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No. 177539

>ok I don't know much about this girl and whether I'm missing anything from here so sorry ahead of time that i have p much nothing on her, but the secondhand embarrassment I got from this video alone is awful enough for me to believe there's gotta be more out there

> won a Dolls Kill photo contest a couple years ago with this monstrosity (pic related)

> also has a gem of an instagram full of typical post-scene kawaii unif alt-model selfies


No. 177540

File: 1475027962816.jpg (92.26 KB, 640x640, 1966916_651957871506117_116745…)

oops sorry pic related is this v classy one

No. 177602

if you don't know much about her and feel you need to apologise in advance, why post her? you could have waited and done some more research. or not posted her at all.

No. 177632

Moved to >>>/manure/5002.

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