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File: 1489625946316.jpg (92.49 KB, 720x960, 16995945_10154142015376090_239…)

No. 270461

short breakdown :

>relatively well known in the Toronto kink scene

>started several facebook nude sharing kink groups which devolved into drama when she refused to be held accountable for adding rapey people
>held a contest on one of her nude sharing groups, with prizes, announced winners, never actually gave any of them the prizes
>is totally tryhard when it comes to kink, boner for dd/lg and ageplay
>has a fetlife account she pushes in everyones face, uses it like an instagram for her floppy tits
>says she's poly, but can't deal with her partners seeing other people, totally obsessive and jealous
>regularly complains about her partners, tells everyone about how terrible and abusive they are (spoiler : they're not)
>claims that she has been raped by several different people, yet is still friends with them
>constantly crying about harassment online, and tells everyone that social media and internet is going to cause her to kill herself
>started a gofundme campaign for people to help her pay her phonebill because "muh chronic illnesses, muh miscarriage, no monies!" (spoiler : no chronic illness, and the only thing that bothered her about her miscarriage was that she wanted to know who the baby daddy was)
>somehow able to start her own online business selling shit tier sex toys even though she was SO BROKE she couldn't pay a phone bill
>goes to ER all the time for "being suicidal", yet will post pictures of herself the whole time she is there, along with statuses telling everyone about her ~*ER suicide emergency journey*~
>has "gone missing" on at least two seperate occasions, leading people to become super worried and look all over for her, only to be found the next day, drunk at some guys house. knows that people are looking for her but refuses to respond to anyone because she loves the attention
>thinks she's a "celebrity" because she did an interview with the local newspaper about a nude beach she went to, makes herself sound like a prude in said interview even though she's ~*so kinky u guies*~
>claimed after the interview that she regretted it because they used her real name without her permission, which they apparently promised they wouldn't do
>claims she is recovered from an eating disorder and that's why she's fat, but has always been fat (posted photos where she claimed to be "underweight", was just slightly less fat)

Gofundme : https://www.gofundme.com/cailey-phone
Twitter : https://twitter.com/caileyroot?lang=en
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/kittycailey/?hl=en
Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/user/creators?u=700285
News article she was mentioned in : https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2016/07/20/hanlans-point-nudists-want-beach-goers-to-bare-all.html

"find cailey" twitter hashtag from the night she made vauge suicidal statements but was afterwards found sleeping it off at some dudes house : https://twitter.com/hashtag/findcailey

No. 270462

File: 1489625992896.jpg (257.16 KB, 897x1473, 1483232498713.jpg)

her fetlife profile pt. 1

No. 270463

File: 1489626015808.jpg (659.67 KB, 1079x1687, 1483232532927.jpg)

pt. 2 with all her kinks listed

No. 270469

File: 1489626178633.jpg (70.52 KB, 418x703, HAKJDGASKJD.jpg)

people sperging about her "going missing", when she was really just drunk at some dudes house.

No. 270470

File: 1489626205989.jpg (104.38 KB, 419x850, SJFSJFKSA.jpg)

some of the comments on said thread of her "going missing".

No. 270472

File: 1489626314807.png (21.09 KB, 415x253, hahahahowthefuckisonlinebullyi…)

complaining about how "internet bullies" are going to make her kill herself. lol

No. 270475

File: 1489626371100.png (22.91 KB, 421x384, just do it faggot.png)

some of her "suicidal abububu" bullshit.

No. 270477

File: 1489626405978.png (32.6 KB, 415x444, abubububu.png)

more of her "I'm gonna kill myself abububu" bullshit.

No. 270478

File: 1489626441698.png (28.31 KB, 417x365, muhfibromyalgia.png)

her lying about her "chronic illness" that apparently prevents her from working etc.

No. 270479

No. 270483


She sounds like she should be in the Spoonie/Attention Seeker thread???

No. 270486

She's kind of a cross between a spoonie/attention seeker, and a try hard kinkster girl/compulsive liar. I initially posted her under tryhard kinkster girls, but I don't think she was a good fit there so I just decided why not make a thread, especially since people have been wanting to see some new milk lately.

No. 270528

29 years old and inevitably going to kill herself over online bullying. Weak.

I know she won't do it, but still. Weak.

No. 270533

We can always hope. :')

No. 270549

Dis bish only wants your money and attention to feed her fatness and attempt to make herself feel better even tho she knows she will never be happy cuz shes a fat bish.
So nasty..

Usally a persons personality makes up for their looks.. Caileys just makes it worse.
People sending her money should buy her duct tape instead so she will stfu.

No. 270550

LOL her fucking GOOGLE DOC for her homelessness is so pathetic.

"guyssss, please write in this google doc how much money or food you can give me pleasssse! also let me know what days I can sleep on your floor with my cat! CHRONIC ILLNESS, DEPRESSION, ABUBUBUBU"

Grow the fuck up, stop lying, get a fucking job, and get your shit together. You're fucking 29 years old. You don't need welfare, you need to STOP BEING A LAZY CUNT.

No. 270601

File: 1489642704765.jpg (83.9 KB, 537x399, 1486513419852.jpg)

But really, why doesn't she just take a break from the internet?

No. 270605

why would you take a break from the internet when you can constantly play the victim and get asspats and attention? she's part of the whole "Bunz" bullshit so she's a retarded SJW pissbaby.

No. 271364

Don't forget she has a legion of creepy dudes who will send death threats to you if she decides that you've wronged her in any way.

No. 271366

lol, yeah and half those dudes have supposedly either beaten or raped her at some point (or both) because everyone she knows is apparently an abusive rapist!

No. 274071

She's surrounded by fuckboys like me, the fat drug peddling rapist who thinks that Cailey would ever want to live with me!

No. 274196

Quit namefagging. Next time put nothing in the email field.

No. 274200

File: 1490104663230.png (133.68 KB, 750x1152, IMG_9162.PNG)

An unfortunate body frame. Like a linebacker. Also her IG is 90% her cat.

I think this girl likes to talk to a lot of her friends, family, followers, partners, etc. but HATES when they talk back or speak to her, where instead of her talking about herself, she's having to listen to others (even when they're talking about her). Also manipulation through use of suicide "attempts" & guilt-tripping "muh mental illnuss" & "muh rapez". Complaining isn't supposed to be a full time hobby.

No. 274271

File: 1490114541421.jpg (26.81 KB, 420x177, lol.jpg)

she googled herself, found this thread, and instead of not saying anything about it, she tells everyone, AND tells them that it's on lolcow. like that's going to help. lol

No. 274275

Making fun of someone who is super distressed seems really horrible to me. People with bpd do attention seek and do annoying stuff, but they genuinely feel extremely bad and thats why they seem crazy. Im not sure dragging this girl who says she could kill herself because of online bullying is the best use of anyones time (saying this as someone who compulsively browses lolcow). It seems like a really low blow.

No. 274278

>implying she actually has bpd
>implying she'd actually kill herself
>implying that we don't do this to other people who actually have mental illnesses and have threatened self harm before

o ok

No. 274285

Ive only read this thread, but she seems like she has bpd. I mean going to the emergency room for feeling suicidal, calling her previous partners abusive, non stop posting really personal stuff publicly. Theyre all really bpd-ish things to do. At least they are signs of someone who is quite distressed.
Also, im not saying she will kill herself. But feeling like killing yourself is still horrible even if you dont go through with it.
It happening before doesnt mean i cant point out that it seems like a bad idea. It just seems like picking on someone who is quite low down already, its different to making fun of people for photoshop, scamming, lying to increase social status, etc. The drama from this girl is just directly related to her being in distress.

No. 274286

bitching about being doxxed when you put all the info out there yourself. not like you made your life a secret.

No. 274288

Next time you try to doxx someone maybe don't include the list of mutual friends from FetLife lol

No. 274290

the person who posted that cap doesn't have to be friends with her on fetlife. lol

No. 274293

The funniest part about this, is that you've cried on Bunz about how you've been doxxed, and you're going around sending PM's to all the admins, and your stupid friends, telling them it's one specific person - but it isn't.

You don't even realize how many people think you're a stupid child, and you're only ASSUMING that it's that person, because you had beef with them in the past. Think a little harder about other people you've had beef with (I know it's probably a long list).

Also, yeah, I found caps to post. I went and requested to be added to your stupid Mental Health group to cap things and laugh at you, I have screenshots that I decided to post, whatever. Get over it.

tl;dr - if ur gonna point the finger, point it at the right fucking person, lol.

No. 274301

File: 1490118971922.png (9.37 KB, 304x139, download.png)

>Nowhere is safe

No. 274302

technically she hasn't been doxxed at all. all of the information that has been posted up is public, and not private. doxxing would entail posting her phone number, home address, ssn, etc. p sure that these days posting up someone's public accounts is nothing.

No. 274317

yeah but when they posted it before the "we are friends" part wasn't cropped.


No. 274319

Ok, but the point still stands that it could have been posted by someone else. Like, people pass around screenshots all the time, lol. That isn't really proof of anything.

No. 274466

File: 1490133796947.png (32.75 KB, 258x418, IMG_9164.PNG)

>someone doxxed me
No they didn't. Saving or screencapping an image that you publicly posted on the internet for everyone in the world to see, and then re posting it on a different website is not doxxing. (Being this newfag that you equate discussion about your public posts to doxxing)

>so uh, nowhere is safe

The entire net isn't your personal safe space, other people are allowed to post their own opinion & regardless of your feefees. If she was looking for safety, why come to the internet? Just unplug and go get a job, lazy mofo. There are actual severly disabled people who don't even apply/accept disability welfare payments. "I'm so tierd ALL the time~" "I'm overweight, muh legs hurt when I walk up stairs!!1~" "I'm dupressed a lot~ sooper sad~" FIBRO-warrior/survivor!!!11~
How can she justify being "sick", "disabled", "muh invisible illness" over just being the fat, lazy, unmotivated, sad, uneducated, loser she knows she is. But somehow has time to fuck everyone, run kink groups & "contests", drink/party all night, run social media accounts, take nudes, run around/hangout with friends daily, vacation to the ER, etc but she's "too disabled" to work? Lmao

No. 339946

hahaha. she closed down her stupid store.


No. 341605


Wait, so self-described 'pain slut' masochist kinkster is complaining about pain from fibromuhalgeeeyah? This does not make much sense to me at all.

No. 342107


not to defend this absolute cow, but i don't think voluntarily suffered, acute pain in a sexual context and chronical muscle and bone pain are the same thing.

No. 342763

File: 1498671929739.jpg (385.46 KB, 990x1180, enabled dumpster fire.jpg)

No. 343061

haha I like how that last comment was basically saying "fucking relax, you're exaggerating. get off your ass and do something productive." but in a very polite and classy way. that was actually great advice.

No. 343082

Wew lad, heard this got posted on Foxdick Farms.

Met her irl, AMA. Kek

No. 346197

where/how did you meet her?

No. 346245

At this point, who hasn't met her? She's pretty well known via BunZ and it's either you love her or hate her. Most people hate her.

No. 969186


I knew this girl from highschool. I used to be friends with her. She would always get black out drunk and fuck some random guy. Her boyfriend walked in on her fucking some guy at a party. She told me she fucked some guy on the floor of a club. She used to talk bad about her friends and CONSTANTLY complain about her roommates as though they were the worst people on earth. Than she stopped being my friend because she found out I had a mental illness. OH THE IRONY!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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