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File: 1442208989249.jpg (133.32 KB, 1024x544, image.jpg)

No. 28896

Does anyone keep up with My Digital Escape?

For those of you who don't know, MDE is a group of alternative YouTubers, lead by popular interviewer Bryan Stars. He is a 25-year-old self-proclaimed "teen" who constantly uses a "WE'RE GAY JUST KIDDING!!"-style of humor to gain views/viewers. He is very similar to Onision in the way that they both say inappropriate things to their (mostly) underage fan base and have a very large cult following.

Flatsound (a musician who I've never heard of) recently called Bryan Stars out for being a "creepy, queerbaiting, hypersexual 26 year old trying his hardest to talk to and relate to minors". He also called out another member of MDE (Johnnie Guilbert), saying that he used the term "gay" as an insult and Bryan Stars threatened Flatsound with a potential lawsuit, claiming defamation of character.

Johnnie Guilbert has acknowledged the fact that he used "gay" as an insult (which I think would make the lawsuit pointless, right?) and apologized, saying that he would never say it again.

My Digital Escape (YouTube):
My Digital Escape (Twitter):
Bryan Stars (Twitter):
Flatsound (Twitter):
Johnnie Guilbert (Twitter):

No. 28897

Woah, it's been a long time since I've seen Bryan Stars. I used to watch his videos a long time ago when I was in my emo phase.
I can't really say much about him since I don't follow him anymore. All I can say is I'm not a fan of his new hair.

No. 28898

File: 1442254171281.jpg (65.84 KB, 577x1024, image.jpg)

I don't think his hair has ever looked good. Glad he finally changes his shirts though (that blue Aeropostale shirt was atrocious). Honestly, I don't see how so many people find him attractive.

No. 28900

True, but it looked a lot better short and curly. Swoopy hair really only works on people with straight, fine hair. Plus it looks awful when blonds dye their hair black but don't do anything about their eyebrows and eyelashes.
I don't get it either. I think many girls will go after any guy with an alternative style and a swoop tbh, even if it's an awful looking one and they're not all that attractive.

No. 28908

he's ugly af

No. 28931

I watch this crap on and off. Idk about much drama though?

I mean Bryan and the singer of Never shout never had beef, but they sorted that out (also it was really pathetic and lame, p much the whole thing was kinda dull?)

I mean Bryan Stars has fans because he made those interviews with bands before, like always warped tour shit and so on, but idk, he looks like shit with his fried out hair and his humor is boring.

I like some of the members though.

No. 28940

File: 1442263575514.png (784.07 KB, 1023x1209, 3.png)

He's so… unfortunate looking

No. 28941

Video I got the screenshot from: https://youtu.be/ebzWRYLWpto?t=3m22s

It's only a few months old.

No. 28985

File: 1442266958021.jpg (24.4 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.416519442_bvyg.jpg)

Why Brian Stars? WHY? This scene look is NOT working for him.

He looks like a bjd with an alpaca wig.

No. 32766

File: 1442432382058.jpg (55.75 KB, 640x448, image.jpg)

If you watch the interview Bryan Stars did with the Millionaires, it seems like they don't even want to be near him.

Link to Millionaires interview:

No. 33978

He is so try hard and wants to be accepted as an emo kid. He's just gotten uglier looking with his new look.

No. 34104

this looks like the group of retard kids who are each other's only friends in school and ride the short bus together.

No. 34730

I hate how they always whore each other out for views.

For example, two members will say something like "if we get X number of views/likes, we will kiss on-screen".

I get it, it appeals to horny little teen girls but it's just stupid, IMO.

No. 36803


Onision actually called him ugly in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mm-uTqSopg8

He really is ugly as fuck and also all these kids are such faggots and annoy the shit out of me. Ugh.

Bryan is even worse though, he's a fucking almost 25 year old who's JUST getting into his scene phase when only like 7 months ago he was dressing like a prep… His hair is ugly and greasy and he's so fucking ugly and tries way too hard. Also hate how he steals posts from tumblr/reddit and puts them on twitter and facebook for likes and retweets from his underage fanbase. What a tool.

No. 38430

File: 1443783037790.jpg (271.26 KB, 720x720, PhotoGrid_1443782749796.jpg)


No. 131788


No. 131800

Bryan made a video about not doing interviews anymore. less than a week later My Digital Escape announced they are breaking up. Does he really think his music career is going to take off? He's going to be flipping burgers soon.

No. 131802

Break up announcement

No. 131825

File: 1463545757093.jpg (132.41 KB, 1024x1024, CeGmOUeWwAABmHP.jpg)

>He's going to be flipping burgers soon.
I can see this happening as well tbh.
Him quitting interviews is honestly the dumbest decision he's ever made imo. Because at least with the interviews, he could actually do that for a very long time because no one gives a shit about the interviewer, they care about the person that's being interviewed. Even on the highly unlikely chance his music career does take off, it's not going to last long because his music takes no real talent/thought to make/write, he's not conventionally attractive, he's not getting any younger, and he'll probably end up quitting anyway.

These videos of him talking about not doing interviews and mde talking about quitting kinda irk me. They're literally complaining about what they're doing becoming an actual job. Which is why I said he'll probably end up quitting the music thing anyway, I know/have met many people who are touring musicians and/or work in music, it's not all sunshine and rainbows, it's an actual job.

Also I have to say this, this album artwork is cringey af. It looks like something I would've drawn when I was in 6th grade.

No. 131894

how did they even get this far? they're all so inarticulate and boring.

No. 131898

is anyone gonna talk about this mess though? it starts with blatantly stolen lyrics

No. 131912

Did they just step out of 2006? It's like vintage Ostrenga cosplay

No. 132099

why the hell are there so many middle schoolers watching this on the internet? holy shit the number of views and kids with minecraft profile pictures in the comments. why is the emo/scene trend still so strong? they all look retarded. i have so many questions.

"uh and like, uhhh…" typical speech of brain dead faggots with the mental capacity of a 13 year old shut in.

No. 132198

Why the fuck would anyone want a fanbase of idiot 13 year olds? They don't have money to buy shit. I'd be so frustrated to know that that's all that I'm able attract to my brand.

No. 132754

File: 1463777455847.png (1.09 MB, 769x887, mdwe.PNG)

i love mde

No. 132767

1) easy to manipulate/influence
2) their parents have $$$

No. 177987

apparently MDE split up, Bryan is shown to be an asshole, lots of shit is being said, new MDE 2 deleted their new video that was supposed to be released today?

Idk, might ba some milk in this.

No. 178058

this whole ordeal was pretty hilarious.

No. 178148

Guess he apologized. Surprised he deleted the new video from the MDE channel, so maybe he's actually genuine.

No. 178168

Doubt it, Deefizzy says he's been like this for years and years. He's actually the reason he stopped doing yt for a while. Probably just damage control.

No. 178362


So genuine he deleted the first one because he didn't get enough pity points? Right.

No. 410800

they turned on bryan, they turned on some other guy, they turned on Shannon, alex turned on lita, and now they have turned on kyle david hall. this is milky.

No. 411329

Their new make up member is some johnnie clone and he’s weird as all hell and I feel like he’s trying to like use that as ploy to flirt with Alex.

Also has anybody heard via the leda thread Alex is at it again with the rude hateful anon harassment

No. 411762


I don't know how to post links but kyle david hall got put out of the new collab channel that was started by johnnie and alex. the above link is him clarify a video they made to justify kicking him out. the video is pure milk. its 4 hours and I hope they don't get it taking down. deefizzy was in the chat. so many youtubers were watching. it was pure drama. however I believe him. also this is the video where Shannon and kyle says alex talked smack about leda muir. //
I think jeydon uses the trans thing as a weapon. I think johnnie is ok but isn't that different than Bryan. I think alex is desparate leda clone.

No. 411792

Ok it’s 4 hours, can you summarize this or like break it down? Especially if it’s not MDE anymore but a different group.

No. 411833

I just watched it. hell. damn near every minute is gold. Bryan was intimated by jeydon-probably cause he is a she. johnnie is the new Bryan. Eugenia cooney popped up in chat. one of jeydon girlfriends tried to have a 3some with her friend and a rapper but the rapper didn't want her. hair Jordan is a snitch.
kyle is very well spoken. he talked about how weed helped him but it gave him panic attacks. maybe one day I will watch again but it took me two days to watch. awesome vid. I hope a mde fan comes and breakdown all the drama.
i just described about 15 minutes and the rest is still gold. johnnie and alex is still signed to Bryan. they ghost his videos and streams. lol. owa fan was bashing kyle and at the end they agreed with kyle. lol. watch the video. it was 3 hrs and about 45 minutes of gold.
also kyle had a cold and was vaping. his woman friend was off to the side. him and the owa fans went back and forth. kyle ex girlfriend tried to get involved. he said she was irrelevant cause she broke up with him. lol. johnnie has brought his band member into owa and bryan did the same thing with mde.
excuse this post I am trying to remember things. I haven't listed a 3rd of what happened.

No. 411891

That was indeed milky, I know hair Jordan isn’t in MDE or the MDE 2.0 but how is he a snitch?

No. 560484

i kind of non ironically like that "my digital escape" name… its a fair point on the cultural landscape, good thing to do with just a band name. obviously they look and i imagine sound like they suck egg(necro)

No. 1425882

Can we revive this? Johnnie is so washed up and I have so many screenshots from when his gf left him of him having a mental breakdown(don't use emojis)

No. 1432156

Come through with the skim milk, nonnie.

No. 1438648

I will upload a drive link with my tinfoil. I think Alex Dorame cheated on him or left him for someone else. Give me a few hours

No. 1508086


No. 1508511

Thank you for taking the necro ban Nona, I'm insanely curious about this tinfoil kek

No. 1509247

nonas PLEASE revive this. I've heard about the cheating since about 2 summers ago but could never find anyone having the proof. Only people talking about also hearing about it

No. 1509918

I too am very interested in this thread! I'd love to see some proof or even just discuss it.

No. 1616248

No. 1622105

File: 1661134911556.jpg (191.2 KB, 1080x1272, Screenshot_20220821-202122_Chr…)

I honestly feel like this is all of his arguements tho. Like he can never come back with a decent comeback so he just attacks people

No. 1622159

If Michael rapaport and Gordon Ramsey had a baby

No. 1622179

thanks nona!

No. 1635422

You're a legend thanks for sharing.(sage)

No. 1645150

Kinda tea, watching live stream on tiktok and he briefly spoke about Alex dorame.
He said they were both toxic at certain parts in the relationship, however she was the toxic one in the end. He didn't want to elaborate because he didn't "want to start drama".

We might not ever get the real story

No. 1741851

Alex is ebegging on her story again. Apparently has 2 jobs and is behind on bills so she’s moving back in with family. I wonder if Guilbert donates money to her anonymously

No. 1741890


No. 1741946

File: 1673461667477.png (9.2 MB, 1179x2556, 5872D20F-59F9-4F49-8E52-F2CDCB…)

No. 1751042

File: 1674529593704.jpg (782.2 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20230111-235748_Ins…)

Thats what happens when you've been babied your whole life. Looks like her life is going to shit. KARMA

No. 1753696

File: 1674821083471.jpg (534.16 KB, 1080x1887, Screenshot_20230126-154307_Ins…)

More emerging.

From what I pieced together from everything.

Alex D met someone online (?) And grew more distant from Johnny. She didn't like the person he was because he stayed in constantly and never wanted to get out and do new things. In his own words his own anxiety controlled him and prevented him from living life. It looks like he went to visit his family before the breakup and Alex cut ties there.

That's why he was on physiatric hold in CA instead of Portland where him and Alex lived together. Alex left the apartment sometime after that and went back to Arizona but took Johnnie's computer which she used for streaming for a while.

Not to also mention while her and Johnnie has broken up she was inviting friends over to the apartment and having them watch her dog for her while she was in process of moving.

Anyways - back in Arizona she was planning on moving with her new boyfriend, Paul. They moved to Texas together and had an apartment with roommates I believe.

This is around the time she was treating Apex Legends like crazy off of Johnnie's old computer. Sometime between here and now it looks like they broke up for reasons unknown. Not sure if she's still in Texas rn. Explains why she randomly stopped streaming. Probably had relationship troubles

No. 1754077

where did you piece together all of this? i'm not surprised she chose to leave him when he was visiting his family, she definitely knew he would do something drastic. fucked up for her to take the computer, too. even if he was a bad person.
any milk on alex's plan to start a haircare line or whatever it was? did she waste all the money or something?

No. 1754080

Thank you for sharing these updates.

No. 1754106

Clicked to ask you why the fuck anyone would care about irrelevant goths stayed for when you mentioned flatsound

No. 1758533

File: 1675285840292.jpg (695.94 KB, 1080x2046, Screenshot_20230201-043634_Tik…)

Well pieces are added through little hints and my own tinfoil. I'm assuming she broke up with Johnnie when he wasn't in Portland because he was visiting his Mom and then suddenly all of Alex's pictures of Johnnie disappeared off her profile 3 days later. Then Johnnie never went back to Portland (or atleast posted it) so it's safe to assume she waited for him to leave given the fact that he admitted himself he was abusive. He downplays it now but he was emotional abusive to her. Meaning he would hurt himself in front of her and given his mental state it would not suprize me if he threatened suicide in the past if she tried to leave. She probably did this for safety.

In the Google drive (I am the person who put that together) there's screenshots of some random guy at Alex's house watching Lola with captions like "she misses mommy" and things like that. Alex also was flying to San Diego at the time which is also included in the Google drive. It's safe to assume she asked her friend to watch her dog while she wasn't around.

Now, Alex did take Johnnie's gaming PC. He confirmed this in his live streams, saying he wasn't able to get much of his belonging back and Alex took the gaming PC without his knowledge. This adds up as she started streaming shortly after she moved back home to AZ.

We know she left Johnnie for someone else based off his social media post after the break up. He post vague statements saying she moved on fast and that he was replaceable to her. He also tweeted out something saying "I can have guys friends. Then they end up dating" which is fair to assume it's about Alex as Johnnie has never dated anyone else. So we know this guy was involved before they broke up.

Now, during stream she took a brief break and when she came back she was saying how she is living in Texas now because it's cheaper. She was I a apartment with her BF and I believe another roommate, not sure though. I'll post proof in a second to support that they were living together. We know they were dating because she told her stream and even did a pumpkin carving stream with him and called him pet names. Fast forward a few months later she stops streaming completely and her new boyfriends social media's are wiped off the internet.

Suddenly she's moving back to AZ alone and is struggling to pay bills. However I have reason to believe she is lying about moving or needing money.

On her last story which was posted 1/26 she claims that she will be moving out next Friday which would be this Friday 2/3. However if you look on her family's tiktoks they already have Lola with them.

Either she is lying about moving to get extra money or she isn't taking care of Lola. This is both on her sister's and her stepdads (?) Tiktok. I would post the user names but I don't want to dox her family as they did nothing wrong. Check the date ib the tiktoks

No. 1758535

File: 1675285928978.jpg (262.64 KB, 1078x2039, Screenshot_20230201-044642_Tik…)

This is Lola on her Dad's tiktok aswell. But the earliest date they took Lola in is the 19th. . . So has she not been taking care of her or did she lie about when she moved. Because that causes another issue of her e begging for money to help her dog

No. 1758555

File: 1675287310889.png (1.66 MB, 1632x807, prof.png)

This is them two living in the same apartment. Doors and everything match up aswell as they streamed together in that house. The reason I thin there was a roommate is because there i another guys voice heard in the background often

No. 1758884

You should add this stuff to the Google Drive. It's good detective work.

No. 1790869

Does anyone know why Alex's YouTube channel is gone? The videos I had bookmarked are all private now and I can't watch them. I watched one of her videos just last week and today I've discovered her channel is gone.

No. 1793167

File: 1679492676611.jpg (149.31 KB, 1080x1897, Screenshot_2023-03-22-14-40-23…)

I don't even know what to say.
I think she just needs more money.
But then again, why delete YouTube?
Is she trying to rebrand herself as a internet pornstar????
She's really trying to get the attention back she had when she was still popular.
God, she's really pathetic.(Newfag)

No. 1793168

calm down clara sofia and learn to integrate

No. 1793678

BAHAHA! Moves back to moms house just to make shitty porn. Someone post the link because I can't find it

No. 1793681

No. 1793989

I wonder how many people will pay for her OnlyFans? I can't imagine she would have much of an audience these days considering how inactive she has been the past couple of years. Oh well it's easy money regardless.

No. 1794268

I assumed most of her audience too was teenage girls so not the best demographic. Like I guess some are into that & there are dudes who followed her but hey if she can make money why not.

No. 1795546

File: 1679849269142.jpg (57.48 KB, 908x594, Screenshot_20230323-215709_Ins…)

Someone left her this comment in her Instagram. I wonder how many more people gave her money and she didn't say anything.

No. 1795557

When Kyle revealed her true colors like how fake she was with Leda, I realized this chick was a phoney. But it's next level disappointing how she turned to of

No. 1795854

>>1795546 Damn that's rough. I kind of want to book a cameo to see how much effort she puts into it lol. She doesn't seem to care for her fans much these days. Years ago she used to act like she cared. Maybe it was all an act?

Seems like Johnnie was the main earner when they were together. Especially near the end.

No. 1795882

Am I the only person who thinks she looks so dirty in her OF pictures? Her hair looks so greasy and she's not even wearing makeup anymore. Like she rolled out of bed and took a selfie and put it online. She must think we are really stupid and desperate

No. 1796010

I've only seen the photo posted in this thread of her advertising it, but I did think it looked low effort for all the reasons you listed. If I paid for her OF and the rest of them were no makeup/styled hair I would feel ripped off.

No. 1796710

File: 1679974162559.png (14.84 KB, 473x317, tea.png)

Apparently its just photos of her with barely any cleavage. Anyone thinking of buying, definitely don't do it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1796839

>>1796710 Oof. I wonder how long she will keep doing this before she loses interest. I can't see her retaining subs if most of the photos are like what is described here.

No. 1799804

I had a look at leaks of her OnlyFans for academic purposes. Nothing amazing really. Mainly cleavage shots and I wasn't too crazy about her hair and makeup either.

No. 1814847

A video about Alex's disappearance was uploaded to YouTube today.

It was an ok video. Fairly light on details but to the person's credit, they did admit that they were not familiar with Alex before making the video.

No. 1833523

She got absolutely wrecked by her OF subs because she took everyone’s tips and ran lmao. She said “tip for a spicy pic in DMs” and then deleted the post. Do we expect anything less?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1852723

I wonder how much money she's making from OF. Especially now that some time has passed and word is out that it's mainly Instagram style photos.

No. 1898574

We revive this? Anyone heard anything about Johnnie or Alex?

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