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File: 1705306633662.jpg (1.25 MB, 1936x3840, 1634818416760.jpg)

No. 1955264

Gwizofthestars (aka Gwiz, Gwiz210, Garland Alyssa Moore) is the former Community Manager for SEGA's MMORPG, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. He is a transgender woman that grew up on 4chan and has been posting there since 2009. Stubborn, narcissistic, and VERY overprotective of his reputation, he goes to great lengths to harass his detractors. This includes but is not limited to stalking, doxing, and threatening people with lawsuits.

He searches his name on every internet community with the intention of defending himself, as seen here: >>>/w/8728 After this embarrassing display he continued to do so anonymously on 4chan and through burner accounts on youtube/twitter/discord/reddit.

Gwiz is a professional instigator and victim at heart, ironically and hypocritically projecting about how he's subject to hateful behavior on a regular basis. He flips the script on every sob story, in actuality being guilty of everything he accuses others of. Gwiz is manipulative, a pathological liar, and is very persistent when attacking people. His unmedicated OCD pushes him down a dangerous path of never letting things go. He has slandered many while working at SEGA. Players, content creators and community pillars like fan-site owners have been subject to his HRT induced ragefits.

Gwiz is known as 4chan's Phantasy Star General lolcow (/vg/ - /pso2g/) He very much would like to not be the center of attention anymore but can't stop himself from replying to obvious bait. He hates people knowing about his history with 4chan because it would ruin his music "career" and reputation as an LGBT icon in the videogame industry.

He also doesn't want people to know about how he has an unironic agenda to inject children with estrogen: https://files.catbox.moe/q7p1ik.webm (taken from a private twitch stream by an anonymous 4chan user)

—Summary of Gwiz and Phantasy Star Online 2—
>banned people over personal vendettas.
>stalked a PSO2 player after getting blocked by them on Twitter.
>disregarded international laws by blocking players on the official Twitter account over GDPR requests.
>responded to player feedback with threats of banning their game account.
>deleted forum and discord feedback because they didn’t align with his vision of the game.
>posted gay NSFW art on official twitter numerous times.
>pushed his tranny friends to high status through official channels like in game events or on discord.
>falsely accused a PSO2 fan-site owner of datamining.
>deleted their poor attempt at an apology, lied that it was deleted because they were “hacked”.
>posts on 4chan’s PSO2 general every day. Has folders dedicated to people he doesn't like.
>spams 4chan with his selfies and social media posts.
>attended a 4chan only in-game sex mod meetup while he was working for the game.
>astroturfs 4chan to improve his "4chan cred". Accidentally posted a screenshot of his own 4chan video without hiding the “analytics” and “edit video” button. https://arch.b4k.co/vg/thread/333437253/#q333461540
>when confronted about being involved with 4chan he gaslights and accuses others of being conspiracy theorists.
>joined PSO2 Facebook groups and blocked the admins to hide his activity (he was later banned for harassing people)
>threatened to dox and sue a Brazilian PSO2 player on Facebook over transphobic remarks made on 4chan. Leaked in game chat logs show he thinks transphobic jokes are funny.
>used SEGA’s official social media accounts to promote his shitty DJ music.
>organized an in-game music festival and made himself the closing act despite a more popular DJ being present (Hyper Potions was featured in the Sonic movie and a recent Sonic videogame) https://twitter.com/play_pso2/status/1535018791113211905
>forced a regular PSO2 content creator and game shill (Kerropi) to disable youtube comments because everyone was making fun of him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bifKwpcbiCQ
>threatened, stalked, and slandered another content creator for three years because he spoke up about gwiz's misconduct: https://x.com/syberbolt/status/1737318715681624290

—Recent News—
>Gwiz tweeted about how he's being impersonated in League of Legends
>says he doesn’t use the username “gwizofthestars” in any video game including Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. https://twitter.com/gwizofthestars/status/1745116363335893124
>an anon on 4chan proves otherwise https://arch.b4k.co/vg/thread/461707937/#461755038
>another anon trolls by saying they will trademark gwiz’s username, https://arch.b4k.co/vg/thread/461707937/#q461757136
>after taking the bait and threatening someone gwiz posts proof on twitter about copyrighting his username: https://twitter.com/gwizofthestars/status/1746621771309306351

Social Media:
https://soundcloud.com/gwizofthestars(do not create duplicate threads)

No. 1955268

I remember this troon, he was one of the twittards trying to cancel Umru in 2017.(sage your shit)

No. 1955372

File: 1705336374546.jpg (207.52 KB, 828x1228, 1238920312.jpg)

No. 1955397

This is hilarious, how the fuck did Garland end up being such a cow? I remember his big break with the Wendy's cashier clocking his ass and people made fun of him on /tttt/ about it kek.
He used to be a decent friend before he trooned out, but I guess the Sonic autism and the porn addiction fried his brain. Many such cases.
I don't want to sound schizo and powerlevel, but I've had feelings of him trying to take aspects of my personality and what I like and apply them to himself, like skin walking. I don't think I'm the only (hopefully) former mutual of his with this thought. I'm sure this is his inspiration of what a "real" woman should act like, just take chunks of women that you know behavior and mimick it.

No. 1955406

File: 1705340524940.jpg (15.57 KB, 539x166, threat2.JPG)

He is/was a furry. That's strike 1. Strike 2 is being addicted to social media. Strike 3 was taking HRT. If you look through https://arch.b4k.co/ you can find a lot of stuff about him. He loves posting as the self proclaimed "Queen of 4chan". Here's a pic of him threatening some brazilian

No. 1955463

All trannies deserve the rope

No. 1955465

File: 1705348219812.jpg (26.54 KB, 602x318, gwiz.JPG)

some very rotten milk but maybe this was the origin of his downfall?

No. 1955504

You were friends, yes? How was he before trooning out?(learn to sage)

No. 1955849

File: 1705426939549.jpg (93.74 KB, 684x867, twitterwall.JPG)

I've seen my fair share of narcs but not one who prints and hangs their old tweets. jfc(sage your shit)

No. 1956137

OP only talking about video game ban drama and not saging makes it pretty obvious they’re a tourist

No. 1956148

Before trooning out he pretty much blended in with a bunch of people. He was one of the more well known fans and friends in the New York chiptune scene except he lived in Oklahoma. Garland and his brother Maxwell were in a band together so they were almost inseparable, at least online they shared tons of friends together. They hyped themselves up often and posted online teasing each other so most of that is what you saw if you were close to them. Basically he was a guy who liked similar video games and music, and he cared for his young brother. Garland also had a long term girlfriend, Maria, during the time I knew him. Maria supported him for a couple months after he trooned out, not sure what became of them. Maxwell they/them'd himself and he also had a long term girlfriend back when I knew him, who isn't dating him anymore either. Both of these women were creative type artists.
Garland's core personality hasn't changed since his troonery, he's still obsessed with Sega and Nascar. Sucks to see his narcissistic behaviors have taken over. I really didn't experience that, or just shoved it off as hyping, networking, and advertising for his bands and side projects.

No. 1956235

the narcissism def stems from his recent blowup.
he's been a cow for a long time. >>>/w/8728

No. 1956258

It’s 99.9% likely OP is banned player on PSO2. Almost nothing about the post is actually about Garland’s life/is just about his PSO2 years. Nothing about the chiptune years, boob job, or anything. This helps with making the thread about that YouTuber though so thank you.

No. 1956479

How is this milk? We are not gonna be your personal army tourist.
The mods ought to move this vendetta post to the personal cows thread or delete this what a waste of an entire thread space.

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