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No. 1961008

Andrew Paul Roach born Naomi Stewart is a deranged troon that skinwalks marilyn manson and manages to look even more repulsive.

>Has a youtube channel where she spends her time getting drunk, naked, and masturbating on livestreams with the same microphone she "sings" into.

>Sells weird stickers of herself online
>Has been banned from laundromats for screaming at the employees.
>Was banned from the local mall for sexually harassing a minor teen boy.
>Used to work at a museum until she she ran through the museum screaming about all the places she and Marilyn Manson would have sex, harassing families to take her stickers, and littered trash and stickers around the property
>Her brother is a religious fanatic, pedophile (who raped his own daughter.)
>Pee's on herself during livestreams because she doesn't want to ''get up and interrupt.''
>Says she would fuck her cats since no human wants to fuck her

Social media:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mini_manson_talent/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJhmZp3sSZlT-xQzV9rdisw
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AndrewPaulRoach(shit thread, no evidence of claims)

No. 1961226

No. 1961232

Damn, I just came across this dude on TikTok yesterday and instantly wondered if he'd have a thread. I'd love to read more about this repulsive freak.

No. 1961233

Samefag but holy shit theyre such an eyesore I didnt even realize they were a troon. Did not mean to use this freak's "preferred pronouns" kek.

No. 1961237

Phew! Good thing you didn't call her a 'she', eh?

No. 1961239

Is she a chicago native? I've seen those ugly stickers slapped on shit all over downtown and was wondering what the fuck they were about. Surprised I haven't seen this cow in the wild yet if so. Maybe a good new cow for the altcow thread?

No. 1961288

She definitely lives in Chicago, there are details on the other farms. She posts a lot of pics of herself at northside bars that have karaoke like Sidetracks and Holiday Club. I'm surprised I haven't seen her around town.

No. 1961876

I’ve definitely seen this creature on Her kek a couple years ago she tried to match w me, wish I had the screenshots. Chicago troons are a special breed.

No. 1970151

I support Marilyn Manson and him too. And Teale Coco is a whore and ugly stupid bitch,who spread legs for Manson.(wk-ing retardation)

No. 1970152

Ok jj0600722@gmail.com

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