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No. 1925432

>troon with self-diagnosed autism, schiz, adhd, bpd, did, npd, abc, def, ghi
>spergy fangirl for the most annoying fandoms
>identifiable stench
>chronically online overweight femcel, fakedidcringe
>got top surgery, it did nothing, still looked like a fat girl with fat tits and now pretends to be intersex
>father arrested for possession of 10lbs of meth among other charges, (lindsey v. state a07a0895) mother out of the picture, also likely in jail
>former mcdonald's manager when she was 18, ragequit because coworkers wouldn’t put up with her
>7th grade dropout refusing employment, applied for disability and denied twice
>sexually assaulted multiple people
>delusional that she is nagito komaeda above all else
>self-pronounced autosexual dating herself after failing multiple relationships
>cuts herself so hajime hinata will love her
>can't cut through her pigskin to see the lard underneath
>watches minecraft animal sfm porn to get off
>will not shower

recent nitty gritty:
>full slavaboo arc, russian hetalia takes over the system
>moved from instagram to tumblr following backlash, took down cosplay accounts
>started dating poltergeistdf on tumblr
>’carved’ hajimes name into her arm and posted photos with nothing visible
>when confronted about sa, pretended to have a new host and faked amnesia so that she didnt recognize her ex
>proposed with a costume ring, marriage called off
>family bought tickets to disney as a surprise
>kms, family doesnt want to pay for a wheelchair to push my fat ass
>meltdown when no wi-fi in the car to play splatoon on the way
>meltdown pt2 when family goes to animal kingdom instead of magic kingdom
>decided to stay in hotel room for 3 days instead

socials are constantly changing as she runs around the internet
main tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/whiispurr
art site: https://toyhou.se/whiispurr
alt tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/hetamyutism
tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@hetamyutism?_t=8bDqRX4Vdhz&_r=1
linktree: https://linktr.ee/hetamyutism(vendetta-posting)

No. 1925441

are you going to provide milk or just sperg about how fat she is

No. 1925445

File: 1699424490954.jpeg (58.05 KB, 684x594, 893F305D-D3B3-49C9-AEA8-3AE818…)

No. 1925446

File: 1699424560537.jpeg (246.83 KB, 750x575, 9410E0FF-86C3-4AE6-AB0F-395821…)

proud satanist but only for the self worship aspect

No. 1925447

its difficult to find milk atm as her social medias all just reset but with due time she acts psychotic every single time she makes a new account

No. 1925451

File: 1699425124535.jpeg (65.24 KB, 750x200, C70C3804-33C0-4C91-823F-B80264…)

lying about her age now? she should be turning 20 this coming april. she got top surgery last year which isnt legal for minors.

No. 1925456

File: 1699426261468.jpeg (285.19 KB, 1170x1988, IMG_7251.jpeg)

posted yesterday about her turning 17 this year, the boyfriend also calls her aphy which matches

No. 1925484

no one cares about your personal vendetta against a fatty(bumping shit thread just to complain)

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