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File: 1490052417708.png (230.85 KB, 500x911, IMG_3229.PNG)

No. 274972

Anyone knows what is going on with her? It's like she just disappeared(shit thread)

No. 274973

Can't you read? She went off to do coke.

No. 274974

tbh i would love more info on her. the first times i saw her on social media she just looked like a bratty scene kid and then looked her up a few years later and oh my GOD you can tell from the difference in her makeup alone that something is seriously… amiss. But yes, she was a sex worker and I'm pretty sure she was under 18 at the time, posted her own cp to snapchat, posted pics of her sucking a guy off, does a load of coke now but haven't seen anything from her in the past year

No. 275661

I thought this was a man.

No. 275667

Last I heard was that she's selling herself now at 17. This snapchat story that OP is from had one of her saying she sucked someones dick for 300 dollars.

After this snap story got reported she went missing from the internet again and there were some rumours she was found dead… But there's always rumors that she's dead.

She's still underage tho so i'm not sure if we can have a thread on her?

No. 279981

I remember her sucking a dick for a wig.

No. 280046

i swear i heard she was 15 like 4 years ago

No. 280678

No. 281409

She's still around and still on snapchat she just has a new account. She was born June 20, 2000 so she's almost 17. She's still doing all the drugs too. Basically nothing has changed except she's not flaunting her behavior as much.

No. 281609

I don't mean to be THAT person, but any chance you know her username?

No. 282440


No. 287012

Still alive, and still the same Ericka. Her Instagram is whoami2k

No. 287446

So whats her snapchat now?

No. 287452

Learn how to read anon

No. 337891

She's not dead, she was just on live stream on this app called Meetme and she's in Houston Texas staying at some hotel off 45 lmao

No. 338810

Her new insta is whoami2k today's her 17th birthday and she still is a sex worker

No. 338830

i remember following this bullshit on facebook. the last time her snapchat blew up (the story from OP's image), she claimed several times that she was already 17. i seem to recall someone finding out that her age was closer to 20. it's just a scheme to get more business

No. 486339

File: 1517281207920.jpg (95.89 KB, 718x960, 27399604_573377626353087_19525…)

Hi I thought it was appropriate to post. Ericka shoved a snake up her pussy. She claimed she was hacked and she didn't release it but was blackmailed. Here is her response

Her snapchat is Erickacamacho2k

No. 486341

File: 1517281270183.jpg (91.16 KB, 540x960, 27658205_573377646353085_21084…)

Also a general response from my Facebook feed. Because of her age and the nature of the video we can't release it.

No. 486393

god i was on the main page of snow when the video was posted and then didn't eat my dinner.

(unimportant: I thought the snake was just going down her snatch and under her thighs not directly into her vag what)

ericka camacho has always been a tragic one for me. she's a few years younger but would come up in convo in my social circle now and then. i really think she is beyond help at this stage.

No. 486411

I saw one screenshot from it and it looked like the tail of the snake was inside of her.

I agree, it's very tragic. I hope she gets help, when she was talking about quitting meth to get a horse it seemed helpful but then she went and did lines of coke the next day

No. 487310

She charges $200 an hour according to snap.

No. 489565

File: 1517515151251.jpg (21.13 KB, 573x130, ew.JPG)

girl stop

No. 489908

pretty sure that her age was debunked and that she’s actually somewhere in her 20’s.

Sage for speculation and because too lazy to search other threads

No. 500605

Y'all can hate all y'all want but God does she have a tight pussy. Hooked up with her for new year's at a rave. She can definitely ride a dick. Also, she is 17. She was born in 2000. Makes 18 in June.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 500607

r/thathappened, also nice self post

No. 503634

back in the day when ericka was rising to fame in the fb comm, me and her used to be like internet pals. I stopped talking to her when she became a complete whore, I couldnt stand with that shit. But no she is actually 17, and her birthday is in june. Last time I had talked to her is when she posted the "about to do coke photos", I called her to ask her wtf is up amd what is she doing. She basically told me she has nothing much going for her school wise, so shes doing drugs and prostituting to kill time. Apparently she was going to start working on getting her ged but that was like last year lol, she still doing the same shit

No. 503638

Are you 14 or something. Fuck off

No. 503640

Lmfao no

No. 600473

So, isn’t she 18 now?(don't necro without new milk)

No. 608715



No. 608831

File: 1528831707577.png (75.11 KB, 750x1243, IMG_4560.PNG)

I'd agree that this is a self post too if they didn't actually put their email in the email field, kek.

So you're a 28 year old who admittingly hooked up with an underage girl. Nice.
I honestly hope you're just one of the girls that creeps in Ericka on instagram that hopes he'll one day be able to fuck her underage, STD infested pussy, but you definitely look like the type who would pay her for sex. Degenerate.

No. 608834

One of the guys* not girls, obviously..

No. 609657

DAAAAAAMN! Watch me get all deets on this dude!!!

No. 735234

She had a suicide attempt yesterday, apparently.

No. 763562

She wrote on Snap that she was roofied, and raped last night in Austin. She immediately deletes it and goes back to peddling her coochie smh. No screenshots because she deleted it quickly.

No. 763862

File: 1547420027704.jpg (44.42 KB, 443x960, 30594227_10155875366483884_709…)

I used to follow Ericka a long time ago on Facebook, I didn't know there was a thread about her…

I'm surprised this thread about her isn't more active, she's basically mini plasticandproud/ariana

new insta: https://www.instagram.com/erickacamachoo/?hl=en
new fb: https://www.facebook.com/ericka.camacho.372
old fb: https://www.facebook.com/shutupsmh

No. 764749

File: 1547432451362.png (2.75 MB, 1242x2208, 04D82644-560F-4BF6-B3F6-1FBCA1…)

No. 764887

Very ot but I thought this was blent girl based on the thumbnail in the catalog lmafo

No. 764905


Let's hope someone reports her to her boss for this shit.
It's not okay.

No. 764923

File: 1547476502197.jpeg (233.74 KB, 1524x1040, 8DCDADB0-448E-48A1-8258-C030BC…)

That’s disgusting those poor poor burgers being touched by her nasty ass self.
And of course she works at whataburger, who does she think she is? Pre-porn Mia Khalifa? kek

I wish there were more caps in this thread, I’ve used to see her on fb and she’s super milky

No. 764939

She’s already been fired or quit from her job and back to escorting, that job thing was from last year

No. 765092

File: 1547503697641.png (795.56 KB, 750x1334, 05E3EA08-BFFC-47A4-AC83-0FB784…)

No. 766902

This is pretty sad. She needs help.

No. 772077

File: 1548520120025.png (2.45 MB, 750x1334, CE870CB8-30B5-44C5-A0D6-502BA5…)

She traveled to another state to get hurt again, jesus be some self esteem

No. 772084

whats her snap

No. 772088

Where are her parents? I assume she still lives with them? Do they not care that their underage daughter is constantly going out, getting raped, taking drugs and drinking?

No. 772116


She's 19 this year. She's not underage.

Birthday is 20th June 2000


Her IG https://www.instagram.com/erickacamachoo

No. 772378

If she had caring parents she wouldn't be in situations like that to begin with.

No. 772432

Yeah, but she was doing all this stuff when she was still 17 years old (or maybe even younger).

No. 772956

File: 1548704966126.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, 925F87CC-5120-4618-993D-FEF423…)

Didn’t know she was into heroin

No. 824527

Someone NEEDS to call a wellness check for her. It’s only getting worse, she needs help so bad, and her being raped is fucked yo she doesn’t deserve that even if she does choose to put herself in reckless situations, but she didn’t make anyone touch her against her will. Though as a stranger saying this if anyone knows where she’s located please call a wellness check. Especially if she’s going out of her way to find heroin and going to dangerous strangers or individuals in general and not fully thinking out the out come.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 824536


It’s not going to work. Nothing is going to save her. I know multiple people in sex work who have reached out to her about how to conduct work safely without taking a pay hit. She’s not interested in working on anything beyond what’s handed to her. She’s doomed to die.

No. 824645

That is so incredibly sad. Only of the only cows that I feel sympathy for, she’s not as bad as Pumpy or Shayna.

No. 824646

That is so incredibly sad. Only of the only cows that I feel sympathy for, she’s not as bad as Pumpy or Shayna.

No. 824648


There was this video of her father screaming at her that he was sick of her problems and done with her when she was underage. Erika is an adult now, but I wish her family had more involvement in her life and recovery, even though I’m sure they have tried before.

I don’t believe she lives with her parents anymore, and if she does they’ve severely neglected her since her childhood. She’s been raped by men ever since she was a kid and subsequently had her nudes all over Facebook. After all these years, Erika is only getting worse.


She needs help immediately

No. 824652



Old milk, the aforementioned video of her father. She was 14 at the time and was caught high as fuck. Her parents are divorced, he tells her to go live with her mom

No. 826135

She met the boyboy west coast lmfao

No. 831259

When I ran first ran across her on social media she was 16 and already escorting so who knows when she actually but if I had to take a guess I’ll say she started at 15. I remember her posting her “menu” on sc to and I believe it was 40 bj 100 hour +10rimjob +20 record and she even had a gangbang price for each guy but I don’t remember that I think it was 80 a person

No. 831695

too bad no one is willing to pay money for only fans to repost her content

No. 834485

She wants a face tattoo omfg

No. 840414

File: 1563545619310.png (2.76 MB, 750x1334, 81819896-8CCE-4B8F-AB0B-5249E4…)


No. 871014

What are her snap and ig now?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 871076

begone scrot

No. 871204

File: 1569040031709.jpeg (245.37 KB, 1642x1642, 72E7A865-ADD3-423C-A280-EB866F…)

Hey guys it’s me Ericka I just ran across all this googling my name and most of it is bullshit. I’m doing very well now, and look very sexy actually. My new snap is @ betrayyedxx

No. 871206

My new snap is @betrayyedxx
Instagram is @ bluebarbiebabyyy(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 907135

A few days ago she posted to her snap that she was about to put as many drugs into her body as she could in the hopes that her heart stops. She then got wicked high, posted a few NSFW snaps, and has fallen off the face of the earth (again, unfortunately this has happened multiple times). I hope she is alive and gets help. Damn(necro)

No. 907386

post screenshots faggot

No. 909985

Lol she has not . Where the hell have you been ? she runs a nsfw Twitter she’s I very active there.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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