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File: 1696467417630.jpeg (1.5 MB, 3464x3464, 9C44EBAD-9810-4DAE-8CDC-27875B…)

No. 1909033

Someone already made a thread on her, but it was locked because it was a shitty thread

Qtmilkbuns is a 27 year old E-thot that has an asian fetish, went to Korea because of muh K-Pop. “Teaching English” to children in Korea so she can fund her Koreaboo alcoholic lifestyle.

some milk/basic details

>Wears a synthetic blonde wig and extremely pale makeup to look wasian (she has rarely been seen without the wig for years). She’s naturally a brown skinned, dark curly haired Latina. Not milk. Just cringe

>Majority of her TikToks are about how she uses Tinder to hook up with random ugly Korean men and how nobody there wants her because she’s plus size

>People around her have said she will fuck any Korean man that speaks to her, on her lives she is seen attempting to do exactly that

>Met a freshly 18 year old and suddenly they are engaged.

>Claims this 18 year old is the father of her unborn child even though she has been fucking several Korean men in clubs on live

>Begs the 18 year old for money, lives off of him

>Barely teaches the kids at her school, comes to her school in mini skirts and heavy cleavage crop tops. Doesn’t really care about her teaching job even though parents pay loads of money

>Sexually assaults random people in the club, constantly. Did it to one of her friend’s boyfriends too

>Paid someone to do all of her work through college, is probably why she is such an under qualified english teacher

>Fauxbian, has claimed she is lesbian/bi for a while but has only dated one woman, which lasted a week. Constantly fucks men and is pregnant by a man. Leaves her female friends for misogynistic males

>One of those misogynistic Korean males she is close to is batshit insane. Dms random black women the n word and sexual harassment

>Scammed her followers, got plastic surgery with the money

>Also spends her paychecks on surgery

If you have more milk you can add it on in the thread


TikTok: qtmilkbuns https://www.tiktok.com/@qtmilkbuns?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc

Instagram: qtmilkbuns https://www.instagram.com/qtmilkbuns/

Don’t dox her, If you know her full name don’t post it. Don’t cowtip(shit thread/ nonstop samefagging)

No. 1909066

Wild there’s a thread on her I met her in Busan wayyyy back she knows all the bartenders in busan and would get extremely drunk and constantly ask for money on her close friends. In the end I distanced myself from her.

No. 1909072

People on her subreddit were able to contact her 18 year old husband/boyfriend(??) on instagram. He's fully aware he's not the real father despite her saying so on socials kek. But he said to not worry because he has a plan which no one knows what he means by that. Either a mistranslation by his part, or accepts being the stepfather, or plans to dump her, or all of this is just for money. But she's also saying she wants baby 2 asap probably for the paternity test for some visa. Whole situation is a bizarre mess

No. 1909075

screenshots, nonna?

No. 1909077

File: 1696477595867.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1284x2205, IMG_1456.jpeg)

The reddit is full with milk. She has been finding people’s schools and calling them for simply posting on the reddit. This girl was attacked by her because she called her an unfit mother

No. 1909080

File: 1696477940548.png (549.58 KB, 1125x2436, 14579.png)

from the 18 year old husband/boyfriend

No. 1909081

File: 1696477976043.png (547.65 KB, 1125x2436, 114580.png)

No. 1909082

File: 1696477977842.jpeg (182.41 KB, 641x667, IMG_1457.jpeg)

What she messaged a subreddit mod. They’re getting on you for your age because you are 27 going after teenagers lmao

No. 1909084

File: 1696478003466.png (645.34 KB, 1125x2436, 114581.png)

No. 1909089

off topic but it’s crazy how he barely speaks english and she absolutely hates it when he speaks korean. this was obviously sent through a translator too

No. 1909144

Horny koreaboos isn’t milky there’s literally millions of them

No. 1909161

Please no more tiktok zoomer threads you’ve already made multiple ones about stupid tiktok zoomies and soundcloud zoomies go post them in the general thread because no one cares dude

No. 1909175

>brings up "Asian fishing" first thing in the op
>makes sure not to use the terminology
>mentions it's not milk but totally just cringe guiz
What a thinly veiled attempt at another boring Asian fishing thread kek

No. 1909265

That’s what she was known for. If that was the reason as to why this thread was created it would have been made a while ago. Threads have been made on her because she has a baby with a high schooler that isn’t even his.

No. 1909277

File: 1696518865202.jpeg (671.29 KB, 3195x2664, 464A713F-AE05-40DA-A84F-15C611…)

She is sending her scrote friends over to “seduce” whoever is talking bad about her and then call them out

No. 1909288

Oh she’s milky!!
She made a fake go fund me for something medical but it was for her weight loss surgery. I gotta find the evidence it’s on tiktok.
Also getting pregnant by a 19 year old could be false she might have gotten pregnant by someone else. There’s evidence of her getting drunk in April / May the month she found out she was pregnant.
She’s so milky

No. 1909290

The gofundme is so fucked. I think the gofundme had something to do with a family member with cancer.

No. 1909302

File: 1696524411962.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1170x1662, IMG_1716.jpeg)

She spent chuseok alone which is a major holiday in Korea. What’s crazy if she’s married like she says she is with this 19 year old boy she wouldn’t be alone on chuseok.
Sage cuz it’s a theory but I don’t think her husbands family is aware of her.

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