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No. 1904680

I’m surprised she doesn’t have a KF thread
She is a horrorcow and she is discussed on Reddit, tiktok and YouTube.
>went viral as a teenager for dancing in the middle of an Apple Store
>years later makes a tiktok account
> she has two kids from two different dads
>one of them is named Myson, 7 the other one is 4, I forgot his name sorry.
>Myson was in a coma as a baby she changed the story twice first she said she wanted to put him to sleep and gave him too much medicine then she said she let her friend beat him so bad
>she is seen yelling at them and neglecting them
>her house is filthy
>drinks and listens to music staring at phone on tiktok all day
>Myson’s teacher came out on Reddit and said classmates tease him cause he smells bad and they send him home with soaps and shampoos
>one time she went live while she was watching her niece, you could hear Myson in the back saying “grab her legs,” and her saying “stop pulling down my pants”
>one time her four year old son came up to her and said “mommy that man put his wiener inside me”

>she said she doesn’t like to walk myson to school and wake up that early
>was in a groupchat with high schoolers talking about how she has a dreadhead on her roster “fine af and has a job”
>brings random men to her house while her children are there
>doesn’t have a job and refuses to look for one
had her 4 year old taken away and it is rumored that the other one is also gone too.

No. 1904683

Video of her ignoring her son and nephew molest her niece

No. 1904686

No. 1904687

File: 1695756987216.jpeg (588.95 KB, 907x1308, F17CE37B-CA5C-41CD-8253-85CC57…)

Here is a Reddit link compiling evidence of her neglect.

No. 1904691

Here is a good summary

No. 1904696

Tiktok live of her saying she ignored her niece being assaulted

No. 1904709

No. 1904728

Her viral video as a teenager

No. 1904732

Recent live of her eating Mexican food without her kids, btw it’s her sons birthday today

No. 1904773

“Come get my kids”

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