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File: 1691240867797.jpeg (132.65 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_8412.jpeg)

No. 1876568

DO NOT COWTIP, fucking with Daniel will not bring any good milk to the table. He has hundreds of people fucking with him a day. He already has made enough milk to keep someone entertained for years in the past month.

Daniel Robert Larson (born November 15, 1998), is a self-proclaimed professional singer/songwriter, fashion model, actor, and internet celebrity who has gained a large following due to his intriguing and controversial content, including his multiple bans for nudity on live streams, him running for President of the United States, and his obsession with Grace VanderWaal. He has Autism, ADHD, Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder. He’s a pedophile and elder abuser.

Daniel’s most well known moments include:

>The May 6th Incident, when he went nude on TikTok live

>The Mac And Cheese Incident, when he thought his caretaker put jalapeños in his mac and cheese so he threw everything in his fridge out

>NYC arc, when he flew to NYC just because Grace Vanderwaal was there

>Likee Meltdown, when he had a meltdown on a the Likee app, an app filled with children. He was using this app because he was banned from TikTok. Multiple videos are of him threatening to kill himself because Grace Vanderwaal’s parents won’t let him on her team.

>December 10th incident, when he punched himself until he bled then blamed it on the motel staff. He ran to his caretaker and screamed “The motel tried to kill me” while punching himself. His caretaker was confused, so Daniel started punching his caretaker too. His caretaker then started bleeding.

>Quandale Dingle incident, this incident is what got him popular with zoomer boys. Quandale Dingle was a popular meme, trending with male teenage zoomers. A troll got Daniel to claim Quandale Dingle was threatening him in multiple videos. One of the videos had around 1M likes. Since then Daniel has had an army of teenage trolls either working with him or against him.

>Grace’s mom has told him to leave Grace alone

>Daniel has been homeless for almost a year

>Daniel’s family wants nothing to do with him

>Daniel hasn’t showered in 6 months

>Daniel’s “girlfriends” include: Darci Lynne, Jojo Siwa, Grace Vanderwaal, Taylor Swift, Annie Jones (she’s 14), Izzy Simpson

Social Media:

(Daniel makes a new tiktok almost every two weeks)

>TikTok (new): daniel.larsongoated


>Instagram (hacked): daniellarsonnyc13


>Youtube: Daniel Larson NYC 13


Recent Events From The Past Month:
>Threw a rock at a gas station window during a meltdown, got fined

>Was put into a psych ward for almost a week

>Adopted a dog

>Lied on the application about having an RV and being able to feed her despite being homeless

>Had an episode where he believed everything anyone told him

>Kicked out of a resort because he was seen taking photos of random children

>Someone made fake screenshots of people like Joe Biden and Saddam Hussein claiming they wanted Daniel executed for being a pedophile

>He goes insane in public over this and tells everyone Joe Biden tweeted a threat against him

>Apologized to his caretaker/mentor for having a small dick, his caretaker tells him that his dick is huge and everyone knows it because Daniel has posted his dick in every corner of the internet

>Since yesterday has been schizoposting on his youtube community tab

No. 1876578

No. 1876580

The porch incident, when Daniel was charging his phone on a random guy’s porch. The guy tells the dispatcher that he has no idea what gender “that thing” is. Daniel screams the N Word at him and later says it was because of self defense on his youtube community tab

No. 1876588

I'm repulsed, yet curious. I hope more milk comes through, male cows are always more chaotically entertaining because of their enormous egos.

No. 1876598

Im on mobile rn but there’s a pretty comprehensive two part doc on YouTube by a user named Kusari if someone can embed or link. It’s the most in depth one I’ve found and is decently made, there is a LOT of shit on this tragic freak.

No. 1876599

No. 1876600

No. 1876605

Ty nonna!

No. 1876607

>Apologized to his caretaker/mentor for having a small dick, his caretaker tells him that his dick is huge and everyone knows it because Daniel has posted his dick in every corner of the internet
? What is this interaction

No. 1876613

I’d like to add that the dog has been taken in by a follower and they are able to properly care for zola, the dog.

No. 1876617

nobody cares about daniel larson bruh(sage your autism)

No. 1876644

trolling daniel larson and kingcobra always stuck out as extremely cruel to me. they're quite obviously mentally handicapped and/or low IQ and perpetrated by people unfamiliar with lolcow culture as a whole.

No. 1876651

Kingcobra has a mixed bag of people who interact with him too. Some are genuinely nice to him and like him. Some are just down right awful.I have watched his streams before he’s a weirdo who has issues and makes his lil magic sticks.
Daniel is the system dropping the ball, along with tiktok worsening his behavior + influencing it. He clearly is developmentally disabled. I have so many questions on to why any of this is happening. Why wasn’t he ever in a legitimate residential group home if the placement he was in (basically living with a care taker) didn’t work out? If he has legal rights over himself, is his own guardian, how???? He clearly isn’t competent to make his own decisions. He’s going to be in and out of psych wards before they finally put him in jail. He’s safer in there then out and about.
Someone dropped the ball hard and something wasn’t done that should have been. Daniel has some serious dangerous behaviors, it’s escalated before and will again. Unfortunately he’s just another person with mental health issues + DD that the system failed. I can see the cow-ness in cobra here and there but it’s just cuz he’s chronically cringe and gross. Yet trolling cobra or really considering him a lolcow? Nah.
but Daniel? This is just sad and lolcow places + tiktok are documenting it. The police will have evidence for any event that may happen thanks to it though. Maybe not a bad thing but not a great thing. I guess what’s what could make him a horror cow. Nothing to laugh at.
>>1876613 they need to contact the shelter. I worry about him trying again if so

No. 1876661

this is so profoundly messed up. I do find the "fans" of this guy deeply disturbing too, they encourage his bad behavior and antagonize other mentally ill dudes by trying to connect Daniel with them. Well not all mental illness is the same. Daniel is a pedo and schizo and a stalker, it's sick to put him in contact with other people, period. He needs to be in a care home or psych jail.

No. 1876669

though i know he's severely mentally handicapped, he's a horrible moid and has said and done fucked up shit to a lot of young women so i struggle to feel sympathy for him. I remember a month or two ago I heard something about him and searched for a thread on him here but there wasn't any kek, i hope this one takes off.
i feel really bad for grace. it got so bad to the point where her mother had to personally message him asking him to stop harassing their family because grace was getting serious panic attacks from what he was saying about her online (not to mention she was like 15 years old when he started lusting over her, he's a disgusting pedo)

No. 1876691

exactly how i feel about him. there are plenty of mentally disabled scrotes that don’t turn out stalkers of underaged girls. he’s been stalking and harassing grace since she was 16

No. 1876703

File: 1691261976608.jpeg (378.51 KB, 1284x1303, IMG_8418.jpeg)

it frustrates me how dumb the system in his town is. he has never been charged for taking photos of kids in public or sexting children because he hasn’t “acted on it yet” so he’s still placed in group homes that have children. these tweets were about his caretaker’s kids. psych wards always let him go because he’s “not mentally ill enough”

No. 1876921

>adopted a dog

No. 1876954

daniel has scabies and brags about animal abuse

No. 1877296

He is so fucking ugly dawg

No. 1877619

File: 1691419597909.jpeg (121.18 KB, 1170x656, F24F9061-8C19-47DD-8DD9-305791…)

he has a court date, no idea what for and 0% chance he will show up.

No. 1877721

File: 1691436659054.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1284x2053, IMG_8524.jpeg)

isn’t this because he got kicked out of that mall in denver? he was also recording the security guards to say weird things about them on his community tab. he’s saying on his youtube that if “grace” doesn’t show up then he’s going to jail

No. 1877723

This guy is a pedophile for all of you who feel bad for him. He had a Pinterest account with wank material of literal babies and girls in innocuous contexts like clothing catalogs and stock photos. He is absolutely SICK and should be put down like a rabid animal.
I feel like he's the new Chris Chan but I am wary about him having a thread on here because the majority of his haters and fans are braindead pornsick teenage moids. Ik anons will claim I'm tinfoiling and that this shouldn't be a reason for us not to discuss him but this site has gone to shit in the last two years as the userbase becomes more and more scrotey. As milky as he is, I would prefer somewhere like KF to host a thread on him (if they don't have one already?).

Vidrel is my favorite Daniel moment when he hijacked a pro-choice rally and rambled on for 5 minutes about his autism killing his grandma, going worldwide viral, and getting naked for a porn audition on Tiktok live to a bunch of strangers in San Francisco. It never fails to make me laugh.
I highly recommend that we keep this thread barren for the sake of actual women on Lolcow who are tired of smegmoids (who call themselves "women with ~different opinions~") infesting this place.

No. 1877725

KF had a thread on him and all they did was make excuses for him. They claimed him being a pedo isn’t enough to hate him and that he’s just an innocent baby who has been corrupted by trolls. Someone there said he wasn’t a pedophile because the girls are 15/16 too kek

No. 1877727

SA but they are completely against calling him a lolcow there because they feel bad for any scrote. I don’t think KF scrotes have any interest in him because it hurts them to see someone that’s just like them be made fun of

No. 1877730

File: 1691438069544.png (226.07 KB, 352x495, Screenshot 2023-08-07 155550.p…)

They see themselves not in the other moid lolcows but in this Marfans syndrome pedophile scrote? The same scrote who wacks off to babies on Pinterest and is obsessed with a child he saw once on America's Got Talent. This is actually shocking.

No. 1877733

File: 1691438700567.jpeg (261.91 KB, 1284x2163, IMG_8526.jpeg)

They can make fun of other lolcows because they’re usually black, gay, “transgender”, obsessed with some retarded shit like sonic or minecraft or they’re a woman but once it’s a scrawny white straight autistic pedophile it’s wrong. If you search his name on tiktok you can see a few “sad” edits of him made by scrotes. Only a scrote would feel bad for this tard. He’s funny as fuck. Not surprised a site filled with neckbeards that love loli defend him

No. 1877738

File: 1691439040428.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1284x1782, IMG_8527.jpeg)


No. 1877741

File: 1691439201826.jpeg (214.35 KB, 1284x1072, IMG_8528.jpeg)

he just made his cameo price 500 dollars because nobody is buying his cameos. it used to be 50 bucks. even that’s too expensive

No. 1877743

post screenshots?

No. 1877767

KF has been down for a while now

No. 1878132

It's not, the clearnet address is .pl. I literally read his thread today, they hate him as much as we do and constantly talk about how he's a disgusting pedophile.

No. 1878207

File: 1691522940196.jpeg (1.39 MB, 2706x3075, B4A3E429-B342-4782-A01B-0D692A…)

A lot of white knighters are frequents there

No. 1878212

Is there a known medical reason why he looks like that or is he just unfortunate?

No. 1878221

His parents are both retarded and ugly

No. 1878224

His stalkers on Reddit are fucking unhinged. I've seen some next-level a-logging and poop-touching there. Some of those schizos follow him around in real life and post hourly updates on his location. Here's an example: someone literally just rolled up to Larson in a car and took the dog from him. Obviously it's good that the dog was removed from him, but that's the duty of animal control officers (who were aware of Larson and actively looking for him at the time) not unhinged internet vigilantes. The only way the dognapper could've touched the poop any harder is if they slapped him with a rubber chicken before running off with the dog. From what I can tell, his "fans" on Reddit are mostly teenagers and neckbeards.

No. 1878225

And related by blood, presumably kek.

No. 1878239

This kinda stuff just makes me sad. He needs to be institutionalized in one form or another, for his own sake and that of others. The people trying to 'troll' him are beyond pathetic too imo. Nothing funny about people feeding into his delusions, and if anything the people doing that make him more dangerous.

No. 1878242

File: 1691525908123.jpeg (446.36 KB, 1284x1718, IMG_8594.jpeg)

No. 1878255

What the hell are you sad about? Maybe sad that a pedophile is freely running around in public with access to children? That reminds me that he got kicked out for taking pictures of kids at Chuck E Cheese like a month ago.

No. 1878259

Right like…idk why some people feel pity for perverted scrotes who just happen to also be genuinely retarded. It just shows that it’s on a cellular level for most moids to be disgusting. Reminds me of a mega autist at a job of mine who openly perved on several female employees without repercussions until a male employee who was fed up pretty much threatened him physically.

No. 1878260

Before any of you think it’s sad that he’s now making an OF then just think of the probably hundreds of thousands of disabled women who have had even more depressing circumstances and been forced to resort to sex work. You all only care about him because he’s male. I feel no sympathy for this pedophile. Put. Him. Down.
Vidrel is his Pinterest account with pictures of children.

No. 1878262

File: 1691528953659.jpeg (343.48 KB, 1284x1142, IMG_8596.jpeg)

this too

No. 1878266

nobody told him to do any of this too. he decided one day he wanted to be a porn star. showed his penis on live and now thinks it’s the same thing as being a musician. he’s made sexual porn videos for underaged celebrities. even if some troll told him to make an onlyfans he isn’t being blackmailed into it. his porn addicted pedo self likes it

No. 1878272

Yeah I’m 100% with you, nontoinette. I don’t feel any pity for him tbh, because he doesn’t deserve it. He’s creepy, perverted and dangerous.

No. 1878275

Sad about the fact he would have never gotten that far if he got institutionalized like since childhood as he clearly should have been. I'm not sad FOR him I'm sad about the fact that a lot of mess for others could have been avoided.

No. 1878277

I'm not sure anyone thinks it's sad as much as having the usual emotional fruit cocktail anyone would have when seeing a disfigured schizophrenic retard pedo starting an OF.

No. 1878279

They did put him in group homes. He would say creepy things about the kids in the homes when there were kids, would punch holes into walls, leaked his caretaker’s address for trolls to send things to then played victim after, said racist things about his black caretaker and completely destroyed the house

No. 1878287

File: 1691531384669.png (Spoiler Image,2.19 MB, 1080x7620, StitchIt_20230808055055_405.pn…)

These are some of the questions he's asked on Quora. Most of it is extremely disturbing and vile, just a heads up

No. 1878295

File: 1691532645167.jpg (171.45 KB, 640x930, RDT_20230808_18132035273473845…)


Wanted to share this for anyone who still feels bad for this pig

No. 1878298

What the actual fucking fuck? I wasn’t one of the pitying nonnas to begin with but Jesus fucking Christ. BRB vomiting about him AND his trolls/followers bc most of them are prob pedos too.

No. 1878321

Quora's a cesspit of fantasists and perverts.

No. 1878331

Heard. It’s super gross and I’ve seen inappropriate pictures posted of clear minors and they don’t get taken down even when flagged. Disgusting.

No. 1878437

The only solution is to stop giving him money and let him die on the streets. He’s a menace to society and the world is better off without him (and his scabies too).

No. 1878469

Something about his face kind of looks like Pedro Pascal kek

No. 1878493

More like pedo pascal

No. 1878747

holy shit this is the funniest thing i ever watched, my sides hurt kekkkkkk

No. 1878806

File: 1691619686851.jpeg (9.42 KB, 186x271, 6C10658B-A7ED-4972-8665-CA1D58…)

He’s so ugly i mean I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover or whatever but this mf looks like a sex offender fr

No. 1878808

File: 1691619850100.jpeg (359.09 KB, 640x925, E58C2055-9BC1-45AD-8B33-B10F1B…)

No. 1878840

He takes pictures of random little girls and posts it on google
https://youtube.com/shorts/xMgKYUDuacg?feature=share(embed youtube videos)

No. 1878933

File: 1691633534978.jpeg (644.01 KB, 1284x1386, IMG_8678.jpeg)

he’s spamming a message he got from a cameo employee on his youtube tab

No. 1878943

File: 1691634421598.jpeg (447.83 KB, 1284x1749, IMG_8684.jpeg)

it could also be a troll telling him this but nothing said in the message is untrue. he’s been scamming people on cameo. when he first started out he did follow directions. ever since he started charging 100+ for cameos they’ve became more shitty. he doesn’t even read the scripts. he just says shit

No. 1878960

Good for him honestly. Anyone stupid enough and desperate enough to le epic troll this cunt with actual money deserves to get rooked.

No. 1878964

i agree with you, dumb kids are literally funding this retard’s crazy habits

No. 1878968

File: 1691636311546.jpeg (935.27 KB, 1284x1638, IMG_8677.jpeg)

he spent his whole cameo paycheck on 5 mac and cheeses from panera today

No. 1878969

This is why he is going to court

No. 1879012

All with a side of bread. Who could even that many carbs

No. 1879017

Good. Does anyone remember him dining & dashing and getting banned from multiple restaurants because of it? He claimed that he thought his fans would pay the dinner bill.

No. 1879018

He still does that, just not as much because he’s getting money now. He either spends everything he earns on expensive food or dines and dashes

No. 1879019

File: 1691644004158.jpeg (117.28 KB, 1284x558, IMG_8698.jpeg)

An early shower to him is in 4 months

No. 1879020

File: 1691644225567.jpeg (131.41 KB, 1284x573, IMG_8699.jpeg)

He’s back onto his weird shit

No. 1879215

File: 1691682575280.jpeg (166.14 KB, 1284x585, IMG_8735.jpeg)

No. 1879231

Can we PLEASE change the thread image?? It's genuinely grossing me out everytime!

No. 1879240

Newfag, we don’t do that here. Hide the image.

No. 1879259

I feel so bad for Grace and her parents, having to deal with this psycho stalker saying sexual stuff about Grace from when she was a kid. It's so gross and I can't believe he didn't or isn't breaking some kind of law by continually mentioning her and harassing her. God I can only imagine how she felt/feels about it because he is so unhinged.

No. 1879396

i think her mom has messaged daniel and told him to stop and that she has panic attacks because of his stalking. it's honestly horrifying. i also blame the trolls who continually pretend to be her or tell him she's at a certain location. daniel is deranged and will hurt a woman some day just like chris chan.

No. 1879401

File: 1691704185703.jpeg (490.91 KB, 1170x1979, AE688505-C5A5-4D66-A61D-A287A1…)

His past few posts are all him sitting at restaurants with ridiculous food orders that he bought using his cameo money, sorry idk how to upload youtube shorts


No. 1879436

how does he order all of that food in a day yet say so small

No. 1879439

File: 1691708077432.jpeg (943.21 KB, 1284x2175, IMG_8742.jpeg)

he has an airbnb right now

No. 1879442

File: 1691708264741.jpeg (600.68 KB, 1284x1272, IMG_8743.jpeg)

cleaning his nose on live

No. 1879450

Could you spoiler this disgusting shit, it’s not milky and no one on earth wants to see it

No. 1879480

sorry, forgot to spoiler but he is very repulsive sorry for exposing you to him

No. 1879481

File: 1691712191952.jpg (89.97 KB, 900x900, channels4_profile.jpg)

Nobody better white knight this retard just because he's a retard, he's a self admitted pedophile and has continually enacted sexually explicit actions at others mainly underage girls

No. 1879484

File: 1691712856078.jpeg (935.54 KB, 1515x3465, 77DA1A76-4EAC-44D0-BB80-A91FEE…)

Speaking of that there was a college aged guy named Ox that white knighted for this pedophile. Fed him pizza, gave him housing and raised money for Daniel just for Daniel to shit on him and run away from him. Daniel has as much white knights as trolls in his lore.

No. 1879513

File: 1691716735103.jpeg (12.32 KB, 168x300, 76F04401-87AB-4FD4-A5F5-0A2690…)

Piggybacking off you Nona I think he could be using amphetamines or some other drug exacerbating his retardation + mental illness.
Check out the comments for his documentary >>1876599 “he’s a lost soul” “we all failed him” I DONT GIVE A SHIT I don’t wanna a log but literally what good does this piece of shit serve for society? He’s a bottom feeder and a scoundrel I don’t care if he had a bad childhood yeesh he was an ugly kid too I’m sorry, the only thing I feel bad for is how much ugly I think child him is.

No. 1879516

File: 1691717191681.jpeg (175.56 KB, 1284x651, C9FDBEA2-10D2-4235-A2FD-401FDE…)

Lmao how fucking cringe. The video creator posted on the subreddit this comment he got and it makes me hate how moids will feel bad for ANY of their own kind. Even if it’s a pedophile that harasses children

No. 1879524

Papa Gut is probably the biggest white knight. Stupid scrote skips over the fact that Daniel is a pedophile and pulls the trolls card. He completely blames the trolls for Daniel harassing children and having boards filled with photos of children. He used to give Daniel money to order loads of food with and would promote his music on his channel. Whenever he wants to make this guy look like a victim he conveniently leaves out information like his Quora and him beating random people up in public. It’s always scrotes defending him

No. 1879539

Ntayrt but exactly, where is natural selection when you need it? He needs to die on the streets already like every other crazy homeless moid. If these scrotes have such a savior complex then they should save local homeless people who aren’t pedophiles or violent (aka homeless women). But my guess is that moids couldn’t do that without trying to rape them so they have to protect this genetic defect instead.

No. 1880123

Daniel acting like a world of t shirts farmer is so funny. Daniel you have no insider information on world of t shirts and you’re way more retarded

No. 1880170

99% of larson's viewbase is made up of men mocking him, retard(sage your shit)

No. 1880173

There are plenty of women that mock him. It’s always scrotes defending him for being a pedophile. I don’t care if some scrotes also attack him, all of his defenders are scrotes

No. 1881123

No lol that’s not true. Tons of incels defend him day and night because they empathize with him being a pedo. People like this can’t be reformed no matter how much jail time, therapy, etc. this is not a normal functioning person. This is a feral brain dead carcass that is a danger to all women and young girls. Someone should seriously just kill him. Harsh truth.

No. 1881146

Ain’t that the troof you will be banned for speaking such fax tho

No. 1881700

File: 1692057359517.jpeg (1.09 MB, 3465x3465, F95BEC34-E723-44CC-A76B-2AD98D…)

Some guys met up with Daniel today and got him food because he looks anorexic. Do they not know this man buys 5 mac and cheeses a day and documents it. He never skips a meal. Why would you even give anything to this guy

No. 1881701

He’s getting mogged he looks even scarier next to regular dudes

No. 1881705

File: 1692058581425.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1284x1527, IMG_8944.jpeg)

Daniel has been taking creepy photos of his new friends. They left him, said bye and everything yet he has been following them and posting photos of them still

No. 1881708

Not hard to mog him

No. 1881823

File: 1692068131567.jpeg (Spoiler Image,649.24 KB, 3465x2274, 5E535630-B760-4FDD-B6DF-8783E6…)

He spent 500 dollars on sex toys today

No. 1881872

People used to pay money to stroll through asylums, watching nutcases like this flapping and smearing the walls with their excrement.

Thank God I can do it from the comfort of my own home while feasting like a king on Halloween cereal.

No. 1881882

Why does he look like this? Tinfoil but I think his parents are siblings or cousins.

No. 1881888


No. 1881956

I’m pretty sure ur talking about inbred,
yeah he looks like one
if he is, I’m not surprised(sage your shit)

No. 1887901

File: 1692930817070.png (105.63 KB, 244x307, hitlerarc.png)

hes been following nazi accounts on tiktok for a while too i believe. hes now just posting nazi stuff on his community tab. i wonder if his new managers have something to do with this.

No. 1888071

File: 1692969067836.jpg (400.37 KB, 466x700, suspicious-nieves-egelkraut.jp…)

No. 1891119

File: 1693457994105.jpeg (671.75 KB, 1284x2140, IMG_0077.jpeg)

Daniel somehow got in contact with actual secret service members

No. 1891161

Kiwitapes and Smokey McCrack had to shut down a stream abruptly for accidentally flashing Daniel's cock on YouTube

No. 1892706

his biggest meltdown yet

No. 1892837

File: 1693740444980.jpeg (164.75 KB, 1164x2332, DF2F86DC-E2BB-49D9-BF23-264C0B…)

He looks like a cryptid

No. 1892839

File: 1693741207873.jpeg (141.71 KB, 418x570, C822DFC5-445D-49DE-B8D8-DAA3C0…)


He got kicked out of Bob’s car, and “ran over” listen to how entitled he is. “So are we gonna go eat or am I not gonna eat all day?” He doesn’t deserve any sympathy for being a retarded crazy pedophile. I can’t believe I see bleeding heart comments on his videos.
He followed up with him flipping out in his hotel room he says his foot hurts but he kicks shit.

No. 1892864

Really wish Colorado had some equivalent of the Baker Act. This guy needs to be institutionalized or put in prison. It's only a matter of time until he does something horrible to someone other than Bob or dies of exposure roaming the streets.

No. 1892869

File: 1693749682970.jpeg (132.48 KB, 640x566, 5E78F165-3212-4BD5-997C-DBEC99…)



In this video he manipulates a cop after the incident he is a lot more lucid than he lets in he comes off as histrionic in the videos of him flipping out. Pic unrelated the subreddit is funny, I wish anons would update more on here, the thread is a little dry

No. 1892933

i feel way too bad for laughing kek

No. 1893354

File: 1693866961424.jpeg (380.18 KB, 640x997, 93DEC259-CD52-4494-BD65-F2D0DE…)

Daniel Larson smashed a doordash driver window

No. 1893358

File: 1693867760413.jpeg (272.05 KB, 582x334, 25EB990E-3142-4780-9E6F-261048…)

Older milk but Daniel getting kicked out of Hagen daaz after punching a lady

Moments before


No. 1893360

File: 1693867803629.jpeg (210.95 KB, 1164x2332, AF295128-B509-491C-922B-1BF0AA…)

Him in his childhood LMFAO I almost feel bad for how ugly he is, jesus

No. 1893405

This is unreal. He looks like he got his sliders messed with in a dark Souls Monster Factory episode.

No. 1893453

he looks like a medieval peasant

No. 1893538

His weird proboscis nose reminds me of a usually fatal genetic abnormality, like to the point of having a flashbulb memory of pictures in textbooks whenever I see his face. I'm so curious what genetic testing would actually turn up.

No. 1893553

Kek it’s true he has like, progeria face

No. 1895164

File: 1694202128082.jpeg (951.88 KB, 2100x2100, F0E3266D-012E-4933-929A-1F7CC7…)

Here is a drawing I made of him!

No. 1897891

File: 1694665887781.png (2 MB, 640x1136, EB8EBBD3-359A-4437-979D-D3066C…)

He’s hanging out with a frat. He kissed a girl on the cheek and she probably has scabies

No. 1903242

Ice Poseidon’s real name is Daniel?(pointless bump)

No. 1903587

his community of edgy college aged moids are genuinely worse than him. his main reddit is alright but his “official” discord is filled with groomers and actual pedos. it being actual pedos messing with another pedo is ironic. a lot of his trolls are hypocrites

No. 1903716

Ew I’ve never been in his discord I wish he was more discussed here, he’s funny. And ugly af he reminds me of projared facially. His freak outs in public are truly something to behold

No. 1903755

The main subreddit is filled with the most hideously stupid scrotes I've ever seen. It's a mass of toxicity and genuinely bad people. these people will literally make a TikTok video for every single fucking breath this schizophrenic weirdo takes. they literally get off on bullying and singling out a man who should have been committed somewhere a long time ago. If this is what you condone and you are a woman I have no hope for you.

every single one of the regular posters on there deserves the chair

No. 1903782

Bullying a pedo moid isn’t the issue, but being a pedo scrote and thinking you’re better than another pedo scrote because you’re not homeless and ugly is the issue. Majority of his community are hypocritical moids. People that follow this cow are usually either pedo sympathizers or scrotes that use him to feel better about themselves. If you’re a woman bullying this creep it’s not a big deal to me, it’s not like he sees women as anything but meat anyway. Even popular female lolcows like Tophiachu that have barely done as much as he has don’t get as much sympathy as he does

Reddit is just alright compared to the discord because the reddit is surface level compared to what the discord scrotes do. Discord scrotes have made him show his penis on tiktok live, the reddit from what i’ve seen are a bunch of teenage boys that make meme edits of him. His actual trolls are on Discord

No. 1903808

does anyone here know what goated mines did to be targeted by daniel and his protectors? all i know is that he made some videos on daniel

No. 1904297

Daniel was exposed again for having half naked children on his Pinterest. A bunch of people found his account when he posted an account he constantly interacts with. His white knights are trying everything they can to say it’s fake or that he is probably just “joking”. How the fuck can you feel bad for this scrote?

No. 1904321

They defend him because they are like him. They are all pedos themselves. Vile and gross. I hate the internet and I hate autistic men.

No. 1904695

File: 1695757353021.png (281.17 KB, 1080x1201, js8xfzod5nqb1.png)


No. 1904803

lol he’s going to get locked away for a long time(sage your shit)

No. 1904810

No. 1919986

File: 1698372157910.jpeg (476.7 KB, 828x1078, IMG_4748.jpeg)

new haircut

No. 1919988

he looks like a villain that goes “nehehehehe”

No. 1919990

File: 1698372786693.jpeg (426.24 KB, 828x762, IMG_4750.jpeg)

He’s looking more like Gargamel day by day.

No. 1920034

No. 1920163

did anything ever come of this? how is he walking around after threatening these things?

No. 1920773

His elderly mentor (that he also abuses physically) is paying 20k a session to help him make these shitty songs. He’s back in the studio again. With this haircut too

No. 1920774

File: 1698505019984.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1284x1627, IMG_2112.jpeg)

Sorry for samefagging but this is his tracklist

No. 1920819

who the fuck is this “mentor” person anyway? why are they spending their money on this shit

No. 1920849

Bob Proctor. Dan’s grandma put it in her will that Bob take care of Daniel. He was Daniel’s grandma’s friend.

No. 1926903


New incident just took place last night. Quite a few N-bombs in this one.(newfaggotry)

No. 1941540

Imagine you had a friend who gave you a demand in their will to take care of their homeless retarded pedophile, schizophrenic, autistic grandchild who has scabies and never showers.
Just fucking euthanize his ass.(sage your shit)

No. 1941546

Since this thread's been bumped anyway, in recent news, Daniel continues to evade arrest yet again despite terrorizing an Olive Garden the other night.

No. 1941598

my friend works at this olive garden. Gonna have to ask her about this.

No. 1941630

I hope this mf dies. I’ll take my van. He is a nuisance and a menace

No. 1941639

Tell them to let everyone know about his scabies, they need to sanitize everything that he touched and anyone who came close to him needs to see a doctor

No. 1958315

Daniel got arrested at Denver International Airport recently for two warrants (failure to appear, destruction of property). Sadly he got out on a PR bond a few days later

No. 1958451

How does he always get out?

No. 1958453

File: 1705995468246.jpeg (380.59 KB, 1284x1724, IMG_6958.jpeg)

Some kid is teaching Daniel random shit about the music industry over google docs and Daniel thinks he’s in a real established college class. This is hilarious.

No. 1962383

File: 1707019758299.png (25.27 KB, 251x534, 016atyb9abgc1.png)

Finally some good news: Larson seems to be in jail? I hate sifting through his putrid ass subreddit, but I'm going to post some of the screenshots here. I'm not holding my breath on just how long he'll be put away, but the streets of Colorado will be free of this schizoid freak for at least little while fingers crossed.

No. 1962385

File: 1707019920643.jpeg (306.38 KB, 1080x1008, r6u6cmxccbgc1.jpeg)

No. 1962386

File: 1707020071679.jpeg (Spoiler Image,219.72 KB, 1290x1476, vatlnw52xdgc1.jpeg)

It's just his mugshot, but spoiler to spare unsuspecting nonnies from his disgusting troglodyte face.

No. 1962929

I’m cackling at the fact that the mugshot somehow makes him look closer to his age.

No. 1964556

Footage of Daniel's arrest

No. 1972218

File: 1709521911868.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1170x1554, IMG_8371.jpeg)

Unfortunately Daniel is back out of jail again.

No. 1972530

He looks like a musician that anons would post in unconventional male attractions

No. 1972563

Lowkey feel bad for this dude, he’s a mentally challenged man with trolls way worse than cobes and Chris Chan. They want him to have a public execution. I saw a video of a troll that went to the jail to tell him not to take his meds. WTF he’s actually getting gangstalked.

No. 1972601

Why would you feel bad for a pedo with CP on his phone? Go back to kiwi farms

No. 1978585

File: 1711038666141.jpeg (55.24 KB, 1068x588, IMG_9368.jpeg)

Kek Danny is in jail again, let’s hope he stays.

No. 1983120

and just like that he is out again.

No. 1983169

I've been following that subreddit since December and if you want to lose any hope in men being capable of anything that isn't irredeemable sociopathic trash I wouldn't recommend it. moids make, and I am not joking, like dozens of posts on this man a day, even when he's not sharing anything worthwhile. they're constantly and I mean constantly plotting to provoke some kind of mental breakdown or fit so they can record it and laugh at it. they will admit to this all the damn time. some of the humiliation and abuse they either fantasize about or actually plan on subjecting him to is sexual. there's so much weird sexual talk and "content" on there, which is funny considering how much homophobia runs rampant in that sub.

No. 1983439

thats bleak and depressing, like actual cyberbullying. this guy an utter train wreck himself, but that doesn't mean I condone the literal stalking and manipulating behavior like a psycho stalker. hopefully one day in the future this is no longer possible and can actually be prosecuted.

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