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No. 383925

> former model who gained attention on youtube due to stories about her psychotic father, a man who once kidnapped her when she was little (google 'ashley taylor kidnapped')

>had a relationship with her roommate, anna campbell, which was exposed by another youtuber a few months along. anna quit her job and moved states for her before natalia decided to call it quits.

> after this breakup happened, she made a weird as fuck video titled 'watch me' wherein she reveals she lied about her name to be the next hannah montana and laughs manically about her deep connection to lion king -meanwhile,anna cries on camera (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqSiHi0WMo4&t=183s)

> probably a schizo like daddy dearest, maybe just a heartless bitch, you decide!

> has now been MIA for a month


No. 383996

I feel like she's lost herself/disassociated

No. 384015

Here's her other twitter account


No. 384074

I actually used to follow her. Her life was pretty interesting to survive on just youtubing, modeling, and just doing whatever she liked. her dad's letters and stories added a lot of intrigue. she's also really gorgeous, made some nice vegan meals, overcame anorexia. I noticed she and Anna were getting pretty romantic, so it wasnt a shock when that girl outed them. I was surprised that they broke up so abruptly. She seemed so crazy over Anna, just a week before, but now she just seems plain crazy, and honestly how she thinks shes connected to the occult and ghosts was a big precursor to this lion king stuff, and forgetting why she changed her name (to hide from her dad). I hope she didn't inherit his condition. Anna does seem to be doing alright now, at least with her career.

No. 384327

No, I think she just realized using Anna for experimentation was a bad look, concocted some bullshit about "finding herself" and then left youtube and twitter to avoid the heat of the fangirls. Her personal facebook is active and she seems fine.

No. 384348

She was also a part of Tana's failed "trash" channel, which is how I found her. I thought she was interesting and I enjoyed her modeling videos… she flipped on the crazy seemingly overnight.

I think she was using anna and decided it wasn't worth it and then fled youtube because of the backlash. She'll be back with some bullshit. I feel really bad for anna because she uprooted her life for Ashley/Nat.

No. 624733

i knew her personally, she moved back home, did a cubic butt ton of cocaine (i watched it) then went into a downward depressive spiral

No. 625136

receipts anon? even just texts from others talking about her coke habit would suffice. ive been curious about the state of her mental health for like a year, any kind of expansion on your explanation would be great

No. 625137

File: 1530335032130.png (878.02 KB, 800x1122, Screenshot_2018-06-29-22-02-21…)

She returned to Instagram on June 21st after a year away.

No. 625140

Natalia Taylor Quits YouTube Days After Breaking Up with Famous Girlfriend

July 25, 2017


No. 625431

Does this mean that Anna was also on some hard shit when they were dating?

No. 625950

My guess is that she got into it after she left. I honestly believe she's showing signs of schizophrenia, but obviously we haven't seen enough of her recently to know. But drug habits do often stem from serious mental issues. I say this as a person with a real fucked up head and substance abuse in my past.

No. 625962

Shit, I'm an idiot. I realized that the timeline didn't match up. In my defense, I'm fucking high.

No. 627631

Anna said on her twitter that part of what bonded them was the drugs. Not sure which drugs she was actually talking about though.

No. 649484

any news on the sex tape between her and Anna Campbell that someone was trying to blackmail Anna with?

No. 653833

I'm sorry, what's this now? Only thing I'm seeing about this is a story someone wrote that Anna read on YouNow.

No. 881123

Hobo ahle natalia kills https://youtu.be/cewY1aqF3fs
https://youtu.be/1gtmij_uNuE(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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