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File: 1696373109323.jpg (119.57 KB, 1080x1080, 360005136_1018005462525420_767…)

No. 1908437

Social Media
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@qtmilkbuns
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/qtmilkbuns/
Instagram (Private Back-Up): https://www.instagram.com/sysy.96/
TikTok (Private Back-Up):https://www.tiktok.com/@qtmilkbuns

Lesslie Argentina Salas Canela aka qtmilkbuns / Cinna Canela / HSYinKorea / Haichsey / SYSY96 / SC / brokegirlHC / smolflowerbb is a 26-year-old (soon-to-be 27 in late October) Mexican-American lifestyle Youtuber and TikToker that lives in Busan, South Korea. Qtmilkbuns is notorious for her past TikTok live streams exhibiting inappropriate and questionable behavior/content. Qtmilkbuns is also extremely rude to viewers (insisting that it's just her dry humor) and bans viewers for asking questions or giving suggestions about the topic she is discussing. Qtmilkbuns has rebranded herself a few times and wants to control her online narrative and does so by deleting her TikTok videos, messaging Reddit Mods to delete threads, and having her followers report Instagram and TikTok posts criticizing her in order to delete evidence.

Qtmilkbuns is currently pregnant and engaged/married to an 18-year-old Korean guy whom she has persuaded is the father of her child. Qtmilkbuns is a hypocritical, pathological liar with predatory behavior, lack of accountability, and a tendency to gaslight her audience.

>Early Years:

>Wears heavy make-up and synthetic wigs. Has been accused of Asian-Fishing.
>Wears revealing clothing that expose breasts, legs, or both.
>Apartment is cluttered and messy.
>Worked in a hagwon teaching English to kindergartners and received a scholarship to attend grad school.
>Lost the scholarship at the end due to too much partying and letting her grades slip under the set limit.
>Managed to graduate and is back to working at a hagwon.
>Complained and looked down on expat English teachers in Korea yet she has worked as and is currently an English teacher.
>Complained about Koreaboos yet she was a Vixx stan in college, had a twitter dedicated to Ravi before coming to Korea, and claims to have dated a kpop idol.
>Complained about BTS members and how they were ugly and had a lot of surgery yet she was a fan of them and had a nose job which she posted to YouTube (now removed).
>Complained about fetishization of Asian men yet posted candid photos of Asian students at her university.
>Complained about fetishization of Korean men yet exclusively dated Korean men only and spoke about how toxic Korean men are. Streamed her dates.
>Complained about the Korean hook-up culture and how it is toxic yet immersed in it herself by downloading dating apps, going on dates every week, going to clubs, and hooking up with random Korean men.
>Would get black out drunk at clubs and take random Korean man home.
>Would leave clubs just to go piss on the street.
>Used the n-word and convinced every Korean at a club to say it with her. When people called her out she said she is Afro-Latina and then later denied saying the n-word.
>Got into a fight at a club.
>Discussed on lives that she does not like to use protection.
>Posted several videos stating she likes creampies and it's her kink.
>Posted videos displaying her hickies. Stated that she is obssessed with hickies and likes them to be very big and visible to the point of looking like huge bruises on her chest and neck.
>Posted videos about her large breasts. Said that Koreans stare and grab her breasts.
>Discusses secrets on stream and asks viewers to keep it a secret and to not talk about it in future streams.
>Asked viewers to buy her things from her Amazon wishlist.
>Stated that she would not return to US as she has a lot of student loan and credit card debt.
>Went through a lesbian phase.
>Went through an ace phase.
>Scammed her followers into paying for her gastric sleeve surgery in 2022 by setting up a GoFundMe for her "sick uncle in Mexico".
>Returned to TikTok months later visibly skinnier and deleted every comment mentioning her gastric sleeve surgery.
>Throws up on live after eating. Claims it's due to her pregnancy.
>Constantly bad mouthing mother and sisters.
>Complained about two part-time jobs.
>Complained about spending time to write her thesis.
>After graduating, she quit her two part time jobs and went on vacation to Mexico and LA.
>Begged viewers for money while in Mexico complaining that she was broke. Proceeded to use donations for fast food deliveries.
>Badmouthed about her family in Mexico specifically her grandmother.
>Threw tantrum because one of her sisters ate her In-N-Out burger and hid in her room. Her dad bought her a new iPhone 14 to make her happy.
>Asked viewers to purchases items from her amazon baby registry because she had not bought a single thing for the baby.
>Dressed coded at work for wear crop tops.
>Claims she obtained a residency visa on her own.
>Switched her TikTok to Sub-Only Livestream Subscription (she turns it off if there is a low amount of sub-only viewers are present).
>Complains about brand deals live while actively making the sponsored content.
>Disappeared from the Busan night scene around late March-early April.
>Posted in a Facebook group asking for a pro bono lawyer to sue someone into taking responsibility.

>Current Relevant Info:

>Posted her boyfriend on TikTok in May 2023.
>Posted pregnancy announcement on TikTok in June 2023 .
>Posts baby bump updates and ultrasound appointments but will not disclose how far along she is, baby's gender, or baby's name.
>Stated in past live she was marrying her boyfriend in a week so she and the baby could get government benefits and for the baby to get Korean citizenship.
>Husband enrolled in two-year Korean Mandatory Military Service.
>Ranted about her husband's grandmother.
>Posted video about getting ready to spend Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) with her husband's family but spent it alone.
>Called out by TikTok user itz.kior for making generalized video "when a foreigner goes to Korea to marry a Korean just for him to leave her with a child" about herself and sending her followers to report the video.
>Called out by ex-friend Lenaa in itz.kiorunder TikTok video comments.
>Called out on X/Twitter by BusyInBusan in a thread addressing her past with Qtmilkbuns.
>Attempting to rebrand her image once again.
>Deleted hundreds of her TikTok videos in an effort to delete evidence.
>Messaged Reddit Mods to take down two threads criticizing her in the TIKTOKSNARKANDGOSSIP subreddit that using her mental health and pregnancy as an excuse.
>Lurks in new subreddit qtmilkbunssnark dedicated to her.

No. 1908455

TikTok (Private Back-Up): https://www.tiktok.com/@qtmilkcake

No. 1908458

File: 1696375925650.jpeg (349.46 KB, 1080x2340, IMG_2393.jpeg)

No. 1908459

File: 1696375993653.jpeg (309.63 KB, 1080x2340, IMG_2396.jpeg)

No. 1908650

>Wears heavy make-up and synthetic wigs. Has been accused of Asian-Fishing.
>Wears revealing clothing that expose breasts, legs, or both.
>Apartment is cluttered and messy.
I don't think I can handle another one of these hardcore horrorcows. Hopefully future milk is less disturbing.

No. 1908664

Go make a callout on Tiktok or take this to the Personal Cow thread, do not post a thread until you've spent at least a month on the site knowing how to intergrate. And read the FUCKING RULES RETARD

No. 1908791

This can go in the ethots thread or personal cows. If there's enough milk on her to warrant her own thread, condense the OP next time. Much of the greentext could be summarized or left out, we're not a social justice callout site.

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