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No. 1898773

Chris Gillon is an autogynephiliac autistic male in Scotland who's like a lesser known version of Chris Chan.

>Is a tranny with an adult baby fetish

>allegedly chooses to shit his pants and wears diapers
>Doxxed several people for fun, including a 13 year old girl since the 2010s
>Bullied the 13 year old with his e-friends who were all grown ass men
>Made a woman fall in love with him then sent her nudes to her father for the "lulz"
>Writes constant racist and sexist schizophrenic rant essays
>Has been in and out of mental institutions
>Got raided by the police during a failed suicide attempt
>Tried extorting one of his e-friends for money
>argued with people on his Kiwifarm thread before it got deleted

https://autphag.tumblr.com/(Shit thread, nobody cares about this guy)

No. 1898778

File: 1694800945315.jpg (996.87 KB, 1080x1918, Screenshot_20230915_195714.jpg)

One of Chris Gillon's friends aka Ryan Mcgrath is also a lolcow. Like Chris, he has a career of harassing others for over a decade on the internet. He's a "MGTOW" YouTuber but is an irrelevant flop because nobody gives a shit what he has to say about politics or women (since he has never gotten pussy in his life).

And like Chris, he had a Kiwifarms which was filled with people he had pissed off, was accused of being a pedo for allegedly having an account on a website called youngsluts .

No. 1898781


A video from the friend he tried to extort tells his experience with Chris.

I also forgot to mention he's a hardcore North Korea supporter despite the fact that they'd probably execute his retarded ass if he ever sets foot there.

No. 1898787

File: 1694802111831.jpg (193.91 KB, 1080x609, Screenshot_20230915_201730.jpg)

>>1898778 correction: these two have ceased to be friends in recent years after Chris accused Ryan of being a paedophile.

He had no issue with joining in with Chris harassing minors and doxxing people all those years , only cut ties once Chris turned on him lol.

Inb4 mods lock this thread , i just wanted to say i really think there's a HIGH chance this guy is gonna end up on the news one way or another just like Chris Chan did.

He's a mentally ill fetishist who hates bio women and has already attempted suicide once. Dont be surprised if he's gonna rape n murder one of his 4chan buddies in the future.

No. 1898794

He looks like he showers once a month at most.

i dont think any amount of therapy or medication is gonna change him(sage your shit)

No. 1898929

Newfag, no one cares. Put this in Personal Cows or Thread Requests before making a thread

No. 1899110

I dont really care if you do. I just want everyone to know what these guys did and for people to easily find this thread if their names are googled.

No. 1899203

Oh, a moralfag to boot. Wonderful.

No. 1899318

I don't follow this cow but I just wanted to say that if you're skimming rapidly down the front page this video still with the mic in front of his mouth makes him look like a real life soyjak

No. 1899468

moralfagging about incel pedo trannies? kek go back

No. 1900242

>>1899203 yeah complaining about someone who purposely shits himself in diapers because of a adult baby kink is moralfagging i guess. are u a tranny schizoid too?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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