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File: 1705950658868.png (215.17 KB, 448x596, 1000002977.png)

No. 1958272

First popped up on the show "Love After Lockup" by TLC. She was Dylan Smith's fiance and picked him up from prison and took him to her aunt's house. She has to go to the bathroom and he talks with her aunt's. One is in her 60s and the other is late 80s with an oxygen tank.

She says her head out the door and proceeds to be extremely jealous and wants to leave. Gets extremely angry that he doesn't time with her aunt's instead of her.

As it turns out, in the years since then she became increasingly mentally ill. Her and Dylan lived together. While he was out she kicked her 3 previous children on a closet and called the police saying a man was breaking into her house. The children were taken away.

Since then, Dylan kicked her out. Numerous people offered her housing, vehicles and funds. She proceeded to huff dust cleaner canisters and write a majority of nonsensical nonsense in her book. She believes genderless people with bowl cuts stalk her.

While on the streets she got pregnant with twins and offered to sell them to a couple. When they didn't give her enough money and wanted prenatal care, she took an abortion pill in a hotel bathroom and took a video to send them and her own children on Christmas.

She is currently living in a tent around 36 weeks pregnant in the middle of winter in Chicago with a homeless dude named Xavier.


https://www.tiktok.com/@coco.chanelle.ysl?lang=en&is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=mobile&sender_web_id=7231312750113392134(shit thread)

No. 1958428

I’ve been waiting for a thread about her to pop up. She is my favorite normie lolcow.
I’ve started keeping up with her since September after remembering she existed.
Thr latest drama is she finally had “sponsors “ that donated for her to stay in a hotel for the coldest days in Chicago but she of course didn’t use what the money was intended for.
There’s so ,any good clips of her sperging out.
I’m not sure why people defend Xavier, a man that lets his pregnant girlfriend sleep in the cold and does drug to her unborn child. I’m waiting for the hit to shit the fan when she has the baby. We all know she’s using her baby as a token to have some housing.
https://youtu.be/dkeJH7rsqCg?si=hodyWmUfoYazrsTh(learn to embed)

No. 1958470

She rants about a tranny impersonating Xavier but he has no clothes except hers.

Nefarious plots to keep her homeless, held illegally in her tent it's all bullshit. She's been offered to stay in shelters, hotels, apartments. She chooses to huff duster canisters and live in a tent. I hope they take her baby away.

No. 1958523

This woman is insane! She got a full breast feeding kit before knowing the baby would go home with her. She lives in a tent!

No. 1959371

I remember her!! I watched this show years ago and I was always struck at how normal the inmates were compared to their partners. She is the definition of cluster bee and I look forward to seeing what milk she produces

No. 1959620

Thx for making a thread shes been a personal lolcow of mine for years. I'm on baby watch right now, I cant believe shes made it this far without self aborting for sympathy again. The Xaddy nudes leak on Twitter made me want to file RICO charges

No. 1961522

File: 1706805790438.jpg (58.21 KB, 640x1386, 1000003046.jpg)

Baby Rico is due in two weeks!

Speculation is on whether or not she'll go to the hospital or give birth in her tent. There's no way the hospital will let them take the baby home. It's going to have drugs in it's system, they live in a tent and she has zero custody or visitation of her 3 other children. Plus she'd definitely be showing her erratic behavior. The only reason she go to the hospital is for drugs. It's surprising the baby has held on this long. She never shows it moving. That child is going to be so messed up if it survives even if it's taken away from her.

I know Reddit isn't popular here but her antics are pretty well documented on this place: https://www.reddit.com/r/PeopleBeTrippin/

No. 1963783

for those who have never seen Heather's 15 minutes of fame. i sincerely hope she doesn't think CPS is going to allow her to bring her newborn into a tent to live.

No. 1967647

File: 1708370166743.jpeg (605.65 KB, 828x1792, IMG_470EFB1D6B6E-1.jpeg)

Heather had her baby in the hospital

No. 1967723

if only the newborn could be put up for adoption or something. shes not fit to be a parent whatsoever tbh

No. 1968000

Poor poor baby, she'll be a psychotic boy mom who'll full on latch unto him if left in her 'care'. Give the boy a chance at life and give him up for adoption.

No. 1969136

File: 1708690384543.png (1.66 MB, 828x1792, IMG_3020.PNG)

update: she wasn't allowed to bring the baby to a tent but she has been approved for government housing and will have custody for now, poor kid.

No. 1969143

imagine believing shit that heather says

No. 1970615

File: 1709073250018.jpg (126.79 KB, 720x1480, 1000003331.jpg)

The baby was taken into the NICU (probably for withdrawals). She has been banned not only from visiting him but also from the hospital. The police showed up twice, and she was removed for trespassing. According to her she's allowed to drop off breast milk because the police sergeant said so, probably lies or if so they probably dump it.

Baby was taken away because she was accused (read: they found prescription painkillers in her system) of having drugs in her system. She had a court date and had decided to represent herself in this case. She's currently staying at the salvation army in a family room and has gotten the room by claiming the baby isn't there yet because he's in the NICU without explaining why. She claims to pump milk for the baby and deliver it 6 miles by walking it bus a day.

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