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No. 22790

I'm too lazy to put something probably here so I'm just going to copy and paste.

Audrey Lynn Kitching (born July 26, 1985 in Collingswood, New Jersey) is an American fashion blogger, model, and fashion designer.[2][3] Known for her "pink hair and Lisa Frank vibe,"[4] Kitching has been declared simultaneously a "fashion forward female" and "fashion disaster" by Cosmopolitan,[5] an "It Kid" and "princess of pop culture website Buzznet" by Nylon,[6] a "weekend role model" by Glamour,[7] "one of the rising crop of Hollywood Internet stars taking the underground by storm" by the Los Angeles Times,[1] "this generation's new mogul prototype" by Karmaloop,[8] and an "American social media icon" by Indie Magazine.[9] In 2013, Kitching was profiled by Women's Wear Daily. As of January 3, 2014, she has amassed over 450,000 followers on all of her social networks combined. - Wiki


No. 22792

Meh, she's barely popular anymore. She had her era and it's over.

I remember there was lulz about her though and that she wasn't exactly miss perfect. I always thought she looked haggard tbh like a washed up old cougar in a pink wig.

No. 74516

Bump because I miss her

No. 74558

Her style right now is pretty nice. I'm happy she got out of the scene glitz phase and the motorhead poser phase gracefully.

No. 74560

>reviving a thread this dead and adding nothing.

No. 74589

Her shop is absolutely awful, worse than any of Felice's and worse than Suzy's, ugly dollar store bullshit for like $40

No. 74590

I love everything she's selling, I can find dupes of some shit but not others though
I'm not gonna pay for the overpriced crap, but I do like it

No. 74593

File: 1450843868820.jpg (69.08 KB, 1000x720, ugly.jpg)

You like shitty resin butterflies attached to rubber bands?

No. 74596

I'd take off the butterfly

>Inb4 it's not my taste so I hate what she's selling and this is why it's ugly

No. 74598

No need for green text. Just curious.

No. 74603


It just looks like your typical ~kira kira magical crystals desu~ shit you can find everywhere on etsy or storenvy IMO, but to each their own.

If you have trouble finding dupes of stuff you want badly enough, you could try looking for the supplies individually and making them yourself with some cheap pliers or something. I'm sure the materials themselves are pretty cheap.

No. 74612

File: 1450847277919.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, fhhBrlRh.jpg)

Ah, that's what I meant by dupes.

Hell, I'd open up my own shitty shop and overprice too if I had the patience. Look at lotus&co, selling fake septums for 10x or more of what you can buy the stuff on amazon for.

All you have to do is ask the fake bios to promo and you're in.

I'm not a fan of Audrey's modeling face.
She's getting booked by better people, but that weird face she makes always throws me off.

No. 74632

I've always suspected that Audrey is mainly booked by friends and friends of friends. Even with her personality she was somehow decent at networking, when someone like Kiki burns a bridge each time she blinks.

No. 74635

I always mix her up with gala darling. Gross ex-scene trying to become new age witches.

No. 74659

Haaa, haven't thought about Gala in a while, there's a snowflake for sure. Does she have a thread?

No. 74663


There's one on gomi. She just got a tit job and is falling over backwards to justify it within her whole ~radical self love~ shtick

No. 217175

miss the old audrey. I do not trust her internet persona nowadays, she's too fake right know, I won't buy into the crystals bullshit because we all know she's super snarky and she's doing a great job at hiding all that …

Audrey, I liked you better when you were a self-absorbed bitch with a weird style of fashion, stop trying to make crystals happen lol

No. 217783

this thread is 11 months old

No. 1793714

I think everyone finally caught on to her scams because she’s deleted all social media, emails, phone numbers, etc.(necro)

No. 1793721

My sister loves her.

No. 1793795

>>1793714 thread was made 7 years ago, she probably just grew up lol

No. 1793893

Nah her whole persona, the fashion, the crystals etc. was her primary source of income. She's either dead or she had to get a 9-5. maybe got married? IDK.

No. 1794724

No, she had recently ran a whole new shop and rebranded herself. But now she has abandoned all social media and all contacts. I don’t know what happened to her but she got a lot of bad press.

No. 1794726

File: 1679706505261.jpeg (215.33 KB, 1179x1948, AED84DF8-693E-4901-A939-F3059E…)

No. 1795002

It's funny her bad press it equates to what influences are doing now.i bought one of her tops on one of her shops not crystal cactus it was something else and it was terribly see through, but I was such a fan I didn't care.

I don't care that audrey ripped off idiots with lackluster shitty merchandise. I miss her photos and aesthetics. She was the moment.

No. 1810677

File: 1681778925432.jpeg (45.55 KB, 500x752, 6937287D-CA30-4B91-8724-1DA2C4…)

I liked her look back in like 2007 but she always seemed completely devoid of personality. I remember watching her silly show Trashy Life and though it’s been a very long time and I can’t remember details I do remember thinking Zui seemed funnier and more personable. Audrey struck me as someone who’s into whatever she thought was going to become trendy and desperate for mainstream fame.

I actually own this shirt still and it’s in perfect condition lol

No. 1848932

File: 1687129093217.png (13.34 KB, 694x190, Screenshot 2023-06-19 at 00.58…)

She seems active nowadays

No. 1848933

File: 1687129206335.png (486.59 KB, 1962x1172, Screenshot 2023-06-19 at 01.01…)

No. 1848958

so incredibly basic and boring. she’s just reposting ~aesthetic~ photos that aren’t hers without any credit. it’s basically a Pinterest mood board account.

Used to follow her way back in the day and watch her buzznet videos with Hanna Beth. I also agree with the other anon that she had zero personality, despite her very loud appearance. I also can’t believe that brendon urie from panic! dated her. seems not that interesting beyond her hair in those days and now is even more uninteresting trying to make her new instagram happen.

No. 1848988

theyre both accounts with cutesy pinterest pics. how is that cow behavior, like at all? and the older posts from 7 years ago itt are not really milky either. no wonder the thread never picked up.

No. 1849007

she’s a known scammer and treated her employees horribly. she’s a cow through and through, she’s just not doing anything at all lately.

No. 1868537

Wish I had saved all the nudes she posted of herself on Tumblr lol cringe fest(necro)

No. 1868670

Late but I can 100% believe it, why do you think Panic turned to shit the second Ryan Ross left? Because RR was the literal creative mastermind and Brendan was just the pretty boy frontman. It makes total sense that they'd date

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