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File: 1485967691974.jpg (40.22 KB, 749x845, 16473520_956440144455934_47813…)

No. 243142

social media:

I'm sure most of you are aware of BItsy but over the last two days she's going on a spam tirade of "boohoo" I need donations

some milk:
> buys her cosplays or puts in minimum effort but then cries because her work is so "hard"
> claims she made things when obviously bought
> cancels trips and costumes all the time. and hardly ever releases new content but has a mass of orbiters
> special snowflake who claims to be mentally ill and unable to support herself so begs for donations
> amazon wishlists

No. 243152

Is this the girl who makes poor JoJo edits on her pictures but doesn't even know the character names?

No. 243171

This sounds like everyone on tumblr. Where's the milk? Post screens of her sperging.

No. 243181

I remember following her on tumblr years ago lol. I think I remember hearing that she was pregnant and gave the child up for adoption a long time ago on cgl, anyone else know if that was true?

No. 243189

is this the kid who exposed josh macedo? it looks like she's gotten better at her makeup in the last couple of years…

No. 243209

No. That's a different girl with the same name.

No. 243238

File: 1485986672152.jpg (354.54 KB, 517x751, IMG_1959.JPG)

A-kon tried to have her as a guest but it caused a shitstorm from both her prints and everyone's general reaction. IIRC she ended up not going but I'm having trouble finding caps.

No. 243240

And an old callout post from one of her ex-roommates. http://xgraciferx.tumblr.com/post/144513437948/i-lived-with-bitsy-for-7-months

No. 243254

Doesn't she have a lot of medical issues? I remember her saying something about doctors removing part of her uterus a couple years back and fucking up badly. That would explain cancelling trips.

No. 243368

Holy shit. Never thought I'd see a thread on her before. I remember when she was dating this "feminist" guy on tumblr who had a bunch of degradation porn in his likes and claimed she abused him during the relationship. He was like a 300 lb weeb.
But yeah, Bitsy is a scammer basically

No. 243494

Damn after reading that Tumblr post, really opened my eyes to how much of a narcisstic cunt she is. Huh. Hopefully it isn't just mindless vendetta- although more proof would be appreciated to back up those claims

No. 243505

My fav thing about this chick is that she claims to have no cash, but goes to cons anyway. There was also that time she went to a con after surgery and she barely left her room that weekend.

well gee i wonder why

No. 243516

Shitty person but goddamn. I wish I looked like her.

No. 243519

Are you joking, anon? She looks inbred.


No. 243548

File: 1486041872512.png (550.77 KB, 472x588, potato.png)

it's all just angles anon, be careful what you wish for. She doesn't look the same as she does in op pic

No. 243612

OP, you forgot to link to her youtube (bitsycosplay). It contains a lot of quality cringe material.
In this vlog, Bitsy has her friend drive her around and she acts autistic for 17 minutes.

No. 243614

Sage for OT but didn't she have a really uggo friend who piggy backed on her name?Itsybitsychu or something,she had a thread here too

No. 243615

Woah, she's uggo.
Her face has a nice v-line in OP pic but here you can see it's real meaty.
Her foundation is way too thick and pale, plus lack of a top lip looks creepy.

No. 243626

Apparently she is raising money for the funeral of her friend's mom (a family she seems to have been leeching off?) on gofundme: https://www.gofundme.com/FuneralForMoningShen

My first thought is she will take a good chunk of the money for herself, tbh. Why is she managing the gofundme instead of the family?

No. 243629

she deleted the original post it was on but the girl she's raising money for was like screaming and swearing at someone who was just asking why they should donate and want to know if it's legit.
she was like "GO TO MY FUCKING PROFILE" and just being outright rude everywhere she could.

No. 243635

File: 1486061053442.png (74.7 KB, 557x382, vy2IuCc.png)

If her mom actually did pass away, it's not surprising that she would act irrationally.

Anyway, I lurked around some more on Bitsy's profiles. She makes approx $2300/month on patreon by guilting people about her hospital visits. I think the reason she gained a huge following in the first place was because her tumblr is basically pedo-bait shit and she still goes along with it calling herself a widdle baby. She would post photos of herself looking sickly in weeby outfits and make awful, sexualized cosplays of child anime characters i.e. hachikuji from monogatari. Here is an example from her DA where she looks like a legit child:


I think she was also underage at the time, and had that pedo boyfriend who got called out on tumblr and talked shit about her being a racist and smelling bad.

But for more funeral drama, she's not trying too hard to raise money for this funeral if she made the announcement for it viewable for patrons only (lol).
tl;dr she's leeching off friends and their families irl, scamming people, appealing to pedos, and probably hasn't pitched in whatsoever for this funeral either when everyone around her has done nothing but generously give to her.

No. 243638

she initially spammed her page but it got a lot of negative feedback so she deleted some of the posts
the way she begs actually disgusts me though

No. 243819

The way she begs for money for medical bills and then lavishly spends on travel, cons, costumes and personal expenditure disgusts me. If she has so much money to burn wouldn't it be better to spend it on your goddamn health if its as bad as she said?

I also have endometriosis like her so I know how she feels to have your uterus feeling like utter crap but I don't go around begging and leeching off people

No. 243927

File: 1486109151092.png (726.4 KB, 970x922, Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 10.0…)

looks like someone reported the original so Go Fund Me is holding all the donations.
I don't know why it wasn't held by the girl in the first place?

No. 243935

In all her pics she tilts her head down lol. Every single one.

Also, idk, man, what happened to the golden rule of not burning bridges and being nice to people? Why do all semi-popular cosplayers do really shitty things to friends and then act super surprised when they get called out for it by former friends?

No. 245773

Finally I see a post on this bitch.

She really is a manipulative little cunt. She will play the pity card at any moment to try to gain sympathy, but when you try to talk sense to her, she'll fucking whine and cry about how mean you're being to her.

She tried asking me about her relationship once. This is when she was dating the huge ugly west 'bama looking mug. She was complaining about how they always fight and argue and are never happy, and that they don't have sex all the time anymore like they used to. And when I told her "well if you're just that unhappy, then break up with him, all you're doing is bitching about how you have an unhappy relationship and that he verbally abuses you, leave him."

Then she goes on this tirade about how dare I tell her to leave him, how she loves him so much and how she misses all the sex they have.

I just had to bow out. I mean I liked her once, but fuck I'm glad I didn't stick my dick in that kinda crazy.

No. 305700

So she's back at it with asking for donations but the only thing I want to know is how why she's telling her followers that them not donating affects not only her but her dog? Why did this girl buy not one but two registered mini Australian aussies they aren't cheap? She bought two dogs paid for certification and now is saying she need patron to afford them. Not only that but when she was sick she still went to vegas? These people exist? I'm all for people getting dogs to help but she spent a lot of money I'm guessing people donated and no ones called her out on it? If anything she's calling people out for retracting their donation

No. 323789

Her patreon is shit, she was supposed create at least 1-5 cosplays each month but she hasn't done anything this year, idk why people keeps giving their money to her tbh

No. 368171

Hey anon who knew her. Any way for me to get to know her irl. I wanna Fuck her so I can throw it in the faces of all the fucking weebs who support her. Also I wanna skull Fuck her so she will shut the Fuck up. Any help would be appreciated.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 368173

this is sad

No. 368221

Is she really that bad? I mean I don't know her like that. We've talked a couple of times and she seem chill so I was just wondering.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 371198

God I remember this girl had some drama on Tumblr a few years ago. She was dating some guy who was apparently older than her when she was underaged? And then he got snatched for some pervy shit like hitting on underaged girls or having loli porn or something. And then this Bitsy girl got shit for saying 'nigger'. She justified it by saying she was so poor growing up that she had to share ONE TOWEL with her whole family so she was all cool to say nigger now. Or she was bullied by Mexican girls or some racist bullshit. If anyone has screenshots of that it would be amazing.

No. 373941

Can't find the screenshots of bitsy saying racist shit, but here's the callout post for her ex.


The parts about his girlfriend are referring to bitsy and he mentioned her being racist too, among other things

No. 374033

Bless you anon. I was a mutual with this dude before all this shit came through the woodwork. I vaguely remember he was defending her through the whole n word fiasco.

No. 384090

queen of shitty photoshopping lol

No. 384091

File: 1504988576270.jpeg (811.73 KB, 2896x2896, 1504747104499.jpeg)

No. 467867

Didn’t steal money. Bad at photoshop because I hate myself just as much as you all do. Not a racist. If you read that call out post, you’ll see my ex had a serious mental illness which is sad, but yes he was also horrible and disgusting. I really am just someone who wants a simple life. I’m sorry it bothers you guys so much but these forums are just getting old and I know drama never stops, but I didn’t ask for any of this. I’m stuck like this. I’m unable to work. I can’t stop saying that. I feel trapped so I’m thankful x10000000 for anyone who even supports my dumbass when I have no talent, am mediocre looking, and don’t do anything special. I feel very lucky. I know some of you who posted here. To this day, I have no idea who made that call out post (jojodeathstar45) but they helped me so much because it cleared me for many rumors I was unable to clear myself. If I had that for all this evil shit people say, it’d be easier, right? I’m just trying to live my life. Please don’t let me get in your way or annoy you with that. I’m not perfect or the best person but fuck homies I’m trying.

No. 469821

File: 1515940896385.jpg (1.5 MB, 3508x2480, bitsy underwear auction.jpg)

lmao is she seriously trying to sell her underwear now? is this a new fucking low for Bitsy? this is even worse than the constant begging

No. 469838

idk why but op pic looks like a boy wearing makeup lol

No. 528878

Her patreon does suck. Hasn't updated since her Haru cosplay. Just random bs teases that don't really show anything. Idk how people can support her. She's practically taking the money without giving back.

No. 554627

Funny how she always saying people are always lying on her but you can't make this shit up.This dumb bitch was out drinking about a month ago with her friends on a livestream. Instead of seeing a doctor about it, she took her ass overseas to London yesterday. The real funny art is,she got her stupid ass stuck in Chicago because something went wrong with her ticket. What did she do? She took to her Facebook begging for money. How did she even get the money to go overseas to cover her expences to stay over there until June what I'm wonderinng. Probably sucking somebody's dick is my guess.

No. 554666

I am wondering the same about this. How can she afford to miss flights and shit and just buy another ticket? How is she funding her random vacations from state to country? Like, she has no job and is CWC level hoarder (seeing her living space is trigger worthy), hardly posts vlogs or is on social media, and recycles the same old ~photography~ of herself constantly. I'm curious how she gets any money and how she has any fans because she has no talent, is plain-looking, and is majorly immature.

Also, I was cackling at her talking about how hard she works "wrapping shipments for etsy" like lol what that does not take 2 days to do.

No. 554850

Yuck! Don't get me started on her apartment. I'm not sure if it's still up but she posted herself playing with a baby roach. Who the fuck think roaches are cute? That's just nasty!

No. 554859

By going to the doctor I meant how she fucked up her ankle climbing a gate in thick ass heels and landed all wrong. She was all over the internet showing off her nasty ass feet showing swole it was and it was turning black and blue. You can do all of that, go clubbing, ride bikes bu you can't work because of your illness. She just don't want to work. She's just a lazy bitch.

No. 555029

Okay that was pretty gross and not cute at all.
Life is gonna catch up with her fast. She due for a rude awakening.

No. 556606

"I'm so sick that can't work and I'm so poor but I want you to pay for me to go to Los Angeles for my birthday because I need a vacation." Vacation from what? You don't do shit but sit on your ass in you filthy ass apartment.

No. 561299

I remember first hearing about her through a friend of mine. He showed me a picture of her doing a jojo pose and how she is actually from our hometown (Dallas Texas). i started following her on facebook around the time when she was trying to sell her bed matress…months passed and i began seeing this pattern, which was cry about being broke, sick, and wanting donations. I slowly started losing interest in her. Like many other people, i too dont understand how she can sustain herself purely through patreon. She says she has sponsors yet we never hear about anything specific. She has no portfolio to show any of her work, the only photo shoots we do see are the ones her friend takes… i really feel like this girl is working with an agency alright but modeling isnt part of the negotiations. if I was a model, i would have a resume, a portfolio, i would promote myself so that other people can see what my capabilities are. SHe has no work ethic and the fact that she says she is medically unfit to work makes me sick to my stomach, drinking yeos, having a shitty diet, and lack of sleep isnt going to make your health any better, such poor choices for someone who is a grown ass 22 year old. besides her futaba cosplay, which she made in a few hours before the con last year, i havent seen her put in work or made a single completed cosplay of the 2 years that ive been following her. Just like someone else mentioned on here, soon everything is going to catch up to her and the pressure will be overwhelmingly too heavy for her. I dont see why people support someone who never does anything in return, shes not even attractive.

No. 615139

Her Patreon do suck just not for the reason someone mention. She charges a lot of money for practically nothing. Check this out:

For $1/mo you don't get shit but thanks for the dollar.

$5/mo you're really not worth my time but take this one photo from my "lewd set" which isn't even lewd at all and you get to look at my snapchat story. Don't add me because I'm not going to add you (What's the point? I'm not spending $5 just to look at someone snapchat story).

$20/mo now you're somewhat worth talking to. Now I'll add you to snapchat and we will talk there and you get all my "lewds".

$50/mo now were friends add me on Facebook.

Now $100/mo you get to be added to my "premium snapchat" when I make it. You're not going to see anything except for what you're paying 20/mo for. Bad deal.

No. 618265

How do people support her if her patreon is like that? Not worth any of the money.

No. 624315

File: 1530288970600.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 116.37 KB, 569x778, DEC48FF9-9EC9-4720-B112-66B420…)

$5 for this, worth a nut but not $5(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 624316

File: 1530289108270.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 320.19 KB, 750x1334, 783B789C-DE18-4225-A698-679B72…)

$20 for this bullshit

No. 624319

File: 1530289288675.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.78 MB, 3024x3024, B31AAAD7-A686-480C-A78A-ABD4C8…)

More $20 shit, it's a wonder why people actually pay for these things. Had I paid for these I would feel very ripped off.

No. 625150

Worth the nut, but not worth the money. Also where'd you get these? Friend of a friend?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 625514

$20 for a flash of a cottage cheese cheek?

No. 628202

I just want to know where the nudes at? She's going around telling her " fans" that she doesn't give a shit about unless they're paying her that she doesn't do nudes. The truth is, she lied because here https://www.modelmayhem.com/bitsyhanas she says she does do nudes.

No. 657547

File: 1533517932799.png (21.66 KB, 488x221, b.PNG)

Yea she apparently recently changed her page to say no nudes but it definitely said "yes" for nudes less than a month ago. She's been outed on this and has been going on a tirade on her page. I wanna feel bad for here and at one point I did, but when she's posting pics of staying at luxury hotels but saying she's poor something's not adding up

No. 657549

File: 1533518077502.png (207.5 KB, 458x569, Skica (1).png)

so does anyone have this or nah

No. 657600

File: 1533521486402.jpg (26.9 KB, 640x627, IMG_20180603_035327_140.jpg)

she's trying to charge 5 for that but how is it any different from the free pics she posts? Not gonna lie. She has a nice body but doing stuff like charging 8 dollars for a blurry overexposed pic is not worth it.

No. 658108

No. 658150

That was posted top of this thread.

What’s with this thread? Post more caps of her sperging out if she’s supposedly so milky. Begging for money and selling shitty nudes/lewds doesn’t make her a cow imo. This thread’s full of thirsty dudes instead?

No. 659268

does anybody have the link for 2B set?

No. 659441

File: 1533734191218.png (Spoiler Image, 542.41 KB, 1003x1340, Screenshot_1.png)

here the pic from her insta story

No. 659443

i got the nude in bath from her insta story; trade it for full 2B set(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 659510

Is it legit nude or just implied and nothing shown(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 659600

why not just post it here? and someone else can post the 2B set

No. 659853

Everything is making so much sense now. How she's been able to stay in these hotels when she says she has no money. The hotel she was staying in in her hometown. when she was stuck in Chicago and her travels overseas, her boyfriend of 2 years and four months she just admitted today that she's been seeing has been helping scam the shit out of people. Just another lie she's been caught up in just like she says she doesn't do nudes, she was selling nudes of facebook. I've been wondering how she's been able to eat out at fine dining restaurants and who was the one who took her "I'm healing" nudes in the bath tub on intagram before she took them down. She lies so damn much and with her now making $2,000 on patreon she better never holler she's broke. If she does aske her why can't her boyfriend give her money or why can't her boyfriend help her out instead of begging a bunch of strangers for money on social media.

No. 659862

Another thing is with this money on patreon she's now getting how in the fuck can't she start paying off some of her medical debt like she said she was going to do. That was the point of her patreon so now I really wonder where in the fuck is that money going? She did admit not too long ago that shit that her patreon wasn't being used to pay off her debt. She's conning the shit out of people and her fans are way too stupid to see it. That or just way too gullible to even bother questioning where their money is going.

No. 659867

If anybody have her nudes release them to remind her of her lies.

No. 659903

we know today she sells nudes on instagram

someone drop these bombs

No. 659922

She has a boyfriend for almost two and a half years she's asking random people on Facebook to be her roommate if or when she moves? What kind of shit is that?

No. 659934

She's always talking like she's about to homeless and shit what the fuck is her boyfriend doing then? They eating all kinds of fancy meals staying in hotels but you're about to be homeless, get the fuck out of here!

No. 659999

I remember not too long ago when she was on Instagram saying she's doing four dollar fansigns because she had nothing to eat. Her boyfriend too cheap to buy her a burger? I would never have my girl online begging for food.

No. 660011

can someone now what is the $100 post on PAtreon?

No. 660096

Does whoever he is know she was selling her phone number for money?

No. 660363

Like a week ago she legit begged for money. Not even selling fansigns, or "lewds" or her panties like in the past.

She made a post on Insta saying that she was in a hotel and had no money for food, so hungry so please send cash.

Like two days later she posted a photo of way too much, far too expensive food. Idk what it was. Like a dozen donuts or someshit.

Like if you're literally starving so bad you need to beg for money 1: buy food that will last a while and 2: stop going abroad until you can afford to eat when you get there.

No. 660418

I remember that saying she needed a vacation from "work" while she looks for somewhere to stay. You don't have a job your patreon is your lifeline and she twists shit in her favor always crying like she's a victim. She also thinks she's slick by posting people's comments on her Facebook page via screenshots and make it seem like people are doing her wrong. She will say anything to make herself look good in front of her fanbase.

No. 660420

When you confront her about her bullshit she hates it! Any and everything to make herself to be the good girl.

No. 660442

She's doing nudes now? What she's charging a thousand dollars?

No. 660453

File: 1533818968903.png (Spoiler Image, 1.82 MB, 1333x1001, Screenshot_2.png)

her "nude" on her insta

No. 660517

That's it?! What the fuck is that?!She didn't show shit and she charged people a hundred dollars for this? What a rip off I'm glad I didn't waste my money on this bullshit!

No. 660734

Well at least we know she's shaven down there. Look at those razor bumps!

No. 660757

We still dont have her 'nude on the bath photo'

No. 660829

That is it. that's what she was charging $40-$100 for. she was on Facebook with that stupid PayPal link of hers.

No. 661032

do someone have a link for the 2B set?

No. 661243

Who cares at this point? The fact she's been living it up for far too long off of others hard earned money. She run this "I'm so sick please give me money" script to perfection. The best example is when she was supposedly was in so much pain from uterus that she needed surgery. One or two days before her "scheduled surgery" , she posted to her Instagram story that she was a concert dropping it like it was hot. You're so hurt you can't get out of bed yet you're at a concert. This was right after she came home after AX and since then she's never spoken about it ever again. It's to the point where she can't throw out her own garbage but this sickly old lady has the strength and energy to climb gates. Save your money people.

No. 661358

she got a new tattoo, does she really need money the way she says she does, or what?!?!?!

No. 661485

She really don't. She's making two grand off her patreon which was supposed to be for her medical bills which she admitted it wasn't being used for that purpose.

No. 661726

File: 1533941155406.png (7.18 MB, 1125x2436, 80B98282-F2FD-4E6A-A393-F28917…)

Lol she need money for médical assistant and she does this lmao

No. 661755

She sure in the hell act like she does. Think about this, before she made the announcement that she was seeing her boyfriend for almost 2 1/2 years, she was all over the web telling everyone she was single, had no interest of seeing anybody yet she needed a sugar daddy to come and spoil her rotten. If she's been in a relationship for this long and you need a sugar daddy her boyfriend must suck.

No. 661763

Pretty soon she'll be on Facebook bragging about it and watch her fans eat it up like it's thanksgiving dinner or some shit.lol

No. 661893

Oh my god she just posted she's going to be living with another man that met on Facebook yet her own boyfriend doesn't even live with her. what kind of goofy shit is that? No way I would ever let another man move in with my girl!

No. 661894

But she values her privacy right? What a joke!

No. 661959

It gets worse, her boyfriend isn't even American and doesn't even live here in the states.

No. 662076

This might be the real reason she got booted out of London. She probably using her "modeling" as a excuse to see her boyfriend.

No. 662096

File: 1533987592551.jpeg (2.42 MB, 1125x2436, D152B9C5-14AE-4762-B1CB-22BC75…)

See what she’s doing with her money lmao xD(xD)

No. 662257

2grand flushed down the toilet smdh

No. 662281

I can already see it, before the end of the month she's going to be asking for money again because she "has" to "move" for her "health" that she also needs "treatment" for. God I feel bad for he more than anything, don't think her merch is gonna sell well either, too cringy.

No. 662293

would you dumb cunts at least sage your fucking autism? thanks

No. 662296

File: 1534014751705.png (509.69 KB, 600x1024, Screenshot_2018-08-11-13-58-29…)

Attention patrons of Bitsy, this is where your money is going! To your point, her merch isn't really selling, her esty store doing slightly better but her main source of income is her patreon. She's already started with "I need braces"and she's going to be saying she needs the money to move in the place she found with her male roommate who isn't her boyfriend because her boyfriend isn't American and doesn't live in America. He's okay with this because I sure in the fuck wouldn't be!

No. 662310

Sage your autism? Did you get permission from Bitsy to say that? I know all about her sending goons in these forums to do her dirty work. Snitchin like a little bitch.

No. 662562

So this is the forum Bitsy accused me of being in.I see why she don't like these forums, so much dirt revealed. Fuck it, what's a more since she just blocked me for telling the truth which she doesn't like to hear. Truthfully my experience with Bitsy wasn't wasn't always bad. Their was good times when we were able to laugh and joke.She even helped me through some bad times. Even with all that said, she has this nasty little habit of spinning the narrative in her and cry victim when you confront her about the of and her radical followers cling on to her every like like it's a religion (The Church of Bitsy for an example). Allow me to give y'all an example of what I'm talking about. Going back to her trip to London as you all know her connected flight was at O'Hare. Nobody knew that at the time, she just said her connected flight was in Chicago. I don't know if anyone saw this or not but their was this one dummy who actually tried to meet her while she was at the airport. That dummy I'm talking about was me. Before she got stranded at the airport while waiting on her connected flight to London, she said she had no way to meet. Okay, I didn't like it but I left it alone.The next day, I get this message on Snapchat (Her favorite form of communication with me for some reason when I have told her she can message anywhere) from her saying she got stranded out there a and it was possible for a meet.So I replied back to her and asked her which way did she fly in from, Midway or O'Hare. So here I am waiting for a reply from her while she's talking about her vlogs on Facebook.I let her ass know I got her message. She tells me she was trying to sleep is the reason she didn't get my message (bullshit). So here I am scrolling through my feed just to see what was happening thinking her ass was sleep, nope!Her ass shows up in my feed wrapped up in a towel eating fresh fruit in her hotel room while I'm still waiting for a reply if we're going to meet at the airport.Next thing I know, she shows up in my feed again talking some goddamn soccer game. So I'm still here waiting for a reply and boy did I get one. Five something in the morning the next day which we were supposed to meet, she replies to me on her post she don't wanna meet after all saying Chicago wasn't one of her favorite cities and laughed about it! You talk about one salty son of a bitch I never felt saltier about anything in a day of my life. I thank her for blowing me off. First she tried to call me on Snapchat, I wasn't by the phone. Next she sends me a message saying she wanted to video chat with me. Again,I wasn't by the phone. I replied back to her saying whenever she's ready. It gets worse! She message me basically telling me I really wasn't worth a simple explanation because she was working on her vlogs. Are you serious? I have to find out through a vlog as to why you blew me off?! you can't be serious (She was)! After telling her ass that and how dumber I felt, now she wants to call on Snapchat, it didn't work for some reason. Next she tried calling my number or so she says because my phone never rang.I never did get that explanation, she went on to promote her vlogs, and she lied days later after getting booted out of London saying she had anxiety and depression or some shit after I confronted her on her back home vlog where she was saying she had so many fans wanted to meet her (bullshit). If she ever say let's meet,don't fall for it or you're going to be looking as stupid as I did.(namefagging)

No. 662582

File: 1534048367288.png (191.31 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-08-12-00-27-21…)

So i was a fan of bitsy until the other day. I found this somehow and thought "well that just seems like a bunch of unnecessary hate but thats the internet". I felt bad for her so i figured id try to buy her lewd (underboob and panties) but she didnt get back to me about how much she wanted for over 24 hours and when she did she said however much id be comfortable sending. Only having $5 on my debit card and having the possibility of taking 8 weeks off work due to a knee injury i sent $1 to her for it because again, she never specified an amount, just however much i was comfortable with and then she begins asking if i could at least send $5. About an hour later i asked if she could just send me my dollar back so i could use it on something beneficial to me. Well i just checked facebook and i see this and i wanna laugh at her because of how she begs for money for her medical bills, says she doesnt feel comfortable sending lewds for $1 and then posts pics of herself in a bikini (pretty much the same photo she sent me but with a little less boob) (photo 1/2)

No. 662583

File: 1534048444695.jpg (29.85 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1534048050406.jpg)

Photo 2/2. Sorry for not replying to my other comment. New to forum sites

No. 662634

How the fuck do you ring up a negative balance in PayPal?

No. 662719

from chargebacks. she already spent the money and now she has to pay paypal back.

No. 663129

Ok you're the dumbass here dude

"I only have $5 to my name. Better spend it on some porn"

the fuck lol

No. 663140

anon over here trying to seem like the star of the hour and being better than bitsy by just nonchalantly telling us they would rather look at lewds than eat

No. 663219

Well my brother was giving my $40 at the end of that week and i already have food in the house but okay. I figured i could help out a "friend" by tossing then a dollar to potentially try and help with medical bills.

No. 663264

As long as you learned your lesson anon. There were times when I considered helping her too, but couldn't bring myself to do it because I'm fucked with money too. Glad I didn't, she really charges way too much for what is usually nothing much all in the effort to "stay classy".

No. 663286

Definitely. Took a break off social media for a while so i didnt get to see what she was posting but seeing all the shit she did that clearly costs a bit of money to begin with its like "yeah go look for a part time job if youre so in need of money"

No. 663566

Her shit was or is in the hole what's you wonder where in the hell is that money going?

No. 663789

File: 1534189930251.jpeg (131.95 KB, 1600x900, NsYMKq_tjFvTZWsuBgBdGwieuMgRgG…)

It really takes a special kind of special to burn through the money she's making off of these poor saps. Like this shit here, she charged $20 for this photo on her patreon. I don't understand how anyone supports her doing shit like this!

No. 664058

Wasn't that just a merch preview, god I'm convinced she's just taking advantage at this point.

No. 664076

The worst part of that photo is it was taken from her Snapchat

No. 664324

This bitch is nuts. She blew up at some dude because he didn't want to spend $40 on pictures of her feet which ended up uploading a photo anyway for everyone to see.

No. 664380

Wait, what?

No. 664505

Yeah she did that. It be a lot of people be asking for pics of her feet so she charged him $40. He didn't want to pay so she blew up about it and even talked about it in a livestream. She didn't mention his name but definitely had a hissy fit that he wasn't spending $40 for her feet.

No. 664572

The more I think about that London trip, the more things make sense. It didn't have anything to do with modeling, it had everything to with the boyfriend. Think about it for a minute. Her being so thirsty to go overseas, risking making her ankle worse? It's all about the boyfriend, the modeling was just a excuse to see him!

No. 664792

Hold on, she really charged fourty for her feet? Huh?

No. 665163

Her merch isn't selling, she barely gets any orders from her esty store and her main source of income is her patreon which she's now hidden how much she is making. Too late for that, the damage has been done. We know she's making anywhere between $1,900 to over 2,000. All this talk about money got me thinking about the time she first started complaining about having problems with her wisdom teeth. It was around Christmas time or some time after, she posted a video begging for money to get her teeth removed while wrapped up in a yellow sheet trying to hide her real name. It was on a late night with the room dimly lit. I just find it funny how she does shit like this knowing she was laid up with this mysterious boyfriend and yet you're still begging for money but no one is telling the truth and everybody is lying.

No. 665275

I previously saw the amount a couple of days ago, and it was weirdly enough at $1234.00. Wonder why she decided to hide it?

No. 665471

Probably because she doesn't want anyone to know she's losing money. When I saw it last it about $1,978.

No. 666070

File: 1534405548957.png (699.54 KB, 748x457, ugly smile.PNG)

Charges 40 dollars for feet and is "uncomfortable posting nudes" but posts this to instagram cause she gets to fuck her boyfriend and live off the money of gullible fans buying her pity story

No. 666082

Can’t this shitty thread be put on autosage mods?? It’s literally just filled thirsty losers with no money to buy nudes

No. 666164

File: 1534420231663.jpg (37.31 KB, 640x853, FB_IMG_1534384193656.jpg)

The only loser here is you. How much Bitsy is paying you? Anyway. That was on her Facebook too and these dummies are paying her all that money so her and her boyfriend can stay in expensive hotels, drink expensive drinks and eat fine dining.this is where that patreon money is really going to.(Major samefagging)

No. 666684

File: 1534468546461.jpg (251.09 KB, 1080x1921, 39351969_215571145970687_57823…)

She's selling what will likely be an overpriced lewd again, for fucks sake.

No. 666747

"rather lewd" for $20? I seriously hope it's a nude for that much
her boyfriend kinda looks like Cody/Excessive Profanity in that picture

No. 666863

Oh Lord she's back at it again. I wonder with posing on the couch like that makes me wonder if that'sbhow she takes her "vitamin D"!

No. 667063

She's becoming more and more of a sex worker than an actual cosplayer, but obviously she'd never admit that.

No. 667356

File: 1534555516473.png (207.23 KB, 571x976, Screenshot_2018-08-17-19-37-20…)

If anyone going to be at afest here's your chance if you see her to call her out on her bullshit!

No. 667773

File: 1534621362554.jpg (84.52 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3236.jpg)

Funny she thinks people hate her because she has a boyfriend. No bitch, people hate you because you're a lying manipulative little bitch. She's a predator preying on people's emotions. Like the time she posted on her patreon crying because she got robbed or some shit. The photo is there for $1. You got robbed yet you sell this for a dollar. She's nuts and say and do pretty much for money.

No. 667884

Fucking hell, didn'tknow she did this. Goes to show how she only cares about money and just uses her fan base.

No. 667968

File: 1534643151554.jpeg (575.33 KB, 1125x2435, 982A5F60-138E-4A09-B21C-CDDA6A…)

I recommand you all to do that
Ask paypal to get refund

No. 667981

File: 1534644196342.jpeg (813.89 KB, 2550x2550, 158E10C1-49D0-4DD3-B26E-06A024…)

>$100 slippers
>new tattoo
>nice hotels & fancy dinners
>can afford travel and cons
>still begs for money or medical bills and food

also love how she always rambles about how “hard” she works and how she always needs a vacation but all it seems to be is taking shitty nudes and sending etsy packages lmao

No. 668190

Those slippers were $100, oof. I hope they keep her warm when she's in the hospital again.

No. 669056

If she really hated attention as she claims, do the world a favor and delete your page. Get off social media, Stop begging for money, get a job and go away.

No. 669087

Now shes claiming her medical debt is preventing her from getting an apartment. Pretty sure its her no credit, no proof of income, no downpayment having ass wanting handouts for everything thats preventing her from getting a place.

No. 669748

2 years 4 months with someone who doesn't even live in America got me thinking about her smash or pass with fictional characters. She wanted for people to ask her which fictional character she would smash. Her "friend" who she was streaming with overseas and nobody saw his face was there too. At one point she asked people if they would smash her. You're in a relationship and you're asking people if they would smash you. You're for real? The more I think about it, the more I think this mystery "friend" was really the mystery boyfriend. Not only that going back to her deportation issues, this genius also in that long ass video she posted revealed her real name. I told her about it but she says it wasn't hers, it was her doctors. Interesting! So you're doctor is 23 with brown hair (her natural hair color) and single? Exactly how do they know your doctor's relationship status? You're really that chummy with your doctor? Plus, if you're been in a relationship as long as you say you have been, why lie to authorities about it? It's on her prison sheet which she posted in that extremely long ass video where she's rambling and rambling on her shitty her experience was overseas.

No. 669836

Something is really off about her if she's doing shit like this

No. 669837

Damn she's dumb, what the hell even is her real name?

No. 670246

File: 1534922806255.png (1005.92 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-08-22-03-21-39…)

Maybe try not spending $100 fucking dollars on slippers and other dumb shit and you wont need strangers on the internet to pay for your medication.

No. 670562

On top of that, instead of planning some stupid "world tour" like you're some sort of famous celebrity, how about you put that damn patreon money to your medical debt like you said you would you lying ass theif.

No. 670565

I don't get how anyone supports her ass when she's doing retarded shit like this. The worst part is she got these idiots eating out of the palm of her hands. To say she's dumb that's not true. What she wants you to believe is that you're the dumb one. She wants you to believe that everything you're saying is a lie and she's the only one who's telling the truth. That's who Bitsy really is.

No. 671045

Anyone have her 2B set? Want to see if it's shit like her Catherine and Haru.

No. 671046

Anyone have her 2B? Want to see if it's shit like her Catherine and her Haru.

No. 671048

as if any of the money she gets will actually go to meds. you're cute, anon

No. 671267

she sells a new 'nude' again

No. 671315

now she cries over the live stream because someone sent all her nudes to people who tried to buy it

No. 671322

This thread is being autosaged due to no milk, her having nudes does not count.
If any does come up, report the thread and tell us there is new actual milk.

No. 671330

File: 1535041417642.png (439.26 KB, 1348x582, bitsy3.png)

Now she claims that she is really poor and that hotel&tattoo incident does not anything with this and beg more money. She talks about she has ' connections '

She talks about she getting into hotels free, she says every crazy shit is happening to her for no reason and says money is bad

No. 671494

signs I don't hate Bitsy, I really don't. She's not helping her case at all with this live stream. So okay you didn't get the tattoo, your boyfriend did. Fair enough but here did he get the money for it if you're both struggling to make ends meet? Oh right her "connections" paid for it. How is it he can even afford to come to the States for that matter when he doesn't even live in America? What really got me was the whole modeling thing. How is it the "agency" you work for can give you free hotel stays and free concert tickets but can't find you work locally? On top of that, who gives anyone free shit like that for nothing in return? The truth is, she know she sold a fake nude. She lied when she said she didn't charge $40 to $100 for it. She's selling another fake nude for who knows how much this time. Plus she said she has two jobs? Where's the first? She claims to be so honest with people yet so vague on details. She claims to wanting privacy yet she releases personal info about herself. You can't have it both ways. It's either one or the other. Again, I don't hate her. I do want her to succeed but damnit stop putting yourself in these situations and if you can't find local work with this agency of yours, it's time to drop them. You're burning through more money than you're making.

No. 671497

Another example of reading through Bitsy and the shit she says. Remember last year when she came home early from AX last year? She was supposed to be so sick and hurt that she needed surgery on her uterus. She once again took to social media to ask for donations for her surgery. Two days or so before her "schedule surgery", she went to a Future concert and was her Instagram story dropping it like it was hot. She never had the surgery and never brought it up ever again. Really read between the lines and focus on what she says because she likes to make you believe what she wants you to believe.

No. 671575

I wonder how many people believe that this agency actually paid for this tattoo and hotel stay for the price of nothing? I'm pretty sure if that's true, they know she and her boyfriend are ordering expensive food and drinks. I don't buy it one damn bit.

No. 671816

The nudes were fake?!?!?! And she was still charging $40-$100?!?!?!? God I feel bad for whoever bought them.

No. 671826

Just saw her livestream, she really put in work for the water works, the people actually falling for it will continue to fall for it, it's just sad, for her and her followers.

No. 672065

Not "nudes", just one photo. She was naked but you don't see anything because she was covering up what people want to see. Scroll up to the last spoiler.

No. 672318

Now this trash girl is begging for $2500. How disgusting

No. 672347

File: 1535136859160.png (1.41 MB, 640x1136, 4506DA66-EF06-46CE-A4F1-CCE488…)

jfc, can this girl do anything without begging for money? what is she spending her patreon money on?

No. 672359

thats it, im starting a personal vendetta against this thot.

Help me by saying wherever social media places i could simply and brutely crush this thot.

Help me how to reach her white knight fanbase and other cosplay communities. I will put her to its misery(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 672420

"I believe in us"? Where the fuck did she steal that cheesy policital slogan from? Smdh Bitsy "Pay my debt off even though I have two jobs" Hanas.

No. 672549

What good is Mr.International if his girlfriend is still online begging for money?

No. 672613

She even has a poll up asking if she do another GoFundMe. Everyone go vote no!

No. 672811

She went from the poll to private handouts. Is there any low she won't go? You created the debt pay for it yourself.

No. 672871

File: 1535202581480.png (124.19 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-08-25-09-08-53…)

Oh boy….

No. 672914

Deadass she's serious with this? Just when you think it can't get any worse.

No. 673004

She's raffling her panties. Someone stop this madness.

No. 673013

Who knows if her boyfriend skeeted in them panties or not yet somebody is going to be stupid enough to but them. That very thought should be enough for anybody with a shred of common Sense not to buy them and yet some thirst thirst is going to do it anyway. Ew! 😷

No. 673684

File: 1535298731411.jpg (72.81 KB, 1080x1080, 26068654_741556369373986_42141…)

This is something I been thinking about for a while now. If she's really getting all this free shit,who paid for her to go drink this expensive shit? Her "agency"? Fuck outta here!

No. 673889

"Medical issues"

No. 674093

i just wanna know, if she has an agency, why does she never do legit modeling and why are they encouraging her to live a lifestyle that obviously won’t improve her “health”? like, sending her to bars, parties, sending her cigars, etc. i honestly think she’s either buying this shit herself with her beggar money or she really doesn’t give a fuck about her wellbeing. or both. i don’t understand how she can claim to be in such poor health that she has to go to the ER for falling down, yet can do all this bullshit. how are her orbiters so blind to this after she’s been doing it for years?

No. 674128

"I always tell the truth, even when I like". Pretty much sums up Bitsy in a nutshell because she just expect you to take her word and not question anything she says. She claims she did nothing for her birthday yet she vlogged her having a birthday party with her best friend and yet she claims to have no friends in real life. I am so sick of hearing that when we know that's bullshit. We know she's not very forthcoming about the shit she says and you're not allowed to question it. She cries to her fans and have them eating out of the palm of her hands. She supposed to hate attention yet goes on these pity party tirades when you call her out. My favorite line is "All I have is you guys because I don't have any real life friends". Stop with the bullshit and people wouldn't have to question you about the shit you do.

No. 674212

You know what? Let's not say anything negative about Bitsy anyone. We're being abusive and she's going to tell her rabid fanbase you're being abusive. So let's not go here anymore, even if you're telling the truth which we all know she hates!

No. 674397

If this girl got as much pull as she claims, why is she always begging? Why not use these connections she say she has to pay off her expenses? Another thing is if you're working two jobs how are you broke? If she's sick as she claims, how is she working two jobs? A lot of shit she says just don't add up.

No. 674966

That was a really shit attempt at whiteknighting

No. 674969

File: 1535463669176.jpeg (162.47 KB, 750x476, 7503D2C0-0167-4120-A61A-F025CE…)

Is it normal for clapistanis to have lawyers on a constant payroll?

No. 677529

Why does anyone even follow her? Her posts are 80% her trying to get people to feel bad for her and how she works oh so very hard, 10% her going to expensive places (she has no money though) 9% asking for money and 1% cosplay

No. 677532

File: 1535762991193.jpg (53.65 KB, 720x337, 20180831_204818.jpg)

Her posts are so predictable too, I wonder if she has a template for this shit

No. 677765

Oh boy here we go. What is it this time? Make it a good one.

No. 677800

does anyone has her upskirt video?

No. 677845

File: 1535813669900.jpeg (433.76 KB, 1125x2436, A3C23550-CCB9-483D-89DD-BE1F07…)

How to get her video ?
> DM her
> send her the money through paypal
> receive video
> ask paypal to get refund due to illegal transaction
> be refund
> enjoy
This is what I did for her « nudes »

No. 677860

Man I hate this cunt. Wish she'd just do porn already and stop blue balling us

No. 677963

File: 1535827317910.png (242.68 KB, 637x874, 0.png)

fucking kek what a mistake for this guy

No. 677983

Congratulations Patreon you're paying for a wedding

No. 678015

Never thought I'd see the day, but to be fair it might be something more of a Vegas wedding. They're both so broke, according to Bitsy, that a big or even small wedding is unlikely.

No. 678154

Maybe this agency that's giving her all this free shit will give her a free wedding too lmfao

No. 678220

How long will it be before she starts asking for donations for her wedding with that damn PayPal link of hers?

No. 678387

File: 1535877957842.png (43.99 KB, 491x470, dumb bitch.PNG)

So this dumb bitch is supposedly getting married and posts up a photo of her engagement in a fancy restauarant and is still talking about she's in debt and needs some other guy to co sign her apartment for her. Clearly her sugar daddy fiance has money for all this traveling and expenses so why isn't he supporting her ass? And people are eating all this shit up.

No. 678438

That's because the fiance isn't the sugar daddy. She still looking for one of those to "take care of me and spoil me rotten". I will say this, for them to be so broke as she claims, that ring is expensive. Where did he get the money from if he's so broke? Better question is how is he traveling to America to see her if he's so broke?

No. 678472

5 years later we will be see her in cuck pornos

No. 678580

Is Patreon going to pay for the honeymoon too? Since she claims they're so broke and what not!

No. 678632

she deleted her engagement post. hmmmmm.

No. 678657

Typical Bitsy, opening her mouth way too much yet she values her privacy. Too late now, the damage has been done and naturally, she did it to herself. She sets herself up every time she opens her mouth but everyone is dumb in her eyes and you're supposed to take everything she says with a grain of salt. She'll learn one day I hope.

No. 678660

But everything she does is everyone else's fault not hers because she's Bitsy and she can do no wrong.

No. 678795

at least post the nudes

No. 678862

You mean fake nudes. You're not going to see shit so calm down.

No. 679400

New Facebook post essentially asking for everyone to pay for her furniture.

No. 679428

File: 1535936139884.png (593.19 KB, 600x1024, Screenshot_2018-09-02-19-34-11…)

A new form of begging

No. 679738

Something tells me people will be stupid enough to do this for her too.

No. 680191

File: 1536018254943.jpg (70.96 KB, 540x960, 40637438_1486390138127596_5168…)

Why am I not surprised?

No. 680391

The better question is how is it that she's well enough to build furniture but she's too sick to get a job? Is it me or that shit makes no sense at all?

No. 680501

File: 1536049780178.jpeg (57.7 KB, 539x960, image.jpeg)

This is what she gets a month she needs to give and get a job

No. 680556

You know you never pray for someone's downfall but when you constantly self inflict damage upon yourself, you kind of have it coming to you. Such a shame.

No. 681100

Bitsy "Jack of All Trades". If she's skillful as she claims, she should put those skills to legitimate use and make a honest living but we all know she won't do that!

No. 681107

She's nothing more than a dying meme. As far as I'm concern, it's time to put this meme to rest.

No. 681518

Bitsy "I value my privacy" Hanas. No you don't. If you did you wouldn't run your mouth the way you do. Shut the fuck up!

No. 681570

So she is engaged to her underage boyfriend???? lmaooooo

No. 681666

We don't know who the hell he is. We just know that the bastard doesn't even have a visa to be here in America.

No. 681939

File: 1536191101672.jpg (52.52 KB, 750x750, joe.jpg)

His name is Joe Hiller or something like that, he is from Ipswich, England, they meet at some anime shitposting gruop in facebook back in 2016 and they started e-dating after just one week of talking, then they meet in England when she went to meet him for the first time and they got engaged literally that same day after just 3 or 4 monts of e-dating, he was 16 and she was 21 so idk if that counts as rape. They have broken up several times but she always goes back with him because there is no one else stupid enough that can stand her, I think he is a high school dropout so if anyone was asking how can not he support her, well, that's why I guess.

Heres some vids from his fb account, you can hear Bitsy:



No. 682042

Looked at his profile, oof. Posts some cringe shit, I don't see this lasting.

No. 682177

She used to hook up with some guy in Mexico, that's why she used to go there, not for "Modeling" as she says.

No. 682250

Has anybody seen any work of hers internationally as she claims? Magazine cover? Article? A clipping of a article? She says she done modeling work and no proof of her work. The only thing we see is the usual low grade photos she usually takes. It doesn't even have to be international, anything here in the states for her to be this big bad model she says she is.

No. 682358

You must have Bitsy added because no one can see that shit and I don't know if what you're saying is true but if she was fuckin him at 16 then yes that's statutory rape. She should be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

No. 682373

he made his account private thats why
bitsy probably lurks in here

No. 682579

That's because she do lurk in here. Not only that but she got goons trolling the forums looking for anything that doesn't paint her in a positive light. She'll throw hissy fit via video, Livestream or a post. She'll say shit like everyone is lying about her and get her fans to feel sorry for her. For someone who hates attention sure does seak it. To the fools who reporting back to her, ask yourselves what's in it for you? She can't pay you because she's so "broke". What could she possible offer you to make you be her online errand boy or errand girl? I don't see it!

No. 683095

This is the third (that I've seen) time she's sold merch, taken the money, and never sent out the orders.

She's flat out scamming people. How many of these idiots does she need to rob before they stop willingly handing over their damn money?

What a joke at this point.

No. 683664

File: 1536385432496.png (324.32 KB, 640x1136, 4E50AB07-FE4F-43C6-B01C-60AC27…)

looks like she disabled her facebook again because she got gasp UNFAIRLY ATTACKED as per usual. bitch really thinks any criticism is a threat to her personal safety i s2g lol

No. 683733

Seems it's that time of the month again for her regularly scheduled monthly breakdown

No. 683794

Her real name is Alexandra Flowers, I used to be more than a "good friend" of hers, i really cared for her, but we stoped talking after she started lying to people about me, you know, just classic Bitsy stuff. I didn't wanted to share her real name just because I didn't want to be that evil or trashy or w/e but she is really doing some utterly evil shit scamming people like that. I do not really have a way to proof that's her real name but if this is useful to someone to scare her so she leaves the internet and stops this shit, well, so be it.

Oh and btw, I can confirm the info abour her bf in the previous comment, I think he still lives with his parents loool that marriage is doomed

No. 684137

thank you for the info, im procrastinating to bully bitsy maybe some day i will go all out

No. 684513

I can confirm that's her real name. I tried to warn her her name was showing in that long ass deportation video of hers. She told me it was her doctor's. "I'm careful about mines" she told me. You weren't too careful genius. Border Force Patient Record: Miss Alexandra Flowers, Age 23 White Female, ethnicity unknown, place of birth unknown relationship status SINGLE!
If anyone knows how to look that shit up do it because everyone lies according to her, no one tells the truth. If she's willing to lie about this, who knows what else her ass is lying about.

No. 684566

Can somebody explain whats with all that deportation stuff that happened to her dumb ass

No. 684871

What happened was she had this trip to London planned back in April for "work" she was telling everyone. No one knew she was in a relationship at the time which was the real reason she was so thirsty to go. She had no money going to London because she had to refund everyone from her esty store. Something went wrong with her ticket because she needed a handicap type of seat because dumb dumb climbing a gate in high heels and fucked up her ankle. So she got stuck and stranded in Chicago for a few days. That's where her connected flight to London was. She had no money, begging for money so she can stay in hotels while getting her ticket situation straighten out. So eventually she got it worked out and when she got to London, for whatever reason, she got detained by Border Force. According to her, the kicked her out because she was looking to marry someone over there and she was looking for a sugar daddy (which she is by the way), so she says. She made a series of vlogs on her YouTube channel and was promoting it all over social media, even her then Snapchat.She also made a 2 hour vlog explaining everything that had happened to her while in Border Force custody but she deleted that one. In that two hour vlog she flashed her real name and lied about that too. The truth is she went to London to see then boyfriend now fiance. That's what really happened."Work" had nothing to do with her trip. No one knew she was in a relationship at the time. She was lying saying she was single and wasn't looking to date anybody. Search Bitsy Hanas on YouTube, you'll see her vlogs.

No. 686031

how can i access to that records

No. 686232

File: 1536716113588.jpg (294.12 KB, 1787x1425, 5454.jpg)


More info for whenever you decide to do your thing:

Her FB accounts:

Her bf instagram acc:

She used to cheat on her bf with this guy who is mentioned on one of the fb status:

I hope it's useful

No. 686686

More than you think. I know the name Kirinofag, he was ones behind the Church of Bitsy. Who knows he probably created the damn page, who knows. As far as accessing those records, I have no idea how to go about that. All I do know is Alexandra Flowers (Bitsy) was definitely detained and deported out of London By The U.K. Border Force.

No. 686699

Speaking of Mexico, where is she getting the money to go back? Is this "agency" paying for her to go? This "agency" is paying for her expenses too? She sure seems to be doing a lot for someone who is broke and on the verge of homelessness.

No. 687077

her mexican sugar daddy must be paying her expenses

No. 687144

Pics or didn’t happen faggot

No. 687210

just check the vlogs fag

No. 689150

Hey guys I know you all like to post here but I really don’t think you guys understand it’s a big safety hazard for me. I’ve already told people that’s my name and that’s fine but when you post here it gets me physically in trouble. I’m not scamming anyone and I’ve been sending refunds. I’m not trying to get into this mess or even be mean but I really don’t have the money to move somewhere with amazing security and you guys are making things a lot tougher for me. I’ve already filed a report with the police and detectives are looking into it and are going to find the people leaking. As for Terrance, you have no right to be on these forums when we were never real friends and you don’t actuallt know me. It’s not right. I’m sick of it and I’m sick of people doing this. It has nothing to do when any of you and just let me live my life I don’t want anyone going to jail or sued for Defamation and slander.
If we just take awake the posts with my private information that’s fine idc about anything else bad talk me all you want. I could sit here all day and tell you I don’t have sugar daddies but no ones going to believe me. I just can’t udberstand why everyone thinks I have so much money when I literally never buy anything. I show all my shit all the time and there’s nothing nice? The traveling is from agencies and I’ve even posted things on my Instagram of their pay and everything. The travel to Mexico in November is for a convention called LaConve 53 in Monterrey. I did meet my friend Cesar when I visited because I didn’t want to be alone in Mexico City but why is it when a girl hangs out with a guy it’s always having to be an affair? I’ve been so honest and open and you guys want to think I’m lying about shit just because I’m trying to stay safe and it’s stupid. Lplease just delete shit before I get kidnapped or murdered I get threats everyday so thats literally all I’m asking because I don’t think you guys understand what risks you’re taking for no reason…

No. 689213

You had it coming. There are lots of proof about your scams and multiple witnesses of your manipulative behavior through the years. If the police needs to investigate someone its you and the horrible shit you do to the people.

No. 689327

It’s all speculation and people trying to be internet police. You’re just angry for no reason and everyone piles on top of eachother. If I was scamming and not sending out purchases and shit, I wouldn’t be over here with 5 stars on Etsy with 14 reviews saying how people got their things. I wouldn’t be showing photos of me getting surgeries or at the dentist when people help me. I have literally nothing and if I had money it would show. Releasing private info and say I had it coming? I have it coming to get physically hurt irl??? What kind of evil person ARE YOU? You’re sick.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 689330

File: 1537089930434.png (304.53 KB, 750x1334, 82CCDD2D-AC45-4631-BD79-AC7723…)

You can literally go to http://www.Etsy.com/shop/bitsyhanas and see for yourself you guys are fucking evil and Terrance you should realize you’re literally listening to someone who assaulted me, bragged to his friends who told everyone and is mad at ME for it

No. 689405

i fucking knew this evil slut was gonna come here

No. 690042

I feel like when you lie, make a bunch of false promises and your stories never match up no one is going to believe you or take pity on you because you're just being manipulative. See how that works?

No. 690135

daily reminder bitsy, if you go to police or something the first person they will sent to jail is you dount forget.

also nobody cares even if you kill yourself. Even your white knights are distrubiting your lewds inside your circle after someone leaked your nudes to them.

No. 690741


No. 690871

File: 1537272223892.png (1.21 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-18-08-00-42…)

>says she doesnt do nudes
>is gonna start doing nudes
Theres plenty of better creators out there who dont have the physique of a pre pubescent boy that id rather give money to for artful nudity, and it wouldnt be the quality of a disposable camera

No. 693769

File: 1537566109815.jpg (101.32 KB, 1080x1080, bitsyhanas_22_9_2018_0_41_17_1…)

what can i say
i hate her now

No. 693790

if anyone got some of her nude or set, posting them here will fuck her shitty patraon up

No. 693791

does any of you got her foot pic btw?

No. 694131

File: 1537614666735.jpg (35.21 KB, 720x960, 38884788_1454554277977849_6976…)

I'm not the foot hero you need , i am the one u deserve

No. 694508

thats all? only that picture?

No. 694762

Search her FB page, you will find more, i'm too lazy to search for more

No. 694882

Are you seriously selling lootboxes? LUL

No. 695246

Well that's weak materiel but that'll satisfy my dick for now(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 695314

I see Bitsy " I'll never do nudes until you give me more money" Hanas likes lurking here

No. 697018

File: 1537931776493.jpg (103.38 KB, 720x940, 20180925_231421.jpg)

Bitsy: I don't do everything just for money

Also Bitsy

No. 699304

File: 1538130396474.jpg (146.48 KB, 1080x1086, IMG_20180928_122232.jpg)

How is this any kind of proof?

No. 699307

We want da nudz :C

No. 699349

Needs material to complain that “haters” are saying about her so the white knights shoot her some more $$$

No. 700791

File: 1538294552393.png (1.26 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2018-09-30-05-02-01…)


No. 701657

File: 1538395076746.jpg (857.58 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20181001-215642.jpg)


No. 703063

Says set will be released at midnight, looks like she's late again!

No. 703290

So did she release them in the end? Like, the whole set?

No. 703367

File: 1538589901761.png (641.89 KB, 509x601, chrome_2018-10-03_20-04-51.png)

New photo

No. 703368

File: 1538590023803.png (679.35 KB, 446x792, chrome_2018-10-03_20-06-44.png)

And new one

No. 703413

Drop those bomb sir

No. 703416

My body is ready

No. 703442

honestly same please

No. 703528

File: 1538602309156.jpg (102.33 KB, 1080x1275, bitsyhanas_4_10_2018_0_30_56_5…)

at least dont upload with potato quality

No. 703529

File: 1538602327493.jpg (105.19 KB, 1080x1275, bitsyhanas_4_10_2018_0_31_0_65…)

No. 703547

so where are the """nipples""" she promised? did she actually deliver?

No. 703555

Oh god, this is it…
its called scamming people…

No. 703571

Either she's scamming people or simply doesn't know what nudes are
But seeing how she already took one and censored the nipples I'd go with the former

No. 703612

wait, that's the whole set? surely there must be more to this

No. 703676

These aren't the nudes, but i didn't think they would be anyways.

Y'all some high motherfuckas. Don't give her shit otherwise we ain't gonna see those milk duds

No. 703677

File: 1538615530106.jpg (326.19 KB, 720x904, 20181003_211017.jpg)

Here we go again

No. 703752

File: 1538623235378.png (670.98 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181004-061633.png)

She didn't even reach 200 patrons and she thinks she'll bait so many people with nudes smh

No. 704039

I think she got autism cause it's quite dangerous not to know that trying to attract people with "You'll see my nipple" and than saying "lmao you can barely see it throught the bikini" its called scamming.
And she doesnt understand that we're not doing this just to dislike her.. No, we're just saying what she's doing.

No. 704057

Lmao, a convention in Mexico. Funny cause that convention is famous because they scam people, and always claim the guests "canceled", but then the guests post on their networks that they were never invited, nor paid, and that the con is basically a scam. And Cesar? You mean Cesar Franco, one of the guests? Super cringy guy, don't know why he is still a thing.
You see guys, theses kind of girls exist a lot here in Mexico. They claim they have no money, and a sad life; but in fact they have a lame ass try of a sugar daddy, who buys them lingerie, so they can pimp them and sell awful tries of a nude, with a horribly uncomfortable face.
Also shows how much of a two faced liar you are. Endometriosis isn't that bad. Yes you bleed and it hurts a lot. But it isn't gonna kill you, and it should get better if you take your medicine; not your case I see.
And telling people you were raped, abused, and whatnot? Yikes

I'm still waiting for that story of the baby she gave up for adoption, you cowards.

No. 704430

so is anyone gonna post the rest of the set?

No. 704514

You assume there's a rest

No. 704850

there is, she posted a screenshot of drive

No. 704875

Anyone find it funny how on IG shes asking people about polyamory/polygamy yet "I only love my fiance"

$5 says her fiance has another girlfriend or shes lookin at another sugar daddy

No. 704976

she might not be satisfied with him but then again I think most of the money from patreon is going to her wedding
I don't want to pledge but I do want to see the set

No. 706257

bumping for the set

No. 706339

There's no nudes

No. 706862

File: 1539028908843.jpg (Spoiler Image, 89.25 KB, 960x720, 43310144_1523127504453859_1978…)

>>706257 Facebook says there is nipples. sounds good to me.
besides, look at that ass.

No. 706916

File: 1539033688690.jpg (108.26 KB, 1080x804, 14f99318ff38a73db0c71b14697317…)


No. 707011

Barely see-through areola in lingeria that covers the nipples amyway. So more like opqaque areola than nipples.

No. 707052

very disappointing

No. 707209

why the fuck is this thread full of horny guys? like yeah her body is decent but she has the face of a neanderthal and does nothing but whine about how hard her life is and expects handouts.

i find it annoying as fuck how she keeps talking about how when she does nudes they’ll be ~classy~ but sells trashy snapchat hoe pics like the ones posted her. like lol????? you know she’s only baiting with the nudes when she basically already does them. guess it’s the only way to keep her beta orbiters interested since she has nothing else to offer anymore lol

No. 707925

File: 1539118959955.jpg (269.75 KB, 720x1144, 20180919_080810.jpg)

Hi Bitsy! How are you? What's been up with you? Me? I've just been working. You know, an actual job. You would know that if you keep up with your friend here. Oh wait, I forgot. According to you, we weren't friends. So tell me then, was this a lie?

No. 707933

File: 1539119159110.jpg (87.36 KB, 480x854, 20180211_054336-1.jpg)

It wasn't just once you said this "friend".

No. 707938

File: 1539119228514.jpg (47.74 KB, 480x854, 20170924_213442_kindlephoto-45…)

Or how about the times you told me you loved me, was that a lie too?

No. 707941

File: 1539119302850.jpg (38.77 KB, 720x1144, 20180919_081030_kindlephoto-53…)

By the was, how much did I really mean to you? Apparently not a whole lot.

No. 707946

File: 1539119434316.jpeg (307.09 KB, 3088x2320, 127D5193-CC22-47D3-B5CF-278022…)

In case anyone is wondering, here's the photo she sent me and who knows how many others. Remember people, no lewd comments please! Lol

No. 707947

File: 1539119643789.jpg (50.57 KB, 720x1144, 20180919_081030_kindlephoto-53…)

It's funny that you're telling people that you're lonely when you have friends. Stop lying and don't act like you can relate to me when you can't.

No. 707952

File: 1539119721413.jpg (117.63 KB, 750x1334, Snapchat-1945337485.jpg)

But I see you never really cared about me. It was always what I can do for you.

No. 707958

the fucked up part about it is that you knew I wasn't in a position to do anything and yet you still was sending me shit like that gofundme shit. It didn't matter to you though. Nothing I ever said ever meant anything to you. At lease I was honest with you, you on the other hand can't say the same.

No. 707967

File: 1539120180254.jpg (96.15 KB, 720x1144, 20180927_072918-1_kindlephoto-…)

I find it funny though you claim to be so honest and you say you told people your real name alexandra. Who did you tell? You lied to me about it when I told you about it. I could've been a asshole and not say about it but I came to you out of love and respect but again, when have anything I've said ever meant anything to you?

No. 707968

Notice a theme here? you lying to me about everything? Because that's all you ever have done.

No. 707982

you're way too obsessed over someone you don't even know personally lol, get a life loser

No. 707998

Fuck you pussy whoever you are

No. 708026

Whoever you are,I bet you're the one begging for her lewds and nudes. Go pay for them if you're that thirsty for them bitch!

No. 708027

lol "terrance" let it go and move on you obsessive fucking retard. how embarrassing that you've been posting in this thread for months and even using your name lol! go find another girl to orbit

No. 708040

Whoever you are,you're sure are awfully worrying about me. You don't know me and I don't want her. You can have her lying ass. You go "orbit" somewhere.(calm down)

No. 708303

Seriously Bitsy has got problems, and I got beef with her being a liar, but maaaaaan you take it to the extreme. Like you come off as the stalker-y type of guy that ends up in the "Stalkers who Kill" show because you read waaaay too into a girl who was being friendly with you. Just my two cents dood.

No. 708656

This is why I asked you guys to please not say private things no matter how much you hate me. I legitimately have a fear of Terrance and I’ve honestly never done anything to him. I lied about my name BECAUSE he scares me. I’m sorry to everyone and the reasons you dislike me. I know how annoying I am more than anyone but I don’t think me getting kidnapped or murdered like I’ve said in the past is worth it all… someone said “you had it coming.”

Really? For what? Not giving people nudes? I’m not trying to make the situation worse but please guys me ending up dead is not worth it. People are scary.

No. 708671

terrance you got played like a fool

bitsy please stop playing these fools

No. 708692

Terrance just mad she's taking dick elsewhere and its not him

No. 709795

Okay so according to Bitsy, this is sexual assault.


No. 709841

Terrance wasn’t the person I was talking about with the sexual assault thing. Please stop. Some people here I’m sure aren’t that bad of people tbh but when you just sit around trying to pretend you’re a detective and talk shit for fun, you don’t look how you think you do and it’s pathetic not just to me but other people in this thread when people can tell how eager you are and how pathetic it is you live your life YEARNING to hate someone you don’t even know dude
Continue with talking shit but dont put words in my mouth.

No. 709968

Terrence, just leak the pic my brother :)

No. 710088

Most people in this thread are really just awaiting nudes no one REALLY cares about the drama. I'm sure if you'd deliver this thread would actually die.

No. 710213

i actually want bitsy to die, or at its best her to suffer for all the thothery that she did in the past. Or someone to make her suffer.

her nudes are only the tools for me to make her suffer. i dont care about fap material since her face is pig disgusting and her navel looks disgusting because of abortion attempts without all airbrushes on it

No. 710221

I literally don’t care about people seeing my lewds. I charge for them for extra money, but if I cared so much, I wouldn’t do them. I ask for them not to be spread because whether you guys care or not, I do need the money. I only sell them for the following month after they’re let out, so even when it comes to nudes when I start doing them, I really don’t care and would be fine linking them here after a month passes because I’ve already said I don’t do the modeling shit JUST for Patreon. My job is all about critics. But I really do think y’all have to be so disrespectful for that. I’m really not this personality y’all want me to be or seem like and I’m chill but you guys expect me not to care about my security or income. I’m going to be getting a second job when I move, and then probably going to see what I can afford to do sets and photos wise. In all reality I’d like to make it to where people can just sub the amount THEY want (even 1$), and everyone gets the same shit. And making more sets lewd causual or nude just freex But before I move and get a job, I just can’t afford that

I also don’t understand the people saying they want me to die or truly suffer. By laws, because I really am looking to prosecute certain people if not get a lawsuit against Terrance Gibbs and Connor - I can’t do anything on my own toward you including Tracing ip. I’m not breaking any laws. For people saying the police will be coming for me if I go to them, I am fully ready if anyone wants to somehow make a court case against me. There’s not proof of misconduct or scams and in the end y’all just wild as hell LOL
This entire thread screams I hurt some of you some way even if it was something shitty you did and deserved me to reject you friend wise or relationship wise.
The rest of y’all I know y’all are just bored and like talking shit and that’s chill that’s why i don’t really care.
Nudes aren’t going to hurt me. I’m not sure why you want me to die or suffer. Im pretty sure the person that wrote that was Terrance or Connor, if not then I legit don’t know you and you have no reason to want those things.
Dealing with life in general is suffering and everyone can agree to that so chill homie.
Y’all got mods on your sides. Homies banned me so I don’t have any power here. I’m just tired of coming off as big bad wolf type shit when I feel like if we have a problem— you can legit just talk to me and I realized a lot of people that hate me never even mentioned to me there was a problem to begin with because most anyone truly do hate direct confrontation which is understandable

And then if you’re just here for fun that’s legit okay I said already
But if you’re here to ruin my life, you need to get your own and realize I got my own shit going on whether you wanna believe it or not and the only person that can really do damage to me is myself. Some of y’all just make me frustrated, but so do toddlers so.

Also ?????? Abortions btw ????? the shit you guys make up is wild. Idk how abortions work tbh but my belly button is that was from laporascopys (sp?) homie but go on with ur weird self

No. 710711

Say what you want (i could honestly care less because i guarentee ive heard worse from people thst actually matter) but being someone that was a big fan of bitsy before finding this, 99% of whats said here is the same recycled bullshit thats already been said. Unless you can start actually posting stuff that proves 100% she's scammed people, then nothing you actually say matters. As for Terrance, dude you're letting a girl on the internet get to you that bad? Contact a therapist or simething cause the shit aint normal my dude. And to everyone else, if you can come up with any factual shit, then maybe ill have a hint of belief that maybe B does scam or whatever but until then, this thread smells like axe body spray and sweat. Msybe you guys should take some time off the internet and realize you have some major mommy issues

No. 711034

fuck off bitsy

No. 711045

White knights gtfo

No. 711295

File: 1539375102234.jpg (129.21 KB, 912x1600, IMG_20181012_142935_kindlephot…)

First off,when it comes to this sexual assault shit, keep my name out your fuckin mouths. I haven't had any physical contact with her at all period. In case you didn't read and I'm sure you didn't, you would know she lied about us meeting up when she was here in Chicago. Annon, what photos are you talking about releasing? Her being sexually assaulted (which I have my doubts about knowing she lies way too much)? Funny how nobody talked about that but I'm the one who needs help right? Bitsy, Alex or Lilico, whatever you want to call yourself,don't you ever lie on me like that ever again! If you're tracking ip addresses as you claim, then you would've known it wasn't me that said you should die. I have always wished you well. On top of that, you can look at my past transactions from yesterday and see with your lying eyes that the timing of whoever said that shit don't even match my transactions. I was out the whole day criss crossing this mega metropolis because I can. You want to talk about slander, what you said was very slanderous and if you ever come at me like that ever again,I wouldn't mind seeing you in court and taking all of your little patreon money. I swear with real friends like these here,who the fuck needs enemies? I maybe the only one here that still give a damn about you, but again, when have anything I've said ever mattered to you? I hope you're well but never lie on me like this again.

No. 711343

nobody said that retardo

No. 711406

You’re acually autistic

No. 711417

Reading is fundamental annon try it and shut up

No. 711786

File: 1539424280660.jpg (206.15 KB, 620x620, thumb.jpg)

All i know is that i could care less about personality drama. I just think that if the internet had fewer jerks, more people would be opening up over here and leaking more nudes and being more honest.

I just hope all of this "i want you to suffer bullshit" Do not scare you away from doing that shit.

Also, If bitsy just went nude on patreon already, money would fly from the sky for her and i would see her naked ass. everybody would be happy.

No. 712098

Bitsy, let me tell you something in all honesty. If you would just post some nudes here, this thread would die and no one would care about what you did, in fact, more people would care about what you have to post.

No. 712510

I love this thread

No. 712730

lmao dudes want nudes. place your bets. how soon til the dudes get nudes?

No. 712990

Probably never.
But hey, a man can dream.
Also, she has a man now right? More chances of something either getting leaked or she showing it herself on patreon.

"As long as a woman lives, she can send nudes"
anon 1964

No. 713028

Tbh I'd settle for a nipple. Stumbled here looking for nudes, lewds, leaks.

No. 713050

I'd settle for just a nipple too.
I wonder how little people actually pay for her stuff and her pics on facebook since almost nothing ever leaks. This was easier when Anon ib was still up.

Maybe if we ask enough times for an update on Yiif party?

No. 713077

Never ever

Also anyone got more information on this Terrance guy? He seems like a person who deserves a thread

No. 713486

I don't understand why are there so many white knights and pervs in the forum. All pervs exit stage right all white knights exit stage left. Since all anyone want to talk about is her "nudes" and "lewds", Let's talk about how much of a lying ass bitch you really are Bitsy. Funny you always claiming that you don't care yet you're here trying to justify all of your bullshit. You claim that you don't care about having your shit leaked when in fact months ago you were on Facebook threatening to sue people for leaking your lewds claiming revenge porn. I'm no legal expert but I'm pretty sure tracing people's ip's is pretty much illegal. I find it funny though that she constantly in here explaining all of her lies and yet she still haven't mentioned anything about the accusation that someone here made against her claiming that she was fucking a 16 year old boy. You also keep saying Bitsy that someone wants to kill or rape you. You're not worth 25 to life and why would anyone want to rape you? You also say that every time someone post something about you, you're psychically assaulted. "oh someone posted something let's go beat up Bitsy" lmao give me a break. You lie so damn much is why people hate you and if you stop lying people wouldn't hate you.

No. 713491

As far as white knights go, I'm sure it's you Joey boy from jolly ol England the biggest white knight of them all. I hope you know what you're getting yourself into before you say I do. We wouldn't want you to be lied to too now.

No. 713857

I already said that I do legal shit because whether you believe it or not, I do need. The money. I said I’m not tracking ips because it’s illegal, and my fiancé was 17 when we started dating, which is legal age in Texas where I live, and 16 is the legal age in UK. We also had his moms permission to be together, which is literally the only person aside from him, who should care at all about any of this. I wasn’t raped, I said sexual assault which covers molestation.
You all want to point fingers and it seems like You in general are the person with the most problems here.
You don’t know anything about me and seem to care too much. People here think omg she said this! Omg look!! Looks like she’s on the forum !!
But it’s literallt a forum ABOUT ME… why wouldn’t I find it or look?
Chill with this weird vendetta shit. I’m just another person in the world and people that spend their times obsessing over everything I do are more obsessed than orbiters themselves and it’s sad dude.
I’ve said this before, but you have to somewhere be smarter than this and deserve more than wasting your life talking about someone that has nothing to do with how your day goes and what the future has for you….
I’m sorry if you have troubles believing your life can change, and or YOU can change as a person, but I’ve admitted my wrongs in life and hate the person I used to be when I was younger. I told everyone about how I used to be horrible and a bully and just not care about myself or anyone back when I was like 15, but I grew up. I gained a heart and a conscience and if you can’t mature enough to do that, then that’s on you, homie.
I’m just trying to live my life and it’s hard enough as it is for anyone and everyone, no matter what you have or don’t have… life’s shittY. There’s no use in making anyone’s life worse. Feel better.

Also @ mods, I’m not causing any problems here. Don’t breaking rules or anything so not sure why I keep getting banned other than the fact that you guys enjoy chillin in this thread lol

No. 713880

Just curious as I'm sure many others are, how are you able to pay for all the trips and going to bars and shit like that if you're as broke as you say you are? From the looks of it you make more on patreon a month than people who have real jobs. Maybe people wouldn't hate you if you just came out with the truth and explained everything instead of e-begging

No. 713975

Holy shit you’re flip-flopping; first you’re claiming that you don’t care about people who’re “just talking shit”, but then flip when this anon started talking shit, which is it sperg?

Also, by your logic it’s fine for someone to fuck a 13 year old if they live in Japan LOL

No. 714002

The age of consent in japan is not 13. When it comes to sexual relationships it's between 15 and 18 depending on the prefecture.

No. 714025

My bad, Phillippines instead then

No. 714302

Only on some prefectures. not all. some places the age is 13 still.
Sounds silly to care more about what she does to the possibility of getting free nudes.
However, this forum IS to bad talk other people, so why not. Cucks exit to the center.

No. 714429

Anything I say is going to get bashed so like I said shit talk me all you guys wants, that’s fine… but when you directly ask questions wanting answers, and I give the answers? Yet you still find something to bash me for, it’s ridiculous.
I’ll be here if you ever want to ask anything else like HONESTY what the answers, but if you can’t take it and accept it, it’s not my problem, dude.

For y’all wanting the shower set, I can link it here when I let out next months 🤪

No. 714464

I don't think you are even real but who cares?
Go ahead. make my day. Bring those sets.
I will take my chances.

No. 714842

no one here apart from people looking for nudes believes a thing you say

you can leave now

No. 715187

I'll believe anything for a titty know what im sayin

No. 715308

post the sets you don't sell anymore as well

No. 715351

We know the set ain't even nudes you'll have to do better than that

No. 715475

Tits or GTFO.

No. 715623

Yeah there’s apparently no being nice to you all so forget it all
You’ll never really know me and you obviously have never truly known me. People being so disrespectful ruin things for everyone.

No. 715642

Gotta love the fakes that try to be bitsy on this foruns.
If only they could provide the nudes my life would be complete.

No. 715812

File: 1539845237415.jpeg (521.24 KB, 750x1247, AD0A8D0D-6A83-4391-87D3-579BE2…)

Her recent updates show that she’s currently in the hospital so if it is her she’s pretty fucking sad, huh?

She’s also posted some screenshots of some beta demanding a refund over something she publicly posted that he spent money to view previously and “censored” his name but conveniently “forgot” to censor some instances of his first name which outed him as a relatively well known member of her community

When someone told her this on her post her reply was to say “It’s fine if no one attacks him!!” hint hint

No. 715814

File: 1539845298227.jpeg (151.14 KB, 750x476, 1978FAF5-14F3-4998-BBD4-D27878…)

No. 715815

File: 1539845415293.jpeg (54.16 KB, 546x197, 83F921D8-066B-48AF-A8AD-38711F…)

No. 716044

the funny thing is her whiteknights always says nice things to bitsy, but when i singlehandly messaged literally all of her fans the nudes, they said YEA THANK U DUDE I WASNT PLANNING TO BUY THEM IN THE FIRST PLACES THAT HELPED ME like bitch i can literally count all of ur whiteknights, nobody fucking loves you for the person you are, you are only tool for them to masturbate and if you think thats okay thats were you are wrong kiddo. I will fucking personally destroy you Alexandra. Unless you somehow became a decent human person

No. 716045

the funny thing is her whiteknights always says nice things to bitsy, but when i singlehandly messaged literally all of her fans the nudes, they said YEA THANK U DUDE I WASNT PLANNING TO BUY THEM IN THE FIRST PLACES THAT HELPED ME like bitch i can literally count all of ur whiteknights, nobody fucking loves you for the person you are, you are only tool for them to masturbate and if you think thats okay thats were you are wrong kiddo. I will fucking personally destroy you Alexandra. Unless you somehow became a decent human person

No. 716046

the funny thing is her whiteknights always says nice things to bitsy, but when i singlehandly messaged literally all of her fans the nudes, they said YEA THANK U DUDE I WASNT PLANNING TO BUY THEM IN THE FIRST PLACES THAT HELPED ME like bitch i can literally count all of ur whiteknights, nobody fucking loves you for the person you are, you are only tool for them to masturbate and if you think thats okay thats were you are wrong kiddo. I will fucking personally destroy you Alexandra. Unless you somehow became a decent human person

No. 716047

the funny thing is her whiteknights always says nice things to bitsy, but when i singlehandly messaged literally all of her fans the nudes, they said YEA THANK U DUDE I WASNT PLANNING TO BUY THEM IN THE FIRST PLACES THAT HELPED ME like bitch i can literally count all of ur whiteknights, nobody fucking loves you for the person you are, you are only tool for them to masturbate and if you think thats okay thats were you are wrong kiddo. I will fucking personally destroy you Alexandra. Unless you somehow became a decent human person

No. 716048

the funny thing is her whiteknights always says nice things to bitsy, but when i singlehandly messaged literally all of her fans the nudes, they said YEA THANK U DUDE I WASNT PLANNING TO BUY THEM IN THE FIRST PLACES THAT HELPED ME like bitch i can literally count all of ur whiteknights, nobody fucking loves you for the person you are, you are only tool for them to masturbate and if you think thats okay thats were you are wrong kiddo. I will fucking personally destroy you Alexandra. Unless you somehow became a decent human person

No. 716049

the funny thing is her whiteknights always says nice things to bitsy, but when i singlehandly messaged literally all of her fans the nudes, they said YEA THANK U DUDE I WASNT PLANNING TO BUY THEM IN THE FIRST PLACES THAT HELPED ME like btch i can literally count all of ur whiteknights, nobody f*king loves you for the person you are, you are only tool for them to masturbate and if you think thats okay thats were you are wrong kiddo. I will f**king personally destroy you Alexandra. Unless you somehow became a decent human person

No. 716050

the funny thing is her whiteknights always says nice things to bitsy, but when i singlehandly messaged literally all of her fans the nudes, they said YEA THANK U DUDE I WASNT PLANNING TO BUY THEM IN THE FIRST PLACES THAT HELPED ME like bitch i can literally count all of ur whiteknights, nobody fucking loves you for the person you are, you are only tool for them to masturbate and if you think thats okay thats were you are wrong kiddo. I will fucking personally destroy you Alexandra. Unless you somehow became a decent human person

No. 716053

the funny thing is her whiteknights always says nice things to bitsy, but when i singlehandly messaged literally all of her fans the nudes, they said YEA THANK U DUDE I WASNT PLANNING TO BUY THEM IN THE FIRST PLACES THAT HELPED ME like btch i can literally count all of ur whiteknights, nobody f*king loves you for the person you are, you are only tool for them to masturbate and if you think thats okay thats were you are wrong kiddo. I will f**king personally destroy you Alexandra. Unless you somehow became a decent human person

No. 716068

No. 716161

No. 716425

Where the fuck are the nudes anon?

No. 716427

File: 1539911058213.jpg (75.43 KB, 720x426, 20181018_210047.jpg)

I wonder how the Terrence guy would react to this, must suck that the girl you obsess over is getting dick from a fellow beta orbiter or people at cons

No. 716535

Okay Henry Burns …. I’ve never talked to you before in my life and you’ve never even commented on anything. Your past messages are so sweet and I replied and the next message I sent was me saying to stop spreading pictures and now you’re upset?
Get a life dude. Who sits on Facebook thinking they’re some hero for spreading lewds? Idc if they didn’t want to pay. People need their own money too, but it’s pretty pathetic that you’re so narcissistic that you’re just messaging random ass people on my page all day like here u go peasants I did a good deed right?

So what they didn’t pay. They still ratted you out.


No. 716536

And stop bothering other people here for nudes. There’s no nudes yet. The shower set I’ve set a million times is just wet top that’s see through but it’s not nudity

Although people also got mad when I said I don’t do nudity and then sent me the shower pics so I can win whatever

No. 716589

No. 716592

No. 716653

I think she just deleted her facebook.
Or i got blocked without ever ever posting anything there.

No. 716745

I can’t find it either so assuming she took it down

Can you give any more milk on this cow? He deactivated his account by the looks of it

No. 716754

It is down.
“The puppet master” who was bragging about sending my lewds to other people was going around telling people “I have 5 of her lewds, you interested?”

And then trying to charge for them as well.
Someone said more than I was but I wasn’t sure of the prices so idk… Dumbass.
People sent me screenshots about it warning me.
Also, dressing up and having fun isn’t something you need to be “low” to do. I’m going to guess you’ve never had a gf and if you did, doesn’t sound like y’all had any fun. Most gfs put makeup on their bf at some point for fun. Get over it, dude. Making fun of him isn’t going to magically put me on ur dick.

No. 716765

Nah sorry for the spam, lol cow went down at the time i posted this so i tried 2 or 3 times again after all of them didnt posted i leaved it to post it later. Apparently it posted et all. Sorry again

No. 716769

Lol firstly i did not call my puppet master you delusional crackwhore.
Secondly i am not henry burns stop outing random people as lynch materials.
Thirdly you dont have an single idea hoe whiteknighting works. They obliviosly gonna tell you, thats why in the firdt place i sent them to them. Its their opus operandi. Otherwise how gonna they suck up to you huh?

No. 716770

Lol firstly i did not call my puppet master you delusional crackwhore.
Secondly i am not henry burns stop outing random people as lynch materials.
Thirdly you dont have an single idea hoe whiteknighting works. They obliviosly gonna tell you, thats why in the firdt place i sent them to them. Its their opus operandi. Otherwise how gonna they suck up to you huh?

No. 716811

File: 1539953631523.jpeg (85.33 KB, 1080x2240, 7D721213-D5DC-4893-8744-B8E7D9…)

No. 717253

File: 1539999901201.jpeg (38.69 KB, 321x321, ED94A580-2A96-4BA9-9173-ACB434…)

thank you for confirming you’re not Henry Burns. Smart move there.

But the fact you’re so angry that you’re not getting the recognition, speaks so loudly.
I’m going to guess a pitiful wanna be “sad girl” like you, needed to lurk forums or someone you’ve never spoken to or know, steal the lewds Others delivered, sit on my page and message random men, BEGGING for validation, because you need attention so badly you don’t care if it’s good or bad? Especially male attention hmm?
Does your dad not love you? Are you so disgusted by yourself, you can’t stand someone getting attention even though I have no ducking control of it.
It’s ironic as shit that you want to whine so much about me being an attention seeker ON MY OWN PAGE that I use as a personal blog or personal fb, and as my escape from the real world..:
But you go searching for that validation and attention. You need praise and thank yous and to feel like such a goddess that you’ll sink so low to wasting your time sending out lewds.

Go ahead and tell me you’re not this person, Mine. You’re only going to make things worse for yourself. Because even if you’re not her, I have the rest of you lined up with all your info as well. I’m standing up for myself. You? You’re on a forum that has nothing to do with you and whine about someone you’ve never spoke to once in your pathetic life so maybe you can seem like some sort of savior.

And I’m tired of it. I’m tired of trying and hearing out reasons and understanding people that want me to burn. I’m tired of trying to just reason with anyone and be nice hoping we can find some common ground. I’m not upset you sent my lewds out. I’m upset people really think they can walk over me like you. Crazy bitch.

Wanna see what it’s like to have your face all over a forum? You want that attention so badly. Don’t worry, I’ll help you out!

No. 717254

File: 1539999952490.jpeg (489.13 KB, 717x957, B98B6AA8-3A90-4AA8-B43A-A0DB3D…)

No. 717257

File: 1540000075709.jpeg (32.12 KB, 299x329, AF911AE3-9F21-4988-AE85-0B5A77…)

And here’s your info so everyone can have it !

Mine Altintas



No. 717274

Oh god Alexandra you couldnt know how much im having fun right now! You are milking this with so much material i want to fucking mess with you more. Bingo you outed one of my accounts? And what? You gonna lynch me or what hahaha im not scared of you little cunt. Say whatever itty bitty petty things to me i dont care, when i see your thottery and hypocrisy on my feed i get angry yes, bitches like you shouldnt ever live. Here is a suggestion Bitsy, did you consider ending your life? That way you could get the most attention you could ever want in the first place. Like someone said in here, you are the worst people in the community after Mariah. Your toxic attunity is what we need to get rid of. So if you want to help please go kill yourself. You fucking scam people, lie to your fans, friends, even random people. Then you live in a lie that even you believe. Im sorry for you '' fiancee '' poor guy sleeping with happy ignorance while you fucking latinos and killing ur godbless what number fetus then calling it oh no i have this totally deadly sickness which is actually does fucking nothing so please give money guys. Is it your 5th abortion yet? Or was it 6?

No. 717280

Also wait a fucking minute out of 38 guy i sent pics i never write this message. What the fuck bitsy have you started into crafting screenshots too you fucking illegalslut

No. 717317

You actually need help. Please get help and feel better. You’re on another level and I don’t even know you. You’re making up things in your head and I can’t help you with whatever is wrong with you. You must believe everything you read online and then add random things like abortions. No one should ever make you that angry when you don’t know them at all. I hope things get better for you.

No. 717475

tbh its kinda sad that you're this obsessed with her.

No. 717522

I'm actually almost starting to root for Bitsy here she's defending herself way better than the people here. Y'all write like you're so angry and she's super composed. I was here for the nudes but stayed for the drama

No. 717525

thats that but i dont think bitsy herself is very composed

No. 717529

true tbh, it's kind of funny that people are saying they get so mad whenever they even hear her name thats just pathetic af lol

No. 717625

Everyone knows Bitsy lies all the time and does sketchy shit like false advertising but it's pretty weird to see people get that angry. At this point they're both just cringey. Still waiting for the nudes though

No. 717674

Thank you for at least giving me even a bit of slack today. I still don’t have nudes but here —


No. 718051

shave ur pussy

No. 718063

Fuck off samefagging

No. 718067

File: 1540131629049.jpg (106.44 KB, 810x1440, 16836238_272686629819286_64815…)

irc her actual name is Holland L(aranza?)
another account:

+ additional pics of her for those interested

No. 718068

File: 1540131645934.jpg (41.49 KB, 540x960, 17201068_279862855768330_88210…)

No. 718069

File: 1540131660084.png (601.25 KB, 474x711, Screenshot_1.png)

No. 718070

File: 1540131672897.png (688.15 KB, 474x713, Screenshot_23.png)

No. 718071

File: 1540131727512.jpg (56.65 KB, 1440x810, 17240060_279866279101321_49457…)

pretty funny that she's calling bitsy a crackwhore though

No. 718072

File: 1540131835187.jpg (57.32 KB, 958x960, 16997149_141194763067508_16727…)

also holland stop a-logging k thx bye

No. 718174

You can’t call someone a crackwhore when ur a ketamine addict urself lol.

No. 718217

how do you got these pics
also moar pls

No. 718271

is that hollands ass?

No. 718338

yes, julia is on the front

No. 718340

No. 718514

hello. i am Henry. its my RP profile. thats why the puppet master. anyway yep i thought trading pictures with other fans for free would be a good idea(you need only a google search to find them anyway). but that's all i did. i am not that other person who you thought.

No. 718541

I understand Henry. I was using your name to find out if it really was you or not but I still do not think anyone should just be sitting around sending people photos. Focus on yourself and better yourself. If they want to google and find the ones here, it’s easy.

As for Holland, I thought you looked familiar.
A ketamine addict who would get high and sleep with any man at any party she could while dating my old best friend.
It seems like you’ve been taking too much horse tranquilizer, but now I understand why you’re projecting your insecurities on me.
I don’t want any drama, and I don’t want bad vibes. I think you really do need help and it seems like you’re losing yourself. Work on your problems and maybe it won’t cause you to project so much on other people you don’t know.
I’m sorry if things are hard for you right now, and I have no idea what my old best friend told you, but we were fighting while you both were dating and they already came out and said it was all lies.
Move on and leave me alone man. Don’t blame me for anything else others might do here. You did this to yourself.

goodnight everyone sleep well

No. 718580

File: 1540198868790.jpg (205.59 KB, 1080x1921, bitsyhanas_22_10_2018_11_58_54…)

ur definitely pregnant, those nipples say that so

No. 718680

File: 1540222630338.jpeg (1.32 MB, 3088x2320, 7D023C3C-EC6F-4863-95E6-0D6D06…)

Once again, you’re delusional. (Date is sideways)

No. 718693

Who are you quoting thats my first message

No. 718907

I came for potential nudes and omg, there’s so much negativity. I’d bet anything that if nudes were to be posted here, this chat would immediately die out and that’d be the end of it. Could we please get something??(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 719026

i don't think those pictures should be given for money. cosplays need money, and time to make which would worth money. but taking off most of your clothes dosen't cost anything so i think its funny to give for money. however i don't deny i tried to trade with 5 persons which led to nowhere so i given it up. and yes i sent you messages before but its not true that you payed any attention on them. i got only automatic replys. don't get me wrong it wasn't some kind of revenge for not replying me. it was only for pictures. i have no any hate towards you.

No. 719157

Bitsy lemme smash
Real shit doe those stretch marks get me hella hard

No. 719158

just its more lewd then what I was expecting. Not that I had high expectations, to begin with.

Okay so, I will play along and act like you are the real bitsy because its more fun that way.

So, a few things. One, the way you did not bother to shop your stretch marks makes it more hot.

two, I really think that if money is a problem you should put your morals were your mouth is and just go for cosplay nudes. or at least topless. then use the money to fund your dream of becoming a model.
3, don't advertise nudity when there is just half of a nipple. but advertise the shit out of sexy lewds.

No. 719196

I’m not doing nudes just because you are begging for it.
And I’m not throwing away my morals for more money. I want to do artistic nudes not fucking cosplay nudes.
That’s not funding my dream of modeling. I’ve been a model since I was 5. People get mad saying that it’s not true because I don’t show my work, but I don’t show my portfolio work because I was hiding my real name and they connect to eachother.
And AGAIN, I never said there was nudity in this set. I said it was a see through wet top type of thing.
I said no nudity until 400.
Some assholes got mad saying “I think it’s funny you say these aren’t nudity yet your half naked.” And started being really fucking rude about it.
I can’t win with the hate. I’m sick of it, and I’m not going to be putting out nudes just for you to please your cock.
I swear some guys are seriously like horny little chihuahuas.
Also, I can make money from whatever I want, Henry. Do you see how much hatred is here because people want more more more ? People are greedy, and if I say hey this pic of my ass is $10, because I can show messages and you can see the amount of detail I go into because guys keep asking for more and more about the photo before it’s purchasd. I even ask if it was okay after sending them most of the time.
It is not my fault if people would rather share it here than to say something To Me upfront. If you’re afraid of confrontation and would much rather post things anon, that’s not my fault.
If you all complain about how I do things like sell lewds to make money, then blame yourselves. I’ve lost too many jobs because of these forums. I lost my passion for cosplay because I could spend all my time making things , and you all would still find ways to shit talk me.
I’ve been as understanding as I possibly can and even trying to reason with you all, but no, you’re not getting nudes until I do any fashion nudes on my own time. Don’t start shit when you don’t know what you’re ever talking about, and know acting like a piece of shit isn’t going to get you what you want.

No. 719208

Yummy looking tummy and for some reason the stretch marks really turn me on. Love your ass and thighs too. Fucking thank you for existing.

No. 719210

Also don’t understand why you keep acting like I’m not her lol
Would be really creepy if someone was this passionate about pretending to be me.
There’s plenty of free cosplay nudes and other beautiful women that do far more than lewds and or more lewd than I do.
People know it’s free and you can fap to that instead of me.
I don’t see why I’m being called a thot and slut because I won’t deliver. My job isn’t to make you cum. Please respect that already and move on to something free if what I do bothers you so much.

No. 719217

"My job isn’t to make you cum."
Is it weird that those words got me hard.
Gonna fap to the shower set now

No. 719219

I see what's your problem. You care too much what a bunch of random anons say on the interwebs.
They will complain. they will trash talk you. and all of that.
Jessica Nigri had probably the worse group of harassers after her. yet, she did not care; she kept doing it and now she is the most popular cosplayer with contracts all over the place. Doing Voice work and she never even needed to take a single nude.
She was not born with a terrible disease that crippled her finances. That is why I am suggesting nudes on patreon, You clearly need the money. You beg for it constantly. Not saying its bad, you do have an unfortunate disease. I am also not saying for you to shove a dildo on your pussy and spread your legs like a horny bitch either. Do it with style. do it like art. you clearly have a fanbase and the talent for it.
In the end, even fucking 4 chan stopped bad mounting Nigri after a while.
Nobody wants to milk a cow that does not respond.
Have you fucking seen this posts? people are insane.
"you can fap to that instead of me."
Its not just the nude body. its the person. The public wants to fap to bitsy for whatever reason. it comes with being a woman with a public image.

No. 719221

The fact is, I’m not doing that.
I have already said when I will be doing nudity, and like I said before, please respect that.

No. 719224

Nigri is far too big that no drama will keep her from getting work. Just like all celebrities. It’s not the same, and I’m going to be getting a “real job” as you all like to call it once I move. I’m not asking anyone to see that when I’m working, it’s constantly. If you don’t understand that, it’s fine because no one sees the behind the scenes. Obviously I’m not working right now and I’m on bedrest.
I care about everyone, but what people want to believe is that I don’t give a shit about anyone but myself.
I’m sick of it and I’ve dealt with many forums for years now. People bring up drama about me that’s from 4-5 years ago and I’m tired of being seen this way. I’m trying to stand up for myself, because I don’t like when people do it for me. I hate that people that are nice are called whiteknights and it’s better hearing it from the person’s mouth. I’m trying to do more and be more, but I can’t and will not be what you want me to be. I’m sorry. I’ll leave the forums if I’m ruining your fun, but these forums have put me in a very dangerous spot. An anon stole my ID and stabbed my best friends tire 8 times and messaged me anon on instagram about it.
I can’t live in that type of fear. I can’t be ending up sicker because of stress so please. Be horny and talk shit all you want but please don’t risk my safety. It’s not worth it. I don’t know what’s wrong with a lot of people here but since I’ve posted, you’ve seen that they’re not in their right mind. Some of you might think this is fun and games, but people do want me dead.

No. 719226

You do you girl. Just a suggestion.
the rest of us will probably be doing your photos.
Jokes aside the set was nice. Hot, and you put on that face you do on some sets that really turn everybody on. I could tell it was low budget but it was well made with the low money you got.

No. 719227

Not selling nudes for cash? Faggot do you know what supply and demand is?

Stop fucking deflecting you stupid cunt, this thread wasn’t started because you wouldn’t make nudes plus, people post here anon rather than confront you because if you know who they are, you throw them to the dogs like Terrance, that Tim guy you conveniently forgot to censor the name of and the other spergs who have turned up here

samefag, your reply popped up 15sec after the initial post, are you actually retarded?

No. 719233

People will believe what they want.
Stop worrying if people think you are a monster or not. if your boss fired you because of drama from fucking lolcow and sites like this, then it was the wrong job anyway.
If somebody is using your info to harass you, get the feds on them. like every fucking sjw woman on the internet.
Bitsy, this is the place where the baby cries but the mother is dead so it cannot hear it.
Its the place where the mask of anon gives safety for everyone to be jerks. sorry to tell you but there are lots of people that would love to destroy you if they could be anons irl. But they wont. Cuz society. also cuz they all have very low self esteem.
And you are not fucking up my fun. Hell, you being the real Bitsy or not, this is just fun. also, got lewd set. no complains.

No. 719244

Thanks dude sorry for the incoming shitstorm of people callin you a whiteknight goodnight sleep well

No. 719247

You smell like white knight lol clearly not a user here

No. 719274

Not a user but I am not defending her either.
I still don't think she is the real bitsy anyway. just having fun while jacking off to my set over here.

No. 719316

Moralfag, what do you think this board is? If you aren’t here for the cows why are you here?

No. 720779

God damn this shit is getting ridiculous now. Everyone is being so edgy. Like surely you’ve all graduated high school by now. Bitsy and the guy who never had a chance with her. Just grow up the both of you. Live your lives, stop thinking about each other and fuck off.

No. 721198

bitsy killed the goddamn thread

No. 721271

Annon you smell like low key white knight. All you fools who white knighted her for nudes, don't you feel stupid now? You been warned that their are no nudes, their were no nudes and their never will be any nudes. All she did was tease your dicks or in Mine Valentine's case tease her little cunt. You want nudes that badly go to a porn site you fucking kids. Speaking of fucking kids, that's what she's into. 16-17 at 21 what the fuck? How much more younger are you going predator? 15? 14? 13? You're the sick one, you need help and you need to be in handcuffs and not the one that little boy likes to put you in. As usual Bitsy, you come in here lying. You claim people are scared to talk to you. Total bullshit and you know it. the only reason people don't talk to you about your bullshit because you're quick to block people and yell "leave me alone". You also blame Henry, blame yourself. No one told you to put yourself out there like that and what the hell did you thought was going to happen when you decided to release that set in here? Did you really think that was going to be the end? You clearly can't be that stupid, take some goddamn responsibility for once in your life. To that one anon who thinks that wasn't Bitsy in here, either you're an idiot or their is no blood flow to your brain because all of it is in your dick. Stop beating off so much, it's not good for you. Those other anons "kind of pulling for Bitsy", don't lie you been one of her guard dogs the whole damn time reporting back to her. Don't be fooled by her "Artistic nude" bullshit, she's still teasing your cocks and cunt Mine Valentine. Read between the lines, really focus on what she says and don't let her spin the narrative on you because she is the ultimate spin master. She will say shit just to make you believe her and gain sympathy. Always remember the most important things to her, your attention and your money.

No. 721469

She’s killed all the accounts + FB page linked in op, anyone know of any other places we can get more milk for this thread? It’s drying up pretty quickly

No. 721795

Annon, you're missing so much "milk" here. Just read up. Example: She lost so many "jobs" because of this forum. Imagine how many more she'll lose when they find out she's into fucking juveniles. Just imagine if the roles were reversed. A 21 year old man fucking a 16 or 17 anything. We're not talking handcuffs, we're talking about shackles from the neck down to his toes. A muzzle over his mouth, beaten and tased within a inch of his life and thrown under the jail. Don't think for a second she deleted her pages, they're just deactivated for who knows when. She'll be back begging for something wait and see. As far as you Bitsy go, no one is bringing you down but yourself. People don't know you as you say because all your ass ever do is lie. Maybe just maybe, if you weren't such a liar and be honest maybe people will get to know you. You been spreading your legs for a minor for damn near three. You really need to be in jail. Hide your kids, Alexandra's on the prowl.

No. 723704

You’re an idiot. Heaps of 21 year old dudes date 17 year old girls.

No. 723812

File: 1540899836192.jpeg (171.86 KB, 479x727, 5EE94DB9-B3D5-4018-BC4B-2CCEB2…)

Hey annon take a seat right over there

No. 724145

Naw scratch that! Don't even bother sitting, just come here and put these handcuffs on. You and Bitsy need to be behind bars.

No. 724322

is this a Christian forum now?
17 w/ 21 is not even illegal most places.

No. 724375

Beastiality is also legal in some places. What’s your point annon? You think it’s okay for adults to screw teenagers?

No. 724382

A 17 year old with a 21 old is legal in most states in America. turning 18 does not turn your fucking mind magically into one of an adult anyway, and 21 to 17 is not even 5 years of difference.
I think you are a virgin frustrated that not even a stupid teen wants to get close to your sorry ass.

No. 724645

No one cares faggot

No. 724647

This. People who disagree need to get off their moral high horse and stop being fucking retarded.

No. 724739

No one cares about you nutting to her fuck off

No. 724772


No. 724838

bitsy whiteknights still here samefagging i see

No. 724867

It’s probably her eurocuck boyfriend

No. 725246

The samefaging never stops i see…

No. 725487

can someone post Holland's nudes to here?

No. 725537

i will post bitsy's medical record here if you post holland's nudes

No. 726579

File: 1541353395477.png (361.97 KB, 530x813, Screenshot_2018-11-03-21-38-29…)

She's begging again

No. 726637

As much as I really don’t want to, I have to admit money is such a burden and so difficult to come by. If I were to do nudes, would anybody actually pay for them or just scam me and post them here?

No. 726660

I personally don't share what I pay for and I think that goes for most people.

No. 726693

urreally following her on instagram just to see when she posts a story so you can post it here lol. imagine being that much of a virgin loser.

No. 726770

Anything, huh?

No. 726774

Oh look, yet another white knight cuck

No. 726914

Ooh Bitsy, darling please don't try to grow an ass so fast or you won't have those stretch marks. D: I love you and all but you don't have to buy into the "thicc" craze to get attention. You were a million percent hot beforehand and I know "I feel so much happier now" but trust me, I know, eating Door-Dash'd cheesecake all the time would make me happy too but it's not good for you Queen B. {:T

No. 727093

I mean, it's pretty sad.

No. 727129

I’m no longer commenting here. The last person who commented under my name was not me. Letting you all know. Enjoy the thread but anyone claiming to be me after this comment is not me. Being obsessed is already weird, now you’re like role playing as me which makes it even weirder. How about stop complaining about my life and what I do and focus on yourselves… this isn’t healthy for me OR YOU! take care of yourselves and move on. Bye.

No. 727218

So, I see her page is back up…and she's apparently homeless too.

No. 727372


No. 727379

We pretty sure alexandra, how about shut the fuck up for a day huh?

No. 727387

This was a fun read lmao

No. 727403

Do us all a favor and do amateur porn or something? I bet your financial problems would be solved by getting dicked down on camera.

No. 727465

Porn actresses are polite girls who are also smart. And Kind. And Not scammer.

Bitsy couldnt be an amateur pornosctor even if she wanted it

No. 727600

File: 1541529115282.jpeg (291.3 KB, 750x511, B6A50B63-1342-4B9D-A784-E2D08B…)

Holy shit what even is this picture? She looks like a lifeless sex doll haha

No. 727601

File: 1541529244763.jpeg (59.82 KB, 620x827, 391ACB32-9089-494C-A3B7-B1416F…)

Also fucking this I’m getting massive fucking momokun vibes hahaha

No. 727608

that long legs tho

No. 727610

Link to her new video for those interested



Or is she too retarded to set up a new PayPal using her actual name? Who knows

On another note, she just needs a beer belly to go with that receeding hairline and we can start calling her Big Al

No. 727612

Whoops on mobile

Desktop version

No. 727756

What receding hairline? Not even sticking up for her but I think you’re a bit autistic

No. 727878

We’re all autistic here, welcome to the board

No. 727910

She is boomer now thats what probably anon pointed out

This is so sad can we kill bitsy?

Also she shittalks about things people love and ironically jome about, who the fuck cares bitsys opinion on no nut november, nobody does it for real le 'muh its nut hulthy guyss' bitsy you will shittalk about everything if ur popularity drops a lil bot

No. 728063

Okay last annon go work on your English, it's terrible. I didn't understand a damn thing you said. Pointing out her bullshit is one thing but death threats ain't cool at all. Y'all need to chill with that shit. Speaking of bullshit, Bitsy you say you're not commenting here yet here you are saying you're not commenting here. So if if you're leaving the forum then leave and take that virgin guard dog with you. That bitch wouldn't know what to do with a woman even if she gave him instructions. That video is 13 minutes of my life I'll never get back. You tried to spin saying it's all about your real name. No bitch it's all about your lies even in that garbage ass video. As far as your stupid PayPal go, you really thought they weren't go catch you using a fake name with your real social security number? I thought you were smarter than that. That's the only thing illegal here you fraudulent chomo. Perv annon, give your hand and dick a rest already you're going to beat yourself to death. Bitsy you say you want people in you're DM to talk about it. How about you come back here and talk about it. I know you're still following the forum here hiding in your safe space isn't going to save you from your lies snowflake.

No. 728387

Isn’t it odd that she can’t pay rent and buy groceries (also did she say she buys groceries once a month? Wtf) because she can’t access her paymetonnes buck yet she can afford all that makeup and I thought she had a modeling job too? What happened to that?

No. 729339

Most people go grocery shopping once a month. It's called normal which I can say is the only thing normal about her. Everything else is bat shit crazy. Modeling? What modeling? Her modeling career is about as real as her "nude" portfolio. It's not real and it doesn't exist. I do find it funny though she's telling people to get their lives together just because she's engaged to that boy (and I do mean boy) when she can't even get her own together. Who the fuck are you?! Her only source of income is from patreon and begging unless this agency is still giving her more free shit. I wonder how many people did she tell that she likes little boys.

No. 730178

im just here wondering why she subjects herself to y'alls and even her own self abuse. think by now she'd rather just get a real job and disappear.

No. 730287

Because she loves the attention as much as she'll try to blow smoke up your ass and tell you that's not true. As long as the fans she haven't blocked yet keep giving her money she's going to keep begging. I find it funny though she's too sick to work but she's not too sick to drink, smoke and club.

No. 730301

Trust me annon, everything you've said makes sense but sense doesn't apply to her. People have been saying the same thing about her for years and nothing has changed. She is not interested in working because she knows if she can put on makeup, flash a pretty smile and a little skin plus tell a sob story, people will hand her money.

No. 730338

how else would you get milk

No. 730355

Eh i thonk second anon is just a white knight faggot who doesn’t understand the purpose of cow threads

No. 730993

I wouldn't say white knighting, I think that annon is just confused by her bullshit and she's full of it.

No. 731041

Isn't ironic that this pedophile sharing a post about another pedophile being stabbed and she supports it? In that case you need to be stabbed too.

No. 731043

This bitch fucks high schoolers and got the guts about somebody being a pedophile. Bitch gtfo.

No. 731044

When is she going to tell her "fans" she spread her legs for kids?

No. 731877

File: 1542172973106.png (509.56 KB, 540x823, Screenshot_2018-10-21-10-50-25…)

Bitsy I know you're still lurking even if you ain't saying nothing. I been wondering this for a while, how are you going to call an 18 year old a kid when you fuck 17 year olds and like them young as 16 maybe younger? At lease 18's legal and got the nerve to shame this poor dude whoever he is because he's never seen a naked woman. Whoever you are brother, I'm not going to shame you, I'm pulling for you!

No. 731898

I bet she's been riding the cock carousel since before turning 18

No. 731936

File: 1542186984698.jpeg (343.02 KB, 750x768, 5A08CEB3-E2B0-4F9C-B627-716495…)

This just in — she took money from a homeless woman to buy her groceries.

Fucking A-mazing job Bitsy, even the homeless pity your worthless existence

No. 732133

I find it funny that that little boy she's been fucking can somehow scrape up enough money to buy an engagement ring when he's not working himself according to her but he can't afford to buy her a cheeseburger and she has to beg for money. Fucking pathetic!

No. 732442

Its cause she's full of shit. Posting all this extravagant shit and two seconds later omg im broke please help. Bitch please. if she was as broke as she says she is i wonder how she's keeping her internet and phone on? how long til she's in another hotel with the oh so mean people who bully her

No. 732451

Okay I don’t even like bitsy but are you retarded? She said the woman offered to buy her groceries. She USED to be homeless, which means she understands the struggle of money and wanted to help someone now that she’s able to. You’re trying too hard.

No. 732463

Hi bitsy!

No. 732464

File: 1542276582062.jpeg (444.21 KB, 596x1190, 8423785A-4DC0-4DFF-A5C2-3F6EDE…)

Does she think shit like this is cute? Fucking gross

No. 732609

You didn't know? She's into blood. She gets some weird fetish out of it or some shit. Not only that, the bitch thinks she's a vampire because she says she's has no reflection in the mirror.

No. 732618

File: 1542304863970.jpeg (22.72 KB, 200x200, BD360BF1-5157-4037-8AAE-06BC37…)


No. 734399

Sooooo I guess we ain't getting nudes? :/(male)

No. 735549

Are you this dumb on purpose? What part of no nudes didn't you get? Their are no nudes, never had been nudes and never will be nudes. She's nothing more than a cock tease so shut the fuck up about nudes.

No. 735746

Ignore and report

at best it’s her thirsty followers being faggots at worst it’s whiteknights trying to derail the thread

No. 736829

File: 1542993875010.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181123-112110_Vid…)

This chick is straight up lazy and needy. I've seen people missing limbs because of IEDs while they were deployed that work harder to earn their money than her. Bitsy, if you're reading this. Get a fucking actual job instead of guilt tripping your dumbass gullible followers.

No. 736831

File: 1542993905719.jpg (558.81 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181123-112126_Vid…)

No. 737007

File: 1543017121976.jpg (239.71 KB, 720x837, 20181123_184751.jpg)

Is she finally going to get a real job? Seems it was necessary for her to lose her patreon and the beta cucks supporting her shit for it to happen. Unless it's a lie and she goes right back to e-begging

No. 737038

Her patreon is still there she didn't lose it. What she lost was her PayPal account because the pedo used her fake name using her real social security number and she can't prove she's Bitsy Hanas. The "job" is only seasonal, not full time or even part time for that matter. After this seasonal job is up, back to begging she goes.

No. 737763

"PayPal is cursed". No genius, you thought you were slick and they caught you. You should be grateful you're not in jail right now.

No. 739049

File: 1543317701744.jpeg (478.6 KB, 750x1100, 59F58CD8-5A5A-476B-B411-1D7E75…)

I am fucking floored by the transition of “OMG THIS IS GOING TO BE GREAT” to “uhh not making promises tho” like she felt the need to add a small print to her post?

No. 740571

nigga u dont go to jail for using a fake name on paypal u stupid?

No. 741272

Anybody got her newest lewds?

No. 741781

I still never found the 2B set, so if anyone has that it would be nice too.

No. 742436

2b set or newest set of almost-nude anyone?

No. 742910

I want this as well. Seems like she's gonna do some nudes for New Year's.

No. 742917

Oh god she is trying to sell that lingerie haru set that she sold months ago & leaked months ago

No. 743065

I think she's just using it to catch the eye to draw attention to her wanting funds to make a new shoot or two.

No. 743209

Anyone got the link to here Haru lingery then?????

No. 743359

She would make WAY more (justifiable) money if she just did porn. Omfg, she needs to sell actual nudes/sex tapes. I’d pay money to watch her get pounded

No. 743590

Google it they are not rare

No. 743611

I really don't know where to search bro, i'm a dumbass
Help a nigga bust some nut(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 743695

Fuck her lewds! You been in here for damn near five days begging for her "lewds" like she begs for money and yet you haven't gotten any results. You want her "lewds" that badly, pay for them and shut the fuck up! Other Annon, are you really brain dead or do you prefer to talk out the side of your ass? What part about fake name, real social security you don't get? Considering that she's making anywhere between $1,300 to nearly $2,00 a month, of course PayPal was curious as to her activities. Who are you? Whose identity you're using? Can you prove you're Bitsy Hanas? Where are you getting all this money from? That's why PayPal locked her idiot ass out of her shit and she can't never touch that money ever again which was her best case scenario. Speaking of begging, she's back at it again. Begging for some braces for her fucked up ass teeth and begging for food. What the fucks good having a fiancé if he can't even help you out? At lease buy your woman a burger or something I mean damn! And what the fuck ever happen to working? So much for this seasonal job eh? It's sickening that all she does is look for handouts when people actually work and I do mean work for our money. Perv annon, as much as I hate to admit but you're right about one thing, if she does go on a casting couch somewhere at lease she can she did do some work for her money. Also Bitsy, you said a while back that you get assaulted every time someone post something in here. Tell me, how many people beat you up since then?

No. 743712

I Would still fuck her

No. 743815

We get it Terrance ur still angry she blocked you

No. 743851

He has a point though

No. 743990

thats not her facebook, thats a fake account LOL

No. 743992

LOL thats not my name

No. 744149

just write bitsy nudes in google images, and click to the gonewild.co link with haru picture why do you want to be spoonfed so much

No. 744211

post tits or fuck off.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 745320

If you go to her IG story, she posted a pic of her bare ass, but it's censored. If you message her, she'll send it to you. She also has like 2 bare ass pics on patreon.

No. 745346

why don't you just post them

No. 745495

I wonder is it a disappointment?

No. 745520


Cuz I didn't pay for it, meaning I don't have em.

No. 746736

This forum reaks of perverts and white knights who can't handle the truth

No. 746774

No shit, her orbiters are aware of the thread and are trying to derail it, report report report

No. 746818

File: 1544451267086.jpeg (371.27 KB, 750x698, E779BDBA-A963-403A-90B7-094673…)



Why doesn’t this retard have medical insurance by now?!

No. 746820

I just remembered, she said she has her own LAWYER but she can’t pay for medical insurance?? HAHAHAHA

No. 746822

File: 1544451728801.jpeg (145.03 KB, 750x492, D702ABA0-7664-4576-8AF0-278E9B…)

Also for any of her orbiters still lurking wanting to know when she’s doing “nudes”

I can assure you they’ll probably be censored in one way or another though

No. 747184

Yeah sure lawyer. How can you afford a lawyer if you're broke as you claim? I she meant this mysterious agency is paying for one. Speaking of shit she said remember when she was lying saying she didn't do nudes? Now not only she says she does do nudes but she has a portfolio of them. No one should believe it simply because how much she lies.

No. 747189

She also said this agency prevents her from doing any kind of modeling work outside of the U.K.. In that case Bitsy how is it you're looking to do modeling work here with photographers in the U.S. if it violates your contract with this agency? They should sue you. Oh wait, I forgot. This agency doesn't exist.

No. 747198

Bitsy you also said someone here assaulted you and bragged about on Facebook. Where's the post? What's his/her name? Did call the police like you claimed you called them because of lolcow? Where's the police report? Come on Bitsy, present something that backs up your claims. Photos of your injuries, anything that will make you a little bit credible.

No. 747205

She also wants to continue with her sexual assault claims. First it happened at someone house that she she thought she trusted and now she said it happened at a photo shoot. Which one is it?

No. 747206

She even went as far as to say they admitted to doing it while she was sleep. You really didn't feel anything in your sleep? Who is stupid enough to say yeah I did it? Did you go to the police here? Did you have a rape kit done? Make it believable.

No. 747213

She also said she was getting a seasonal job but oops apparently now she’s homeless until February LOL

No. 747356

She was saying she planned to be in her own place by February before she moved out of that filthy apartment of hers. I wonder how long did it take to clean that shit up? That shit was beyond disgusting.

No. 747359

Where is going to get the money to move anywhere when she doesn't work and have no proof of income to even think about a new place? Remember back in September she was supposed to have her new place then and look how well that turned out.

No. 747361

As far as her nudes go she'll never hit that 400 mark. She lost a shit ton of people and probably losing more. I can't say no one wants to support no one who e-begs all the time, only the smart ones are keeping their money in their pockets.

No. 747365

If she's smoking weed like she says when she lied when she said she doesn't smoke no way she's passing a drug test. Her test is going to come back positive.

No. 747455


You really think she cleaned that place up before moving out?

No. 747811

Herself? No. Other people? Definitely. For example I wish I had this saved somewhere but this one particular snap she sent was her in her room and the caption read Sad lonely anime girl looking for a assistant or some shit like that. The floor was littered with empty plastic water bottles way too many to count.

No. 747940

Jesus Christ what a disgusting slob

No. 748090

Meh, I just want to see more of her hot body and her catering to the fetish crowd. She honestly doesn't seem like a massive cow, just an immature girl. I know turning 23 or whatever didn't magicLly make me any more mature than I was at 22 or 21 or even 17. Aren't the early 20s for fucking up anyway?

No. 748356

Oh Bitsy, no one ever said your fiancé was your sugar daddy. Everybody knows that because according to you he's broke too.That's not the real reason you don't talk about him. You don't talk about him because you start fucking him when he was 17. He's not your sugar daddy true but you did admit you're looking for one. Check out her Instagram before she delete that bullshit.

No. 748465

File: 1544691773689.jpeg (350.53 KB, 746x1296, 3EE8BC41-D9E4-4CDA-A396-63F4FB…)


Just in case it gets deleted

No. 748785

File: 1544735909353.jpg (100.75 KB, 1024x1821, 46305174_1971744039794567_8073…)

> Bitsy has fiancé
> Also Bitsy

No. 748806

File: 1544739362232.jpg (Spoiler Image, 600.66 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181213-161339_Ins…)

Bitsy booty

No. 748813

Where the hell have you been at? You obviously haven't paying too much attention because you been thinking with your dick. Everybody knew she has a fiancé and we now know she's a child rapist too. As far as you go Bitsy, instead of worrying about going out how about you worry about getting off your lazy ass and find a job.

No. 749040

They were saying even though she has a fiancé she still does shit like attached pic

No. 749067

Dude she is like that since 2015

4 years
No change

No. 749095

No. 749245

Have anyone really looked at that pic? What is that yellow shit on her or is she turning yellow? Her lower back, her ass even her legs! Pretty soon I'm going to call her Bitsy Simpson!

No. 749371

File: 1544841436806.jpg (158.18 KB, 719x1019, 20181214_203143-1.jpg)

Ebegging on steroids

No. 749379

Stop being a retard its just a bruise

No. 749509

Detach your lips from her ass you know that's not

No. 750553

File: 1545142608858.jpg (400.68 KB, 720x1144, 20181217_231950.jpg)

Here she go again. You said yourself Alexandra you hated cosplaying because how toxic it is but you're going back to the same toxicity you wanted to escape from. You keep harping about a modeling career you never had. You only had one actual job in your life and you quit that. You also you're going to stop caring about how people look at you. Bullshit. Your attention seeking ass will always care about how others see you especially here because it's not a game for you remember? I wonder what's your excuses will be when this cosplay shit fall flat on its ass. You're healing you say? From what? You been spouting that bullshit every since the beginning of the year. Do everyone a favor and cut the bullshit because we know you're lying as usual.

No. 750917

She thinks replying to people on social media is a job. That's literally the laziest I seen all damn day. She should be embarrassed to even think that dumb shit.

No. 753028

She wants people to accept her fiance. By doing that is to say we accept you as a pedo. No one should accept that you're into high schoolers. Soohmores and juniors. You're sick and stop blaming your anti-depressants. You been on them for a year and you fucked him when he was 17.

No. 753117

Oh shut up already, nobody gives a fuck. It's not that unusual for people in her age range to date people younger

No. 753301

Obviously you do otherwise you wouldn't be here justifying her bullshit

No. 753880

She honestly should just do porn and stop begging for money. She's got an ass that would bring in money. She needs to stop begging.

No. 754143

Or she could just get off her lazy ass and go get a job.

No. 754144

Or she could just get off her lazy ass and go get a job.

No. 754145

Or she could just get off her lazy ass and go get a job.

No. 754146

Or she could just get off her lazy ass and go get a job.

No. 754198

Or she can go get off her lazy ass and go get a job.

No. 754199

Or she can go get off her lazy ass and go get a job.

No. 754295

waiting 2 years for a visa? wtf bitch if u get married he get the fcking papers right away u dont even know how ur country works i was illegal got married to a citizen and they give me my green card in like 2 weeks
she is just playing the victim role again for sum fcking attention and money

No. 754754

Funny you mentioned this because the version I heard was 5 years and and if he gets rejected it's a ten year wait to reapply. Makes me wonder what else she's lying about.

No. 756416

File: 1546203183904.jpeg (191.34 KB, 750x1334, 36924858-F133-4596-8B5D-4E71D4…)

Nice tattoo Bitsy. Who paid for it? The imaginary agency of yours?

No. 756467

It’s stick and poke.

No. 761047

Bitsy posted new patreon lewds anyone got it?

No. 761114


I payed for the only ass pic I shared here for you guys. How about one of you pays for the soapy ass vid she's offering on her IG. And shares a dropbox link or something.

No. 761172

Or how about save your money and stop spending it on this worthless ass bitch who's too damn lazy to get off her lying ass and get a job.

No. 761176

Or how about save your money and stop spending it on this worthless ass bitch who's too damn lazy to get off her lying ass and get a job.

No. 762055

somebody just do it- her ass is nice.

No. 762224

How about no. Pay for it yourself and shut up.

No. 762240

Saw it. It's the lewdest most revealing thing she's ever given.

It's available til Monday. Just ask her on IG.

No. 762257

Broke as a joke. You got it, though?

No. 762353

A dollar is 7 times more my currency
When i buy her nudes i can live off the same money for a month

No. 762527

Fuck Bitsy and her shitty lewds if you even want to call that bullshit that. What a waste of time and money.

No. 762685

Bitsy advertising her shit on here and you dumbasses are just eating it all up

No. 762687

File: 1547197958809.jpeg (376.91 KB, 750x863, 03706A96-27F5-4F07-88D2-B13B68…)

TSA Agent? What, so she can feel up more underaged boys?

No. 762756

Or little girls because you know she go both ways. Having said that,no way she's working for TSA. The bitch admits she smokes weed, no way she can pass a drug test especially living in redneck Texas not a chance in hell.

No. 763349

If he's 19 now, then he was 17 and she was 21. That's not pedophilia or even ephebophilia. She isn't a fucking predator and your singular assertion and harping on the minor age difference takes away from any actual legit criticism of her actions. Stop reeing at everything and chill out. Sounds like that terrence dude.

No. 763370

Has anyone seen the new shower video? Is it any good?

No. 763518

Wow Joe, You're really coming to your monster's aide aren't you?

No. 763519

No one cares about her shower video pervert.

No. 763520

I read this post of hers I can't help but to laugh. Basically Alex, you want us to believe that you had no energy to do anything. How much energy did you have when you lied about your England trip? You know? That same trip you lied about going for work when you were really going to see that underage boy and you suckered all those people who blindly support you no matter how much you screw them over? How about all that energy you didn't have to go to all these cons you've been to? Where was all that energy you claimed to not have all the times you been out partying? Where was your energy going to all these concerts like the Future one where that money you begged people for for your surgery you never had and spend it at that concert? Where was this energy where you and your boyfriend getting free tatoos, free hotels stays and who paid for yall to go electric scooter riding? Where was all this energy when you were you were so excited about going to Mexico "for work" again? How much energy did you have when your stupid ass hopped that gate in high heels where fucked up your ankle? By the way, how's the therapy session's going? You know, the same therapy session you begged people to pay for? The bottom line is, she's full of shit and I'm amazed at how many people support her when she lies to them.

No. 764870

We have have laws for a reason mate

No. 764947

Your mate Joe is the one who likes targeting little kids.

No. 764999

17 is the age of consent in most places in the US. Hell, it's most commonly 16 in the rest of the world. lol Just saying, a barely 4 year age difference is nothing compared to the scamming of money and all that shit.

No. 765082

So now shower vid?

No. 766054

Not unless somebody gets it TODAY, nah. I was actually looking forward to it lol- she may be a trainwreck, but she got a nice ass.

No. 766209

No. 766215

No. 766216

No. 766368

You actually paid for that? Go get your money back, what a rip off.

No. 766663

I just fucking knew it 4 second video being cutted right before nipple shows up

based bitsy

No. 767072

$20 for six seconds. I would ask you fools if you learned your lessons but I know you haven't. She sure did get over all of you gullible suckers who spent your money on that shit. It's honestly pathetic that she's supposed to be getting married some time next month and yet she's still homeless. She still refuses to work. No income outside of what's left of her patreon and dumbasses like each and last one of you. I hope you all wake up and see what a predator she is. She preys on ppeople's emotions, preys on your money and preys on little kids.

No. 767866

File: 1547851288564.png (3.24 KB, 174x125, Screenshot_491.png)

Hey, Bitsy-chan….you smol uwu bean you…. you sure have some nerve… it would be a shame if proof of you being romantically involved with a 16 year old boy were to get out….. wouldn't it?

No. 768016

This is the gayest fucking bait I’ve seen in a while

No. 768027

Do it. Release it.

No. 768046

… how about a boy as young as 14?

No. 768098

If you got it show it. Release it already.

No. 768163

He hasn’t got jack, if he had something it would have been released

No. 768208

Just post the messages of Alex, Joe and Tyler (the 14 yo) and shut up

No. 768226

What message? Where?

No. 768239

Joe? Are you and Alex really messing around with a 14 year old? You're sicker than I thought if true. Show the messages.

No. 768265

File: 1547920182431.png (810.85 KB, 748x2444, image1.png)

This shit has me rolling

No. 768349

If she stops being such a prude and gives in into porn, she would do fine.
I just fapped to her ass video.
Its like, prefering to be homeless than to go into the nude that she was born for.

Tenleid would be desapointed.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 768617

I know damn well this saltine isn't calling anyone salty. Ain't nobody salty, in fact, nobody's even surprised at this point. You found a new location to beg at congratulations you lazy bitch. Don't get cocky, according to you, you're only there for six months and then what? What are you going to do when you come back to Texas? You still got nothing and you'll have nothing when you get back. Once again, don't get cocky because knowing you somehow this whole thing will blow up in your face somehow and I'm going to laugh if or when it does. Now let's get back to the messages.

No. 768765

dafuk are you on about?

No. 768800

Joe HIllier stop being stupid you already know

No. 768903

I do wish she'd just do straight-up porn. She could make a killing doing foot stuff and JOIs since she has a nice voice.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 769836

why is people being sent to pasture by talking about her doing potn when a few days ago that was okay?
in any case, i guess she can get away with almost anything now that she has a boyfriend.
She can just live under his roof.

No. 770122

Her bf lives with his parents

No. 771108

She don't stay with her fiance because that boy isn't even american. Alex you say you're not a bad person, you're right. You're a snake in the grass and stop blaming your mental health for being a goddamn snake. No one should believe that bullshit when they really get to know you.

No. 772198

If she gets back into cosplay it would probably help her look less bad, I personally wouldn't mind seeing a lewd Toga set(no1curr)

No. 772199

File: 1548540359165.jpg (29 KB, 538x677, FB_IMG_1548540132758.jpg)

If she gets back into cosplay it would probably help her look less bad, I personally wouldn't mind seeing a lewd Toga set(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 772329

File: 1548563111714.jpg (98.07 KB, 750x750, 49858432_108222066833215_72659…)

It's not possible to make her look less bad when she's into cringy shit like this

No. 774058

File: 1548980180177.jpg (344.71 KB, 720x1144, 20190131_113159.jpg)

Not bad for a sickly old lady. Now if you got time and energy to do shit like this, you can get off your ass and get a job. That way you wouldn't need to beg for money for a bed when you go to L.A..

No. 774821

File: 1549227616422.jpg (208.18 KB, 720x1144, 20190203_141946.jpg)

"It's my birthday, please give me money". She just can't stop begging. Pitiful.

No. 775200

File: 1549344386831.jpg (29.17 KB, 455x711, FB_IMG_1549344273774.jpg)

Bitsy Jr?

No. 775290

File: 1549376088657.png (303.86 KB, 435x358, Screenshot_647.png)

I don't have to leak shit you played yourself by doxxing his name. Surprised you got his name right when you can't even spell Holland Lanza. I'm glad this fucked thread is saged. No one wants to buy your nudes and no one thinks your honest merchant face is cute, either. Good job framing me by the way, I'm sure everyone believes it, without a doubt. Pretty cute of you to use and post pictures of me when I was 16 too. (they're even photoshopped, just as obvious as your shoops!) Makes sense that you'd groom a 14 year old and post underaged girl's pictures when you're constantly pedobaiting with your lolishit "cosplays". I've never posted in this thread prior to my threat, and anyone with an IQ over 90 should be able to figure out that you and your white-knights were in cahoots to advertise your "TASTEFUL NUDES", at the same time getting revenge for calling you a thot on facebook 2 years ago. I don't think I need to explain a lot, obvious projection is obvious, and I'm not about to dissect your same-fagging sperg nonsense. I'm guessing you thought it was a good idea to target me because you know I browse and have been posted here before. It wasn't. Everyone can see through your bullshit. All that morphine must be rotting your brain. ;) No wonder you're constantly begging for money using your self-diagnosed illnesses. Hope your children are happy, though, that's probably the only good thing you've done for humanity. With all of that, I am honestly worried for your safety, the levels of delusion you are reaching are scaring me. You and I both know you are better than this. If you ever want me to sew you a cosplay that doesn't look like cheap Chinese garbage, hit me up. you have my email.

No. 775488

File: 1549422375284.png (638.5 KB, 671x601, epic-chan.png)

this is now a holland lanza appreciation thread. be gone evil thots ^_~

No. 775518

File: 1549431019374.jpg (56.51 KB, 1080x1345, 49802192_312744089351251_46281…)

Actually this thread is still about Alexandra and willing to do and say anything for attention and money. Be gone dumbass!

No. 775520

Let's not forget about her lies because the bitch not only begs but lies and any and everything just to put herself in a positive lighting and dummies like you wrapped around her little finger. I wonder what bullshit she told today? Lord knows what could be.

No. 775763

File: 1549521317224.jpg (404.75 KB, 720x1144, 20190206_131743.jpg)

Oh I get it now! Bitsy you lying ass bitch, you said you were never commenting here anymore. I had to reread this multiple times just to catch on to you. Funny thing is the more I read this long winded post the more I realize you are talking about you damn self! Everything you said about Holland you are describing yourself. I'm on to you and don't think I don't know it's you. You gave yourself away stupid!

No. 775899

Is it just me or is it obvious that Terrance is like the only one still posting why is this guy still so mad lol

No. 775944

Don't know who it is but I agree with them fuck bitsy

No. 776101

I stand with Terrance.

No. 776278

im okay with this

No. 776583

Is it me or is it obviously Joe's taking another L? Who's permission do you need to post in here? Bitsy's or your mom's?

No. 778962

Anyone got the V-Day lewds?(Male)

No. 779063

File: 1550463245626.jpg (560.69 KB, 2045x2046, IMG_20190217_112619.jpg)

I wonder how this pedo conned people out their money this time?

No. 779257

File: 1550529824664.png (539.64 KB, 454x826, chrome_2019-02-18_23-43-14.png)

I wonder if someone got that picture

No. 779378


I would post another dropbox link, but I'm tired of spoonfeeding y'all. Someone else can be the hero this time.

No. 779392

Well I mean you're the only one retard enough to pay for blurry shit quality vanilla pictures of this bitch so…

No. 779411

I would but i have no money.
why not post it on yiff party?

No. 779608

You think it's heroic to waste your money on her worthless ass? How dumb are you?

No. 782268

I would.
Have you seen that ass?
The more on the low she goes the higher the chances are for she to do porn on her patreon.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 782318

File: 1551477136256.jpg (59.09 KB, 1080x1080, 52498857_2203881422991738_4480…)

Bitch looks like a $2 hooker. Not worth spending any money on.

No. 782870

disappointing yet again. don't know how she still has patrons.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 783033

Thanks dude you are my hero(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 783132

Amazing. The sheer stupidity of you idiots who paid $20 to $30 for this bullshit. You all are a bunch of braindead horny sheeps who is too fucking stupid to realize she's playing you fools. You want to waste your money? Give to me. I promise you I won't drink, smoke and party it away like she does. Funny thing is she wonder why she doesn't have enough for a bed when she gets to California in a couple of days from now. She's stupid and y'all are too! Fucking dumbasses! You all are fucking dumbasses!(autism)

No. 783193

If autism is telling the truth about stupid ass and the these thirsty ass pervs then keep being autistic. Somebody has to.

No. 783215

I swear some of the anons in here treat this thread like it’s her personal subreddit

No. 783459

Yet pointing this fact out somehow makes people autistic makes me wonder if lolcow is secretly siding with bitsy and the pervs in all of this.

No. 783789


i think its more so because this thread has become more about shitting on each other and getting mad about what other people do with their lives instead of milking the cow. Like how mad can you get that someone else spent their money. I don't agree with it but i also dont care because it affects me in no way

No. 783791

I mean that’s clearly not the case because those anons are getting smacked down too

I think the autistic post was definitely a bit spergy tho

No. 783805

why not leak her stuff?
that will give us more to milk for sure.
Maybe there are legal reasons? that is why the mods are taking measures?

No. 785912

File: 1552422942016.jpg (366.81 KB, 720x1144, 20190312_151319.jpg)

You're not a pedophile yourself you nasty bitch? You like them as young as 16 yourself, stop playing.

No. 786119

Jesus Christ she’s such a hypocrite, did anyone call her out?

No. 789077

New location same old bullshit. She claims she found a job then quit the same day because of her "health". Now she's back to selling her shitty lewds because the bitch is too lazy to work.

No. 789138

Ain't this the same chick who always talking about how much she hates attention? Why doesn't she just work and disappear off the internet?

No. 789143

Because she’s clearly “I’m not like the other girls!” Tosser

No. 789230

File: 1553286359656.jpg (446.53 KB, 720x1144, 20190322_130730.jpg)

She knows as long as idiots are willing to spend money on garbage like this she's going to continue to put it out there.

No. 789283

Someone please post the newest one

No. 789344

Pay for it yourself libtard

No. 789383

how does that make him a libtard. nothing to do with politics here lets stay on topic nd not bring in political bs

No. 789446

Yeah hard pass. I can think of better things to do with $20 than to spend it on her.

No. 790111

Dumb dumb claim to have another interview today. Even if she gets it I'm sure she'll just quit this one like the last one she had even if she even had it. I don't even think she had the job she claims to quit considering how lazy and messy her ass is.

No. 790305

I never heard anyone doing job interviews on a Sunday, she's lying again.

No. 791439

so apparently she found another sucker (roommate) to mooch off of when she has no money or a job. I don't even think she's really looking for one either.

No. 791692

File: 1553888912079.jpg (406.99 KB, 720x1144, 20190329_144433.jpg)

She's right about this, she's still full of shit.

No. 792177

Anyone got her latest set?

No. 792343

No one gives a fuck about her shitty set.

No. 792389

File: 1554026065246.png (250.67 KB, 317x607, stupid.PNG)

supposedly broke, jobless, and bumming off someone but still has time and cash to go out on a saturday in Cali? Guessing people bought her set so she doesnt have to get off her ass and work

No. 792560

Their is no supposedly about it, the bitch doesn't work at all.

No. 792642

i would say a lot of people do given the posts above.
with luck someone will post them.

Still, how is she alive with so little people buying her stuff?

No. 792744

One thing's for sure, it's not her fiance. What we know about him, he don't work either. She's gets by by running her sob story about how her life sucks and uses her medical conditions to get people to feel sorry for her then she begs for money using her PayPal as the way for people to give her money. That and charging people $40 for pictures of her feet.

No. 792866

No one gives a fuck about her shitty set except the poor as dirt samefag above*

No. 794210

File: 1554305061416.jpg (95.21 KB, 750x1334, IMG_20190401_223217.jpg)

She has a hairy ass she needs to shave that shit

No. 795161

Ok tbh i am the biggest bitsy hater but what did you just write is plain stupid and retarded. That ass isnt hairy did you saw hairy ass in your life ever before? Invisible hairs does not count everyone has that

No. 795205

shut the fuck up alexandra

No. 795246

Hey numbnuts look again. The bitch has a hairy ass, you can't be that damn blind not to see it.

No. 795359

Never thought i would spot a virgin by seeing him not understanding how human body hair works.

Anyway, still hoping for a hero to post more of her.
(Or to update her yiff party page.)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 795362

File: 1554568842503.jpg (351.13 KB, 720x1144, 20190404_101237.jpg)

Ask you anything huh? Their are a million things to answer for like for starters, where the hell is your engagement ring? Did you and that little boy break up? I almost feel sorry he chose your stupid ass.

No. 795366

You're not really calling anyone a virgin when you all you do is wack off to pictures online you sad pathetic perv.

No. 795527

You're in here begging for nudes and lewds like Bitsy begs for money and you have the nerve to throw that word around? Get your loser ass out of here.

No. 795850

You guys are proving the point with those stupid reactions.
Now, focus. how are things going on that AMA?

No. 797353

File: 1555057891873.png (746.89 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-04-12-04-30-11…)

>complains about not having money for medication
>goes to the club and sees Quavo

Imagine being this much of a fucking leach

No. 797460

To be fair, it was her buddy there that took her out. With that said, I you have time to go out clubbing,get drunk and smoke blunts all night with your buddy there, you got time to get off your lazy ass and find a damn job.

No. 797507

Yeah,i realized that. It was 5am when i posted that and i was tired as hell so i should have put a different caption. Just think its funny how she complains about being in too much pain to keep a server job (if that was even true and she wasnt just trying to seek validation from her orbiters) but she can go out drinking and no issues.

No. 797732

tbf how hard it is to get a job on whatever the fuck she lives in with her condition?
I guess nobody wants to hire the girl with the dying womb that might need to skip work every other week.
She is bound to just turn to patreon porn or get hungry.

No. 797742

She can work if she wants to, just chooses not to. Frankly speaking, she can't stop partying long to do so. She was supposed to have so much shit lined up for her when she move to California and yet she's doing the same shit she was doing when she was in Dallas. What a waste of peoples money. All she does is uses people for her benefit and her "fans" are just too stupid to see it.

No. 797744

I remember reading somewhere, I don't know how true this is or not but I believe it. Someone said they were at a conference, didn't say which one btw. They were at a conference and Bitsy approached him or her and was talking to the individual and the individual's friends. Bitsy and her friends got to freeloading of of them. Eating up the food and drinking up the drinks without chipping in. I can't confirm this but knowing Bitsy, I believe it.

No. 797868

File: 1555247728163.jpg (262.54 KB, 720x1144, 20190414_075228.jpg)

Aw poor baby needs a break from partying. She must have it so rough for doing absolutely nothing!

No. 798052

File: 1555302980013.jpg (67.4 KB, 750x750, 55924336_2122790958012768_8641…)

Why is this dummy licking her gun?

No. 798742

I find it ironic that she's bitching and complaining about the same perverts she's doing everything she can to make them happy in her Instagram stories. If don't want that kind of attention then stop doing shit that brings that kind of attention. Then again,if she did do that, then she knows she'll lose that money she's desperate for. She also said she is their friend. No you're not you lying bitch! The only thing you see in them is dollar signs just all they see you as nothing but a good nut.

No. 799597

She's so full of shit. Anyone else read that garbage she wrote on Facebook? She's crying about how shit isn't going her way since she's been out in California. Well stupid, who told your dumbass to move to California with nothing planned? What happened to all the shit you alleged you had lined up for you when you got there? She was so happy about moving and basically thrilled that she didn't have to get off her ass and work "a real job" as she wrote it. The killer part is, she's blaming her mental health. Stop lying to these people. First it was physical, now it's mental. That's laughable because that doesn't stop you from partying, drinking and smoking with your buddy there and for someone who hates attention, she's bragging about being on her buddy's twitch stream in lingerie! She has more excuses than a career criminal.

No. 799666

I saw that too. She also said she don't owe anyone anything unless you're giving her money. She owes the people the truth but we know she'll never do that. I don't think it would do any good because her fans will just feel sorry for her ass.

No. 799895

How long do you think it will be before she starts begging for money again? I'm guessing it's about that time considering she haven't been begging in a while which is rather shocking.

No. 800027

To answer your question, not very long before she starts claiming she needs it for her "health".

No. 800195

> post a nude on instagram story with a sticker on the nipple part
> sell it both patreon and instagram
> next story is ' i dont do nudes '

Decide bitsy you doing or not, at least act lime you are not doing

No. 800238

That ain't no nude. She wants y'all to think that so idiots can be stupid enough to spend their money on her worthless ass. it's amazing to think how she went from no nudes to nudes and having some imaginary nude portfolio back to no nudes in less than six months. I hope one day people will wake up and stop supporting her lying ass and make her get a job.

No. 800402

Bitsy: "Once we reach 400 Patrons, I'll start doing nudity."

>Sells nude shower video and ass videos with no panties.

Also Bitsy: I don't do nudes, stop asking.


No. 800581

Somehow she'll try to lie and justify this bullshit. You're right she did say and did that but that's typical Bitsy for you. She has a nasty habit of lying and she'll go on some long ass rant when she gets caught up. I swear she will say and do anything for money and attention she claims she doesn't want. She's so full of shit.

No. 800672

File: 1556335196788.jpg (385.41 KB, 720x1144, 20190426_215025.jpg)

"Hire me" she says. For what a porn shoot?

No. 800695

Well according to her she's too physically ill to have a normal job. At least all she'd have to do is lie on her back to make money

No. 800827

Ah yes, the classic I can't work because I'm too sick line. She's been running that script for years and yet it doesn't stop her from partying all night, drinking and smoking. If you have time to roll up a blunt you got time to pick a pen for a job application you lazy bitch.

No. 800870

File: 1556421861516.jpg (345.3 KB, 720x1144, 20190427_220037.jpg)

It's pretty clear to me how much she really hates attention! How about you all?

No. 801043

She might as well be a stripper at point since she's taking photos like this.

No. 801430

She's been in California for almost two months now and still haven't done a damn thing since she's been out there. What happened to all this shit she alleged she had lined up for her when she moved? The bullshit she's doing now is the same shit she was doing in Texas which is absolutely nothing but lounging around and looking for a quick payday selling her shitty lewds. She could've kept her ass in Dallas for that in that nasty ass apartment of hers.

No. 801592

Bitsy stop ruining my wife with your shitty cosplay

No. 801734

What in the absolute fuck are you talking about?

No. 801933

File: 1556851436982.jpg (379.77 KB, 720x1144, 20190502_213807.jpg)

Work? You ain't got no job man!

No. 801943

File: 1556859188352.png (479.11 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-05-03-00-50-53…)

Jesus fuckin Christ

No. 801944

New location, same old bullshit. Shaking her ass is what she calls work. The sad thing is people still choose to support this lazy ass bitch. I swear she's not worth the money at all.

No. 802045

I'm actually curious to know how many dummies wasted their money on her bullshit.

No. 802109

I would say leak her shit but no need for this thread to be over run by virgin perverted liberals.

No. 802115

>mentions leaking her shit
>doesnt want this to be "over run by virgin perverted liberals"

There's already been posts made and deleted from people that have paid for her "work" and i guarentee some of them still browse with the hope they get the pics for free until they end up on thothub

No. 802145

I seen it and I am so glad I didn't waste money on that shit. As predicted it's her usual shit mixed with at least two pics of her legs spread like she's ready to get fucked in her ass plus some photos and a video of her drinking milk out of a small metal bowl on the floor like she's really a fucking cat. What a waste.

No. 802267

Someone post the twerk video, she may be a cunt, but she's still hot

No. 802383


No. 802535

File: 1557100236844.jpg (346.22 KB, 720x1144, 20190505_001743.jpg)

No I haven't bought your bullshit set. Why would I support your lazy ass?

No. 802536

File: 1557100342273.jpg (562.36 KB, 720x1144, 20190505_072545.jpg)

Too sick to work but not too sick to go out party, drink and smoke.

No. 802538

File: 1557100546788.jpg (491.47 KB, 720x1144, 20190505_151543.jpg)

I hope you fools wake up and see where your hard earned money is going to! Clearly not to her medical bills which she haven't even attempted to pay off! Your money is going to her to do nothing but live it up off of your expense!

No. 802795

File: 1557202593598.jpg (546.54 KB, 720x1144, 20190506_230044.jpg)

Remember when she said she hates attention? Um yeah……

No. 802798

I wonder if she tells her girlfriend's fans her sad sob stories for sympathy and money.

No. 802833

don't really see the problem.

She posts pics she gets paid. not anyone's problem what she does with her money.

And a cronical disease does not makes you bed ridden and useless 24/7. it just needs to make you useless enough to people not wanting to hire you.

I do believe people are stupid for donating to her, Just don't be dumb about it.

No. 803020


Except for when she complains about how she had to quit a legit job after 1 day because she was in too much pain, it looks shitty on her end. In too much pain to work a normal daily job, but not in too much pain to go out drinking with her friends?

No. 803042

Brilliantly explained, let me add to your point. To say she's chronically ill is total bullshit also. She has health problems but nothing life threatening. She uses her health problems to tug at your heart strings and gullible suckers like that this idiot here. She's been running this script for years and years because she knows she can get away with it.

No. 803046

File: 1557277890295.jpg (316.51 KB, 720x1144, 20190410_223949.jpg)

If you got time to pick up a blunt you got time to pick up a pen and fill out a job application

No. 803387

What the hell? Is this bitch for real?

No. 803764

File: 1557408624240.jpg (2.4 MB, 5472x3072, Photo May 02, 7 52 40 AM.jpg)


No. 804071

No. 804218

this is supposed to be a 'professional' photoshoot yet you can see some hair on her socks and her left sock is dirty.

E for Effort i guess

No. 804286

It's called garbage.

No. 804490


Wait seriously? That’s fucking hilarious
The shitty $1 cat ears with dirty socks, shitty lighting and no shooping to fix how the flabby ass looks

Guess she found the photographer on Craigslist LOL

No. 804564

That shit was shot with a iPhone, her friend was the photographer.

No. 804805

since her every set has the same filename i assume she does this shit everytime?

No. 805095

Pretty much. If you seen one set, you pretty much seen them all. The only one she did somewhat different is the one where she had on that red dress with no panties on. In one of those videos, when she twirls, there is a little flash of pussy but you barley can see it and you have to be quick about it too.

No. 805182

File: 1557570879032.png (330.41 KB, 364x645, bb3ca162b5d3ce44558e388d78273f…)

yeah with enough filters you can see it

for sets, at least photoshop your flabby ass jesus how shitty sets

No. 805485

File: 1557613783580.jpg (374.8 KB, 720x1144, 20190510_225758.jpg)

Dumb? No. Conniving? Definitely.

No. 807101

She says she's taking a break from the internet. In that case bitch make it a permanent break and never return Alexandra Flowers.

No. 807494

we all know the reason

No. 807686

I don't, enlighten me.

No. 807823

File: 1558070811659.jpg (107.34 KB, 1280x853, Neko_Set_17.jpg)

This is actually disgusting, Bitsy.

No. 807836

She’d probably make more Patreon money if one of her goals was to get her ass fixed by a plastic surgeon holy fuck LOL

No. 808402

Jesus Christ that's disgusting. Does this bitch does something right beside lying, scamming and partying every fucking night? I mean, did she really took those photos and said "yeup, this is worth 20 bucks alright"?

No. 809207

Why are you surprised? She'll say and do anything for money, even sell photos of her crusty ass feet.

No. 811443

I don't know about all of that I just know her ass looks like cottage cheese.

No. 813242

How does that look on her twerk video?

No. 813796

Just go on ThotHub. Looked like a farmer chucking cottage cheese into a grain spindle.

No. 814505

When Twerking Gone Bad: Spoiled Milk Edition! Funny she claims she haven't done any cosplay at all because she's ashamed of her body and yet she don't mind shaking her chunky milk everywhere for money. And by the way Bitsy, selling your garbage ass lewds doesn't constitute as work. Get a job already.

No. 815222

File: 1559180187539.jpg (324.04 KB, 720x1144, 20190528_231034.jpg)

At this point, this bitch has more stories than Tana Mongeau. This latest shit here, she claims she's been slipped a date rape drug. She somehow always manage to come up with trash just to make herself some kind of victim and everybody's out to get her. First it was the "stalkers", then somebody mailing her shit because they magically find her address to that hellhole she was living in Texas. Somebody in here beat her up and every time someone post something on here, she gets beat up. Also the alleged sexual assault on some set she claims she was doing "modeling" for some imaginary agency that only let her work in the UK. She say some much shit happens to her I swear she could be one of those storyteller YouTubers. What's next she's going to claim? She was fucked with a toothbrush too?

No. 815273

-Twerk fail: Check.
-Cottage cheese: Check.
-Dirty feet: Check.
-Stupid ass mouth expression???: Check.
-Blurred leg skin in half of the photos so we dont see the cottage?: Check.

With all of this, remember, she worked -REALLY HARD- in her -MODELING CAREER-

The fuck?

No. 815411

You're not slick pervert. Go beat off somewhere else.

No. 816623

File: 1559446797720.jpg (453.59 KB, 720x1144, 20190529_183033.jpg)

So who's the sucker she's planning to con to go to AX? We know she's not paying, she's broke!

No. 816746

File: 1559476684430.jpg (164.46 KB, 720x1144, 20190602_063950.jpg)

Just ask Joe for one since he's there in Los Angeles with you. He did buy that engagement ring that you haven't been wearing for months with no damn job. Two broke bitches together living it up off of your money people.

No. 816749

Anyone has newset lewd set?

No. 816750

Or 2B set? Bump for lewds(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 818175

You forgot to blur ur name out lol. Still raging on here Terrance? What a bitter loser lmao

No. 818310

BHAHAHA this get better every day

No. 818386

It wasn't the best move on his part but he does make sense.

No. 818673

This guy has been on this thread probably like every day for over a year.. I mean cmon, I know we dont like bitsy but that’s just beyond sad

No. 818712

Stop samefagging and seek help.

No. 821612

I'm here for the milk I don't care who provides it.

No. 821621

File: 1560426248711.png (621.26 KB, 493x586, fhh.png)

Oh no, she is so broke. She is trying REALLY hard but everything in her life is so difficult!

No. 822654

None of her fans question her on this shit? How are you in Disneyland and you're always hollering you're broke and why is this cuck in a wheelchair? Give it to someone who actually needs it.

No. 823602

She's back to bitching about her medical debt while bragging about being on vacation with money she claims she doesn't have.

No. 826206


No. 827910

File: 1561641180896.png (215.24 KB, 312x544, Capture.PNG)

She says she can't work but now all of a sudden her hip stops her and she needs to dig into her whiteknight pity fund.

No. 828617

Yo Bitsy, how about you pay your shit instead of going to fucking Disneyland?

No. 828641

No. 829204

Isn't she supposed to be engaged? How pathetic must her fiance be for not being able to support your girl and letting her beg internet strangers for money? They should be embarrassed.

No. 831548

She can't walk. She can't work. She can't pay off her medical bills. She has no money. She will be at Anime Expo Saturday and Sunday.

No. 831858

She works real hard yo, shes a MODEL


No. 839615

Model she says. If she's a model then I have millions stored on a offshore account. That's how full of shit she really is.

No. 839743

Hoo boy. Recent patreon post translated:

"Waaah, I'm too lazy to actually make content and get a job but keep giving me patreon money!"

No. 841139

Oh good lord is their no low she won't stoop to?!

No. 842143

File: 1563792815336.png (546.69 KB, 468x584, fgdh.png)

This is getting out of hand, is she really using that excuse now to get people to donate?

"well if they wont donate to my lazy ass they will donate for those poor children!"

No. 842144

File: 1563793107396.png (22 KB, 444x262, 4657.png)

Damage control now, lmao.

" I can no longer see the persons comment that is saying I am planning on keeping all the money for myself."

Maybe because you only see the sjw that still follow you around? Bitch says she aint cured, yet she goes on trips and parties smoking weed like crazy.

No. 844736

I literally don't believe her. Her conniving ass lies about everything. She couldn't be honest about something simple like her name. The only reason she finally admitted to it was one; someone dox it here and two; her PayPal account got closed up because she a fake name using her real social security number. If it wasn't for those reasons, she would've kept lying about it. Now she claims she's doing this for charity? What charity? The Bitsy Wants And Need Your Money Foundation? Give me a break. This is her falsely luring people to give her more money.

No. 851452

She's too sick to get a job a work but she has enough strength to make tik Tok dancing videos. Then she wonders why people say what they say about her. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1964959533603985&id=339645786135376&anchor_composer=false

No. 851853

Wasn't the point of her moving to California was for her to better herself and not do the same shit she was doing in Texas? She's been out there for months now and she has nothing to show for it nor is she trying to do anything. What happened to all the shit she supposed to have lined up when she got there? All I seen her do was living it up off of others and bitch about how hard her life is. Well maybe if you got off your ass maybe life wouldn't be so hard. She could've stayed in Texas for this dumb shit.

No. 855849

That was the point but the only thing she's done besides partying is tweeting the dumbest and cringiest shit imaginable.

No. 864371

File: 1567698110208.jpeg (262.59 KB, 1125x542, 19125311-E4DA-4EC9-9AF6-8BE84D…)

No. 864733

"hurr durr we are so in love were gonna get married hes my soulmate!"

yeah bullshit, she just got bored of him probably bc he has no more money for her grubby ass, how much you wanna bet she starts talking about it, and later suddenly stories about how he was abusive or evil to her.

No. 864803

Seriously. I got sick of her being all "my fiancé this, my fiancé that", bitch cant even get her life straight and yet, all of the sudden she got married? gtfo.

No. 865611

Hes gotten too old. She wants something younger.

No. 865626

She also said she would literally croak over without him. In that case, how long before she dies then? What a dumb bitch!

No. 865736

Let this be a lesson to him. Never date a worthless lazy ass bitch who sit around and beg for money.

No. 865927

What happened? Mommy didn't give him permission to see her anymore?

No. 866382

At least he doesn't have to wipe Baby B's ass anymore.

No. 866994

File: 1568136102180.jpg (280.07 KB, 720x1144, 20190910_120333.jpg)

Getting drunk and high all day doesn't count as being chronically ill you bum bitch.

No. 867332

Lol, nice excuse, too ill to get a job, yet somehow she got money to party all the time/get drung/high. Bet her doctor would beat her ass if he knew.

No. 868431

File: 1568429283976.jpg (245.75 KB, 720x1144, 20190912_230224.jpg)

Imagine almost being 25 and never really had a job in your life. You sit on you ass day and night, and your only source of income is through e-begging. You're sorry alright. A sorry pathetic excuse of a human.

No. 868497

This bitch is really full of shit. I have a friend who's wheelchair bound and lacks full function of her hands and is in grad school to be a lawyer. You don't have move to be successful. Alexandria is a just lazy worthless leech

No. 869066

Jesus… she is not even trying anymore, is she? She doesn't even give a good reason for people to "help" her, that is just pathetic. It's the same thing if I go to a grocery store and ask the cashier if I can get free stuff just because.

No. 870396

To show you what a loon she really is she admits she's not really active on patreon anymore but it's still open for people to give her money for pretty much nothing.

No. 873135

File: 1569452126233.jpg (87.04 KB, 720x757, 20190923_181442-1.jpg)

Maybe just maybe if you weren't such a lazy bitch you might be able to have something dumbass.

No. 873293

All she does is lay in bed talking to eboys while she lives off her patreon check and money from ass pics

No. 880910

She's still friends with the boy that was 14 that she was romantically involved with while with her ex. yikes

No. 887321

File: 1572597170141.jpg (39.23 KB, 604x901, FB_IMG_1572597160050.jpg)

Devil set on sale

No. 887351

File: 1572609224620.jpg (836.96 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191101_125353_com…)

No. 887786

No. 887942

Link broken.

No. 888335

damn so fast

No. 888565

link reupload please?

No. 888718

File: 1572885412177.jpg (204.75 KB, 1047x975, Screenshot_20191104_173647.jpg)

No. 888729

No. 888763

Thank you, my man.
Pretty good set all things considered.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 888780

This set is actually disgusting

No. 889394

You joking right? THAT is a "pretty good set"?

No. 889621

Who gives a shit? Fuck her and fuck her dollar camera lewds.

No. 904087

No. 904442

File: 1576068591403.gif (414.51 KB, 500x350, anigif_enhanced-14977-14025829…)

What's the deal with that machete? Also:

No. 904485

idk, she's just in to cringey stuff like that i guess.

No. 904661

Spent a couple of minutes looking at the crap she posts online, she's totally out of her mind…her twitter makes me think she's borderline

No. 917899

New set looks decent

No. 918315

has someone leaked it?

No. 920114

File: 1579370436013.jpeg (127.96 KB, 750x1252, B14C3987-E776-4A27-84B4-1AE04C…)

i’m not familiar with this cow, but i stumbled upon this while looking for milk on someone else. looks like bitsy’s trying to DMCA a bunch of shit here, kek. good luck, the only shit i’ve ever seen deleted here is people who are underage, family photos or threads on people who ended up dying. sage bc it’s not really milky and probably won’t go anywhere.

No. 920117

File: 1579370468421.jpeg (175.54 KB, 750x1254, 963EAAA4-05FF-4B0A-B1D2-B10CA9…)

No. 920122

File: 1579371500096.jpeg (126.13 KB, 750x1260, EB6B9B56-81DC-4671-9EE2-0E156A…)

this is the one where she claims this thread is using her content, but i’m confused af because whoever’s patreon that is doesn’t look anything like the person in OP.

No. 924791

Anyone got the recent sets?
I need a good laugh.

No. 925888

she's using the money made from her lewds to fly to Paris to be with her new ebf, lmfao. when will she learn?

No. 925961

…new? Jesus christ.

No. 926751

Wrong Bitsy
That is itsy bitsy Chu.
This tread is about Bitsy hanas.
she probably just tagged to DMCA anything with the name "Bitsy" on it

No. 929953

New boyfriend, same dumb shit. Funny how she has the strength to fly overseas but yet again she's too sick to get off her ass and work. I see her tweets too.she always talking about simp this, simp that I hate simps. Dummy your fanbase ain't shit but simps who literally paying you to do nothing.

No. 938921

She just posted on her IG that she will never do nudity and people should stop asking lmao. Not only did she lie when she said she was gonna do nudity when she reached X amount of Patrons last year, but she betrayed her small group of followers. Hopefully she loses all of em just like she lost her Facebook page.

No. 940059

File: 1583197035205.jpeg (29.62 KB, 620x622, 402C50A6-2DE3-4087-925F-375E70…)

She's charging people money for bullshit like this.

No. 940709

so did you buy it and that's how you got the pic and why you're upset?

No. 940919

Doesn't matter who bought it, point is she is charging people for that.

No. 941742

What kind of extra virgin you have to be to pay for that? Whoever bought that is stupid.

No. 941839

so yea whoever posted the pic was desperate enough to pay her. def matters who bought it because theyre encouraging dumb shit like this

No. 941845

I mean, I wouldn't buy shit from her, and either way, doesn't she sell these in a blind package? Like, you don't know what you buyin until you find this kind of crap in the folder anyways.

Changing topic, does this bitch thinks this is sexy? It could be a photo of a naked barbie doll ffs.

No. 948033

File: 1584753037371.jpg (83.81 KB, 1283x694, simp.jpg)

Bo-hoooo, me so so poor, please gift me a switch dear simps.

No. 966744

Any update on this hoe?

No. 976564

Got a new french BF.
Went to see him in france.
After he fucked her for 2 weeks
straight, (Confirmed on twitter)

Hr immediately broke with her once she got back.

She released a couple of sets. One you can kinds sorta see niples.
Doing more risque stuff, almost showing pussy.

She now spends her time being horny on twitter and having the eventual sex with random dude on parties.

No. 976997

I checked just to confirm this and right now she's live at a party wearing something revealing and being handsy with people. So much for being oh so alone and rarely going outside

No. 977000

File: 1590039867525.jpg (32.69 KB, 306x587, Capture..JPG)

so lonely

No. 977716

Bitch lost all control she barely had over her sorry ass self lmao

No. 978100

>>>Does not post nudes
>>>Chokes on a random cock every friday


No. 981343

Anyone ever get that new set?

No. 985264

yeah, it's great; it's life-affirming. You should definitely go pay mama bitsy baby $100 for the privilege of glimpsing her arsecrack

No. 1002129

I think she found another gullible sucker to be with.

No. 1002763


No. 1004245

I don't know about any of that. I do know she posted on her Instagram story she's getting put out from wherever she's living at and now back to begging because she needs money to find a new place.

No. 1006258

File: 1594622040967.png (3.94 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200629-091806.png)

No. 1006259

File: 1594622083956.png (1.88 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200629-091818.png)

No. 1006260

File: 1594622126138.png (1.17 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200629-091837.png)

No. 1006261

File: 1594622192245.png (2.98 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200708-195209.png)

No. 1006262

File: 1594622217182.png (3.2 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200708-195215.png)

No. 1006724

Weeeeehhh!! Leave me aloneeeeeee! Give me dat sweet money tho.

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