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No. 347019

Anyone heard of her?i think it's weird how she makes these videos talking about vaginas, edible panties etc but her content seems to be targeted at children . What's her angle?

No. 347023

File: 1499319214143.png (80.29 KB, 1242x636, IMG_1280.PNG)

The Bitch is losing it

No. 347024

If you notice the commenters on the video, they're saying a few months ago she wasn't like this.
I happened to glance a bit back in her videos and it looks like around ~5 months ago she posted a video about ending a 10 year relationship where she was engaged.

IMO these newer videos scream compensating for insecurity and inadequacy. Whenever people act over the top like this they're usually hiding something, she reminds me of Pixie in a way.

Not sure how I feel about this, tbh if I lost a person I had spent almost half of my life with I might've gone nuts too.

No. 347029

Sauce on this? I know of her knew she was in a relationship but not much else.
What happened, why did they break up, and what has she been doing lately that's made her "lose it"?

No. 347037

Since OP sucks at starting threads I'll help with links and a brief intro - someone else who actually knows more can do the honours of summarizing her drama over the years.

Her name is Breland Emory, in her late 20s afaik, makes weird ass borderline explicit videos while having a preteen/children type demographic of subscribers. (e.g. Period blood videos, a video where she cuts all her hair off because Hillary Clinton lost - later claimed it was a prank when she got backlash for it, and a bunch of other random immature yet adult themed videos)






No. 347040

No. 347221

she'll be 30 in October

No. 348951

Just a little more about her. She is dating a guy who stated he was gay on his Youtube channel, but then cleaned up his channel recently and the videos are now gone. He suddenly is in love with Breland, but until recently didn't have a single picture of her on his Insta, even though hers was filled with pictures of him. I don't believe he even mentions her on his Insta or in his one lone video until recently.

They got in trouble a little while back because they did a very poor taste video about her getting an abortion. That video was deleted, and though she apologized it seemed more along the lines of "I'm sorry you can't take a joke." I believe she also bought her huge new lake house so her boyfriend can eventually come the US and move in with her. Just wanted to drop that bit of info here for you guys.

Boyfriend's Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7JWAqp9LAFCEsZa4qwv9sw

Boyfriend's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/slavaavdeevyt/

No. 348952

Also her You Now account where she goes live fairly often, and usually with her boyfriend.


No. 349426

File: 1499624462265.png (2.38 MB, 1897x937, 1456.png)

To summarise her "we broke up" video, she was in a relationship with a guy for 10 years, got engaged (which was super awkward to watch and you could just see in her face/she admits she didn't want it to happen.) Her feelings faded even though she claims he has never done any wrong to her. Quite a shame. She was friends with her current boyfriend (Slava) while she was still with her fiance which has lead a lot of fans to believe she cheated with him

No. 349439

I'm so glad someone brought this bitch up because she would make an EXCELLENT cow. This is a very good summary video of all the dumb shit she's done including, but not limited to:

- Getting "permanent makeup" eyeliner tattooed onto her eyelids which she claims to regret and still slaps makeup over every day anyway.

- Distasteful videos with clickbaity titles like her "I'm pregnant" video she made with slava, where they both acted terribly and made fun of abortion. Also a disgusting "fetus baby shower" video.

- videos that are plain dumb like making edible nail polish out of alligator meat, a "reaction video" to the election where she pretended to vomit and "cut her hair off". Dumb life hacks like 'how to get a flat stomach - have sex!'

- god awful greenscreen effects

- acts like shes 12/13 and appeals to tweens while making strangely adult themed videos every now and then.

- terrible makeup skills

- awful nicknames for genitals, 'furburger' 'sugarcookie' 'trousertrout'

No. 349445

File: 1499626099086.png (1.96 MB, 1270x1747, 1.png)

No. 349457

Good points, but holy shit that callout basic channel it hypocritical as fuck.
>routinely brings up how people use controversey and drama to gain popularity and money
>literally does the same fucking thing

It's such an insult to the viewer's intelligence if she seriously believes she should be able to make money off this shit just because she 'calls out' the people making money off the same stuff. Bitch even has a patreon.

No. 349485

I find their videos pretty entertaining but I have to agree with you on that

No. 349967

not to mention her fucked rleationship with her fiance. in the engagement video she didn't even react happy in any way. Then, idk how much time later, she broke up with him, propably because he wasn't cool enough for her

No. 350037

File: 1499705545918.png (3.35 MB, 1649x871, gf17.png)

can we talk about how genuinely horrendous her beauty skills are??? Those fucking EYEBROWS; that ugly pink lipstick she wears all the time; her clumpy mascara; that unblended eyeshadow; that poor excuse for a highlighter. Half of these makeup looks have been copied or done before by other, BETTER makeup guru's (the cheetah lips, harley quinn tutorial, full face of glitter etc.) It infuriates me how this girl has 3.4 million subscribers with this piss poor recycled garbage. Her makeup ALONE is terrible and I haven't even mentioned her craft/hair/fashion/comedy yet.

No. 350047

File: 1499706157111.png (4.85 MB, 1920x1080, dcnoeriujoidsclk.png)

this woman is nearly 30 years old.

No. 350142


i can't imagine what her parents did to her to make her this fucking weird. she's way too old for that humour/style/mentality/pretty much everything about her. some of the video ideas she has are straight up creepy.

like, how u gonna be a grown ass adult and put nailpolish on your face for views? and think that its safe because "well its nail polish for kids, and its not toxic, so i guess i'll be fine!". Uh? How did she make that video skit making fun of abortions and think that it was funny? or this one >>347040? does this bitch have no friends or something? its the only explanation for how weeeeird & gross her humour is.

i remember stumbling across this video years ago and thinking she looked off. now i realize that its cause she was older than all of her "youtube friends". hell, maybe she's not, but she just looks like a weird aunt/mom or something along these other girls.

ps the fat one with a square face faked a hack video where she pretended to use crushed up oreos as mascara. she also faked a hack video where she used m&m as eyeliner. so she's a cow too (and looks like one) imo, but unlike glitterforever she disappeared once she got dragged for doing stupid shit for views. i wish glitterforever would do the world a favor and do the same thing.

No. 350179

>ps the fat one with a square face faked a hack video where she pretended to use crushed up oreos as mascara.

That's Katherine Ward and to add to this she also used to get dragged for her god awful art, however she's actually improved these days and makes art vlogs

No. 350182

Her and her youtube friends make extremely irritating collabs which is 70% promo-ing the shit out of themselves and each other and 30% content. If anyone here enjoys Drag Race/Willam Belli he did some hilarious videos on her, which is how I discovered her in the first place. In this she makes fun of her "full face using nail polish" video.

the reaction begins at 0:28

No. 350195

File: 1499720955985.jpg (578.03 KB, 1267x1716, IMG_2619.JPG)

She dresses like utter shit too. Kinda a weird cross between an eight year old and a mom. How did she become a beauty blogger again???

No. 350198

God, her face is unsettling. You can just see the crazy in her eyes.

No. 350199

Summary of her new video "Something we need to tell you…" The dumbest video she's made in a while.

>breland yammering on about starting a vlog channel with slava

>slava is now moving to the U.S with her
>whole time slava is literally acting braindead, blowing spit bubbles, fucking gross.
>text on screen
>"The announcement is real but we wanted to share it in our own silly way!"
>"btw slava is not drugged we just love sketch comedy haha!"

making fun of disabled people now???? I guess???

the cringe is real

No. 350201

File: 1499721884184.png (409.46 KB, 893x1080, breland.png)

it looks like even her younger fans have had enough of her

No. 350222

File: 1499723651237.png (202.85 KB, 802x848, slava1.png)

after looking a bit through Slava's instagram and watching a livestream of them together on her channel, I'm starting to think Slava really is gay and is just trying to climb the ladder by dating a semi-famous beauty guru. If you scroll way back in his instagram he definitely seems like the kind of person that was trying to blow up on youtube/instagram.

The weird part is after looking on his twitter he's "conservative" and tweets a lot of anti gay stuff. She don't love herself.

No. 350223

File: 1499723669047.png (312.65 KB, 809x843, slava2.png)

No. 350991


Oh my… i can't help but think about her poor ex boyfriend David….

No. 351083

At least he got out. Can you imagine all the crazy shit he's seen her do in the 10 years they were together

No. 351107

I think the reason behind all the crazy skits and 'edible' DIYs is that she's trying to pander to the youngest possible demographic. All her thumbnails and videos are super saturated and colourful, she's always making crazy faces (in addition to actually being crazy) and shouting, it all reminds me of those creepy nursery rhyme videos made by Indians that feature Anna and Elsa vomiting over one another and Hitler getting pregnant.

No. 351200

Heres their vlog channel trailer. The cringe.

No. 351201

the weird thing is, after watching their livestreams and vlogs they seriously just seem dumb and immature enough to just enjoy that edgy kind of comedy. I don't think they're pandering as much as we think

No. 351221

That guy is so obviously gay. I can't understand how she can't see it.

No. 351222

He's gay for sure lmao
Just using her for fame most likely

No. 351286


Definitely. Its just a matter of how long this charade will last. You've gotta be pretty fucking desperate to pretend you're not gay and spew hate speech about yourself when you've already been open about it. All to leech some fame from a sub-par fucking beauty guru.

sage for rant

No. 351289

File: 1499889114053.jpg (249.62 KB, 1540x1525, IMG_2728.JPG)

Samefagging here but plenty of his fans confirm that he has made videos about being gay in Russia, not that it wasn't obvious already

No. 351290

lol i liked
>not to sound men or anything

No. 351291

>men or anything
very relevant

No. 351301

Well, maybe she knows.

No. 351367

Before deleting all his videos , he make one video called "im not gay anymore of something like that, in the video he says that he fell in love of a girl (breeland) an he was conflicted because for him realising he was gay was very hard and now being in love of a girl was really weird ,he used to make very cringey videos all his persona was a gay stereotype trying to make offensive humour and now he says it was all an act , like he was not a a sassy flamboyant homosexual,
I sincerely don't know what happened to breeland , it seems that she really change , before making that stupid abortion video i tough she was some kind of troll making stupid videos for children and teens to make easy money but now she seems malicious in a way, she has a very creepy sense of humor, she knows how is her audience and still makes gross videos just to get the views. i can understand why why she left her boyfriend tho it was a very long relationship and they meet very young ,maybe thats why she started to date a gay edgelord fuckboi like slava , i remember all the gross videos or her and slava making out in her instagram like she was some kind of teenager its really sad

No. 351810


She wants money. And the easiest way to get money on yt is to get attention meaning views. And that , again, is easily done by doing the most stupid, outrageous stuff you could possibly think of. You could argue that she's actually quite clever knowing this. but the way she is executing it is disgusting. I find her more than disgusting…

No. 351817

I feel like she has been stuck in her persona for so long (making videos for teenage girls and 12 year olds, being in a high school sweethearts relationship and playing housewife, being the sweet 'country girl') that she just wants to break out and start being edgy. (Think of Miley Cyrus when she broke out of the sweet country girl persona.) She was probably sick of her relationship and sick of her audience and wants to branch out. What she doesn't realise is how stupid she looks for it and how damaging it is to her audience. No one wants to watch her cringey comedy shit but she probably has nothing to lose/doesn't care.

sage for armchair and rant

No. 351821

If you guys want some keks, turn on adblock and watch this "how i hid my horrifying period accident using cafeteria pizza".

>probably a pizza in my pants now lol

>one of my most clever ideas ever!!
>if you know how old I am this was like 10 years ago! lol!

As if Breland, more like 15 years ago.
That like/dislike video though

No. 351828

File: 1499957688981.png (794.42 KB, 808x813, keks.png)

"goal digger"

tell me about it slava

No. 351830

File: 1499957846834.png (623.88 KB, 861x899, keks.png)

samefag again, its seeming more and more like slava is just in it for the views.

No. 351859

Slava is basically a Russian mail order husband. If he's not using her for views it's definitely to get citizenship.

No. 351862

I think one of the reasons breland left her ex is because she likes young teen boys(it's obvious since she replaced him with a teen think). If she was a teacher she be one of those women getting thrown in prison for fucking her students.

No. 351865

samefagging but look at how her eyes light up watching those teenage boys gyrate and show off their bodies but she's playing it off like she doesn't like it. Also notice how in the video she says "it's like all of these guys are so young, of course they're going to look great" 1:36.

No. 351867

File: 1499963027497.png (177.14 KB, 1242x704, IMG_0340.PNG)

No. 351868

File: 1499963119111.png (165.36 KB, 1242x699, IMG_0341.PNG)

No. 351870

File: 1499963209539.png (171.29 KB, 1242x698, IMG_0342.PNG)

No. 351879

She looks like an evil puppet

No. 351880

she looks like she's about to eat them lmao. her derpy face and demeanor give me hardcore forever kailyn vibes.

No. 351918

File: 1499972071128.png (341.73 KB, 435x431, heyguysintsbrelaaandheeeereeee…)

>awww…he's like such a fetus, he just crawled out of the womb

No. 351932

This "my relationship" livestream really highlights how childish they act

vomit inducing awkward flirting at 22:15

33:58 "I feel like breland is the type of girl to buy a hamster and put it in the microwave and watch it explode" "yess!!" Psycho's man.

Talking about meeting for the first time in Russia and being so excited to meet they couldn't sleep. She was still with her fiancee at this point and was 'friends' with Slava but she is making it seem like they felt more than friends.

55:35 reads books titled 'my big sister takes drugs' 'the night dad went to jail' and 'my body is private' which I'm guessing are kids books on the topics of child molestation/grooming and drug issues in families. She finds this hilarious and laughs throughout and says "this is a lil' too risque for my channel."

these r just some examples of the fucked up things I found while skipping through the stream

No. 351938

File: 1499973981705.png (3.38 MB, 1920x1080, diocj;odifj;sfajklmdclkdvnfroe…)

"full face using only kids makeup!"

As I expected she looks almost the same because no doubt she uses shitty cheap makeup anyways.

No. 351997

>how u gonna be a grown ass adult and put nailpolish on your face for views?
>For views?

You answered your own question anon

No. 352316

she may be doing it "for views" but she's alienating all of her subsrcibers and will eventually have no one watching her except to gawk at her, like onision

No. 352318

Does she look like the type who thinks that far ahead to you, anon?

No. 352395

New slava video. 'Kylie Jenner's House Tour'
>Video is set in Brelands home
>video gets off to a strong start with slava in shane dawson 2008 style drag on a counter pretending to masturbate and moaning 'daddy'
>"say hi consuela, she's filming this video for us."
>"shut up taco eater"
>"I got this house from my daddy, or mommy…or daddy? Idk what it is" muh edgy transphobia
>various eating disorder/starving jokes throughout
>hail satan joke
>fucking sex toys, paddles, collars and anal beads, lingerie seen throughout
>terrible sound effects
>Brelands terrible camera work
>Breland using a Russian accent despite being a hispanic character

this video is a fucking shitshow and is pretty much the same level of 2008 Shane Dawson or Onisions comedy videos today

No. 352399

File: 1500046056274.png (1.02 MB, 1272x915, sa.png)

wow that gold digging is really paying off Slava lol

No. 352442

File: 1500049745465.png (3.06 MB, 1920x1080, savdabe.png)

>thinks about the kind of shit Breland is into

No. 352459

This is funny because I can't believe they recorded this and thought this was good

No. 352481

It's so crass and gross. These are probably the kind of people who watch south park and don't realise its satire and they're making fun of dumb hicks like them and just like teh racist jokes lawl~

No. 352496

i've been aware of this chick for a bit and thought she was kind of annoying but holy shit, the parallels to Gerg are out of this world. no self-respecting adult should be gawking at teenagers like that. the fuck.

No. 352508

Slava is 21 I believe (which could've fooled me considering he looks about 18) and Breland will be 30 in October.

No. 352513


Gurg and Breland parallels

>edgy views bordering on racist/transphobic

>terrible outdated skit comedy
>fanbase of impressionable teen girls
>pushing 30 while desperately trying to hold onto their youthful looks and attitudes
>involved with spouses almost 10 years younger than them
>spouses have piggybacked from them to launch their equally as cringy online careers
>facing severe backlash from their own fans at one time or another

No. 354331

File: 1500338101333.png (691.35 KB, 1599x594, 357qel5.png)

I was about to ask how old he was, he looks and acts like a damn teenager. Still fucking creepy as hell for her to go after him.

When I see her I can't help but think of foreverkailyn. They both have the tard look with an overbitten maw…some parts of the US just breed this, idk what it is

No. 354334

I was just scrolling and seriously thought this was a before/after weight loss picture. I was about to say "She still has the personality of a fat girl" lmao.

No. 354371

No. 354472


She's Gretchen Weiners.

No. 354548

>i've been wanting really fun and high production videos

fun and high production, ok then Breland. Like that would ever happen.

>I try to keep my videos appropriate to everyone

cos the abortion video and "fetus baby shower" video

No. 354833

I'm so late to reply to this but is he trying to copy Ryland Adams? (shane's boyfriend)

No. 368023

File: 1502070101262.png (718.48 KB, 720x1187, Capture _2017-08-06-20-33-00.p…)

I feel sorry for this bitch i hope i hope she doesn't get pregnant

No. 463201

File: 1515208706315.jpg (258.64 KB, 513x630, gf17-tubtime.jpg)

WTF She's live streaming on younow in the bathtub and just swearing at everyone saying it's weird she's in the bathtub.

No. 463222

I'm having flashbacks of Grease boy streaming from the tub and raging about Jaclyn Glenn's boobs.

No. 466243

She got reprimanded by younow mods for being in the tub on stream. She said she knows people from younow and that her streams were ok. She's got a nasty attitude, is rudely sarcastic and said that anyone complaining must be a girl who's hating.

No. 482357

That midlife crisis at 30 must be intense

No. 482503

Does anyone else feel like her marriage to Slava is a green card marriage? Because… he was literally gay prior to being with her.

No. 482505

Also, This may sound creepy but I am genuinely curious about her implants. I just don’t want to give her the money on Patreon to see it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 482637

Someone wrote an article in Bitch magazine, about how the way she talks about vaginas is hurtful for young women and profiting off of shaming women for their bodies.
Especially the video listing off 20 alternate names for your “down there area”: “conchzilla,” “fermented mermaid tail,” and, “rigor-mortis penis coffin.”
Apparently the moment the "Hide your smelly period!" videos got demonitiezed is when Breland announced her "quitting" YouTube.

No. 504248

File: 1518735457226.png (390.44 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3417.PNG)

She's now apparently posting nudes on patreon. She went downhill so quick

No. 523728

File: 1520478510932.jpg (55.26 KB, 476x618, glitter.jpg)

She's dancing around in her bra and underwear by herself on younow. She seems drunk TBH and she's eating ice.

No. 523733

File: 1520478928134.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.33 KB, 481x619, glitters.jpg)

She put these stressballs that look like boobies in her bra. She said she's not drinking or doing drugs.

No. 523734

ew, she looks hungryy! (ifyouknowwhatimean)

No. 523737

Is she not wearing any panties??

No. 523739

She is they just blend in with her skintone.

No. 523744

she's wearing clothes now and talking to other people on webcam

No. 523762

I found it kind of funny that her "husband" made an Instagram post that could have been seen as fat shaming, and then a few days later, Breland posted a photo talking about how she loves her body and all that?

No. 523853

This feels so wrong to look at I feel like I'm looking at a girl who was forced to take nuded. Who tf gets off on this?

No. 523869

I'm 100% convinced Slava is gay. There is no way in hell any straight guy would talk or act or dress like him

No. 524040

Does anyone have the patreon nudes?

No. 524100

Exactly, it's the least sexy thing I've ever seen.

No. 527633

File: 1520907821120.jpg (56.83 KB, 467x469, ranch.jpg)

She's just doing normal stuff tonight like putting ranch dressing on pizza in her lingerie. She seems like she isn't drunk though.

No. 530031

File: 1521139643345.png (201.86 KB, 1042x942, Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 11.3…)

She is basically a camgirl now kek

No. 530096

File: 1521141975660.png (1.54 MB, 910x1514, Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 12.1…)

Sorry for same-fagging, I am trying to get these pics on here for anyone curious what Breland posts on Patron before I can't access it anymore

No. 530101

File: 1521142185463.png (371.47 KB, 319x513, Screenshot_2.png)

If that isn't the dumpiest ass I've ever seen

No. 530200

guess the youtube money dried up fast

No. 530254

She doesn't get that many views anymore so I dont think she makes that much money from her YouTube channel. And I'm almost certain that she financial supports her husband too because as far as I know he doesn't work and he only gets a couple of thousands views per video and he rarely uploads.

No. 530364

>getting dumped
trouble in paradise or is this a fetish and part of her e-domme…routine?

No. 530434

There's nothing worse than someone who looks ok at best and thinks they're the hottest bitch on the block while talking shit about other people's looks.

No. 530492

File: 1521158074533.jpeg (62.62 KB, 730x317, 81F4E54E-FDA1-4A4E-A99B-38A948…)

starting to think her mom is either a hooker or a stripper


No. 530530

File: 1521160827521.jpeg (52.7 KB, 700x549, FF216D3E-F209-47EC-A578-72D20D…)

Lmao isn’t her main audience little girls???

No. 530566

File: 1521162435516.jpeg (294.04 KB, 750x1109, 86DDA094-0480-4980-AE5E-EA6F5F…)

Jesus take the wheel

No. 530632

She seriously seems to have lost all touch with reality. She should have just stuck with the shitty videos for children, yeah it's soul crushingly tedious to put on a fake persona to please kids but every job sucks in some way or another. She could have milked those kids for all the ad revenue in the world. Instead she seems to have literally gone psychotic and married a gay Russian guy. I remember her saying something about being bipolar(?) and on meds but clearly they're not working.

No. 536583

miss breland got suspended from younow…. and she's officially lost it.
in this almost half an hour long video, she cries that she was being bullied by the moderator for being told that she wasn't obeying the rules and when she STILL wasn't listening she was banned… and once again that was being bullied. She claims it was a personal vendetta agaisnt her because the mods didn't like how she fought back with them so they blocked her.
Breland then goes on and on about how she makes so much money for younow so how could they block her ?? their prized money maker??? she KNOWS that what she did was wrong BUT she makes so much money for them! people want to see her!! And if you want to see her make SURE you go and tell them and harrass them because that;s sure to bring her back!

She continues to mock the moderators some more, admit she did things against the rules but keeps insisting they shouldn't apply to her because she makes them money.

According to Peter Monn's most recent video as well, she had taken to twitter to try and set up an army to start tweeting "#Bringbackbreland" or some shit and said she would be retweeting everyone who did it…
she has a total of 3 people who've done it.

As of right now she's back on younow, but theres no way she can stay on for long without flashing her titties again thinking she's above the rules.

No. 536615

File: 1521817425228.png (924.54 KB, 783x585, Capture.PNG)

Sage insanely old milk that is nothing in comparison to her more recent escapades, but I don't see any mention of her NYX Face Awards fiasco in here so I thought I'd add it, for posterity, ya know?
Breland actually got pretty far into the competition (she made it to the top 12) for absolutely no apparent reason. Her looks were always horrendous, busy, and overly edited.
For the "mermaid" challenge, she made this hideous swamp monster and called it an "enchanted mermaid." The intro to the video is two and a half minutes long and is full of awkward shots of her trying to look ~magical~. The makeup look she creates is god awful as well. She does the overdone fishnet-over-face-to-create-scales thing, smears scar wax over her forehead and carves "scales" into it, and glues aquarium algae and sea shells to her face to complete the look. Then she drips hot gelatin down her chin to create gills? It's genuinely the worst. All of her other looks were terrible too but I thought that one was the worst of them all.

No. 685159

this girl is like if wengie and trisha paytas had a baby(necro)

No. 803292

What the fuck even is this? I new she was southern from day 1. I’m from the south too and honestly I don’t see what her issue is. Sure some assume that people with thick southern accents are uneducated but all she had to do was act normal and everyone would look past that. I feel like she’s just trying to come up with something to make her sound “oppressed” and give people reasons to pity her. When in reality she was just desperate for YT fame and didn’t have the talent or the work ethic to do it naturally.

No. 803303

Ironic considering Shane has been publicly humiliated numorous times for his equally deplorable behavior.

No. 803453

File: 1557380767773.png (4.86 KB, 274x79, s.png)

not surprised at all tbh

No. 914731

Did y’all see her recent video where she details how she cheated on David?(necro)

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