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No. 1966959

This thread is for women in non-conservative circles (libertarian, alt, anti-woke left) or not politically-affiliated at all who are hopping on board the “Pick Me” trend.

Although not real SAHMS or tradfems, they still practice the doormat behaviour LARPing and parroting common talking points such as

>Feminism is a scam and detaches women from their submissive ditzy true nature

>Stay-at-home wives and moms are so free they can work and cook whenever they want, don’t have to get up early, and can call in sick or tired to their “captain” whenever (not true, 24/7 job, especially if the moid is demanding and never helps around the house and family)

>Lying that women have a “special power” to first serve the man and compel him to start a family, women can fix and change a man’s mind just by her beauty alone - but at the same time men are made to lead and are the gatekeepers of love and can choose to be bad freely on their will

>Claiming they “understand” or support their man watching porn, cheating, getting a harem, being a drinker, neglect of family, wife-beating, all the typical patriarch abuse and gaslighting stuff of the olden days

However, they never seem to:
>Practice what they preach (be kind, no catty insults, don’t have too many opinions as a woman)
>Are disloyal (flirt with random men online, amass simp armies, are horny even for groypers and uglycels)
>Want to sap some power from the men and do jobs/branding/hobbies considered traditionally male (monetize all their tweets and posts, trying to get into men’s clubs/spaces as the ‘honorary female’, going political)

Examples include:
Billie Rae Brandt - https://youtube.com/@BillieRaeBrandt?si=KXq9xFpBzRXIZq6I
Melanie King - https://youtube.com/@itsmelanieking?si=AWfDq_Y91VANN83c
Mary Harrington -

No. 1966963

File: 1708180594055.jpeg (45.88 KB, 500x500, IMG_1411.jpeg)

BTW, Billie Rae might be an actual troon. “She” sounds very deep-voiced in Youtube shorts, also with that long squarish manjaw and crazy AGP eyes. Something in the face looks off and male-coded.

No. 1966976

I'm trying to remember the name of this extremely masculine, ugly tiktok pickme with a military background. Ring any bells?

No. 1966981

why is this thread needed? we have the tradthot and leftcows thread for these people.

No. 1966986

RealFemSapien Aly

No. 1966987

File: 1708185723863.jpeg (50.84 KB, 768x433, IMG_1412.jpeg)

Is Billie dylan mulvaney’s brother? Also, the boyfriend looks like a GAMP tranny-chaser.

No. 1966989

Pickmes riddle me this, if women are not made to work, then why do most men get a wife and refuse to be the foundation to build her up on as well as the initiator of “doing stuff”? Instead of caring to keep her well and help preserve her beauty and aging, he makes her do the cleaning, cooking and childrearing without pitching in at all, though he would pitch in for his buddies. Not a sign of true love.

Now she is labouring, then a few years later they complain how fat and ugly their wife got and cheat. The typical trad marriage - not ideal.(hasn't saged once in this thread)

No. 1966991

tradthot thread was locked again

No. 1967004

honestly good, it attracts too many twitter refugees and baiting troons

No. 1967045

They’re already here so this thread was a waste of time anyway

No. 1967048

nona that's obviously woman. it is very easy to tell a woman from a troon, and if you can't tell you are either posting in bad faith and trying to push the idea that troons are so good at imitating women we somehow can't tell, or you are genuenly retarded.

No. 1967071

The fact that pickmes and antifeminist girls have to lurk on a website like this to talk against the “men are true love” delusion others realize is a lie only further shows they are either unhappily picked, settled for Mr Wrong already, and/or not listening to their husband and letting him restrict their internet usage. So it is all just a LARP then, mini Phyllis Schlaflys.(sage your shit)

No. 1967078

This thread was clearly created to try to circumvent the tradthots thread being locked, so this one will be as well. Do not attempt to make new threads about “pick-me” or otherwise anti-feminist women until Admin determines otherwise.

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