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No. 1960684

ok so I'm a girl who recently fucked danny behind powerviolets back (im danny her boyfriend ) she was making eye contact with me in the crowd  and after I snuck away from violet while she was getting her phone jacked, and we went bathroom separately, and I did a special knock, and then when I came in, he sucked my face off and lifted me in the air, pulled my breast, and started sucking on it while pressing me against the wall, and I could feel his erection, it was good

He told me he we had to make it quick, so I bent over the sink, and he then proceeded to press my face against the glass while pounding away

And then came on my tramps stamp, and said he had to go and give me a kiss bye

And then, when I asked about violet, he told me we’re kinda on the rocks right now

so I’m not sure if they have an open relationship or if he was cheating

https://www.instagram.com/powerviolets?igsh=c2t6Z3c1OXUxbWVl(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1984196

None of this is true hahaha. Be something else if it was tho.! I would say it’s a pretty good story but I have no idea who’s prospective it’s being told from. …. Oh well, At least my imaginary erection was “good”.

No. 1984197

Highly inaccurate. Everyone knows you fuck like a lesbian.(necro just to samefag)

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