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No. 1940365

Alyssa Marie Smith, aka Glassyhousee, aka Earthschoolstudent, aka a_real_alcoholic_human, aka I_give_updown, aka onegirlplural, aka alice, aka Yourartistfriendalyssa

Alyssa Smith is a self-proclaimed Iowan Artist, sometimes recovering guru/sometimes alcoholic trash, working on her social media image addiction, second OWI while scamming and deceiving lonely old women online for their money in a fake DV scam against her on again off again boyfriend, C.

Please remember that Alyssa is not a victim. She willingly signed her parental rights over to join the Artist party scene. No matter what sob story she picks to be her trigger for the day as an excuse for drinking, she continues to make the choices that make her a shitty person.

She continues to gloat herself as a savior to homeless people from working a two-month stint in a homeless shelter where she ultimately quit and claims she witnessed horrible things by the staff that has scarred her for life.

One day she will be a hippy dippy artist, the next an ex-houseless alcoholic fighting for her brethren, and her recent white girl thug persona.

She claims to have a bi-polar diagnosis and if her problems aren't reddit, tiktok or youtubes fault, it's her medication or it's being unmedicated or "mania."

She starts out every live praising Jesus with a prayer (but not your Jesus, her jesus that doesn't want her too get a job) and has alcohol delivered to her "sky-prison" apartment and is puking drunk by noon. This is where she spins out and becomes paranoid and rage blocks long time supporters and donators and unmods and blocks mods for no reason except she lacks trust. She spits in the hallway, has been previously asked to leave, confronted by other tenants for being wasted in the lobby and gets locked out for hours at a time frequently.

Alyssa stays in trouble, gets caught in lies, is triggered by absolutely everything and everyone; but a few of her most memorable moments she tries to erase from internet are:
>Claims one of her triggers stems from her Ex-Heroin addict boyfriend, J, who killed himself because she ignored his phone after a drunken fight. (This story has changed numerous times and now she claims he did it while they were on the phone together)
>Signed Guardianship of her son over but continues to invite him over only to make him parent her and put him in dangerous and uncomfortable situations including watching her pass out and convulse, berate him for calling 911 because he was scared, then blocked him from her Tiktok after he joined and reminded her to feed her cats.
>Loses a car and gets her first OWI.
>Pees on the grass and flashes her whole vagina to Tiktok, gets banned and blames her ex-mods.
>Begs chat for donations to go to a hotel to get away from her "dangerously violent boyfriend", where she cries to the front desk clerk her boyfriend is trying to overdose her and kill her. The cops show up and find an empty bottle of benzo prescribed the same day. A video exists of her boyfriend feeding her more pills when he didn't know she was recording him.
>Flashes her boobs while sexy-dancing on live, denies this happened even though the video still exists.
>While her boyfriend is out of town, she invites an old man, T, over. She goes to bed drunk and makes him sleep on the couch after flirting with him all night and he starts writing about her on his personal facebook page. He nicknames her the girl with all the flowers, then tells facebook she shit in his toilet, didn't flush and stole all his benzos. Her chat tells her about the posts, she confronts him, he asks if she stole the pills and she admits she did.
>Goes live from the back of a gas station and takes a ride from a random Tiktok Viewer (Alyssa 2.0) who she later invites to her apartment but makes leave once her boyfriend arrives.
>Runs a GFM scheme for a car, then spends the money on booze, doordash, a hotel with a fancy bathtub to bathe because she refuses to shower, a jacket, a bag and sends money to her sister to bribe her affection.
>Receives her second OWI. Claims she wasn't drinking that day except proof has been shown, she was in fact driving drunk, but the cop caught her passed out in the car with the keys in the ignition- hence the OWI charge and not DWI/DUI.
>Melts down over not having alcohol where she throws all of her belongings into the hallway, convinces the neighbor she is scared of her boyfriend, leaves her animals at home unsupervised and runs a second GFM/Donation scam for another car to get away from her abusive boyfriend. The apartment office sends them an eviction notice and she buys a plane ticket to go to Colorado with her grandma to a Casino, blows through the whole GFM without buying a car.
>Surrenders her pets before leaving for Colorado.
>Shows up to her sisters house where her sister yells at her to leave.
>Moves in with her Aunt to get sober, only to return to said abusive boyfriend later.
>Has shown her credit card numbers online, Doxxed every member of her family, gone live during fights with her boyfriend to garner sympathy and filmed him tossing her phone out the window at least twice.

Fresh milk:

>Blocked all mods at the request of her boyfriend.

>Bans everyone that shows her appropriate concern about the situation or her health/alcoholism
>Claims to have the cure for alcoholism, but is never cured.
>Has every mental disorder, is on the spectrum and is ProAna most days.
>Claimed she found proof her boyfriend slept with her sister and that's why her sister yelled at her to leave in Colorado.
>Blames the reddit, tiktok pages, youtube pages for her downfalls.
>Uses her baby daddy, grandfather and boyfriend to threaten anyone that questions or opposes her online.
>Threatened suicide over the "hate pages" where a tussle with her boyfriend ensued.
>Can't heat up her own bagel.
>Goes weeks without showering or washing her hair.
>Thinks she's so quirky and unique because she's Bi-polar and can talk to God.
>Has a ton of GIFs displaying her behavior by searching "AlyssaMarieSmith" on Tenor.
>Is archived on 3 YouTube channels. One is private/restricted to only a few members, but will be reposted on a public page soon. These contain the New Year incident, CPS incident, Hotel Incident, Overdose Incident, OWI2 incident, and all the videos of her flashing the camera and peeing outside.

Alyssa's Instagram: https://instagram.com/glassyhousee
Alyssa's Tiktoks:
Alyss'a subreddit: BANNED
Search Youtube for Glassyhousee or Alyssa Smith for public archives.

No. 1941947

She got access to an old account back and is now live. She has to see her probation officer today.

https://www.tiktok.com/@appletrreess(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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