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File: 1427980049750.png (734.41 KB, 603x607, fetsu.png)

No. 31535

Can we talk about this disgusting beast.

Potato face, spoiled, gets tons of free shit from sponsorship, makes a lot of silly faces in hopes that you don't realize how hideous she is.


No. 31536

I read that as Fetus, not Fetsu…

No. 31537

File: 1427984358508.jpg (39.21 KB, 568x670, 11079660_950106581675219_90390…)

She is so annoying on FB, she got like 100 pages named after styles where she spams stolen pictures without credit to promote her own page, it's everything from Pastel Goth to Scene Girls.

No. 31538

LOL I like how the picture underneath is suddenly a lot brighter

No. 31539


I wonder how much makeup she gets through in a month if that's her daily makeup.

No. 31540

I know she's stolen a lot of art and pissed off a lot of people, and IIRC /cgl/ has some beef with her because she's spammed etsy and storenvy shops asking for free shit whilst lying about follower counts. Wondering if anyone has any screenshots of this.

No. 31541

File: 1427990941712.jpg (25.37 KB, 293x400, Screenshot_2015-02-28-20-08-26…)

And she loves to spam her IG about being drunk/on drugs/puking in toilets/whatever.

No. 31542

File: 1427991062265.png (10.93 KB, 1680x94, fetsu.png)

No. 31543

File: 1427991086164.jpg (631.15 KB, 800x800, DSC09485__E5_89_AF_E6_9C_AC_or…)

She also makes merch of herself.

No. 31544

File: 1427991147107.jpg (113.43 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

It's only lighting, no shoop guys!

No. 31545

File: 1427991327173.png (110.98 KB, 651x364, 94522ee6eda384bfc6c36d8e86291b…)

She earns her pocket money herself, hard work!

No. 31546

File: 1427991435485.png (775.97 KB, 1404x992, 4t7kv9.png)

No. 31547

Does anyone actually own this stuff? Especially the phone cases.. that's ridiculous.
Thanks anon <3

No. 31548

With how she begs shops for free stuff it wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't money she earned and saved up but begged for for her birthday.

No. 31549

I mean, maybe I could see someone potentially wanting a phone case with Kooter on, but jesus christ this chick doesn't look good, even with all the makeup/angles/etc. Talk about full of herself.

No. 31550

Stolen art?

No. 31551

No. 31552

How on earth does his girl have 56k followers???

No. 31553


No. 31554

Spam, she did a lot of the ~follow for more kawaii~ bullshit on every post she could find, also spam in general like mentioned in >>31537

No. 31555

How narcissistic can one get? Jesus ✞ Christ.

No. 31556

Stop it with the crosses, anon. i keep seeing you.

No. 31557

keep religion off lolcow

No. 31558

Pretty sure that's a wordfilter from April 1.


No. 31559

God, I hope you're trolling. I mean, really, jesus christ!

No. 31560

UK kawaii fashion bloggers are the worst. Getting tired of their shit.

No. 31561

They're all the same. Literal clones of each other.

No. 31562

How did it start anyways? I know it turned the worst after Venus got into the media but it was bad before that too.

No. 31563

Just Tumblr shit, really.

No. 31564

Partially KimonoTime, maybe because of the maid cafe scene as well (like MOE)

No. 31565

We need more caps.

No. 31566

wow keep calm gal, anon was just lol'ing at Fetus

No. 31567

yikes, anyone see the video she posted most recently? wtf kind of look is she going for? she looks like one of those chinese dolls in horror movies.

No. 31568

File: 1428453663537.jpg (71.33 KB, 960x640, 11146230_831628103581509_51567…)

saw her at a con this weekend, she acted like a brat and looked nothing like her photos

No. 31569

i didnt know shes fat

No. 31570

someone should comment on her ig like "hey saw you at the con this wkend. i think its great you pull off that style at your size"

No. 31571

holy shit

No. 31572

You guys are so catty, oh my god.

No. 31573

she looks like an old lady who bakes blueberry muffins for her grand kids getting ready for school

No. 31574

Welcome to lolcow, faggot.

No. 31575

I love it when people who are literal nobodies have disgustingly over inflated egos. She and Himezawa should form one big narcissistic human centipede.

No. 31576

Now it makes sense to see her videos are taken from above.

No. 31577


I am fuckin finished omg

No. 31578

File: 1428487426764.jpg (70.78 KB, 640x960, f1.jpg)

No. 31579

File: 1428487496715.jpg (110.57 KB, 960x720, f2.jpg)

No. 31580


No. 31581

Oh boy. Super glad these photos exist. Thank you.

No. 31582

omg pls

No. 31583

Is anyone REALLY surprised she looks the way she does irl? Those pics just posted don't shock me at all.

It was obvious from the second I first saw one of her selfies that she was a hambeast making use of Myspace angles to look less so. If anything I'm shocked she's not even fatter.

No. 31584


Oh hey anon I was there too. Didn't see her though - didn't realise she looked like that holy geez.

No. 31585

Bloody hell…she's not obese by all means but it just goes to show how much she edits her photos to look like a kawaii pale skinny girl.

No. 31586

honestly she looks borderline obese to me. btw being obese is a medical term and it doesnt mean you are 5000 pounds. i dated a man who was 5'8 and technically obese but any person would prob just call him overweight. she looks fat afff

No. 31587

if not obese she's borderline obese

No. 31588


Hardly 'fat as ffffff'. She's just chubby and if she was a proper hambeast, she'd be unable to wear half of SheInside's or SpreePicky's sponsored clothes. She just has a chubby face & arms in unedited photos.

No. 31589

we only see photos/videos of her from her preferred angles where's the proof that she actually fits in those clothes?
it would be very simple to hide an undone zip

No. 31590

uhh yeah i wouldnt say she is 'just chubby'
chubby would be a little overweight. she is very overweight and most likely wears the largest items available. anyone can squeeze into smaller sizes for the most part unless you are like morbidly obese. for example look at megan, she wore the american apparel tennis skirt in xs and she is chubby af (mind you i'm under 100 and could barely fit into it)

No. 31591

haha she's huge.

No. 31592

Look at her face and legs. She's fat. not chubby. I bet her stomach is bloated as hell, but she uses dresses to cover it.

No. 31593

She doesn't look fat enough to have that unfortunate double chin, but maybe the dress is hiding it.

No. 31594

People seriously trying to claim she's only a little 'chubby' and not just fat. Ok then.

I'm ashamed to be British sometimes.

No. 31595

She makes me think of an older Ericka Camacho.

No. 31596

File: 1428641019472.jpg (63.98 KB, 960x656, 19004_10205465811438753_141646…)

A "professional" picture from the same con.

No. 31597

There are types of obese, it's not just one category where you go from "fat" to "landwhale". People often think that "obese" only applies to morbidly obese people like Quirky when that's not the case.

She's not "chubby", nor "a little fat". She is obese. Look at her ankles. The only reason she doesn't seem to be as fat is because of the cut of her dress.

No. 31598

shes also just very tall

No. 31599


She isn't that tall, my friend stood next to her and I don't think she could've been any taller than 5'6.

No. 31600

She's like 5'7 or something. Keep in mind Kelsey is a hobbit like 5'3 idk.

No. 31601


Kelsey claims to be 5'. Then again so does Abi Pop and they're definitely not the same height. Jack said he's 5' also so idk

No. 31602

File: 1428666906798.jpg (70.19 KB, 960x640, f3.jpg)

No. 31603

File: 1428667061733.jpg (54.38 KB, 480x720, f4.jpg)

No. 31604

goddamn, fetus-chan has such a punchable face

No. 31605

Hahaha smaller than I thought.

No. 31606

Wow, her chin always gets me. She makes Jack's shitty make-up and wig look half decent.

No. 31607

She's actually kinda ugly. No wonder she uses a shit ton of filters.
Life is amazing.

No. 31608

Kelsey could be that height, I've seen her at a few cons and even though she was wearing platforms she was tiny

No. 31609

How on earth does she have time for that? Doesn't she have to go to work or something?

No. 31610

Kelsey is definitely that short, I met her and she was shorter than me at 160cm. I think Abi is taller though.

No. 31611

that chin lol

No. 31612

Wait, anon how was she acting like a brat?

No. 31613

She looks like a fat baby with false lashes.

No. 31614

Kinda yeah, the angles and distortion are over the top that you know it's a hambeast, but still that's a bit more hambeast than expected.

No. 31615


She posted her response to being called out on her unedited photos and claims to not use Photoshop as much as she used to.


No. 31616

Her whiteknight tho
>She is a model, a Youtuber, and all around an internet personality.
>She is a model

No. 31617

File: 1428720505786.gif (133.55 KB, 340x340, iqHtHIt.gif)


Her whiteknights are too cute.

No. 31618

I love how she responds like this? Trying to play it off cool? But tbh PS is not uncommon these days?

No. 31619

yeah i always knew she was fat. always has a low key double chin

No. 31620

Her face is so round it looks bloated. she is way larger than she looks in her videos. When I saw her without makeup for the first time I couldn't believe they were the same person in those photos. she was very heavy handed with that editing

No. 31621

Wow. she's a fat cow. Why are people defending her?

No. 31622

I just went through her IG and she is really, really ugly. Like, I sort of feel bad for how ugly she is. She's super plain, but something about her features are just unredeeming, even with the mass amounts of make up and PS. Poor fetus-chan.

No. 31623

Ugh the OP picture makes me so irrationally angry. I just wanna smack her.

No. 31624

Although not uncommon, people still want to get away with using it without being called out on it.

Besides, there's people out there who still can't differentiate when something has been shooped to death.

No. 31625

The amount of PS she's using is astounding thoug. Betch is huge and claiming it was all angles and lighting still kek

No. 31626

kek, pixielocks is a huge ass kisser anyway and always tries to hop on e-famous "kawaii" bloggers' dicks.

It's very obvious she's fat from her videos, she uses classic "fat girl angles", her arms are fat, and her selfies are so blown out that you can't even see her nose.

I feel kinda sorry for her that she feels she has to do this.

No. 31627

yeah, i stood next to kelsey at hyper japan last summer - i'd say she's definitely 5'

No. 31628

>But tbh PS is not uncommon these days?

I was quoting her, not actually asking. I should have mentioned that. I just found it pretty funny how so many people throw that in once they've been caught abusing photoshop.

No. 31629

File: 1428866139859.jpg (84.35 KB, 960x656, f5.jpg)

every time i saw her she was acting like she was gods gift demanding that people got out of her way, i think she was also selling autographs??
not sure on the last bit but she was defo signing them at the guest table

after the con she stood outside with a group of cosplayers obnoxiously taking selfies with her camera and demanding to take pictures of people
her laugh is truly deafening irl

No. 31630

File: 1428867515853.bmp (676.62 KB, 400x433, mcqpkxn2.bmp)

No. 31631

File: 1428878682089.jpg (82.07 KB, 960x656, 11138562_10205524079735424_812…)

No. 31632

File: 1428878735938.jpg (97.61 KB, 960x656, 11102762_10205524084495543_303…)

No. 31633


No. 31634

thats unfortunate

No. 31635


She's really artificial looking.

No. 31636

Ok guys, what does Fetsu mean?

No. 31637

what is up with these glasses though, is she trying to pioneer granny kei

No. 31638

god I fucking hate that expression with the tiny-mouth-gritted-teeth thing it looks so damn punchable


No. 31639

Apparently she wanted to make "Fetch" kawaii desu.

No. 31640

hahaha, you're awesome

they look cute on the right people. Just not her.

No. 31641

she does it to try and make her eyes look bigger

No. 31642

Between the retard glasses, tiny mouth and weak chin she looks like an old lady trying to be hip with the youth or something.

No. 31643

File: 1428941085251.png (531.43 KB, 851x602, 8fdf2b8850[1].png)

>too skinny.. damn

No. 31644

she's lifting up her head so her neck doesn't look fat

No. 31645

her make-up sucks

No. 31646


>All dat blur tool

No. 31647


Phone cases featuring her selfies? That's vain as fuck.

No. 31648

>dat sonic shirt
>so geeky!!!11 omglol

That style is awful. Also at first glance thought her hair was oddly cut but she's dyed it black to grey gradient? Why?

No. 31649

It's a wig anon, that's super obvious. There's a lot of black-to-grey gradient wigs on the market and the fact that she is wearing a beanie makes it even more obvious.

No. 31650

STILL looks fat AF even with shop and awkward pose

>too skinny

wtf some people are insane and only think being a butter golem is healthy/nice looking

No. 31651

File: 1428949868010.jpg (23.59 KB, 636x397, 18vxcgwq8bi3fjpg.jpg)

can't unsee

No. 31652

holy shit

No. 31653

have mercy on me god

No. 31654

No. 31655

>too skinny
H-How? Also, rude to comment on someone's weight in such a random context.

No. 31656

She could just at least admit to her fans that she's overweight and edits her photos to look like a skinny dumpling face kawaii desu girl. Some are even in denial she looks like the photos from that convention because of the 'bad angles' which is BS. Seriously just be truthful about it, it's not that hard and I'm sure they'd appreciate it more than she realises.

No. 31657

rofl. bad angles. Yet everyone else still looks normal weight but her.

No. 31658


Even Fetsu claims its all 'horrible angles + lighting' on the reblog of the pics lol. Nobody else has a double chin in the photos except for you girl.

No. 31659

Bad angles don't change your weight lmao. She's so full of it.

No. 31660

That wasn't fetsu this time lmao. It was this girl https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004876501222

No. 31661

File: 1429066114356.png (527.16 KB, 1025x600, uwu.png)

dat shoop

No. 31662

It was, she paid for the art to be made for that.

No. 31663

the wonders of her makeup

No. 31664

More like filters because there are tons of them going on in all her videos, makeup can't make noses disappear into eternity.

No. 31665

Yea but the beginning of the "tutorial" scared the shit out of me
The sudden change

No. 31666

Her face seriously grosses me out. Like, makes me lose my appetite.

No. 31667

File: 1430615667025.png (358.05 KB, 502x474, Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 6.12…)

"Just got a couple things. uwu"

No. 31668

File: 1430616130631.png (79.21 KB, 500x387, Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 6.21…)

She… cried over a bag?

No. 31669

File: 1430616158235.png (77.04 KB, 499x544, Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 6.21…)

edge so sharp that i almost died

No. 31670


What the actual fuck.

She bought like Walgreens accessories; I didn't know anybody actually bought that shit. And candy, and the ugliest shoes I've ever seen.

That's not a tiny bit of shopping that's being a junk hoarder who is so spoiled they can't go to a drug store without buying everything they kind of like.

Like if she just, I don't know, saved her money she could save it for something expensive and nice. wtf.

No. 31671

Why does she need to buy all that shit? Not like she hasn't got enough already.
Also look at all those Reese's.

No. 31672

I own this wig, its a lace front but the cap is small so I need to wear a hat when I wear it out because it fits a bit weird.

No. 31673

homegirl likes her reeses lmao

No. 31674

I wish I had no financial responsibilities and could waste my money on bullshit whenever I wanted

No. 31675

She wouldn't have to keep photoshopping all her fat away if she just stopped eating all that candy. Shit's expensive too

No. 31676

File: 1430681275391.png (199.36 KB, 268x578, Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 12.2…)

I buy those accessories if they're cheap basics (e.g. plain studs since my work won't allow other earrings or bows) but for other accessories, I'd rather go to Forever 21 or somewhere nicer.

Also more edgy posts.

No. 31677


Most of those accessories are from Primark. They literally cost no more than £1 or £2 each. Great store for cheap items and a haven for Fairy Kei when the season is just right.

No. 31678

dat trigger discipline

No. 31679

she seems like an ok girl personality-wise, but there's just something so fucking punchable about her face

No. 31680

Omg dude, yes. Fucking dumbasses posting pictures of guns when thy don't have any clue how to treat a dangerous weapon arregghfkglhlskdl

No. 31681

She has an inflated ego, is selfish and expects the whole world to be served on a silver platter especially for her, her greed knows no boundaries. So no, she has a shit personality so go ahead and give her a good punch.

No. 31682

Calm your tits, it might be a toy

No. 31683

She's British - of cause it is a toy.

No. 31684

I was just going to say that the accessories are Opia - Primark's brand. Cheap shit. The shoes are Atmosphere - Primark's cheapo brand too.

No. 31685

I think it's a water pistol.

The fact she's from Yorkshire makes her all the more lol. Not that people from Yorkshire are lol in general, but the way she behaves, the way she speaks/writes…so contrived.

No. 31686

she seems to buy mostly cheapo shit except for some lolita and figures here and there

No. 31687

Yeah, fake gun or not, that still annoys me.

No. 31688

I just googled the bags. They're cheap and hideous looking.

No. 31689


Ah Yorkshire. That's where Kimonotime is from. Surprised Fetsu hasn't attempted to kiss her ass more to gain efame.

No. 31690

every time I see someone put 'uwu' beside a sentence all I see is them ending their statement by going "OOOWOOOO" like a dog howling.

No. 31691

File: 1432670514309.png (97.82 KB, 400x623, tumblr_inline_nglk9jR4qY1rnuio…)

No. 31692

File: 1432678028830.png (61.62 KB, 300x200, OItnWGv.png)

>"all forms of art… even the kinky things, except for the somewhat psychopathic murdering types. That's a little too strange, even for my liking."

No. 31693

File: 1432678062768.jpg (78.19 KB, 720x1280, 11041861_10204429726002962_147…)

She's trying to be momosweetcosplay/AhriPop now. kek.

No. 31694

She focused so much on the photoshop on her face she forgot to match her boobs

No. 31695

She clearly lifted it from Ambrose Bierce. No way did she write something that profound.

No. 31696

Something about fetus is so ugh, she's just so try hard and annoying as shit

No. 31697

When you said lifted I thought you meant shoplifted at first glance. Then I saw what you were replying to. Jeez don't get my hopes up

No. 31698

File: 1438444793741.png (787.74 KB, 810x514, 134322332.png)

Oh man I am so excited to see this in person next week.

No. 31699

lol. Cue Elfgutz screaming about another person stealing her ideas~

No. 31700

Who else stole her ideas?

No. 31701

File: 1438522485946.png (381.12 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-02-09-31-21…)

Can we talk about her disgusting nsfw blog? All kinds of cringy ageplay shit on there

No. 31702

It seems to be the current trend in the kawaii tumblr blog circuit, i've also noticed that being ill or appearing ill and deathly pale appears to be a current trend too.

No. 31703

I wouldn't be surprised if she was confusing ddlg with having a sugar daddy since she's so damn thirsty for money all the time

No. 31704

Eh, I've eaten a bag of fries and one's been nicer than the rest.

No. 31705

Me too. Think she'll be on stage during the cosplay contest again?

No. 31706

File: 1438545682916.png (335.69 KB, 476x431, 2345675432.png)

She'll probably end up being a judge again tbh. If she is hopefully someone can get some pictures, i'd take some myself but i'm a trader and i'm at the other end of the hall facing away from the stage.

I know she'll be selling a few things at the con, but I believe that's in a separate side room for the guests.

No. 31707

I'm actually entering in the contest but I dunno if I'll be able to take pictures while on stage. I'll try my best.
Does she have a panel this time?

No. 31708

Nope she's sharing a table with Jackocalypse this time, the only panel i've heard about is Jemie Chan's lolita panel.


No. 31709

Are you fucking kidding me? Jemie is a literal nobody in the lolita community. Why the fuck does that scrounger have a panel?

No. 31710

Why would anyone buy this shit? Do people walk around with these? Do they wanna end up like the kid in Walmart or the kid the cops did a drive by on?

No. 31711

It's the UK. At worst you might get a bunch of cops if you're black, but either way you don't get shot like in Murrica.

No. 31712

lol, she had to pose in a way so her clothes completely cover her size

No. 31713

She's not ugly, just very plain and fat. This kawaii thing just doesn't suit her at all and it makes her look weirder than she would be if she dressed normal.

Unfortunately she looks like many other British girls.

No. 31714

File: 1438569048909.png (582.37 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-02-22-29-17…)

Did she just say she's going to be posting nudes? Stay tuned everyone

No. 31715

Will probably be like bewbs… Dunno what else she really has to offer

No. 31716

'Sickly-princess' that name makes me cringe really hard.
Do people actually get off on sick people? Not including anorexia or bulimia because I know about those. But do people Jack off to girls showing off their pale as fuck bodies? Or to them wheezing? Or to them struggling to most from the camera? I mean, yeah those are more extreme cases, but her.name just made me open up a new porn door I really do but don't want to look into any further

No. 31717

Oh my gosh that reminds me of this japanese alternative model that was like a skeleton. She said she had liver failure and was dying, idk if was an ED, but i feel like she was a fetish model…lt was so creepy

No. 31718

File: 1438569658560.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-02-22-39-04…)

She's so desperate for attention she's reblogging her own (very much sfw) selfies onto her nsfw blog multiple times, to which an anon called her out on and then she deleted 6 of them

No. 31719

*struggling to move to the camera

Idk what my brain and fingers were up to

No. 31720

Yamamoto misa

No. 31721

Probably hasn't posted it yet because she's photoshopping her nudes to hell and back

No. 31722

apparently she died in january.

No. 31723

She's like a Japanese Shmegeh or something.

No. 31724

why would the cops shoot anyone with an obviously fake pink gun covered in sparkles? itll most likely be used for airsoft or edgy tumblr pictures

No. 31725

it's for edgelord ~kawaii badass~ uguu pics. she said on FB that they're fake props, not even airsoft.

No. 31726

Does anyone have the story on this Misa …? Loads more interesting than Fetsu.

No. 31727

>wtf some people are insane and only think being a butter golem is healthy/nice looking
>STILL looks fat AF even with shop and awkward pose
You have issues

No. 31728

she does still look fat though.

No. 31729

you must not live in america.

No. 31730

Let's hope she doesn't turn into megan

No. 31731

Who's Megan?
i'm pretty new to lolcow, but I hang out on cgl, although there's now a ban on drama there

No. 31732

megvnmvrie (use to be prettyp0lly), she's a posted a lot in the cam girl thread

No. 31733

File: 1438971501746.png (177.03 KB, 531x525, 12345678.png)

No. 31734

if she needs money so bad she should stop buying clothes, she has enough to last, and stop with the "bought a little tiny bit of stuff today uguu" and buying shitty american candy

No. 31735

She also just spent however much on a tattoo? That must've cost at least £50. Why isn't she saving that money?

No. 31736

She should get free college education as she isn't 19 yet. She could start this September, as long as she is 18 when she starts the course she won't have to pay.

No. 31737

Shit like this pisses me off. Afaik she's got it better off not being American. There's people out there who can't afford to attend college or higher schooling without putting themselves in tremendous amounts of debt and she's crying about not having cash while blowing it on shit she doesn't need.

No. 31738

Education is free up to university. Professional SFX make up kits don't cost £500, and the course should provide basic equipment.

No. 31739

to be fair, shes just a sponsorship machine. everything is sent to her.

No. 31740

im not seeing the talent

No. 31741

File: 1438980359404.png (550.63 KB, 572x552, 234567765.png)

No. 31742

That wig looks so shitty.

No. 31743

She looks so tacky.

No. 31744

Anyone got Fetus candids from this YCC? Her makeup will be interesting to see without shoop/from other angles.

No. 31745

>>31706 reporting back in!

No photos yet but i'm stalking the groups looking for photos of myself anyway so some should pop up soon.

I actually spoke to her yesterday, she seemed quiet and very unsure of herself once she entered the main hall. I'm not sure how she acted in the special guests room but my friend checked it out and said that she was glaring at people who looked at her table without coming over.

Her make-up was very boring, the sfx make up looked like it had faded/sweated off? It just looked incredibly bland.

She was wearing large baggy clothes, in an attempt to hide her size I guess. But that ended up backfiring as her shirt clung to her back in and looked very unflattering. From seeing her up close I would say that she's at least a large UK size 14, maybe a 16 (this also matches up with some of the hangers on her wardrobe rail) which would indeed make her plus size.

No. 31746

Forgot to mention that someone came to my table with one of her guns, it looked incredibly cheap, I think some of the flowers were already falling off.

No. 31747

I went over and she seemed pretty nice actually. I didn't see her glaring at anyone but both times I went in there were a lot of people around the table. I didn't see her in the main hall though.

No. 31748

You guys at so jealous lol

No. 31749


>>31741 is nothing to be jealous of

No. 31750

jealous of what?

No. 31751

Did you finally find this thread?

No. 31752

me too anon

No. 31753

Fetsu looks like a man, she's fat, she has shitty skin, she photoshops a lor, etc.
Seriously, I prefer to be jealous of venus who was atleast cute than fetsu lol

No. 31754

File: 1439732448262.png (64.97 KB, 1178x489, 2346.png)

She literally linked it in her last two videos?

No. 31755

Fetsu is a conceited fatass. There's literally nothing to be jealous of.

No. 31756

lol okay
i'm not jealous of a fat girl but okay

No. 31757

File: 1439741821207.png (101.26 KB, 1065x572, ss (2015-08-16 at 12.15.07).pn…)

"XL for the bagginess obvs <3"


No. 31758

Im not defending her cause she might be a horrid person idk ive not been keeping up with this thread, but she doesnt even look "fat". I wear the same sizes as her (albeit im like 6ft tall) but i wouldnt consider myself fat …. maybe u guys would lol. Id say shes chubby. Fats a bit of an overstatement IMHO.

No. 31759

Tbf it's kind of subjective(for average fat/chubby people, everyone's obviously going to find someone who's like 600lbs fat). She can be considered thin, average, or fat depending on where you live. If you're looking at her in terms of j-fashion, she's really fat. But if you compare her to the average American woman, then she's average.

No. 31760


V. True, maybe Id be considered to be whiteknighting for this but its just like those kinda comments calling a girl who's probs a bit more shapely fat can cause EDs. Or maybe Im just being oversensitive. But ive read the thread now and she is a mega douchebag

No. 31761

Has anyone seen her new ~rainbow hurr~? Tbh the bangs look gross and it kind of ruins it for me. Also I think its funny that she won't tell anyone where her extensions are from..

No. 31762

i think she's already got an ed. like an overeating one or something, she's huge. She needs to turn her ED around in the opposite direction.
Anon if you're the same size as her that doesn't make her normal that just makes you fat too

No. 31763

File: 1439748394720.jpg (25.02 KB, 356x495, oink.JPG)

I'd call her fat. Doesn't bother me except chubby hands are something I would not like to have. Cut down on all that sugary crap, okay, or you will look like a beached whale in a couple of years.

Her tattoos are shit and she looks like a twat. She also comes across as a twat. That's all I have to say really.

No. 31764


She is overweight, when I saw that pic of her on stage at some weeb event her calves her huge and she was huge

No. 31765

Im deffo not fat. Im in proportion for my height to be honest. If i lost any weight id look like a skeletor. Maybe shes just shorter than me eitherway its nitpicky going off on one over her weight when her personality is uglier than how she actually looks :p

No. 31766

If anyone thinks a UK size 14 is fat then its a fucked up world we live in. Js. Now back on topic ;p

No. 31767

UK 14 is fucking fat.

No. 31768

Anything bigger than a UK12 is considered plus size tbh.

No. 31769


Plus size is UK 12+ so in the eyes of the fashion world, that's 'chubby'. Having said that I work in a clothes store and the women who buy the average sizes of 12, 14 and 16 all look relatively a good size. Nowhere near overly fat. But it all depends I guess.

No. 31770


It's not, it depends SOLELY on the body. Say if she's size 14 and short/petite she's more likely to look fatter than a size 14 who's taller due to being more evened out.

UK 12 is average size and again it depends on your body more than anything tbh. I've seen fat ass size 10's and 12's but yet a slender looking 14.

No. 31771

It's chubby but not obese.
UK size 14 = a little overweight
US size 14 = gigantic, disgusting hambeast

No. 31772

this >>31568 is not a little overweight

No. 31773

Yeah and I doubt she's UK 14

No. 31774

Yeah she is probably in denial like my sister who says she is a 12 when in actuality is a size 16.

No. 31775

Meeeeow !

No. 31776

Tbh, the 16s she's taking about could be vanity sizing. I've seen she buys accessories at Primark. Clothes there are, I'd say, a size and a half more than most other places. I'm size 8, but their size 8 is like a loose size 10. So many high street shops are doing this. I'd say she was a 16 if it's a true 16.

No. 31777

^ me. Wrong, I'd say she's more like size 18 true sizing, 16 Primark.

No. 31778


She's definitely more of a 16/18 on the top and probably a 14 on the bottom. She's over a 14

I'm a 12 on the top and 14 on the bottom (SLAY ME GO ON) but I'm 5'7 and I don't look fuck all as big as her!

No. 31779


Yeah Primark does definitely make them bigger. All sizes I think have added more room to them nowadays.

I remember seeing some tiny weeb pale dreamy baby girl on IG a few days ago, came cross her and she was the typical thin girl who loved to flaunt off how tiny her thighs were. She got upset "I wish i could just move t japan… asia does better smaller sizes! i bought a size 4/6 the other day in topshop and its like a tent"


No. 31780

^ you sound jelly, bitter n fat

No. 31781


No, I'm just tired of 'im so fragile i can break and fart queefs cos im tiny' fucks who always feel the need to brag how thin and petite they are. It's sad.

I hate it from fatties and I hate it from delicate ~ uguu ~ chans too.

No. 31782

she looks so fat.
she needs to go lose weight

No. 31783


love it when they dont look like their pics


No. 31784

File: 1439846270225.jpg (70.03 KB, 600x400, 321655_10150313349685745_11037…)

Dumping some old photos of her.

No. 31785

File: 1439846286801.jpg (29.46 KB, 480x640, 317810_176920195717375_3373853…)

No. 31786

File: 1439846331818.jpg (29.39 KB, 480x640, 313246_189254601150601_2109589…)

No. 31787


Yeah she was definitely one of those weirdo emo kids who would run around school yard going "omg rawr means ily in dinosaurrr" and play mcr with their packed lunch on the grass


No. 31788

File: 1439853419564.jpg (27.39 KB, 480x640, 312186_175779795831415_2254040…)

No. 31789

File: 1439853487425.jpg (55.34 KB, 480x640, 295856_173547079388020_2106763…)

No. 31790

File: 1439853583018.jpg (56.9 KB, 480x640, 298038_183830381693023_1332606…)

No. 31791

File: 1439853657895.jpg (33.46 KB, 640x480, 407841_222507131158681_4471311…)

No. 31792

>and play mcr with their packed lunch on the grass

anon that hit me too hard

No. 31793

Which one is Fetsu…?

No. 31794

Middle one I think

No. 31795

me too, shit.

No. 31796

I think a good 50% of the current UK Jfashion community come from that background

The middle one

No. 31797

OT but does anybody know where i can find big round circle glasses like the one in the OP pic?

No. 31798

No. 31799


if you're british you'll know what i mean lol

the typical scruffy moshers that used to sit on the grass in their uniform, blaring mcr and panic on their phones, eating soggy sandiwiches and running around like morons

No. 31800

americunt here (they don't ship), but thanks anon. a reverse image search should work

No. 31801

Hey i happened to be one of those and i turned out just fine kek

No. 31802

Let's talk about the fact that this hamplanet has a patreon
And only $25 a month. kek

No. 31803

I can't tell if he wrote 'fetus' by accident or on purpose 10 seconds in, haha omg.

No. 31804

reminds me that Nyannzers get 923$ per month with fucking patreon
im jelly

No. 31805

That's like only $190 above SSI. nothing to be jelly about. It's hardly minimum wage.

No. 31806

i know but she gets all that money by only faking a kawaii voice and catering to /a/ and /jp/

No. 31807

Her tier descriptions and rewards are shit. She writes like she's 14.

No. 31808

So let me get this straight…..if you're not jealous, that must mean you're a true to life asshole and all the hatemongering is just you being honest about unlike let's say fetsu, who apparently owes her correct thigh size to the world. Next time you're jumping to get pics of her, remember where she's standing because with your attitude in pretty sure that where you'll never be. Thanks for being so honest about yourself, let's me know who I need not aspire to be ;)

No. 31809


; w;

; w;

; w;

; w;

; w;

No. 31810

>remember where she's standing because with your attitude in pretty sure that where you'll never be

Oh yes,I'd love to be a talentless and overweight potato face who attention-whores on every social networking site instead of actually doing something of worth ;^)

No. 31811

>Thanks for being so honest about yourself, let's me know who I need not aspire to be ;)

Thanks for embarrassing yourself on the internet, lets me know who I need not aspire to be ;)

No. 31812

I've never aspired to live in South Yorkshire.

No. 31813

what the fuck even is this thing?

No. 31814

Hi fetsu

No. 31815

File: 1440123366747.jpg (350.45 KB, 900x900, 7cb69de88cf8d12240f8e400cc4027…)

i never knew you were this retarded

No. 31816

youre a robot
hello "i am a boy btw"

No. 31817

I keep reading her name as "fetus" like seriously what an awful nickname to give yourself.

No. 31818

File: 1440383749730.jpg (178.66 KB, 640x876, image.jpg)

I'm actually really excited to see her botch this up

No. 31819

these fucking dolls

No. 31820

Jesus christ this bitch is such a trainwreck

No. 31821

wow is this Fetsu?
She looked better before.

No. 31822

Sorry, I popped in because I'm a dollfag. Has she done customs before? I fucked the eyes on my Novi Stars when I was wiping the factory paint. It's not a beginner-friendly doll and their bodies fucking fall apart.

…Or is she doing doll-inspired makeup for humans?

Sorry for my retardation, I never follow this cow.

No. 31823

fucked up the eyes*

No. 31824

Hi anon! I'm a dollfag as well. She's getting these as makeup inspiration and to add to her ~kawaii~ hoarder collection. She's not customizing them.

No. 31825

Bitch should stop lurking /cgl/, she only suddenly started to post about then when they were mentioned a couple of times in the uchuu kei threads.

No. 31826

I hope she self-posts on cgl so I can rip her apart with no restraints

No. 31827

Where IS she standing though? She's an overweight teenager who has 13 year olds fawn over her on the Internet. Don't flatter yourself.

No. 31828

Hahaha. Oh man. That's going to be a hot mess.

No. 31829

Of course we're jealous. She's hoarding all our resources in her fat rolls.

No. 31830

File: 1440709493579.png (45.41 KB, 483x200, tumblr uwu.png)

No. 31831

I really don't understand what the point of this post is. Self diagnosing is bad in both causes and a lot of people on tumble are melodramatic anyway.

No. 31832


That's really more of a starting point. It can be a huge relief to find out that there might actually be an explanation and help for whatever it is you're going through (been there myself), but that's when you should head to the doctor to see what he or she says and get treatment if possible.

Clearly most, if not all, of these self-diagnosers don't seek medical attention because they know they're full of it and they'd never be officially diagnosed. Why else would you avoid the one way you can possibly get help and treatment for your illness?

No. 31833

File: 1440756000385.png (44.1 KB, 499x479, ec1.png)

No. 31834

File: 1440756063951.png (45.85 KB, 461x463, ec2.png)

No. 31835

Ugh, people need to draw more parallels between physical and mental health. Yeah you might be able to diagnose yourself with a sprained ankle and look up how to treat it and that's fine, but you probably wouldn't diagnose a broken leg yourself, and you definitely wouldn't treat it yourself - you would seek medical advice and have a doctor do that.

Similarly, you could diagnose yourself with panic attacks and learn how to treat them. Not a big deal, very common mental health issue. But if you were to think you had a mental health disorder, if it was a genuine problem, then you would not continue walking around with it. You would immediately go to a doctor to be diagnosed officially and have it treated appropriately. If you suffer from a mental illness badly enough, you will get it officially diagnosed and treated.

We all know this bitch just thinks she's anxiety ridden BDD OCD ADHD autistic little snowflake.

No. 31836


This fucking stupid bitch, mental health care access is free on the NHS here in England. Ignorant cunt.

No. 31837

But you HAVE access to free mental health care, Emily. You live in England.

People who self-diagnose mental illness are scum, I'm not even kidding. It doesn't make you special, seek help if you feel you have a problem, don't just post about it on the internet.

No. 31838


That's why she's full of shit. Doesn't even know it's free because she lives in a narcissistic bubble and thinks it's so simple to just "deal" with on her own without consulting a doctor. Just another kawaii uguu blogger on the bandwagon of mental health woes for asspats.

No. 31839

But seriously, how sheltered can you be if you don't even know if health care in your country is free or not?
It really rubs me the wrong way, beyond shooping herself and making boring YouTube videos, she seems insufferable.

No. 31840

She knows health care is free here. You can't get to her age without having gone to the doctor or hospital for anything and know you don't have to pay.

As well as GPs there're loads of charities like MIND who offer free advice, usually encouraging you to see your doctor. FOR FREE.

No. 31841


She blatantly used the excuse of not everyone being able to afford access to the mental health help offered because there's nothing wrong with her. There's no excuse not to get professional help, whether it be medication, therapy, counselling or whatever in the UK. As someone with depression and relying on medication for it, her attitude and obvious bullshit lies has really pissed me off. She deleted the original comment said by that person on FB as well.

Oh I wonder why.

No. 31842

I hate how having a mental illess is basically a tumblr/sjw requirement, It's one of the reasons I deleted my account there. Fuck those people.

No. 31843

where the nudes at

No. 31844

So why is this bitch allowed in /pt/? Shouldn't she be moved to /snow/ as well?

No. 53350

I know Emily in person, know her for 4 years.
She is so damn uptight and rude it's disgusting.
She always brags about how much money she gets from mommy and daddy for cleaning the house…they raised you and wanted nothing in return, the least you could do is clean just because they are your parents???
But to be frank, she isn't obese. I'm a bigger girl (bare in mind I'm nearly 6ft though) but she does has the same size thighs then me and she's a hell of a lot shorter.
She puts on the kawaii voice and actually does sound like a proper common Yorkshire lass.
She just needs to calm down and stop thinking the sun shines out of her arse or else she will be punched.

STORY TIME: I was once at a party with her and she was there smoking weed and taking MCAT. Lovely.

No. 53360

Fetsu/ Fetus whatever she wants to call herself is another online fake blogger she gets given a lot of money from her parents, once they left her with 100 and odd pound to buy food and such while they went away and she spent it all on fucking clothes like two dresses. She then happily boasted about this online also before she became miss famous "Kawaii Fetus Chan" She was a little nobody like the rest of us until she got a little bit of online media attention that seemed to feed her ego up to the point it might explode into a vomited sparkle mess that might make us all ill. In all honesty if you strip her of her money and annoying kawaii goods she's just another spoilt brat who can't get everything from mummy and daddy because they need to work in order to keep a roof over the wigged brained girls head. Try getting a job and entering the real world and paying for your college course instead of leaching off people and spending your money on pastel shit.One day she will need to stop dressed like five year old and grow up she's extremely two faced and has caused numerous amounts of drama between people. She isn't this delicate flower like she makes out.

No. 60681

File: 1447917414037.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.32 KB, 338x600, 1446702619044.jpg)

Is this Fetsu?

No. 60682


why did I click

No. 60685

You can tell from her online presence that that's what she's like irl. She's always posting "omg I gots a haul!" and "omg my mummy got this for me!" photos. Her voice is fake af and all she ever talks about is drinking and then puking.

No. 60690

>"omg my mummy got this for me!"
After a certain age this just becomes embarrassing. Nothing against parents who give their adult child a small gift once in a while maybe, but having your mummy buying you huge hauls of presents all the damn time and then bragging about it is just pathetic.

No. 60697

Not chub enough.

No. 60701

It's slightly odd how much her mother does buy her tho. When she was in the process of moving house a year/few months(?) ago Fetsu mentioned something that heavily implied that they lived in a council house.

If they do live in a council house where is all of this money coming from?

No. 60732

Where tf did you find that lmao

No. 60755

on 4chan in a UK slut thread

No. 60788

dont think so, looks too skinny, slightly different face/shoop

No. 63268

She does live in a council house, her parents aren't together yet she get's shit loads of money from them both. She used to slag her mum off all the time online a few years ago because she made her do chores. Like omg Fetus I feel so sprry for you because your mum asked you to clean and your acting like a brat..

No. 90542

She looks like pastel-cutie imo

No. 90554

Don't know shit about this cow but literally every fucking time I scroll past this thread and I read "Fetsu" my brain reads it as "Fetus" and I do a double-take

No. 90558

you're not alone anon. it's a horrible name to boot.

No. 90561

I read it as "felchu", fitting name for her really

No. 93729

Okay so how did she even GET this fame? Like, as far as know all she does is post "Kawaii sugoku ugu" pics of herself in tacky af lolita and she suddenly appears all over my Facebook feed? Don't even get me started on her at YCC for the last 2 years, every time I've seen her at YCC, she either looks extremely bored or she tries to act all kawaii, why is she even a guest there?

No. 93742

you can make sponsored fb ads.

No. 98431

Oh that makes sense. She probably spends all her mother's money boosting her posts and shit.

No. 98471

Fetsu doesn't do shitty kawaii looks and selfies blabla anymore because she says that ''its just the same over and over again'' honestly i think she saw that others were far better than her in those looks, and she couldn't really do much more than shitty makeup since she has a not v cute body…. now, fetus child is into glam instagram makeup (because her makeup skills has always been impressive!!!) she tries to use words like 'though', ''tbh'' , you know… THOSE WORDS.. but she fails and its very cringy…… its kind of disappointing that her eyeliner didn't get better from all those years of shit makeup transformation videos she made. (also she needs to learn to buy the right makeup (!!) holy shit)

No. 98476


I always found her so boring. Her and Pastel-bat are just boring. I'll never understand how they've achieved that amount of followers.

No. 98478


Mum's giro and benefits obv

No. 98479


She sounds like an ex scene girl who never made it tbh.

No. 98480


Knew she was an ex-mosher

No. 106124

File: 1458078391997.png (475.97 KB, 497x543, 393030.png)

WHY??? She literally hasn't posted anything Jfashion related in months.

No. 106173

Because she's the only guest they could get their hands on. I'm betting you the con doesn't pay her except for letting her in. Other cosplay guests would require some kind of payment along with the con covering transportation/housing.

No. 502701

I've read through this forum and I used to be friends with Fetsu, who's actual name is Emily. And I just want to say, that she seems nice, but she has destroyed my life. She looks down on bullies, but she is one herself. She had no grasp of looking after her money, and looks terrible under all that makeup. I'm posting this, because honestly she's pushed me to the point where I'm trying to get through everyday alive. But if you ever meet her, know that this fake act she puts on is a lie. She's a horrible person, a liar and she jumps from one friend to the other. She speaks badly about her friends behind their back. She's destroyed my life, and although she claims to be an adult, acts like a child instead.
I regret ever being her friend.

No. 502719

How did she ruin your life?

No. 502759

Your mail with your full name is showing

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