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No. 1718669

Cryptocurrency is, according to Wikipedia, "a digital currency designed to work as a medium of exchange through a computer network that is not reliant on any central authority, such as a government or bank, to uphold or maintain it."
A Non Fungible Token (NFT) is "a unique digital identifier that cannot be copied, substituted, or subdivided, that is recorded in a blockchain, and that is used to certify authenticity and ownership."
Cryptocurrency has existed since 2009 and NFTs have existed since 2014. Milk's been flowing out of both for as long as they've been around. Both are intertwined because both use the "block-chain" distributed ledger technology (DLT) designed by the person/people who made Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum are the only currencies NFTs can be bought and sold with.
Some notable actors for Cryptocurrency mentioned in the Caroline Ellison thread:
>Razzlekhan - Cringe self described "Versace Bedouin and crocodile of Wall Street. With her husband stole over a billion from a crypto exchange but got caught.
>Cathy Wood - Big bitcoin promoter and sociopath. Runs the failing ARK funds that invest in bitcoin and a lot of other speculative tech.
>Elon Musk - Already a thread about him
>Michael Saylor - Former CEO of Microstrategy, invested a huge amount of his company's money in Bitcoin. Very milky history.
>Patrick Byrne - CEO of Overstock and invested a lot of company money in Bitcoin, very milky
>Nayib Bukele - President of El Salvador that invests his country's money in Bitcoin with his smartphone, lost 70 million so far.
>CZ - head of Binance
>Tether, Bitfinex, and the people running it - blatantly hatching coins out of thin air and propping up bitcoin.
>Mark Karpeles - Fatso that ran Mt Gox
>Gonzague Gay Bouchery - Mark's right hand man with a funny name
>Roger Ver - Funny video of him attesting to Mt Gox
>Brock Pierce
>Fake Satoshi Nakamoto - Middle aged Japanese man that tricked cryptobros into believing he was the real Satoshi Nakamoto so that he could get a free lunch.
>Scrotes at reddit group r_bitcoin
>Maren Altman, the self-professed "Crypto Astrologer"
>Peter Thiel
>The Web3/Etherereum-Blockchain community and its associated subreddits
>r/dogecoin is occasionally full of cope too
>that one QuadrigaCX guy who presumably faked his own death and scammed hundreds of millions of dollars by imploding his exchange
>Bitconnect (Ancient milk from many years ago but it was fucking funny)
>Vitalik Buterin from Ethereum- undead pedo apologist ghoul, thinks "simple possession of CP is harmless".
>The aforementioned Caroline Ellison and Sam Bankman-Fried who have their own shared(?) thread already
>People who sperg about cryptocurrency's effect on the environment due to many of them requiring a Proof-of-work Timestamping scheme
Some notable actors for NFTs, some mentioned in the Caroline Ellison thread:
>Bored Ape & co.
>CryptoKitties: A game that uses cryptocurrencies and NFTs created in 2017
>"Save image as" sperging
>American celebrities who promote it
Some popular cryptocurrencies:
>Bitcoin: Started it all in 2009. Was supposedly created by a Satoshi Nakamoto. Believed to actually be an English white man
>Monero: Unlike Bitcoin, transaction history between wallets is not logged and/or public. Used for more nefarious purposes.
>Dogecoin: Elon Musk promotes and invests this one, so much so he's banking on its success to fund a rideshare mission to the Moon. Considered a "shit coin"
>A whole bunch of smaller cryptocurrencies to the point some make a meme of "pumping and dumping" less-used coins.
Cryptocurrency exchanges:
>FTX: A whole thing
>MtGox: Another whole thing back in 2014
>Coinbase: USA only
>Bitfinex: An exchange that was hacked in 2015, leading to a large amount of Bitcoins being stolen from people's wallets.
Apologizes for shit thread. Seeing all this potential milk under the smaller-in-scale Caroline Ellison thread seemed shameful.

No. 1718836

This thread seems interesting but could OP post some current milk from some of these cows to get the conversation going?

No. 1719107

Not OP but I'll definitely join in when I see some milk, whenever there's ups and downs there's cringey scrotes crying. There's also crazy stories like that guy that made 2 billion on bitcoin, then hired people to dig tunnels under his house because he was a doomer and wanted a private nuclear bunker, a young man doing that died because of his negligence and the dude only got 3 years in prison.

There's also this

No. 1722250

>no Craig Wright

No. 1726040

sam bankman fried was arrested kek

No. 1726098

if anyone wants dox/milk about former wow streamer methodjosh who turned into a crypto/nft fag after raping someone and being cancelled then got cancelled from an nft startup i got the inside milk, not sure if he's even known enough to be milky but if anyone doesn't like the guy I know alot

No. 1726106

Binance is next kek

No. 1726399

crypto bros gonna 41%

No. 1727032

I love crypto because of how many moids it's gonna remove, a real use case ngl

No. 1727497

post it

No. 1729454

File: 1671281007776.png (168.39 KB, 804x998, tc.png)

You minted some Trumps, right? Almost 4x by now

No. 1729465

he didn't get cancelled iirc he just got outed took the money and dived under again. he comes from old money so he likely put the funds somewhere safe and dipped out.
also super funny how he told all his method friends that it's no big deal and ruined so many careers because of it
hope moids will learn to be worse towards accusations because of it

No. 1729496

does anyone know why the milady server went on lockdown?

No. 1729508

Can somebody explain me what the fuck miladys are about?

No. 1729533

NFT project that was started by former kaliacc members that made them splinter even harder
someone made a lot of money from it
and they distanced themselves from miya when the mia ana underage grooming came out

No. 1729700

It works normal for me lol

No. 1733086

actually miya is back. he came back with a egotistical "see it was. nothing and we are uncancellable" narrative.

No. 1733118

what was the narrative for the value plummeting?

No. 1739484

Price is holding up fairly well tbh

No. 1888129

they said it was astroturfing/whatever. Now they have over 100 different milady-style NFTs and their own platform - Miya's cult are trying to groom teenage girls into web3 and it's ultimately depressing. They own the platform https://www.scatter.art/ which is basically just milady NFTs, so they can't be deplatformed.(necro/this is an imageboard)

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