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File: 1684087474395.jpg (16.51 KB, 320x320, 3A34129C-01C1-42F4-832E-14DEAD…)

No. 1827149

Dubai is a popular city in the United Arab Emirates infamous for being built on slave labor and most recently, for rich Arab men paying to poop on Instagram escorts faces.


> Self-hating Pakistani bimbo sisters popular for getting surgeries to look like Kim K and Kylie Jenner

> Have been exposed for larping as Turkish and Arab
> Went on a racist rant against Pakistanis/South Asians, saying they f*ck donkeys and have no money
> Pretend to be religious Muslims but post half-naked pics, have an OnlyFans where they make foot fetish content together and made fun of Palestinians suffering


No. 1827153

Are the Dubai toilet stories legit?

I was talking to a guy from Kuwait for some time and he told me ppl are into scat because they have a lot of anal sex due to women having to stay virgins for marriage.

No. 1827155

>have a lot of anal sex due to women having to stay virgins for marriage

That's the dumbest shit I've heard. Anal sex is totally forbidden in Islam and considered a major sin even if you're married..

No. 1827158

File: 1684088603935.jpg (231.04 KB, 1080x1668, Screenshot_20230514-202108_Sam…)

There's this gay guy Quirez who's suspected of pimping out women in London and Dubai. Apparently Arab men are also screwing this dude. I have no idea what he does for a living but he's always flashing tacky designer shit.

No. 1827159

Because prostitution is allowed?Because they aren't hypocrites in the first place? Dumb bitch, educate yourself on the world.

No. 1827160

No retard, I'm saying the reason for having anal sex to "stay virgins until marriage" is a totally fucking dumb excuse because it still goes against the religion. These guys just want butt sex because that's what they're into period.

No. 1827171

File: 1684090116623.jpeg (73.95 KB, 640x441, 69DC8B8A-A12C-4FA4-AF02-DD7775…)

Orgies with hookers and beauty queens are real. The toilet stuff is questionable and probably exaggerated, but then, presumably anything goes at billionaire sex parties, there are normal pornstars willing to get shit on for 100 bucks and a bag of coke, so it wouldn’t surprise me if there are models willing to get shit on for 10, or 20K.

There was a guy who used to message instathots while larping as an Arab prince and then post the receipts on instagram. He would ask them stuff like if they were willing to fuck horses/dogs/camels, lick mens assholes, get pissed or shit on, sleep with minors etc etc, saying they would be given 10-50K. And he would ask them to send a video of themselves confirming they would agree to everything he said. And he would then post the videos and expose them. He managed to get a concerning amount of them to agree to it.

No. 1827174

Also I remember some Filipina/Indian maids exposing the state of these hotel and mansion rooms after the events and getting paid extra to clean up all the piss, shit and cum.

Arabs are very sexually repressed and most of these moids ideas of sex come from western pornography with white women. So it’s expected that they see them as easy prostitutes and think the extreme stuff in porn is how westerners have sex.

No. 1827176


No. 1827188

File: 1684092490881.jpg (81.15 KB, 720x1280, 2.jpg)

the blog tag the sponsor had lists of that, took submissions too

No. 1827190

You have no idea how muslims live, do you? They drink alcohol, eat pork, have sex lol


>Others, especially "headscarf girls," only engage in anal sex with their boyfriends, believing that in this way they can protect their "honor," says Gülay.

No. 1827191

All of it goes against the religion. Aaallllllll offfff iittttt.

No. 1827196

are you serious? this is way more interesting than seething over the same 15 increasingly more irrelevant ex tumblr girls

No. 1827203

File: 1684094985747.gif (662.29 KB, 936x1080, adamspage1of2.gif)

Reminds me of Madam Alex, famous pimp from Los Angeles in the 70s-80s but surely til her death in 1995, she would send her "girls" or dig into her connections with people to get specific "girls" requested to go spend time with rich Arabs. By the 80s the majority of her clients were from the middle east, predominantly arab

No. 1827223

That poor maid must have PTSD.

No. 1827225

Actual muslim, no one does anal. They just do vaginal and get their hymens sewn. These are obviously Christians who did anal themselves, both are retarded to do but the Christians who do anal do it because they wanna keep their bfs while women in middle east who get their hymens sewn do it because their husbands will kill them otherwise.

No. 1827229

>You have no idea how muslims live, do you? They drink alcohol, eat pork, have sex lol

Holy shit, do you have zero reading comprehension? I'm saying it's a stupid excuse to say they have anal sex because they "have to stay virgins for marriage" like it's for a religious reason when anal sex still goes against Islam.

And yeah I'm aware non-practicing Muslims exist, you missed the point entirely.

No. 1827231

Nah there are young Christians who have anal sex before marriage because they think it doesn't count as "losing their virginity", and I've heard of Muslims couples doing it for the same reason but that's less of a meme. I'm an ex-Muslim but I never really talked about it in details with anyone so sorry if it's vague, it's not like I know statistics or anything. I'd say it probably depends on where you live and how strict your community is going to be, I don't live in a Muslim country and recently it became illegal for gynecologists to check if a woman is a virgin and to write and sign a virginity certificate so I wouldn't be surprised if less women here decided to get surgery for their hymen.

Don't compare young European Muslim women who wants to have a normal social and sex life to disgusting men who want to piss and shit on white women because it's their fetish in the Middle East where getting alcohol and pork is very difficult. They're nearly polar opposite situations.

No. 1827238

Yeah I disagree. This anal is only a meme men use against hijabi women to mock them, they accuse them of having this sort of reputation even though they don't because they're misogynistic and love humiliating women.
But I agree that drinking or eating pork isn't comparable to actually partaking in very risky and disturbing behavior unlike what anon said but anons will act like since some muslim women drink from time to time, they must partake in these activities as well(although it's a known fact only white female prostitutes are used for these fetishes) and that the same white female prostitutes often brag about the money they make even though they've definitely been assaulted or taken advantage of.

No. 1827243

I mean it's a meme when you're talking about christians too. notice how it's never "me and all my friends do anal because we think we can stay technically virgins this way," it's always "this other culture's girls do anal because they're so stupid that they think they can stay technical virgins that way."

No. 1827267

This takes me back, this was when I first realised these Instagram "models" with dubious income who would always be travelling the world were escorts. Same for many female celebs, shit's crazy
Absolutely a meme, considering most women hate anal there's no way they are doing it instead of piv en masse, just a way to mock other women. Also anything a moid says about women must be taken with many buckets of salt.
>So it’s expected that they see them as easy prostitutes and think the extreme stuff in porn is how westerners have sex.
Mfw the western white men actually do try and recreate porn too.

No. 1827274

>Mfw the western white men actually do try and recreate porn too.

Every kind of man from every corner of the world is likely to be a coomer because of how accessible porn is now. Let's stop acting like it's only RePreSsED backwards "brown" people. The west literally has the most AGP trans identified men due to too much sissy porn they're watching.(sage your shit)

No. 1827276

This is absolutely not true, the Muslims in this thread are seething and have to bring up Christcucks lmao

No. 1827331

I can't speak for all Muslim cultures but a family member of mine caught Paki moids doing that shit in public toilets in my country. I was told it wasn't considered gay in a similar way to the ancient Greeks but don't quote me on it I don't have an in depth understanding of male degeneracy.

>Actual muslim, no one does anal.
Men are disgusting all around the world. There's plenty of sick moids in the Middle East that take advantage of young boys in that way, let alone the average porn sick moids. Lara Logan was sexually assaulted by a mob of Muslim scrotes and I can assure you they didn't deem one part of her "off limits" during the attack.

No. 1827358

I really hate these debates about which culture of moids are worse, it’s like debating whether you’d rather die by shooting or stabbing. All the options are bad, moving on.

No. 1827425

I'm saying muslim women don't do it, retard. Stop accusing muslim women of doing degeneracy when the example you're giving is literal rape committed by brown men into an unconsenting white woman, your example doesn't do anything to peove how muslim women willingly do anal which I'm arguing against.
How do you know? Did you do anal yourself? I doubt either muslim or christian girls do it, it's just a way for men to try and trick women into anal.

No. 1827477

If you want to insist so badly yeah maybe like 0.01% of Muslim straight couples have done anal. If a Muslim woman really wants to have pre-marital sex that badly she would just do it vaginally like a normal person. I know there's been a lot of cases of Muslim women getting abortions in places like the UK because they've had sex before marriage so obviously I'm not saying by no means that Muslims never break the rules, it's just not this whole "anal to stay a virgin" story like you guys insist is so common when it isn't.

>Paki moids doing that shit in public toilets in my country

Surprise surprise, there are homosexual men from every country. It's definitely still gay. But afaik it's worse to be seen as the bottom because you're in the position of being "the woman". I've seen creepy white guys go to Thailand to have sex with ladyboys who insist they're still "straight" because they're not the ones taking it up the booty.

No. 1827489

You specifically said
>Actual muslim, no one does anal
I'm not arguing with you, just adding that Muslim moids definitely partaking in it's so not "no one". Penis havers suck in general I wouldn't be surprised if they pressure Muslim women into it, but I doubt Muslim women willingly do it as a weird pseudo purity thing (although I don't think many Christans do either).

Funnily enough I have too, idk why degenerates can't get a room? The family member was in a position of authority so they most likely gave some bullshit excuse about it being cultural to try and lessen the repercussions. I'm not gonna sit here and defend white moids because xy is a universal cancer, they all act like chimps.

No. 1827490

Tagthesponsor is more invested in slut shaming dime a dozen Instathots that no one has heard of instead of exposing the nasty rich Arab men paying for these golden shower parties. I've just seen a lot of jealous girls and sexist guys use this scandal as an excuse to accuse every influencer who goes to Dubai of being a prostitute.

I'm not defending the hoes willing to get shat on for a Dior bag, but pls have that same energy for finding out who the male clients are. They deserve to have their reputation ruined just as much if not more. I heard some of them are princes..

No. 1827492


Sage this thread for racism ffs(newfag)

No. 1827494

>>1827489 tbh I'd say it's a lot more common for Muslim boys in the west to have non-muslim gfs who they can pump n dump then marry a girl from their home country.

No. 1827503

File: 1684144679237.jpg (216.14 KB, 1080x1633, Screenshot_20230515-115823_Sam…)

No. 1827542

That only goes for your wives. In Islam men are allowed to have sexual slaves that they can pretty much do whatever they want to.

No. 1827543

I saw a video on 4chan a couple days ago of a Pakistani guy anally raping his grandfather. They were both dressed in Islamic clothes and hats.

No. 1827544

File: 1684149065697.jpeg (174.99 KB, 1242x1163, 55936AF5-0BE7-4ECB-844B-C4A776…)

Please stop being retarded on purpose anon, we are not talking about Islamic couples or what Muslim men with their Muslim wives, we are talking about what they do with their ‘concubines’.

Islam permits men to take women as sexual slaves during holy war and times of jihad, which can technically be interpreted as applying to any time they are dealing with kafirs/non Muslims.

These rich Arabs view these instathots as sexual slave kafirs and so what they can do to/with them goes far beyond any rules for halal sex with your Muslim wife.

No. 1827546

>penis havers
wtf just say men or trannies.

No. 1827548

Nobody is saying that nona, rape rates have been consistently rising in the west over the past 15 years and even emergency room doctors are saying the number of women and young girls being admitted to the ER with sex related injuries has skyrocketed in the same time frame.

No. 1827549

The ‘Christian/Muslim girls do anal’ is a disgusting scrote origin meme.

While there may be a few women who engage in this, it’s just another gross scrotey fantasy meant to gloat about men having sexual access to religious womens bodies and make them seem more accessible.

I have Muslim female friends here in the UK who had boyfriends and sexual encounters before marrying their husbands. They just did blowjobs or normal PIV, not anal.

No. 1827551

File: 1684149792872.jpeg (103.08 KB, 1242x976, 70C4D87B-338A-42A1-B830-EF6EFE…)

Not really to do with Dubai, but Andrew Tate told a pretty funny and disgusting story about how he got invited to a pool party in France and it was actually a cuck orgy where he had been invited to be a ‘bull’. He describes a black man being invited to the party and running around fucking everyones wives while the European husbands all masturbated.

There were also rooms upstairs in the mansion where men watched their wives and gfs being fucked while masturbated or getting gangbanged.

This is literally just middle class to decently wealthy people things in Europe, so god knows how depraved things get at billionaire parties.

This also ties in with a story my Algerian neighbour told me once, about how when he was homeless in France and a white guy tried to recruit him to be a bull for him and his wife. I didn’t really believe it at the time, but apparently this is quite common in France where they prefer North African and black men to be the bulls for the couples.

No. 1827557

Swinger parties and wife swapping are very common in my European country, especially for the upper classes. At my uni there were some rich kids, and they were going to orgies and naked masquerade parties even when they were only in their early twenties.

No. 1827569

Holy shit this thread got dark soo quick.

>>1827557 Do you live in Germany?

>>1827544 Another retard with zero reading comprehension, we were specifically talking about Muslim WOMEN/GIRLS and Muslim male/female couples. You're derailing into a whole other thing. Just end this argument already.

>>1827551 Why is it disproportionately white men who are into being cucked?

You need to stop looking at gruesome degenerate things. It's not good for you mentally.
Also >They were both dressed in Islamic clothes and hats
That's just how many people dress over there, it doesn't mean anything. I had Pakistani coworker who was super openly gay.

No. 1827570

Because that's what happens in the pornos. They're just reenacting it with real people.

No. 1827571

Frenchmen are the #1 customers of raping younger boys in Morocco so I'm not surprised.

No. 1827572

Doesn't answer my question. Pornographers make content that's in high demand, I'm asking why white people are into that in the first place.

No. 1827575

File: 1684152643668.jpg (92.74 KB, 1080x564, Screenshot_20230515-140805_Sam…)


>These rich Arabs view these instathots as sexual slave kafirs and so what they can do to/with them goes far beyond any rules for halal sex with your Muslim wife.

Anal, scat, piss fetishes is all haram in Islam regardless of who you do it to, kafir or not. Please quit making shit up.

No. 1827576

>>1827557 Why are Western Europeans so sexually liberal? I seen some swingers ad on the local newspaper here of a couples in their 60s looking for another couple to have sex with. This is shit is unheard of in China even though there's about a billion people there.

No. 1827592

This is sadly very common. Russian, Ukrainian, Thai, Indonesian and African women are commonly lured with fake nanny/maid jobs and sold into prostitution in Dubai. You can see them lined up outside every shitty Dubai nightclub waiting for customers, looking miserable. They’ll get their passports stolen and beaten by pimps if they try to escape. And it’s not just rich Arabs buying them; Western expat moids do too, and brag about how cheaply they can get a woman compared to their own countries. This is way worse (and more widespread) than the infamous “IG influencers getting pooped on” stereotype, because these women are true victims who wanted a better life for their families and ended up trapped in hell. But they’re poor and “tag the sponsor” moids on the internet can’t use their stories to mock/slut shame women, so they get zero attention unless one of their country’s embassies gets involved.

No. 1827598

Why tf are you hanging out on 4chan watching gay rape videos? Please get a life. Also
>Islamic clothes and hats
What does this even mean? Kek

No. 1827627

File: 1684156913953.jpeg (793.83 KB, 2288x1712, D0F40C84-0B9B-4A6D-9ACE-573327…)

Wasnt, just a random shock webm that I clicked on and was disgusted by. They were wearing Pakistani Muslim style long white kameez and taqiyah caps.

No. 1827628

My ex bf was Chinese. He told me nearly all men who can afford it have mistresses especially as they get into their 40s and such. Dunno about swinger parties but prostitution and sugarbabying is rife in China.

No. 1827630

I saw a video in a restaurant in China and two Slavic looking white girls were dancing completely naked and getting groped by the old Chinese men. So yeah, pretty sure sex and swinger parties happen all over the world, but the cucking thing seems to be something white guys are disproportionately into.

No. 1827632

Also just looked up the thread archive where people were talking about it and it was confirmed the video and people in it are Pakistani in origin. There was another one linked in the thread that was a porn video of a guy having sex with an old man, that was also uploaded from a Pakistani account and the men are speaking in Urdu.

I’m sorry but anyone trying to say ‘MUSLIMS DONT DO THESE THINGS ITS HARAM’ are coping. Religion does not curb human degeneracy and never has.

No. 1827688

Pakichan stop watching gay rape porn and then accusing everyone of being degens as if you werent the one who watched it. Disgusting.

No. 1827696

But is anyone actually into it? When the most searched porn terms images get posted around the most popular searches are nearly always "teen" or "lesbian". I don't think I've ever met a genuine cuck IRL or on the internet. The whole cuck/bull shit seems to be very small minority and the rest of it is memes.

There's the whole culture of bacha bazi in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Regardless of religion, men will always be degenerates that put making their dick feel good before anything else.

No. 1827756

File: 1684170344203.png (373.18 KB, 1236x2048, Screenshot_20230515-120256.png)

Dubai specifically is notorious for prostitution via "influencer" types and trafficked slaves from poor countries. The pimps often have women recruit other women and girls with a promise of more money for their families. Sometimes they are never heard from again. In those cases I assume they were brought over to be killed by some billionaire and his gaggle of Degen buddies.
I sometimes wonder just how many influencers take up these offers but somehow keep it discreet enough to not be obvious

like most "fetishes" it develops after exposure. that's why people (typically male) with porn addictions start watching progressively weirder or outrageous or violent content, eventually the normal stuff doesn't titillate them. what starts as a discord gif spammed of a man getting cucked turned into videos turns into seeking out those videos turns into wanting to live out a video.
on the topic of discord gif spammed, videos of pakistani men having sex with each other was a common trend i daw getting posted in many different servers years ago. why and how that happened across the board i do not know, but it is definitely not uncommon, and certainty not less common than corpses of females being raped in the same place.

No. 1827911

File: 1684190222507.jpg (196.66 KB, 1028x1093, Tumblr_l_236083619909638.jpg)

No. 1828124

this is mostly a stereotype, same as "nudity is so natural in europe!!" just because boobs aren't censored in european movies and europe is less religious than the US. countries/communities that are supposedly very conservative with lots of taboos surrounding sex have just as many if not more degen men than in the west. i'll take consenting adults publishing disgusting ads over men being able to keep their "good family man" image despite having underage sugar babies and openly going to meet ups with 7yo "idols" like in Japan.

No. 1828130

I'm sorry the irony of reducing them to their genitalia is lost on you anon.

No. 1828204

>gay paki sex
>gay paki sex
Pakichan stop ban evading.

No. 1828457

Man, I hate France and I hate French men, I need to get the fuck out of here someday. The reverse (kind of) also exists, where white guys see black and north african women as just walking fetishes and how fucking them is basically sticking it to black and north african men. Weird shit, really. And to stay on topic I never noticed this trend of white Ffrench girls trying to become trashy Dubai influencers by pretending they're north africans thanks to plastic surgery/botox in their lips, black hair dye and spray tan, and somehow nobody notices that they're white girls. Somehow Diam's managed to do the exact reverse by marrying an Arab man, ending her music career, converting to Islam and moving to the middle east. That idiot managed to have at least one daughter and decided that it was a good idea to make her endure wtf is going on in the middle east, I lost all my respect for her.

No. 1828533

It is, but it's not because of any virginal/sexual loophole, it's the degrading aspect of it. These are wealthy arab men who hate women, and get off on the idea of making a western woman fly all the way out there to do disgusting acts in exchange for the cost of a designer handbag. The whole thing is gross

No. 1882713

File: 1692201482750.jpeg (643.24 KB, 1170x2018, 60326673-5CC1-49F5-AAD5-0D4CBF…)

Tana Mongeau being Tana Mongeau after fucking up her entire tour and making her fans wait hours outside of general admission and being black out drunk on stage

No. 1882715

File: 1692201621972.jpeg (1.09 MB, 3288x2193, BCF8C9F8-1E31-4D20-91C2-181BA3…)

The shoop lately is unbearable

No. 1882728

are you lost?

No. 1882731

sage for OT, there was literally some rich Arab man who commissioned almost endless amounts of porn of Astrid from HTTYD transforming into a pig or getting fucked by pigs, that amount of porn would have cost perhaps tens of thousands of dollars.

No. 1882738

Great, all that discussion about anal made me horny to do it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1882766

I like her because she said men in my country (UK) have small penises and caused immense butthurt kek.

No. 1882771

In Made In Chelsea (TV show here in UK about rich kids) quite a lot of the cast talked about going to naked masquerade orgies and such, apparently it’s very common among the upper classes and I’ve heard a lot of super-rich people rent their massive mansions out to others to host these kinds of orgy parties.

No. 1882772

That’s disgusting and hilarious at the same time. Must be an autistic Arab dude with a super rich family kek.

No. 1882774

Yeah I’ve heard a lot about the fetishization of ‘beurettes’ aka Arabic women in France in porn. Even the term ‘beurette’ has sexual and porn connotations in itself. Here in the UK there is a little bit of fetishism towards Muslim girls simply because scrotes will always be into ‘forbidden fruit’ type scenarios, but I wouldn’t say it’s very open or common, and I have many Pakistani Muslim girls as friends. They haven’t really had to deal with much sexual harassment here. Unfortunately there’s some other Muslim pickme types that think fucking white men is some kind of rebellious act against their family and religion but really they just end up getting used and abused by white scrotes too.

French scrotes on the other hand are very forward and vile about their weird racist fetishes. A lot of girls get seriously sexually harassed and assaulted in France, outskirts of Paris are especially dangerous. I’ve heard of girls being snatched off the street and bundled into cars, gangraped and stuff. Seems the white, black and Muslim scrotes in France are all pretty terrible. I remember watching a video about two French lesbian girls who had moved to Montreal, and they were saying how wonderful Montreal is compared to Paris and how many times they’d been harassed and sexually assaulted in Paris but in Montreal everyone just leaves them alone.

No. 1882793

Lmao what the fuck.

No. 1882819

>she, Thorne, and singer Mod Sun were a throuple.[24] She has also had on-and-off relationships with rappers Lil Xan and Chris Miles, and the two artists have revealed that their collaborative single "Miss Me" was inspired by their relationships with Mongeau.[25]
>Mongeau began dating social media personality Jake Paul in April 2019
sounds very based nonna, I'm sure getting HPV is also based in your opinion.

No. 1882823

Small dicked British scrote detected.

No. 1882837

File: 1692214025449.png (665.67 KB, 800x800, 680210512.png)

Reading through this thread has been quite an experience, as for why there seem to be so many Pakistani's represented in the Industry, I have my own theories, but its likely a combination of factors that are more prevalent in Pakistan

>Porn addiction - Thanks to relatively cheat internet accesses

>A culture that has sadly a prevalence of sexual abuse
>Mass Poverty - That's a given
>English - Similar things happens in the Philippines, due to our history we have poor people here that can communicate with rich bastards abroad
>we have a disturbing black market of child-rape porn that gets made here and sold abroad
>An inferiority complex against Arabs - now all the things I listed above can be found in other nations, but nothing can surpass the wilful inferiority complex against Arabs that is found in Pakistan
This is just my opinion though, so take it with a grain of salt

No. 1882926

Sorry to slightly OT but does this mean we can maybe have a Chloe Khan thread or talk about her here because she’s… something

No. 1883362

Can you post more about her here and see where we go from there? This thread needs some content, it's very interesting.

No. 1883443

File: 1692307867843.jpeg (2.75 MB, 2200x3071, IMG_6061.jpeg)

So idk where to start.
> started on the UK Xfactor
> had a “glow up”
> started an escort business apparently
> started a webcam business apparently
> regularly in Dubai, regularly pretending she’s single on only fans.
> her boyfriend is actually this dodgy Yorkshire bloke in pic

No. 1883446

Oh also forgot
> regularly claims to be a self made millionaire with multiple houses and cars
> most turn out to be rentals and/or her boyfriends/his friends/connections
> at one point claimed to be “gifted a house” by a client.
> botched af

No. 1883458

No way, i remember her on the x-factor! I'm going to post some youtube videos so anons can see her in action.

No. 1883459

The outfit she wore here killed me. She was so trashy.

No. 1883477

I'd be so glad to discuss her here– the most up to date info on her has been on Tattle which is a nightmare to read. I could possibly add a write up tomorrow if anyone's interested in a rundown

No. 1883530

All of this reminds me of a video of a worker who claims that multi-millionaires would spend a shit ton of money just to have sex parties at a fancy ass hotel and people would have orgies EVERYWHERE and workers had to clean up blood, piss, shit, cum, and god knows what else.

No. 1883650

Same! It took a shockingly long time until I learned what “DM me for business inquiries” meant, and that a lot of them weren’t just freelance models living off their modeling career. I always wondered how they could afford such expensive stuff without having any big modeling gigs or have time to fly to Dubai for “vacation” all of the time, kek

No. 1883743

>A lot of girls get seriously sexually harassed and assaulted in France, outskirts of Paris are especially dangerous.
French men don't live there anymore lmao
White french moids are moids but they're not nearly as bad as arabs, you clearly have no clue about what you're talking about
Whenever you get sexually harassed in the streets in France it's either an arab or sometimes a black dude, but it's less frequent
You've clearly have no idea how terrible muslim scrotes are, the average one is on part with the /pol/tard white moid(racebaiting)

No. 1884021

She also has a teenage daughter, who remains nowhere to be seen (probably for the best tbh)

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