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File: 1694675145569.jpeg (Spoiler Image,949.36 KB, 828x1614, IMG_8458.jpeg)

No. 1897940

This is Melissa Pedro Martinez aka xo_mm1(her gamertag she uses) she likes to catfish little boys on video games and lie about her age. She’s 28 pretends to be 20, catfished a 21 year old boy and edated him online. She has a baby but pretends it’s not hers and insists she’s “babysitting” even at odd hours of 1 in the morning.
She also falsely reports people to the police and gets them doxxed just because they rejected her friendship, she harasses people and falsely reports them to the police 4 times and gets their doxx from the police to harass them. She wears blue coloured contacts at age 28. She’s a cyber bully who harassed and doxxes innocent people living in her parents basement at age 28.(shit thread)

No. 1897941

why spoilered?
why do you have her in your contacts?
why shit thread?

No. 1897943

The screenshot is from someone else who had her in their contacts… and what do you mean? She’s a horrible and evil person that’s why “shit thread”(no1currs about your vendetta)

No. 1897944

She also gets her ex boyfriend to physically threaten and stalk her ex female friends who reject her friendship

No. 1897946

are you one of these said ex female friends?

No. 1897950


Yes, I am the one that she’s done all of this too including getting her ex bf to threaten to shoot up my house and “plaster” my face all over my neighbourhood so they can see how worthless I am (his words)

No. 1897960

>she wears blue coloured contacts at age 28
wow truly despicable…

No. 1897965

Fuck off, vendetta-chan. No1curr.

No. 1897986

whatever this white trailer trash woman has done to you is surely not great, but dont make threads on a woman you have facebook fights with lmao

No. 1898903

Ok nigger(Ok retard)

No. 1898904

This isn’t about a “Facebook” fight femcel

No. 1898906

please, spare me!

No. 1898922

Quiet down tranny

No. 1898946

>catfished a 21 year old boyand edated him online.
Wow, how vile, a woman e-dating a 21 years old little boy!

No. 1898948

>insists she’s “babysitting” even at odd hours of 1 in the morning
OP are you aware that sometimes people need babysitters late or even overnight

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