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No. 1942565

Lucy bell, known as garbagedolly on Tumblr, is a narcissistic white 18 year old girl that frequently posts ddlg, that she tags as "lovers" and "aesthetic couple" also very dramatic and pretends to be innocent, while posting NSFW content and copying Nicole Dollanganger.(shit thread)

No. 1942574

shittiest thread i’ve ever seen. i smell a self-post. i’ve never even seen anyone bring her up in the coquette, ddlg or nicole dollanganger’s calves threads.

No. 1942577

I thought this too, but I looked at her tumblr and she's been getting anon hate for fangirling over the columbine dudes for a couple of days, so it might be someone on tumblr trying to vendetta post but failing to integrate

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