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No. 321090

Who is this dunce and why is he going after JoySparkleBS? I get she's terrible, but he seems like a despicable human being. He also seems to be on speaking terms with Onision? In one video he's praising him but in the next he's calling him the worst person to ever live. Does this guy have any sort of moral compass or integrity? Does he just say whatever he thinks will get him the most attention?

Anyone know anything about him/have relevant dirt on him?

YouTube: http://youtube.com/ragreynolds

No. 321091

File: 1495665613667.png (707.46 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_4598.PNG)

Seems like this Sarah chick knows him somehow. No idea if any of this absurd tweeting is true. Noticed her the other day when Joy liked one of her tweets. She seems crazy but who knows.

No. 321092

the lack of lolz in this thread makes me sad

No. 321093

He has a series on his youtube channel where he asks if people are worse than child molesters… dont you at least think thats a bit fucked up??

No. 321094

If you don't even know who he is, why should we care? at least post thread to /snow/. Actually, try /OT/. This OP is trash.

No. 321095

Sorry Im new at this. He just seemed like a shitbag and I wondered if anyone else knew anything about him to confirn that

No. 321096

It is. My comment was about THIS THREAD lacking in content.
Why not link to that series at least? This is not a /pt/ worthy thread

No. 321097

sorry as i said, I'm new at this. I'll remember for next time

Heres the series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLx_Pte0WdDrRi-HapvtcuowWZhla4NBxZ

he has a podcast called on the rag which is just fucking disgusting

No. 321098

File: 1495667517587.png (423.38 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_4599.PNG)

What the hell he has a fake Demi lovato twitter account that's actually just him wearing a wig?

No. 321246

I bet he made this thread himself.

No. 533133

I am in his discord and he is certainly a character. Everything he does seems to be for shock value and to get people to watch.

He is a flat earthier, does not believe in Australia, hates feminism, thinks allergies aren't real etc.

From what I can tell he is making up a bunch of crap that can be easily disputed with science. He has also said he get's his information from 4chan and seems to be friends with the onion boy himself.

He seems to target people for a fame boost and suffers from severe contradictions.

No. 533139

I agree. It's something he would definitely do and the posts language matches his.

This video is probably my favourite of his.

No. 533247

the comments section is making me embarrassed on behalf of my fellow aussies.
it's a shame there isn't more milk on this guy, he tries so hard to ride anything he thinks will get him attention, and has merchandise available despite getting <100 views on a lot of his videos. even this thread he made went nowhere.

No. 533719

File: 1521552101041.jpg (77.26 KB, 585x470, dgrgg.jpg)

Well for milk…

No. 533720

He also did this today discussing RSN as well.

No. 533726

File: 1521552585642.jpg (16.35 KB, 521x144, bhh.jpg)

I noticed this the other day in the discord as well

No. 533778

Close this fucking thread. This thread was made by long-time self-poster, samfag and time waster Cristy Ella who is friends with this guy. Cristy I warned you not to stop posting here

No. 533801

(samefag) all the posts/bumps are by her as well i should say

No. 534156

>samfag and time waster Cristy Ella who is friends with this guy.
>Cristy I warned you not to stop posting here

Boy do I think there has been a misunderstanding here

No. 1889968

Fuck this cunt is a germ I hope he dies of cancer(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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