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File: 1696184598316.jpeg (19.17 KB, 259x194, IMG_2319.jpeg)

No. 1907386

Whiteknighting and other attempts to justify Cindy’s actions will earn you a three-day ban. If you want to debate about female-on-male abuse, take it to /ot/.

Cindy M. is a 40 year old woman living in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Her initial claim to fame was her PleasantSims channel, which featured Sims gameplay (mostly Sims 2) and discussion. She has since abandoned that channel following a Discord bullying incident and is now at Life Plus Cindy.

She seemed really sweet and nice on camera, until…

>husband A leaves her because she has BPD that up to this point refused to treat

>Cindy tries to cope by making videos about her “new life” and moving on (she doesn’t)
>has developed both an eating disorder and a drinking problem; drink of choice is Jack and Coke Zero because it has “no sugar or carbs”
>calls her ED a “carnivore diet”; only eats meat, butter, and eggs
>repeatedly breaks no contact with A, eventually convincing him to sell the house in Colorado move to Arkansas with her for a fresh start.
>After moving into an apartment, A leaves again and goes back to Colorado, telling Cindy that there’s another woman who doesn’t treat him like shit
>Cindy goes ballistic and drives 14 hours to see him, to the point of slashing her own tire so that he would come out and help
>Attacked A’s new girlfriend and followed them on a chase that led to Pueblo PD having to physically hold her back so that A and his girlfriend could escape
>Cindy got slapped with a restraining order as a result
>gets dragged for a video made where she and B go to a Mexican restaurant and make racist comments about the food and the staff’s accents
>Finds new man shortly after, hereinafter referred to as L.
>is suddenly “40% cured” of her BPD because of her oh-so-helpful boyfriend “gives me (sic) insight” (aka calls her out on her shit)
>goes to a nudist resort to “frolic” under the Blue Moon
>gets UTIs from both too much fucking and from drunkenly wandering into a dirty lake
>her mask slips around L and he R-U-N-N-O-F-T after two months
>A’s Reddit accounts are found, revealing that Cindy has been abusing him during their entire marriage
>livestreamed herself basically saying that A deserved it because he “started cheating during year one” (which is a lie that can be easily proven in the Reddit screencaps)

Proof Cindy abused A: https://mega.nz/folder/SANiFZQR#UkrKLpgvDVoGDusS9VU8Mw All posts marked in red are A.

YouTube: Life Plus Cindy
Instagram: lifepluscindy

No. 1907417

Next time, get a better OP photo, otherwise good job.

No. 1907432

What subreddit is he posting his shit in? I’m not interested in doxxing him just genuinely curious what subreddit on fucking Reddit of all things would even distribute advice regarding abusive relationships

No. 1907437

It was support subs for people trapped in abusive relationships with someone w/BPD

No. 1907490

File: 1696199654018.png (94.7 KB, 628x255, willow_sidhe.PNG)

a bit unrelated to recent events, but she also goes by willow sidhe

No. 1907493

Eire-chans how do you say this?

No. 1907509


No. 1907537

OP you didn't mention that her ex-husband got the other girl pregnant, and how she hates her dogs.

No. 1907553

I can simply not side with a moid even if he was abused, moids are put on earth to be used by women why is talking shit about him going to result in a ban?

No. 1907563

so cool anon it just means this thread is not gonna be much fun for you. this ones for the Im glad my mom died jennette mccurdy ladies and the lesbians who survived a demonic bpdchan ex and just want to revel in a twisted bitch ruining her own life without distractions and derailments about men. she's awful regardless let's make fun of her is that so much to ask

No. 1907593

File: 1696220278717.jpg (77.76 KB, 1179x711, 382882196_700109725316256_8608…)

One of Andrews reddit accounts for those of you that haven't read it yet. I hate the archive of his posts since I prefer to scroll at my own pace. All the content is in his comment history.

No. 1907609

No. 1907624

File: 1696226850799.png (1007.01 KB, 720x1955, Screenshot_20231002-065721.png)

The obligatory Instragram cope after Andrew left. God give me the strength to not a-log…

No. 1907677

Of couse shes the victim in this. curious what she tells her therapist

No. 1907682

Genuinely so excited to see this thread, I’ve been following the drama on her snark subreddit and was wondering if anyone would ever post her here

No. 1907693

yay finally a separate thread for this psycho bpd demon! Her lolcow transformation is now complete :) i have 0% sympathy for people like her, walking around in life knowing they're fucked in the head and actively choosing to do nothing to get better and only ruin the lives of others. i dont believe she's in therapy or getting any real help. also I believe she's got some other personality disorder in her cluster B soup of a brain. fuck her alcoholic ass, ppl like her cause nothing but pain. she's never gonna get better anyways because this is all an act for donations and she's crying cause her tinder rebound said enough of their swampy summer fling. as soon as she finds another middle-aged dick to hop on she'll be 50% cured this time(emote)

No. 1907708

go back to reddit retard

No. 1907718

Adding some history and context which regards to PleasantSims.

She started her PleasantSims youtube channel in 2018 with Pleasantview LPs and started streaming on twitch.
She also started her website in June 2018.
Even though she was doing what is considered extremely basic content, LPs of premade neighbourhoods, her channel became popular with TS2 players because she was knowledgeable about the game and had an interesting play style. One of her other issues is that has always wanted to earn money from her content which has lead to her making content which alienated her fanbase of hardcore TS2 players.
Within a year she had 1k subscribers but had also experienced the first of her burnouts.
She explains in this video that she started introducing TS4 content to grow her channel and she didn't find the game to be fun to play and also her audience of TS2 players didn't care for it either.
She then started doing TS3 let's plays and stopped doing them for similar reasons, again explained in a video where she also talks about monetization.
She experienced another burn out in 2019 and made a video about leaving youtube for an extended period only to come back a few months later.

After that she began making TS3 and TS4 content again and this infamous video where she basically says that the TS2 let's plays weren't playing her bills so she wouldn't be making them.
Another simstuber made a video about why she was wrong

Her TS4 content was mainly shitting on the game and while this is popular, there's successful youtube channels that exists for specifically that purpose, it gained her the negative attention of the more rabid sections of the TS4 community that will defend a buggy and broken game while sucking EA's dick for free.
In this video she reveals that she wears a wig due to PCOS and talks about the nasty comments she had been receiving.

What ended her channel was the drama surrounding her discord which was caused by another cow from TS2 simblr.

No. 1907728

File: 1696252411201.png (37.37 KB, 636x310, Summary 2.png)

>livestreamed herself basically saying that A deserved it because he “started cheating during year one” (which is a lie that can be easily proven in the Reddit screencaps)
Just opened the Mega. Isn't this saying it was actually confirmed he cheated?

No. 1907735

"Since year one" vs "since one year before the end of the relationship"

No. 1907762

Yeah A wasn’t cheating until about a year before MLIO, and even then it started because the other woman wanted to help him escape

No. 1907767

Same here! Used to feel bad for her and now she became one of my favorite cows.

No. 1907775

stop bullying cindy lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1907786

>cheats on a woman instead of leaving because he wants to fuck two women
>defines the sexual relationship with side whore as healthy

No. 1907792

Not why A cheated; Cindy actually coerced him into sex most of the time, he didn’t even want to fuck her

No. 1907801

yes he starting seeing someone else in the last year of their relationship after multiple breakups and his attempts to leave. she used financial abuse and self harm threats to pull him back in to trying to make things work again after their breakups. he started hiding at this other woman's house while seeing her romantically to force himself to leave the abusive wife for good and try and get a sane foothold on what a normal relationship is supposed to feel like. for me this isn't a blindsiding betrayal but just part of the process for a lot of people escaping stuff like this. i know he's a moid but they met when he was 20 with no serious dating history and she was 24 and already divorced once, she was continuously pressuring this guy into sex with her because she would lose her mind if he didn't show 100% enthusiasm for her at any time she wanted sex. this is some dark stuff and her flagrant disregard for consent really symbolizes the lack of any actual loyalty or love from her end of the "relationship". way too twisted to count his escape as cheating, for me at least.

so this would already be a grey area if she wasn't also sexually abusive too. the obviously violating shit she did makes me care even less if he "cheated" or was "ethical" during his final year off and on with her trying to cut her off for good. i know rape may be an exaggeration to some of you but the coerced entitlement she felt to a romantic partners body is really disturbing. "cheating" implies you owe them something, like loyalty and respect. you don't owe loyalty and respect to someone who threw out your right to consent repeatedly for years not giving a shit how it was damaging you. you can't "cheat" on your rapist. fuck their feelings

No. 1907810

my fave thing is after the reddit posts dropped and she did a big youtuber apology "accountability" crying stream and admitted she has been lying to her therapist. so of course the counselor said he was triggering and toxic. the man was im sure so triggering and toxic and cold and mean in the made up story cindy was feeding this third party therapist. i love that she has to come clean now she's out of options with the reddit leaks. the stuff he was reporting goes back 5, even 7 years. he's telling the truth. at least 99% of it. you don't make stuff up for a 7 year long reddit history long con. especially not with the accuracy and emotional devastation and feeling of insanity mixed with guilt and compassion for her in his writings. a faker can't replicate that to this degree. it's scarily real

No. 1907812

>Coerced him into sex
He’s a moid anon. He’d fuck an inanimate object they’re not different. Idk why people act like he’s some innocent victim. They’re both cows.(whiteknighting)

No. 1907825

i can agree they're both cows or at least he has cow / gossip potential but doesn't change the fact that this woman in her 30s had no concept of basic consent. she would have used the waterworks and rage fit and cheater accusation meltdown on any partner that wasn't in the mood until they gave in. even if he was fine with it because he's a typical guy and sex is sex she would have done the same coerced shit to a wife or girlfriend when feeling rejected and demanding sex for validation. that's scary as hell thank god she's straight at least?

No. 1907837

Yeah I’ve been holding off commenting because my opinions aren’t very protective of Andrew although I can sympathize him being a conflict avoidant pushover, she was overbearing in her reactions and selfish but it’s really not as milky after they’ve already separated months ago. I thought it was revealed she was beating him the way people were treating this event on the snark Reddit. It’s hard seeing the misogyny of people calling her evil and diagnosing with things like histrionic and narcissistic disorders. The high bar for women with mental illness is so rough.

No. 1908555

>husband A
lol what? there’s no need to try and be hush hush about his name kek it’s Andrew. she’s said it before, who else would it be.

No. 1908564

Every single thread now. Even the slightest mention of a moid and welp, time to derail and sperg about it. Why is it so hard to just focus on the cow being a cow

No. 1908798

It’s because he’s no longer directly involved in the drama

No. 1909160

Because everyone on this site is obsessed with men(sage your shit)

No. 1912457

New screenshots of supposedly Limbz’s Reddit posts have popped up

I don’t even understand why ppl were chasing after another ex’s Reddit account? It’s mad unhinged. Andrew’s posts were enough we don’t need to see some dumb moid posting about raid shadow legends like this is some incredible breakthrough

No. 1912542

He posted in the snark subreddit and outed himself. Only reason they found his account.

No. 1912616

absolutely tinfoiling here, but i find it so weird that first andrew is on reddit, and now limbz. maybe reddit is used more in the us and everyone and their mom has an account, but i find it suspicious that both men's posts are found and that one even interacted on the subreddit. i wouldn't be surprised if the entire limbz saga was planned by cindy, but on the other hand i can't imagine her putting in so much effort. but she's also a bippie and those are always crazy unhinged.

No. 1912653

I don't think Andrew's posts should have been made public but she had made references to his Reddit account/posts a few times so of course people were gonna look. Her more recent ex deleted all recent posts after people were able to cross-reference info Cindy herself had also shared (hobbies, profession, degrees, age, location.) I don't think she had anything to do with it because there were posts on local NSFW subreddits that overlapped with their relationship. But who knows, she needs to keep making money.

No. 1915593

File: 1697647085019.png (296.01 KB, 640x770, uc7bftbnsuub1.png)

i can't believe that limbz/swingz is now part of cindy's channel.

No. 1915611

I would feel bad for Cindy being played by Mr Stephen M Kowalski but honestly they're both trash and deserve each other.

No. 1915621

Fucking thank you! Tired of everyone treating A like he was a saint. He got a chick pregnant while married to Cindy, then left said pregnant chick to be with Cindy until she kicked him out again. He was a fucking asshole just like Cindy.

Also Cindy's new blockheaded boyfriend looks eerily similar to Steve from Minecraft. Crazy how she started getting persistent UTIs as soon as they started dating, now we have a face to match that dirty dick.

No. 1915626

Why did he think this would be a good idea? I would have guessed he was more attractive the way Cindy went on about him

No. 1915787

File: 1697682428964.jpg (65.81 KB, 1600x720, 385526617_327217456551736_7158…)


No. 1916160

All this and it doesn't even sound like she abused him, he just sounds like a typical whiny moid who acts like he's been abused when he straight up impregnated a girl when married and left her, only to go back. The evidence doesn't even work in his favour, people are acting like she's the devil for something so minor.(ignoring thread rules, lurk more)

No. 1916161

correct me if im wrong but how is what he described sexual coercion? denying somebody sex and being an asshole when u finally let it happen is manipulative yes, not sure how its rape though.(sage)

No. 1917572

>calls her ED a “carnivore diet”; only eats meat, butter, and eggs
That's not an eating disorder, it's a subset of keto. Carnivore is becoming a popular diet because it helps autoimmune issues and diabetes.

Call it a fad if you want, but the closest thing to an eating disorder this might be is orthorexia; and the vast majority of people eating carnivore don't even come close to the level of obsessive purity spiraling that entails. Just the fact that she cheats on the diet with booze pretty much disqualifies it as orthorexia, I think.(learn to sage)

No. 1917648

boring cow, slow thread, bunch of retards from reddit who don’t know how to sage(thanks for the contribution)

No. 1917878

Redditfag farmhand who bans anyone not posting what she wants. LC has gone downhill.

No. 1918566

OMG learn 2 sage youre not contributing zomg!!!

No. 1918573

Literal newfag jannies. This thread would have been deleted years ago for being shit. Now you have to act like someone "witholding" sex is abuse or you get the ban hammer. Literally half of the text is talking about her diet as if that's even milky.(you could at least sage)

No. 1918680

Can you read? It wasn’t about withholding, it was about coercion.

No. 1919058

Probably some insecure fatty who thinks eating anything but pure sugar and pasta all day is a EaTiNg DiSoRdEr. People are even calling keto an ~ED~, its so fucking retarded. She obviously looks much better, though she should eat more veggies for the vitamin c and fiber.

No. 1919081

Snarkers are equally unhinged imo. They remind me of the haydurs with their "i'm fat, but not nearly as fat as Amberlynn"

No. 1920006

>>1919058 No one would bat an eye if her keto meals were things like salmon with broccoli or chicken thighs and spinach but her diet is gross. Eating bowls of sour cream, cheese and bacon and washing down a cheeseburger sans bun with half a bottle of whisky everyday is pretty disordered but I think it comes down to laziness and the dopamine rush more than anachan behaviour.

Her dirty dick boyfriend looks like a guy you'd see on To Catch a Predator. He's such a creep. I had the thought he probably loves the fact that Cindy is borderline infertile so he doesn't need to use condoms (I could completely see her going along with this).

No. 1930391

File: 1700296635167.jpg (81.27 KB, 640x877, x5cj4abum01c1.jpg)

this is a $568 wig kek(this isn't milk, sage it)

No. 1930392

File: 1700296665636.png (462.33 KB, 1831x1012, m3gy3pdx001c1.png)

No. 1930404

>Paying nearly $600 for a synthetic wig

No. 1930476

holy shit I had to do a triple check kek

No. 1935137

Why do all these carnivore people go to Texas Roadhouse? Why do they all go there? I swear every time I see some loony carnivore that isn't eating literal sticks of butter they're at Texas Roadhouse making Karen level requests for their meals.

No. 1963331

So crazy that she has a thread now. I've been watching her Sim videos for years but never bothered to check out her vlog channel. I never would've thought she'd be violent.

No. 1964927

it's a load of shit
andrew's the worst kind of whiny manipulative scumbag manchild
cindy's gross too
but people who try to paint andrew as a victim are fucking gullible idiots

No. 1964931

you're a freak
you're mental
no one gives a shit about that loser
get a grip
yes they are retarded and pathetic(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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