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No. 1911879

Futaloving Cockmaster/ShenisRespecter is a 30+ year old pornstar and youtuber from Colarado. He is most well known for his blatant chasing and contradicting takes

>On NEETBUX, has autism

>Has a transgender polycule in his public discord server
>Goes to multiple porn conventions to meet his favorite trans pornstars
>Had mom burn porn CDs and block all porn websites from his house when he was a teenager
>Has an unhealthy obsession with pokemon porn
>His goal is to be "the most famous chaser" and "normalize straight men liking dick and not liking vaginas"
>Has discord full of 30 year old Virgin friends he calls "wizards"
>Makes disgusting videos about his sexual awakenings and activities
>First video is him roleplaying telling his made up 8 year old son excrutiating details about his sexual escapades with transwomen

https://www.twitch.tv/goldstarchaser(shit thread)

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