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No. 1948093

This transgender here should take the award of the lolcows of the year for being the most disrespectful lying and conniving person to roam around this planet. She is a snitch for the police and blames others to get away from her snitching along with her group of informants. She sets people up and is rhinoing innocent men to make them look like pedophiles. She ruins people's lives just for the simple fact that she could not get what she wanted from them neither was she able to manipulate these strong breed of men. Being the weakling that she is and not handle rejection she builds stories on people and gets others to fight her battles. She is dying of full blown aids and does not disclose her info to new play mates. Spreading her fully mutated hiv strain all over grindr in the Los Angeles Area. Be careful. Also please dont feed into her bullshit. Hoes like these are desperate for the attention they never received as a gay man and still not receiving as a rotten egg Tranny. No work done getting high on meth and missing her hormone shots every month. This is considered a crossdresser from my point of view. A very desperate and confused one at that. Please leave ppl the fuck alone and worry about yourself and fully transitioning into this so called Women you want to be DUDE!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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