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No. 347632

> age 20? (possibly 21, but highly doubt it)
> girlfriend of Justin Scarred
> He's 34 and has a son from previous marriage
> He went through sloppy divorce
> Ally came into the picture shortly after

So does this shit just boggle my mind with the age difference? They have an apartment in Orange County and she just got a job at Ulta but like I'm shook by the age gap idk

His youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/justinscarred
Her twitter: https://twitter.com/allywarren_?lang=en

No. 347634

also ik that he acts like a manchild from time to time,
I know Jen Tracker had some shit with him then it was resolved

No. 347642

If the age gap is the only interesting thing about them I don't know why you're posting here. She's 20, she's not a teen, so it's neither creepy nor illegal.

Go to /ot/ with this or find a thread where you can discuss them.

No. 347648

typical two uggos with older manchild weeb and fake "QT PALE AZN WAIFU" and they both secretly cheat on each other

No. 347656

Lolcow has some very strange ideas about age. They're legal adults. Let them live their lives.

No. 347692

Shit thread is shit. They're like most couples out there. Age gaps aren't uncommon and there's no milk.

No. 347698

This guy skeeves me out, what is that voice? He talks like he's talking to children.

No. 444787

Their age gap is 14 years. My parents age gap was 16 and a half. They were married for 39 years when my father passed away. You going to talk crap about them too?(No one cares, Linda.)

No. 444795


Linda over here necro-ing a dead thread with an indignant response where she's posted her name, on a website where being anonymous is the whole thing, and not saged it so we all have to read about this non-topic applause

No. 444798

what the absolute fuck linda

No. 520027

Ally seems like a nice girl but Justin keeps giving hints that her family hates him. Maybe bc she was 18 and he’s like way older than her. I’m sure her parents were like wtf, you’re still a child in our eyes like no. And left her home bc maybe Justin keep saying nice things to her? Not sure but she literally turned her back on her family. On instagram she doesn’t even follow her own sister.(read the rules & usage info)

No. 732259

Ally’s a fucking cunt!! Fuck that dumb bitch!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 785021

lol the last person who commented was probably her crazy mom or her little sister(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 849954

Ally was 17, and Justin was 31 when they met as Disneyland, she snuck away from her family to mess around and make out with him at the park, leaving her family confused about where she had gone. They probably hate Justin, because he was a legal adult who was flirting with their teenage daughter online, and he convinced her to come to Disneyland to meet him. He was basically grooming her to have sex with him. Like most pedophiles do. It's not the type of romantic live story that you want to tell the kids. It's also creepy how he tries to act like a big kid in his videos, even though his videos don't seem aimed at children.

No. 849961

You're a fucking autist lmao. Pedophile @ a 17 year old? Really? It's definitely creepy and questionable, but not pedophilia. Jesus the summerfags stretching and bumping these dead ass threads. Sage for necro.

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