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No. 171600

Kinda like the Onision of voice-acting.

Originally played Brock and turned James into a faggot because "it fits his character", Gourry from Slayers as well as currently playing our favorite childhood sociopath in the next Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie

Is butthurt that LittleKuriboh created Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged because it "ruined his life's work" directing that show. (Protip: he will never say "Screw the rules, I have money" - ever!!!)

Like 4Jews(before the bankruptcy), he strongly supports the localization of foreign animation because "kids don't know any better" despite the fact that he subtly said "4Kids are the devil!!!"

He still attends anime cons, currently milking these characters yet hasn't been involved with the anime industry since 2010 and probably doesn't plan to anytime soon.

He's also friends with Vic Mignogna.


No. 171627

Not sure I'd describe him as Onision. He's an actor, he's up his own ass like many actors are. He focuses on his music now more than anything. It's kinda like why Jonny Yong Bosch goes to cons, he can promote his band.

No. 171631


Okay, maybe I went a little too far calling him Onion, but at least JYB is still very much involved with VA'ing. Veronica Taylor herself realized she couldn't keep milking (OG) Ash forever and had to find more voice work outside of nyc.

No. 171881

Don't forget his ultra faggotry interpretation of Pegasus' voice! It was so fucking unnecessary, my god…

>(Protip: he will never say "Screw the rules, I have money" - ever!!!)

Part of me wants to go to an anime convention and ask him to say this just to see his reaction. Fucking lol

No. 171909

Lol I actually loved Pegasus's faggy voice.

>Kaiba boooooy

No. 171964

I enjoyed Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged a lot more than I thought I would but if the originally voice actors cant appreciate the beauty of it, its kinda sad

No. 172021


He never played Pegasus, that was a different dude.

But I did love Kaiba's voice, which might explain why I'm attracted to Onion's voi-….


I hate this fucker so much….!

No. 172117

It should have been a red flag when you mention
"He's also friends with Vic Mignogna"
Vic is a case study himself and also way worst than Eric so that would explain his dickish behavior

No. 172156

That wasn't Eric Stuart, that was Darren Dunstan.

He seems so irrelevant now considering how he's kept only to a few cons and with Brock no longer a regular character on Pokemon, most generation of newcomers to the anime don't know him. Older fans I've met are way more excited for Veronica Taylor honestly. He has minimal chance of getting more exposure even with the new Yugioh movie.

No. 172282


Ummm wasn't he always a dick before? IIRC, I've read in ED(not always reliable, I know) he once threw a shit fit 'cause everyone got recast for season nine (or eight?) of Pokemon back in '06 along with other issues.


I never understood why he had to be at those cons anyway. Just because he played 5 characters, really? I don't find his voice atrocious half the time but I hope he realizes he can't keep milking those characters forever. Might as well start looking for roles at Funimation or Viz.

No. 172520


Chris Sabat (and Sean Schemmel?) love(s) DBZ Abridged and they're actually cool with the guys in TFS. They knew the original dub was a joke and were okay with the parody - they never took anything that seriously!

Fun fact: the guy who voiced Joey Wheeler along with the staff at 4Jews loved YGO Abridged. Eric is just butthurt.

No. 172528

You got to embrace the fans and what they do tbh, him getting so butthurt about something the fans do for fun is just shitty. Also localisation is so frowned upon nowadays what is the point of it even.

Nice to know Joey's VA is a chill guy! I always love it when the VA's support fan stuff and even join in, Prof Layton and Luke's VA's would take requests of what to say at cons and say anything.

No. 172577


His reason is "kids don't know what an onigiri or sushi is, they won't understand!". The video above explains it all.

No. 172601

God forbid children find out other cultures exist.

No. 172650



No. 172669

I think he's focused primarily on his band, although it's nothing huge. He tweets a lot to promote being invited as a guest for cons mostly to milk what's left of those fandoms, and probably thinks that he has a chance thanks to the 90's nostalgia wave.

Lol. I think he's part of that old mentality that struggles to hide every aspect about Japan in anime when localized to America, like Sailor Moon. They'd try to make every change to convince children for some reason that it was American, that the storyline totally was taking place in America, while other shows and even Disney tried branching out stories in other settings (despite their own narrow-mindedness.)

No. 172674

Oh yeah, you're right. I don't know how I conveniently forgot about that, must be my hate boner for James' voice. The dude that voiced Pegasus is the one that played Giovanni in that hilariously bizarre stage musical, "Pokémon Live!"

No. 172686

Oh my fucking god, I just watched the video. I didn't know I'd hate him even more than I already did! This dude sounds so damn xenophobic, hates his fans, goes off on tangents that are not relevant to the question asked, and totally misses the plot (literally). I just… Why… How does he still have fans?!

I'm just… Excuse me while I just stare into blank space.

No. 172800


Lol maybe that's why the anon called him "the Onision of voice-acting", since Onion's known for his racist remarks, narcissistic tendencies and hate for his own fans while claiming his work is "art and comedy", which is kinda what Eric is doing.

Also, for anyone who hasn't watched the video; he proclaims to (somewhat)be the next Casey Kasem as well as making sure we thank 4Kids for bringing "these franchises to America". barf

No. 172848

thank 4kids

how about we not.

No. 172865


No. 174516

The reason for James' faggotry.

No. 176913

Extreme cock-sucking from both Vic and Eric.

No. 176914

Extreme cock-sucking from both Vic and Eric.

No. 655085

All the new banners tonight.

Also, since the big thing with being tall?If you blend moss and buttermilk you can always get fake piercings, try them out and still find it, but love my cats while working your ass off?

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