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File: 1424537970977.jpg (54.2 KB, 500x667, 1424494894611.jpg)

No. 32020

I figured there is some interest in her so she should get her own thread

No. 32021

is she a lolcow?

No. 32022

No. 32023

Getting real sick of people going on about whether someone is or isn't a lolcow. If you're not interested, hide the thread. Other people can discuss who they like.

No. 32024


>(From ED) A lol-cow is a victim of a Flame War who can't help but be milked for lulz time and time again. They have a compulsive need to give up as many laughs as possible at their own expense despite themselves.

Laughing at actual lolcows =/= bitching about random tumblr users you don't like because ___

No. 32025

She whines about people stealing her designs. And is a general cunt to those who don't agree with her. She us a lolcow

No. 32026

I just find it amusing that she legitimately walks around in public dressed like a crackwhore.

No. 32027

File: 1424539857209.jpg (63.9 KB, 500x667, 1424537970977.jpg)

What the fuck is up with her hand though?

No. 32028


No. 32029

First Johanna and now Yeha. These people aren't life failures like PT or even Himezawa that we can laugh at their expense. They're just tumblr-famous people who you wanna bitch about for boring reasons. If Yeha is now a lolcow, then pretty much anyone can qualify as one too if you have a problem with them.

No. 32030


why tf would anyone wear this? you know she has fat rolls spilling over her bottoms when she sits down, it's way too small for her. like why would you deliberately wear.something that small

No. 32031


like her RIBS are hanging over that belt or whatever, I don't understand

No. 32032


like 90% of the threads on lolcow are just making fun of people… none of these people even have drama rolling anymore so find something else to bitch about plz

No. 32033

Go to 8chan if you want 'real' lolcows rather than shitting up threads all the time. This site has always been pointless bitching.

No. 32034

File: 1424544253397.jpg (22.64 KB, 600x337, 35e.jpg)


Yaoi hand syndrome

No. 32035

I still love how she copyright claims blog posts that include tutorials about how to make replicas of her crap.

No. 32036

File: 1424546213966.jpg (77.63 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n9c9aqRULC1qh6e25o1_500…)

Without tons of shoop.

No. 32037

No. 32038

she's not really lulzworthy tbh. she's pretty successful and hasn't gotten into any notable drama.

i think her outfits are cute. maybe not for casual everyday wear, but for going to a club or a party or something.

No. 32039

Lmfao this is the dumbest, hater ass bitch thread anyone could make. She runs her own business, why wouldn't she fight people ripping her off?

And please, she's fucking thin as hell.

No. 32040

Ok, but where's the lol part of that?

No. 32041

I like her stuff but is overpriced :S 100-200€ for a belt?

No. 32042

I swear, I've seen the last time I was in soho. I saw a Chinese girl walking around in a sheer jacket and a bra and garters.

No. 32043

three words to describe how she looks

Cheap Asian Hooker

No. 32044

If I wouldn't know who she is I'd think is a prostitute looking for some dudes to fuck tonight and get some money

No. 32045

Really? Is this what this thread I going to be about? Bitching about how she dresses? Go to fucking PULL. This chick ain't producing any milk.

No. 32046

The quality of the content seems to have gone down without our queen around, if stuff like this is what's considered a 'lolcow'.

No. 32047

As if PULL would allow people to call her a hooker, they'd be up in arms! As 20 other people have said, half this board is just pointless bitching so let it go.

No. 32048


The last time I was in Soho, I saw a Chinese woman in a leather corset, super huge heels and a red leather jacket. It would be crazy to think it was this woman.

No. 32049

>not any notable drama
>copyright claiming tuturials about making similar gear, sending her fans after girls that "dare" to copy her while all she does is copying other designers, stole most of her "famous" designs from her best friend Dollymilk, lying about shoop

No. 32050

Especially that story in the Tumblr thread about her yelling at some Chinese shop owner. I want more details on that.

No. 32051

i don't think she looks that cheap. strange and often ugly, yes, but she doesn't look like a cheap hooker.

to be honest, does she really shop that much? her face is often ugly as shit in pics, so i'd like to believe she'd fix it if she knew how to shoop

No. 32052

File: 1424560801731.png (890.12 KB, 1076x632, yehaaaa.png)

idk why she shoops her skintone so paper white?
her natural skintone is pretty and not even that dark. it's just her face that ruins it…..

No. 32053

…..no one said she was fat tho

No. 32054

not who you are replying to, but the amount of "she's trying to make her waist so TINY" and "she's arching her back so much to make it look like she has a butt" is just stupid. it's like you guys have never seen a skinny person before, let alone one that doesn't have a flat butt.

she looks so fucking generic, so i don't get why people are stressing about it. i used to work at a chinese restaurant, and all the girls had very similar bodies albeit smaller breasts

No. 32055


what the fuck are you even on about? if you don't care GTFO.

No. 32056

oh ye gods she looks so blehhh
no wonder she wears all the lingerie and bondage shit, because otherwise she'd be just another generic flat-faced asian chick.

No. 32057

You sound like a whiny bitch just because people don't agree that this is lolcow material. Ppl are just being bitchy about the way she looks.

No. 32058

"Like, omfg, she's so fugly"
Lol lol so many fucking lols to be had

No. 32059

Agree, she's boring.

No. 32060

File: 1424569840703.jpg (133.7 KB, 1200x1600, tumblr_mbr7653ngN1qixxaxo1_128…)

She usually does brighten the hell out of her face, sometimes shoops cleavage onto herself and loves to stretch her legs.

Pic very related.

No. 32061

She has an interesting style and a good body for it.
But at the same time, it all just seems so…boring? She's pretty generic looking.

No. 32062

File: 1424570354743.jpg (82.82 KB, 500x333, tumblr_inline_n1xdg7C2S81rdgkz…)

From the time she tried to shoop herself into an Amo clone.

No. 32063

She looks better with this kind of hair. her style in general is just yawn to me. She's trying so hard and thinks attaching O or D rings to collars are original. She needs to get over herself.

No. 32064

File: 1424571106512.png (249.52 KB, 398x440, 1352425691451.png)

No. 32065

File: 1424571314232.png (7.18 KB, 424x139, 43534.png)

No. 32066

File: 1424571705209.jpg (68.88 KB, 500x667, tumblr_n5xsgyp9Tc1qixxaxo1_500…)

With extra wierd leg shoop.

No. 32067

I know this bitch shooped her legs.

No. 32068

File: 1424571820608.png (159.39 KB, 293x630, 3532.png)

In higher res.

No. 32069

Thanks for these pics. Proof in the shoop.

No. 32070

isn't that just because she angled the mirror to make her look taller and thinner in general?

No. 32071

File: 1424572424829.jpg (199.16 KB, 960x1051, photo_203_original.JPG)

Odd shoop at both arms, some other parts are probably too.

No. 32072

No, you maybe should take a closer look at the angle of both the mirror and the room. In order to make legs appear longer the photo would have to be taken from a lower angle.

No. 32073

File: 1424572742742.jpg (38.39 KB, 513x542, wtf.jpg)

Why is she topless? That caption.

No. 32074

File: 1424572779340.png (6.4 KB, 415x83, 3224.png)

No. 32075

What is even going on with her breast here, it looks like drawn on.

No. 32076

how is she so rich but using "a old beaten down Sony laptop"

her boob looks weird as fuck. beautiful hair, though.

No. 32077

File: 1424573120220.png (153.45 KB, 224x668, 68665.png)

Not only that tbh.

No. 32078

That looks so much like underarm fat. I don't understand how it looks so odd.

No. 32079

Because of the flat color/lack of shadow.

No. 32080

what the fuck are you telling us Yeha, you have made a lot of money with your designs, even your shit is in VFILES for sale and you have lots of your stuff on hold for customers that usually buy what they ask you to hold. But you had to point out you don't have PS in you computer, right? Stop lying, I'm sure you have a MAC lololol and don't upload a photo of your old pc because I'd think you bought it second hand to 'be' reliable.

No. 32081

her wrist/waist area looks strange

No. 32082

Is she really 23? Because she looks way older than that to me.

No. 32083

She looks 27-30 imo

No. 32084

I asking because of this post from last november http://creepyyeha.tumblr.com/post/103306091830/hehe-i-just-turned-23
Was thinking she was in her late 20s too and how long she runs her shop already…

No. 32085

i believe her being young(er), because when she first started getting a lot of attention, she was still in university. her face just looks old.

No. 32086

I remember the Ostrengas buying from her shop before Kota was featured in popteen and when Kiki was 'normal' so… maybe 2 or 3 years?

No. 32087

Yeah, she def looks about 27-28 imo.

No. 32088

I've searched in the website but it doesn't say when she first opened the store. Fuck I want some of her designs but are too expensive

No. 32089

Even my shitty lenovo can handle PS. She's such a liar. She makes so much money. I highly doubt her computer isn't even 2012 up to date.

No. 32090

she has stuff on sale in VFILES and that's because her designs sell a lot

No. 32091

Her first store under the name Creepyyeha did open in 2011 on Etsy but I remember her using a different name before.

No. 32092

I never heard of her until two years ago. She's gotten really popular fast thanks to tumblr. She is definitely making a lot of money as of 2013.

No. 32093

I remember a girl posting on Instagram where she gets the heart rings. They are from NY and are like $3 each one. And Yeha reported the image LOL

No. 32094

e-celebs started wearing her stuff and got famous because of that

No. 32095

2011 sounds about right. I remember hearing about her when I was still living in Canada, and that was in 2011.

hahaha, seriously?

No. 32096

yeah she's always like 'the materials I use are so unique so that's why the stuff is expensive' and then the garters are made by $3 heart rings and $9 leather strips

No. 32097

More details. I would love to make replica creepyyeha stuff just for myself to piss that bitch off.

No. 32098

LOL A few minutes ago I asked a Taobao Tumblr about vinyl strips and O rings hahaha I'm going to search about these heart rings.

No. 32099

You're awesome.

No. 32100

Once I get the answer I will post the links hehe

No. 32101

one time, she was getting all pissy about how her heart rings are better than other heart rings for some reason or another

No. 32102

I remember a girl called … gorelice? On Instagram, she makes Creepyyeha replicas (a little shitty imo but are cheaper) and tagged the photo as 'creepyyeha' and Yeha was complaining about Gorelice making replicas and Gorelice told her her heart rings can be bent easily or something like that than the ones she uses and Yeha got veeery mad haha

No. 32103

That's fucking hilarious.

No. 32104

Found this
>Anonymous Fri Mar 29 17:57:33 2013 No.6731061
Quoted by: >>6731070 >>6732369
I find it funny houw Creepyyeha always complains about taobao replicas of her stuff but recently bought herself two sheer dresses from a taobao reseller that are replicas of the Pirouette Dress from the indie brand Katie.


No. 32105

i think it looks better when she doesn't change the skin color.

No. 32106

File: 1424580362495.jpg (54.08 KB, 640x640, 11008103_1606717262896777_1159…)

her bf creeps me tf out

No. 32107

if that's the case you could probably just order the similar 3 dollar chokers on ebay and just take the rings out of them.

No. 32108

Those rings are ugly as fuck

No. 32109

File: 1424580502995.png (307.42 KB, 511x478, JesusQuintana.png)

he looks like the jesus

No. 32110

File: 1424581327498.jpg (5.89 KB, 190x200, 1424467556570.jpg)

i can't unsee it oh god

No. 32111

i like her outfit here, but both of them have unfortunate faces. i feel bad for them.

No. 32112

You're wrong, it looks infinitely better white.

No. 32113

Any screencaps? lmaoo

No. 32114

She was angry that people were selling replicas of her stuff in China. Which is pretty fair, she does hand make them and seeing rip offs of your design sucks. But that isnt really big drama.

No. 32115

left thigh is bigger than right, the whole thing is photoshop fail

No. 32116

She just looks like some trashy thai hooker with brown skin. Boring and plain.

No. 32117

File: 1424596673764.jpg (128.53 KB, 1024x1325, red-lips-pale-face-5437460ae12…)

her skins not even really brown in that pic it's just not "deathly pale" like they call it in china.

No. 32118

She looks normal with her natural skin, there isn't that much of a difference. Not sure why that anon said she looks like a "trashy Thai hooker" apart from possible jelly.
The super-white skin on the right matches better with her surroundings and makes the photo itself look more interesting, though.
It's not that much of a big deal, honestly.

No. 32119

tbh it just looks better because her face features are washed the fuck out and the picture is shooped brighter overall

No. 32120

oh come on that doesn't mean she should have confronted the owner like that. They probably didn't even know who the fuck she is. if i was the owner i would have told her and her bobble head bf to fuck off.

No. 32121

>The super-white skin on the right matches better with her surroundings

I have to agree, the contrast goes well with the surroundings though it also doesn't look human.

No. 32122

File: 1424597520372.jpg (38.19 KB, 610x476, fan-bingbing-and-freida-salvat…)


Kinda OT but Oh my god that reminds me of this lady! She looks undead!

No. 32123

Yes, I've seen her posts about it. I meant specifically >>52144

No. 32124

This was in the them when she tried to 1:1 Amo's looks with Taobao crap, she flooded her Tumblr a lot with photos of her in late 2012/early 2013. She did the same with Juria before.

No. 32125

*the time

No. 32126

I distinctly remember her complaining about people complaining about her pricing, she said something like "I'm not just some etsy seller handmaking products, I'm a designer and my prices reflect that."

No. 32127

File: 1424619010813.png (16.62 KB, 420x227, 3432.png)

She did that quite often even when nobody even knew her.

No. 32128

He isn't unattractive, just average. Tbh he would look 100 times better if he didn't shave his head for no reason. Most non balding guys who shave always look like serial killers to me. I bet he'd look semi decent with a little hair grown back in.

No. 32129

File: 1424619264938.png (4.92 KB, 417x77, 3432.png)

Pity party.

No. 32130

File: 1424619385744.png (14.08 KB, 414x174, 43534.png)

Another one because she is /totally/ on par with high fashion designers.

No. 32131

Wow, what an obnoxious cunt.

No. 32132

Bitch is acting like she is some well known designer. She isn't. She hasn't had a show in NYFW and her products aren't sold in big shops. Damn, if anything her ego is what kills it for me. She is a cute woman, but she is obnoxious in how she responds to people. The user is right, there's no reason for her to charge almost $100 for a fucking clear vinyl belt. This is why I would make my own shit and shove that in her face.

No. 32133

BingBing is all surgery and whitens her skin lmao

No. 32134

File: 1424619823802.png (181.39 KB, 421x492, 43534.png)

How great she deals with critics.

No. 32135

File: 1424620012481.png (6.19 KB, 428x85, 43534.png)

Funny thing is that Unicorn's Shop made similar stuff before she had them in their shop, they may look similar but aren't the same.

No. 32136

Looks so fucking cheap like underwear from taobao. "Satin" okay but the design itself looks cheap. I've seen satin underwear and aren't cheap looking because the design it's ok and the girl "fills" the cup. Her underwear doesn't look cheap, IT IS CHEAP.

No. 32137

Yeah, it's so obvious. That nose aint Asian. haha and no one is that pale without massive product and avoiding the sun like a virus.

No. 32138

File: 1424620189070.png (4.63 KB, 416x69, 43534.png)

You can get similar chokers with hearts for like $10 on ebay anyways.

No. 32139

10? Even for $4

No. 32140

Does anyone know if her products are worth the price? I think I'd like some, but I wouldn't wear them that much anyways, so why not just buy some Taobao replicas?

No. 32141

Her attitude is so bad. I'm so glad I never bought anything from her shop. She's turning into the doe deere of garters and accessories with that cunty way of speaking.

No. 32142

Why would you buy from her knowing that she tells her customers to fuck off and 'sorry my shit is too expensive for you.'

Anyway, her stuff is kind of well made, but it's cheaper to make it yourself and you'll also not be supporting this type of person. Too many tumblrinas buy from her as well.

No. 32143

No. I ordered some leather bracelets from her a year ago and not only did she send me the wrong kind of studs (I have a nickel allergy) but also the "real leather" feels like cheap vinyl.

No. 32144

They are good quality and the designs are cool but unless you clean your shoes with money I would not recommend you to buy. A fucking belt for $100 wth if you want a choker it's ok because some of them aren't so fucking expensive. She has a design for 60 and if I could I'd buy it and wear it every fucking day bc i love it but I can't spend $60 in a choker, so yeah why don't buy on taobao?

No. 32145

Really? Wow… I thought it has more quality. Funny how she claims she uses the best materials she can get. As I said, chokers and garters are made with $3 rings and $7-9 leather strips

No. 32146

She is friends with Felice Fawn so she isn't too far away from it anyways.

No. 32147

Really? I had no idea.

No. 32148

She always plays that card. I saw her saying yhe EXACT same shit about Teale Coco. Who, by the way, is where I think yeha copied shit from/stole ideas from.

No. 32149

This is the exact one I was talking about upthread, ty screencap anon.

No. 32150

The best part about all these online bloggers is that their shit is online forever. Even if they delete it, someone will cap it before it's gone. There is no hiding your dirty laundry, Yeho.

No. 32151

Ignorant question, but about the stores she mentioned (and hers, to an extent) - Do people actually wear this shit for things outside of photoshoots for magazine publications, music videos, etc or is it just for collection? Like if you're spending upwards of $300+ just for stylish BDSM lingerie and harnesses and shit, you might be taking your fetishes a bit too seriously.
Kiki wears/used to wear the harnesses IRL and it landed her in hot water socially IIRC.
Zana Bayne chokers and belts I could understand if you were going for a low-key edgy look, I guess.

No. 32152

Her natural skin colour ain't ugly, but it's true, the whitening of the picture makes it a lot more pleasant to look at. And let's be honest, she is trying to sell her products, ofc she'll edit them to look better.

No. 32153

Wow, thanks for this thread. I had no idea that her personality was this shitty. I was thinking about buying from her shop and a friend was going to gift me one of her garters but now I'm going to just tell him to save his money. Holy crap, her personality is awful. I'll just make my own choker since apparently eBay has cheap heart rings and I'm a good seamstress. I don't believe in giving horrible people my money.

No. 32154

yeah, they do, probably not in tiny suburban areas full of gawking old ladies and ppl who would be super scandalized (yeha lives in nyc)

No. 32155


i can see what you're saying.

but it's not like bingbing was ugly before surgery. her eyemakeup has also improved.

you can buy knockoffs on ebay and aliexpress for $10~$15

No. 32156

People usually wear them when going out to underground clubs and similar stuff, not daily wear (besides smaller things like the chokers).

No. 32157

Anons from NYC ITT say they'd get looked at funny there, too, though.

No. 32158

You're going to get looks where ever you go. I've noticed in smaller suburbs people will genuinely be too shocked or whatever to say something, where as people in NYC and other cities are more vocal. Cant really win no matter what.

No. 32159

Yeah the thing about nyc is that there are way more people, especially of different backgrounds, plus tourists in a muuuuuch smaller area. People who are used to seeing "weird" styles will probably not care much about seeing someone dressed this way, but those who stick to their own neighborhood for the most part will likely say something.

I was surprised at the other anons saying that they would get comments for wearing your run of the mill outfit. Usually its catcalls or people from specific neighborhoods who input on your appearance, but for the most part I think people mind their own business, they'll look but not even 1/4 of the people you encounter will say anything.

No. 32160

Something that has struck me about this thread is that people are really upset by her reaction to people calling her items expensive. I think they're expensive because not only are they out of my price range, but because in comparison, they're similarly priced to other expensive brands. However, I don't think she's a cunt for telling people that she's sorry they can't afford her items. It may come off as condescending to some, but if people who can afford it are buying, she has no reason to change her prices, especially if she's hand making them. There are cheaper items out there, and in similar condition, so people should just go there if they're put off by her prices. People on tumblr have the habit of sending hate mail for the most minuscule of reasons, she's probably had enough of it by now and responds as frankly as possible to get her point across that she won't be changing her prices. If people could afford them they wouldn't be upset at the price. Making this about her personality is such bs because so many people buy from brands whose designers are awful.

If her specific designs were being copied (not the chokers because those have existed for a while but her garters, etc) she has a reason to be upset.

No. 32161

I don't think that her saying "fuck off" as answer to questions regarding her price counts as her saying she is sorry.

No. 32162

File: 1424635370434.jpg (28.59 KB, 400x494, h358j9-i.jpg)

Totally handmade and worth $40.

No. 32163

File: 1424635648961.jpg (56.2 KB, 500x333, Katie-Amo.jpg)

More funny that she made this totally unique "do not steal" design some weeks after reblogging this.

No. 32164

$40? hahaha no thank you, creepyyeho

No. 32165

But anon, hers is a sports bra and it's ~*pink*~
original design donut steel

No. 32166

File: 1424636514333.jpg (222.43 KB, 480x640, 35325.jpg)

Her "original design" tempoary tattoos that she sold for a while.

No. 32167

File: 1424636613204.jpg (32.63 KB, 320x384, NOHpS.jpg)

The models Risa and Amo wearing the exact same designs two years before she put them online. Must be time travel!

No. 32168

Haha. Yeha is another chinese bitch who wishes she could be relevant like most Japanese fashion icons and bloggers. She never will be.

No. 32169

I can't wait til I can pick it up on Taobao for $5.

No. 32170

Dollymilk is a fucking mess too. I have never seen someone complain and wallow in so much self created misery.

No. 32171

File: 1424637933580.png (2.46 KB, 307x65, 353.png)

Yeha's answer to that.

No. 32172

im confused
where was she meant to be dealing with critics? she didn't reply? (or am i missing something lmao)

No. 32173

The part where the person says the fabric looks cheap which it does.

No. 32174

Can I have my pad back now?

No. 32175

LOL! It reminds me of those old school lolita maxi pad headdresses.

No. 32176

File: 1424670862154.jpg (56.98 KB, 500x749, tumblr_n96r2j17vH1qbwsbuo1_500…)

teale cooco looks better doing this kind of stuff btw
did they use to be friends or did she just copy her style

she says "look elsewhere" for items like hers but then gets butthurt about people buying more reasonable priced similar items saying they're stealing lmao.

No. 32177

oh my god what a hypocrtical bitch

No. 32178

File: 1424679736724.png (183.53 KB, 1280x800, tmp_29771-Screenshot_2015-02-2…)


Every single shop on Storenvy is literally nothing but Taobao knockoffs of whatever is popular on Tumblr ATM, overpriced and terribly basic 'handmade' jewelry/screenprinted wearables and that's it. Those black skeleton tights everyone charges $15-20 for? Bodyline even sells them for $5. Hell, I saw this very same skirt in one shop for $45- like what the fuck??

I love how when stuff like this gets popular and all the Storenvy shops mark them up 300% and broke brats on Tumlr whine about not being able to afford it all. Bitch go to eBay, buy that shit from China (where the Storenvy bitch is getting it from) and load your closet up. Even creepers, Tokyo Bopper knockoffs, and fake Vivienne Westwood jewelry galore on eBay are like $45 max at the lowest BIN+S&H.

I have no idea why anyone would willingly give several times the value of a piece of clothing so that someone else can uy it from China for dirt cheap and make a staggering profit. Holy shit.

No. 32179

someone should start a blog posting cheap finds like this

No. 32180


I'm an eBayholic so I could probably do it. Problem is, I kow fuck all about how to work Tumblr, which is where I think it would be the most useful.

No. 32181

Tumblr is easy, even retarded tumblr users have figured it out. If you can start a blog it would be popular and piss those storenvy bitches off, win win.

No. 32182

Nah fuck that, I want to buy my shit cheap while watching tumblr brats whine about not being able to buy $80 storenvy shoes which I got from taobao for $15.

One of my favourite games is "browse storenvy and find the most overpriced shit". People sell those small devil horns for outrageous prices, galaxy/skeleton thighs for almost $30 and shitty ass PVC wallets for $35. I actually know people who buy this overpriced crap and think they've gotten a piece of an expensive brand name, when in reality they're wearing a $6 taobao treasure.

No. 32183

Well, don't you sound like a gem. You remind me of those bitchy twats who get Tumblr popular for makeup and fashion and when people ask how they did their makeup or where they bought whatever, they just say "just figure it out yourself, find your own style don't copy others~" because they know if they gave up their cheap ass tricks then they would fall out of the limelight because then all they would have to fall back on is personality, which most of them do not have at all.

Thanks to you, I think I'll do it.

No. 32184

File: 1424681688982.png (21.24 KB, 250x193, autism.png)

>this post
Was there a tumblr hugbox invasion here that I'm not aware of?

No. 32185

well that escalated quickly….

No. 32186

Aw, honey, you so cute.

Anywho: I just moved and haven't bought a new laptop yet, so all I have atm is an android tablet. Is that enough to make a blog look semi decent?

No. 32187

Feel better now you let out that unrelated rage?

No. 32188

I live in Japan and would love to run a store like this, but since most items are from China, I dunno how effective it would be

No. 32189

People paying more than $5 for skeleton tights is hilarious.

No. 32190

i wear this kind of stuff almost daily and live in a fairly small city on a global scale, but then again i have a pretty unusual taste in clothes anyway, and i spend my time with kinda underground people. BDSM accessories can look really cool if you can make them work with the rest of the outfit, like a harness with a modest blouse and knee length skirt for example. creepyyehas things are too expensive though, especially for a designer only somewhat famous on tumblr and if she really uses cheap materials.

No. 32191

I bought skeleton tights at a fucking grocery store's Halloween clearance for less than $3… so I'm always amazed at how much they go for online.

No. 32192

Its crazy seeing an item on store envy for like 80 dollars when you can buy that same item for like a dollar on some Chinesewhole sale site.

No. 32193

If this is not the most cry baby bitch thread I have ever. The only lulz going on here is all the pathetic whining some of you are doing over cheap imported trash you can't find on your own. And if someone is stupid enough to hock whatever dollar amount seems ludicrous to you in exchange for some gaudy tumblr trend then who cares? They can waste their money if they wish to.

No. 32194

Did you even read the thread or? Her acting like if she was some high fashion designer when getting asked why her prices are so high while claiming to be ~so poor~ is lulzy as well as her shoop fails while claiming she can't edit anything due to her laptop being old as fuck.

No. 32195

File: 1424720931015.png (4.86 KB, 416x90, 675.png)

~so shy~

No. 32196

File: 1424721111911.gif (1.03 MB, 355x200, 2679834-2660083613-eiplb.gif)

omfg Chris-chan tier lolcow over here, somebody sound the alarm.

No. 32197

If you don't like the thread gtfo.

No. 32198

I work at Urban Outfitters, we are literally selling that exact same skirt design for $59.
It's on sale now tho for $39! A bargain, folks!!

I think maybe the reason why tumblrtwats think these are high-priced, ~exclusive~ items is because they are literally seeing the exact same shit in Western stores who are ripping off j-fashion trends, marketing them towards their ~trendy~ upper-class tween audience of choice, and marking them up 300%…?
Or maybe stores are just copying tumblrtwats and seeing the bleed-through from j-fashion reblogs. chicken or egg?

No. 32199

"shy" but goes out wearing literally nothing but a kinky bra and panties outfits.

No. 32200

Seriously. Cow was right when they said this place was just about girls being bitchy about the looks of other girls.
I came here because there were some genuine wtf lolcow material to discuss without having to read nigger and you're autistic every single sec, but I see the trade off isn't fcking worth it.

No. 32201

There are different degrees of shyness. She could have the inability to socially interact the way any other random person might.

No. 32202

Wtf are you on most of the posts are about her overpriced crap, leg shoop and attitude.

No. 32203

Lmfao she's the only person makin this shit what do you think is going to happen? Fucking designers treat these things like its their baby because it's their livelihood and they're trying to make it a full time gig. Do you even know how YOU get to pay $25 for some top instead of $125?

No. 32204

By your logic we shouldn't discuss half of the people posted here then, not to mention that most of her designs are cheap knockoffs anyways.

No. 32205

>the only person makin this shit
Totally forgot she invented the average BDSM gear!

No. 32206

As in she doesn't have a factory you moron

No. 32207

Nah. So what about her attitude is so rotten? Is it because she won't Han you where she gets hers hit on a silver platter? Lel 4ever

No. 32208

That's sure why you could get her "unique" handmade designs from chinese factories even before she released them, right.

No. 32209

They probably shouldn't because the content isn't lulzy, only the sad ass comments on the thread are.

No. 32210

Troll harder faggot.

No. 32211

Don't get salty. We really really really want to know how Yeha has wronged you.
~bad ps~
~cheaply made crap that's marked up that you probably don't want anyway~
~salty attitude like yourself~
Drag the bitch.

No. 32212

This isn't some new discovery.
lolcow is more about gossip because the female population is bigger than on /cow/.

No. 32213

Doesn't change the fact her shit's overpriced, doesn't matter if she's charging you for the craftsmanship of the product.
$40 for this is not worth it.

No. 32214

So don't buy it?

I don't understand, is she peddling some sob story along with her products? Like, is she pulling a felice fawn, where she tells you about how she's doing then, but my stuff?

No. 32215

You mean like her sob stories about how poor she is that she has to make all her clothes herself and has to use some laptop from the stoneage?

No. 32216

Where's that post?

No. 32217

File: 1424738767546.png (69.9 KB, 243x200, 1415169817511.png)

Of course? I won't buy it??
It still doesn't change the fact this is overpriced shit??? And if you don't like people discussing this because "wah wah let ppl spend their money how they please" you should leave the thread???????

No. 32218

Thanks for proving you didn't read the thread at all.

No. 32219

Omg omg so overpriced, isn't that such sweet sweet milk coming from this lolcow? Oh wait, it's only coming from your catty ass.

No. 32220

I'm not looking to read someone's dramatic version of what she said. I was hoping to see screen caps of her sperging.

No. 32221

Thanks for further proof, the caps were posted all over this thread.

No. 32222

>thinking everyone here is one single person

No. 32223

You're welcome :^)

No. 32224

Lel where does it assume that? You're showing your cards, nice, me like.

No. 32225

Your sperging is the most lol worthy part of this thread

No. 32226

Woooow three screen caps that could qualify as sperging, but let's be honest, only the last one qualifies. Fucking boring.

No. 32227

>Oh wait, it's only coming from your catty ass.
Oh you, admin can proof that there is more than one person here anyways.

No. 32228

srsly yehas fanbase is fucking horrible as you can see from the shitty whiteknights that won't stop shitting up the board. i honestly think this is one person though.


the fact that they have been proven to not have read the whole thread shows that they're whiteknight straight from tumblr.

No. 32229

Lol proof.
White knight.
Read the thread.
Fucking lel

No. 32230

???? Wow reading comprehension should be a pre-req here. No where does it speak of the same shit.

No. 32231

Proof of not reading thread… Lmfao where's the proof?

No. 32232

Not reading everyone's shorty excuse to shit on this girl equates to white knighting? Bitch, your autism is showing.

No. 32233

Hahaha it's only one catty person. Unless you want to throw yourself in the mix and acknowledge your catty behavior

No. 32234


read the thread and you'd see.

No. 32235

So that's why there's been such incessant whining the last few days. Just go back again.

No. 32236


where da fuck is the admin?
what the fuck is happening?

No. 32237

some fucktard won't read the thread is all. shitposting for the hell of it, it seems. idk the admin has been MIA because the same shit went down in >>38535

No. 32238

But non of these things are off topic and someone disagreeing with you isn't against the rules.

No. 32239

They contribute to the thread so they are offtopic.

No. 32240

This makes no sense. If it's a contribution than it can't be considered off topic. If it's off topic then it can't be considered a real contribution to the conversation.

No. 32241


Shut the fuck up.

No. 32242

File: 1425857464407.jpg (72.25 KB, 936x625, boringbasic.jpg)

They seem like such a boring couple. And she def edits herself to be thinner in most photos.

No. 32243

File: 1425976373416.png (1002.47 KB, 1078x798, yehacopy.png)

Seeing this thread made me check out her Storenvy again. The first thing I saw was a very blatant rip off of this Chromat bra. While it is ugly as hell, it's unmistakably Chromat's style. L-O-fucking-L @ this bitch getting mad at seller's "copying" her garters when she does the exact same shit.
Text versions of the links:

No. 32244

I don't think they're necessarily boring, I think they're just that couple who tries so hard to be alternative that everyone stops paying attention to them.

No. 32245

her version looks even shittier than the original.

No. 32246

both items are ugly as fuck.
Also I don't like Yeha's new designs, it's like 'hey open a Sexshop instead of calling yourself an alternative fashion designer" Her designs started like bdsm inspired, but she's going too far. I'd suggest her to open a sexshop lol her new designs aren't pretty to wear on the street, only on the bed sheets hah

No. 32247

File: 1426014579167.jpg (42.51 KB, 602x610, jm.JPG)

the model is ugly as fuck and the caption says 'shooting w yeha surrounded by pretty girls today! wan c me?' (the one who uploaded this isn't the model who's with Yeha).
Yeha def edits her pics, but idk about making herself thinner. What I can see is that she pulls her hips back so it looks like she has more defined curves and is thinner. Her face looks chubbier but the angle is different (>>58804) and she doesn't have her hair covering the sides of her face

No. 32248

I don't know how she chose that girl :/

No. 32249

The body looks like her own shooped one, she usually crops out the heads of her models anyways.

No. 32250

Agreed with >>32246 Both are boring. Yeha probably wont label herself a sex shop, then she cant sell to minors. We all know most of her fanbase are under 20/19 years old.

No. 32251

meant both bras are ugly.

No. 32252

Whoa, her face caught me offguard when I clicked the thumbnail.

No. 32253

she's thin is why I'm guessing

No. 32254

The blubber that's trying to break free from the confinement of her stockings doesn't agree

No. 32255

holy SHIT is she unfortunate

No. 32256


woah calm down Ashley

No. 32257

Lmfao, I know right?

Come the fuck on, you can see her ribs for fucks sake.

She clearly chose the model for her figure, cause ya know, she's modeling clothes not makeup. This thread is so pathetic.

No. 32258

Like I've come back to this thread and it still sounds like the same person just taking low ass blows and not presenting any lol worthy milk. Ok, we get it, you don't think she's attractive and all these tumblr fags copy each other's shitty designs. ROFL ROFL ROFL

No. 32259

There are way more than one person in this thread and if you don't like threads like this you are on the wrong site faggot.

No. 32260

No. 32261

can we stop with the fucking lolcow policing? just let us talk shit about people jesus christ

No. 32262

They are similar to jealous PULL girls."why do she think she is so pretty I dont think she is pretty so that means she is not pretty, she is too old to look young no one should look young when they are old, she doesn't steal/ scam/sock puppet/ PS unrecognizable but she is still a bad person because she has been a bitch once or twice and use PS mildly". You know like most to normal people.

No. 32263

>doesn't scam
I'd place ripping off all of her designs in the same category.

Either way, I agree with >>32259 and >>32261 just fucking get out if you don't like it. A name's a name, there's nothing to say we have to qualify every thread.

No. 32264

Lmfao. Exactly. And this is why I stay…this thread might not be full of Yeha milk but it is still full of that type of girl who spergs out and A-Logs the shit out of random girls who have something they want.

No. 32265

What you consider a rip off is not scamming. She's not claiming her products will cure you of your autism or that they'll fix your jacked up face.

No. 32266

Policing? Really? Lel.
I'm begging you at this point to find a reasonably lulzy thing. And all you give in return is a tantrum because I disagree with your lame attempt to make a cow out of this boring nobody.

No. 32267

No thanks. Questioning girls intentions behind talking about slightly above normal girls that has no to slight drama worth to them but act like there is is just as fun as posting past screenshots about doe deere.

No. 32268

She claims her designs are all her unique work and those metal hearts are exclusive made for her, that's why they sell in the first place and both was proven to be lies, therefore counts as scam.

No. 32269

It is a scam when she claims her products are entirely her own design and then sets her personal army on the Chinese stores that 'copied her work'.

Nice run-on sentence there.

>slightly above normal

Hi yellow fever.

No. 32270


i haven't even posted in this thread, you just look like a whiny bitch for moaning about what people say in a thread you don't even have to look at. quirky doesn't do anything except be a fatass like 90% of the time but you don't see me going in there and boohooing and shitting up the thread

No. 32271

File: 1426093381759.gif (1.67 MB, 335x240, tumblr_n2gdn3bWNx1qixxaxo1_400…)

Sticking out her ass way too much to look like her shoop.

No. 32272

File: 1426093581751.gif (Spoiler Image, 636.69 KB, 510x504, tumblr_nhsy5643C21sq6uw5o1_128…)

No. 32273


Look ma, no ass!

No. 32274

Like what all white models do?

No. 32275

Yellow fever detected, she shoops her butt into eternity and claims she doesn't.

No. 32276

You can see her stomach bulge here too, she's really not that skinny at all.

No. 32277

In relation to this post, I followed dollymilk for a long long time before I got tired of her sadness and unfollowed.
BUT I specifically remember her always complainh about her mother and sister, and finally she broke down and made a read more post about how her sister and mother opened several credit cards under dollymilk's identity and totally destroyed her. They charged everything to these credit cards, and she was just a sad mess. I felt so bad for her.
Wish I could find the post but it was so long ago and I'm 100% sure she deleted it shortly after posting it, but she went into good detail

No. 32278

She has terrible lordosis…

No. 32279

I'm hella skinny but I usually have bloating so I don't have 24/7 flat negative belly… So maybe that could be the case

No. 32280

Lol that's not a scam. What is fraudulent about that? That makes her a liar if it's in fact true. But where is that "evidence"?

No. 32281

Oh but I do have to look at it. Otherwise were else would I see so much derpy desperation and A-Logging? And fat people are fucking hilarious. They're either sjw nazis or easily baited into sperging out.

No. 32282

Go back to the Ashley thread racist chan

No. 32283

Samefag, try harder.

No. 32284

File: 1426117567775.png (3.04 KB, 420x45, i-have-no-soul.png)

Oh Yeha.

No. 32285

File: 1426118359624.png (6.48 KB, 406x77, oh-you.png)

She sounds like Kiki.

No. 32286

File: 1426118754151.png (2.59 KB, 412x34, 242.png)

Like how she says she is a fan of certain designers yet copies their designs.

No. 32287

File: 1426119043216.png (21.39 KB, 415x311, price-increase.png)

No. 32288

She has a nice body, but my gods, she's such a fucking try hard. Almost every photo or video on her IG, she's sticking out her ass and arching her back painfully.

No. 32289

She never deletes anything, so many of her recent posts are about being unabel to find a job, being in dept and how much she wants to move away from her abusive family.

No. 32290

File: 1426136216325.jpg (98.71 KB, 640x480, tumblr_nf1y64btHO1qixxaxo1_128…)

No. 32291

Yeaaah, something about that gif gave me Felice Fawn, try-hard vibes, and I have some clue as to why.

I mean, constantly gif-ing yourself like that in general just seems like an unfathomable exercise in narcissism, and that perspective won't ever change for me. Unless you're like, doing it for camgirl shit, because that makes sense. And unlike tumblr people, I don't revere others for being narcissistic under the trite guise of ~self-care~~. Especially since the worst people seem to do it constantly, but that's just my generalization. Also, maybe she didn't even gif herself? But yeah, agreed.

Super cute body though, so I feel like a hypocrite criticizing, haha.

No. 32292

File: 1426233941408.jpg (419.48 KB, 1280x1785, tumblr_nkz4nyfQrs1qixxaxo1_128…)

Totally no fetish shop, guise!

No. 32293

Seriously, this looks like the beginning of a porn movie.

No. 32294

this made me feel very uncomfortable and i feel like i should not have seen this

No. 32295

Oh god too much cringe, she was trying way too hard.

It's like babby's first attempt at being sexy

No. 32296

Whoops. I'm like a day late in realizing I meant to quote.

No. 32297

No. 32298

They look like a couple of fucking awkward nerds trying too hard to be badasses. Also is it just me or are those gift not sexy at all? Idk what it is….her face? That retarded unflattering hairdo? IDK DAMMIT!

No. 32299


No. 32300

Worst thing is this is supposed to be an ad for her shop.

No. 32301


That was a masterful deflection regarding whether she sold everything she makes.

No. 32302

File: 1426292137400.jpg (99.82 KB, 800x976, tmp_22435-_20150313_171039-211…)

Holy shit, those sad, sad tits

No. 32303

Oh gosh, why would they film that? Keep that shit private. It's so awkward and cringe worthy.

No. 32304

tits sag. deal with it

No. 32305

It's a sad time when you expect those kinds of comments even on a site like this.

No. 32306

don't bring that tumblr bullshit in here.

No. 32307

Why'd >>61832 delete when >>32305 was in agreement though?

No. 32308

Why did she say the same sentence twice at the end?

No. 32309

Was an accident lolcow hasn't mobile friendly on my phone for some reason.

But seriously this place has been going to tumblr hell. You try to have good lols and someone's gotta be like "its a moustache. Deal with it." That and the wannerexics in the Ashley thread.

No. 32310

LMFAO that is hardcore crigne

oh my god the walking, and hearing it makes it 2000000000x worse

they coulve fucking put some depeche mode or some shit over it, to weaken the cringefactor, but fuck, that is bad

dude just looks like some guy she pulled out of a computer science class, completely bewildered

just… her trying to be a sexgoddess is too much for me

can someone just send this bitch some khakis and a banana republic giftcard so she can dress to fit her aged, indistinguishably asian face

she belongs in a fucking remake of the joy luck club, not this faux sexy shit

No. 32311

There's normal sag, and then there's that. Probably from thinking she doesn't need to wear a proper supportive bra and instead just wearing those leather crop top things she makes.

No. 32312

lol so that's why she chose such an unfortunate looking model, every face looks ~good~ in a gimp mask. Nevermind shelling out some cash for a decent one, she'd prob have to sell her chokers for $100 to cover advertising costs.

No. 32313

I can agree with you there. I'm just mostly bewildered her small breasts sag that much. Most just be because she doesnt work out. doing push ups can help a lot.

No. 32314

Dying at this. Love you, anon.

No. 32315

There's a whole series of these. Most of them are awkward, but like three of them are actually cute.

No. 32316

File: 1426299613948.png (171.04 KB, 292x316, 1398883810567.png)

holy fuck, never stop posting anon

No. 32317

Her bf staring dead pan into the camera was a little scary.

No. 32318

it's actually been found that bras make your breasts more likely to sag sooner

No. 32319

That wasn't cute.

No. 32320

this. exercise like >>32313 said really helps.

No. 32321

her posture and stomach look weird/bad in this video:

No. 32322

She looks so bored. like wtf is she even trying to do? Is she trying to dominate, sexy– what? This quality is also horrendous. Was this shot for vhs or something? I'm dying.

No. 32323

the quality was definitely intentional, idk why it was used here, but people have been doing that in their music videos for the past few years for that 90s vibe

she looks bored (hate to say this (not really lol) but Asians are stereotyped for not being able to express emotions like westeners because of their eyes) and more like she's focused on looking attractive as opposed to fulfilling this role of a dom she's implying she is

No. 32324

That's only true if youvwear it 24/7 an/or you're wearinG an improperly fitted or unsupportive bra.

If sagging tits were caused by wearing bras then all the topless tribal women in Naional Geographic would be perky as fuck.

No. 32325

Wasn't that study only conducted in France, though? I read it a long ass time ago but I do remember it wasn't really confirmed that bras were more prone to make your tits sag.

Anyway, some of us can't really go braless because our tits are too big. It actually causes me back pains if I don't wear a bra, so the support it offers is needed.

Sorry for OT though.

No. 32326

for real and going down stairs? the elasticity of the skin while hopping up and down stairs, without a bra, is going to stretch them out before it's going to build supportive tissue

No. 32327

I remember a thing where this white lady went to visits some random tribe where the women don't wear tops and they were shocked at the perkiness of her boobs. If anything bras keep them perkier. Srsly I feel like there is a difference if I don't wear a bra for a while they look saggier….

No. 32328

its weird, the majority of people from tribes where bras aren't worn have perky boobs, except for the elderly women of course

the reasoning behind bras not being a benefit in the long run is that are boobs rely on them for support, so that once we take them off, say at night for example or while running where the push and pull is harmful, they'll be more likely to sag. They haven't gotten a chance to do different things without a bra.

anyway, its also based on individual genetics as well as other issues, so the study can't be fully accurate, though it does make sense to me

No. 32329

True. Certain shapes of boobs are just saggy from the get go. Like tubular ones, iirc.

Speaking of pushing and pulling causing sag, maybe yehas lingerie has been squishing/pulling/compressing her tits too much.

No. 32330

That study has not been published in any journal and there are so many variables that need to be taken into account.

No. 32331

Proof pls BC I am really curious about this. All the pics I've seen they're boobs are saggy unless they are suuuuuper small or something. Seriously I think some people are pulling stuff outta their ass about this and no one knows for sure. Which sucks bc I wanna know……

No. 32332

I don't see how squishing/ compressing would sag the tits. I would say that pulling/moving around or bouncing them would do more.

Also people keep say that bras cause it which I don't understand? Where did they get this information? Wouldn't they sag more without a bra because of the constant weight and gravity going against them? I seriously wonder where people are getting this.

No. 32333

They probably got it from some bullshit inaccurate study with a bunch of chick science. Honesly the entire argument is stupid because the average person knows fuck all about anatomy.

>bras make your tits sag bc the tendons get lazy!


>tits sag bc they don't have enough support against gravity!

This bra topic needs to be moved to /b/, this thread needs to get back on topic, and you bitches need to learn how to focus. Fuck's sake, guys.

No. 32334

Anybody that believes that wearing a bra makes your breasts saggier really can't comprehend basic physiology.

Like the bra isn't even touching the muscle, the muscle is embedded deep within your chest. All the bra does is hold up tissues that would otherwise be flapping around everywhere getting stretched out.

No. 32335

>All the bra does is hold up tissues that would otherwise be flapping around everywhere getting stretched out.


If you guys insist on arguing a pointless argument with no actual facts whatsoever, take it to /b/


No. 32336

where the fuck are your facts tho? are you saying that's untrue? facts pls. spread your unmatched knowledge.

No. 32337


Take it to /b/ >>3219

No. 32338


Your link is fucked up.


No. 32339

I knew this place was full of kids but you can't even cross-link boards properly? Yeesh.


No. 32340

Her face looks even older here than it does on her less shooped pics.

No. 32341

So bothered by the close ups of the jiggy inner thighs.

No. 32342

She isn't a lolcow you freaks.

No. 32343

she IS a scammer though

No. 32344

So you agree, she is not a lolcow. You said "though" implying she is something other than a lolcow.

And are you referring to the over priced items she sells, but buy for a fraction? Have you heard of MAC cosmetics?

No. 32345

any girl who goes out in public looking like she does is an lolcow to me, suck it anon

No. 32346


True. Her clothing line is a joke. It's clothes for sex shop directed to people with certain, specific body types. Or Kiki Kannibal. End of.

No. 32347

So all lolita are lolcows, they dont dress normal either. Similar argument we are tired of hearing all the time; lolita the book and girls dressing similar to baby dolls.
The nerve of people wanting to dress the way they want.
Whats wrong with sex, sexy, sexual dressing? Are you anons virgins? Missing something in your lives?

No. 32348

And quite a lot of her bs is lulzy.

No. 32349

There is a difference between somebody dressing in their sex gear in private or in public.

No. 32350

File: 1427077845919.jpg (395.41 KB, 959x666, tumblr_ng4pv1ZO161qixxaxo1_128…)

Like how she often wears transparent bras and then complains about people looking at her nipples.

No. 32351

I really, really admire how brave she is tbh. I couldn't go out like this, maybe I could try it on inside of my room and look at the mirror and think 'it's sexy' but I'm not that brave haha anyways if she complains, she shouldn't go out like this.

No. 32352

>implying she really goes out like this and isn't covered until pics are taken

No. 32353

I don't think she suddenly undresses for her fans because she wears the same stuff at photos made by others.

No. 32354

File: 1427080707336.jpg (828.48 KB, 1000x1498, e.jpg)

Some photo of a streetsnap site.

No. 32355

File: 1427081124923.jpg (66.47 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nfk0kvhMmF1qixxaxo1_500…)

But no, she doesn't edit photos.

No. 32356

why is some people so fcking obssesed with white skin? ._.

No. 32357

File: 1427082644665.jpg (30.69 KB, 480x480, proxy.jpg)

thats Robert Pattinson's gf right?

No. 32358

Yep, thats FKA Twigs. She named one of her chokers after her, name drops her like crazy all the fucking time and constantly needs to post photos of them together. It's hilarious how unashamedly she tries to ride off of Twigs' (really indie and minute) fame

No. 32359

Why not? Some people love to tan. And some people love looking pale.

No. 32360

No. 32361

oh my god that face. damn..and she looks way different from her blog shoops what the fuck.

No. 32362

i guess all forms of attention whoring can be called "brave". she doesn't look half as good as her edited photos irl tho. just looks plain retarded and awkward.

No. 32363

File: 1427220198919.png (624.72 KB, 608x606, tumblr_nlfnda1tAM1qixxaxo1_128…)

She looks so old for being in her early 20s.

No. 32364

if that's her natural skin, that's good

Too many people doing fake tan nowadays, tanning isn't for everyone. Too much skin cancer. We don't have to all look the same.

No. 32365

It isn't her natural skin, she is tan irl and shoops herself as white as her apartment's walls.

No. 32366

Am I the only one who's bothered by the suspenders on the garter belt leading to nothing? Like not holding up stockings, or anything. I see people doing that here and there and I don't think it looks that great. (Otherwise I do like her outfit.)

No. 32367

Obvious projecting. Anyone in front a camera showing their outfit or makeup is literally attention whoring, so get over it. What makes her brave is the girl that play sexy in front the mirror will feel embarrassed cause they would care how others would judge them.

Not giving a fuck is brave because of people like you judging behind anon using "retard" as an insult to degrade a girl and her fashion choice; either its underwear or a headscarf; you dont feel is for "you" so its not for anyone.

No. 32368

But she gives lots of fucks or she wouldn't be complaining so often about strangers looking at her.

No. 32369

File: 1427254438369.png (7.11 KB, 466x152, crycrycry.png)

Her version of the story.

No. 32370

File: 1427254696324.png (640.66 KB, 700x451, tumblr_nbuoa1Mm9d1qixxaxo1_128…)

No. 32371

File: 1427254928061.jpg (787.2 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_n7x17kDo3w1qixxaxo1_128…)

No. 32372

File: 1427255153626.png (4.91 KB, 419x67, totally-no-photoshop.png)

No. 32373

File: 1427255277906.png (3.84 KB, 416x54, i-am-so-hot.png)

No. 32374

File: 1427255393430.png (3.99 KB, 417x53, 10x-hotter.png)

No. 32375

File: 1427255693289.png (2.85 KB, 415x39, more-crying.png)

No. 32376

File: 1427256269526.jpg (31.84 KB, 360x270, durr.jpg)

PLease take this and kindly go fuck yourself with it. No one wants to hear it.

So she goes out like this? It legit looks like lingerie. I'm thinking she usually dresses more like this >>32363 and wears her other bondage-ish stuff for special occasions or something.

No. 32377

File: 1427257541719.jpg (430.41 KB, 1280x1755, tumblr_nagki0EKRf1qixxaxo1_128…)

According to herself she does, she considers non-lingerie halloween costume.

No. 32378

File: 1427257783715.png (615.25 KB, 714x477, tumblr_n8xhr9qXad1qixxaxo1_128…)

No. 32379

File: 1427258087389.jpg (681 KB, 1032x1346, totally-no-shoop.jpg)

No. 32380

File: 1427258186140.png (579.23 KB, 476x716, what-is-anatomy.png)

No. 32381

File: 1427258334124.jpg (1.11 MB, 1116x1528, no-bra.jpg)

No. 32382

File: 1427258415803.jpg (806.66 KB, 1100x1517, but-dont-call-me-hooker.jpg)

No. 32383

she's such a butterface

i wouldnt even try if i were her, it'd be too depressing
>nice body
>face of an adolescent chinese boy going through anaphylaxis

No. 32384

these outfits are both hideous. What part of Queens is she even in?

No. 32385

do I not understand anatomy or does her body look shooped to hell and back

No. 32386

she's 23?????????????

No. 32387

There's no way. She's closer to 28/29.

No. 32388

is this whole foods?

her body looks a-fucking-mazing here, shoop or not. Her face really does ruin it. Idk what it is though, aside from her looking much older. Maybe a different hairstyle/make up would suit her better?

Whats crazy is that a fringe actually helps you look younger

No. 32389

It might be the hair. And while bangs do help you seem more youthful, there are diff types. Hers is too blunt cut. Maybe side swept would be better?

No. 32390

>Is this wholefoods?
Looks like it to me. I go there every day for lunch since it's right across the street from my job

No. 32391

high school boys are idiots. Hell, everyone in hs is a fucking moron. Why is she still so bitter over this crap?

No. 32392

I noticed that people who haven't moved on from hs are people who haven't done much since then or changed their circle of peers. She's done well for herself in terms of her online shop, so for her to still be hung up about hs points at a lack of change in friends.

Either that or it was the most miserable time period for her and she wishes she could of had a care free experience she probably thinks the popular girls had, since being an adult = responsibilities for most people and she's stuck with them not till she rots.

No. 32393

I haven't been following this chick recently, but I bought a garter from her a year or two ago and the leather now is all jacked up (I've worn it twice) and one of the spikes fell off. "Top quality leather handmade goods" my ass. I'll take a picture of how deteriorated her product is when I get a chance.

No. 32394

That's not how a spine works.

No. 32395

do it and post it here and tumblr

No. 32396

Yes, please do, anon!

No. 32397

No. 32398

Does anybody know where she lives? Other than Queens, New York like a town?

No. 32399

I bought a choker from her and the ''gold'' hardware turned GREEN after wearing it one day.

No. 32400

She's in Queens, NYC. What else do you need to know? I don't think anyone is going to reveal her home address here.

No. 32401

Did you complain and get your money back?

No. 32402

Why should the anon get the money back? It's not like if she claims the color color is real gold in the first place.

No. 32403

if creepyyeha had nickel or something else in the product description, anon shouldn't get their money back because that's what nickel does after a while (especially if the gold thing was made cheaply). it turning green after a day is quite weird though. anon might not get the money back, but they should definitely make a complain or ask yeha wtf.

No. 32404

Could be that hers had a manufacturing issue because there are plenty of people that have those and they didn't have this issue after a short period.

No. 32405

I'm honestly surprised she hasn't gotten into actual legal trouble dressing like this outside.

No. 32406

File: 1430243254396.png (447.36 KB, 500x504, tumblr_nn6tgygVHP1qixxaxo1_500…)

Not only you.

No. 32407

She's Asian and probably lives somewhere/hangs around crowds and areas where that stuff is trendy.

No. 32408

and then she claims to use the BEST materials, HIGH QUALITY yeah sure Yeha.

No. 32409

Well, she also claimed those hearts get made exlusive for her which is a lie.

No. 32410

yeah, these are from a NY shop that buys them from China lmao and the heart locks, the only thing they have 'unique' is the 'Creepyyeha' on them

No. 32411

And she didn't always have Creepyyeha on them, I know because when I bought stuff from her in 2013 it didn't.

No. 32412

No. 32413

Can someone point out to me the photoshop in her pics? I'm really bad at noticing this stuff

No. 32414

skin tone, body (legs, waist, booty)

No. 32415

And trying to blurr out on her nasolabial folds.

No. 32416

In the worst case compare her own photos with >>32354

No. 32417

Well, I asked her and she said something along the lines of '' yeah that can't be true you probably made it wet ( I didn't) and no refunds on custom orders''

No. 32418

I'm guessing Flushing or Bayside. Could be wrong though.

No. 32419

As someone who owns her products and knock-offs I can tell you the quality of her designs are exponentially better than anything else I've seen. It's all about that leather quality and stitching. The knock-offs with crack and fade within time and rather quickly and aren't as comfortable. The leather she uses and the way she handles it makes it both durable and buttery soft. So, yeah, there is a reason for her prices to be where they are when it comes to anything she makes in leather. Additionally the vinyl she uses is tinted in a way that fades less that cheaper shit and is also heavier (which means better tools and more time to manipulate). Unless you've compared ebay items and hers side by side you really should keep your mouth shut about design quality. And I say this as someone who is paid a pretty good chunk of money to curate for a variety of stores.

No. 32420

Hi Yeha

No. 32421

>Unless you've compared ebay items and hers side by side you really should keep your mouth shut about design quality.
Which a lot of anons here did and her quality is shit but nice try licking her ass.

No. 32422

Does anyone actually go out in her designs tho? Apart from clubs/parties/festivals ect

No. 32423

A lot do but that's because most of her customers are into subcultures that dress like that in the first place.

No. 32424

She reminds me of a little of Juria Nakagawa (cant upload a pic because internet is fucking around) so google her.

I used to get mixed up with CY and her years back. Both similar, fresh edgy dark ass asians.

Cept' Juria was scamming people, her mother was a yakuza wife, dunno but she was upset she couldnt get dental surgery or something

No. 32425

i know about her, she used to (idk if still does) hang out with hirari ikeda right?

No. 32426

That's because she used to 1:1 copy Juria from head to toe, was mentioned in this thread before.

No. 32427

File: 1435872662285.jpg (280.94 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_npkdtvGApQ1qixxaxo1_128…)

She seems to nude a lot lately.
Does she lack customers that she suddenly feels the need to advertises her products this way while always complaining about people calling her shop a sex one?

No. 32428

File: 1435872804147.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.57 KB, 591x1001, tumblr_npkdw1U8s41qixxaxo1_128…)

Why shoop your body (just look at all the blurr at the hair next to her waist) but keep your face like that?

No. 32429

File: 1435872882244.jpg (Spoiler Image, 140.32 KB, 960x960, tumblr_np39514Tfo1qixxaxo1_128…)

No. 32430


Looks like something Tiff from Chucky's bride would wear..

No. 32431

Trouble is her style is very typical of girls on tumblr, i dunno if felice fawn started it or copied it off someone else and made it famous but a lot of them do the whole bondage garter goth thing. Its all very generic.

No. 32432

That many garter clips isn't even cute
It's looks like some orthopedic contraption

No. 32433

Wut, I didn't know that. Do Hirari Ikeda and Juria Nakagawa have any more dirty laundry?

No. 32434


I used to question if it was only me who didn't find her work appealing at all. Like, I really don't like it. Yet it got so much attention…

No. 32435


y'all sound real jealous. i don't get why everyone's hating on her? she's a successful business women who caters to girls who like a certain fashion and people in the fetish scene. So what? Get over it, she's not hurting anyone. Talking shit about her face is childish af.

No. 32436


Not any of those anons you referred to.

But I'll just say, not everyone who has an opinion is jealous. It's getting a bit old to throw around the term 'jealous' if not then 'jelly' or 'salty'. This is what this site is for basically, giving out your shit opinion and bickering over stupid crap. That is just there opinions anon. Not everyone is going to be fond of a particular person.

If you don't like what people have to say, I recommend you leave this site altogether. It'll only get worse and if you'r that EASILY offended by what people have to say, leave lolcow. This site isn't for babying assholes with daisies and rainbows.

Take it somewhere else because at the end of the day, do you think these people are going to listen to you? Nope.

No. 32437


their* fuck

No. 32438


>i don't get why everyone's hating on her?

>Talking shit about her face is childish af.

Welcome to /pt/! Enjoy your stay.

No. 32439


I wasnt hating on her-I stated her dress style is a popular and common one on tumblr, which it is, unless facts count as "hate" now. I didnt say anything at all about her looks. Please learn to read properly next time.


No. 32440

Indeed-especially when my comment was'nt even a hate comment-I dont know this girl at all but from the pics posted here her style reminds me of felice fawn and other e-celebs like wylona (now THERE is a lolcow!)

No. 32441

I love how according to the internet there is either "jealousy" or "ass-licking". It's like we're not allowed to have and share any kind of opinion without it falling into either category.

No. 32442



I call bullshit. Does anyone have any photo evidence, or really any evidence at all to show side by side comparisons? You know with actual detail shots? Keep in mind that half the retailers actually just steal and crop the her photos.

And, yes, people actually do wear her things out and while there are a few haters here and there - there is a lot more appreciation. You don't have to wear such things with only see-though black mesh and crop tops. Harnesses are awesome for long flowing dresses and getting a nipped in look at the waist if you have a legitimately curvy figure (note: curvy - not spherical) along with a GoT vibe.

But go on. Keep hating. :P

No. 32443


Pretty hard to get into legal trouble for the way you dress in places that understand that for the most part as long as you are waving your genitals at people you aren't violating anyone's rights or breaking the law.

It's also legal for women to be fully topless in public in NYC. You know. Because there really isn't a difference between women's nipples and men's nipples.

All of you squabble about the right to free speech and talk shit and not get punished or assaulted for it.

So understand that there are some civilized places that understand that it's the same damn thing when allowing people to wear what they want.

At least when we dress up it's like we're amazons or rockstars. Geeky? Out of touch? Weird? Don't give a fuck. It's not for you. And when you bitch its like.. well.

Manchildren. Neckbeards. Can you see you dick over your gut? I can probably run faster than you in my gigantic platform "hooker shoes" than you can in sneakers because your idea of going out is going to 7/11 to get monster and chips.


No. 32444

File: 1435957740445.png (152.72 KB, 769x595, watch-out-we-got-a-badass-over…)

I haven't even been following this thread but damn, this anon is maaaad.
you are the stuff lolcows are made out of, my spergy darling. why don't you post some of your platform-shoes-bondage-harness-and-maxi-dress ootds to show us mean lolcow bullies how stylish and creative you are?

No. 32445


Anyone could go out looking like that, just don't cry when people stare at you like you're cray tho

No. 32446


>At least when we dress up it's like we're amazons or rockstars.


>Geeky? Out of touch? Weird? Don't give a fuck. It's not for you. And when you bitch its like.. well.

Pretty sure 'tacky' is the word you're looking for. Nobody really gives a fuck how you dress, we're not going to get "offended" or whatever you think, but if you're going out in harnesses and shit, people are going to point and laugh and stare at you. That's life. So if you don't give a fuck what people think, why are you posting here?

>Manchildren. Neckbeards. Can you see you dick over your gut? I can probably run faster than you in my gigantic platform "hooker shoes" than you can in sneakers because your idea of going out is going to 7/11 to get monster and chips.

lmao most of the posters on this board are women, and a good portion of them are lolitas and cosplayers. Way to assume we're all NEET wizards who just can't handle how super special and unique your shitty dress sense is.

No. 32447


>Pretty sure 'tacky' is the word you're looking for. Nobody really gives a fuck how you dress, we're not going to get "offended" or whatever you think, but if you're going out in harnesses and shit, people are going to point and laugh and stare at you. That's life. So if you don't give a fuck what people think, why are you posting here?

Because you're ragging on a hardworking designer who makes pretty amazing things. Things that are actually cheaper than other designers and definitely of high quality. Designers work hard for what they do, and this applies to anyone in the creative field, and have every right to bitch when people blatantly rip off their designs. She's a super sweet person and this is shit.

No. 32448


I'm pretty okay with people thinking I'm cray if they are the type to jump to conclusions that fast. My fashion hasn't prevented me from going anywhere or doing anything in my life personally or professionally. So, I really, really, don't give a damn.

No. 32449


Alright retard, I think that's enough for today.

None of us care about what you wear, where you wear it or what you do. You could get some of Yeha's chokers and shove them up your arse for all we care. We didn't pay for it, so we don't give a flying fuck.

Just don't go making stupid assumptions. It makes you look daft.

Fuck off back to tumblr and stay there

No. 32450


If you don't give a damn, then why are you here? Why is what we're saying impacting your life if you 'don't give a damn' then?

Of course it won't prevent you from doing whatever it is you do, cos remember you don't give a damn.

All we said was that some people may stare due to such an unusual fashion taste. That's all, no need to get so defensive about it. Showing your weakness already and acting edgy is just making you look like one of those annoying 'im so speshul' edgy tumblrinas.

No one caresssssssssssssssssss

go away

No. 32451


Because I don't take pictures of my outfits day to day and post them on the web. Because IDGAF.

'sides. I'm fine with giving trolls a nibble. But more to go on about? Naaaah.

It's not all about being stylish and creative. It's about understanding that free speech means you get to be nasty on the internet and I get to wear what I want because I LIKE IT. Only one of us is going out of our way to make people feel bad, spend entirely too much time focusing on others instead of themselves and generally being a shitty person.

But by all means. Should you like to come out of your veil of anonymity, you know that thing that makes you feel more comfortable with being a jerk, I won't turn down a matched face-off. :P

No. 32452



Says the people making assumptions about Yeha and other people they don't know.

I'm on one thread, defending one person. And you are…?

Right. Daft.

No. 32453

I've handled some of yeha's shit (saw some last week in a consignment shop actually). It's somewhat superior to what you'd buy on taobao, in that the leather (or nice quality pleather, i think she uses both) isn't backed with cheap shitty interfacing that's going to fray, nor will the p/leather crease. It's priced absurdly because she's probably trying to make her whole living from the product, that's just how small businesses work. I'd definitely never wear her stuff but her photos still turn me on. >:]

No. 32454


Ooof. Ever think I might be standing up for other people who get bullied?

How do you think people get inspired by fashion? By taking photos of course. It's not this grand attention making crazy scheme. Like exactly at what point does someone cease to be a tumblrina and then a fashion blogger or an editor? What point does someone go from being a hobbyist to an artist?

You spend so much time bitching about how these people are so uncreative and so unworthy of attention. Why don't you actually try making something, sharing something, appreciating what others put out there and understanding that everything pretty much ever created was inspired by something else.

You know what is more irritating that someone who subscribes to a "label" or identity?

Someone who dodges them constantly because they fear losing their individuality that at the end of the day they are just a pile of pessimistic criticism and no substance.

No. 32455



No. 32456


Oh christ, give me a break. Most of these lowcows get what's coming to them. It's how the /pt/ works, don't like it then get off lolcow.

No point even arguing, just get off.

No. 32457


Basically. And it's not put together or stitched in a small factory somewhere in china. She also does custom alterations for almost nothing.

I doubt anyone here understands how hard it is to run your own creative business by yourself or just how cut-throat the fashion world is. (Spoiler: it is ACTUALLY worse than Devil wears Prada).

Lastly, if you're on the kinkier end of things. You want those damn cuffs and things to be STURDY AS FUCK.

Why? Because losing circulation or landing on your fucking tailbone because the leather broke SUCKS. I've easily paid 2x her prices for quality bondage gear and her leather cuffs, collars and belts are solid beautiful works of art.

No. 32458


Funny, I wasn't any of those anons who are 'bitching' and yeah, this is what lolcow is all about unfortunately. Again, don't like what we have to say. Then fuck the hell off on your jolly little way.

No. 32459


Yeha asslicker right here guys

No. 32460


All about. Right.

On with it.

Make me fucking go away.

Please, oh, please. Insult me. Call me fat. Stupid. Lazy. A fucking whore. Oh gods no! I'm so fucking scared. It'll be SO humiliating when my followers find out I've been insulted in such ways!


Oh. Right. Everyone here is anonymous. Shit. SHIT.

Out of luck aren't you?

No. 32461


Alright weirdo, calm down.

No. 32462

Problem solved.

No. 32463

lol yeah exactly-because we're girls so if we dont like someone or something its because we're jealous of them, no other reason. Its just a silencing tactic-but its funnier when it comes from guys because they can be some super jealous bitches!

No. 32464


Nah. People who spend all their time making cruel comments and dedicating threads to bitch about someone they don't know fall into a particular category. Especially those people that wouldn't dare say the things they say publicly to the face of the person they are mocking. Especially when their assumptions don't hold water.

Those people are cowardly cunts. Male and female.

No. 32465

Lol I made that post months ago. It was genuine curiosity - I'm from the UK and dressing like that outside would not fly here.

Way to take a completely innocent question based on a geographical difference completely the wrong way. In the process you've just made Yeha's followers (I think it's more likely that you're actually her though - she's always super insistent about being a ~designer~) look completely batshit insane.

No. 32466

Lol you're the one who fucking necro'd this thread to fly off the handle about a two month old comment that took three seconds to post, and was completely forgotten about afterwards. So who really dedicates all their time to this shit?

No. 32467


I'm from the UK too, it just wouldn't happen here. Maybe America but not here.

No. 32468


I spend quite a lot of time in London actually.

It flies quite well, actually. You must not get out much.

No. 32469

Yeah no it doesn't. I live just outside of London. You get all manner of goths wearing fashion inspired by fetishwear, but I think you'd be hard pressed to find someone wearing a completely transparent shirt with their nipples on show a la >>32381

Y'know, being that it's illegal here. Hence the confusion in the first place.

No. 32470


Also, nope on being Yeha. I curate designers clothing and accessories. I stated that pretty early on. I'm a stylist, to put it lowly, and work in garment conservation and exhibition for shows and museums not a designer. I'd love to be one. But I'll save that to people with better talent.

And I work particularly with lingerie and some fetish wear. So when I say Yeha and her prices are quite reasonable I mean them. If you want even better quality and actual gold in your harnesses, buy from Bordelle, but it will cost you 5x more.

No. 32471


I guess you've never stepped foot in or around Slimelight then. So. Many. Nipples.

Aside from that, Yeha, doesn't show her nipples off in public. A slip now and then from a half-cup bra is hardly baring them.

And neither in the US or the UK is it illegal for the shape of your nipple to show through if you aren't wearing padding.

No. 32472

>Majority of the populace are immigrants
>Somehow that's supposed to be representative of the entire union
>Four entire countries can be judged based on one city full of immigrants.

Fucking idiot Americans. I'm sorry that you guys have this reputation internationally, but it's because of people like this.

No. 32473


As for said photo in question. You've heard of marketing, yes?

Ever notice how all of these are pretty much in the same location? And all of her shots with other people out and about her nipples are covered? That should tell you something.

I hear there is a specific fetish. One might call exhibitionism, she could be referencing that. European ads get away with far more brazen things.

No. 32474


Well, aren't you a racist shit.

Edgier fashion happens in more high population areas. Deal with it.

I'm actually surprised that non-americans are doing so much of the bitching about nipples. Considering, you know, men have them too and it's not a big deal. I've been all over the UK, yes those four countries you mentioned, as my mum is Irish. Along with plenty of Europe. And most of the actual slut-shaming bullshit misogyny I've experienced has come from Americans. I guess the rest of you just hide on the fucking internet. :/

No. 32475

How the fuck is asking how someone has escaped legal trouble for something assumed to be illegal (Admittedly my mistake for assuming) Slut shaming in the slightest? Did I ever say she shouldn't be doing it? Did I say female nipples are inherently bad or shameful? Did I ever express any opinion beyond surprise that she'd gotten away with something I thought was illegal? You're a fucking mental case and you need to get this taking personal offence and running away with wild ass assumptions problem sorted the fuck out. Stop reading four paragraphs worth of analysis into what would barely count as a sentence.

I didn't say any of the things you complained about in your first post. You inferred them out of thin air because you have mad issues.

No. 32476


What the fuck are you smoking and where can I get some? You're just jumping from topic to topic here.

What I said had nothing to do with yeha's designs being ripped off, I'm just saying you're pretty retarded if you don't expect to get stares for dressing like a stripper 24/7

I wasn't actually one of the anons who criticized her designs, but designers should expect to have their work criticized, as with anyone else in the creative field.
You're a piss-poor designer if you chimp out at your work being criticized.

And I have no idea why you're bringing up her designs being stolen because I'm pretty sure it's obvious that none of us have 'stolen' her oh-so-creative concept of sewing leathery shit to o-rings.

100% confused here

No. 32477


I should specify. My remarks are directed towards you and pretty much everyone else in this thread. It's simply easier to address all the shit that's been thrown at Yeha in single posts.

In this thread her body and face has been criticized down to every little inch, her identity, creativity and personhood have all been trashed and a lot of it for no good reason. And it's absolutely fucking bullshit because she's one of the sweetest designers I have ever met (and I've met a lot of bitchy ones) and it drives me mad to see threads dedicated to flaming people that actually haven't done shit to anyone else.

So my apologies if some of those comments seemed ill directed. I'm just not going to waste my time replying to each and every single last goddamned comment on here.

Criticism of design is fine. But this isn't critique it's basic lazy trashing. You don't find her designs flattering? Go ahead. Don't like the shape or color? Fine.

But calling people sluts and whores just because of what they wear is bullshit. Just because someone is wearing something that you find grabs your attention doesn't actually mean it's for you or attention seeking. Some people are happy and blissful being as weird as they are.

But this shitty rumor mill bullshit is obnoxious especially when it's about someone who really doesn't deserve it compared to a lot of really shitty scamming bitches who might actually deserve getting called out.

No. 32478

File: 1435967023009.jpg (25.79 KB, 640x480, Nurse.JPG)

What's going on in this thread? Why is everyone so angry?
Tell me where it hurts, farmers

No. 32479


Well yeah? Camden market and all that, you'll find plenty of try hard gothy fuckers in London. But all of the UK? I doubt it. In urban places/student scenes is the only place you'll find that kind of shit Yeha wears.

No. 32480


Oh here we go, the slut-shaming bandwagon. Not saying it's right, but everyone slut shames tbh and it'll never end. We all think it mentally anyway.

No. 32481


Dunno, it's gone all retarded since some fanny faff came alone and started preaching about how sunshine and bats fly out of Yeha's ass. It's quite amusing tbh, I need something to have a good laugh at on a friday night ;p

No. 32482


>I'm just not going to waste my time replying to each and every single last goddamned comment on here.

Jesus christ, nobody was asking you to. We're not begging for you to reply to each and every one of us with your ~super designery elite fashion knowledge desu~, but when you reply to one post with a lot of shit that isn't relevant to said post it makes you look like you're just pulling arguments out your ass or something.

This board isn't for calling anyone out. It's 60% shit-talking and 40% drama. Nobody is trying to expose scammers or anything like that. I'm pretty sure all of us are just here for shits and giggles.

If you don't like people talking shit about her here, the best thing to do is leave the thread alone.

White knighting her is only going to make people pay more attention to this thread.

Like personally I don't care much about Creepyyeha. I don't like her stuff personally but I don't really care enough to post about it, but I'm here because it's fucking funny when someone comes to a thread to defend the person it's about.

I seriously don't know what possessed you to think what you're doing right now is going to deter people from shittalking a public figure over the internet.

No. 32483

This isn't a callout site. It's a trashy gossip site for drama and lulz, and you're essentially standing there, pouring petrol on the flames and complaining that it's hot. No ones minds ever get changed by people like you, we have one in every single thread. All it serves to do is make people feel convicted about posting this kind of shit. Out of every possible course of action you could take, it's the single worst.

No. 32484

>thinking the Camden area is representative of London
>thinking London is representative of the UK
>confirmed tourist

Even Camden itself depends on the time and location. During the day it's full of young adults and businessmen from nearby offices and is safe and fun, but at night if you stray too far away from the clubs and pubs you're putting your safety at risk. Even during the day drug dealers will approach you once an hour but they're not a threat during the day.

Sure I've seen girls wear the same stuff as Yeha at clubs and festivals and I've seen girls wear less or go topless. I've even seen people (including guys) go around completely naked even when there's 13 year olds present. But pretending that these sort of venues (which are technically 16/18+ venues even if not enforced) is representative of the wider culture is fucking stupid.

No. 32485

yep-even tho camden does have a reputation for being "goth" i've seen mostly hipsters and rastafarians there then goths. It is like the rest of london in that everything is expensive as fuck.

No. 32486


Last time I walked through Camden was in 2005/6, back when magic mushrooms were still legal and every restaurant was openly advertising magic mushroom tea and soup.

Back then I'd definitely say it was more goth than not but this was at the peak of the last emo/goth/rock/metal trend. However Camden has always been more generally "alt"; the most famous store is in the area Cyberdog which is a cybergoth/raver clothes store.

For a while Camden was my go to place to waste some time in London but then I realised that unless you were going to a concert there's actually nothing to do there except spend money on clothes or food. The place is a giant Hot Topic.

No. 32487


Overall, it's full of hispters/goth/raver ect

Meh, fads come and go. It's not important.

No. 32488


Did I not just state my mum was from Ireland? I spent nearly every summer in Dublin growing up. I'm familiar with quite a lot of the UK. You'd be surprised with what you find.

I mean for fucks sakes. I primarily live in Washington D.C. and you'd be damn surprised what people wear in the evenings or at parties. And it's not just the college kids and teenages either.

The fact is the reason you mostly see this on younger people is that they live in a less enforced culture where they are worried about getting fired for wearing such things - not because they don't actually want to wear such things. Head out to the west coast of the US and you have people making half a million a year in tech companies with goddamned face tattoos.

Goth kids are just an imitation of what they percieve the adults wearing in kink venues. And the former is much more tame along with a smaller set of the population.

Don't believe me? Fifty Shades of Grey (Ugh- of all the kinky books a sketchy fucking twilight fanfic ) is the best selling book of ALL TIME. EVER. It's sold more copies than ALL of Harry Potter. With one exception. The bible. That should tell you something about the population at large.

I see men and women who wear the most conservative of suits during the day change into the most INSANE things (beyond what creepyeha sells) at night. And, boy, oh boy, when they don't think someone who might tell on them can see? You would be shocked to see how many of these buisness people like to dress up and down.

Tell me, have you ever seen a congressman spanked?

Because I have. :D

No. 32489


Yeah. But shit talking is really fucking boring when people can't back up their shit. That's what boggles my mind. I mean. Like you've got some legitimate lolcows on here but Yeha? Come on?

You might as well just sit around and scream "BALLS BALLS BALLS" all day.

Face it. If I'm more amusing to this thread than Yeha? You're failing. Give me someone actually worth shit-talking. Otherwise I get booooooooorrrred.


If you can't realize right now I'm "white knighting" by slapping you with a giant white dildo you're a fucking dolt.

No. 32490


Derailment complete.

hangs up troll hat

Christ almighty you guys are easy. Trolling trolls is the best. It's the same thing. I just wander in all serious and pissed off, chomping at the bit with a bit of logic and a few words I know will get your blood boiling. Redirect here. Anecdote there. Crazy female trope here. Oh, and citation OVERLOAD. The hilarious part is that everything is true just delivered with, what, oh, 40% more drama.

What a glorious procrastination method.

No. 32491

lmao 50 shades is not the best selling book of all time. just the fastest selling.

No. 32492


Good job friend!

No. 32493

>Did I not just state my mum was from Ireland? I spent nearly every summer in Dublin growing up. I'm familiar with quite a lot of the UK. You'd be surprised with what you find.

>confirmed tourist

>confirmed stupid American
>confirmed American supremacist

No. 32494

last time i was in camden was feb this year and i was refering to the people. However the market and some of the back streets are more mixed now they sell a lot more bob marley and hipster stuff(more so than before) and also because of the fire a lot of new shops have moved in and others out. Yes its always been alt and did have a heavy lean on "goth" but now its more balanced in its mix. Given how much they charge for a fucking dress tho you might as well just import it from japan it would cost the same.

No. 32495

are you the same fucking anon that keeps using the word women to refer to a single woman?

>she's a women

No, she's not, she can't be.

No. 32496

Sooo ANYWAYS… I like her stuff. I wish it was cheaper but I guess I can understand the prices. I would wear maybe a collar, harnesses, or a garter in public but I wouldn't put on the whole shabang all at once. I would imagine most people just wear these things inside really. Maybe for their s/o's or doms whatever

No. 32497

Just buy some replicas off of taobao then.

No. 32498



Pretty much what this anon said. Just buy replicas, it's what everyone else does. Sure, it's shitty say but not everyone can afford the real thing nor have they got spare money to spend if they're paying bills ect so replicas are just the best alternative. Until i.e you can afford the real thing I guess.

I will be honest though, I would be a little ticked off if my items were made into copies… But then again, what isn't a copy nowaday anyway? Literally everything. Dunno how China gets away with it tbh…

No. 32499


>lmao i trol u guiz i was only pretending to be mad!!!!111

No. 32500

File: 1436060640061.jpg (48.72 KB, 600x1104, db0.jpg)

No. 32501

I dunno if this will be useful to you guys.

I picked up one of creepyyeha's pics when scanning for GPS locations of lifters. It looks like practically every pic she has posted going back years contains GPS data.

It looks like she probably lives in a nice modern house in Little Neck, NY but frequently goes into super shit areas of the Bronx, Queens, etc. For example her boyfriend or someone lives in Morris Heights which is apparently one of the poorest areas in the US.

No. 32502


It looks like that nice house in Little Neck is actually her parents house but she still regularly spends time there.

No. 32503

Just wanted to share Creepyyeha twerking because it's funny. This Yeha's friend is cute looking but really fucked up girl.

No. 32504

Does anyone here wear her stuff?

No. 32505

Probably not

No. 32506

People have been posting about having bought some of her choker they soon fell apart when not starting to turn green.

No. 32507

I had contact with her myself.
I enjoyed her designs but she'd often post untagged porn. I sent her a message asking her nicely to just tag her nsfw and she responded

"No, Just unfollow my blog :)"

I suppose its not really anything to make her a lowcow but that reply really irked me.

No. 32508

Asking people to tag their tumblr posts is annoying as shit though.

No. 32509

I don't think she's ugly. She just has an average Asian girl face and doesn't always do her makeup in a flattering way

No. 32510


If you look closely, you can see an eye and eyebrow in her right knee. Must be the illuminati.

No. 32511


There's a loop hole though.
The law says topless and technically she's not topless. Clear stickers over the nipples can work too

No. 32512

For something like porn it's not unreasonable.

No. 32513

Telling someone to unfollow you if they don't like what you post isn't unreasonable either.

No. 32514


Yeah, the way she responded sounds like she was being sort of a condescending dick when it wasn't an unreasonable or impolite request, but still, she has every right to reblog whatever she wants and not have to tag it.

Some people don't like tagging things as NSFW because apparently porn blogs start following you when you do that or something

No. 32515

Tags don't do shit when it is a reblog, porn blogs track the porn tags and only original posts by yourself show under /tagged/ but not reblogs you tagged.

No. 32516

i have a choker, garter and harness from her and tbh they're good quality and still look good as new after 8 months

No. 32517


Cool, thanks
Even then, couldn't she just add "////" or whatever to the end? I don't use tumblr savior (or even tumblr) so I don't know if that would still hide the tags but yeah

But either way, it's not really like she was obligated to tag it, even if she was a bit of a dick about it

No. 32518

Then again I hadn't worn them yet

No. 32519


why did you buy them if you haven't worn them in 8 months? Lol

No. 32520

i wear them a lot, i just mean i've been wearing them for 8 months and so far they're still in good condition >>32518 was a different anon, not me

No. 32521

I have a choker and pair of garters and love them. They haven't turned green on me yet.

No. 32522

She has the worst case of butterface

No. 32523

Hope we get to a point in life where topless women aren't considered pornography. I mean, come on, they are just fucking tits. I see bigger tits on fat men at the beach. who cares.

No. 32524


We will, someday I guess. Tits are tits but I can't say that all are nice, some are haggard to fuck and back where others are nice. I'm bi and even I can't stand some tits let alone fat old men.

No. 32525


I've never even seen anyone wear anything like that tho?

No. 32526


this will be the future

No. 32527

File: 1442107783635.jpg (99.38 KB, 978x600, 535px-10.jpg)

No. 32528

File: 1442107885962.jpg (258.47 KB, 594x492, 535px-10.jpg)


Big tits, little tits, saggy tits, perfect tits. Flaunt it, get told "ew", start fighting , cry, feminists bawl. Yeah, future is bright alright.

No. 32529

File: 1442108221668.jpg (73.14 KB, 450x450, disgust.jpg)


Oh my god, fatty-chan on the left's are like an upside down V

No. 32530


and this is exactly the kind of attitude im talkin' about

wimmin luv each ova no gurl h8 pls


No. 32531

Haha, i like tits too. It's not even about breasts I care about, cuz there are some cute and perky ones or sad and saggy ones. All that bothers me are why female nipples are considered inappropriate, but not male nipples when they are the same thing. It makes zero sense and I hate it. I'm all for topless women. I could care less how nice a woman's boobs are since I would rather just have equal rights for toplessness.

No. 32532

I am sexually attracted to women and yet I can look at these pics and not have the urge to masturbate or sexualize these women. It's funny. Why can't men do that shit? I swear that the whole topless issue is only because men cant fucking control themselves and it has zero to do with women have extra fatty tissue in their chest area.

No. 32533

I don't like fatties either, but who cares what her boobs look like really? The message of the photo is worth more than 'omg fatty has ugly tits"

Come on now.

No. 32534


I never claimed to be all "girls u have to love each other tho!!!"


Fair enough. Just sayin. It's not like nobody has been unreasonably nitpicky on /pt/ before

No. 32535

because men are retards that are too self absorbed to analyse their behavior instead of making up excuses as to why they're totally shit.

No. 32536


get back to tumblr you fucking faggot.

No. 32537

Yup, pretty much. Look how the board has been overrun by robots in the last week. It explains it all.

No. 32538

Go back to /r9k/ you fucking faggot

No. 32539

ITT: SJWs vs robots

No. 32540

File: 1442348272967.jpg (86.64 KB, 635x1051, tumblr_nulmlxol701qixxaxo1_128…)


No. 32541


In what sense? The body isn't shooped but there are too many filters going on+she drew over her right buttcheek.

No. 36349

Those look like some lopsided buttcheaks, the right is much smaller than the left but because of how shes standing i dont think many people would notice.

No. 36355

The left look weridly bid. her right is cute

No. 36532

Why is she so obsessed with her ass? she needs to work out more.

No. 36568

>she's really not that skinny at all.
go away pro-ana

No. 40167

>>32091 >>32092
First & only purchases from 2011. Leather quality what I expected, even weight & color. Spikes were correct, no skin change from metal. One harness, two garters. They really only get worn like 10x a year. I wear agashi products more often.

If I purchase a painting, wire-wrapped crystal pendant, crocheted afghan, or harness, I will pay what the designer/crafter has priced it at. I think most artist undercut themselves already after dealing with an unappreciative, argumentative market. Loved her garters, thought the collars were cute. Recent photos, collar hardware appears heavier and end caps give them a more professional finish.

I am on the fence about her new bras/belts. The d-rings look heavier than previous pieces, but the number + placement seem excessive/mostly for decoration. They're cute, but for that price tag I would want a little more function. Like the Iphie or Uri belt, do they even have a d-ring in the back to hog tie? Probably not. So my options are now limited to humiliation by chaining their wrists to waist and a) make them hop around like a bunny [could be cute], b) chicken dance, c) pretend to be a t-rex with their gimp arms?
Oh yiss, so sexy bby.

- - -

Some of the people complaining about products falling apart- do you know how to properly care for leather?

No. 89869

File: 1454713489038.jpeg (91.41 KB, 640x853, image.jpeg)

She's been looking rough lately and posting a lot of selfies. I thought she was doing well now that some big names have been wearing her products but her orders are starting to slow down.

Guess she peaked.

No. 729593

why did this thread came back?(necromancy)

No. 730903

Not milk but she personally blocks anyone wearing taobao "replicas" as she calls them. Like she invented chokers at all.

No. 733858

have been told she used to be a pro sub /sw by an older man using her birth name
also to anon talking about her looking worse she did close the shop for awhile after saying her mental health was suffering along with her website saying she's updating a new batch of items in December
I just bought one of her corsets so im interested in reviewing it

No. 989331

That’s hilarious cuz a few of her designs are ripoffs. Back in tumblr days, I saw someone post a random runway photo of a harness and a few weeks later she released her Maliya harness. Of course I have no proof but to this day that’s bugged me.(necro)

No. 989347

>to this day that's bugged me.

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