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Townhall is scheduled for May 22nd, GMT 2PM.

File: 1486431266676.jpg (67.67 KB, 490x519, IMG_0047.JPG)

No. 246804

>mentally ill black girl
>verbally abuses her mother
>desperately wants a half white child and got pregnant by a white trash wigger
>comes online begging for money to support her unborn child
>has the most fucked up weave you have ever seen

No. 246805

Is she like 12?

No. 246806

Nope she's in her early 20s

No. 246807

File: 1486432200533.png (310.04 KB, 1242x1760, IMG_0050.PNG)

No. 246808

wasn't she on Dr.Phil?

No. 246809

I'm glad she's on Instagram so she can stop posting those long ass stories on Facebook but damn, I thought she was gone.

No. 246810

File: 1486432296402.png (325.21 KB, 1242x1565, IMG_0051.PNG)

No. 246811

This girl was on the Catfish show

No. 246812

Yep after her Catfish: The Tv Show episode.

No. 246813

She's a troll

No. 246814

Definitely a troll that wants attention

No. 246815

>verbally abuses her mother

I'm triggered. Deets?

No. 246816

What in the fuck is this mess?
Am so enticed that such a wreck exists.
Links to her in the catfish tv show, if it exists anywhere even pieces?
Was she this retarded sounding on tv too?
Did she really think that type of description would gather any money at all?
Will her baby end up with the Color she wants or just as dark as her?
So many damn questions and I'm so hyped for this cow.

No. 246817

There are videos on her Facebook where she screams and cusses as her mother
It's pretty vile

No. 246818

>wanting people to pay off her dumb ass speeding tickets and credit cards

Lord. Someone needs to smack this girl on the head, taught her some financial sense and taken her credit cards the fuck away. Credit is not free money. Why do oblivious dumbasses like her always doing shit like this?

Also those tickets were 100 percent unavoidable by not speeding like an asshole. God. She's infuriating and I only read this post.

No. 246819

Samefagging, but it's hard to find specific videos to post because she's online ALL fucking day damn near every day. She'll post like 10 videos in just 1 day and a bunch of trolly, weird posts in between. But she constantly goes on crazy tirades of her screaming at people for calling her "mental", she'll spit at the camera (it's seriously revolting) here's a video of her cussing at her mom, I'll see if I can find the actual post from her FB but here you go.

No. 246820

Oh god this girl. I remember her from Catfish because she acted so insane to the point it was uncomfortable to watch. I honestly almost thought she was an actress, I didn't believe someone could be that disturbed.

No. 246821

Troll or not she makes me so uncomfortable to watch. It's basically what would happen if you gave a crazy homeless person a camera and an audience.


No. 246822


Here's a ten minute clip of her Catfish episode, but it's the backstory and doesn't actually have the "reveal" with her in it.
The full episode is S4 E12 "Falesha & Jacqueline", you can probably stream it from watchseries or maybe the MTV website.

No. 246823

No. 246824

She needs her ass beat more than that how bow dat girl.

No. 246825

File: 1486496378474.png (94.83 KB, 500x256, 456464.png)

This is what happens when you let your kids run wild and don't discipline them while you can.

>those Facebook messages on Dr. Phil

Hmm… seems familiar kek

No. 246826

No. 246899

I want her mom to come out and bash her head against the wall. Vile creature.

No. 247846

I just watched the whole episode on Hulu. HOLY SHIT!!! I felt so unclean watching that. She's legitametly fucking insane.

No. 479041


Now divorced. Her husband used her for a green card
Now in a psych ward due to behavior confrimed by biological sis

No. 480881

File: 1516866448056.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, 0112D289-E8FB-4C4C-A1C0-57990F…)

Omg I’m retarded and haven’t we arched the videos—-BUT How did you find that out? I have been missing her cringe.

Btw anons, I swear she cannot be THAT much of a troll. She’s really mental. I mean, who has braces and then turns intoned a sewer mouth.

No. 480885

I watched her catfish episode and I've been waiting for this thread tbh. She's psycho. And I hate her voice.

No. 480958

It looks like her teeth are rotting from drugs. Her bizarre behavior may be due to that if she's not mentally ill. Though if she is mentally ill, the drugs sure as hell aren't helping.

No. 481395

It was in the vid

No. 481426


She's definitely smoking something.

No. 481499

tbh that looks like meth mouth.

No. 489248

I'll bite. Do we know why she went to jail? Also, her sister never mentioned a green card husband. Where did that info come from?

No. 490788

I think it was Mention in the PULL thread on her
New Husband came after she broke up with ex bf and apparenly she had a manager idk where that came from.

No. 912796

File: 1577992148902.png (5.07 MB, 1242x2208, F9A0B3C2-A942-4EE7-9E87-DE92D8…)

Tracey is getting a divorce and is dating new people.

No. 912798

Did she happen to get her teeth fixed or is this just a nice photo for her?

No. 912986

where is she active on now?

No. 913222

Uplive app and on Instagram traceybarbiefann

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