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No. 1785482

This cunt, aka "Incubaus" as she goes by, is a disgusting skank manipulator who abuses her dogs. Not only has she sent me nudes and then threatened to report me for cp even though she was the one who sent it to me without consent, she would threaten to commit suicide and even murder me. She neglected her 5 dogs as well. She let them piss and shit all over her house and wouldn't clean it up for up to a day she said. I could hear the dogs crying while on the phone and she would scream at them instead of letting them out. She also would "forget" to feed them for several days. And I won't even get into the shit she put me through in our relationship. She's overall just a horrible person.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1785483

You have personal cows thread for your personal vendetta

No. 1785485

I wouldn't post this because I know she likes attention, but she likes to browse on 4chan and shit so id like for everyone to know her name and what she did.

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