listen to any shrink who diagnoses you with BPD and autism at the same time.

As for the rest, gtfo. Please tell me how you are too sick to work when people on chemo or with CF or with many other life limiting illnesses work hard to pay for your ass. It enrages me that there are people who are actively dying who have to spend time they could and should spend with their family working instead, so you can sit on your ass and spout Bernie memes and whine about your disabilities.

Sage for rage.

No. 344135


I think he's referring to my message >>343534

No. 344141

No i was referring to >>344110

No. 344170

Does this bitch EVER stop complaining, holy shit

No. 344193


Yeah, I meant she was referring to what I posted here earlier saying she was not disabled. A position which I maintain. She's not disabled. She's spoiled rotten, even though she doesn't realize it - others with much more severe illnesses don't have the luxury of a life of cosplay and doing casual work 3-4 days a month (lol wut) and leeching off others in the meantime.

No. 344315

File: 1498875352813.png (43.86 KB, 539x577, 1.png)

No. 344316

File: 1498875370315.png (48.78 KB, 522x582, 2.png)

her trip is off to a good start lmao

No. 344318

File: 1498875382415.png (482.31 KB, 604x753, lkjhgfd.PNG)

No. 344370

>tfw when you recognize someone from your remote community in her comments
This just proves to me LonLon adds people from anywhere that'll accept her friends requests. She preys upon the fact these people are fresh and don't know her to write outlandish, probably false stories to milk sympathy.

I tried to look up how many people are friended with her, since I'm going to guess it's max, but it says 6,263 people follow her. It's so weird when people use their personal Facebooks like they're fanpages.

No. 344376

Why is Lonlon always complaining?

No. 344379

ikr. i dont know how anyone hangs around on her page when all she does is complain. its fucking exhausting.

sage for no contrib

No. 344389


So, I used to use airport wheelchair services a few times when I was undergoing chemo and was too weak to do stuff despite not looking too sick. Airport wheelchair attendants do a difficult and strenuous job for extremely little money. Most chose to do what they're doing, and they could've chosen plenty of easier positions for the same pay. Many are great conversationalists and genuinely nice people, and they do know Munchies from the genuinely ill. They are aware that there are much more people in need of an attendant than there are attendants, and even though you don't need to show medical documentatIon to request one, they know who needs one and who doesn't. They also know that someone deserving would have to sit in an uncomfortable airport wheelchair, possibly risking pain and/or sores, so that Lobsterchan can have her speshul treatment.

No. 344391


Oh come on. Who walks up to someone and asks them if they're disabled? I don't know about AX etiquette (too old to be a weebfag) but this does not sound realistic to me.

No. 344401

con weebs are generally the same breed as tumblr fag muh illnesses types so I wouldn't be shocked. But then again Lonlon lies about everything.

Idk how the fuck she can afford to travel from Mississippi to cons every month, buy tons of new j-fashion etc when she's on welfare. Not to mention people who have hung with her at cons have said that she's totally 100% fine walking around. I think one day her posts will catch up to her. The welfare / disabilities offices sometimes check social media for bullshit like this. She's a total fraud

No. 344414

>"are you a fellow disabled person, my comrade? Despite having no way I could possibly tell because of 'invisible illness'?"
>I most certainly am, fellow disabled person

In what universe?

No. 344440

I mean if this did happen it was most likely because Lon was whining about all her "illnesses" and someone overheard. Little did they know it wasn't a fellow chronically ill person but a narcissistic disaster

No. 344453

I could see the attendant being terse with her (most airport staff seem indifferent in general), and Lon feeling especially sensitive about it because she knows she doesn't really need the wheelchair. It's like when people know they're in the wrong and overreact to compensate for their guilt.

No. 344524


I can more see her being an absolute asshole to a poor wheelchair attendant because she's not happy unless the world is against her in some great big ableist conspiracy that she always somehow overcomes. If any of that story happened, and that's a big ass if, I can completely imagine her starting off so rudely and abrasively that she set an adverse tone for the whole interaction.

No. 344527

File: 1498929845319.png (72.37 KB, 599x745, 1.PNG)

No. 344528

File: 1498929867458.png (873.31 KB, 611x712, 2.PNG)

No. 344533


Someone please tell her that being tired after staying up till 2am is not a 'fibroflare', it's being tired after staying up till 2am.

No. 344651

File: 1498944380407.png (546.17 KB, 588x602, lkjhg.PNG)

>Needs a wheelchair @ the airport
>dances in her underwear with shaky platforms a few hours later live on FB

Lon Logic

No. 344652

File: 1498944399024.png (523.22 KB, 581x673, 3.PNG)

No. 344671

"My body is something to behold"
Yeah ok, looks bad

No. 344678

"Who is angry reacting? Because I look so good?"
Lon is fucking cringier on video somehow.

No. 344710

File: 1498949873462.png (419.35 KB, 489x534, 2.PNG)

She'so lumpy

No. 344714

its only because she dresses like an asshole. her body is fine.

No. 344718

Strung to look like a Christmas ham

No. 344737

uck what the fuck is this she's so disgusting

No. 344777

she trying to act like a 2007 cringy weeb by doing cat hands.
Is she on all of the drugs like she looks trashy as hell

No. 344853


Jesus fucking Christ on a sandwich, she is ugly as fuck. Holy fuckity.

No. 344856

Looks like a tranny

No. 344895

She shared some latex clothes with words like 'kinky' and 'slut' on them and she got a comment "It fits your new job!", can anyone confirm if her new job is sex work?

No. 344899

Oh yes lonlon doing sex work, I can totally see her staring into the camera waiting for money to just fall in while she prattles on about her book of illnesses and whatever injustice the world dared to make her suffer that day.

No. 344939

I was bored so I was looking around and saw she had a thread on kiwifarms from a while ago and someone posted this video. (Hope it's ok to share.) Her friends have also been posting videos from AX of her dancing around. For someone who supposedly needs to pee every 15 minutes and use a cane/wheelchair, she sure seems completely fine.

No. 344952

This is so weird. Is she self aware, or…? I feel like all those mental breakdowns and petty dramatic spats with literally everyone can't be faked.

No. 345053

She sounds like a narcissist who's gonna shoot up a mall someday. This legit gave me Elliot Rodger vibes.

No. 345098

File: 1499024870294.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, 22.5.PNG)

at least her hair wasn't thinning in it shit look at her hair now

No. 345103

I don't wanna hear her bitch about her "illness" or "abelist" because if she can shake her ass with her friend she isn't tht damn disabled

No. 345112

>omg and like we are so totally the same, y'all
Her way of speaking is so annoying

No. 345610

File: 1499103896993.jpg (67.47 KB, 383x432, 22.7.jpg)

She looks like she's on something

No. 345662

But shes not in europe. She can get ugly glassses for $50. Or two pair for 69.99 with an eye exam.

No. 345668

Even in Europe shit is not that expensive. You can get a fucking pair of glasses here for 30-60€ they won't be 'perfect' but they'll do their job and will last a lot longer than a pair of lenses.

No. 345669

Who cares if he says y'all are boyfriend/girlfriend. He couldnt buy you some drugstoremakeup or feed you! I do like the last bit about not having options.

No. 345891

I'm legit in danger of dying and I work retail.

No. 345903

File: 1499142972475.jpg (11.68 KB, 371x80, 22.9.jpg)

No. 345920

File: 1499145364438.png (23.58 KB, 598x232, kjhgf.PNG)

>I only brought enough money to pay for my ticket and nothing else im poor desu
>lol time to go shopping

No. 345921

File: 1499145398672.png (891.42 KB, 610x806, lkjhg.PNG)

No. 346011

She's the whiniest person alive. I never ever saw someone so whiny and victimizing themselves so hard in my entire life.

No. 346019

This fucking potato nosed spaz
Despite obviously faking disability there really must be something wrong with her brain to not be embarrassed of the shit she posts and the way she carries herself

No. 346025

>no one knows that I am chronically ill, or that I just puked
No one… besides all the people you blast that information to online?

No. 346096

Most people who are chronically ill are able to normalize symptoms like pain or vomiting. Meaning it's an accepted part of their life and not unusual enough to make posts about every day. Lon talks about it in nearly every other post.

No. 346101

Why wouldn't she just get them from Zenni like everyone else. They literally have $10 frames.

No. 346296

File: 1499205944786.jpg (169.31 KB, 363x607, 23.1.jpg.cab9a1a9d649a9415e940…)

Guess who made a big scene and nearly got kicked out of the Con

No. 346297

File: 1499205953900.jpg (51.24 KB, 360x177, 23.2.jpg.a41367982c6d14e017ee3…)

No. 346298

File: 1499206043336.png (36.09 KB, 575x429, ;lkjh.PNG)

No. 346299

File: 1499206052457.png (84.06 KB, 611x806, ugh.PNG)

No. 346301

You know there's not many cows here who make me angry but this cow actually does that. Shocking

No. 346304

She's such a cunt. I really feel for those poor workers who had to deal with her ass. I doubt she was as calm and collected as she claims, I bet she was hysterical and making a scene

No. 346313

she's always "calm and collected", it's always someone berating her, even though she jumps down everyone's throats about an accidental misunderstanding of things. I highly doubt that she was calm at all. She was probably scowling, short-tempered, feeling superior to everyone else's rights, ready to rip a throat out for even thinking of denying her, etc.
Someone who's familiar with AX's disability accommodations needs to verify if there's some sort of extra thing they get with their badge or something. Just being about to spout "I have a disability let me in here" seems like something anyone can do.

No. 346326

>something wrong with her brain

Would popping pills like candy do the trick?

No. 346336

Anyone run into her at the con?

No. 346388

she keep indirectly bring up her drama with finn she just reposted a post one on her friends made
about staying friends with "toxic" people. Like bitch you are the most toxic person ive ever seen online besides Onision

No. 346486

File: 1499227653019.png (30.36 KB, 612x235, 1.thumb.PNG.b606a0b377c9d80908…)

anybody wanna donate to the lonbon scam. You just was talking about how you were in the dealers room and you were rockin a $200 Jacket either you don't wanna go home or you blew it all on stupid shit and now trying to figure out how to get back home.

No. 346491

Kek, my bet is that she's going to try to get the money from her ticket back

No. 346492

Wait. She said in the first part of this post that she had photos of the staff who was rude to her, but now she had to try to describe her and couldn't identify her?

No. 346493

A friend saw her at a party dancing her ass off and apparently drunk. Should she even be drinking with her bladder disease? I have a normal bladder and alcohol makes me have to pee like crazy.

No. 346548

Saw her walking around today perfectly fine, although she looks like a literal skeleton irl.

No. 346716

Honestly, I find her interesting. She is a white female priviledged begger but she uses all these old man african american sayings. As a blackwoman ive never heard someone like her string together that thought train. Then she launches back to white sjw then she begs. I would like to meet her but only for 15 mins cause the begging would irrate me. This is how she gets away with it. Curious women, whiteknight males and farmers. donating to her is just paying for stories. She has no shame. I bet her family hates her cause she blows money on asian fun trinkets. Some parts of miss dont have indoor water and the bus comes once a week. And she is paying to go to cons and do fashion shows for free! Some hometown girls are going to beat her up for this one day. Lol.

No. 346722

I can confirm she dances and drinks. And yes, she obviously shouldn't drink if she has to pee every 15 minutes. 99% sure she does drugs too.

Also, I may be wrong but I am pretty sure you need to have some form of ID if you are disabled to use prohibited bathrooms.

No. 346897

"LEAKAGE" this whiny sob got me cracking tf up.
fkn don't drink and do drugs if you gotta pee 100 times a day as it is dumbass

No. 346914

File: 1499298011998.png (60.62 KB, 622x635, lkjhhg.PNG)

It's not a con for Lon if she doesn't try scamming people.

No. 346915

File: 1499298021484.jpg (65.65 KB, 539x960, 19665265_10213374580389823_202…)

No. 346916

File: 1499298026851.jpg (60.57 KB, 704x960, 19665452_10213374587269995_706…)

No. 346917

File: 1499298032432.jpg (58.76 KB, 861x960, 19702509_10213374598950287_314…)

No. 346918

File: 1499298040186.jpg (67.31 KB, 539x960, 19748386_10213374605710456_309…)

No. 346927

oh no my real friend that exists what will you do in Your Terrible Situation what could possibly help you

No. 346931

Funny how this comes just after her complaining about being broke.

No. 346952

File: 1499302090698.png (163.76 KB, 641x481, lkjhg.PNG)

>Send me money to give to my ~friend~
>Lolz give me suggestions for fun things to do in LA with the magical money I somehow have now

No. 346968

We used this story already lobster
btw can you describe the make and model of your "friends" car and why didn't they make the fucking post

No. 346976

File: 1499309541690.jpg (131.4 KB, 374x500, 23.4.jpg.8455c0ac58dd589bd2f69…)

which is it lon?

No. 346981

If she skips eating for 5 days, maybe her body will absorb some of the fat from her nose. And ego.

No. 346986

Ok, it's official: she's the worst.
That bitch deserve /pt, even more than Luna (minus the drugs abuse?)
Anyway, while we are on this subject, I'm considering to make a London drawing for a future OP pic…any idea my dear anons?

No. 347000

How can you be this shameless? I'm cringing just reading that shit.

>wahwah, I can't plan ahead to stay afloat financially, I prefer buying clothes instead of having money set aside in case of emergency, PROVIDE FOR ME

No. 347005

draw her ebegging

No. 347016

You have to be from a rural area to appreciate this scam. With these people its always a car or food.
I wonder does an old lady write this for her.this sounds like something a hooker tells her customers looking for a few bucks. Lon pulls these old scams. People stopped talking like this in the '90s. Does she smurk to herself as she writes? No shame.

No. 347017

I don't doubt lon is poor but I don't see why she stays poor. She's thin and takes underwear pics. Why doesnt she work a con table. People will let her take breaks! She won't be a high earner but she won't be so assed out every month. She lives like a ssi person who doesnt know better. They spend all there money in a few days to feel like a person. But lon knows better. She see's con people with money all month long. She needs a payee(they ration funds).

No. 347027

Draw her pissing herself (the leakage) while ableist con attendants question why she didnt pee in the many bathrooms accessible in the venue

No. 347039

How is this "friend" texting her via fb messenger if she has no wi-fi? Why are they sleeping on the ground and not IN THEIR CAR? Who makes a drive that far on a car that they don't know is reliable?

Honestly she's so predictable. It's always a "friend" having an issue. That friend must have PayPal if Lon is going to send the money to them, why not send it to them directly instead of through Lon? She could have set up a fake email for them to send the money to. This is such bullshit. She squandered all of her cash at the con but now she wants to shop more so she's e-begging again.

No. 347052

Nobody wants your drawings sooo nu..lol

No. 347074

Comparing the writing styles here and taking in concern that it's lon we're talking about here and that said 'friend' wants to stay annon. You sure all see what I see that she wrote these messages to herself either via a website generating the fb messenger or has a second account on FB

No. 347349

File: 1499363926873.png (25.26 KB, 620x218, first.PNG)

she just can't stay consistent

No. 347350

File: 1499363938540.png (68.53 KB, 611x689, 1.PNG)

No. 347351

File: 1499363944320.png (34.04 KB, 589x410, 2.PNG)

No. 347354

Well, she does have two, Lonlon Edwards AND London Edwards. Although the other one hasn't been publicly active in some time it doesn't mean it won't be used when little miss need-money-and-asspats is in yet another financial ruin.

I fuckin hate her, she's disgusting. And I don't understand how can people fall for her shit time and time again? She doesn't even give anything back, ever! She's just an entitled, spoiled monster.

And the only reason she was worried for her friend is because that friend was gonna be her money suplly. Not because she really cares.

No. 347374

I wonder what the friend she's currently staying with thinks of all of this

No. 347408

File: 1499369688028.jpg (49.43 KB, 373x251, 23.5.jpg)

No. 347458

/pt/! /pt/!

No. 347467

Sounds like she might've stained the bathroom when she was dying her hair for her super kewl pastel Harley Quinn lewk

No. 347508

for real? You should post more deets I wanna hear about that. I also kind of want to see this supposed passive aggressive post.

No. 347509

File: 1499381210487.png (782.38 KB, 600x664, hgf.PNG)

No. 347510

I hate her for making me laugh at someone saying they are "getting sicker by the day". She lies so much. I think she reads this thread and then doubles down. She needs to learn how to fish. They may have banned her for begging. Ha ha ha. A tear is in my eye.

No. 347511

File: 1499381229740.png (15.57 KB, 560x151, vcc.PNG)


No. 347536

I don't like her either but she's in no way worthy to be on /pt/.

No. 347541


she belong in /pt/

No. 347562

How can people even handle having her on their feed holy shit. She is so obnoxious. If you are in intense physical pain, instead of posting on fb shouldn't you be going to urgent care?

No. 347571

Shes right about playing it cool to get away from a guy. Some girls get loud but that doesnt always work.
However, how did he know about her living stitution. Is she so accustom to begging that she told him about her living stitution. Did she ask for money and he offered his place? She is too small to play these games.

No. 347574

"I never buy anything at cons" Yeeeaaaahhhh about that…you always show off the expensive shit you buy at cons, find a better lie. Also didn't you say originally that you only had $80? And your clothes aren't all old and worn out hun you ask for places to buy jfashion items and shit all the time. C'mon we expect better lies from you.

No. 347575

Because that would be too much like work for our little charity princess. Work is for all the "able bodied bitches" kek.

No. 347576

Never in my whole farmer life (and I'm following different dramus including the cosplay,lolita,gyaru,…comms since 8 years now) have I witnessed someone that whiny,entitled and outright attention whoring.
Oh my god.

No. 347581

File: 1499390766195.jpg (73.17 KB, 365x293, AX exposed.jpg)

No. 347582

File: 1499390791190.jpg (86.24 KB, 355x463, AX exposed 2.jpg)

No. 347599

Lonlol why don't you go talk to the roommate instead of bitching about it on Facebook?

No. 347633

Bitch gunna get banned from cons and then try to sue them for being ableist lmfao

No. 347643

File: 1499396311114.jpg (19.87 KB, 342x93, 23.6.jpg)

No. 347664

File: 1499399454826.jpg (41.2 KB, 600x583, managerhaircut.jpg)

>she was still allowed to work as a staff member after I made a complaint to the manager

Welcome to real life, where people don't lose their jobs because you don't like them. I bet her and her manager had a real good laugh over this.

No. 347672

Lon you said your the only stranger in the house
It was totally you.

No. 347922

Didn't she pull this same scenario during Sakuracon? Some mystery friend's car broke down and all of a sudden her and Artemis need money for them. But then after that the friend was never mentioned again or even seen.

She's obviously lying like this just sounds so ridiculous.

No. 347978

File: 1499455967505.jpg (22.12 KB, 384x116, 23.7.jpg)

No. 348024

File: 1499461423386.jpg (306.18 KB, 2048x2048, A28F78E2-6D12-4F98-8BA9-C95FC9…)

Top image is the "passive aggressive" post Lonlon was referring to. Bottom image is another post by the same person also clearly target at lobster, which probably prompted her other post about panhandling. From what I gather Lon is staying at this girls place because she's friends with her roommate?

No. 348093

Yeah lobster was friends with the roommate. i agree with her roomates friend dont be a nasty bitch at someone elses house wtf is wrong with you

No. 348101

Yeah, maybe after several more threads.

No. 348105

So this bitch has me blocked for commenting on how she is shitty on a friend's status, but gdi if I wasn't blocked I would go off on her so hard. Like she literally makes my blood boil with how stupid she is.

No. 348204

what did you say?

No. 348305

>Lon pulls these old scams. People stopped talking like this in the '90s.

lmaoooooo this cracked me up but it's true

No. 348422

Thanks guys, it's great. I'll do it asap.

No. 348899

I used to follow her just for her fashion stuff but seeing how awful she actually is hilarious .. it's insane how people constantly give her nice stuff and money and trips and she does nothing but complain about how sick she feels, it's so immature. Which she will just blame on mental illness. I used to do the same thing when I was a jealous manipulative cunt of a 17 year old living in poverty and thought I deserved the damn world for my troubles. Thankfully I got help and matured, but she's a total example of a spoiled narcissistic kid who never grew up

No. 348923

Does anyone know what her parents do or what kind of house she lives in? I can't help but feel she is from a decently well off family.

No. 348935

She is. They don't live like millionares but they are doing fine. she just like to play the "im a poor white woman who need to be paid for her troubles" card

No. 349264

File: 1499604942160.png (132.35 KB, 1216x616, IMG_0045.PNG)

> shitthatdidnthappen.png

No. 349265

File: 1499604976219.png (368.42 KB, 1191x1284, IMG_0046.PNG)

> pityme.jpg

No. 349267

File: 1499605038923.png (212.47 KB, 1211x782, IMG_0044.PNG)

> imsosick.bmp

No. 349448

Bitch why the fuck did you even go if you where that damn sick. "I cant live without a con desu" fuck off

No. 349746

File: 1499660844097.jpg (134.26 KB, 374x447, 23.9.jpg)

No. 350167


a bit late now, but i wish that staff member was a farmer and she recognized her and that's why she didn't want to give access to her.

No. 350396

File: 1499744534162.jpg (29.31 KB, 375x247, 24.2.jpg)

so her and her genderfluid fuckboi ass decided to post ths

No. 350418

she looks like a dirty 15 yr old boy. ew.

No. 350435

> she looks like a dirty 15 yr old girl. ew.


No. 350644

Lon could be a model. She reminds me of "wet seal". I went to look them up and they're out of business. She could model for pac sun. The only issue is she is not going to work 12 hour days for weeks on end.

No. 350748

File: 1499799973057.jpg (59.91 KB, 375x502, 24.3.jpg)

Yes she still has BF

No. 350757

First off, learn to sage. Secondly, Wet Seal and Pac Sun. What year is this. 2002?

No. 350765

What is happening

why early 2000s teen retailers that are currently bankrupt

They're not even her style, I am so confused by your post

No. 352702

File: 1500072743313.jpg (57.93 KB, 377x480, 24.6.jpg)

actually cut off her hair

No. 352767

In a day or two I bet she'll regret it

No. 352772

This suits her face better. I wonder if she'll become a fakeboi

No. 352775

i'm pretty sure she already had a 600 word rant about people not validating her gender fluidity cus she works skirts.

No. 352814

Look at her first and greasyness. Its one of the cali surfer looks. She fits one of those fit fast fashion brands if old.
She does some tech punk but strip that away and you have cali surfer.
Lazy ass could do chrisst teigen modeling but she would rather make us laugh.

No. 352818

Im on mobile. Face, old, and some more words need to be replace.

No. 352988

You can delete a post within 30 mins to edit it… and sage goes in the email field.

No. 353861

File: 1500259740933.jpg (55.72 KB, 363x213, 24.9.jpg)

No. 353896

Does this girl ever stop bitching/whining? Is she seriously this negative 24/7? She's the absolute worst. The only time I've seen her ever say anything positive is when she's talking about her own looks.

No. 353943

Bullshit what she really means is that she knows if more people see this page then those people will agree and start posting/laughing here too.

No. 353945

Probably because you whinge and complain 24/7 and are really fucking self-centered and annoying but nobody wants to tell that to your face because you'll just vaguebook about them and paint them as an evil abuser rapist and yourself an innocent wee lamb.
I do wish this girl would shut up.

No. 354007

While I won't cow tip, I'm excited for the day she learns that most of her "friends" talk/post about her in the first place. :^)

No. 355094

File: 1500435736272.jpg (57.54 KB, 367x449, 25.jpg)

No. 355159

Calling out for her scams = stalking
Disagreeing with her = being a hater

Yeah, Lonlon we're cis cum bullies, and you're just an innocent and charming "disabled" princessu.
We're just haters, nothing to do with you being a whinning scammer.

I wonder why that bitch still have followers. It's inexplicable.

No. 355232

I wonder too. Five of my friends follow her. Ew.

No. 355234

lmao press charges? For what? "Cyberbullying"?
I've been truly "bullied" and this shit right there is nothing. We're merely calling her out on her shit.

No. 355940

File: 1500525215727.jpg (65.97 KB, 369x306, 25.1.jpg)

Anybody going?

No. 356107

She looks like Draco Malfoy if he crossdressed in ugly clothes

No. 357601

File: 1500752785809.png (196 KB, 750x1334, 25.2.PNG)

I hope you guys are ready to rage quit.
this girl is shameless

No. 358222

Figures she makes his suicide about herself. Jfc

No. 358239

he didnt wear a mask about it, he talked about it and wrote music about it too

No. 360607

File: 1501042919653.jpg (16.94 KB, 375x116, 25.5.jpg)

Hear that guyz ya gotta pay to flirt.
what a cunt.

No. 360654

Probably the only funny thing she's said so far, although it will backfire when these guys take it seriously and pay her but expect to get something back for their cash.

No. 360668

>fan mail
That bitch is delusional.

No. 361626

File: 1501175531404.jpg (48.43 KB, 362x275, 25.6.jpg)

All of her meds. Now im no doctor but… how the fuck is she walking!!

No. 361629

lol probably the ones that are true are painkillers, pepto and a multivitamin

No. 361631


I might be wrong, but benzodiazepine isn't the name of one medication - it's a family of medications such as diazepam. Also, she doesn't name all of the painkillers she takes, not to mention that you can't mix a lot of painkillers together usually. At least I think that's how it works.

Sage for medication mumble.

No. 361637

She's such a munchie jesus christ. It's hilarious how she lists her supplements as well. Girl, tons of people take a lot of meds and vitamins every day as well. I don't get why she thinks this is important to post.

No. 361868

File: 1501197487754.jpg (941.54 KB, 2953x2244, dpi-2014_WS-035_PainFocus_FigR…)

I call bullshit on a lot of those. She's already on an NSAID, which also works as a painkiller. I'd believe it if she also had to take a short-acting analgesic occasionally for emergencies. But an NSAID + adjuvants (the benzo)+ two different non-NSAID analgesics? That's not how these medications work. She'd have to be in a LOT of pain.
And what the hell is she saying about the steroid inhalers? Symbicort, Advair and BREO all contain a long acting beta-agonist + steroid. The difference is in the individual compounds, but the effects are mostly equivalent. Idk what she meant with the lung infections, inhaled steroids can actually make that worse.

No. 362216

Kek this flake
>body to behold
>is skinny fat

Expects to be paid for being a lazy piece of shit munchie weeaboo neet
I hope this bitch is not on nor ever able to get on disability
American tax payers don't deserve that

No. 362242


she definitely is, she mentions it constantly. she spends it all on makeup and jfash.

No. 362476

File: 1501276217814.jpg (29.49 KB, 380x249, 25.8.jpg)

>Doing this for my panel

Translation "send me hate mail so i can show my fans that i have haterz and able body oppressors attacking me online T_T"

No. 362619

can the anon from >>361868 send her a message about her medications. you seem to know what youre talkin about. fake spoonies irritate me so much

No. 362760

same as a homeless looking for handouts while being theives and addicts
Worse so bc she's middle class and living with parents
hope She gets dropped whenever president cheetoh sama finalizes his fuck the American people bill.
Grateful that I don't work in the us and have to support this waste of space with even a fraction of my earnings
Spergy blogpost but she is so cringe

No. 363228

Any body went to her panel? was it shit?

No. 363379


You are entirely correct, and there's a big ass difference between someone who takes diazepam and someone fucked up on Klonopin. I think in her case, with her blazing intellect, she equated the class with its archetypical molecule, diazepam.

No. 363464

File: 1501425803494.png (400.25 KB, 1242x1612, IMG_8588.PNG)

She's so full of herself..

No. 363523


The fuck?

No. 363547

File: 1501437107997.png (280.86 KB, 1242x1178, IMG_8589.PNG)

No. 363551

I thought this was the fakeboi thread for a second. She looks like that Tumblr idiot, ~*~*~mahou prince~*~*~

No. 363553

File: 1501437710991.png (226.95 KB, 1242x1872, IMG_8590.PNG)

No. 363563

This idiot. for someone who has a fuckton of illness. "guys im in pain!!! my bones they hurt!!! i can't walk i needz my weelchair!!" why the fuck is she wearing a binder and not a sport bra?!! binders pose more risk and pain if you wear them long enough and knowing this dumbass she would. She just so fucking dumb.

No. 363625

File: 1501450082169.png (547.53 KB, 1242x2017, IMG_8597.PNG)

She doesn't look like Leo or any Kpop boy, wtf

No. 363633

she looks like a damn narc. /thats/ what she looks like

No. 363697

would not be suprised if she does Meth.

No. 363704


I think she realized that her lame and harmless illnesses (seriously? Fibromyalgia? Not even vEDS or something trendy?) aren't netting her enough sympathy so she decided she'll tranny it up. Usually we see it the other way around (genderfluids who suddenly discover they have chronic everythingitis), so this is quite an interesting case.

No. 363777

Boy she sure is trying toto get as much brownie points as she can.
What a pathetic munchie.

No. 363787

what is this outfit
oh you were getting so much attention? was this before or after you started pissing yourself uncontrollably

No. 363791

This look kind of fits
She's still insufferable
But have to admit she looks better as a fakeboi instead of trying to make her potato features feminine

No. 363795

Sage for samefag
I take it back
Munchie loser thinks she's comparable to young leo jfc the unwarrented narcissism

No. 364733

File: 1501613471854.jpg (37.71 KB, 372x158, 26.2.jpg)

What photographer work for fucking free?!

No. 364746

Did anyone go to her panel at mechacon?

No. 364832

why do all fakebois do this pose? It's like they saw those manspreading memes and took them seriously.

No. 364862

File: 1501630243688.jpg (165.02 KB, 373x563, 26.5.jpg)

No. 364885

Lonlon is such petty filth and I want so badly for someone to tell her off.

No. 364907

shall we take bets for when her bf dumps her and starts banging this other chick

No. 364946

if he hasn't in the past or is doing so behind her back i say three weeks.

No. 365924

I feel like there are so many holes in this
Why did she post this publicly with a boyfriend? Wouldn't he see this post and get upset?
If her boyfriend cared about her, wouldn't he drop any ill-willing "friend" that tried spreading rumors of his girl?
And if he definitely wasn't banging this other chick… Why'd he happily let her stay when he previously had all these plans with his girl to go out??
Almost making him seem like he was pretty okay with dropping his date plans..
She just lies so much

No. 365975

File: 1501772615839.png (102.01 KB, 1242x1125, IMG_8664.PNG)

No. 366025

the only talk about suicide is in her trigger warning

No. 366214

>tells people to pay her for sending fanmail
>wants photogs to work for free

No. 366247

if taking benadryl to fall asleep is considered suicidal, then I guess I try to kill myself every night lmao

No. 366292

File: 1501810984204.jpg (75.79 KB, 372x326, 26.8.jpg)

No. 366312

>Missed her deadline for a scholarship
and that just goes to show how irresponsible and lazy this bitch is. Smh

No. 366329

File: 1501816867873.jpg (58.67 KB, 371x263, 26.9.jpg)

No. 366653

File: 1501881299377.png (259.4 KB, 1242x1412, IMG_8705.PNG)

No. 366654

File: 1501881448693.png (447.83 KB, 1225x1699, IMG_8706.PNG)

No. 366660

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh for what purpose

No. 366798

if you were gonna choose yourself some fake illnesses why pick incontinence

No. 366833

File: 1501900996473.jpg (117.09 KB, 369x515, 27-1.jpg)

because why the fuck not

No. 366834

I guess she couldn't be fucked to clean her room before taking this pic

No. 366897

File: 1501916754694.png (53.21 KB, 490x720, loblob.png)

1. is she not sitting backstage here? >>363464
Also if standing is such a huge problem for her (+ if she has fibro) why did she wear 10in platforms??

2. christ she is egotistical

No. 366992

I think IC is interstitial cysts, not incontinence. I don't think she's ever stated she's had that.

No. 366998

She's definitely a munchie/spoonie.

No. 367001

So, marking the 'pain' in the yellow areas it looks like she's just not doing enough sports? Kek

No. 367005

um yeah she has

No. 367049

File: 1501952766652.png (209.85 KB, 1242x1345, IMG_8735.PNG)

Not looking forward to this shit..

No. 367124

So much to being in constant pain and barely being able to move

No. 367199

File: 1501969111938.png (399.39 KB, 1224x2011, IMG_8745.PNG)

No. 367266

who the fuck told her that?! because THEY need their ass kicked. also the kpop community can be cut throat so i don't think she going to handle it well

No. 367267

she looks like she wearing a diaper is she trying to find a daddy to age play with?

No. 367305

Topkek at people thinking her "workout lines" from slouching when she sits are abs. London doesn't have a bad body, but she clearly doesn't work out, just underweight enough for what muscle she does have to show through more easily.

No. 367558

File: 1502022306654.png (545.49 KB, 1238x1882, IMG_8752.PNG)


No. 367559

File: 1502022355029.png (638.41 KB, 1242x2002, IMG_8753.PNG)


No. 367560

File: 1502022380833.png (495.16 KB, 1239x1837, IMG_8754.PNG)


No. 367574

Nice humble bragging, Lon. Tbh her body always has an unhealthy looking yellow glow to it, so I wouldn't say she's what society considers beautiful. And her stomach freaks me out.

No. 367709

"Better include some pics of me" Lon, you're so gross. You did not win the genetic beauty lottery because you look aged as shit without makeup and your body is skinny fat and sags. Also you talk about how you puke all the time so lol

"I know I'm society's standard of beauty and I really don't do anything and tbh you'll never probably be as hot as me but it's okay society needs to change!"

What a disgusting narcissist.

No. 367742


>gives tl;dr rant about muh body positivity

>includes pictures showing off her body

my god, she has to make everything about herself.

i swear she's one of the most unlikeable lolcows on this board, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever

(sage for no contribution)

No. 367764

Its from old pictures/ music videos. I dont care im sexy sufer and r& b. Its was all over the place in america. Its im a bro and women want me.
When I first saw lon I knew she was sick. Its all the illments, begging and dancing that made me question her. She looks malnurished. She needs some iron and to be checked for lupus.
Its like she forgets "i'm sick, y'all". wonder if someone else writes her updates sometime.
I knew it. Lon looks like she had some money behind her. I think she is older than she claims and she hangs with a "bad" crowd. I wish one of her old friends would find this thread. She is the only cow I want to know more about. She is so unique. I know I would eventually hit her if we ever met but something is weird with her.

No. 367800

File: 1502045217777.png (233.49 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_8764.PNG)

Sorry this is so long.. 1/6

No. 367801

File: 1502045235744.png (356.21 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_8765.PNG)


No. 367802

File: 1502045254919.png (319.08 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_8766.PNG)


No. 367803

File: 1502045276067.png (366.08 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_8767.PNG)


No. 367804

File: 1502045292739.png (319.31 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_8768.PNG)


No. 367805

File: 1502045314930.png (295.03 KB, 1240x1536, IMG_8769.PNG)


No. 367888

Lmfao this bitch.
She used to be on my friends lists on facebook deleted her after a while because she was bagging for so much money.
Anyways I work with people who actually have a disability like some serious mental shit as well as some physical stuff and even they go to work and contribute to society. Sure they are not making a lot of money but at least they are doing something and the government helps them.
Hell my aunt has serious schizophrenia when not under control and has a part time job.
Even if she had all the stuff she told the internet she has, the government could fit her into a programm with people who have a disabillity or something else.
Of course by doing that she would need to cut some crap. I'll never understand this chick.

No. 367908


ok so she is lying about alot of this shit.
1) why stay with a guy for FIVE NOT THREE years if hes letting roaches in the house and you aren't attracted to him?
2)Did she just admit SHE abused HIM? like bitch you aren't Slick. You outted your abusive ass
3) Im starting to think she's a dirty bitch because nobody is going to stay with somebody who is nasty as she is claming to be plus she is living with a guy who has fleas in his house so either she really hates her ex or she a actual dirty bitch.
4) Lobster the only reason he isn't locked up is because cops aren't obligated to believe your bullshit they aren't paied enough to. Plus i bet you didn't have enough evidence to lock him up just give him that bullshit restraining order.
She irks me with this bullshit.
Sorry for the long post but her long bullshit post really irratated me.

No. 368014


God she's so full of shit but this out of everything has pissed me off the most. She is absolutely not manic if she can just stop herself from spending just because she knows she hasn't got it. My dad and a close friend of mine have bipolar and they're both a massive pain in the ass for going on massive spe ding sprees when manic. For them it doesn't matter if they don't have money, they'll get an overdraft or a new credit card and do it anyway since they don't consider consequences. Going by >>366292 she has a credit card and it doesn't sound like she's got any debts from previous manic episodes. She's so fake

No. 368458

File: 1502135509579.png (271.73 KB, 1224x1873, IMG_8799.PNG)

No. 368508



No. 368552


No. 368578

Wha? no "cis male scum finnally let me get my fincial aid that i deserve"
lobster cap locks doesnt change the fact nobody gives a fuck

No. 368649

Lobster fails to realize or accept that she herself is scum. As the days go on, she looks more and more pathetic. One can't get help if they refuse to acknowledge their problems and want to seek help.

No. 368663


No. 368669

I higly doubt she going to make it big in hollywood and if she does go the indy route she just gonna make a documentary about herself
i can't see her degree being useful in her state moreso it will be usefull in NYC or Cali seeing how she not moving anytime soon she need to change majors again.

No. 369075

People like her who want to get into showbiz really confuse me. She would absolutely despise a. Having to work and b. conforming to the beauty standards in the entertainment world

No. 369353

File: 1502288028747.png (78.89 KB, 1242x475, IMG_8837.PNG)

She can't buy one herself?? Wtf

No. 369481

File: 1502304077617.png (327.31 KB, 1242x1810, IMG_8852.PNG)

Fuck there are terrible

No. 369561

Bitch buy black out curtian or get the fucking mask from amazon or forever21 fuck!

No. 369562

Her modeling Video is worst

No. 369970

File: 1502366917926.png (372.97 KB, 1229x1876, IMG_8860.PNG)

No. 369976

she kinda looks like lil peep

No. 369981

Eveything was going great until she threw in "manic". She really cant stop playing victim.
Are we sure she isnt trolling. Could it be possible she considers the internet her friend/roommate. Things that you say to a boyfriend she says to us! Any little thing. She needs some socks, well lets ask facebook. Lon needs a parent to spank her. Lol. Beggar.

No. 369999

Ooh, you got a link?

No. 370000

>i can't put up sheets
>i don't have money

Ok then just fucking deal bitch

No. 370007


>the blankets were getting gross and covered in dust

…does she not do laundry…let alone dust…ew

No. 370066

File: 1502381384885.png (206.11 KB, 1242x1553, IMG_8864.PNG)

She wasnt trolling.. some idiot sent her one

No. 370067

She's at about ~8:20

No. 370068

File: 1502381681278.png (284.2 KB, 1242x1865, IMG_8865.PNG)

>patchy nose foundation
>irritated eyes
>those neck/arm veins


No. 370572

File: 1502461615117.png (3.72 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_8889.PNG)

Is it just me or do her areolas look huge..?

No. 370578

I think those might be pasties under her shirt.

No. 370580

Thanks, anon

No. 370582

Samefag, but I'll never for the life of me get why she only ever wears huge platform shoes if she's in so much pain all the time.

No. 370716

if she has such debilitating issues with her bladder and constant pelvic pain, there's no way she could be swaying her hips so much without any sign of distress. Conveniently in pain only when she needs something, or out of responsibility.

No. 371043

WTF does she even have pasties on did she plan on taking off her top and walking topless?

No. 371060

I mean isn't she a sex worker now or something

No. 371185

File: 1502536084773.png (456.85 KB, 1236x1654, IMG_8907.PNG)

Is that her back or ass…????

No. 371186

Oops! Sorry, I think that's but her friend and not her.. accidentally forgot to set a password. Sorry again!

No. 371483

she never claims it but she keeps implying that she is

For someone who has all these issues im suprise she didnt say " i was in soooo much pain after the hug' or broken a bone seeing how she uber fucking fragial.

No. 371484

File: 1502577792078.jpg (144.85 KB, 385x600, 27.6-1.jpg)

No. 371485

File: 1502577813908.jpg (92.8 KB, 369x335, 27.6-2.jpg)

No. 371535

um of course shes gonna go

No. 371592

File: 1502592593232.jpg (30.54 KB, 372x138, 27.7.jpg)

that where you're wrong kiddo.
tbh i kek when she posted this

No. 371929

File: 1502652991565.png (238.15 KB, 1242x880, IMG_8952.PNG)

No. 372516

File: 1502741700748.png (140.43 KB, 1242x773, IMG_8986.PNG)

No. 372733

File: 1502821465940.png (531.06 KB, 1242x2008, IMG_9016.PNG)

No. 372735

File: 1502821480585.png (390.92 KB, 1242x1749, IMG_9017.PNG)

No. 372764

um things that didnt happen today?
who wouldnt question what was happening to them like this

No. 372971

This dumb ass aprently. Who goes to the doctor and DON't question why are they getting unexpected sugery.

No. 373564

Hahahaha this is such a fucking ostentatious lie. This sounds like something that a weird girl in elementary school would say at a slumber party to get attention.

No. 374259

Lon our great storyteller. If you believe this go read a mystery novel cause you are neive and unwordly.

No. 374764

File: 1503064484638.png (373.76 KB, 1242x1980, IMG_9102.PNG)

No. 374772

vomiting is not a sign of invisible illness you dumbcunt.

No. 374849

lol right

No. 374894

Why would anyone want to see this bitch vomiting?

It just sounds like she has an ED while trying to milk the act for pity points.

No. 375980

File: 1503258884381.png (516.26 KB, 1242x1836, IMG_9172.PNG)

In response to an article on racked.com titled "Grown Women, Please Don't Dress Like Toddlers"

No. 375982

File: 1503258940943.png (356.66 KB, 1242x1629, IMG_9171.PNG)

No. 376025

Oh my fucking god I am autistic and I laugh about it/uses it ironically. What a bunch of pussies

No. 376044

lol i like you.
it's funny when snowflakes ask for the world because they have some condition/trait/illness/characteristic and then you realize you have the same thing and you never ask people to change their behavior towards you because of it.

No. 376468

Suspected a flake like her would have something to say about that article when i saw it
The way it seemingly specifically targets dumbcunts like her
Nothing wrong with people dressing like that I guess, but jfc you should at least be prepared to be called out for looking like a fucking idiot because you look like a fucking idiot
Sage for no contribution /blog

No. 376485

File: 1503322307428.png (351.15 KB, 1242x1061, IMG_9182.PNG)

No. 376503

She really doesn't look good in anything she wears, does she.

No. 376580

File: 1503334051459.png (345.76 KB, 1242x2004, IMG_9186.PNG)

No. 376594

Lol she got fucking wisdom tooth surgery and acting like it was some emergency organ transplant I cannot stand this pos
Poor people love milking shit for pity points

No. 376600

>owns ck dress
>begs online for money, because she's too poor for everything

No. 376758

File: 1503353840985.png (334.33 KB, 1231x1814, IMG_9195.PNG)

No. 376759

just take the pain pills and go to sleep like everyone else does when they get their wisdom teeth out

No. 377038

File: 1503397560506.png (248.76 KB, 1242x1096, IMG_9202.PNG)

I can't believe people actually donate to her..

No. 377052


I'm not a girl or a dentist, but that's almost definitely makeup- and/or filter-enhanced. Her eyelids should not have that haematomatous look, and there is no reason at all for having the dark spots under the eye but only at the inner corner. In extremely rare cases, a wisdom tooth surgery might result in some periorbital darkening, but the pattern is all wrong. Minus the pathetic facial expression, she seems to have mild bilateral facial swelling as is entirely normal with wisdom tooth surgery. And if this was the worst intervention she's ever had, I'm starting to doubt she's actually ever been really unwell.

No. 377069

lmao her face isn't swollen at all. Especially not for a wisdom tooth extraction. She would look like she's sucking 2 golf balls.

No. 377122

This bitch
What an actual pissbaby loser
Lol starting to lose the hate
Instead raging at her impossible shameless bullshit as before
Rather take pleasure in her humiliating herself daily ebegging like a cyber hobo plus her unfortunate looks
Doughy, lumpy, skinny fat body, yellow gapteeth, fried limp thin hair, bad skin
God has already punished this sad sack of shit enough that we should all just look on in amusement

No. 377215


Im sorry but she looks like a meth head here. Bitch people get teeth taken out all the fucking time. Day in Day out some without anistesia. Woman up. Take pain pills and shut your fucking mouth.

No. 377216

File: 1503428053098.jpg (34.14 KB, 357x454, 28.6.jpg)

and yet you spend close to $20 on gas so why you need money again?

No. 377219

File: 1503428158334.jpg (21.2 KB, 369x117, 28.7.jpg)

I feel sorry for her bf. Dude leave its not worth the hassle. She just gonna sue you once she leave you

No. 378930

She's definitely exaggerating. I know everyone has different pain tolerances, but a wisdom tooth removal is pretty basic, not even that painful, and heals up super quick if you do your aftercare correctly. She's gotta milk every little thing she can though, I suppose.

Sage for blog, but I had all four of mine done, all impacted, and was back to work the next day. Me and pretty much everyone else. It's like this girl can't bare to be slightly uncomfortable without it being a massive pain problem. Need to pee, must be IBS, feet are sore from heels/dancing all night, must be a pain disorder! She's never going to function in the real world.

No. 379662

File: 1503698810360.png (412.11 KB, 1242x1869, IMG_9288.PNG)

No. 379663

File: 1503698895436.png (115.75 KB, 1242x526, IMG_9289.PNG)

No. 379666

File: 1503698979826.png (329.03 KB, 1242x1930, IMG_9290.PNG)

Why'd she get a dog if shes poor? Why are her roots awful?

No. 379673

a service aninal for her autism?

No. 379677

So broke she can buy a dog. No money remember guys? Also arnt those dogs expensive? No food for herself now she's got a dog she will end up neglecting

No. 379818

Is she trying to dye her hair also why the fuck does she have a fucking dog?! she just begged for gas money. Idk the breed of the dog but dog care is expensive af. there are people who actually need a service dog and here she is with one. why? for her bipolar disorder ? autisum? fibormyalgia or any other bullshit she claming? God let hope she doesn't have kids.

No. 380087

That is a really cute German Shepard
It's a shame a poor piece of shit like her took ownership of it
She will definitely neglect It and not be able to care for it properly if she's always bedridden with "fibro" and her myriad of other fake ailments
Lazy fuck
It's a prop for her to appear more of a "spoonie" having a service animal
She'll probably push it on her parents or whatever boyfriend she's mooching off of at the time
Poor dog

No. 380116

Service dogs are already trained for people who have actual disabilities. You don't get it as a puppy and train it yourself alongside a trainer.

Also the "oral surgery" or rather wisdom teeth removal shows just how badly she overreacts about things related to health for pity points and donations. She must be so inbred to think any little thing makes her disabled, like drinking too much alcohol and throwing up or having a shitty diet and no energy.

She is so full of shit, although now she looks shitty on the outside too. She looks so lumpy and gross. That poor dog.

God I wish she would get her comeuppance soon. Her existence make my blood boil. She is literally a waste of space feeding off people for attention and money.

No. 380736

File: 1503832956985.png (392.31 KB, 1242x1632, IMG_9330.PNG)

No. 381287

>inherited from my great aunt
then why the fuck you give it to your sis to begin with fuck that if you got something from your great aunt you shouldn't be giving it out for that long. idk how long ago her sis ask for this ring but look how long it took for her to give it back to her. im not even mad at the sis more so for lon being a dumbass. she looks filthy btw as well

No. 381357

Didn't ever have that much issue with people dressing in this dumb kid shit until this bitch and that non gendered flake phoenix
This stupid af toddler style now makes me REEEEE
everyone in it look like dumb cunts and actually ages them about 10 years +
Taking solace in that anyone in the real world looks down at and makes fun of them for being retarded af
Saged for spergfest

No. 381461

Did her aunt get it from a quarter machine?

No. 383279

Lonlon is definitely the most annoying and irritating person i've ever seen. And what's up with her thinking she's "body goals" to people? She's skinnyfat and her face itself is irritating to look at. And she keeps whining she's ill every single day yet bounces around at cons.
Someone please just slap her like the bitch she is already. She's such trash.

No. 383308

File: 1504122496654.png (374.99 KB, 1242x1848, IMG_9475.PNG)

Why did she have to say her friend is an aspie

No. 383375

Oh snap I know who that girl is irl.
I think she claims to have autism or something but ya whatever.

No. 383522

oh my fucking god she really tries to milk the "I'M SO ACCEPTING LOOK!! I GOT TRANS POC AUTISTIC FRIENDS AND SHIT".
As an actual aspie, she disgusts me, she probably isn't even really autistic and self diagnosed for extra pity points.

No. 383533

oh my god I know this girl! She's never seemed particular autistic or talked about being autistic when I've been around

No. 383539

She doesn't talk about it in person but she mentions it pretty often online (if you're FB friends with her you'll see). I only learned about Lon thru their friendship, I thought she was fine but anyone who's nuts enough to be buddies with the Lobster is unhinged in some way lol

No. 383868

She is autistic, but she's learned coping mechanisms to function in society to the best of her abilities. Which is exactly what a "high functioning" autistic is supposed to do.

Her friendship with Lonlon might entirely be she didn't know any better at first because she doesn't drink much milk unless it is served directly to her. She also likes to watch for milk when it does get in her sphere. She's decent and her cringe is tolerable. I've always enjoyed her company. Wish she'd dress better, though.

sage for blogpost.

No. 384088

File: 1504988114980.jpg (58.29 KB, 368x469, 29.7.jpg)

>made a post about her mass deleting people cuz somebody dm her on intagram
>talks about how she "against hate" while taking about "hater"
>her hair is shit now

No. 384089

File: 1504988184302.jpg (77.74 KB, 377x332, 29.6.jpg)

sage for samefagging

No. 386068

File: 1505322979591.png (159.91 KB, 1242x696, IMG_9824.PNG)

Fuck she's such a bitch

No. 386069

File: 1505323018453.png (182.61 KB, 1242x970, IMG_9825.PNG)

Here's what she's referring to

No. 386082

No one is going to leave it alone cause you are a scammer! People need to know that they aee just giving you money to blow in the wind. Then you block them.
The blocking is her main offense.

No. 386089

File: 1505326075318.gif (6.02 MB, 500x281, giphy.gif)

What a fucking entitled, spoiled brat. Here. Let me put down my entire life and give you some well deserved applause. That what you want? WOW LONLON. THAT'S AMAZING. HOLY SHIT.

No. 386151

Oh my fucking god, this is rage-inducing. Grow up London, sometimes people don't care about the shit you care about. If it's that meaningful, why do you need likes to validate you?

No. 386365

She is so fucking punchable
In b4 sperg edge but I cannot wait until this bitch ages like milk and ppl (the ones who have been donation to her for some unknown reason) give less than zero shits if she rots
Disgust intensifies

No. 386698

It's a fucking cube not a cure for any illness lobster. Fb hids post and sometimes people just don't log in daily to see your shit. you are 26 about to be 27 and you are bitching about not getting likes for solving a fucking cube? bitch please

No. 387218

26 yrs old. I assumed she was a kid. I thought she was talking about a college certificate course not actually enrolled. I don't know what to think. Lon is crazy lol.

No. 387362

seeing how she looks like she takes all of the hardcore drugs half the time(espically when she isn't wearing make up) i wouldn't be suprised if she is a bit off or paranoid.

No. 388454

File: 1505689547836.png (396.24 KB, 1242x1611, IMG_9933.PNG)

No. 388455

File: 1505689579535.png (193.32 KB, 1242x865, IMG_9932.PNG)

No. 389190

File: 1505782479404.jpg (64.57 KB, 370x493, 30.4.jpg)

Where the fuck is her dog? does she even have it anymore?

No. 389232

She's threatening to delete people, but all of her posts are public. So…what's the point?

No. 389377

File: 1505830413829.png (321.34 KB, 1242x1605, IMG_9963.PNG)

She looks like shit

No. 389379

File: 1505830427118.png (347.67 KB, 1242x1840, IMG_9964.PNG)

No. 389382

File: 1505830734248.png (179.66 KB, 1242x1086, IMG_9966.PNG)

Someone tried to complimented her in the comments and she was a bitch about it

No. 389387

woah, she looks a bit like PT here

No. 389403

File: 1505833495058.gif (998.21 KB, 245x183, giphy (1) (1).gif)

As a huge fan of clueless I must say, she missed the mark.

No. 389415

seriously. wtf is up with her entire face being blushed?

No. 389446

Nothing about her outfit says 90s/clueless imo

No. 389448

the fuck is this makeup? it's like 1/2 weeb gyaru and 1/2 'hangover' makeup.

No. 390097

File: 1505945426626.jpeg (213.03 KB, 1242x455, E0EF7495-EADF-484B-8FF5-F0523E…)

No. 390099

File: 1505945482980.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1242x1879, E9B5C833-7877-4C2B-8AFE-4D65EB…)

No. 390199

Lon, you don't look sick. Just ugly.

No. 390262

Whats the deal between her and Misty? Misty is no longer friends with this cunt?

No. 390292

>wears contacts
>shooped pic before uploading
>trying so hard to look sultry

No. 390840

File: 1506052104097.jpg (66.78 KB, 365x566, 30.7.jpg)

Bitch is trying to get them pity points

No. 390841

File: 1506052126910.jpg (52.34 KB, 359x575, 30.8.jpg)

No. 390853


ya gurl, posing with a nebulizer with nothing in it really shows the extent of your sickness.

No. 390981

File: 1506093035139.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1242x1883, AF45D4FD-9B8D-403D-8DBF-265125…)

No. 390985

File: 1506093203715.jpeg (595.87 KB, 1242x1771, 563D2E0A-5EE3-4193-AFDC-B186AB…)

No. 390987

File: 1506093221721.jpeg (443.8 KB, 1242x1164, 4D78FC80-C084-4DE1-9060-572D9A…)

No. 391018

that bitch empty

No. 391023


That took some top-notch MacGuyver skills. She was able to blindly anchor the tire iron against the toilet without disturbing that full ashtray.

No. 391082

Kek why would someone even need the hose and grappling hook thing
That window looks less than 2 meters from the ground and with a chair is less than half that
What a fake ass
How desperate is this bitch for attention
Too bad she doesn't get herself institutionalized so her posts would finally stop
Let her Disapear into irrelevancy already
This tard is the most boring yet rage inducing cow
She's worth absolutely nothing but thinks she's attractive And interesting it's actually funny

No. 391140

right?! she could have easily climbed in the window and stepped onto the toilet seat………it's RIGHT there. plus, even though I think a person of almost ANY height could do that, she is pretty tall/has long legs. she's such a bullshit artist

No. 391258

File: 1506133584052.jpeg (554.95 KB, 1242x1860, 6A3F164F-E3BD-4113-9042-9A4BDE…)

No. 391259

File: 1506133611291.jpeg (540.91 KB, 1242x1850, FAC96BBC-5B21-4BB0-9133-94A0C7…)

No. 391261

File: 1506133631199.jpeg (730.93 KB, 1242x1863, 8FD626AC-DE04-484F-A368-CFBE42…)

No. 391262

File: 1506133644391.jpeg (330.63 KB, 1242x1034, 56AC7E33-921E-487C-BCF8-371708…)

No. 391263

File: 1506133775994.jpeg (879.14 KB, 1242x1663, DCC9DB77-B419-4805-A96B-73EF64…)

No. 391275

all the long post to say "cis men are scum and they all should bow down to me and kiss my ass"
like wtf is she even on?

No. 391281

File: 1506136054846.gif (153.21 KB, 264x218, t5Sv5wX.gif)

No. 391638


>all black characters on screen in a show with obvious social commentary

> Conveniently doesn't bother to name the show

I'm calling bullshit on this. Also how does she not realise she comes across as just as big an asshat in these if not worse. These are literally the kind of shitty arguments you have with your siblings on long car journeys as a kid and hardly indicative of the ' unparalleled evil of the WHITE CIS MALE'. Not everything is muh oppression, calm down

No. 391856

File: 1506253896792.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1242x1693, BC4DD687-651D-4687-A8FC-BAADC2…)

No. 392569

File: 1506378233958.jpeg (515.04 KB, 1242x2888, 20572B97-12A5-400F-AD4C-3C0240…)

No. 392581

File: 1506379412921.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x1624, FFE5B3BB-88A3-4CB4-ACC9-D18CEC…)

No. 392598

File: 1506381578112.jpeg (396.77 KB, 1225x1985, 468327FD-F248-49C6-8310-F20B71…)

No. 392686

Wow. She's legitimately a munchie.

No. 392700

SHe still has young fans (14-16) with mental illness. She is so irresponsible when she post shit like this. Her younger fans are going to think its ok to make suicidal post instead of getting ACTUAL HELP. also lobster get a blogger or livejournal if you are going to post shit like this.FB is gonna take it down anyway cuz they are cracking down on suicidal post, pages and communities so if you are going to bitch about how "suicidal" you are get a blogger or livejounal account or stop mixing your med with your drinks and you wont feel depressed you cunt bitch.

No. 392703

I reported her attention-seeking ass and now one of the posts is gone but the other one is still up. Hmm…

No. 392714

both are still up.

No. 392813

They’re both gone now

No. 393230

File: 1506471584491.jpg (138.76 KB, 367x538, 31.2.jpg)

Yeah i see cuz she sperged out on her other fb page

No. 393983

File: 1506566301523.jpg (66.67 KB, 371x338, 31.3.jpg)

No. 394088

I think I legitimately hate her

No. 394094

I can't understand how someone feels so entitled to everything, especially other people's attention. How can't she see her behaviour is exactly why no one wants to devote their time tot her?

No. 394144

Does she not get that other people have lives? They might be busy or simply might not be the kind of person who can handle listening to other peoples problems. I know when I'm exhausted and just got off work or going through a hard time the last thing I want to do is have someone else unload on me too. She's not the only person on the earth who has issues, jfc.

No. 394169

File: 1506611075512.jpeg (371.9 KB, 1242x1445, 15FBF5F3-0206-4C45-ADDB-4A7995…)

No. 394170

File: 1506611095912.jpeg (383.38 KB, 1234x1640, 2739B377-45D7-4E00-A85C-8A1569…)

No. 394193

Tbh that is kind of weird on FB's part.

No. 394455

File: 1506642145774.jpg (60.67 KB, 362x464, 31.6.jpg)

No. 394472

I agree his business does turn women into objects, but posting a tacky "I don't care that so and so died" update is rich coming from this cunt. His business will still thrive, regardless.

No. 394537

She's right tho. OT, but thank god that disgusting old prick is dead. I hope his death was slow and painful.

No. 394636

The fuck is wrong with you

No. 394734

File: 1506689660997.jpg (41.72 KB, 480x270, OItnWGv.png.jpg)

No. 394956

Am I taking crazy pills or is she literally being abusive? As usual, she is trying to manipulate people into giving her attention through guilt and making up fake illnesses. (Borderline mood swings is not a diagnosis.) But normally she makes it all about herself, this time she is verbally abusing her "friends."

How the hell does she still have people on her friendslist after a post like this?

No. 394999

Hugh Hefner was truly a repulsive individual. Call me edgy all you want, I hope he fucking suffered and I hope Woody's next.

No. 395084

while i personally don't care for either person (Huge,Woody or Lobster) i would wait till the body is in the ground before shit talking them. I get just because they are dead doesnt excuse them from critizism (when bill cosby dies he is going to get a fuck ton like he is now) can we have people greave before people point out how much of a shit person they were in life for like about 2-3 days? damn.

No. 395086

File: 1506739112492.jpg (71.09 KB, 366x541, 31.7.jpg)

No. 395108

Uh, no. They should honestly just throw his body in the trash.

No. 395155

Did he molest and kill your whole family or are you an edgy retard who read a bunch of gossipy slander and disrespected the memory of a complete stranger when you have no solid understanding of his life and personal relationships?

You're like incels level of cringe. Id not be shocked if you were a flake yourself who just popped by while ctrl+Fing their own name

No. 395170

>Criticizing people without understanding their life is wroongg!!!11111
>Posting on lolcow
Go be a morality police elsewhere pls

No. 395251

File: 1506786672776.jpg (48.08 KB, 600x518, 19789999.jpg)


>i can't write death threats to myself, therefore facebook is ableist.

it's not what word means Lobster.

No. 395567

of course she wouldn't know what it means seeing how she a fucking idiot. How is facebook ableist for looking out for people making suicidal post? they got shit for not doing that in the past and now you wanna call them out because you wanna go on a suicidal bitch fit posting spree? get a blog. go to tumblr with that shit

No. 395790

File: 1506864175665.jpeg (737.57 KB, 1242x1262, 1BC48419-E9EF-46CD-B1F6-CC081B…)

No. 395791

File: 1506864194553.jpeg (444.85 KB, 1242x1593, B96DEA04-2418-4268-8D77-395C33…)

No. 395796

God she looks so ugly, she really went downhill fast

No. 396577

>you can't sit with us
i know it's a mean girl reference but don't worry Lon, nobody wants to sit with you.
She's starting to look like an heroin addict more and more.

No. 396804

File: 1506982523491.jpeg (1018.38 KB, 1228x3191, 3B38DEC7-94AE-4E67-B8CB-786BC7…)

No. 396807

File: 1506982632075.jpeg (600.04 KB, 1242x2619, 58681BF7-E1B9-43BB-8173-19F600…)

No. 396811

She is legit the biggest attention whore.. Damn, I would be embarrassed if this were my child. Why are people with 'fibro' such shitty attention whores ?

No. 396836

D-…did she just compare herself to a hardworking international superstar that has been through more physical and mental demands than she could possibly imagine?!

No. 396837

yep. she a cunt bitch so this isnt really shocking that she compared herself to gaga a person who actually does something. WTF does lobster do to empower people who has fibro? jack shit.

No. 396841

She's acting like she deserves a Nobel Prize for solving a rubic cube, sweetie, I just watched a kid solve two in less than a minute, it's not that hard

No. 396919

>colonoscopy and endoscopy
You were sedated at most you lying twat. Also most people also get them in the 20s or early 30s and it is no big deal.

Lon, it's cuz you drink while taking meds.

jfc she is obnoxious. Look at how much Gaga CAN do despite having fibro. At least she doesn't sit at home furiously writing on her fb, demanding people send her $$$ for crap, and then threaten herself/her friends for not "paying attention to me uwu."

>I am invisible and invalidated to ableists because I am handicapped

No, you are just obnoxious so people want to avoid you/hate you because you act like the center of the universe and an entitled little shit. At least get it right.

No. 398021

File: 1507152572945.jpeg (393.87 KB, 1228x1686, E06A4107-9B80-418C-922C-ED7F8C…)

No. 398022

File: 1507152590285.jpeg (278.24 KB, 1242x1174, 001FEE15-7ED4-43A0-8459-35CAFA…)

No. 398037

File: 1507153851165.jpg (17.96 KB, 300x298, arDVPp7.jpg)

Do she gotta be so extra all the fuckin time?

No. 398039

Well, the symptoms do sound like an actual panic attack, but I can't believe she would be able to list symptoms like this. When I have 'em it takes all I have to text my loved one "I think I'm having a panic attack." I've only had 3 though. Any anons know if you can get more coherent like this?

No. 398051

>her palms are sweaty
>knees weak arms are heavy
>there's vomit on her sweater already
>lon's spaghetti

No. 398054

whenever I've had an anxiety attack I can barely breathe, let alone post all of my fucking symptoms for pity points on facebook.
This literally sounds like she googled the symptoms to put on facebook to pretend she's having one.
My best guess is she's lying, or she has a general feeling of anxiety and she's playing it up to be something more for dat sympathy

No. 398127

My first thoughts too anon lol

No. 398128

When I had a panic attack all I could do was call my boyfriend to come pick me up and take me to the hospital, then call my mom while I was waiting for him because I thought I was dying. Nobody who's actually having a panic attack would sit there writing a detailed, bulleted list like that.

Also doeen't Lonnie also pretend that she's autistic?

No. 398164

File: 1507171584385.jpg (39.79 KB, 365x494, 32-1.jpg)

is this the reason how she got her dog? cuz she lied about being autistic? Cuz it isn't for her firbro problem

No. 398246


half serious question, why the fuck does "being autistic" warrant a service dog? aren't they for people with sight/mobility issues or disorders like epilepsy where dogs can feel an attack coming? is it the "emotional support animal" bullshit? i think she just adopted a dog and is calling it a "service animal" for munchie points.

No. 398634

Yeah she doing the "Emotional Suport Animal" bullshit.She went on about how she going to train and pay for someone to train the dog so yeah she just got a dog and is calling it a "support animal" for pity Points. also she living with roommate who hate that dog. She made a post a month ago how one of them hit the dog. So not only does she has a dog she calling it a "support dog" but she leting it be abuse by her roomies.

No. 398888

File: 1507296671285.jpeg (509.8 KB, 1242x1987, 30D00078-F6B8-4DB2-BEF6-DE9F1D…)

No. 398924

File: 1507299750375.jpeg (499.43 KB, 1242x1095, 22059F9F-2C5A-4E45-994A-F37CD6…)

No. 399008


oh dear fucking god, is she bawwing about an endoscopy and a colonoscopy she had under full anaesthesia? where i live in most hospitals they don't even sedate you for the endoscopy, just give you something to suppress the urge to swallow. i'm around the same age as her, i had one last year and i did the whole thing alone, without posting one attention-seeking, self-pitying, tumblr munchie bullshit spouting selfie. this dumb bitch grinds my gears like nothing else.

No. 399030

>REPORTING ME when I specifically BEGGED you not to is ableist at this point
this genuinely made me laugh. it's too good

No. 399050

File: 1507315796036.jpg (61.67 KB, 366x244, 32-4.jpg)

Done. She locked out of her main again. She just got it back like two days ago and now the dumb bitch is locked out.
ANybody from Ireland she blocking you no question asked cus logic? she a dumbbitch wtf did she think was going to happen?!

No. 399055

Maybe, stop posting everything on public. Because then, not only people from your friendlist can report your shit show, but also anyone else who stumbles upon it?

No. 399102

Why does she look like a dead fish

No. 399162

Imagine being so paranoid that you start blocking people from a whole country because "IT COULD BE ANY OF THEM!"
Why doesn't she just make her account private?

No. 399185

because then how will she get attention from more than just (!) 5000 people?

No. 399187

File: 1507326147602.jpeg (475.52 KB, 1242x1727, 4B2B5C6B-43E1-464D-9ECA-9BA251…)

No. 399226

So she bitches about being locked out of her main account while postng her shitty outfit? Lobster either you were locked out of your account or you lied about it. You cant have it both ways. Either your locked out of your account or not. Did you lie just to bitch about how "oppressed" you are cuz you cant vent your suicidal idealations?

No. 399320

underrated comment

No. 400531

File: 1507495776428.jpg (69.89 KB, 375x274, 32.9.jpg)

gotta admrire her stupidity

No. 400543

File: 1507496096149.jpg (86.84 KB, 375x389, 32.8.jpg)

No. 400567

Almost posted the same thing kek.

Mileage may vary but whenever I'm having a panic attack my hands are shaking so bad I definitely couldn't type a list for attention on facebook. I'd buy it if she said she wrote it afterwards but that's ridiculous.

>people who know what it's like pointing out inconsistencies instead of just licking my ass are being ableist!!
Yes London, everyone is toxic and some sort of -ism, it's definitely not something you're doing.

No. 400584

That was just straight-up bizarre. What would she even know about the internal struggles of the black kawaii community?

No. 400650

Nonthing. But she like to think she a black woman trapped in a privlage white woman's body.

No. 400699

What is she talking about, the kawaii/jfashion community is an overall hugbox where no one wants to hurt each other's feefees, at least on Tumblr and Facebook (the main sites she seems to frequent)

No. 400821

actually disabled people being sick of munchies and beggars who use the cash to fund convention trips shouldn't be surprising.

also it seems she ousted everyone from the chronic illness group she mods who she isn't friends/mutuals with.

No. 401315

File: 1507605716624.jpg (149.73 KB, 367x542, 33-1-1.jpg)

welp if that the case one of them musta been her bestie cuz they aren't friend anymore and lobster had to bitch about it.

No. 401316

File: 1507605731979.jpg (68.69 KB, 363x229, 33-1-2.jpg)

No. 401404

What's with the quote part at the end?

She's so far up her own ass she's delusional from the lack of oxygen in there. She is exactly the kind of person who would turn off depressing news stories and instead sit in a lush bath whilst watching kids cartoons because of smol bean self care uwu, so why does she expect other people to watch her constant feed of negative oversharing as if it's some brave feat that people should bear witness to?

I feel so sorry for her young weeb fans that followed her for fun fashion but are now being guilt tripped to read her daily vomit blogs her because they're a BAD PERSON if they unfollow her or don't press like on her suicidal posts

No. 401475

File: 1507642724404.jpeg (463.7 KB, 1242x1806, 3B58872B-8687-4313-8C84-52E9AC…)

No. 401477

File: 1507642842486.jpeg (522.76 KB, 1242x1855, 6D07F6EF-D32F-4828-BEA6-B95260…)

No. 401478

File: 1507642856049.jpeg (429.86 KB, 1242x973, 56B6E304-BB81-48D3-BA30-FFE2D6…)

No. 401479

File: 1507642869278.jpeg (521.61 KB, 1242x926, 6AD971F0-0CB4-4A9C-A494-4A7B43…)

No. 401480

File: 1507642879785.jpeg (212.75 KB, 1242x528, 4EDB328B-6533-473E-A5BE-E16D47…)

No. 401483

File: 1507643032781.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x3416, 1DCF1B6D-D6BD-4ADA-871F-246C0B…)

No. 401503

I've never read a more thinly veiled cry for attention in my life.

If you can post this shit with a straight face you can message one of your fucking friends or your boyfriend and talk to them. Buy a notebook and journal in it. Holy shit.

No. 401687

How many wanna bet she just added her chronically ill friends who aren't "ableist"
If everyone is annoying you gtfo FB. You can't expect to log in and see people kissing your ass all the time.Also nobody needed or care about you about to throw up why everytime you gottal let people know you threw the fuck up?
No. Id go to a fucking hospital if that is what happening to you. Stop drinking and mixing meds and maybe you wouldnt have this problem. Maybe its just a suggestion.
Wow. Your a dumb cunt. There is a Service animal system in every state. They gotta be train by a SAS in order to be a legit service dog and not a dog you can up and call a "service dog" fucking dumb bitch.

No. 401698

File: 1507671478459.png (350.87 KB, 1242x2208, 87983F83-E32A-4057-A585-FB88BB…)

Here’s her reply to someone who commented on the post..

No. 401699

File: 1507671534465.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1242x4853, 1B71697C-3EBE-4835-B035-F59B08…)

She then edited the post

No. 401751

File: 1507677983620.jpeg (179.03 KB, 1242x397, CA672C58-DAD2-4B60-B134-5EE50C…)

Shes so wacky!!!

No. 401769

File: 1507682041576.jpeg (854.42 KB, 1242x1452, 46012A97-FB56-4FE3-B29D-A1A45F…)

No. 401805

how tumblr of her to make this shit headder.

No. 401822

So you deleted a group that probably people were still active in and if they don't use Facebook everyday will have no knowledge of you doing so to start a new group to cater to you and your "friends".
Cool bitch.
(i looked at whos apart of the group most of them are lobster online friends)

No. 401893

So it’s just a normal dog that she takes for normal training lol

No. 402369

How old is this bitch? She acts like she's in her teens but I thought I read somewhere she's in her late 20's

No. 402371

If she has so many problems with mental illness why isn't she medicated for any of them?

No. 402374

She's almost 30

No. 402385

26 she'll be 27 Next month (Some time in November i think the 18th or 2o something of the month)

No. 402389

Cuz she drinks away her mental illness

No. 402430

Yeah but she's apparently dropping it off for obedience training 9 days a month.. What is this bitch on

No. 402447

I thought service animals have to be pre-trained before being given to their owners??

No. 402468

You are correct. They have to pass a course and be certified first. By law.

No. 402491

It seems like she's just getting an animal and calling it a service animal for benefits when it's not even properly certified

No. 402525


Perhaps if even your fellow 'spoonies' think you're a useless waste of oxygen, it's time to think about whether the issue is with you and not them.

No. 402528


What if I am a doctor? What if specifically I'm dealing with a lot of obese people and the damage they've done to themselves, second only to endocrinology and perhaps cardiovascular? Given that many of these people (and all of them where I live, work and practice) are on public insurance (aka Momma NHS), I AM their mother. I'm the god damned gatekeeper to the shit they need to stay alive, so yeah.

And Lobster, people don't tell you to gain weight because you're skinnyfat. You have virtually no muscles and you're metabolically inactive to the max. Gaining weight would be a metabolic disaster waiting to happen. The closest thing you can do is to gain muscle weight, but you probably could only do that very slow as your kidneys couldn't take the catabolism + protein breakdown and you'd get protein toxicity.

No. 402529


> "Everyone is annoying me right now and I need love and support"

There's a term for that - for being annoyed by everyone else's worries but acutely aware of your own (and obsessed with it). It rhymes with farcissism.

No. 402536


Not in the US.

The US has what is called a functional definition for service animals. Yes, there IS a law and a legal definition in virtually every state.

You can have a PRESCRIPTIVE definition of a service animal - "a service animal is one that has a card that says so" -, as most European countries have. Or you can have a DESCRIPTIVE or functional definition - "a service animal is one that does what a service animal is supposed to do" -, as the US does. That does not mean a service animal is not a strictly legally defined category - indeed, given that attacks on service animals have a special status, it has to be so. Neither system is a lot better than the other tbh. But yeah, she has a puppy but given her obsession with her chronic illness (no actually chronically ill person would ever think of 'chronically chill' in relation to a disorder that in all likelihood is actively fucking up their lives but okay Lobstah), she can only conceive of it as a prop to her immensely serious chronic illness stuff.

No. 403031

File: 1507907646691.jpeg (552.29 KB, 1242x923, 9C61F5FD-F0D5-4190-AE8F-F4FAFE…)

No. 403038

omg bitch, shut up

No. 403039

hmm i wonder if they didn't cast her bc she's on facebook complaining daily–and btw Lon, casting directors look at your facebook posts and see all the shit you say–they'll see this too.

No. 403771

File: 1508010640879.jpeg (850.95 KB, 1242x1945, 51EFB3CC-BB8F-43F4-A245-1EBDF5…)

Wtf this is the opposite of her

No. 403795

lol i really want to see her "gutter punk" pictures

No. 404748

File: 1508189655312.jpeg (379.48 KB, 1242x767, 8518EDC2-15C1-4DED-A21B-5760B3…)

No. 404750

File: 1508189694958.png (2.94 MB, 1242x2208, 49958043-DF00-4279-BA13-B6696A…)

No. 404878

Nothing screams Bitch like this post. If you are trully "Chronically Ill" then you should expect that going to the doctors is part of being Ill. And if you don't wanna go to school drop out. Nobody is forcing you to go to school. You dont only go to two places what about all those cons you go to where you feel the need to dance in platform? what about you going out drinking at a bar? To say you only go to two places was not only dumb but pointless seeing how people are just gonna call bullshit on that.

No. 405351

File: 1508297552836.jpg (49.02 KB, 369x431, 33-6.jpg)

What even is all this?
what look was she going for?

No. 405359

Doesn't she claim to be oh so poor? The jacket is 100$+ as someone on pull mentioned before. And I know that the dress is from milklim ans goes for about 45$+
I mean, next time she claims she's hungry and doesn't have enough money for food, someone may tell her to sell these clothes, because even second hand she still could get about 60-75$ for the jacket and 20-30$ for the dress. Which makes off around two weeks (at least) of food for once person

No. 405370

B-but Anon! What will she do without her kawaii illness lifestyle if she doesn't have her kawaii clothes? How will she be an ambassador for both kawaii and invisible illness and PoC? Don't you know that poor starving cinnamon rolls too pure for this world like Lon deserve luxuries too? uwu

No. 405385

Oh yeah, I forgot. I mean I wouldn't buy her shit anyway even if she'd put it up. Or would one of you guys buy from someone who openly claims to consume weed, smokes cigarettes, has a flea and rat infested house and looks greasy and dirty 24/7?

No. 405701

File: 1508373317504.jpg (133.96 KB, 366x486, 33-8-1.jpg)

No. 405702

File: 1508373334578.jpg (47.51 KB, 373x167, 33-8-2.jpg)

No. 406065

File: 1508453112372.jpg (37.74 KB, 376x245, 34.jpg)

Omg bitch buy a sport bra!! you don't even have big enough titties to warent a chest binder

No. 406568

File: 1508540713529.jpg (102.44 KB, 380x388, 34-1.jpg)

I really wanna know what my fellow POC thinks of this bullshit

No. 406712

A WHITE ally.

Had to add the white.

Fuck this cunt
She not speaking for me

No. 406874


a normal person would show the professor the "health portal" screen and explain what they were doing. lobster has to go on facebook and type a 2-page rant restating how sick she is for the umpteenth time, how much better she is than the other students and how she couldn't get over it A WHOLE FOUR HOURS LATER just to make up for how much of a doormat she is in real life.

No. 406886

File: 1508588702184.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1242x2023, BE39F234-2625-46B4-8451-3044D4…)

No. 406892

I pretty much agree with her.

No. 407777

agreed she embodies everything wrong with white SJW feminist. I bet she does this shit whenever someone irl call her a racist which im starting to low key think she might be. Just because you have black friends doesn't mean you can use them to push your adgenda.
I hate those fucking glasses.

No. 408181

Lmao this is the kind of self deprecating thing she's talking about though?
Calling all white people racist is beyond stupid. Same as saying another race can't be racist, sjw bullshit is simply that, bullshit.
Feeling guilt for things that happened before you were born or that you benefit from by simply being alive in your body is the dumbest thing ever, some people have it harder than others, being one of the people who have it less hard does not mean you should feel guilt or apologize for it.
Being white doesn't mean you have to kiss the asses of other races because you have it better. People like this are so embarrassing, you're allowed to be proud of who you are, even if you're white.
So tired of the whole fuck all whites thing.

Moving on, she sure buys a lot of clothes on a regular basis for someone so "poor"
Aside from the fact it all looks like a retarded toddler would wear it, her neetbux could be better spent on psychotherapy.

Sage for annoyed rant about race/her horrible fashion sense or lack of

No. 408197

Sage goes in the email field anon

No. 408501

File: 1508804300624.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1242x1563, BD1D3125-F863-49AD-990A-5EA770…)

No. 408969

Her hair is fucking disgusting. It’s so greasy, and that nasty green shade she has does no justice.

No. 408976

That hair color make me feel very sick right now

No. 408979

Why wouldn't she go to him after class and just explain the situation? I'm sure he would have understood.

No. 408980

Not defending her, but she was talking about having a shirt be open and binding/taping her chest. A chest binder would be visible and ruin the illusion.

t. nitpicky cosplayer

No. 409171

Fuck did I put in subject?
Didn't realize,my bad.
Guess I'll die.(learn 2 sage)

No. 409175

nice job bumping the thread again, retard.

No. 411518

File: 1509303394613.jpg (42.62 KB, 369x168, 34-5.jpg)

Is she really using her sick dog to get money? FOR HER FUCKING B-DAY! like bitch you should care more about that sick dog and shes lying it only cost about $100 for a EPI test not $400 so what is she gonna use the extra $300 for idk? but whoever donates to her is a dumbass.

No. 411539

So she got that dog without saving in advance for vet stuff?

I mean, go to hell Lon, you don't deserve to be on this planet. This is the lowest of low one could get, even prostitutes are higher in class than her.

No. 412195

can't some please take that dog away from her before she end up unintentally killing it. Fuck look at her because of her the dog need a EPI test.

No. 412308

I'm not sure, but don't they have sth called rspca? or so in the US to take animals out of bad homes?

No. 412492

What is pet insurance.. irresponsible cunts

No. 412520

File: 1509473864929.jpg (29.61 KB, 375x139, 34-6.jpg)

So fuck the dog i guess cus she doesn't even mention it being sick in this post. She goes on bitching about sock and her not doing anything for halloween. Lobster its your fault you aren't seeing your fam, if you really wanted to see the you would have made time for them.

No. 412544

Oh boo hoo. Adulthood is sometimes having to miss out on Halloween parties or special events. Don't spend money on stupid shit and buy a pack of socks. And wow. 30 pages to write in a week. How ever will she manage to do it, that poor creature.

No. 412677

I facepalmed so hard at this. She is bitching about not going out. Bitch welcome to adult hood!! you are about to be 27 in a week and you sound like a fucking 14 year old. 14 year old sound more mature than you. Shit people got things to do if they are lucky then they can party and have fun. Boo hoo you got papers to do? people got bills to pay, kids to feed dont you got a sick dog to take care of? bitch please with this pity party shit

No. 413228

File: 1509578909781.jpg (57.58 KB, 370x522, 34-7-1.jpg)

No. 413229

File: 1509578925810.jpg (38.59 KB, 423x421, 34-7-2.jpg)

No. 413288

What happened to her other group? The Kawaii Nuthouse or some shit?

No. 413290

One of the person got pissed of and decided not to be friend with her anymore. Lobster got pissed and shut down the group and started a new group "chronically ill chronically chill" is a private group

No. 413294

I feel like she was probably fucking around on her phone and is just making all this shit up about her doctor but that may just be me.

No. 413297

Wow really?

No. 413303

File: 1509591988906.jpg (55.33 KB, 394x382, no friends for lobster.jpg)

She was one of three mod in mention group before all this. After this lobster closed it down and started a new group where she (lobster) is only the mod

No. 413923

Oh wow I remember her she was a huge whitenight of hers right? Wonder what happened to scare the clown off?

No. 416202

File: 1509992822542.jpeg (679.6 KB, 1242x2580, 98BB5784-2530-40F4-8B3F-605B53…)

No. 416203

File: 1509992839729.jpeg (409.28 KB, 1242x2581, 9F40E90C-B67E-420D-8AD2-87D4F1…)

No. 416224

She could've long bought a new pair of glasses as she's claiming to need new ones since what? Last year rufflecon I think.

Also lon, it's not like your disabled for real, you WANT to be disabled and if you wanted you could just get your lazy ass up and do a job!

No. 416269

STFU Lonbster. I've worked with a non profit organization and despite the fact they don't really care about their employees they care about the disabled people that they are providing stuff for.
And they always need money because guess what those people have an actual disability, and even tho their are still working they only get so much for it (most will get around 100 a month or so)
So shut the fuck up. Those people won't get the stuff you are getting in life, even if it's just graduating from high school.

Sorry for the rant but this bitch is triggering me lol

No. 416310

Does she have to have a certain kind of frame? Why not get the prescription then get $10 Zenni frames like everyone else?

No. 416429

Facebook isn't a charity either you are better of asking a Non profit for help instead of asking strangers for money
must be so hard reliving bullshit that never happen. Didnt you go to court and lie about everything to win your case any fucking way? You are bring this up because?

No. 416574

She is spazing hard on FB
she got beef with people from Ireland for reporting her suicidal post.

No. 416681

Because she's special and NEEEEEDS name brand frames. The Zenni ones probably aren't "kawaii" enough for her.

No. 416895

File: 1510042091612.png (914.77 KB, 1242x2208, BC91FDF6-F886-48AF-9466-2DF404…)

This is an image board anon

No. 416896

File: 1510042119197.png (1.18 MB, 1242x2208, 726E001A-FAE3-410C-9254-3CF81F…)

No. 416897

File: 1510042161071.png (341.47 KB, 1242x2208, B1AD3EF2-3D9C-46B9-9C52-96FC65…)

No. 416898

File: 1510042187100.jpeg (426.21 KB, 1242x1759, 58F8F55C-6BA5-466F-9B7E-25971B…)

No. 416900

File: 1510042207314.jpeg (299.7 KB, 1242x1427, FA08575A-B021-4D3E-B9E1-E2E5DD…)

No. 416901

File: 1510042223242.png (326.63 KB, 1242x2208, 0B020653-7A33-45F7-B4D4-9160C4…)

No. 416902

File: 1510042255536.png (309.35 KB, 1242x2208, 50F5A8D5-3CB6-4F72-905A-F93EC2…)

No. 416903

File: 1510042278318.png (327.49 KB, 1242x2208, 7AA0C8A7-AE53-477D-BB02-4E4873…)

No. 416928


"people just attack me for existing"
"i didn't create this mess"

>TFW 100% of people who say stuff like this are dramamongering, attention-seeking, histrionic bitches

No. 417032

Oh look, Lon's writing fan fiction about herself again.

If any of this and the above post about how poor her family is was true, she would quality for government assistance.

She is a scammer who gets off attention from others for seeming miserable. End of story.

No. 417064

LOL at that laugh react on that post. This is hilarious bc she's everything she just described.

No. 417076

File: 1510066526671.jpeg (918.24 KB, 1242x1586, 65B9BF1E-8F8C-42C4-BFA4-8BAE6F…)

Here’s her Twitter

No. 417077

File: 1510066551559.jpeg (473.85 KB, 1228x1503, A4DB8A4E-7AE0-4AF1-8632-74AEF1…)

No. 417111

Jfc Lonnie, calm down. Take a nap or something.

No. 417405

>We all know Facebook runs on YT supremacy
Bitch, YOU'RE white. Just deactivate your fb and get a Twitter if you hate it so much, but no, have to make 20 posts about it for attention.

No. 417492

File: 1510086832525.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1232x1630, 60F99278-A740-4626-A993-A6E5EE…)

So she did her hair.. it’s disgusting

No. 417568

only reason she wont deactivated is cuz "i have so many picture on here"
she too lazy to save her own pic and move em elsewhere

No. 417579

Isn't this against Twitter Guidelines? I mean she just went out of the frying pan and into the fire im pretty sure twitter is less forgving when it comes to shit like this and users who see that (her post) are just gonna report and troll the fuck out of her. IDK why she thought twitter would be better.

No. 417585

God she's such an entitled cunt. I'm working at an education center for disabled adults and many of them wear the same clothes every day and hang on to expired food because it's all they have. She should go ahead and self dx herself with sociopathy if she's gonna bitch so absurdly.

>y'all are white, asian fetishizing
where is the self awareness

No. 417746

Is she on all of the Drugs like wtf happen for her to be borderline racist and throw a bitch fit about a post being taking down?

No. 417801

why bother with twitter and fb? she belongs to tumblr

No. 417867

"I'm so poor send me money"

Okay so I see AT LEAST 6 different colors in her hair. So that's like 6 different bottles of hair dye, which would be at least $10 each if she uses manic panic, maybe $6sh if she used an off brand. So that's probably $60 right there. So ~poor~

No. 418102

that's my lonbon lonlon. I know I shouldn't like her cause she gets cash and blocks. but I do like her. I enjoy her word choices. plus she is right about 4chan. lonlon quit scamming please so I can love you bum. sage.

No. 418579

Go away

No. 418609

File: 1510155459640.png (400.07 KB, 1242x2208, 9B99FD17-4849-4836-955D-FE54AF…)

She made an edit to this post

No. 418612

File: 1510155636990.jpeg (250.43 KB, 1233x678, 274EF843-CC46-4F4E-8F75-C65C32…)

No. 418613

File: 1510155670360.jpeg (243.39 KB, 1242x645, F70F7B6C-4BDD-45A7-A3D7-A78835…)

No. 418617

translation: i kept my s/o up all night with my bitching and now he can't comfort me while i bitch today

No. 418635

File: 1510157480502.jpeg (172.12 KB, 1242x508, 92521103-4D1C-4DD6-A7F9-252626…)

No. 418645


>MY birthday is ruined because MY boyfriend stayed up with ME because I was crying and now he won't wake up for MY birthday plans I wanted.

no you fucking poster child for Western entitlement, your birthday is ruined because you're an entitled asshole and kept someone up with you all night while you BAWWWWed about shallow people who like stupid clothes not catering to your every stupid malinformed tumblr whim. like what kind of life you must have led to think that someone who stayed up with you all night to support your undeserving dramawhore ass is ruining your birthday?

i'm seriously glad i'm living nowhere near this insufferable piece of shit. i'd probably get physically violent. that would give her something to write long statuses about.

No. 419082

WTF is wrong with her? Go out by yourelf! Call friends over GO VISIT YOUR FUCKING FAMILY seeing how you barely see them.
I dont even know what to say. She 27 years old and is acting like shes 4

No. 419299

No cuz that 8chan job if they know about you plus it sounds like you want the net to do it so you can blame "people on the net cyberbullying you to death"

No. 420066

SO what happen to her facebook.

No. 420086

Can you not read the thread

No. 420669

File: 1510354685258.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1242x1637, CD8AC7B3-E378-4FF0-9A86-337191…)

No. 420691

FUCK. Wtf is up with this eye assult.
Lobster you owe Me $50 for fucking up my eyes fuck.

No. 420728

Her description gave me cancer. This really is what kids are like now a days, huh..

No. 421208

If being 27 mean being a 4 year old sure.
She is all of the things and is nothing at the same time.

No. 424144

File: 1510708225828.jpg (129.26 KB, 370x442, 35-4-1.jpg)

No. 424576

This shit sounds made up.

She needs to stop writing fanfics about herself.

No. 426589

File: 1510948463912.jpg (71.15 KB, 371x499, 35-6.jpg)

Am i the only person who think she is nasty and dirty?

No. 426601

Doesn't meth abuse do this? Or crocodile?

No. 426602

Acne and skin lesions aren't caused by being dirty. Not to defend her in particular. I find that post genuinely sad, even though I don't like her. Sage for blog.

No. 426603

Yeah, meth abuse is the first thing I think of when I see mild acne.

No. 426707

File: 1510957328585.jpg (43.73 KB, 250x250, she-doesnt-even-go-here.jpg)

she wasn't even there

No. 426733

File: 1510960241952.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1242x1731, CD03675E-E6CD-4D43-A22C-BF5DCF…)

No. 426749

File: 1510961634625.jpeg (885.98 KB, 1242x1720, 7BEB9BC6-FB53-47D5-81B9-D3E276…)

No. 426786

SOrry but she looks like a whore here. Or a cheep porstitue.

No. 426843

It was ment towards her fingers combined with these craters in her face which don't even look like acne. Hell I've mild acne and if sth in my face would look like this I'd be seriously worried about it.

No. 427402

File: 1511043983886.jpg (58.6 KB, 366x460, 35-9-1.jpg)

No. 427458

Did she make a new Facebook?

No. 429417

File: 1511292943402.jpeg (377.09 KB, 1242x737, 57BE4396-9448-43F2-9D1B-E59D40…)

She’s sperging on Twitter

No. 429420

File: 1511292996446.jpeg (363.77 KB, 1242x1435, FCD24F52-9993-4F45-87D2-66B819…)

No. 429421

No, Lon, everyone just wants to see you shut the fuck up. That's what we wanna see.

No. 429426

yes, yes I want to see you ''crack like an omelet'' if it means you will shut up and stop the attention whoring
jfc this girl, mexican soap operas would kill to have her

No. 429515

If she still has fans after she made it clear she "just want to vent" and not want acutal help then they deserved to be verbally abused by this cunt. TWITTER ISN"T THE PLACE FOR THIS SHIT LOBSTER GET A FUCKING JOURNAL!!

No. 429517