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File: 1698095431024.jpg (509.19 KB, 1080x1323, Screenshot_20231023_224332.jpg)

No. 1918342

Miles Gary Sonkin aka Iggy Semmelweis

>sex trafficker

>Andrew Tate's "War Room" leader, a fanclub men would pay to get in to be near him
>gave men advice on how to groom women into the camgirl business in said "War Room"
>constantly licked Tate's ass
>pimps out his own wife
>tweeted about how he would tell his daughter that her vagina is her money-maker
>is pro-genocidal zionist
>Tate brothers are now pro Palestine and block any questions about their association with Iggy
>Iggy's Twitter disappears
>Unknown if Iggy is still friends with them

Twitter thread about him:https://twitter.com/Mad_about_sheep/status/1673337863763533831

www.twitter.com/iggy_semmelweis (deleted)

No. 1918346

File: 1698095742310.jpg (218.28 KB, 1080x1920, Picsart_23-10-23_23-15-29-830.…)

An example of the kind of bullshit he would write on his page before it was gone.

No. 1918347

File: 1698095804534.jpg (46.59 KB, 743x422, F4MhqYoWIAEqqpQ.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1918366

File: 1698098076579.jpg (91.58 KB, 1080x1000, F42H0oDXMAAlI9i.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1918369

nobody on lolcow cares

these nonnies go on and on about how much they hate scrotes but would rather dedicate hundreds of threads bitching about other women for silly shit like photoshop instead of calling out actual predatory pimps n pedos..(lost newfag)

No. 1918371

Are you fucking kidding me he should be put in jail for saying this alone. Fucking pedo freak he sounds like he has/would molest his own daughter I want to alog

No. 1918385

There is no way this male is actually really like this, right? Right??? Please? Someone hit me with a "not all men" or someshit, this is so disgusting to read I don't even want to think about the implications for more than a second. Good fucking god.

No. 1918387

So Iggy is a Jewish pornographer with an Asian women fetish? Is this why the Tates stopped talking to him as they’re supposedly ‘Muslim’ now?

No. 1918388

That’s not true we shittalk pimps, scrotes and pickmes all the time but the threads always get locked

No. 1918509

way to miss the point if the board moralfag.
lolcows are for enterrainament. it's inconsequential stuff. people din't come here to get mad at rapists, they want to laugh at crazies.
ultimately there are far fewer male lolcows because they inevitably end up being sex pests or horrorcows. so yeah peoole would rather read about some cow's latest fashion disaster than about another moid posting rant #480765 about how he wants to rape and kill all women.
that kind of guy 100% would molest any female relatives. hope to god he has no sisters, nieces or cousins.

No. 1918550

File: 1698134039472.jpg (202.7 KB, 1080x781, Screenshot_20231023_232556.jpg)

It's not confirmed that the Tate Brothers and Iggy stopped talking. Tate has been ignoring any questions about Iggy on Twitter from Muslims..
A few months ago before Iggy's Twitter got deleted, he was writing culty shit about worshipping Tate, how "Tateism" would replace Islam, and this all while Andrew was already supposedly Muslim.

Afaik, Tate is still friends with a ton of degenerates from his "past" (which wasn't that long ago), including another zionist sympathizer Layah Heilpern. The fact that he still hasn't publicly denounced this shitbag Iggy says a lot though. It let's a lot of people assume he's just using this conversion to Islam as another grift.

No. 1918562

File: 1698136709636.jpg (152.1 KB, 1164x1250, FqP-Q-yaUAAZjqR.jpeg.jpg)

Oh please. This website has long ass threads about camgirls that no one would know about unless you were a chronic coomer. Princess Mei was also roasted here for promoting her weird sex cult to teen fans, that's not inconsequential. Fact is people on this website have more of a hatred for anything feminine like women and troons/gay males.. When it comes to hetero males, it's almost crickets from you lot.

This Andrew Tate sex trafficking case is way more interesting than Dylan Mulvaney or Colleen Ballinger.

No. 1918678

Are you just autistic or actually male? Female gossip revolves aroud the topics discussed in abundance on the boards, and men abusing women isn't considered interesting or funny gossip to any group of women anywhere. Men dressing like fags and pretending to be women while holding the views espoused my this failmale is funny in a paradoxical and ironic way, but this thread lacks even that element. Read the room

No. 1919006

>>1918678 princess mei's thread here on lolcow promoting her sex cult wasnt funny either but that didnt stop anons from roasting the shit out of her. It's funny u think im male for calling out the fact that even women prefer shitting on other women over hetero males even if they do the same problematic shit.

Just face it, ur a self-hating female with penis envy and no different than the average 4chan user lmao.

No. 1919009

>lolcow has active long threads on camgirls
>thread about pimp / sex trafficking camgirls crickets

Tell me again how YOU are not the autistic male brained one ?(sage your infighting)

No. 1919032

>self-hating female with penis envy
>penis envy
Lmao ok so you’re definitely a scrote then for sure. Getting all mad we don’t want to talk about this. How are you not getting this? Like the other anon said, read the room. This guy sounds absolutely disgusting but where is the funny part? I don’t think any of us come here to feel angry and sad and helpless regarding a cow. We come here to laugh, and yes sometimes rant, but I get why this thread won’t take off. If you’re looking for a personal army against this guy, I understand because he is foul, but this isn’t the place. Maybe try kiwifarms.

No. 1919038

no offense but you sound like you haven't been here long. There's been plenty of cows in the past where there wasn't a single thing funny going on with their situation. Soren, Kelly who picked her legs into stumps, Raven who married a teen boy when she was like 30, severe anorexics like Ash, etc. The site has turned its focus to cam girls and whatnot but there's always been horror cows so to speak.

No. 1919049

Nah you’re right, I’ve only been here a few years and I did read Raven and Soren’s threads but I guess I kind of blocked them from my mind kek. Fair point. I still stand by what I said about that anon saying we have penis envy tho, because no

No. 1919164

I agree with you but you gotta admit Raven's Samsung baby was absolutely hysterical

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