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No. 1824647

https://www.twitter.com/forbiddenflora (NSFW)
https://www.ForbiddenFlora.com (NSFW)

Useful links:
Kiwifarms thread: Unable to link since KF is down lol
Lolcow wiki: https://archive.vn/2019.02.16-050128/https://lolcow.wiki/wiki/Melanie_Herring (Summary of past behavior)
Bad Webcomics Wiki: http://badwebcomicswiki.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Floraverse (The issues of the webcomic)
https://www.Floraverseisacult.com and
https://www.twitter.com/fuck_floraverse (Chronicling the current Discord saga and notable individuals within)
https://www.Stopscammingartists.tumblr.com (Active Glitchedpuppet discussion blog)

It is heavily recommended you DO NOT join the Floraverse discord servers. You will be expected to fork over personal information and will be heavily scrutinized if deemed suspicious. You are required to share your deepest feelings and trauma which will then be used against you if you step out of line in the slightest. It is just not worth it.

If you frequented Deviantart or were a fan of Pokemon in the 2000s, you've more than likely seen PurpleKecleon's artwork. Melanie Herring (current legal name Ash Hazel Woods) is a self-diagnosed autistic nonbinary woman with BPD who was a very well-known artist with a very distinctive and vibrant painting style, posting artwork for mainly Pokemon, MLP, and Sonic.
Melanie has a long and well documented history of being a horrendous bitch. It would be impossible to go over everything here so I'll TL;DR as much as I can. The above useful links all highlight several of the various sagas surrounding Melanie, so if you want a much deeper dive then read those.

Past events:
>Started posting pokeporn on dedicated forums at 15 years old, met her then adult now husband Marl and poly troon boyfriend Eevee through this and moved in together after turning 18
>Took commissions for art of bestiality, incest, shotas, and rape while stating at the same she only accepts commissions for things she personally enjoys
>Contributed to a cub magazine
>Founded and hosted a Deviantart all ages roleplaying group Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers (PMDE). Melanie and her adult friends essentially bullied kids in the group they didn't like. Roleplay events would have oddly sexual elements like free items for all participants but the items were things like ball gags and maid outfits. Melanie would post links to side stories she wrote in this group without clarifying that the content would be pornographic. Since the adults in the group were all deviantart furries, it was infected with pedophiles.
>Often posted pictures of herself naked with breasts exposed on social media
>Her home is filthy and she takes baths with her hairless cats and then complains when she gets a UTI
>Diagnoses herself with autism after viciously bullying children in her community that were autistic
>When Melanie got tired of leading the group she stepped down and passed on ownership to a new team, then not long after she returned to shut down the group herself because she didn't like how the new team was running it. She then made her own website and original IP, Floraverse. It was promoted as an interactive webcomic, following a basic story but planned roleplaying events could alter the outcome
>All characters are anthro genderspecial assholes with consent issues because Melanie doesn't know how to write characters that aren't herself
>Registered under a creative commons license, meaning anyone is free to use her characters for any purpose legally
>More commonly utilized by Melanie to lift characters from other people and make them her self inserts, or butcher their character if they piss her off
>One guy donated a high enough tier on one of her kickstarters to have his character featured in the comic but later Melanie asked for ocs on Twitter because she needed them for background art. The donator's character was included in the comic in the same panels as the free ones from Twitter. When he spoke out about how he felt this was unfair Melanie erased his character from the comic entirely with no refund
>Encouraged to make your own character because Melanie might put them in the comic!! Though this rarely if ever happened unless you were buttbuddies with Melanie or gave her money and the interactive premise was dropped almost immediately
>Story becomes nonsensical and Melanie enters "The Magenta Era" washing all her artwork in eye straining shades of pink
>Commonly steals ideas and designs from other ips (mainly nintendo and cartoons) but because Melanie is actually only talented at color theory any of her original designs are just several different features glued onto one design
>ForbiddenFlora the offshoot 18+ site for pornographic comics and art gets much more focus than the main comic with essential lore and character development being locked behind shitty porn
>Comics themselves are written so badly they come off as rape or dubcon which Melanie either denies is the case or gets very angry at anyone who mentions it
>Melanie states she hopes kids read ForbiddenFlora secretly and discover they're gay and trans through it
>Aggressive Twitter user with daily rant threads on subjects like Kiwifarms, those who don't like her, and her own fans. Often ignores fans who ask her questions directly and instead vagues them in a new tweet and questions their intelligence
>Constantly asks what she did exactly that made so many people hate her and then when she is told why she will ignore it or say no u
>Screams at people to block if they don't like her and then screams some more when she finds out she's been blocked

>Marl (and Melanie and Eevee) owned a male intact German Shephard named Apollo
>Early into the creation of the kf thread (2015) there were already rumors floating that Melanie's husband Marl (who also modded both PMDE and Flora) had a thing for zoophilia
>User named Lain joins kf and said she talked to Marl as a kid in aoc chatrooms and he had shown her pictures of dog genitalia. She lost the original messages but had a picture of him that hadn't been seen before.
>Melanie catches wind of this rumor and goes on a years-long tirade of both defending Marl and calling Lain a liar and a cumdumpster and various others because someone else who knew Lain emailed Melanie and said Lain had a history of entrapping adults. Yes, years.
>What's Marl doing while Melanie defends his honor? He doesn't use social media lol
>Later Bigfluff (BF) joins kf, talks to Lain privately. BF also knew Marl as a kid through Floraverse and had messages saved of Marl arranging for her to meet up with him and fuck his dog for money and sex toys, with the intent of posting it online.
>Lain shares this with the class without BF's consent
>BF gets in contact with a mod of Floraverse at the same time. She shows him the logs who then shows them to Marl. Marl confirms that he remembers who BF is and that the messages are legit. Mod goes on damage control and calls BF a liar right after confirming the logs are real.
>When this news hits Twitter several more longtime Flora fans come forward and state Marl talked to them about the same topic
>Melanie Marl and Eevee go dark on social media, sell their home, move into Marl's parents home, and legally change their names
>Melanie announces she's divorcing Marl and then puts out a lengthy document about how everything bad she ever did was Marl's fault actually and she had no idea Marl was hiding this
>Within this same document Melanie admits that Marl convinced her to have sex with a dog on camera for money early on in their relationship
>Melanie knew about Marl and fucked this dog before Lain even originally came forward
>Her story changes several times from "Marl would never do that" to "I had no idea he was into it" to "I knew he was into it but didn't act on it" to "I knew he showed our friends pornography of our own dog" to "I knew and Marl made me fuck a dog too"
>Continued to deface Lain and BF even after this all came out while continuing to blame Marl for all of her negative actions
>Mentioned she's been in contact with him and implies she knows his current location or social usernames while refusing to give out this information and screaming at people to go after Marl instead of her
>Never contacted law enforcement leaving the question of how much dirt Marl has over Melanie and Eeevee

No. 1824649

The Discord saga:
>Melanie retreats from social media after the previous saga and spends most of her time within her 2 Floraverse discords
>1 server is a dedicated all ages roleplaying server, much like PMDE while the other is a general server that was originally stolen from Kiwifarms in its own retarded saga
>Server is welcoming and friendly on the surface but on the inside Melanie and her closest lackeys verbally and mentally abuse their members under the guise of emotional therapy
>Instead of banning problematic individuals Melanie will talk to them or send somebody else to and will try to "fix" them, this ranges anywhere from someone making someone else uncomfortable to literal pedophiles who were caught talking to kids. If she deems them rehabilitated they can stay in the server
>Because the server is full of adult furry troons it is undoubtedly full of pedophiles
>Leaks from those inside start surfacing on kf and Melanie's style of emotional manipulation earns the discord the cult title
>Leaks continue to come out with Melanie only publicly naming pedos within the server when kf finds out she tried to cover it up
>Members can be dragged into a public channel at any time to perform a "scene" which boils down to getting namecalled and talked down to because the mods don't like you
>You're expected to be calm and polite the entire time while multiple users send you paragraphs on why you are a bad person and you have to agree with them or else you get banned and your friends are shunned if they stay in contact with you. You can't leave the channel or leave the scene unfinished without permission from the others or else you get banned and publicly defaced and all the members celebrate over how they never liked you anyway
>While this is going on all other members of the server are observing your scene and commentating on it like it's a TV show
>Server continues to lose members that immediately turn around and share what happened to them inside
>Melanie attempts whatever she can to shut them up, be it blackmail, threats, or 100+ page long google docs where she blames Marl and talks about her feelings while ignoring issues the naysayer had with her specifically
>Instead of directly looking at anything said against her Melanie plays retarded telephone by sending one of her lackeys to do it instead and report back to her with a sparknotes list, picking out one tiny detail to blow out of proportion. On more than one occasion she has sent minors to look at callouts against her that contained sexual imagery.
>Requests anyone who has problems with her to contact her privately, will then verbally threaten or try to blackmail those who do

Recent happenings:
>Ex-member who has followed Melanie since childhood releases a zine of her experience within the servers and reinforces the cult narrative (https://archive.is/2023.03.11-110825/https://twitter.com/pinnapop/status/1634421345613230081) Melanie responds by attempting to blackmail the ex-member.
>Youtuber Insomniac Idiot XO releases a video essay about Floraverse (https://youtu.be/kpMxTSIhkFY) focusing mostly on the above zine. Melanie flips her shit over this and releases a 3 part podcast with her lackeys that is more than 6 hours long. IIXO releases a response essay soon after (https://youtu.be/Bn5XHYfzK7U)
>Website Floraverseisacult.com goes live.
>Within the week of this OP being drafted Melanie gets in contact with an ex-member who contributed a testimony to the website and her dogfucking story changes yet again with her now admitting she has fucked at least two separate dogs

Notable members:
- Eevee / LexyEevee / Evelyn Woods / Alex Munroe: Melanie's troon fiancée who encouraged kids to commit incest on old pokemon forums and argued zoophilia is morally ok. Transformation fetish more than likely influenced him trooning out, started estrogen but stopped taking it immediately when it made his dick stop working. Floraverse character is literally an Eevee made of rubber. Attempted a stupid Twitter debate about how possessing cp shouldn't be illegal and still gets shit on for it
- Marl / Marlcabinet / Lycus Argent Woods / Jayson Garcia: Melanie's pedozoo ex-husband who is still being run over under a bus years after Melanie ditched him. Dad is a cop. LOCATION UNKNOWN WITH MELANIE BEING AWARE AND PROTECTING HIM
- Opa-Opa13: One of Melanie's biggest simps/attack dogs who left his wife and daughter to work on Floraverse. Man in his late 30's who housed a 19 yr old Floraverse fan he had been sexting with even after being told he wasn't mentally stable enough for a roommate. Got sick of the fan and actively wished along with Melanie and several other that the fan was successful in their suicide attempt when Opa kicked them out of his house, then later spread rumours about the fan having bad hygiene. Has such a boner for a Floraverse character Melanie made his fanfiction canon
- Pengo / PengoSolvent: Longtime tif friend of Melanie, when the two had a falling out in the 2010s Pengo claimed that Marl had shown her zoo porn. Melanie responds by SUING Pengo who removes the claims and the case is dropped. Years later the two reconnect, Pengo is now a Floraverse mod who has her hands in most of the abuse that the server dishes out.
- Rina / Pinnapop: Ex-member and author of the above mentioned zine
- Iz / Woz / TanukiSyndrome / TanukiBathhouse: Floraverse member who confided with Rina about their similar sexual trauma (Rina was raped on a schoolbus, Iz raped someone on a schoolbus). Iz then uses Rina's trauma without her consent as the premise for a ForbiddenFlora comic with Melanie providing the artwork. When Rina expressed discomfort over this Melanie told her to get over it and consider Iz's feelings. The comic is still live on ForbiddenFlora.
- Bex / Hexcryingwolf: Ex-member who got on Melanie's bad side and was put in timeout. After speaking to their therapist about Floraverse (who was horrified) Bex tried to speak with another member about it, with the member instead focusing on how Bex's talk with their therapist didn't take Melanie's feelings into account.
- Goopy / GoopisBoopis: Pedo troon coomer who was caught hitting up kids multiple times. Got a slap on the wrist and was allowed to stay in the server full of kids. Only banned when Melanie got sick of him being a lazy piece of shit who wouldn't get a job and publicly shamed him only after kf found out about it. Goopy's Floraverse character is featured in a game that Melanie and Eevee made together.

No. 1824652

So sorry for the majorly long OP, I tried to summarize as much as possible but there is so much to cover and this isn't even all of it.

No. 1824666

Omg I remember this drama from ages ago

No. 1824674

File: 1683757669422.png (17.69 KB, 668x446, pedo.png)

I like how Eevee won't stop bringing up minors looking at porn even after all these years.

No. 1824724

Thought this was the girl MumkeyJones had an affair with, she was also named Ash, drew cub porn and had sex with a 15 year old boy.

No. 1824757

This is such a fucking retarded argument and he knows it. It's not commonly accepted to show kids nazi propaganda but it's sure normalized for moids to say its fine for kids to look at porn and that it has no ill effects etc. I don't like to play the "this guys a pedo" game often but has the FBI seen his and his wifes hd? Been following their dogfucker saga for ages and it's truly mindblowing how these freaks can groom kids and abuse retards who don't know better for YEARS and they just get away with it for being tranny furries. Unreal

No. 1824770

Forgot one detail in the OP: Melanie rebranded early into the dogfucker saga going from PurpleKecleon to Glitchedpuppet, with Glip as her nickname. Anything referring to Glip means Melanie.

No. 1824806

I read purplekecleon and my brain wasn't registering that this is THE PK I remember from peak DA pokemon days, I was active in that circle
I'm trying to remember that one site that you could draw a post and people could reply back with more drawings (no text), and I'm struggling to remember if one of those communities was headed by PK or not
I THINK it was Pokemon Mystery Dungeon? Gijinkas for sure

had no idea PK was a cow, she was definitely one of the big names in the community

love it when I discover people I knew turn out to be cows, what a shitshow

No. 1824807

Was it oekaki? If so yes Melanie ran several back in the day

No. 1824814

I was in a few oekakis with her, but this one was an actual site dedicated to drawing and posting a quick drawing, and then others could reply to the post with more drawings
you could start a community on the site and people could join and post the drawings to the community page, it was around like 08-ish

think if livejournal and oekaki had a baby kek

No. 1824830


Also just remembered that in the marl logs he mentioned filming a girl with a great dane. Then glip mentioned how the dog marl forced her to fuck was a great dane. HMMM

No. 1824834

It's still crazy to me seeing people who knew her back then not being aware of her current antics. Glad you didn't get roped into it nonna! Do you remember any stories from back then? Melanie causing drama or Marl or Eevee being weird?

No. 1825482

HOLY SHIT YES, I fully expected that knowledge to be gone forever, bless u anon

I don't know if she was in charge of that particular tegaki group but I remember there being a pokemon gijinka rp group, but no drama

>It's still crazy to me seeing people who knew her back then not being aware of her current antics
yeah I remember her switching to glitchedpuppet on tumblr and stopped caring after that tbh, I had no idea she was still around, I flinched remembering that 06 is almost 20 years ago kek
honestly that makes it the saddest part, she's gotta be almost 40 by now and still acting a cow?

we NEVER heard any of these antics during her PK days, or at least I didn't, but as OP says she was a big deal in the DA Pokemon scene so I guess I shouldn't be surprised

thinking about it, there was a time on DA where groups TRIED the drawing-rp thing? I actually do remember there being auditions for a pokemon mystery dungeon group headed by PK, there was some drama because it had minimum standards for applying which I didn't think was odd, but after I got in I got bored, DA wasn't a good platform for that kind of thing imo

>Marl or Eevee being weird?

wish I had a story but I would need to see what they've drawn in the past tbh, I can't recall any specific drama in the PMD group, I mostly got bored and peaced out

sorry I'm useless nonnies, I'm mostly amazed PK is still around kek

>Glad you didn't get roped into it nonna!

me too! my circle was very easygoing in comparison

No. 1825532

The gijinka Pokémon group was "lovely Pokémon". I don't recall PK being in the group but I also didn't really pay much attention to it past the groups early days. I don't think she'd have participated since she doesn't like drawing humans/humanoids, just furries.

No. 1825537

Actually thinking back, there was probably more than one gijinka group, I just remember that lovely Pokémon was the most popular of them at one point.
Here's an archive of the whole site fwiw. http://archive.tewi.us/tegaki/showgroups.php

No. 1825551

Marl never really drew art, he did a lot of the writing for PMDE alongside Melanie. He had a gray/blue Ninetales character named Callahan iirc? Probably a few others I'm not remembering. Him and PK rigged one of their own contests by secretly making a new account, entering the contest, and giving themselves the win. Never outright stated it was them but the art style was literally PK's normal style in grayscale. Out of all three of them Marl had the least internet presence, barely posting stuff publicly but was active in chatrooms sexting kids.
Eevee I don't really know much of what he did in the group. He didn't draw back then, PK drew the art for both their characters. Eevee's character was a Eevee named Lexy (Big shocker) but does a lot of coding, he ran the Veekun website too. All three of them hung out in irc chatrooms most of the time.

No. 1826158

holy shit, yeah it was LP and Pokemanz
ty nonnie I wasn't expecting someone to actually know what I was talking about, even if PK wasn't involved in the end

then I got nothing, sadly
>Marl was active in chatrooms sexting kids

No. 1831865

File: 1684713116236.jpeg (192.64 KB, 1242x1592, 956CDDA9-2118-4160-B6CB-6D3059…)

For reference, glip did lot rejones Apollo after knowing he was being raped on camera

No. 1831866

File: 1684713161243.jpeg (76.9 KB, 806x799, 80CB1FF3-131A-4EAC-B481-2B9845…)

Rehome sorry phone correct is retarded

No. 1831870

File: 1684713376599.png (24.64 KB, 460x261, E797CF7B-A7EF-476E-9854-DF97B3…)

No. 1831872

File: 1684713473001.png (32.71 KB, 912x516, B897F6BD-3DE3-4F13-81B5-A6FCF2…)

Powerword: less

No. 1832061

I thought the story was “we confronted marl and one day he just disappeared the dog, we don’t know where Apollo went”?

No. 1832654

>>Youtuber Insomniac Idiot XO releases a video essay about Floraverse (https://youtu.be/kpMxTSIhkFY) focusing mostly on the above zine. Melanie flips her shit over this and releases a 3 part podcast with her lackeys that is more than 6 hours long. IIXO releases a response essay soon after (https://youtu.be/Bn5XHYfzK7U)

Insomniatic Idiot XO's youtube channel is gone. Anyone know what happened?

No. 1833141

Holy shit you're right. The cult website suspiciously had a sudden bandwidth overload a few days ago too. They don't want to jump to conclusions and outright say it was a DDOS. But something is going on.

No. 1833149

File: 1684885451075.jpeg (119.88 KB, 1242x1124, 0EFEBE88-19A7-4C56-89B8-CF9D03…)

Samefag for pics. Eevee has a friend at Google. I sure do wonder who it is.

No. 1833153

File: 1684885496024.jpeg (203.46 KB, 1242x1403, 4E3B9D13-5D0F-4467-B056-75C7F2…)

No. 1833163

Big Tech trannies abusing their power. You love to see it.

No. 1833172

File: 1684887585165.gif (555.68 KB, 351x291, 1514219996977.gif)

Best part of all this is that her fucking ANOTHER dog wasn't leaked by anyone other than herself. She fucked up ALL by herself this time. "Well it was shared in private emails" Yeah with someone in contact with a site that's already posting shit against her? What the fuck did you think was going to happen?

I used to feel bad for her back during all the Marl shit. Sometimes I wondered if the level of shit she gets is deserved. But two? Oh my god bitch, TWO? You don't get to lie about it for YEARS being one time and how much you hated it and then go back for more.
This is what happens when you don't get your story straight. Maybe she should've paid attention to what public knowledge her detractors already had on her. Maybe the unfortunately only metaphorical pooch wouldn't have been as screwed right about now.

No. 1834037

I was on a forum with eevee and he was always talking about sex stuff, in a place full of eleven and twelve year olds. I remember him saying he wished he could be a woman so he could have multiple orgasms, even then it felt so flippant about what being a woman is actually like. Glip briefly joined the forum but never actually posted much. Thank god because I’d have gotten sucked into that whole thing if I found out. He was always a really high-status member because he was older and knew a lot about programming, plenty of kids would have joined any opportunity they could to get closer to him. I hate seeing him show up on twitter and seeing people follow him. The only peace I get is knowing he will never stop being harassed over the marl drama.

No. 1834486

Eevee is disgusting and I don't get the following he has. I'm reminded of when he was jealous over Kupok recounting his experience of being sexually abused as a child. I just assume anybody following him is a massive degen like he is which isn't surprising since a lot of programmers are mentally ill weirdos.

No. 1835068

He's fucking sickening. He tries to claim those edgy forum posts were from when he was young and stupid, ignoring he was in his 20s when he made those posts. Yet at the very top of this thread he's still trying to argue about grooming kids. If he wasn't an idiot at a certain point you need to sit back and realize maybe you should shut the fuck up about kids before you get investigated.

No. 1836720

File: 1685381157196.png (38.16 KB, 1242x1295, C4E6D916-E9DC-45A7-B5AA-36B21E…)

Eevee is trying to muddy the waters by claiming people are accusing her of ddosing the farms instead of the independent callout site.

Seems like someone doesn’t want to publicize the fact that other people away from the farms are sick of their shit

No. 1836725

File: 1685381438007.jpeg (162.51 KB, 900x1200, IMG_4629.jpeg)

Stop calling this scrotum-haver ‘she”. This is a man.

No. 1836819

I still kek at this pic every time I remember he posted it in the middle of getting BTFO'd by a bunch of kpop stans on Twitter and they kept making fun of how ugly he was that he went private

No. 1836852

File: 1685396354294.png (105.99 KB, 831x1523, Screenshot_20230529-233154-983…)

I'm reading the Discord logs and god, how, why, these people deserve bad, really bad things. Disgusting beings, they don't even deserve to be called human. I hope they fail at everything in life, I hope they die a painful death. Fucking miserable perverts. They have nothing, they are a bunch of psychos. It's the first time I have such a strong emotional reaction to a cow/group of cows and that is saying something.
>It is heavily recommended you DO NOT join the Floraverse discord servers. You will be expected to fork over personal information and will be heavily scrutinized if deemed suspicious. You are required to share your deepest feelings and trauma which will then be used against you if you step out of line in the slightest. It is just not worth it.
This is 100% true, holy hell. That server truly is a cult. Sickening. Thank you for the thread and sources, OP.

No. 1836892

File: 1685401538800.png (196.32 KB, 1308x709, Screenshot 2023-05-29 180522.p…)

jesus christ, the floraverse writer was 37? and made the 19yo live like this while still charging rent?

No. 1836895

>and opa has a more higher up position in the floraverse
you convinced me to read your thread what the fuck is this

No. 1836916


just click the text that says "37 year old Floraverse writer allowed a vulnerable 19 year old to move in with him half way across the country" or ctrl f it I guess

No. 1836948

Opa also was/is fucking Melanie, confirmed by an ex-fan. The group convinced him his wife was abusive so he left her and lost custody of his infant daughter.

No. 1836961

File: 1685407467409.png (6.22 KB, 418x255, unknown (6).png)

lmao almost, opa TRIED to cuck his wife with glip but got rejected, ranking him lower than the two dogs glip fucked, pic related is Pengosolvent, glip's current favorite fucktoy/right hand until she gets bored.

opa did try to drag his (now ex)wife to one of the furry roleplay "scenes" and it didn't go well lol

No. 1836963

Melanie taking pengo back after she made a whole callout on her is truly something

No. 1836999

File: 1685408777451.jpg (Spoiler Image,218.95 KB, 1280x960, b24fe1021c10fa12300db25a5c2077…)

Lmao holy shit I did not know that. Fucking hilarious. Didn't stop her from drawing her and Opa's self insert fucking though.

The Pengo debacle is so weird. I think they got in contact not long after the marl logs came out and apparently spent a long time talking back and forth before forgiving each other. Pengo went onto the kf thread for a short while and asked/answered questions. She even had concerns over how Melanie was running the server and didn't have interest in joining it. However now she's a mod and the way she treats people in the server is downright cruel. She seems like a very impressionable person and I wouldn't be shocked if she turned out this way because of Melanie's influence. From the same email chain where she admitted to it being more than one time with a dog, her victim hit her with this:
>You are a black hole of a person who has nothing but malice at its center, and you pull everyone around you into misery. They become the worst version of themselves possible because of you.


No. 1837021

Dear nonnie I’m sorry if this is a dumb question but I’m Re-reading those logs and I’m confused about how that proves there was a more-than-once situation of Mel fucking dogs? I thought those logs talked about how both marl and Mel owned Apollo, and about marl asking exty to watch videos of him and their dog; but where does it say Mel was actually fucking Apollo? (Disclaimer, I don’t doubt Mel is a zoo, nobody’s getting groomed into fucking a Great Dane unless they actually want it. I just want to be able to enjoy the milk like everybody else!)

No. 1837036

it's never been confirmed that glip raped apollo, she's only mentioned the great dane from the big marl google doc and a second non-descript dog she agreed to fuck after that

No. 1837041

Oh, gotcha, I guess I’m confused about the nondescript dog.

No. 1837046

Those emails that came out recently had a sentence where she said Marl made her get raped by 2 dogs. Her story is it was one time for several years. It's never been confirmed she did anything with Apollo. Still a highly suspicious fact that they owned that specific unneutered breed in the first place. I'm more in the boat that it was a dog from one of Marl's buddies since the great dane guy had "camera issues" and she didn't get paid for it.

No. 1837071

Nayrt- irt: Apollo, the people at kf say that the boots he was shown wearing are only used indoors for zoo purposes. Iirc there are also a few pics of mel VERY scantilly clothed next to him.

According to exty (who I think said he(?) Didn't know abt the abuse) apollo was suddenly gone overnight which is suspicious too, imo

No. 1837249

File: 1685417070725.jpeg (72.03 KB, 500x528, 7B75A0E5-82D1-4ACA-ACC2-B1B784…)

that site is badly written but holy shits are those screencaps damning.
in order to participate in a stupid disvord gor a webcomic, you need to do these struggle sessions mao style. truly insane

No. 1838110

File: 1685515674726.png (95.42 KB, 542x795, Screenshot 2023-05-31 014826.p…)

from the tumblr of some poor sap asking to roleplay and getting denied because theyre not taking it seriously enough, these people are fucking deranged what does any of this mean

No. 1838402

>if you don’t know what dogs are
They’re the innocent animals your ilk rapes. Hope that helps!

No. 1838676

File: 1685580032449.png (201.51 KB, 610x1284, D29DA0AF-B63A-4128-8C1D-CC5371…)

i wish the floraisacult site had less autistic tl;dr and more screencaps because lfmao. what the fuck

No. 1838711

Yeah some of the stuff on there is a lot more he said she said than actual screenshots. It's good they have an archive of the entire server, though.
Btw, Tzebel is Pengosolvent.

No. 1839168

File: 1685653033617.png (75 KB, 597x854, xx.png)

lol some rando is having a meltdown on twitter because of that website


No. 1839178

Are there any examples of what these actual "roleplays" look like? Complete fucking insanity

No. 1839183

File: 1685654637840.png (19.86 KB, 552x504, image.png)

No. 1839189

File: 1685655235995.jpg (113.02 KB, 882x1372, joll.jpg)

compilation of screenshots from that link

No. 1839357

File: 1685671432374.png (94.79 KB, 563x1849, screeching.png)

eevee rees

No. 1839453

I need to see caps of this holy kek

No. 1839976


wut(Imageboard )

No. 1839980


That person is apparently Jolly's ex, the 19 yr. old referenced on the call out site who lived with Opa. He's sperging because the writers of the call out site refuse to censor his Discord name in the logs, lol.(sage your shit)

No. 1843341

File: 1686295871714.jpeg (99.78 KB, 680x900, 69EBC557-7C1F-4C7C-930F-DCA51B…)

Hahaha how do you downgrade this badly without actual brain damage

This is a commission, someone paid 50$+ for it

No. 1846793

File: 1686799320065.png (1.29 MB, 1050x825, __bulbasaur_snivy_chikorita_tu…)

Holy shit remember when she used to draw like this? This is from 2011. Her new art looks like a beginner's while her old art looks like something from a professional that'd get picked up by TPCI to do official illustrations.

No. 1847122

iirc she tried to get her pmd comic officially serialized by Nintendo by barging into their offices unannounced and without prior appointment

Suffice to say they laughed her out the fucking door, not even mentioning her kecleon oc canonly rapes a kid sneasel in the comic(sage your shit)

No. 1849785

You got any source for this? I'd never heard of this before

No. 1860803

File: 1688888500384.jpg (100.94 KB, 1513x257, xoxo.jpg)

all I could find

No. 1872310

File: 1690582805307.png (41.62 KB, 502x219, Tumblr_l_3177218849002724.png)


No. 1872351

Someone who has more experience with cats enlighten me but. Pretty sure cats don’t just so that, right? Like dogs do lick and chew on everything for curiosity/greetings and put their snouts against peoples crotches at all all the time, but for a cat to just (gags) go lick someone, they absolutely had to be coerced, right?

No. 1872450

well I can maybe see a cat doing that if you got out of the shower and were wet, my cats follow me trying to lick the water droplets off my skin (is it just mine???) or put (barf) wet cat food… on there…..but I don't think you could manhandle a cat into doing that, they would probably just bite/scratch you and freak out and jump away. Cats don't take directions and don't do anything that wasn't their idea. Still weird and gross though.

No. 1872637

this is exactly how cults operate. wtf

No. 1894259

dont know if anyone here heard but some guy started an ongoing series with two episodes released on youtube so far, bretty good introduction to my favorite cow



No. 1910566

File: 1696735279420.jpg (60.01 KB, 355x231, tumblr_7f3b2a76b78af0995b489cf…)

glip has admitted in their own words to have let their cat twigs eat their pussy

No. 1910569

“Their” female animals have vaginas. That’s a woman.

No. 1910617

Shush moid. Youre the one making a cat kicking your legs weird.

No. 1910808

I remember getting really weird and bad vibes from her as a child on DA.
Anyone have back ups of the videos here or the zine?

No. 1920752

gc is building up their following again on a platform where no one knows who they are

No. 1969514

No. 1969515

No. 1992541

File: 1715135790745.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1080x9568, IMG_8989.jpeg)

She’s on CoHost giving her thoughts on her past situation/relationship with Marl

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