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File: 1506201740042.jpg (54.75 KB, 512x512, b8J_B7BQ.jpg)

No. 391650

Identifies as a gay, trans, nonbinary, queer woman. Makes sense?

http://www.rileyjaydennis.com/(didn't read)

No. 391658

Of course it doesn't make sense. The fact that he says lesbians should fuck with trans people with penises is sick.

No. 391662

He's cute in that picture. Why not be a pretty guy with long hair and eyeliner? But no, he's a "lesbian". He'll never look like a woman. Of course the first thing he did after his surgery was a photoshoot in a sports bra. So creepy.

No. 391667

if a lesbian wants to have sex with a trans women, then i think that she can totally do that and still be a lesbian.

at the same time though i really really don't like trans women telling lesbians that they HAVE to have sex with them - its honestly really creepy.

No. 391669

>if a lesbian wants to have sex with a trans women, then i think that she can totally do that and still be a lesbian.
Lesbian is completely meaningless then. If Riley gets his girlfriend pregnant do you think she's gotten pregnant from lesbian sex?

No. 391673

Fuck IKR? Like I think he was cute before the surgery and now his face looks very uncanny valley. What a waste.

No. 391676

The fact this post exists makes my goddamn day. Thanks anon!

No. 391678

I agree, if Riley wanna call herself a lesbian then I don't really fucking care, if she identifies as a woman and wanna bang women and call that lesbian, she can be my guest. If that makes her feel better about herself I think that's fine. Unlike alot of people on this board I don't really give a flying fuck about how people wanna identify.

However Riley is creepy af and such a bad influence, she is literally rapey and thinks that you can't say no to a trans person who wanna have sex with you, because then youre being transphobic. All of the usual "you can always say no to sex if you don't want to" suddenly flies out the window when it comes to trans people. She doesn't even make it seem like she thinks it's wrong to dismiss trans people without giving them a chance so you can see it might not be that awful, she is legit saying HAVE SEX WITH A TRANS PERSON OR YOU'RE EVIL!!! TRANSPHOBE!!
She thinks you can't dismiss people for sex based on their genitals, which Is total bullshit… so a lesbian can't say no to a man because she doesn't like penis?? I feel like that conflicts with basic SJW mindset, which is ironic. I guess trans people are so special they defy all rules and common sense.
Forcing somebody to fuck you by guilt-tripping them into thinking they're being discriminatory if they don't is probably the most scumbag bullshit I have ever heard.
You don't owe trans people sex just because they're trans, saying you don't want to have sex with a trans person does NOT mean you don't take their identity seriously or you're being discriminatory. It just means you don't fucking want to.

Sorry, sage for ranting

No. 391741

Please summarize what drama Riley has for those unfamiliar.

No. 391759

Sorry but logic like this doesn't matter at this point. Once you go full PoMo, there's no going back and everything is subjective and relative.

It's a fucking cancer.

No. 391762

File: 1506219706806.jpg (30.12 KB, 583x421, afterellen.jpg)

Here is an example of that. Fucking gross.

No. 391764

Wow what a not at all retarded understanding of postmodernism. The ol' slippery slope of relativism is to blame for sexually aggressive trannies, and doesn't at all inform the way you already think about literally everything. Tell us more about how you went to college while I roll my eyes forever.

No. 391766

Cant stand this piece of crap. Anyone telling women tey have to sleep with someone because 'reasons' even if they feel very uncomfortable is vile. I'm sorry (not sorry) but trans women are pulling this shit left and right. They're still in the mindset of a man after all. it seems especially creepy some dude in a dress who still has their penis and telling lesbians they better sleep with them or else.

No. 391767

Trans women are not women, they are men, no matter how much they butcher their body and take hormones. Their chromosomes are XY. Their bone structure is different. The holes they have post op are not vaginas, they're holes that can get mold inside an even necrosis.

He is not a woman and will never be, I hate how entitled he is.

No. 391769

Pomo filtered down from elitist academics to layman attention seeking narcissists like RJD. They use it to excuse their narcissism. It's not like the pomo beliefs drive them, they use it to explain away their shitty "beliefs" and rapey (and whatever else) behavior. Only a fucking retard defends pomo and uses the "reeeeee ma slippery slope" as a response.

No. 391773

File: 1506222555478.png (1.2 MB, 1659x970, 1231321132132.png)

I feel like OP was pretty nice to put a normal looking picture of Riley as the thread pic. Theres way worse.

Don't you wanna give somebody wearing a sportsbra and a beanie saying LITTLE QUEER all your paypal money?

No. 391775

Holy terfchans, batman.

Gender dysphoria has been proven to be a mental disorder and transition is the treatment for that. Just because you're a salty cunt doesn't mean you know jack about the science behind it and all the studies that have been done in the last 5 years and prove it's real.

Yes, tumblrinas have co opted it and turned it into the absolute circus it is today, but there actual transgender people who aren't retarded.

Justin Dennis is a piece of shit and an absolute tr00n, but that doesn't mean all transgender people are like him.

This thread is terrible. Fuck the antiscience terfs on this site.

Sage because I am sperging.

No. 391783

MTE, Riley looked feminine before the surgery but now….?!
Welp, riley describes themself as non-binary so, i guess the surgery was a success?…maybe?

Not that anon and you may well be a troll but just in case you are not:
>Gender dysphoria has been proven to be a mental disorder
Except people like riley say its not a mental disorder, its an "orientation" which is why there is an issue.


Out of interest I am interested in the science behind this if you wish to actually post any. I do not doubt gender dysphoria is a mental disorder but there have been conflicting reports on the success rates of post-op transpeople being "cured"


>calls riley a "he"
you are either a troll or this is a case of irony where you have misgendered someone who is trans why complaining about others misgendering.

>sage because i am sperging

So the salty cunt remark was merely projection?

But in all seriousness not sure why you are sperging over that remark when its technically correct. Trans women are biologically men, which is why they are trans women and why they want to transition. You're comment was a very long way of saying "i'm triggered".

>This thread is terrible

Well then ho why is you here? Contribute or leave, you are not required to stay here.

No. 391794

ugh her hair is always such a dirty grease pit, near the roots especially. it grosses me out

No. 391829


What exactly makes terfs antiscience? (blogpost: am biologist and 'terf'. Most of my colleagues share the same views….)

No. 391847


This. Radical feminists get called TERFs as an insult because they believe in biological sex.

No. 391887

>"you're disgusting and vile because you're trans"
lol that strawman I'm pretty sure she'd jump down someone's throat for turning down a trans person with far less violent reasons.

No. 391920

Agree with this anon. There are plenty of real trans people. But just like any group of individuals, some of them are assholes. But that doesn't mean they aren't trans. They're just… both. I like lolcow but all this anti-trans shit makes you all look like idiots which I know you aren't.

No. 391923

Not OP but if i may: In response to farmhand request while there is probably a few things riley can be called milky for especially on the snowflake side (ie being a non-bianry transwoman) the main thing riley is known for was making a video entitled your dating preferences are discriminatory where riley states that you should date transpeople because when it comes to your sexuality, genitals do not matter. This blew up on youtube and garnered many response videos. While riley said it was mostly the alt right/anti-feminist brigade who took offence there have also been response videos from feminists, lesbians and left leaning individuals who also said this video is akin to gay conversion therapy.
Since then riley went onto make two other videos which also got a lot of attention: "are gential preferences transphobic" and "biological sex is a social construct" which again got lots of response videos

Recently there was a twitter spat between riley and arielle scarcella because arielle said she would not date a transwoman and it prompted other youtubers like kat blaque and jaclyglenn to make response videos to this issue.

Here are the riley videos i mentioned if you are interested:

No. 391924

This is also something I would genuinely like to know as I have watched riley video on how biology is a social construct and there are so many things wrong with that video…


The only anti-trans stuff I have seen here is the argument pertaining to biological sex and the arguments some transpeople, like riley are making which is its a social construct. Not sure how that makes these anons "look like idiots" but I would be more than happy for you to enlighten me.

No. 392036

People aren't disputing that transsexuals with gender dysphoria exist. But trans activists like Riley claim that biological sex doesn't exist and people reject that.

No. 392075

if biological sex doesnt exist then where does trans people's sex dysphoria come from? god, that's such a stupid argument i can't believe people actually say that (im not >>391775 but i agree with what they said)

No. 392091

>if biological sex doesnt exist then where does trans people's sex dysphoria come from?
You should ask Riley that since he's the one making that claim. I don't see how terfs are anti-science. Everyone agrees gender dysphoria is real. But that doesn't make anyone magically the opposite sex and neither do surgeries since biological sex is real too. All it does is make people transsexual. Transgender activists are the ones who are anti-science.

No. 392095

There is no such thing as a transperson. I use to work for an ins company. They usually transition for oppurtunities. There is also a high rate of regret. Ins doesnt pay for reversals so quit spreading false info.

I was going through raileys social media amd see he got a woman. I was genuinely happy for him. //why is it always u.k people. How poor are you guys to jump at any internet fame.

No. 392189

Funny thing is that type of entiitlement towards sex and women's bodies is so reminiscent of how a lot of cismen think. Makes me wonder.

No. 392396

Here is the video in which Riley claims having preferences isn't a thing, you're just awful and have bias!

No. 392414

I feel like this video has been blown out of proportion. She doesn't say that you have to fuck trans people because they're trans or that all lesbians should fuck trans people with penises, just that there might be some bias against trans people and it might be worth recognizing it (not all people care about these things in the end). I really don't think this is so drama-worthy. That Twitter screenshot where she whined about Ellen's post was more cringey than this video.

No. 392427

So what? There's the one freedom we should have, being allowed to pick and choice who we fuck without judgement. I'm so sick of that 'oh well, if you dont like to be with blank, you're insert racism or sexist or whatever term here.'

Riley is full of shit and has stated on their twitter that not wanting to be with a trans person makes you 'transphobic.' Bitch, please

No. 392439

But the thing is that society is telling women to like dick. Being heterosexual is the norm. Telling lesbians to consider dick completely disregards that they've been told that a million times already. Riley is trying to shame people out of their sexual orientation. It's not a "genital preference" or some type of bias. There are people who are only attracted to the same sex or the opposite sex and Riley has to accept that.

No. 392467

This. And I know there are a few lesbianons on this board (myself included) but lesbians have been told time and time again that it's just a phase and once you get 'good dick, you'll revert back.' It's beyond insulting. People like riley and the trans bullies are just as awful, if not worse than the cismen. sage for rant

No. 392473

Lesbians are the main target of these trans activists. When Zinnia Jones or some other creep tries to pull that shit on straight guys they're immediately shut down. It's insulting that people like Riley call themselves lesbians.

No. 392508

As a gay person here who loves dick and can't get enough of it. Us Gays/Lesbians will always prefer what we want and this Riley Dennis fuck is never going to change that. Why the fuck does she care about this anyway? Doesn't the bitch have a girlfriend who actually is willing to be with her (because seriously, what sane woman do you see dating someone like this borderline rapist?). Why can't she just stick with bisexual/pansexual women and be done with it? Why is she trying to shame Lesbians to being with something they don't want? It's fucking disgusting and I can see how she can be used as an example of the stereotype of transwomen being batshit insane or retarded.

I mean as cringe-worthy as Kat Blaque is, at least she stays in her lane and moved on from trying to guilt trip straight men to prefer her. Riley needs to get the memo because a lesbian is never going to want her. Ever.

No. 392515

Riley Dennis really boils my blood, she is such a stupid fuck and it's not just the "Date me or your transphobic" nonsense, it seems like most of anything that comes out of that hole in her face, it's something stupid. I just watched her latest video on why "Legal immigration is a problem" and I was just lost for words.

First we had "I'm non-binary and trans', then we had dating preferences, then we had her "Islam is a religion of peace" nonsense, then we had her trump freakout (which was lowkey hilarious), then how to be a "poltically correct bigot", then Antifa support, and now this.

I mean, I seriously am considering that Riley must be a troll and if she is, she's doing one heck of a standup job because I just can't believe that someone can be this… .Vacuous and out of touch.

No. 392516

Sexuality has to do with genitals not gender. Interest in gender is a preference, like, lesbians can like masculine women if they chose, but they like them rather than a man -because- they don't like penises.

Fucking trans people are always so touchy about this, no one owes you anything for you mutilating your body and -i- wouldn't have sex with someone like riley, man or woman or whatever, cause they're a fucking prick.

No. 392518

stop calling him a she please, we don't want that associated with women thanks.

No. 392524

This is one of Riley's cringiest videos. Kat Blaque and Riley Dennis, who are both very strong contenders for least funny dude on the planet, discussing how funny they are and how much jokes offend them.

No. 392533

This, it's really confusing to see people using different pronouns every other post too.

No. 392556

Thirding. If he didn't get youtube bux, I have a very good feeling he wouldn't have gotten FFS.

Aren't there posts out there from his tumblr or twitter saying he was "happy about the way his body was"?

No. 392558

Here's the biological sex rant video.
This makes me absolutely speechless.

No. 393164

This guy makes my skin crawl. He's like a cult preacher, demanding and demanding validation for himself and expecting everyone else to accommodate for his enormous self-important, bullshit ego and his carefully crafted 'identity'. And who gets shafted out of the way the most? Women, lesbian women particularly.

He's so disgusting.

No. 405812

File: 1508397070266.jpg (37.97 KB, 618x302, 983.jpg)


No. 405814

That's one of the most stupidest things ever. Wtf??? That has to be satire. He even defined it lol

No. 405942

As usual, Riley makes no sense.

No. 406062

then why call yourself a trans woman…

No. 406098


cunts like him are what flipped me from libfem to radfem. he's a rapey delusional typical fucking male.

No. 524778

File: 1520607885002.png (675.01 KB, 607x514, 442BF71B-3BFB-4B5F-9203-62611C…)

For anyone curious about just how huge and manly Rapey is in real life, Here’s a picture of him standing next to another trans woman.

No. 524837

Is that Chelsea Manning?

No. 524856

File: 1520617983998.png (553.52 KB, 625x735, HontrAGPoints.png)

No. 524864

I saw thumbnail of this picture on the front page and I immediately knew the far left person is a guy.

Imagine being a waiter and seeing bunch of these freaks in your restaurant.

No. 524889

File: 1520622037348.png (1.22 MB, 1162x967, trollphobia.png)

I feel bad for everyone who has to work around these narcissists. You just know they're gonna complain on social media about any minor inconvenience.

No. 524897


This belongs in the gender critical thread

No. 524976

File: 1520628243593.png (1.18 MB, 977x863, god.png)

Cannot get over how retarded Riley is.

Nevermind that he's a "tranny non-binary lesbian queer", he will talk so much shit about even the most basic shit, like how magnetic poles were invented by the evil racist whites to shit on Africa.
He also wants to control speech to "unlearn" bad thoughts, and treats misgendering as "an act of violence". He just screams totalitarianism.

I mean fuck me, in his videos he even manages to mispronounce words that he literally wrote down in his script specifically for that video. Considering he edits his video so it can't keep one clip going for more than 2 seconds, this is truly an accomplishment.

No. 524981

>>524778 holy shit is that Onision?

No. 524986

that's bradley manning

No. 524988

>teehee lesbians only wear fugly shit

No. 525001

File: 1520630653671.png (522.76 KB, 613x635, 243242.png)

Does Riley have some kind of narcissistic disorder?
I see shit like this constantly, just 3-4 practically identical selfies, and it seems like he really thinks people outisde the LGBT group trying to virtue signal gives a shit.

No. 525007

lmao its wearing a stud hoop earring as a nose piercing.

No. 525008

most trannies do.

No. 527889

Honestly, it seems like TIMs go on hormones just so they can look at themselves in the mirror and think about how cute they look as "women".

No. 532342

I am down to start a Contra thread if anyone is interested.

Also, why doesn't Riley respond to any of his critiques?

No. 532351

please make the contra thread, anon. i'm so up for it.

No. 535827

New video: "Why I took so long to realize I’m a trans lesbian"

I have some old ContraPoints videos where he was a completely different person. Not just his looks and mannerisms but also his opinions. Maybe there could be a thread for transwomen/non-binary dudes in general. There are so many of these "activists" on Twitter begging for money and starting drama.


No. 535865


Admin would probably just merge it into the gender critical thread.

No. 535906

We’re not allowed, anon. Having dedicated threads for trannies is disallowed and will get shoved in to the one GC thread we’ve been so graciously given. /s

No. 535935

YES, PLEASE! zinnia is a huge fucking cow, as is alok, clymer, lees, and contra. we need this. and it doesn't need to be absorbed into the gender critical thread.

No. 548268

File: 1523042884730.jpeg (93.47 KB, 980x542, DZ9QsgHW4AE8U6l.jpeg)

Courtesy @rencIithero

No. 641450

Straight man whining about how oppressed he is for 7 minutes. I can't believe people take him seriously. He identfies as a "lesbian icon" now.

No. 641472

File: 1532037662847.png (1.82 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_2018-07-19-23-59-21…)

You just know his girlfriend is into long-haired male twinks

But keep telling yourself you are a lesbian, riley


No. 641798

She's bi, which explains a lot. No actual lesbian could see past that man face/body/penis idk, has he had bottom surgery? (That shit is so gross, I'm sorry. Neovags are absolutely revolting.)

No. 645831

I just got done watching this video right now and oh my god, I just… I was in disbelief. Is this twat serious? Are they fucking serious? And what's even more insufferable is the fact that Riley is considered a "Lesbian Icon". L-O-freaking-L

And yeah you're right, her girlfriend is a bisexual and of course she'd go for someone like Riley. I remember last year when she (the girlfriend) made a video about dating preferences and how she pretty much parroted everything that Riley said in her video with how you're discriminatory and transphobic if you refuse to date trans people. But I'm convinced the only reason she said that is because she's a fucking bisexual and bisexuals on average tend to not mind dating and fucking trans people as opposed to homosexuals and heterosexuals where genitals do matter.

And to answer your question, she hasn't had SRS and if I remember correctly, she said she never wants to get it because you don't need to have gender dysphoria to be trans according to people like her.

No. 680414

No. 680599

File: 1536067620966.jpg (97.68 KB, 504x470, 1514933594928.jpg)

Oh yeah can we please get a thread going on this dude?

Sometimes I watch one of his videos and rant for like an hour with my tranny friend, would anyone enjoy summary posts per video of why everything he says is wrong?

I have literally not yet seen a single video where he makes even one valid point, it is truly astonishing.

No. 680603


Riley unironically refers to himself as a lesbian icon in his twitter bio. I don't have any words for how revolting and narcissistic I find him. Just unbelievable.

No. 680638

>video summaries
Yes, please.

No. 680670

no. if you post them anyways, don't bother bumping the thread.

No. 681764

File: 1536180479167.png (762.52 KB, 723x723, h.png)


>the """argument"""

:^) here we go

>let's decriminalise all sex work

First of all riley, there's MULTIPLE types of prostitution
for example soliciting and prostitution are two different types of sex work
and regulated quite differently
Secondly if you decriminalise ALL types of sex work, you also open up a lot of risks for the more risky types of legal work


There it is

>everyone has to have a job they don't like to live

but riley, you argue that sex you dont want i.e. rape is worse than murder
so surely
you cant compare that
to working in mcdonalds when you dont want to

>sex is just sex!

sex is just sex you say?
that's a statement we might need to
unpack a bit riley :^)

>police morality


No. 681770

That is a man, baby.

I dunno why he couldnt just be a dude with long hair. Lots of women out there like femme dudes with longer hair. Justin is a creep anyway who shits on anyone who wont date a trans person.

No. 681771

File: 1536181341218.gif (987.75 KB, 294x224, ein-outofhere.gif)

>men dont take lesbians seriously

>lesbians are a fetish for men in porn

>man pretends to be a woman and talk about how oppressed he is

fuck this gay earth

No. 681774

>everyone has to have a job they don't like to live

lol, no they don't riley. Not everyone is a miserable tranny like you

No. 681799



What is your gender
if its not represented by
any physical characteristic
any personality characteristic
what can it be

>having no gender

>dollar shave club sponsor

Oh boy more shaving, also Riley has no shame and will do anything for money

>Everything is SUPER gendered

Yes, there's a picture of a great big shlong on every razor men buy

>gender neutral shaving products

What's even going on
That's as gender neutral as every male product
My dad's shaver is the same colour basically
It's literally just a silver and blue razor
which is the DEFAULT male razor colour
How is that neutral
could it be your labels are
entirely in your head
you goddamn mentally ill retard

>can i just be a masculine woman or a feminine man?

>SOMETIMES the answer to that is yes
Listen Riley, trannies are less than .1% of the population
The answer is
and many of those
arent even real trannies
just trend followers
or people who've been persuaded into it and taken advantage of by dishonest faggots like riley
but being a woman isnt just an imaginary gender
it's to do with the parts you have

Also cis people are normal, but normal is a racist term now
So we need to ban it
But not police morality
Except when i say its ok


I wish these fucking people would stop saying folks
I hate that word now because the entire lefty legion picked it up as the
for a group of trannies
It's like a herd of horses
"A folks of trannies"

This is all basically meaningless
because it cannot be defined or
It's EXACTLY the "arbitrary social construct" that riley so often shits on


Thats like a minute straight of saying fucking nothing

>Woman decided to cut her hair

Followed by a dumb whore cutting her hair and taking herself massively more seriously than anyone ever will
Long hair is attractive on women, short hair can also be, its almost as if it depends on everything else about how you look

This entire video just says that gender identity doesnt mean anything and gender expression means personality



>people who dress a certain way are read as masculine or feminine

nobody gives a flying fuck about how you dress unless youre being a blatant obvious degenerate,
in which case theyll mock you,
then go back to not caring
At no point did anyone assume your gender or anything, they just think you're a fucking animal

>sporty femme

>scrawny emaciated urangutan

No. 681801

File: 1536182956539.png (930.7 KB, 982x691, h.png)

No. 681824

can you sage your shitty summaries and learn how to embed videos? or better yet, just post these on your tumblr. this is old milk and trucums are only marginally less retarded than trenders.

No. 681833

Jeez guy, wouldn't guess that someone could be that passionate about how shitposting should be done on this shitty board

No. 681987

If you think it's so shitty then leave, you spergy retard.

No. 695823

You sound triggered af

No. 733227

No. 733233

The video itself is boring but the title and thumbnail are something else. "Queer girls"/"lesbian couple" LOL
It's gross how he sexualises his girlfriend for clicks. Also, how can he afford all these exotic vacations?

No. 733273

lmao @ his weird, gross man body

No. 744780

That's my territory so I really wish he'd stay the fuck out.

Any thoughts on his very ill informed recent video on the migrant caravan situation? The constant victim crying is nauseating.

No. 816255

honestly, I think he's hot as fuck. He was sorta cute as a boy but nothing special–but as a long haired twink, yeah, definitely I want to fuck him. Bet he's got a big cock.(thirstposting)

No. 816324

I mean, he's a hardcore progressive and this is video very in line with progressive/ liberal values . You can disagree with him but at least he sticks to his guns and stays consistent. I sort of admire that

Then I remember he is a creepy tranny

No. 816384


No. 899725

Disgusting freak. Him and his kind should be exterminated off the face of the Earth!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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