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File: 1501179983493.jpg (320.37 KB, 1280x952, tumblr_ornkv6L4Ea1vn7q6mo3_128…)

No. 361655

Hitler baby, Sexworker, "Lesbian", Little and Tumblr Famous for no reason other than she's a slut.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 361658

This bitch is always starting drama, especially when it doesn't involve her. Because of her large following she has a MAJOR God complex and constantly bullies people.

No. 361659

haha hey shayna

No. 361662

she's poly too. i legit wanna throw up.

No. 361663

C'com anon drop some links, caps or at least list of stuff she has done.

No. 361664

The fact you think Shayna made this post is hilarious. The Hitler baby was a play with words and about that exact scenario since I think it fits the bitch well.

No. 361667

…….then show caps or at least list the stuff she's done…

bad thread..smells like vendetta from shayna

No. 361668

Her public snap is lilbugpublic

No. 361670

shouldnt you be busy punching yourself in the face for a couple bucks rn?

No. 361671

File: 1501180987682.jpg (324.01 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_otd30q5xZD1vn7q6mo2_128…)

for gods sake shes wearing childrens items

No. 361676

She went on a rage about how someone posted pictures of her on their Twitter, but you're a sexworker and put your pictures out to the public?? Of course that's gonna happen are you stupid?

No. 361678

supposed "Daddy" yet she's lesbian?

No. 361686

Another thread ignoring the rules and filled with samefagging. Please make a new thread once there is milk and you have learned how to post.

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