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File: 1505758962211.jpg (32.03 KB, 512x512, 1rkMpmt3.jpg)

No. 388973

Why is nobody talking about this crazy bitch?

The basics:
>22-year-old male to female transsexual / self-proclaimed "butch" and "dyke"
>was allowed to transition as a prepubescent child by her crazy radical-leftist parents, whose SJW-mentality rubbed off on her big time
>accused of emotionally abusing, stealing from and raping a transman that she was in a relationship with
>now has an irrational hatred for transmen for being over-privileged male scum
>has a severe victim mentality despite being an accused rapist

https://www.facebook.com/eli.erlick/ (fan page)

Tumblr post by her ex that she raped: https://tranqualizer.tumblr.com/post/148498922050/trans-icon-eli-erlick-is-an-abuser-and-rapist

No. 388974

File: 1505758997819.jpg (172.93 KB, 750x1099, 1505477972960.jpg)

No. 388975

File: 1505759042723.png (572.53 KB, 1098x694, 1505582064620.png)

No. 388994

>I'm more of a woman than you'll ever be
I have no idea who this person is, but this sums up what's wrong with transcommunity right now pretty well.

No. 389016

Normally I don't like making sweeping generalizations but hey, I'm going to just this once. Why is the trans community so aggressive towards cis women when most cis women seem to be extremely welcoming and supportive of them? You never see them going after men or telling men that 'they're more manly than you'll ever be', but in my experience it's overwhelmingly cis MEN who refuse to accept them and are even hostile towards them? And I know a lot of people have made this point across the internet before : but it's also overwhelmingly cis MEN who commit violence against the trans community so…

Where is their hatred and belittling of men? I don't see it. Ever.

Makes no sense to me honestly.

No. 389021

It's clear she is mtf here. Growing out your hair doesn't make you look like a girl.

No. 389036

I'm pretty sure that post was directed towards gendercrit radfems.

No. 389042

"gendercrit" you meant to say "smart"

No. 389045

Don't they call themselves gender critical? I thought gendercritical was preferred over "terf".

No. 389053

Even so, let's not pretend that a lot of MTF trans activists don't purport that they are better women than bio women, and constantly shit on women despite the fact that they put a lot of their energy and money towards the goal of becoming one.

No. 389077

All of what that anon said still applies to gendercrits/terfs tho (except for the supportive part, but it's not like they go around punching trannies or sending them death threats whatever)

No. 389084

wow, how fucking creepy.

No. 389088

The sheer entitlement is astounding.

Fuck, and I used to love Rent. Guess we were all young and dumb once.

No. 389201

who cares

how come every lolcow thread about a trans person is largely just terf whining? i don't even want to like argue about it i just think it's really fucking boring to read the same radfem talking points over and over when i'm just here for milk

No. 389373

This pretty much.

Even talking about these supposed "misogynist mtfs" is definitely irrelevant to a discussion about Eli because she doesn't appear to "hate" cisgender women or think she's better than them (other than that one tongue-in-cheek post to piss off the angry radfems who have been harassing her on Tumblr just because she's trans). She's seems to only be another professional victim on Tumblr who bitches about being less privileged than others. Typical cringey SJW behavior. The rape/abuse thing is another story, but I looked into it and it's hard to say if it's true or a big lie written by a bitter ex.

I'd be interested if there's any milk on this person or proof that she really is a violent rapist but for now she just appears to be a typical SJW moron.

No. 389603

gross. i'd bulldoze that niqqa out the restroom. go home n be freaky dont do that shit in public

No. 608008

No. 608052


yeah it says so in the op dumbass

No. 707233

So apparently this person goes to UCSC

someone has written all over some bathrooms at ucsc that Eli Erlick is a rapist.

No. 707281

This is an image thread, anon. Provide pics.

No. 707316

Are you new here? This thread hasn't been updated in 3 months … Did you wander in from a Google search?

Anyway … welcome. Can you elaborate? Are you a student there too?

No. 708065

WOW okay I know this person, but only secondhand. One of my buddies is a transguy and he was hooking up with this person years ago. Eli said my trans friend had the biggest "dick" he had ever seen lol.

Sage because who cares, but this gave me a good kek

No. 717146

I actually know this person irl. I went to a shitty school in a small town with them. I don't really know much about them but I'm hella suprised to see them here(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 717169

fuck off Eli
sage(hi (cow))

No. 743194

File: 1543875096924.png (351.41 KB, 586x587, Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 2.11…)

sorry to necro a thread but she's currently getting dragged on twitter for this article she wrote.


No. 743195

File: 1543875156525.jpg (191.13 KB, 781x958, one.jpg)

someone also called her out for obsessively editing her own wikipedia article

No. 743196

File: 1543875238955.png (122.51 KB, 604x488, Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 2.13…)

No. 743231

File: 1543879912554.png (29.44 KB, 585x281, lmao.PNG)

So I decided to look into this, and Eli Erlick got his name removed from the article.

The original twitter thread about the article had backlash from a lot of famous people. Shame none of them noted that the author was a self-admitted rapist!

No. 743234

File: 1543880157348.png (60.31 KB, 581x428, bring it on.PNG)

The fact that Eli Erlick didn't know that the opposing Cheerleading team was the Clovers from Bring It On… says a lot.

I'm pretty sure the movie was a staple for a lot of girls growing up in the 00s. Why does this guy try to write social commentary from the perspective of someone who isn't part of the social class? It is so cringy to read.

No. 743247

sjws being retarded and criticizing a piece of media they don't even care to consume. nothing to see here.

No. 743250

Eli was into some depraved ass shit when we knew each other around highschool. Eli pressured me into watching A Serbian Film and had an ongoing library of similarly awful shock horror movies/borderline snuff/gore for edge points? Sexual gratification? Has that kind of time but has never seen Bring It On? Lmao.

I hope more people have more to say about the weird sadistic leanings since I still haven't seen that backed up except the rape allegation? I still work with LGBT youth and burning bridges isn't something I can afford so forgive me for having no milk, all I have are ancient skype logs that would get traced back to me. I just really do think they are dangerous, cruel and not a fucking role model.

No. 743269

>she, her

No. 743316

File: 1543887466422.jpg (70.22 KB, 456x810, IMG_20181203_173059.jpg)

So apparently here are some screenshots of a conversation between Eli and one of his victims. I heard he raped a bunch of transmen (so, females)

No. 743317

File: 1543887536118.jpg (56.61 KB, 456x810, IMG_20181203_173058.jpg)

No. 743439

This was worth the necro lmao. She couldn't have written a more off-the-mark piece if she tried, and the twitter response was hilarious.

No. 743464

If this eejit is really getting a deluge of death threats as often as they claim, then I'm Barack Obama. He probably was once told that someone wishes he was never born and now it's used as a convenient excuse to get his name disassociated from every time his actions or words have created a mess that he wants to hide from.

Seriously, just look at the various times he claims TERFs are harassing him and sending him death threats. Let's face it, he thinks he's found a convenient boogeyman to use when creating a dramatic situation where he's a victim that also gives him yet another opportunity to hate on born women, because hating born women is pretty much the life blood of folks like this one.

No. 743557

File: 1543932127431.png (55.31 KB, 765x385, holyshit.PNG)

"Death threats" in 2018 are literally someone hurting your feelings or saying "people like you shouldn't exist". It's a convenient excuse to have when you want to backpeddle and get away from the consequences of your retarded actions.

The article is hilarious though, it should be preserved in a time capsule from 2018 so that people in 2050 can laugh at the dumb cultural whims from a few decades ago. White male rapist in a dress calling herself a woman writing about mah kweer PoCs and how a fucking Ariana Grande music video is literally genocide. It doesn't get much crazier than this.

No. 743562


"Death threats" in 2018 are literally someone saying "men are not women" or "women don't have penises".

No. 743573

Or simply "The fuck did you smoke before writing this article, Eli?"

No. 743581

Eli, did you forget Caitlyn Jenner is a homophobe? I'd divorce him too lmao

No. 744185

He sure did delete his Twitter fast lol

No. 744368

I understand you not wanting to for fear of being kicked out, but unfortunately this is how people like this keep getting away and hiding. Too many times they'll have lackeys circle the wagons around the weirdo abuser types who just want power.

No. 744489

I warn people I know irl that have met Eli or I think might for ~activism~ or w/e

rtg made a video abt this also lmao sage for pretty much being a rundown of what's already been posted.

No. 745185

The description make me kek. No shit it's an mtf transgender. I could tell that from looking at his picture for .01 seconds. Even the most masculine women don't look like this. I would be genuinely scared if I saw this big scary man in my bathroom.

No. 766765

All you have to do is type in Eli Erlick, UCSC.
Shows all the info you need; listed in the PhD Student Directory.(necro)

No. 849383

exactly. What is with these self absorbs posts about how much better they are at being the opposite sex like biological females and males just don't know how to be there own gender. It's like a beauty contest for these people at this point.(necro)

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