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Townhall is scheduled for May 22nd, GMT 2PM.

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No. 362083

Endigo, 22 years of age, Swedish, numerous bands.

Currently his drive is visual kei (between gaming, off topic content and cross dressing - because weebs love that sort of youtuber)
He religiously searches his name on social media and the like (Hi Endigo, I know you will find this)
If you try to tell him he is wrong, he will cause a shitstorm, quote your tweet and have his little basement dwelling weeb fans come stand up for him.
He likes to create hashtags for himself including
#ResurrectVK which became a joke on and off but I came to the conclusion this hashtag was to save WESTERN VK, because lets all face it, we need more white boys dressing as girls pretending to be hafu and covering Dir En Grey songs on stage. No.

Got noticed by Pewd's which seems to be a huge accomplishment, I am praying there is no future collaboration but hey, Swedish fucks and snowflakes stick together?

Twitter https://twitter.com/EndigoSkyborn
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/endigo
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/endigoskyborn/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/endigoskyborn/
(do you see a trend???)

His most spoken of video is
"VISUAL KEI IS IT DEAD IN JAPAN" which caused a shit storm of vk fans BELIEVING his shit, and well, the fans who know their own shit told him how incorrect he is, does he care? No, because he has been to Japan and he knows EVERYTHING about Japan.
Endigo actually shot footage of an instore, which caused small upset of a few Japanese fans of the band at the instore (which Endigo had zero clue who they were because BATAAR are the only remaining VK band since it is dead) he refused to acknowledge anyone who informed him of this mistake, have yet to check Japanese sources but the footage is still there with uncensored faces because YEAH Endigo respects people, not.

BATAAR is his current band, had a show or two in Japan and this is their second claim to fame (first is being featured in Tekken 7, much wows)
Their Japanese is actually pretty limited to basically shit poor, they only managed to do shit because of Patrik, who is another HORRENDOUS Snowflake for trying to sneak backstage whenever he is in Japan because he thinks he has connections wherever he goes. (he also stinks real fucking bad)

Friends of Yohio, like I have already said, Swedish fucks will stick together.

His band (not) worth mentioning
Twitter https://twitter.com/BatAArofficial
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/bataarofficial

No. 362178

This guy is the reason I stopped being active in the VK/ Euro-weeb community. He used to be pretty decent but now he's so cringey.

He seeks weeb praise for studying Japanese but then 1. Tried to make his friend skip her lessons she they can go get drunk and 2. Didn't understand the kanji for study when someone posted it in his live show (I used the books he's using when I was taking lessons - it's one of the first things they teach you) and then got annoyed when people told him what it meant. I think the "fame" and attention went to his head

No. 376140

File: 1503276376059.png (532.12 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-08-20-19-43-58…)

I looked up his ask.fm and saw some things I honestly didn't want to see. I don't mind crossdressing, but him crossdressing makes me cringe.

No. 849624

There is a reason he doesn't have any more friends, he is a filthy rat who uses anyone he can to gain "fame" but doesn't blink twice when it comes to throwing his friends under the bus.

He is worse of a person than he is a dresser, which says a lot.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 849632

Holy shit I didn't expect this thread to pop up again

I wanted to like him bc he seemed nice and seems like he can sing but I can't stand watching his videos so I didn't bother with him.

Btw I just saw that the band he was in disbanded and I was so surprised cause they we're around for a while and they didn't even make an official announcement.there were posts here and there on Instagram but nothing on their fb page,website, or YouTube channel.there was only a post about "their last song" that will be published whenever but i thought it was more of "an end of an era" rather than an actual disbanment(I'm not a fan but I loved the song they made for tekken and it's the only one I like from the band)

No. 849696

>responding to a necro with a blogpost that no one cares about
pull is probably more your speed, friendo.

No. 849863

You're right about the blogpost.i hoped of someone bringing something up regarding the group or him which is why I mentioned it but I guess not

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